From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

Next Thursday, 11 March, the School enters a Championship Team at the Annual CAS Swimming and Diving Championships. It is always one of the highlights of the year and is one of our so-called compulsory fixtures. It has been our custom to mandate attendance for students in Year 10 and Year 11, as well as School Officers, and to open up the opportunity for students in Middle School to attend voluntarily, just to experience the extraordinary atmosphere. I think it is fair to say that this event, because of its contained nature, generates more excitement and noise each year than any other event in the Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, other than the 2000 Olympics. It is typical for there to be 3000 spectators from the six participating schools.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 made compulsory attendance impossible, and this year we have a cap on numbers. For that reason, this week we offered the opportunity to Year 11 students, since they missed out last year. That opportunity has now closed. For Year 10 students and School Officers, attendance will, once again, be compulsory. If your son is in Year 10, you will have received the details this morning. Please respond promptly. In the event that there is an unavoidable clash with a family commitment (tutoring, an external sporting commitment or a work shift does not fall into the category where leave will be approved), please write to Dr De Lany requesting a dispensation by the close of business on Monday.

Finally, because we anticipate a small number of additional seats being available, boys in Middle School may also apply to attend. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

As we continue to reflect on the heartbreaking stories of sexual assault that have been the subject of saturation coverage in the media, it is important for us as parents and teachers to challenge the particular norms and perceptions that make up the messages our community and our culture sends to boys and young men about what it means to be a man. Qualities and norms that may include self-sufficiency, toughness, physical attractiveness, aggression, control and an adherence to rigid gender stereotypes.

Any endorsement of stereotypical masculine norms, explicit or tacit, has a powerful influence on harmful attitudes and behaviours in boys and young men, including violence, poor mental health, sexual harassment, sexual assault, binge drinking and risk-taking behaviour. However, and this is an important caveat, we want to be clear that the School is not problematising being male, but that recent events compel us to continually reflect on the teaching and parenting of our students and your sons.

We are a boys’ school, and we are both positive and aspirational when it comes to masculinity, your sons’ potential, and our desire to equip your sons with positive and helpful messages around manhood. This is not new at Trinity. The School speaks regularly and often to your sons about the values and attributes we seek to inculcate in the boys and young men of the School; empathy, integrity, honesty, humility and respect. The true value of a Trinity education may only be measured in the character and decency of your sons when they are men; partners, fathers and contributing members of society.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships

Thursday, 11 March 2021 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Attendance is compulsory for Year 9 Monitors, All Year 10 Students and School Officers but voluntary for boys in Years 7-9, 11 and 12.

If your son/s is required or volunteered to attend the Swimming and Diving Championships, parents must ensure they access the parent portal and provide consent, otherwise your son will not be permitted to attend.

The Swimming and Diving teams will be given lunch at School at 11:15am, and at 2:45pm the team will leave the School by coach to go to the Aquatic Centre.  Due to COVID 19, parents are not permitted on site for the Swimming and Diving quadrangle farewell at 2:45pm. All student spectators who are attending the Championships will be taken by coach to the Aquatic Centre, leaving the School at 3:25pm. These students will be given a light meal before leaving and will have access to the canteen inside the Aquatic Centre.  It is compulsory for boys to travel to the championships by coach.

Parents can indicate on the Parent Portal if they are picking their son up after the Championships at approximately 8:15pm from Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park.

Parents must collect their son/s from either the Summer Hill Campus, or the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Coaches will transport the boys back to Trinity unless prior arrangements have been made on the Parent Portal. Please do not make arrangements for boys to leave the Aquatic Centre before the end of the Championships as boys will not be allowed to leave before our School is dismissed.

Coaches will return to the Summer Hill Campus at approximately 8:45pm. Parents are encouraged to park in the car park (entry via Victoria St) and arrange to meet your son/s there.

Dress: Grey uniform without blazer (NO Khaki uniforms).

Masks: It is a requirement that all staff and students attending this event wear a mask to and from the event when travelling by coach as well as when they are in the venue.

No boys will be given permission to drive a car either to or from the Championships.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

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