Football Report Week 6, Term II, 2021

The first half of the season was completed last Saturday against Waverley College with Year 7, Year 10 and Opens away at Queens Park whilst Year 8 and Year 9 played at Flockhart Park and TGS No. 2. In this report we look at the fastest goals scored since 2015, taking ‘responsibility’ and match reports from 1st XI, 2nd XI, Year 9 and Bill Turner Cup.

Fastest Goals

In 2015, Steven Callas (Class of 2015) scored a 1st XI goal from kick off in a time of 4.91 seconds on TGS 2. In 2019, Daniel Gergis (Class of 2020) scored a 2nd XI goal from kick off in a time of 4.07 seconds on TGS 2. In 2020, Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) scored a 2nd XI goal from kick off in a time of 4.23 seconds on Queens Park No. 2. History repeated itself on Saturday in a 2nd XI match at Queens Park on No. 2 when Jonathan Gremos (11Fo) scored a 2nd XI goal from kick off in a time of 4.05 seconds on Queens Park No. 2.  

Responsibility & Refereeing

When you point the finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you…

When performance doesn’t go your way, the easy default position is to shift the focus to the referee and for that to be the ‘blame point’. Taking this approach misses the opportunity to reflect on how one’s performance got themselves into that position in the first place where the referee decision was made.

Scenario 1.

A player has clear possession. They take their touch of the ball towards a defender’s feet that leads to a contest and tackle. The tackle leads to a loss of possession. During the loss of possession, the player is bumped off the ball in a way that leads some to believe it was a foul. The referee plays on. Distraction occurs, hands go up in the air and players are not moving onto their next job in the game based due to being upset that the foul was not called.

The easiest position to take is that the referee didn’t give the foul and it was their fault. What is missed by taking this approach? The learning opportunity missed is that the player needed to be better with their touch of the ball in the first instance away from defenders’ feet and into space. Perhaps with a defender closing down the ball, there was a simple pass to be played rather than taking the touch towards opposition feet. Perhaps the player with the ball didn’t scan for options and space prior to getting the ball. In the contest and tackle, perhaps the shielding technique in protecting the ball was not good enough to keep the ball. All of these opportunities for learning were missed if going to the default position of blaming the referee. This player and or team will not get better with this approach.

Scenario 2.

The opposition plays a pass to a player in an offside position. The defenders raise their arms and call out for offside. The referee does not call out offside. The defending team momentarily stop, are then out of position and don’t apply pressure on the ball. The attacking team has an easier path to goal and goes onto score.

The easiest position to take is that the referee didn’t call offside. The opportunity missed for learning and taking responsibility is as follows. How did we lose possession before this scenario? See solutions for scenario one that might apply here. When the opposition had the ball, did the nearest defender close down the ball fast to not allow the pass to the offside player? Was the team compact in length and width to deter the pass from being played to the offside player? Did the team play to the whistle and never give up until the ball was regained? All of these opportunities for learning were missed if going to the default position of blaming the referee. This player and or team will not get better with this approach.

The Trinity Sport Code of Conduct for Players on page 62 of the Trinity Grammar School Handbook for 2021 states the following:

  • Play by the rules in a spirit of good sportsmanship and accept the official’s decisions at all times.

Friends, family, teammates and Coaches that watch the game and discuss the events during and post-game can assist the development of players when talk arises about refereeing by bringing an abrupt end to any chat of ‘referee blame’ by asking one simple question. What could you have done to prevent the situation occurring in the first place? If we don’t ask this question and we join in the referee blame game, we are not developing mental processes to pursue improvement and take responsibility. These same processes will be needed when a decision goes against us when applying for university, a job, a leadership position, a contract or a date with a potential partner. If we are caught up in the referee blame game, we are also now not doing our next job as we are still focused on a previous moment and the game has moved on from (fast). Thus, we could be letting our teammates down by not being present and completing our job in the next moment.

Where a decision doesn’t go our way, do we point the finger or take responsibility with the three fingers pointing back at us and stay in the present, focused on what our next job is?

1st XI

On Saturday 22 May, Trinity’s 1st XI travelled to Queen’s park to embarked on a game against Waverley College, signifying the fifth game of the season. Having lost to Barker the week before, Trinity was focused on improving in the last five minutes of the game where games have been decided this season. With this in mind, the Trinity boys went into the game both attentive and determined. Trinity started the game strong thanks to the aggression of James Andrianakos (11Yo), who applied pressure in the front third, setting the pace for the game. Despite our best efforts, Waverley managed to score first in the 39th minute. Much like Trinity, Waverley also applied an intensive amount of pressure, which resulted in a goal in their favour. Shortly after Waverley’s goal, the whistle blew for halftime. The team was slightly fatigued, but eager to go into the second half. The second half proved to be difficult, with Trinity desperately looking to equalise. Fortunately, that proved to be possible with Adam Pascale (12Ke) scoring in the 65th minute from a corner taken by Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) and neatly assisted by Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ). Now with the scores tied, Trinity was keen to score another and so they did. Thanks to some combination play between Dominic Ticic (11Sc) and Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ), Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) was able to receive the ball behind defensive lines and assist Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) in scoring a highly anticipated goal. Less than three minutes later, the game ended in a 2-1 victory to Trinity. The team demonstrated great perseverance and wish to continue this progress into the second half of the season with improved focus in the last five minutes of either half.

