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Football started with ten teams in 1975 at Trinity Grammar School with games played on TGS No. 3 until 1997 when there were 23 teams. Football moved to TGS 2 during 1998 whilst the car park was built under TGS 3, before returning to TGS 3 for the time period 1999-2009. In 2010 and with 27 teams in the programme, Football moved to TGS 2 to play on the newly constructed synthetic surface and this field has served the programme well with the ability to play during wet weather conditions. With 32 teams in the programme in 2021, Football returned to its traditional home on TGS 3 last Saturday where the 1st to 4th XI played against Cranbrook School in CAS Round 3. Year 7 played on TGS 2, home games at Flockhart were unfortunately cancelled due to wet weather, and Year 8-9 ventured away to Dangar Oval. In this Bulletin article, are the reports from the 1st XI, 2nd XI and Year 7 teams plus the CAS Round 3 ‘Team of the Week’.

Australian U17 representative and former Central Coast Mariner, David D’Apuzzo (Class of 2006) dribbling on TGS No. 3 Oval in 2005 with former Head Master Mr Milton Cujes, Mr David Galluzzo and a packed hill watching on.
Football on TGS 3 in the early days (note the corner post and head tape)
No 3 oval in 1989 pre improvements in drainage

1st XI

After two away games where Trinity had played with maximum effort, CAS Round 3 had arrived, and it was time to return home. This game would be the first time in 12 years where a Trinity team would play a Football game on the No. 3 oval. After the previous game where the 1st XI had drawn against Knox, the boys were eager to come out on top against Cranbrook. Trinity would show this eagerness straight away as within several minutes, James Khoury (12Yo) would strike to put Trinity in front early on the scoreboard. Shortly after, both teams would receive a red card each creating a new game and tactics for each team. This adaptation had led to Cranbrook scoring one to level the score 1-1 before half time. The boys conversed at half time and it was evident that there was a change of heart as the boys came out stronger. Some crucial saves off crosses from Lucas Pezzano (12Fo) kept Trinity in the game. Super substitute Louis Agosti (11Yo) would come on to finish a crucial strike into the back of the net off a tackle and assist from Sebastian Boffa (12Yo). Trinity overcame the challenge of being down one man and many learning moments were taken out of the game to take on board into next week’s game against Barker.

Isaac Cunningham (11He)

1st XI
The 1st XI starting line-up
1st XI pre-match huddle

2nd XI

On Saturday 8 May, the Trinity 2nd XI played their first game on No. 3 oval in 12 years! The team desperately needed to win this match to gain momentum and get their season back on track. A tough 2-0 loss against Knox last week meant our attitude had to change from the kick-off. As soon as the first whistle blew, Trinity were dominant. Daniel Bosnich (12Fo) and Ricardo Delgado (12St) played cutting passes, exposing the Cranbrook defensive line. Using the momentum gained, Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar) received the ball and darted into the box, cutting to the left and drawing a penalty inside ten minutes. He slotted the ball into the bottom left corner of the net, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way (1-0). Sebastien doubled our lead 16 minutes later after a crafty give and go with Louis Agosti (11Yo), who guided the ball into the box which finished into the bottom corner (2-0). After this explosive start, Trinity didn’t stop. Louis scored two beautiful goals from outside the box, either side of a lone reply from the visitors curving them into the far corners (4-1). Kian Guildea (10Du) displayed leadership in his goalkeeping box, making a couple of fine saves and commanding the defence. This dominant first-half display meant Trinity went into halftime with lots of confidence. Trinity felt safe in securing the win but continued to control the game. Early into the second half Jonathan Gremos (11Fo) provided potency in attack to help Louis Agosti secure his hattrick (5-1). Goals from Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc), Zethan Zaiter (10Ta) and Christian Bieri (11Yo) sealed off a brilliant game with Trinity defeating Cranbrook School 8-1. The team were very proud of their efforts and regained much-needed progress in their season to push towards the CAS premiership. We aim to maintain this momentum heading into this week’s fixture against Barker College once more on No. 3 oval.

Ben Robinson (11Yo)


The 7A team began their first CAS game at home on TGS 2 looking to improve how they kept possession. With some targets discussed such as looking to achieve 80% or more pass success rate, the team had to first overcome an early goal from the opposition from a corner. Following the change in score, the midfield three of Lucas Christou (7St), Baxter Fryer (7Ta) and Joshua Argyrou (7Fo) set about moving the ball quickly when outnumbered and dribbling forward when there was space. On the back of the above three, Trinity held much of the momentum and possession and this was rewarded with a goal from Hesham Eid (7La) to even the score line to 1-1. Unfortunately, the 7A team conceded with minutes to spare in the game, however many learning moments were provided on keeping possession and the team continues to improve with each game.

Mr Luke Gray | Acting Coach


Trinity played with composure and calmness. The attacking players created great goal scoring opportunities. However, the team was not clinical enough in converting those chances. Oliver Ware (7Yo) and Parsonage Charlie (7Ta) performed well and stayed calm on the ball consistently. They were able to receive and play forward, allowing Trinity to progress through the thirds and into the attacking third. Nivesch Balenthiran  (7St) scored a good goal, shooting low and hard. Nivesch had a great game, making the right decisions consistently.

