Cadets | AFT Preparation Activity – Exercise Greenfield

Despite cloudy skies and cancelled Bivouac plans, our Recruit Cadet and Headquarters Companies attended Exercise Greenfield on Monday November 22 and Tuesday November 23 with enthusiasm and energy. The schedule was action-packed and exposed our newest cadets to educational, practical, and fun activities to prepare them for their first AFT (Annual Field Training) experience next year.

Throughout the two days the cadets engaged enthusiastically in a range of lessons and activities, guided by our senior cadets. This included fun team-building activities such as an obstacle course and tug of war challenge, as well as learning essential skills for AFT through first-aid scenarios and hutchie building.

Overall, the feedback from our recruits was extremely positive. Many had formed new friendships others felt more confident in drill procedures and understood uniform requirements. The closing comments of the OC encapsulated the mood of the two days precisely; informing our recruits that the group standing before her was a very different group from that of the day before. What she now saw was a cohesive unit of capable and confident recruits ready for the challenges of a new cadet year.

Kirsten Taylor | Adjutant – Cadets

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