University and other post-school study offers

With the increase in ‘early offer’ schemes offered by universities, students can sometimes be confused about what receiving an early offer means in the context of course offers made through (in NSW) the Universities Tertiary Admissions Centre (UAC) main offer rounds.

Generally, students apply for university courses in NSW through UAC. UAC acts as a central portal and guide on how to make and manage course applications and how to accept course offers. Alongside UAC offers, universities can also make course offers through a range of direct or early entry schemes.

Now that early application schemes have closed, students may be receiving offers and can be confused about what this means for them.

The first piece of advice regarding any course offer is usually to accept the offer, checking the conditions attached the offer. In most cases, accepting an early offer will not formally enrol you in the course, therefore committing you to that course.

The second step then is to review your UAC application preferences. If you have listed the course that you have just accepted an offer for as a UAC preference, there is no need to keep it listed in your preferences. You have the opportunity to adjust the order of your preferences, and add another course.

You manage your preferences after UAC offer rounds in the same way. Year 12 students this year will be eligible for a course offer in the offer round that comes out on 26 January. At this time, again, the advice always is to accept the offer that is made. You may receive another offer in a subsequent round (3 February). The offer you receive in the first round may not be offered to you again in the next offer round if you ‘hold out’ for an offer that is preferenced higher than the offer you have received.

After accepting this UAC offer, you can then remove it from your list of preferences, re-order and add another preference.

The best advice regarding course offers – always check the conditions of the offer you receive and accept it.

(UAC references: Applying for uni – UAC and Managing your application – UAC and Changing preferences after you receive an offer – UAC)

Courses and contacts

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Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor

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