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Debating started back in Week 1 for our final ISDA debate. The topic for today was that all students should not have access to electronic devices (iPads, iPhones, computers) before primary school. As the affirmative team, we strongly agreed with the movement. The speakers were: Orlando Ang, Aiden Coelho, Ryder Darlow and Samedh Chirravuri.

Orlando bagan our case strongly with a high-quality model and the two points about the bad habits that can grow when exposed to technology as well as the health risks available. Aiden continued fluently with 2 well composed points, these were: exposure to negative themes and children’s lack of judgement. Ryder Darlow summed up our debate but not before he punished the opposition with persuasive and influential rebuts. Surprisingly, our team used a sponge as an analogy for a child’s mind, then the opposition funnily stated, “Your points are a sponge, They’re full of holes!”. Their points were that children should familiarize themselves with technology, they can fall behind in school if they are not supported by technology and there are beneficial applications on devices that can help the child’s academic ability.

During the adjudication, the adjudicator stated that the debate was decided by two main issues, should we give the technology and what are the risks of technology. The Negative side defined that technology had its uses with young children and it would not do too much harm. Despite the strong response from the Trinity debaters, the opposition narrowly snatched a victory. Then it all came down to the overriding decision, do the risks outweigh the benefits of technology. The opposition convinced the adjudication that beneficial applications and subjects do exist and are presented by technology, but Trinity had secured that negative themes and other harms can come to children and that outweighed the benefits. In all, Trinity was able to achieve their first victory in the ISDA season giving all of us more confidence and assertiveness for our future IPSHA debates.

William and Oliver | Year 6

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