Dominic Ticic (11Sc)

2nd XI

Queens Park was the venue for the 2nd XI’s game in what was an enjoyable game for everyone involved. Trinity came away from the game with a 3-1 victory. A stunning halfway goal from Jonathan Gremos (11Fo), saw the greens leading 1-0 from the first kick of the game. The next 15 minutes were tightly contested until Louis Agosti (11Yo), whowas able to capitalise on a mistake from the opposition to finish with composure from just inside the 18-yard box. Later in the first half Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar), found space to dribble into the box where he forced a foul out of the opposition to win a penalty. The penalty was given to Joshua Yeon (11Ar) who sent the goalkeeper the wrong way and coolly sent Trinity to a 3-0 lead just before the half time break. Trinity had a more challenging 2nd half, with Waverley scoring a well-orchestrated goal ten minutes into the second half. Notable performances from Ben Robinson (11Yo) and Thomas Guirguis (11Ar) defensively, as well as Laud Codjoe (12Ta) and Ricardo Delgado (12La) who played an important part in controlling the game to a 3-1 victory. Overall, it was a great day for the boys and keeps us on track in our quest for the CAS premiership.

Patrick Williams (11La)


The 9As Football put in a solid performance to remain top of the CAS 9As table with a 1-0 win against Waverley on TGS No.2. The result continues the team’s run of good form in the first five rounds of CAS. The only goal came about after a neat run by Reece Mihas (9La) delivering a fine cross that was emphatically finished by the Waverley defender. From the outset, Trinity dominated the game with neat passing sequences and combination play but lacked a little bit of quality and care in the front third. Trinity’s goal was rarely threatened and was well defended by Dominic Peric (9Hi) and the midfield was controlled by Elliot Sellers (9St) and Reece Mihas, leading to an overall professional performance by the Trinity team.

Mr. John Gibson | Coach


The 9Bs had a fantastic learning experience. The Trinity team were exceptional in their performance in terms of sportsmanship, integrity and respect in maintaining the spirit of the game against a weaker opponent. Trinity had multiple goal scorers with Thomas Huynh (9Ke) picking up two goals and one each to the following players: Advit Jangwal (9We), Advaith Sundhar (9Ke), Luca Razza (9Mu), Christopher Papantoniou (9La), Aryan Nair (9Yo), Zac Ugov (9He), Oliver Huynh (9Ke) and Oliver Orr (9Ho). The team maintained a great level of consistency in recent times and look forward to next week against SAC.

Mr. John Gibson | Coach


With a number of changes to the team from previous games due to injury, illness and Year 9 camp, the team didn’t miss a beat. In an efficient performance, players slotted into their roles seamlessly and worked together to create a number of opportunities. Jett Halmarick (9Ar) opened the scoring when he lifted his shot over the keeper who was stranded off his line. Ryan Mock (9Du) extended the lead getting on the end of a cutback and Kyron Thapa (9We) completed the scoring with a neat finish inside the left post. We lapsed for a consolation goal by Waverley, to complete the scoring. Regarding man of the match, Connor Kalis (9Hi) had his best performance of the year with the three points, Kyron Thapa with his first appearance in 9Cs had a solid all-round game with two points, and Jon Mavraidis (9Ke) with one point for performing well in a number of positions.

Mr. Paris Svilicich | Coach


This was an interesting game where a number of players returned from camp or were promoted from Ds. Waverley got off to a lightning start and scored two goals in first five minutes. For the rest of the game, the team performed really well, taking on the challenge of competing to the best of their ability. We didn’t concede again until the last minute of the game. Regarding man of the match, for a great first up performance in the 9Ds, Kevin Ma (9Fo) with the three points, Ryan Lu (9Sc) had his best game in goals, making a number of great saves and duly received two points for his efforts, while Callum Robinson (9WJ) didn’t stop attacking for the whole game and received one point.

