From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

Heavenly Father,

We ask your blessing

Upon all who work in and for this School.

Grant us faith to grow spiritually,

Strength to grow bodily,

And wisdom to grow intellectually,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

May I echo the many welcomes to the 2021 school year that I am sure have been extended to the School community over the course of this week, and especially to those 250 or so new families for whom this year is their first on the secondary campus or even their first at Trinity.

The first weeks of the year are important for setting the tone and, over the course of the term, it is our plan to reiterate the fundamental touchstones, principles and values that form the bedrock of Trinity Grammar School. The Life Skills programme will focus on respect, courtesy and integrity; themes that will be reiterated in Assembly, on the Quad and in The Bulletin.

First and foremost, Trinity Grammar School is Christian in its foundation and in its orientation. The School is built on the convictions that this is God’s world, we belong to him and depend on him, and Jesus Christ is both Lord and Saviour. The Christian faith informs and shapes all aspects of the School’s life, from our belief in the worth of the individual, to the attention we give to the Bible, to our convictions about the meaning and purpose of life. Therefore, Trinity is a school that prioritises relationships and community, where meaning, purpose and identity are found. Relationships shaped by respect and humility build a community in which people belong and to which they will contribute. It is crucial that we learn to consider other people, to include other people, and to care for other people. We will talk often with your sons about the importance of respect, both for people as well as for property, we will explain the significance of the Chapel as a War Memorial, and, more prosaically, the importance of wearing their uniform properly. The School appreciates your support in reinforcing these fundamental elements of the ethos of Trinity.

It is also important to state, from the beginning, that Trinity Grammar School is committed to providing members of the School community with a safe learning and working environment, free from harassment and discrimination. Racism, homophobia, discrimination or harassment on the basis of physical appearance, disability, intellect, gender or religious belief, both face to face and online, are not accepted at Trinity. Page 14 of the Record Book and page 45 of the Handbook provide both an explanation of the sorts of behaviours the School will act on, together with some guidelines for your sons on page 16 of the Record Book about how to respond in the event that they feel they are being harassed. It is important to acknowledge that young people make mistakes, as do adults, and that they, like us, are entitled to experience the logical consequences of our actions. If your son is the victim of anti-social behaviour he will be supported. If your son engages in anti-social behaviour, either face to face or online, the School is likely to respond with a sanction. Whilst it may be felt as a punitive response, the purpose is always educational.

I look forward to an excellent year. May I encourage you to encourage your sons to work hard and focus on academic and personal growth. Celebrate the highs with them and encourage them to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

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