From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men

Gang aft agley …

Robert Burns

You will have seen this week that, in addition to a new Premier and Deputy Premier in New South Wales, increased vaccination rates and decreasing rates of infection spread, there has been a change to the planned return date for your sons. Whilst more detail will be provided in the next fortnight, and as restrictions around ‘cohorting’ (a new verb that proves the assertion that English is a living language) become clearer, you may expect that classes will resume on campus for all students in Week 4. However, it is important to reiterate that they are just that; plans only. The situation remains fluid and we may need to continue to respond to changes in messaging and guidelines from the State and Federal agencies as and when they become available. Please be alert to communication from the School, as well as checking the regularly updated FAQs to keep abreast of any changes.

We have had some questions about what happens if your son has been unable to purchase his summer uniform. I trust that your experience of Trinity Grammar School is that we are fundamentally reasonable, and that you trust the School will exercise some discretion, and your son will not be sanctioned for something out of his control. Nonetheless, whether your son has to wear his winter uniform, sans blazer, he will be expected to be well turned out and wearing his uniform properly and with pride. Details for Click & Collect access to the Clothing Shop may be found here.

Please note that the School’s position on all students being clean shaven when on campus has not changed. I have seen several very impressive Year 12 beards during my videoconferencing and, of course, they will need to be attended to in the next week or so as they return for their examinations. Likewise, students in Years 7 to 11 will need to be clean shaven when they return. It would also be unsurprising if some of your sons had taken the opportunity to experiment with their hair over the last three months, but the School’s expectations are clear in this regard as well. The guidelines can be found on page 25 of the Record Book and may be summarised as having a haircut that is neat, not so hip as to invite comment, neither so long that it extends over the collar, nor shaved so close that the scalp is exposed, and your son’s hair must be its natural colour. As the barbers and hairdressers re-open next week (thank goodness!!), please remind your sons that they ought not request mullets, frullets (a front mullet, so I am told), faux hawks or man buns.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

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