Football Report Week 2, Term II, 2021

It is a beautiful time of the year when May commences and you get the chance to see the leaves change colour, as many teams did when they ventured north to the leafy suburbs surrounding Knox Grammar for CAS Round 2. Opens, Year 10 and Year 7 played away at Curugal and Samuel King Oval whilst Year 8 and 9 played at Trinity No. 2, Flockhart and Mason Park. In this report are stories of leadership, development, 1stXI/2nd XI/Year 8 games and the ‘Team of the Week’ for CAS Round 2.


Wilson Russell (11Ar) is to be congratulated on his sportsmanship on Saturday in the 5th XI match where a Knox player fell over and injured his back. Whilst the game continued on after the Knox player fell, Wilson went to the aid of the Knox player and stayed by his side until the game stopped and medical treatment arrived. It is rare that a player is in the ‘Team of the Week’ in consecutive weeks, but this happened for Wilson through excellent sportsmanship on Saturday and excellent performance in CAS 1.


Congratulations to goalkeeper Kian Guildea (10Du) who has gone from the 7E team to the 1st XI in the space of four seasons. In 2018, Kian was in the 7E team, in 2019 the 8D team, in 2020 he progressed from the 9D to 9A team and in 2021, Kian is in the 10A team.  

On Saturday, Kian was man of the match in the 10A team where he made countless saves against Knox Grammar. He was then on the bench for the 2nd XI, where in the 15th minute the Trinity goalkeeper was red-carded for a tackle as last man on the edge of the box. Enter Kian Guildea, who played the rest of the game for the 2nd XI and then ended up on the bench for the 1st XI.

The above is a special story of having an open mind to feedback, implementing feedback, taking opportunities, working hard at your game and being brave. Well done to Kian, to his Trinity goalkeeper Coach Mr Chris Marques and to his team coaches who have guided him through this journey.

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 1st XI

Trinity played against a very strong Knox team in CAS Round 2. After winning the first round 3-0, Trinity had lots of energy and confidence coming into this game. New tactics from the training ground saw the boys in green and white dominate possession and create plenty of goal-scoring opportunities that unfortunately weren’t converted. At half-time, the team seemed to be in high spirits as we knew that we were getting closer to the goal and we believed that at some point, the ball would go in our favour. A beautiful delivered cross from Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) landed on the head of James Khoury (12We) who jumped up and scored a superb header late in the second half. Trinity was up 1-0 with a few minutes to go, but Knox then came back with a goal against the run of play, and this ended the game 1-1. A tough game for both teams but a great display of Football especially from the boys in green. Trinity could definitely take some positives from this game for their third round encounter against Cranbrook.

Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar)

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 2nd XI

On Saturday the 1st of May, the Trinity 2nd XI continued the CAS season with an away game against Knox, knowing full well that this match would be one of the toughest we would face in the whole season. However, given the emphatic 3-0 win against St Aloysius’ the week before, we were optimistic. As was expected, Knox wasted no time in putting pressure on our back line, though the defensive work of James Arthur (11WH) in particular was able to prevent us from conceding at this stage. By around the middle of the first half, we were putting the pressure back on the opposition, with Sebastian Portolesi (11Ar) coming very close to scoring after making it through Knox’s defensive line on two separate occasions. Near the end of the first half, though, disaster struck after a mistimed tackle from our Captain, Patrick Williams (11La), meant we had to play the rest of the game with ten players. Special mention should go to Kian Guildea (10Du), who not only stepped up to fill Patrick’s difficult position as goalkeeper, but played superbly, making several vital saves throughout the rest of the game. Ultimately, after conceding a penalty late in the first half (0-1), we went into half time a little deflated, but still hopeful of making a comeback. Such an opportunity soon arose after Louis Agosti (11Yo) nearly got on the end of a precisely-executed offensive free kick from Ricardo Delgado (12St). Unfortunately, after conceding another goal late in the second half (0-2), we were unable to come away with the win. Nonetheless, the team should be commended for never giving up despite being at a numerical disadvantage. We will aim to maintain this tenacity and determination when we play Knox again later in the season, as well as against Cranbrook next week.

