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Every Friday afternoon, while most of us are winding down from our week and preparing for the weekend, our ISDA debaters are hard at work, working together as a team and presenting strong persuasive cases about current events and relevant issues. So far this season our boys have shown tremendous growth and improvement by reflecting on their performances as well as taking on and applying feedback from their coach, adjudicators and teachers.

Well done on a great season so far boys, and all the best for the remainder of your debates.

Mrs Jess Taylor | MIC Debating

From the Junior School Debating Captain

On Friday the 26th of February, the Trinity Year 6 ISDA Debating Team debated against Newington as the affirmative team. The topic was that ‘The age of social media should be lowered to ten years old’. The 1st speaker was Benjamin Loughnan, the 2nd speaker was Layth Nazar, and the 3rd speaker was Emerson Urbano. Our main points were that children deserve freedom and knowledge which can be delivered through social media and that children have the right to express themselves. It was a challenging debate but Trinity won because we had a stronger rebuttal. We learnt that to improve we need to describe the status quo more, to justify our model and to set the scene more.

The following week, we debated against Riverview with the topic that Australia should stop sending landfill overseas. We were the affirmative team. Our 1st speaker was Layth Nazha, our 2nd speaker was Oscar Hannan, and I was our 3rd speaker. Layth talked about the health of overseas countries and the health of animals and how it affects us. Oscar talked about air pollution and marine life, while I summed up the debate. Our rebuttal is constantly improving, and we were confident speakers and spoke for longer periods of time. We also had strong points and worked on clearly describing the status quo, not to mention having some great examples. However, we need to work on the structure of our speech and elaborating on our points. We won what was an extremely fun debate that we all enjoyed immensely.

Last Friday, we debated against Ascham with the topic that playing a team sport should be compulsory in primary school. We were negative. Emerson Urbano was our 1st speaker, Layth Nazha the 2nd, and I was the 3rd. It was a hard topic to debate as we play Saturday sport every week! Unfortunately, we lost, but we had a fun debate and it brought an end to our two game win streak, which was a good reminder we should not be complacent. Emerson talked about the issue of choice and freedom, Layth talked about mental health and bullying, and I summed up the debate. We need to work on our concentration in the prep room, as well as expanding our points. Hopefully, we do better next time. We all can’t wait till the next debate!

Ben De Lany | Junior School Debating Captain

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