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All sorts of influences and people play a role in the formation of your sons. 

Obviously, the primary influence comes from their parents and their family of origin. As the years pass and as the boys grow, the peer group becomes more and more prominent, for good or for ill. Popular culture, community connections and a myriad of other factors are also in the mix. However, schools like Trinity are not backward about claiming that the School makes a difference. 

As Head Master, I am acutely aware that the people on the School team who have the most direct formative influence on your boys are their teachers. The appointment of teaching staff, in particular, is one of the most important responsibilities that I have. The teachers have an impact on the boys with reference to their learning; I hope that most of us are able to identify a teacher whose knowledge, skill and passion opened our eyes in the classroom at one point or another. We also need to acknowledge that teachers also have a formative impact on students in other ways, through role-modelling, expectation-setting, culture-shaping, and providing the security of unconditional positive regard. 

It is not my purpose to go into great detail about all the ways that teachers (at their best) can have a powerful formative influence on their students; I imagine that you already know the reality of this influence. Nor do I wish to downplay the significance of the multitude of other school staff who contribute in many ways to the learning and growth of the boys, both directly and indirectly.

What I would like to do is to provide something of a snap-shot of the body of teachers at Trinity Grammar School. This will probably only have curiosity value for you, but it may also provide a different lens through which to consider that body of people with whom you are partnering in the education of your sons.

There are two hundred and sixty-six teachers who have permanent or temporary employment at Trinity. (This number does not include casual teachers.) Twenty-five of these teachers are part-time, which means that more than 90% are full time. 49% of Trinity teachers are male and 51% are female, although the proportion of female teachers is higher in the two primary schools. The average age of a teacher at Trinity is 42.8 years, and the overall age profile is very close to a classic bell-curve, running from the low twenties to the high sixties.

With reference to tenure, the average length of time teachers have been at Trinity is just under ten years. About one hundred of the teachers have been at Trinity for more than a decade, with the longest-serving being Mr Ian Moore, who was appointed in 1978. On the other hand, thirty-nine teachers have been at Trinity less than one year, and nearly one hundred have been appointed since I joined the School at the start of 2018.

About 30% of Trinity teachers have completed post-graduate studies beyond their initial teaching qualifications, and at least 45 teachers are undertaking further post-graduate study this year. 

As a corollary of our Christian foundation, the School places a very high priority on relationships and community, understanding that it is the connections between people that constitute the fabric of life. As your son journeys through the School, he will come into the orbit of many teachers. In many cases, strong and deep connections will be formed. The reality is that in some cases, personalities will grate and tensions may rise. My hope and prayer is that, in the vast majority of connections between your son and his teachers, respect and humility will characterise their mutual interactions, and that the teacher whose path has been brought to intersect with your son’s path will play a positive role in his journey to adulthood.

Detur Gloria Soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

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