Dates for the Diary | Junior School

Week 7

20 IPSHA Netfit Zoom Session (10am) – voluntary – click here for more details

Week 8

22 Nov Y6 PYP Exhibition

26 Nov Kindergarten 2022 Orientation Session 2 (9:30am – 12:15am)

26 Nov Y7 2022 Maths Honours Placement Test

26 Nov Y5 Donald Holder Scholarship Concert (1:00pm)

Week 9

30 Nov Swimming Championships (8:30am – 2:15pm)

03 Dec Orientation Morning Y1-Y6 2022

Week 10

06 Dec Annual Prize Giving Y3-6 (9:30am) Streamed to parents

07 Dec K-2 Christmas Presentation

07 Dec Y6 – Valedictory Service

08 Dec K-Y6 Fun Final Day

08 Dec Last day of Term 4

09 Dec Y6 Allwell Testing No Co-curricular and Sport until further notice

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