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Football Report Week 2, Term II, 2021

With a beautiful blue sky as background, the sun was shining in all its glory last Saturday as CAS Round 1 kicked off for the world game against St Aloysius’ College. Years 8 and 9 played at home whilst Years 7, 10 and Opens were on the road to Castle Cove, College Oval and Anderson Park. Below are the Opens reports from their games as well as the CAS Round 1 ‘Team of the Week’ for which anyone from the 32 Football teams in Years 7-12 can be selected.

Captain of Football Announcement and 1st XI Shirt Presentation

Congratulations to the 47th Captain of Football which was awarded to Sebastian Boffa (12Yo). Congratulations also to the 1st XI who were presented their shirt on quad on Thursday last week.

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius College – 1st XI

On 24 April at 10:15 am, Trinity’s 1st XI embarked on a game against St Aloysius’ College, marking the commencement of the CAS season. On the back of winning the Inner West Tri-series, Trinity came into the game with confidence and high hopes. Being the first game of the season, Trinity wanted to ensure that we entered the competition on the front foot. Having prepared for this game for several weeks, the team had a solid understanding of how to effectively work as a group to maximise the chance of a strong performance. Trinity started the game strongly, taking the lead in the 8th minute with a beautifully crossed corner from Sebastian Boffa (12Yo) which landed directly upon the head of Isaac Cunningham (11We), who demonstrated aerial dominance, neatly slotting the ball in the back of the net. Attempting to come back into the game, St Aloysius’ was presented with a goal-scoring opportunity. But Lucas Pezzano (12Yo), thanks to his goal-keeping expertise, was able to deflect a long-range shot in the 18th minute, maintaining our first-half lead of 1-0.  After some refuelling and advice from the coaches at the half time break, Trinity was eager to press on and finish the job in the 2nd half. Similarly, St Aloysius’ came into the 2nd half with more speed and aggression. However, their momentum was short-lived thanks to Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar) who skilfully manoeuvered past the opposing defence, shooting and hitting the post, fortunately rebounding to Sam Nichols (12Ho), who tapped the ball into an open net, securing Trinity’s second goal. For the majority of the second half, Trinity concentrated on maintaining possession and managed to score another goal, thanks to the joint efforts of Louis Agosti (11Yo) and Isaac Cunningham (11We), who won the ball in midfield and played a great through ball to Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar). Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar) then got in front of the opposing defence and cleverly directed the ball past the keeper with his left foot. This was the last goal scored in the game, ending it in a 3-0 victory to Trinity. The 1st XI showed great footballing ability and teamwork, with an overall entertaining performance, boding well for the competitive season ahead.

Dominic Ticic (11Sc)

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius’ College – 2nd XI

The Trinity 2nd XI started off their quest for the CAS championship away against St Aloysius’. Historically, this fixture had been extremely challenging for the 2nd XI, as over the past eight seasons we’ve only won there once before. Nevertheless, we had a very strong first half with Sebastian Portolesi (11Ar) scoring (1-0), and Louis Agosti (11Yo) coming very close to scoring on numerous occasions. This filled us with hope going into the second half. Early on in the second half, we gave away a penalty and Patrick Williams (11La) produced an outstanding save from the spot to keep us ahead. Later on, Will Martin (12WH) made a crucial tackle within the box which certainly stopped a goal from the opponents and allowed the 2nds to keep their clean sheet. Jonathon Matta (12La) then headed home from a corner to further consolidate our lead (2-0). Finally, Daniel Bosnich’s (12Fo) profuse work rate paid off when he provided a magnificent through ball over the defenders’ heads which Christian Bieri (11Yo) slotted home with extreme composure (3-0). This rounded out the game and gave Trinity a rare and hard-fought victory which was well deserved.

Owen Peck (12Fo)

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius’ College – 3rd XI

The team started the game quietly confident of success but it was not until the second half that the ball movement really improved, stringing together more passes, making breaks down the wing, and managing crosses to our forwards. Jonothan Gremos (11Fo) scored a quality goal from a free kick outside the penalty area, but unfortunately there were too many missed opportunities and this meant we drew in the end. James Mallios (11Hi) put his body on the line as keeper. James Schroder (11Fo) held and dominated in the midfield and Joshua Marcos (11WJ) dictated in defence. There were promising signs in this performance.

Mr Joe Vaccarella | Coach

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius’ College – 4th XI

The team focus was to hold possession but this was not what happened on the day. Too many loose passes and missed tackles meant that the opposition gained the upper hand. Different defenders were trialled throughout the game and Keith Kwok (12WH) shone as central defender, with carefully timed tackles and distribution on the ball. Our goal was a brilliant team effort where the ball was won deep in our half, spread wide to the left to Tony Georges(11We), who took it down the line, and then cut it back to Jeremy Gergis (11Du), who slotted it over the Keeper’s head. Lachlan Stubbs (11Ho) was also unlucky not to score, on several occasions hitting the post.

Mr Joe Vaccarella | Coach

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius’ College – 5th XI

The Open 5th Football team had an unfortunate start, retrieving the ball from the back of the net ten seconds into the first half. Trinity regained composure to control large sections of the game, but confusion in the backline resulted in continual break away goals to see the final score 5-1. Player of the match for Trinity was Wilson Russell (11Ar) scoring a lovely solo goal and providing structure to the midfield alongside Marco Nagode (11WJ). Volunteering as goal-keeper, Daniel Prodigalidad (11Ar) showed determination and commitment, making many crucial saves. Looking forward to the season ahead. 

Mr Cameron Patrick | Coach 

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius’ College – 6th XI

The game signalled the first time that the team met together. Early in the first half, team Captain Ethan Webb (12Ke) scored a wonderful goal from about 30 metres out. The St Aloysius’ coach after the game commented on the goal as a stand out of the game. The game then saw the dominance change time and time again. With 15 minutes to go, Aaron Siew (11Ta) put the ball in the net. The score was now 2-2. However, with about five minutes left in the game, St Aloysius’ found the net and the final result was 2-3. Player of the game was Ethan Webb (12Ke), with both Jacob Chan (12Yo) and Noah Jung (12Hi) spending a half each in goals. Not only were they showing an unselfish attitude, they also kept us in the game. Both Nick Kaleel (12Mu) and John Nakhoul (11Mu) also had strong games.

Mr Paul Stenhouse | Coach

CAS Round 1 vs St Aloysius College – 7th XI

The Open 7th XI Football team had a hard start to the season with a 9-1 loss, against St Aloysius’ College at Castle Cove on Saturday. The team developed over the time of the game, conceding less of the play and culminating in our one goal. The goal was scored by Haider Saab (12Mu) from a penalty with a beautiful shot to the upper left of the goals. Well done to the team, who played hard, and are looking forward to the coming Saturday to develop our teamwork further and to realise hoped for glory.

Mr David Davies | Coach


Christian Pulley (ii) – 10B Anthony Manikis (i, vi) – 7C  Jaden Leung (i) – 10C 
 Lorenzo Luzzani (ii) – 7C Wilson Russell (vi) – 5th XI 
  Daniel Bosnich (ii) – 2nd XI  
Cameron Mock (ii) – 8B Jeremy Frecker (i) – 9A Mike Lin (i) – 10DAlex Nero (iii) – 9B
  Christian Ciarroni (ii) – 8G  

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v. Sportsmanship

vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football & Director of Football Coaching

Results Vs St Aloysius College Saturday 27th April 2020

W = Win D = Draw L = Loss R = Washed Out

1st XI30W
2nd XI30W
3rd XI11D
4th XI14L
5th XI15L
6th XI23L
7th XI19L

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