Colours Awarded | Term 1, 2021

Adland, Nicholas (10Ke)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Alexander, Kountouris (7Mu)LineChess 2021
Baldeo, Keshav (10He)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Baldwin, Alexei (10He)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Blanchfield, Will (12Ho)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Blomfield, Noah (10Fo)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Casimir, Jack (12WH)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Casimir, Jack (12WH)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Cattana, Daniel (11St)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Chan, James (12WH)HalfMusic – Orchestra 2021
Chan, James (12WH)HalfMUSIC – BAND 2021
Chan, Jayden (12St)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Chen, Matthew (12He)FullChess 2021
Chew, Brendan (12Ke)HonourMusic 2021
Chu, Joshua (11Yo)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Chun, Nathan (8Ho)LineChess 2021
de Lisle, Luke (11Ke)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Eboli, Davide (10WH)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Evans, Harrison (11La)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Fahd, Jack (12La)HonourMusic 2021
Falato, Christian (10Sc)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Feng, Duncan (12Mu)HalfMusic – Orchestra 2021
Feng, Edward (12Yo)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Filby, Liam (12Yo)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Gabriel, David (12Hi)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Gabriel, David (12Hi)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Gong, Jim (12Ar)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Grogan, Emmanuel (12Fo)FullChess 2021
Guller, Dylan (11WH)HalfTennis 1st IV 2021
Hartzenberg, Jack (10Yo)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Huang, Elton (9Ar)HalfChess 2021
Huang, Jeffrey (9St)HalfChess 2021
Jacob, Alexander (10Fo)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Johnstone, Jacob (10Sc)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Karabatsos, George (10Ta)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Katsos, Yianni (10WJ)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Kern, James (12WJ)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Kesby, Ryan (10Hi)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Kim, James (10Ar)HalfChess 2021
Koothoor, Daniel (10Du)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Kwan, Benjamin (10He)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Kwok, Keith (12WH)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Kwok, Keith (12WH)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
La, Ethan (8La)LineChess 2021
Lao, Ziheng (12Mu)HalfMUSIC – BAND 2021
Lay, Dylan (12St)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Lin, Kevin (12Sc)HalfMUSIC – BAND 2021
Lin, Kevin (12Sc)HalfTennis 1st IV 2021
Ling, Liam (12La)FullChess 2021
Lorenzato, Marcus (10Fo)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Mansfield, Patrick (11Ke)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Martin, Riley (11We)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Matthei, Joel (12La)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Matthei, Joel (12La)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Mihas, Eric (11La)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Munter, Josh (10Hi)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Munter, Josh (10Hi)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Myliotis, Hunter (12La)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Nellore, Suraj (12Mu)FullDEAS Gold Award 2021
Nguyen, Max (11Yo)HalfTennis 1st IV 2021
O’Brien, Jim (12WJ)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Papadopoulos, Sebastian (12He)FullDEAS Gold Award 2021
Park, Michael (11Yo)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Perera, Joshua (12La)FullDEAS Gold Award 2021
Plavsic, Blake (12WH)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Ponggun, Tyrone (11WH)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Potter, Lewis (11Fo)LineCadets SGT 2020
Powell, Benjamin (12Ho)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Rathbone, Thomas (11We)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Reissis, Jonathan (10WJ)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Rippon, Liam (10La)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Robertson, James (10Du)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Robertson, Matthew (12Du)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Ross, Finley (10WH)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Ryan, Harrison (10Ta)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Saba, Alex (11WJ)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Shaw, Aman (10Ar)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Shi, Angelo (9Sc)HalfChess 2021
Spyridon, Konidaris (11Sc)HalfTennis 1st IV 2021
Stewart, Harper (10St)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Tarbox, Asher (12Du)HonourMusic 2021
Tarbox, Leo (12Du)HonourMusic 2021
Tong, Ewan (10Fo)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Tran, Keagan (10WH)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Tsai, David (11Ho)HalfVolleyball 2nd VI Summer 2021
Tsai, Eric (12Ho)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Turner, Hamish (7Ta)LineDiving 2021
Van Hal, Oscar (12Mu)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Varone, Jake (11He)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Vickery, Sam (12WJ)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Wang, Dylan (12La)FullChess 2021
Wang, Dylan (12La)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Wang, Matthew (11Ar)HalfDEAS Silver Award 2021
Wierum, Michael (12He)FullMusic – Orchestra 2021
Wierum, Michael (12He)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021
Williams, Rhys (11St)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Wingrave, Liam (10Ar)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Wong, Martin (11Ta)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Yarad, Steven (11Mu)FullVolleyball 1st VI Summer 2021 (CROWN)
Yarrow, Thomas (12Ho)LineDEAS Bronze Award 2021
Young, Lucas (10We)HalfWater Polo 1st VII 2021
Yousif, Mercurius (12Sc)LineMusic Service 2021
Zhou, Albert (8WJ)LineChess 2021
Zou, Alex (12Yo)FullMUSIC – BAND 2021

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