Co-curricular Feature – The Cello Ensemble

The Cello Ensemble of the Preparatory School has been running for 34 years. Many very good Cellists, including Music Scholarship winners from Trinity Grammar School have experienced playing in this Ensemble. Students at the Senior School are continuing to play in the Cello Ensemble further developing more advanced musical skills.

This year there are currently four members from the Preparatory School, and we hope the Ensemble will grow further.

The boys are sight reading a variety of repertoire at the moment.

There are eight members of the Ensemble in the Senior School and they are all keen players. Andrew Tanous (Year 12) and Andy Lin (Year 8) are both Scholarship winners and leaders of the Ensemble.

Ludmila Palmer | Strings Teacher 

Co-curricular Feature – Chamber Orchestra 

This orchestra includes some of the most advanced students at the Preparatory School and they play a wide range of repertoire.

The ages of the students are from Year 2 to Year 6. We have talented young boys who have reached a high standard for their age. Among the youngest boys are Lewis Wang (Year 2) and Cayden Tsang (Year 3), who play in the First Violin Section.

To become a member of the Chamber Orchestra, students prepare themselves for an audition at the end of each year. 

The leader of the Chamber Orchestra this year is Jaemin Yoo (Year 6) who is a very talented boy with multiple musical skills. He is the Winner of the Denham Court Scholarship 2020.

The current repertoire of the orchestra is as follows:

  • Tambourin by G. Ramou
  • The Yang Prince and the Princess by N. Rimsky-Korsakov and 
  • Viennese Refrain, Popular Air

I am delighted to be working with the members of the Chamber Orchestra.

Ludmila Palmer | Strings Teacher

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