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Water Polo Round 9

ROUND 9  | SATURDAY 6 FEBRUARY Trinity had a successful round last Saturday with the majority…

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Basketball | CAS Round 6 vs St. Aloysius’

“Trinity blow out Alo’s in strong first half display.” 1st V Opening the second round on…

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Golf | Round 6, North Turramurra Golf Course

Independent Schools’ Golf Series 2020/21, Saturday 7 February 2021 A new year and a new course!…

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Music News | Senior School

Plato wrote…  “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in…

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Cricket vs St Aloysius’

Drizzling rain across last Saturday did not eventuate into the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms and thus all…

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Junior Sport Fixtures

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Prep News

Music News | Preparatory School

Do You Know The Relationship between Arts and Minds: Can we honestly say that creativity is…

Junior School News

Sportsmaster | Junior School

Tomorrow will see the commencement of IPSHA and Intra competition for Years 4 – 6 teams…

Junior School News

Music News | Junior School

Music is the subject that really does activate more neural pathways than any other human undertaking…

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Track and Field | NSW 5000m Championships

SOPAC | Saturday 7th February 2021 Although a niche event for the middle distance athletes only,…

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Summer Track and Field – Mingara Interclub at Mingara

Saturday 30 January 2021 A handful of Trinity athletes travelled to Mingara on Saturday with some…

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CAS Cricket – T20 South Harbour Tournament

Last Saturday saw the CAS T20 South Harbour Tournament take place under gloomy skies at Queens…