CAS Diving Invitational

It was really great to see so many Trinity Divers take the opportunity to have a practice competition at the CAS Diving Invitation last Friday night, in preparation for our defence of the Stephen Barnett Shield at the CAS Championships later in the term. It was especially pleasing to see that there were many new divers from Year 7 attending their first official competition.

Our Junior team looks strong with some competent diving from Rory Flannigan (8Fo), Hamish Turner (7Ta), Peter Galanos (7St) and Tom Huber (8We), who finished in the top ten on the evening. However, the depth of every team is what gives it strength. Ewan Fouracre (8WJ), Abe Vink (8WJ) and Akas Shaw (8Ar) all attempted their dives and gained valuable experience in competition diving.

The elite of Trinity Diving in 2021 comes from the Intermediate Division, where Lachlan Nguyen (10WH) won the evening, with Cooper Vimpany (11Mu) and Joshua Leverton (9Ke) both in the top five. Lachlan was particularly impressive, nailing some of his more difficult dives.

The Opens Division was dominated by Barker’s best diver, but they didn’t have it all their own way, with Diving Captain Zach Gindy (12Ke) finishing third, Henry Ward (11Du) fourth and  Sebastian Matesic (12Du) sixth.

As CAS Diving is a team competition and not an individual event, it will be important that Trinity students nail each of their dives when competing in a few weeks, as the depth of our program could help us sneak in with a win and retain the Barnett Shield.

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