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The 1st XI’s Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo) in first slip and Nicholas Enno (12Hi) in second slip ready for a catch

Last Saturday all fixtures were washed out and much of this week’s training has been at the mercy of the heavens. Tomorrow, Trinity plays Knox Grammar in what will be a competitive round for all sports. 

Stumped by the Rules?

Last week, Deputy Head of the Senior School, Mathematics Teacher and Sydney Grade Cricket 1st Grade Umpire, Mr Andrew Yarad, provided us with a question for the dinner table which was ‘what are the nine ways you can get out?’ The answer to this question is as follows: 

  1. Bowled
  2. Caught
  3. LBW
  4. Stumped
  5. Run out
  6. Obstructing the field
  7. Hit Wicket
  8. Hit the ball twice
  9. Timed out

The question for this week from Mr Yarad is: if the ball hits the batsman on the helmet (without touching any other body part or piece of equipment) and goes over the boundary on the full, how many runs is it?

Luke Gray | Acting Director of Cricket

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