Da Vinci Decathlon 2021

As like so many events over the last twelve months, the Da Vinci Decathlon competition was held as an online event.  This year over 100 schools across Sydney participated in the Year 5 and 6 competition.  The Decathlon is a competition with ten events including:  Mathematics, English, Art and Poetry, Engineering, Ideation, Science, Creative Producers, Legacy and Code-Breaking.  The boys were exposed to some very challenging tasks and creative problem-solving.  Being able to collaborate and negotiate with others to generate the strongest ideas was the key to the boys’ success.  

The boys should be very proud of their efforts.  

Our results for 2021: 

Year 5

12th Mathematics

Year 6

6th Creative producers

5th Science

Rory Ashcroft Year 5

Da Vinci was very challenging.  I found that the questions in Da Vinci were very different.  I have never done those types of questions before.  They were very new to me.  For the English paper you had to know a lot about books and authors.  The Creative Producer task was hard.  You had to think of what you would do if given the chance to go back in time and change something.  Art and Poetry was my favourite competition.  As a team we could split up our efforts if someone was stuck.  We could switch around and help each other.  That was a good part of the day when we could help each other.  I hope I do it again next year.

Alex Hu Year 6

Da Vinci was very challenging.  It tested your skills to work as a team.  To be successful you needed to use all your skills such as time management and self-management skills.  They were necessary just to complete the tasks.  At some points time was not on our side and we had to rush our answers. Da Vinci was surprising in that it is very different from other experiences.  Usually you work on your own in competitions.  For this competition I had to collaborate with my teammates.  The hardest part of DaVinci was to get through all the papers and not give up.  Sometimes it felt like it was breaking your mental spirit, but you just had to keep trying.  Working in a team, supporting each other made it easier for everyone.

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