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Week 5 was Round 2 of the ISDA Debating Competition. The topic up for debate was that the age of social media usage should be lowered from 13 to 10. As the affirmative team we faced competition from Newington. Our speakers were in the order, Samedh Chirravuri, Aiden Coelho, Oliver Shen and William Hunt.

Samedh started our debate strongly with a model and a strong point about isolated children. His model was that by 2022 the age of social media usage would be lowered to 10 and that filters would be imposed. He spoke for under 2 minutes and gave a great delivery of his points. After that Aiden followed up with strong points on the use of programs to filter inappropriate content and also spoke on the positive effects of social media on children. He gave a fabulous delivery of his points in an appropriate manner and style. To close our speech Oliver came in with great rebuts that attacked the core of the opposition’s argument as well as a summary of our points. He delivered the rebuts fantastically going into detail yet not wasting time. He was excellent with his delivery of rebuttals. He was helped by our excellent fourth speaker William Hunt who supplied him with rebuts that helped our team’s case greatly.

Our debate was great however Newington was organised in a manner that deemed them great at debating. So unfortunately, Newington won the debate.

  • Notes taken by Ryder Darlow, Year 6
  • Written by Orlando Ang, Year 6

Year 6 Debators

Debating Report | Week 6

It was round three of ISDA Debating. This week’s topic was that landfill should not be sent overseas. We, Trinity, were up against Riverview. We were debating for the affirmative. Our four speakers were Orlando Ang, Ryder Darlow, Samedh Chirravuri and William Hunt.

Orlando spoke about things such as recycling issues, agriculture, and global effects. He spoke for three minutes and ten seconds and delivered his speech fantastically. Ryder talked about political disagreements and how something so small, such as landfill, can result in something so devastating, such as war. He also spoke for three minutes and ten seconds and painted the picture as if you were actually there, seeing what he was describing. Samedh had some powerful rebuttals to oversee our opponent, biting back with information that Riverview had rebutted us on. He spoke for two minutes and forty-three seconds but carried across his points valiantly. William is a rebuttal master and writes a large number of rebuttals before the debate has even started. His writing is extremely legible, making it easy for the speakers to read clearly and with passion.

Riverview’s presentation wasn’t as strong as ours, but their points did seep through and were valid and strong. We did unfortunately lose this debate, making it so that we will have to win the last four debates to make it into the finals. It was a great experience as always and we are thankful to Riverview for being a great opponent. We will hope to win next week against Ascham.

Aiden Coelho | Year 6

Year 5 Debators

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