William Martin (12WH)

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8A

The 8As played out a 1-1 draw in an entertaining clash with Knox. Despite Knox scoring first, Trinity were able to dictate play throughout the first half and equalized through Cameron Mock (8Du). Lucas Kotevich (8We) and Lachlan Jeney (8Du) were instrumental in purposeful ball movement and positional play and really showed the development of the team. Trinity remained committed to their processes throughout the game and adapted well to an impressive Knox side. The 8As are continuing to develop nicely and the future looks very bright.

Mr Zac Galluzzo | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8B

The courage and application shown by the 8Bs was admirable in a challenging 4-1 loss against Knox. Despite being behind on the scoreboard, there were some fantastic passages of play in both halves. Aamir Salim (8Ar) and Luke Gergis (8D) were superb in all areas of the field and have shown great improvement in a short time. The 8Bs are encouraged to continue with their commitment to learning and loving the game of football.

Mr Zac Galluzzo | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8C

Trinity came across an ambitious Knox side wanting to take glory. It was a back and forward game between the two sides which saw counterattack football being the key to winning in the game. Goalkeeper Matteo Pezzano (8Fo) made himself look big and made some huge saves to keep his team level in the first half. The second half was very much like the first with constant threats coming from both teams. However, Trinity were able to take the lead through some great team play and which saw Jameson Chau-Vuu (8We) get on the scoresheet. Credit must go to the whole team who were able to see the game finish 1-0.

Mr Owen Duke | Acting Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8D

The mighty 8D football team had an eager and enthusiastic start against a strong Knox opposition. Unfortunately, the young men weren’t able to put away chances which saw them being three goals behind the opposition at half time. The boys had a much stronger second half which saw Jameson Chau-Vuu (8We) and Dylan Yee (8La) dominate the midfield. Again, in the second half we fell short of scoring. However, we showed improvements towards how we played and taking chances.

Mr Owen Duke | Acting Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8E

CAS round 2 saw the 8Es come up against Knox, always a formidable opponent in all departments. The first half was evenly matched with Trinity having their fair share of chances. Both Riley Coneliano (8Fo) and Allen Zheng (8Yo) were very potent in attack, creating chances and putting the Knox defence under immense pressure. Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu) was great in defence, anticipating the play and shutting down Knox’s main target striker. The first half finished 0-0 and continued with the same score line until five minutes remained in the game. Lapses in concentration and good play from Knox resulted in a late onslaught of goals, with the final score line finishing 0-4. Whilst it was on paper a clear loss, the boys played remarkably well and should be proud of their efforts and improvements.

Mr Joshua Yeoh | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8F

The 8F Football team started well with some good positional structure. Unfortunately, the team went down a goal after only a few minutes. Player of the match for Trinity was Declan Tan (8Mu) who produced some excellent defensive tackles. He was well supported by Charlie Nice (8Ke) with both players having their best game of the season. Up front Andrew Worsfold (8WJ) and Rayden Soo (8WH) had the best opportunities to score for Trinity. The team went down 0-3 goals but will look to bounce back and secure a win this coming weekend!

Mr Seamus Rodden | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8G



Lachlan Jeney (vi) – 8A Dilan Petrides (ii) – 7F/7E Wilson Russell (v) – 5th XI
 Dylan Bell (i) – 7D Archer Guest (i) – 7th XI 
  Fenn Hodgson-Yu (ii) – 1st XI  
Ethan Webb (ii) – 6th XIMichael Hatzistergos (viii) – 8E Henry Mansfield (iv) – 9AJack Fresta (i) – 9D
  Kian Guildea (ii/vii) – 10A & 2nd XI  

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i.  Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii.  High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii.  Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv.  Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v.  Sportsmanship

vi.  Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football and Director of Football Coaching

Results vs Knox Grammar Saturday, 1st May 2020

W = Win

D = Draw

L = Loss

R = Washed Out

TeamTrinity ScoreKnox ScoreResult
1st XI11D
2nd XI02L
3rd XI05L
4th XI13L
5th XI01L
6th XI23L
7th XI07L
8G  Bye

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