Debating News | Round 6

7FED-B Debating Report

We were very fortunate to have won this round of debating against Sydney Girls High School. After receiving our topic, ‘That All Schools Should Be Co-educational,’ we spent forty-five minutes preparing and then began our debate. We were negating and knew we had a great chance of winning, due to our preparation on this topic. Our first speaker, Harshal (7He), started the debate with some strong points and rebuttals against the opposition. Our next speaker, Alejandro (7Ke), continued with more points and rebuttals. By the end of Alejandro’s speech, it was neck and neck with Sydney Girls. However, our third speaker, Matthew (7Sc), widened the gap between us with some more great rebuttals targeting very misleading facts given by the opposition, whilst reinforcing some of our statements that would deal with this issue more effectively. Therefore, we were able to secure a win. Overall, it was a great debate, considering that we have never had this combination of a team before. Despite our success, it was important to receive critical feedback from our coach, Mr. Razza, to help us win our next debate. The feedback we received will definitely make us stronger for our next debate.

H. Chuchra (7He)

Senior A ISDA Debating Report

This week the Senior A ISDA team, consisting of D. Chuchra (12He), W. Martin (12WH), J. Perera (12La) and K. Kwok (12WH), affirmed the topic: That the government should fully subsidise university degrees for individuals whose gender is significantly under-represented in that field.Given that this debate was against our friendly rival MLC, who were last year’s state finalists, there was immense pressure placed upon the Trinity Team. Nevertheless, Trinity’s characterisation of the status quo, as well as a detailed and sturdy model, forced MLC’s first speaker to implement an exasperatingly soft line countermodel of equity scholarships to negate this topic. However, 2nd Speaker, William (12WH), and 3rd Speaker Joshua (12La) were able to successfully defend our model and rebut the MLC countermodel of increasing equity scholarships in universities. Given that the Trinity team put up such an exceptional debate against last year’s state finalists, the adjudication was immensely close and even came down to the technicalities of each model and its implementation. Despite the adjudicator narrowly awarding the debate to MLC, the Trinity team was immensely proud of our performance. This debate was undoubtedly the pinnacle of Trinity Senior A’s ISDA season. However, this was only possible due to the easing of COVID restrictions and the introduction of spectators in our debate. We thank the parents, students and coaches who spent Friday night watching this close debate. Although we hit maximum capacity, we encourage all parents, students, and staff to watch Trinity Senior A’s last ISDA debate next term. Even though the night did not end in a victory, Keith’s (12WH) concluding speech about dual highway planning and Mr. Barnes’ departure helped foster the friendship between Trinity and MLC. We hope to debate MLC in a friendly in the future, which will hopefully be in person. 

D. Chuchra (12He) | Debating Vice-Captain

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