Mr. Paris Svilicich | Coach


The boys had a tough game down in Paddington on a ground some would compare to playing at Anfield. The boys started the game strong creating plenty of chances up front and looking dangerous off set pieces that were being whipped in by Yiannis Karantanis (9Hi). Trinity just couldn’t seem to put the ball into the net. Some great defence from Jeffery Huang (9St) and Marcus Dawson’s (9Ke) cover defence kept Trinity in the game. The second half was very similar to the first as we had chances to score but didn’t capitalise. The boys never gave up and time was running out. A free kick was awarded to Trinity 25 yards out with it going to be the last kick of the game. Jonathan Nam (9St) wanted to take it. Standing there like a younger version of David Beckham, Jonathan struck the ball cleanly and it went into the bottom left corner with the keeper having no chance of stopping it. Great goal and one of the great victories in Trinity Football history.

Mr. Patrick Fouracre | Coach


Last Saturday’s 9F team was comprised of players who are in the same Field Studies group for the second half of this term. Many of the players had never played together in the same football team, but from the opening minutes right through to the final whistle, all players worked together incredibly well in both defence and attack. We scored within the first few minutes, and there was a steady flow of goals throughout the game. After starting with a more cautious 4-4-2 formation, it was clear we could safely and advantageously adopt a more attacking 3-4-3 formation as the game progressed. Regular substitutions kept players fresh and hungry (especially with players knowing this was the last football game they’d be playing for several weeks) and it was clear that all players very much enjoyed the game. Notable mentions in our 6-1 win over St Patrick’s include Ethan Hudson (9Du) who bravely volunteered to goal-keep for the entire game, producing many great saves, John Dalla-Camina (9La) who scored a hat-trick and one goal by Nathaniel Abdelmalek (9Mu), Joshua Leverton (9Ke) and Jayden Skuse (9Ar). Well done, players and enjoy your time at Field Studies!

Mr. Brett Steinwede | Coach

Bill Turner Cup

After two byes in the Bill Turner cup, the boys in green and white played with heart and discipline. As soon as the whistle blew Trinity came out to play, and after getting rid of the nerves some Football started to be played, through the wing backs William Panovrakos (9Ke) and Mac Liversidge (10WH) who created chances for shots on goal. Throughout the half Freddie Clunas (9Yo) stopped the opposition’s long balls with strong headers. Going into the second half, the boys in green and white were up 1-0 with more fuel to burn. Coming out of the first half we saw the strength of the midfield in Oscar Fryer (10Ta) and Elliot Sellers (9St) who scored five goals between them. With some substitutions and the crowd roaring, Joshua Falato (8Sc), Oliver Peric (8Hi), and Harris Kotronakis (8He) and Taj Wardle (8Ta) added to the Football Trinity was playing. Strong defensive efforts from George Kotronakis (9He) and Reilly Farrell (9Fo) saw the team keep a clean sheet. Heading back to the change rooms, the boys were happy with the win and are eager to represent the School again.

Henry Mansfield (9Ke)

CAS Round 5 VS Waverley College Trinity Football Team of the Week

Sasha Ratnavadivel
(i) – 7E
 Adriano Lemme
(vi) – 9A
 Johnny Gergis
(i) – 4th XI
 Aman Shaw
(iv) – 10B
 Oliver Peric
(vi) – 8A
  Milton Flynn
(i) – 7C
Lachlan Jeffrey
(i) – 9E
Sebastian Boffa
(i/iii/iv) – 1st XI
 Liam Rippon
(iii) – 10A
Tony Georges
(i) – 4th XI
  Matteo Portolesi
(vi) – 8B

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v. Sportsmanship

vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football & Director of Football Coaching

Results Vs Waverley College 22nd May 2021

Type of GameOppositionTeamTrinity ScoreOpposition ScoreResult
CAS Round 5Waverley7A02Loss
CAS Round 5Waverley7B24Loss
CAS Round 5Waverley7C80Win
CAS Round 5Waverley7D21Win
CAS Round 5Waverley7E73Win
CAS Round 4Other7F16Loss
CAS Round 4St Patrick’s7G04Loss
CAS Round 5St Patrick’s7H05Loss
CAS Round 5Waverley8A21Win
CAS Round 5Waverley8B11Draw
CAS Round 5Waverley8C20Win
CAS Round 5Waverley8D21Win
CAS Round 5Waverley8E41Win
CAS Round 5Waverley8F03Loss
CAS Round 5Newington8G013Loss
CAS Round 5Waverley9A10Win
CAS Round 5Waverley9B100Win
CAS Round 5Waverley9C31Win
CAS Round 5Waverley9D03Loss
CAS Round 5Sydney Grammar9E10Win
CAS Round 5St Patrick’s 9F61Win
CAS Round 4Waverley10A31Win
CAS Round 5Waverley10B21Win
CAS Round 5Waverley10C23Loss
CAS Round 5Waverley10D12Loss
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 1st XI21Win
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 2nd XI31Win
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 3rd XI31Win
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 4th XI22Draw
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 5th XI15Loss
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 6th XI04Loss
CAS Round 5WaverleyOpens 7th XI18Loss

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