Co-curricular Feature – Choirs in Term One

It has been an exciting time to again be working face to face with the boys in the Junior and Primary Choirs and the Trinity Singers. Even though we must observe strict COVID-19 distancing, I am again able to hear and see the boys and work intently on any technical issues. The boys can also listen to other singers around them and work on their ensemble skills and blend with other voices.

In all the rehearsals, I begin with some movement activities, which not only free up the body, but also encourage the boys to think and move creatively. My aim is to develop good posture for singing, as well as give the boys confidence to perform with ease. After we have warmed up our voices with some humming or vocal exercises, we work on perfecting our music making. I listen and watch carefully, as to how the boys articulate their words and use their mouths and engage their bodies for good breathing.

At the moment, the Junior Choir is working on songs about animals through the story of Noah’s Ark. The Primary Choir has been singing songs about pirates and ships and the boys have enjoyed pretending to be sailing the oceans on old fashioned sailing vessels. The Trinity Singers have been preparing two hymns and a two-part song for the Family Service. We plan to record this performance early next month for parent viewing. Mrs Campbell and I look forward to working more freely with the boys when the COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Nicole Smeulders | Music

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