Creative Writing Co-Curricular Group

In Term 1, boys in the Creative Writing Co-Curricular have been playing with lots of ideas and mingling them with literary techniques such as similes and metaphors.  The scope of the creative writing pieces is very broad from this group of authors, from reflections, mysteries, poetry, adventure and humour.  Some of our authors have grand plans for their stories so have created a chapter or two of their stories.  A little taster for more to come!  Finally, one of our stories was collaborated with a local illustrator in Year 4.  Please look out for this collaboration. 

Please click on the links below and enjoy our publications.

  • James Kijvanit (3C) The Living Room LINK
  • Jack Ng (3G)  My Brain LINK
  • Cayden Tsang (3G)  My Room LINK
  • Timothy Daniels (3G) My Room LINK
  • Julian Ang (4B) The Magical Map Chapter One  LINK
  • Panav Sinha (4B) The Doom of Creatures Chapter One LINK
  • Oliver Cardiff (4P) & Richard Wang (4M) Hizard  LINK
  • Devin Li (4P) The Meg who destroyed the world LINK
  • Winston Phong (4P)  The Cereal Killers LINK

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