Mr Ragesh Nambiar | Coach


Trinity started the game well and dominated the opponents in our defensive third throughout the whole game. Great performances from Ashton Viggiani (7St) and Alfie Nichols (7Ho), performing well in defence. They won possession well and used the ball to good effect. Trinity retained possession well and looked dangerous in the attacking wide areas. Steven Lee (7Ho) had an excellent game in goal, sweeping up through balls and catching crosses and long shots with ease.

Mr Ragesh Nambiar | Coach


The 7Ds started their game against Cranbrook successfully executing an effective, high-pressing game plan, and were rewarded for their pressure early. Anthony Manikis (7La) was in the right place at the right time, and was able to tap into an empty net, putting Trinity ahead in the 12th minute. Trinity continued their press and were unlucky not to score again in the first half, with Romeo Ozdemir (7Du) providing an outlet down the right wing. In the second half though, Trinity were much more composed on the ball, keeping possession more effectively, thanks to the midfield work of Maddox Knapstein (7Du), Zayn Mourad (7Fo), and Kendeas Marangou (7WJ). The score remained, and Trinity finished the game as 1-0 winners. Despite the win, this game highlighted many points for reflection, and improvement.

Mr Christopher Screnci | Coach


On starting debut for the side, Dilan Petrides (7Yo) produced a stunning performance, with a hattrick within the first ten minutes of the game, rightfully earning him our Man of the Match! This commanding lead early in the game saw Trinity control large parts of the first half. Alongside Dilan, standout performers included Tarek Dib (7St) for his explosive dribbling ability, and Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du) who was exemplary in his determination, and commitment – rightfully rewarded with an assist, and forcing a Cranbrook own goal late in the second half with the score finishing as a 5-1 win.

Mr Christopher Screnci | Coach


Last weekend, the 7Fs played against Reddam House at home on No. 2 oval. An early goal by Reddam put Trinity on the back foot but after some good runs from James Finlay (7Ar) and good pressure from Nicholas Daw (7Ta), we were able to get back in the game. Aiden Wong (7Yo) converted two opportunities, putting us in front. However, a late equaliser by Reddam saw the match end in a disappointing 2-2 draw. Hopefully the boys can bounce back from this next week and claim their second win for the season.

Mr Patrick Webb | Coach


This week the mighty 7Gs took on Reddam at TGS. It was a tight game with such great defence on both sides that there was only one goal scored the whole game. Unfortunately for us it was for the girls and boys on the other team. James Zhou (7Fo) was our man of the match for his efforts in running the ball up the side, followed by Max Tyson (7St) and our terrific goal keeper Nikolai Baldwin (7He) who stopped so many of Reddam’s attempts to score.

Mrs Heidi Broadbent | Coach


The 7Hs started off well with a goal from Izac Duval (7He) in the first few minutes of the game. Unfortunately, Newington was stronger on the day and came away with the win. Despite the loss, Julian Grehan (7St), Cristian Raiti (7Sc) and Izac Duval (7He) produced a strong running game and were instrumental in maintaining communication with their peers throughout the game. Geronimo Devitt (7Fo) and Aran Satchithananthan (7Mu) were versatile on the field and played well in both defence and midfield. Well done to the 7Hs for their efforts this week.

CAS Round 3 vs Cranbrook School | Trinity Football Team of the Week

Aiman Malas
(i) – 7C
 Izac Duval
(vi) – 7H
 Zac Gindy
(ii) – 3rd XI
 Joshua Argyrou
(ii) – 7A
 Louis Agosti
(ii) – 2nd XI/1st XI
  Jonathan Nam
(i) – 9E
Abbas Zahr
(vi) – 4th XI
Adam Pascale
(i/ii) – 1st XI
 Zac Ugov
(iii) – 9B
Nivesch Balenthiran
(iv) – 7B
  Nikolai Baldwin
(ii) – 7G

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v.  Sportsmanship

vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray |  MIC Football and Director of Football Coaching

Results vs Cranbrook Saturday 8th May 2021

Type of GameOppositionTeamTrinity ScoreOpposition ScoreResult
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7A12Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7B12Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7C10Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7D10Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7E51Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7F22Draw
CAS Round 3Cranbrook7G01Loss
CAS Round 3Newington7H113Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8A21Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8B12Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8C40Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8D01Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8D01Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8E21Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8F  Wash Out
CAS Round 3Cranbrook8G  Wash Out
CAS Round 3Cranbrook9A30Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook9B01Loss
CAS Round 3Cranbrook9C50Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook9D30Win
CAS Round 3Newington9E10Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook10A30Win
CAS Round 3Cranbrook10B  Wash Out
CAS Round 3Cranbrook10C  Wash Out
CAS Round 3Cranbrook10D  Wash Out
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 1st XI21Win
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 2nd XI81Win
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 3rd XI52Win
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 4th XI20Win
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 5th XI  Wash out
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 6th XI  Wash out
CAS Round 3CranbrookOpens 7th XI  Wash out

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