Debating News | Round 5

Year 7 FED B Report

On Friday the 19th of March, the 7 FED B debating team competed against Sydney Boys High on the topic “That all zoos should be banned”. Our team consisted of Alessandro as 1st speaker, Jordan as 2nd speaker and Laurent as our 3rd speaker. It was a very close match against Sydney Boys High and unfortunately, we had a narrow loss. Whilst we may not have won the debate, we can take heart from some good performances across the team; Alessandro provided a strong model and clearly explained our definition, Jordan provided a well-structured speech and Laurent provided some great rebuttals. During the next few weeks, the team is going to work on developing and exploring detailed arguments and more effective rebuttals.

Overall, the Year 7 FED B had a great debate and improved from the last debate.

H. Newman (7WJ)

Year 8 ISDA Report

Last Friday, the Year 8 ISDA team consisting of M. Padmore (8Mu), C. Ciarroni (8WJ), D. Lok (8Ke) and E. Ciarroni (8WJ) debated against Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School (SCEGGS). The topic for our team was “That students should be punished for failing to report bullying. As the Negative team, the night ended with a convincing win for Trinity. The main issues brought up in the debate were the application of this topic in order to combat bullying, and whether the proposed changes would have a net benefit or detriment to the education system as a whole. All in all, we ended up coming out on top in regard to both of these issues.

M. Padmore (8Mu)

Year 8 FED B Debating Report

On the 19th of March, the Trinty 8B’s team were hosted by Sydney Boys on an online debate. The team consisted of J. Kong (8La), N. Chun (8Ho), M. Yang (8Mu) and J. Pham (8WH). The topic was “That we should ban people from building new properties in areas with a high risk of natural disasters”. The negative proposed many arguments built around insurance and poor people. We, as the affirmative team, argued based on the safety of the workers and people. Although the debate was narrowly given to Sydney Boys, there was a huge learning curve from this debate. We learned that to succeed in future debates we need to attack their main points and recognise them correctly.

J. Kong (8La)


This week the year 10 ISDA team had the topic ‘That we should, with the consent of victims, allow first time offenders to pay compensation to their victims instead of serving a prison sentence’. We were arguing the negative side. Initially we were somewhat puzzled but after using a new structure technique taught to us by our coach, Mr Kapaniris, we were back on our feet. We presented a number of arguments but ultimately this debate came down to two main issues. Firstly, does allowing offenders to pay compensation create a more just outcome? We argued that it doesn’t as it creates an unequal justice system, where high income offenders are able to get away scot free by paying compensation, which is not possible for low-income offenders who will have to serve a prison sentence. We also declared that a crime against anyone is a crime against the whole society, and their punishment should be a payment (e.g. prison sentence) to society rather than an individual. Secondly, is paying victims compensation practical? We argued that it is not for a number of reasons including risks of coercion, risks of inconsistent consent, and the challenges that come with changing a significant part of our legal system. 

Our opposition, SCEGGS was strong, claiming that allowing compensation creates better outcomes for the individual victim, and also relieves pressure on the prison system. However, in a close decision, the adjudicator was convinced that our case showed that allowing compensation created a more unfair justice system. We won this debate and have progressed a lot in our skills and ability to get to this point. I am confident we will have a chance to continue onto the finals.

A. Jacob (10Fo)

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