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Welcome Back

Welcome everyone to the 2021 winter season of the world game. At recess and lunch, TGS No. 2 is a sea of students playing Football and or shooting at goal and it is great to see nearly 500 students sign up for Football in Year 7-12.

Winter Football Trials

Year 7-12 Football students have participated in Football trials over the last four weeks. The trials have been made up of general physical preparation exercises, testing (technical for Year 7; physical for Years 8 to 12), fundamental skill revision and small/large sided games.

Black & Green Shield Trial v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

The intention was for a full fixture against our inner west rivals, but the deluge of the previous weekend reduced the number of games that were played. Below are the match reports from the 1st XI, 2nd XI and 7A/B/C/D games.

1st XI v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

1st XI v St Patrick’s College

The 1st XI’s opening game for the 2021 Football campaign was played away at St Patrick’s College. On the day, the boys looked ready to take on any force that stood in their way. Trinity went up 1-0 in the 17th minute with a header by Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) who showed great urgency in the box to get on the end of a loose ball off a corner. Not long after, a spectacular volley by Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ) flew into the top corner and extended our lead to two goals for only three minutes until James Khoury (12We) scored against his old school. Just before the closing of the first half, James Andrianakos (11Yo) bagged his first goal of the day. The creative Football continued into the second half with a beautiful team goal set up by Isaac Cunningham (11We) and finished by James Andrianakos (11Yo) for his brace. To close the match, the crowd saw a nice finish from Louis Agosti (11Yo) to bring the final scoreline to 6-0. Overall, the match was the perfect way to set up a very exciting season for the new 1st XI squad.

Adam Pascale (12Ke)

2nd XI v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

2nd XI v St Patrick’s College

The game was played on a nice synthetic field at the St Patrick’s campus. The team played well and achieved a well-deserved 1-0 win through a penalty from Christian Bieri (11Yo), after winning the penalty early in the second half. The 2nd XI were dominant throughout the game, with great transition play and fast passing in the midfield from Jonathon Gremos (11Fo) and Laud Codjoe (12Ta). Thomas Guirguis (11Ar) and Johnny Gergis (11WJ) made some strong runs in behind and it supported our team’s spacing and development. Aidis Exarhos (11WJ) made strong runs with the ball and played the ball to team mates in space who were able to take shots at goal. Although there was good attacking play, our dominance came through our defensive foundation which led by great performances from Ben Robinson (11Yo) and James Arthur (11WH). Rupert Dobbin (11Du) performed well from the full back position, producing a solid performance where he came on in the second half to solidify the defence. Overall, it was a good win for the 2nd XI in this their first game together.

Patrick Williams (11La)

7A v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

A strong St. Patrick’s College line up took control early and managed to put the ball in the back of Trinity’s net twice in the first five minutes. As the boys grew into the game, they started to combine better, and movement of the ball and ball speed became more apparent. Player of the match was Baxter Fryer (7Ta) who had worked tremendously hard up and down the right flank. A number of boys took up unfamiliar positions in an attempt to break down the opposition defence, but it just wasn’t our day as a collective. We look to grow from this loss, build on chances we created and show that Trinity 7As will be successful in CAS.

Mr Dan Marques | 7A Coach

7B v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

Trinity played with great energy and intensity. The 4-3-3 formation suited the players really well. The Trinity midfield trio in the middle were able to control the game. Alessandro Re (7La) and James Hendry (7Ta) performed well and stayed calm on the ball consistently. They were able to receive and play forward, allowing Trinity to progress through the thirds and into the opposition penalty box. Dean Roditis (7WJ) and Milo Saunders (7Ar) scored two great goals, the former running half the pitch before calmly slotting the ball into the net whilst the latter scoring a goal in the last phase of the game to finish the game 2-2.

Mr Ragesh Nambiar | Coach

7C XI v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

Trinity started the game with great intensity and created goal scoring opportunities throughout the game. Viggiani Ashton (7St), and Malas Aiman (7We) performed terrifically in their respective roles. They won possession well and used the ball to good effect. Trinity conceded a few goals and were not able to capitalise on the chances created with score finishing 0-3.

