Eat well, live well, perform well: presentation wrap up

Trinity parents and boys were treated to an informative and intriguing presentation by Jessica Spendlove, one of Australia’s leading Dietitians from the Health and Performance Collective.

The presentation, aptly named Nutrition for Performance in School and Life, covered a range of topics including

  • Food is Fuel
  • All the Elements
  • How to Eat for Academic Success during Exam Prep
  • Hydration
  • Food and Sleep
  • Brain Hero Foods

Key take-home points included the need for the diet to include protein, spreading the consumption of protein across the day consistently, as well as looking at carbohydrates as the primary fuel source for body and the mind. With the final piece of the triad of knowledge was that food should be colourful; fruits and vegetables which give the body the necessary micronutrients to assist in the digestion of proteins, carbs, and fats; colour (fruits and vegetables) should make up much of a meal, approximately 1/3 – ½ of a plate.

Food should always be colourful, nutritious, delicious, and simple.

Interactive questions were able to be answered by participants over the presentation, where a number of questions were asked by the audience. A particularly good question was asked about supplements, where Jessica confirmed that supplements are not required for students, further confirming the school’s stance in this area. If you missed the presentation, the recording has been provided below and a copy of the presentation notes can be accessed here.

The sport staff look forward to hosting further sessions in the future and welcoming our next seminar: “The Power of Zzz”, presented by Hugh Fullagar. The details surrounding this seminar will be release in upcoming Bulletins.

Mikaela White | Sports Operations Specialist

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