Co-Curricular Seasons

With the announcement from the Head Master for the extension of the Academic Year, a number of students and parents have been in touch with the School around what changes will be affected for Co-curricular. Essentially, there is almost little to no change for students across in the life cycle of a boy at Senior School. Small administrative adjustments around nomenclature will be required, though essentially the same timing occurs for when a student may participate in an activity.

For Sport

Boys will continue to choose seasons of sport as per the seasonal offerings for that specific time of year. The small adjustment will be that when boys are trialling for Summer Sport teams during the end of Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4, they will be trialling for teams which they will be playing in the following calendar year. Eg boys in Year 7 will be trialling for Year 8 teams when they are still in Year 7 classes.

For Activities

Similar to Sport, Activities across the School will continue to have “seasons”. Compulsory Activities will start at the same time of the year as it currently does within the life of a student in high school, now known as Term 4 of Year 7. This compulsory Activity participation continues across the upcoming years for students until they are in Year 12, where in Term 3 of their final year of school, there is no compulsion of Year 12 students to participate in any Activities. For boys who are able, there will be two opportunities within the year where students can change their Activity, identified as “Transfer Windows”. These windows will fall as the first two weeks in Term 2 of the calendar year and then at end of Term 3. These times are chosen as it a similar timing as to when Sport seasons change over from Summer to Winter. This timing will give boys roughly two terms to participate within an activity. The table below further explains this timeline.

For any further enquiries please be comfortable directing your enquiries to the school via or

Lachlan White | Director of Co-Curricular 

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