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Year 8 FED A Debating

Coming into the last debate of the season, the FED A team had the chance to end the season on a high note. The topic was “That coding should be made compulsory in the school curriculum”. Being on the negative side against Tara Anglican, it was going to be a close debate. Things started off well with the first speaker Harry (8Yo) delivering convincing rebuttals and well-structured arguments. This continued with second speaker Ishanth (8Sc) who did a good job of shutting down the opposition’s main points as well as adding clear and concise points to the team’s case. The team’s case ended with excellent thematic rebuttal from third speaker Kenneth (8He) which sealed the team’s victory. Overall, the 8 FED A team dominated the debate and won all three issues to end the season on a good note.

H. McLean (8Yo)

FED SENIOR A Debating Report

On Friday evening, Trinity’s FED senior A team debated against Tara Anglican to decide whether they would proceed to the quarter finals. Trinity’s team led themselves to a thrashing victory, successfully arguing against university admissions being based on interviews and ATARs. First speaker Varun (11WJ) began with an outstanding speech while second speaker Jonah (11We) shattered apart the opposition’s case and third speaker Vivek (10WH) finished the debate off by taking the team well over the finish line. We are extremely excited to see this team to progress through to the finals rounds.

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