Football Report Week 4, Term II, 2021

There has always been healthy competition with Barker College in Football and last Saturday was no different in CAS Round 4 where Opens, Year 10, and Year 7 played at home whilst Years 8 and 9 made the trip up the Pacific Highway. A reflection of the even competition was Trinity winning 12, Barker winning 11, there being five draws, with Trinity scoring 53 goals and Barker scoring 51 goals.

CAS Selection

Congratulations to the students below who were selected in CAS teams to compete in the CIS Championships later this term.

Opens Selection:

  • Sebastian Boffa (12Yo)
  • Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ)
  • Jordan Mikhael (12Ke)
  • James Khoury (12We)

U16 Selection:

  • Louis Agosti (11Yo)
  • Jacob Christou (10St)

1st XI

After a pleasant victory over Cranbrook last week, the boys in green and white were eager to kick off CAS Round 4 with a victory against Barker College. This was a much-needed win for the boys to go four points in front of Barker who were in 2nd place behind Trinity. This game would see Trinity play their second game on No. 3 oval, returning to their traditional home ground after 12 years. As soon as the first whistle blew, Trinity were dominant with James Andrianakos (11Yo) creating many chances, being unlucky not to put Trinity up, as well as the boys in midfield James Khoury (12Yo), Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) and Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ) who put in an impressive first half display. After a favorable first half from the Trinity boys, the second half brought many exciting moments with both teams looking to put themselves ahead. Some crucial saves from Lucas Pezzano (12Fo) and great defence from Adam Pascale (12Ke) kept the game at 0-0. However, after the effort the boys had put in, Trinity conceded a goal one minute from to spare which saw Barker take a 1-0 victory over Trinity, putting them two points ahead of the green and white. After a disappointing loss, many learning moments were provided with the team aiming to bounce back and progress to face Waverley College in Round 5 of CAS.

Thomas Stobierski (12WJ)

2nd XI

After a strong win against Cranbrook the week prior, Trinity looked to gain another win against Barker, the current competition leader. Trinity began the game with intensity, keeping Barker on the back foot. Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) and Louis Agosti (11Yo) made light work of Barker’s defence, creating countless opportunities for teammates and themselves through their crafty movements with the ball. Trinity found it hard to score over the course of the game but in the 50th minute, broke through as Zethan Zaiter (10Ta) scored a cracking goal from the left corner of the 18-yard box to put Trinity up 1-0 with ten minutes remaining. A continued strong midfield performance from Daniel Bosnich (12Fo) and Ricardo Delgado (12St) kept Trinity on the offensive, through their great passing and ball movement. After some unlucky events Trinity allowed Barker the opportunity to score with minutes to spare, which left both teams in the same position as they entered the game.

James Arthur (12WH)


The 10As faced a formidable Barker College team. The tussle swayed back and forth, with both teams creating opportunities in the first half. After Barker broke the deadlock late in the half, our boys kept persevering and were rewarded midway through the second half with an excellent team build-up of play, culminating with a superb cross from debutant Jack Martin (10Sc) that was neatly headed into goal by Liam Rippon (10La). Unfortunately, a defensive lapse led to a penalty goal and a 2-1 loss.

Mr. Z Arambasic | Coach


The 10Bs came out firing with a strong press and attacking play in the first half, only to be drawing 0-0 at halftime. Peter Argyrou (10Fo) came closest to sealing the winner after his strike from nearly 20 yards out bounced down off the crossbar. The game ended 0-0. Player of the match for Trinity was Oliver Dawson (10WJ) who was remarkable in goals and kept us in the game with some exquisite saves. He was also well supported by Harry Parsonage (10Ta) who was a brick wall in defence. Cody Lambert (10HE) had a solid first game back and was key in transitioning forward.

Mr. Paul Apostolopoulos | Coach


The 10C Football team started strongly with great attacking play, as Jaden Leung (10Hi) found the back of the net off a great rebound effort from a shot from Noah De Barros (10Ke). The team continued to put pressure on Barker, but some mistakes in the midfield led to three quick goals from the opposition. Ryan De Dominics (10Fo) and Finley Ross (10WH) were stellar in defence, clearing balls and constantly putting their bodies on the line, which led to Trinity’s second goal from Nicholas Katsiris (10Ta). Trinity began the second half determined to trim the lead and some strong play from Luca Ratnavadivel (10Du) up front along with great passing from Oliver Stubbs (10Ho) helped to draw a free kick outside the box. Adam Taleb (10Mu) struck the ball beautifully, finding the equalising goal. The pace continued back and forth frantically as Trinity were unable to score again after a couple of great efforts from the team. Barker secured the winning goal in the final two minutes, finishing the game 3-4.

Mr. Brook Pearce | Coach


The 10D Football team looked ready to bounce back after a disappointing loss to Knox and jumped out of the gate with two early goals from Finn Ramanauskas (10Ke). Plenty of lovely through balls from James Kountouris (10Mu) kept the attacking pressure on Barker throughout the half. With some stellar defensive efforts from Mike Lin (10Sc), Hamish Gray (10Ho), Alexander Ko (10We) and Sean Hanrahan (10Du), Trinity were able to stave off multiple attempts from the Reds and continue to push the ball downfield. A spectacular effort from Felix Ballantine-Jones (10Hi) in goal prevented Barker from finding goal on multiple occasions. With the defensive side of the ball being taken care of, Pavle Ceprnja (10St) was the recipient of some great team passing from Enoch Chan (10Du), and found the back of the net three times for a hat-trick, including a shot from outside the box. A final score of 6-2 to Trinity put them back in the winner’s circle as the team looks to build off the momentum going into next week’s match against Waverley.

Mr. Brook Pearce | Coach

CAS Round 4 vs Barker College | Trinity Football Team Of The Week

Evan Du
(i) – 7H
 Jonathon Nam
(iv) – 9E
 Ethan La
(i) – 8G
 Jack Gonzi
(i) – 6th XI
 Laud Codjoe
(i) – 3rd XI
  Daniel Prodigalidad
(i) – 5th XI
Declan Tan
(i) – 8F
Sebastian Boffa
(i/ii) – 1st XI
 Jack Barter
(i) – 4th XI
Peter Galanos
(ii) – 7E
  Oliver Dawson
(vii) – 10B

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v. Sportsmanship

vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football and Director of Football Coaching

Results Vs Barker College 15th May 2021

Type of GameOppositionTeamTrinity ScoreOpposition ScoreResult
CAS Round 4Barker7A12Loss
CAS Round 4Barker7B16Loss
CAS Round 4Barker7C20Win
CAS Round 4Barker7D14Loss
CAS Round 4Barker7E70Win
CAS Round 4Barker7F10Win
CAS Round 4Barker7G10Win
CAS Round 4Sydney Grammar7H31Win
CAS Round 4Barker8C22Draw
CAS Round 4Barker8D00Draw
CAS Round 4Barker8E01Loss
CAS Round 3Barker8F00Draw
CAS Round 2Barker8G09Loss
CAS Round 4Barker9A42Win
CAS Round 4Barker9B61Win
CAS Round 4Barker9C30Win
CAS Round 4Barker9D10Win
CAS Round 4Barker9E42Win
CAS Round 4Barker10A12Loss
CAS Round 3Barker10B00Draw
CAS Round 4Barker10C34Loss
CAS Round 4Barker10D62Win
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 1st XI01Loss
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 2nd XI11Draw
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 3rd XI02Loss
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 4th XI20Win
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 5th XI20Win
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 6th XI02Loss
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 7th XI27Loss

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