From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

Holy God, source of all love,

on the night of his betrayal

Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment,

to love one another as he loved them:

write this commandment in our hearts,

and give us the will to serve others

as he was the servant of all,

who gave his life and died for us,

yet is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and forever. Amen

The Collect for Maundy Thursday

Last Friday evening was an opportunity to get together and celebrate the conclusion of the Summer Sport Season at the Canada Bay Club. The mood was especially buoyant as it was the first event in some time the School community, parents, sons, teachers, and coaches were able to gather and mingle, face to face. Congratulations to those young athletes who were recognised by the presentation of awards. Special mention must go to Benjamin Powell 12Ho, the Captain of Volleyball who won the unofficial Best Speech Award.

At Middle School Assembly this week I spoke with the boys and young men of Year 7, 8 and 9 on the subject, Common Sense for Beginners. My remarks were hopefully pre-emptive for most of the audience, but I offered the School’s and the experts’ advice around how to avoid risk when they start being invited to parties and gatherings. I focussed primarily on alcohol, drugs and consent. I sent each of your Middle School sons a link to the kidshelpline guide to partying safely and also to the DARTA fact sheets for young people If my remarks were not the subject of dinner table chat on Wednesday evening, it may be an opportunity for you to start the conversation with your sons if you have not already done so.

Last night, it was a pleasure to attend the belated Head Master’s Year 7 Parents’ Cocktail Party. It was edifying to see parents on campus in big numbers. A lovely evening appeared to be had by all.

Basketball – 1st and 2nd V 2021 CAS Premiers

2nd V Best Defensive Player – Rory Clunas 11Yo

2nd V Most Valuable Player – James Kern 12WJ

Most Improved Year 12 Player – Suraj Nellore 12Mu

The David Kermode Coaches’ Award – Brodie Fortescue 12Ta

1st V Best Defensive Player – Theo Kidd 12WJ

1st V Most Valuable Player – Thomas Buvac 12WJ


2nd XI Fielding Award – Joel Grimmond 11He

2nd XI Bowling Award – Hugh McMaster 11Sc

1st XI Batting Award – James Schroder 11WJ

1st XI Fielding Award – Nicholas Enno 12Hi

Bowling Award – Ryan Gupta 10WJ

Batting Award – Emmanuel Grogan 12Fo

The Ray Wiseman Trophy for the Senior Cricketer of the Year – Emmanuel Grogan 12Fo


2nd IV Most Valuable Player – Jim Gong 12Ar

1st IV Most Valuable Player – Max Nguyen 11Yo

Volleyball – 1st and 2nd VI 2021 CAS Premiers

2nd VI Most Improved Player – Michael Park 11Yo

2nd VI Most Valuable Player – Keegan Tran 11WH

1st VI Most Outstanding Defensive Player – James Kern 12WJ

1st VI Most Outstanding Attacking Player – Steven Yarad 11Mu

1st VI Most Improved Player – Martin Wong 11Ta

1st VI Most Valuable Player – Benjamin Powell 12Ho

Water Polo

2nd VII Most Improved Player – Lewis Kanellos 12He

2nd VII Best and Fairest Player – David Gabriel 12Hi

1st VII Most Improved Player – Luke De Lisle 11Ke

The Award for the Opens’ Player Who Epitomises the Sprit of Trinity Water Polo – Euan Germanos 12He

The Grant Simms Memorial Trophy for the Best and Fairest Player – Harper Stewart 10St

May I extend my best wishes to you and your sons for a blessed, holy and happy Easter.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

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