Cadet Executive presentation

The Trinity Grammar School Army Cadet Unit now comprises more than 550 cadets and staff from Trinity and Meriden. In June this year, 32 Year 11 Cadets from both Schools participated in a promotions course. These Cadets have maintained a solid commitment to their growth as leaders through the Cadet Programme, and are recognised as making a significant contribution to the development of our younger Cadets.

These senior Cadets have the responsibility for planning and leading activities for the whole unit and are to be congratulated on the achievement of their newly promoted ranks of Cadet Under Officer and Warrant Officer.

Among this group, it was my pleasure to formally present the new Cadet Executive to Head Master this week:

Senior Under Officer – CUO Eric M.

Regimental Sergeant Major – WO1 Curtis S.

Adjutant – CUO Rory B.

Operations Officer (Trinity) – CUO Oiiver W.

Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant – CUO Nicholas F.

Also a part of the Cadet Executive, and similarly recognised at Meriden presentation are:

Executive Officer – CUO Adele D.

Operations Officer (Meriden) – CUO Eduarda D.

Training Officer – CUO Shirley W.

I look forward to a challenging and productive training year working with our Cadet Unit.

Susan Draysey | Officer Commanding – Cadets

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