Cross County Report | CIS Championships – 10 June 2021

The CIS NSW Championships were held on Thursday, June 10, on the vast, uncovered, hilly, muddy terrain of Eastern Creek Raceway, and Trinity recorded some remarkable individual and team results as part of the CAS contingent. Here are the highlights:

Trinity Team Victories:

U13s: Matthew McLachlan, Kobe Stewart, Angus Royal, Joshua Lubke

U16s: Jack Waide, Joseph Cantlon, Micheal King, James Schroder

Individual CIS Representatives:

U13s:    Matthew McLachlan (1st)

              Kobe Stewart (3rd)

              Angus Royal (6th)

              Joshua Lubke (10th)

U15s:    Luca Gillard (2nd)

              Ben Moloney (11th; first reserve)

U16s:    Jack Waide (3rd)

              Joseph Cantlon (8th)

              Micheal King (12th; second reserve)

Opens: Patrick Cantlon (1st)

The above results truly are amazing. I can’t recall four of our runners ever having placed in the top 10 at CIS like our U13s did, nor can I recall a stronger contingent than our seven U16s runners. The improvement of a runner like James Schroder, the guts of our U12s runners Ashvin Nagaratnam and Giacomo Duarte, the courageous aggression of Patrick Cantlon, the commitment of Ben Moloney in coming from Field Studies, the solid first CIS run of Keelan Stephandellis, and so many other individual performances, were not left unnoticed or unadmired. Our Trinity runners who did not end up making the CIS team did CAS and Trinity proud, running good, competitive races in very difficult conditions: Ashvin Nagaratnam, Giacomo Duarte, Myles Buvac, Zachary Pliatsikas, Ryan Gupta, Lewis Potter, Theo Christian, William Cooper and Keelan Stephandellis. Well done to all.

Enjoy the three-week break and don’t forget to enjoy some regular runs!

Good running,

Phillip Mugridge | MIC of Cross Country

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