On Monday, 8 of March, Mrs Leedow and Mr Niulala took eight Year 6 boys to the CRU FIT (Followers in Training) Training Day at Meriden Junior School. The day was full of excitement as we were able to meet in a COVID-safe way with both Meriden and Trinity Grammar Prep Schools. The afternoon started off with some fun games to get the students engaged: a human game of Noughts and Crosses, where students had to work as a team to make 3 in a row; and then a game show hosted by “Grant Dumb Dumb” where students had to work together to answer a series of questions. Timothy Buultjens was then selected to perform in an impromptu skit, and the students spent time working out a mystery word wall which was revealed to read: Cru Leaders love God and love others.

The students spent the second half of the afternoon in small groups where they learnt what it meant to truly love God and love others. They also learnt some practical ways on making Lunchtime Cru Groups more fun and engaging for all students in their schools.

The boys had a wonderful time growing and learning in their leadership skills and should be incredibly proud of the way they conducted themselves in their inclusivity of others and their impeccable behaviour.

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