Mr Ragesh Nambiar | Coach

7D XI v St Patrick’s College – Saturday, 27 March

The 7Ds had an encouraging start to the game against St. Patrick’s College with Anthony Manikis (7La) having an early goal disallowed for a tight offside. St. Patrick’s struggled to cope with Trinity’s dominance for the first ten minutes, but Trinity was ultimately unable to capitalise – leading to our opposition scoring twice on the counter-attack in the first half. Nonetheless, the team entered the second half determined, and the player of the match for Trinity, Joseph Khor (7Hi), showed inspiring dribbling ability from midfield, and the effort of Dylan Bell (7Hi) stood out in defensive midfield. On the wings, Romeo Ozdemir (7Du) and Zayn Mourad (7Fo) were constant threats with their pace and dribbling ability. The hard work from the team in trying to reverse the deficit led to collective fatigue, and Trinity conceded three goals in the last ten minutes, with the game finishing 0-5. Contrary to what the score may suggest, there were many positives and learning opportunities to reflect upon!

Mr Chris Screnci | Coach

NSW Independent Schools Cup – 1st XI v Carinya Christian School (Tamworth)

After a round one forfeit by the opposition, Trinity’s 1st XI progressed to round two in an away game against Carinya Christian School of Tamworth. Below are reports from players about this trip which occurred in Week 7.

Trip to Tamworth

Twelve Trinity young men ranging from Year 10-12 gathered on Sunday the 7 March at Victoria Street to embark on a journey to the country music capital, Tamworth. Tamworth is known for its Country Music Awards and the giant golden guitar that attracts tourists from all over Australia. Although Tamworth is known for its festivities, the Trinity men went on their Football road trip to play their first game of the Independent Schools Cup against Carinya Christian School. Originally, 16 Trinity men were meant to come on the trip, but logistical difficulties tied with injuries earlier in the weekend saw the number drop to 12. The six hour coach ride to Tamworth was highlighted by a stop at Singleton, driving past open cut coal mines as well as the overall view of the country landscape. School work was in abundance on the bus trip up as the Trinity men utilised the time to prepare for exams and finish assignments due within the next couple of weeks. Once we arrived in Tamworth, we ate dinner and purchased breakfast for the following morning before arriving at our accommodation. Once we reached our accommodation we settled into our rooms before receiving a tactical briefing with Mr Gray and Mr Mikulandra. It was not only an enjoyable experience but also was a strong team bonding experience bringing the team closer together before the start of the CAS 1st XI season and other competitions.

Patrick Williams (11La) | Player

Trinity 1st XI and Carinya Christian School (Tamworth)

1st Half v Carinya Christian School

Going into the first half of the football game, the Trinity boys were all feeling fired up and game-ready to give it their all on the football pitch. As the game started, we quickly took the lead with Lucas Pezzano (12Fo) making a fantastic run down the wing, beating the opposition’s right back with his technical footwork to cross in a ball with his five-star weak foot for Christian Sinclair (12La) to slot the ball in at the back of the net. This early goal boosted our confidence and made the boys hungry to score another one. Throughout the half, Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) displayed great composure to control the midfield. This increased our advantage creating more opportunities to score. Louis Agosti (11Yo) whipped in a fantastic ball for Adam Pascale (12Ke) who showed aerial skills to score a header and to take our lead another goal ahead. The team showed great defensive qualities, giving the opposition team no opportunities to score. Isaac Cunningham (11He) hustling in defence, was able to steal the ball from the opposition and play spectacular through-balls to penetrate the backline creating an opportunity for Christian Sinclair (12La) to put away another goal increasing our lead to 3-0. Nicholas Stojkovic (10Ho) stepped into play as the only Year 10 on the field, showing his great speed down the wing and becoming a menace for the opposition team to deal with. Sam Nichols (12Ho) switched play to create space for driving opportunities to goal that the Trinity boys were able to apply pressure in Carinya Christian School’s penalty box. The link up between Dominic Ticic (11Sc) and Patrick Williams (11La) was very strong in the back half of the field and they were able to create opportunities from their long balls for our strikers to get on the end of. Although Patrick did not touch the ball frequently, he was able to communicate with the outfield players effectively, giving notice to his team mates about their surroundings.

Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) | Player

2nd Half v Carinya Christian School

The team started off the second half with a 3-0 lead, but there was still room for improvement. Carinya Christian School were off to a flying start with a shot from outside the box, but the agile Patrick Williams (11La) was not looking to get caught off his line anytime soon, with a quick catch and excellent distribution to start off a dangerous counter-attack. Our first goal of the second half came on the one hour mark as Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) skipped through two defenders to precisely slot the ball into the bottom right hand corner. The build-up play from the Trinity men in the second half was much more effortless with Louis Agosti (11Yo) controlling the midfield, sending 40-yard dimes across the pitch to young gun Nicholas Stojkovic (10Fo), who drove down the right hand side. The second goal was another link up play between captain Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) and maestro Isaac Cunningham (11He), where Sebastian received it on the sideline and highlighted his skills with a cheeky nutmeg, followed by a composed finish from Isaac on the near post. Despite not playing in his natural position, Lucas Pezzano (12Fo) looked comfortable up front. The Trinity men were consistent in their efforts for a sixth goal which started from Joshua Yeon (11Ar) who found a constantly scanning Christian Sinclair (12La) producing an excellent through ball to Louis Agosti (11Yo), with a weak foot combination between him and Sebastian Boffa (12Yo). Less than two minutes later, Adam Pascale (12Ke) displayed his physical presence and lethal finishing, grabbing his second of the match. Throughout the entirety of the second half, Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) dominated the opposition with his agile feet which caused the opponents to foul out of frustration. The last goal of the game came from Sam Nichols (12Ho) who showed off an impressive individual effort, firing a powerful shot from the edge of the box that the goalkeeper couldn’t deal with. The boys from Tamworth had an opening in the final few minutes of the game which was quickly shut down by an aggressive Dominic Ticic (11Sc), who performed a masterclass in defence resulting in a clean sheet and a 8-0 victory for the boys in green and white.

Joshua Yeon (11Ar) | Player

Trip Home

After a triumphant win against Carinya Christian School, the two teams came together in an act of good sportsmanship and celebrated the occasion. We took a photo together, shortly followed by a speech from the captains from both teams. We then farewelled the Carinya boys, got dressed, hopped back on the bus and headed for a post-game meal. The meal with the team acted as a great opportunity to re-energise as well as reflect upon the game. There was also great banter amongst the boys, ultimately improving the already well-established camaraderie. After our meal, we had the chance to visit some local monuments, such as the giant golden guitar. This was a great experience that allowed the boys to learn about Tamworth’s rich country music heritage, whilst admiring the peculiarity of a giant, 12-metre-long guitar. Afterwards, we headed back on the bus and started our six hour long trip to school. During the trip to school, we were able to witness the scenery of the countryside. Thanks to the smooth driving of our bus driver, the boys were also able to do some schoolwork. Overall, this visit to Tamworth was a valuable experience that allowed us to play football as well as bond and escape from the busy suburban lifestyle of Sydney.

Dominic Ticic (11Sc) | Player

1st XI at the Big Golden Guitar

Old Boy Highlights

2017 Captain of Football and School Vice Captain, William Todd, is looking to return to Columbia University in New York in the near future where he is on a Football Scholarship and completing a Political Science degree. When the COVID pandemic struck, William returned home last year and since then has been getting up early to attend lectures online whilst maintaining his fitness and Football skills. Recently, Fall Academic All-Ivy League Selections were announced and William was announced as a recipient. To be eligible for the Academic All-Ivy League squad, William needed to be in good academic standing, a starter or key reserve on his or her team and not a first-year student. We have a number of boys at Trinity who might be interested in following in William’s footsteps. See the following link for more information.

Mr Luke Gray | MIC

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