Chess | Round 2 vs Cranbrook

Last Friday, on 12 February, the CAS Chess team travelled to Cranbrook in order to play Round 2 of the CAS Season. Despite an anticlimactic bye in Round 1, the Chess team challenged Cranbrook with unwavering determination and intensity. Led by the Chess Captain (Matthew Chen 12He) and his inspiring pre-game pep talks, Trinity managed to secure a respectable 10.5 to 1.5 victory. Special mention must go to Jeffrey Haung (9St) who, on the brink of defeat, persevered and undermined the panoptic defence of his opponent’s Bishop with his three past pawns in the last few minutes of the match, ultimately securing a win in a nail-biting endgame. In addition to this, the prowess of the Juniors must be congratulated. CAS debutant and emerging dark horse Ethan La (8La) and CAS veteran Nathan Chun (8Ho) both proved their dominance in quick and decisive victories whilst Albert Zhou (8WJ) navigated through an unfamiliar, turbulent pawn endgame under time pressure, ultimately ending in a solid draw.  Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo) also made a triumphant return to the CAS Chess scene, winning a challenging Board 1 with great style and panache. All in all, while a resounding 12-0 sweep would have been ideal, the Chess team is ready and hyped to take in the lessons learned from last week’s matches against Cranbrook to play against St. Aloysius’ College in Round 3 with bolstered confidence and strength.

Dylan Wang (12La) | Vice-Captain of Chess

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