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In the same sentence…

In whatever job you do, you will be able to recognise the place of both knowledge and skill to enable you to be productive and effective in your role. An increase in university enrolments, and indeed in many cases, the expectation that new workers will have a university qualification, has come at the expense of employment related skill development.

The question in parents’ minds when sitting with their boys, talking about post school study options is quite rightly, “What job will this qualify them to do?”.

There has been a blurring of the edges, if you like, with respect to courses offered by the VET and Tertiary sectors in recent years. Both sectors now offer Diploma and Bachelor courses, and both are taking seriously the call to link the learning they provide with industry requirements.

The workforce of the future will need to be responsive to change, technically adept and able to communicate vision and intentions with customers and peers alike. The skills and knowledge required in this working world will be learned from both the VET and Tertiary sectors. More and more, engagement in skills based learning will take place alongside more generalised learning to produce graduates that are immediately employable.

Lifelong learning will take place across different education sectors, with all seen as equally important in maintaining currency of skills and knowledge for work in the future.

Of interest was the release of a report by David Gonski and Peter Shergold last week, titled “In the same sentence. Bringing higher and vocational education together.” Preparing Trinity graduates for meaningful careers, challenges us to continually consider what the future of work will look like for our young men.

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Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor 

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