2021 | Term 4 | Week 6

November 12, 2021


From the Head Master

November 12, 2021

Continuity and change are strangely mixed in schools. There are dimensions of school that have great stability, but there is a constant current of change running through the community.

I have been reflecting on this dynamic recently with reference to our buildings and facilities. From time to time, through the work of our Archives team, I catch a glimpse of the facilities of the School in years gone by. Some are entirely unfamiliar to me, such as our original site at ‘The Towers’ in Dulwich Hill, which has long been demolished, or Pine Bluff on the Abercrombie River in the Southern Tablelands, which we closed in 2014. Others are familiar, but nonetheless different, and it takes a moment or two to reconcile my perspective with the old photos. I think of Oval #2 before there was a carpark under it, or the profile of the stairwell near the Visual Arts classrooms before the School of Science was built. I am still taken aback when I see old photos of Hurlstone, the Head Master’s residence, before trees had grown and when the external walls were whitewashed.

The visual cues from photographs are matched by the memories of members of our School community. Long-serving staff members often reference rooms or areas as ‘where so and so used to be’. For example, the building behind Compass Court at Strathfield, which now houses the Health Centre and our ICT team is still occasionally referred to as ‘the old Science block’.

The buildings and facilities in schools like Trinity are always subject to change. They are repurposed and refurbished in response to the needs of the School and the ravages of time and use. These changes are often incremental and unremarked, as the community simply adapts to the new facility. The changes often only grab the attention when one returns, after a time away.

During the course of the last eighteen months, COVID-restrictions have kept many of our families at a greater distance from the various School campuses than we would normally want or expect. During that time, some of the fabric of the School has changed. Some has been repurposed, some has been refurbished, and some has been brought into existence.

The Llandilo Development

Most of our Preparatory School community are aware of the Llandilo Development, which has brought new flexible learning spaces for Years 5 and 6, as well as new outdoor spaces, into the fabric of the historic Strathfield site. These new facilities have been embraced by the students and the staff, and we look forward to welcoming the wider community into these spaces when restrictions allow; we are planning a formal opening for the start of the 2022 School year. In the meantime, we have a walkthrough video with Mr Wyatt on the Facilities page of the School’s new website if you would like to view the new learning space.

Development of the Field Studies Centre

During the pandemic we have also engaged in substantial development of the Field Studies Centre campus at Woollamia. A classroom block, two staff residences, a mountain bike track and numerous outdoor initiatives have been brought into existence. You can see the changes in this video tour. Some of the existing facilities have been repurposed, creating a new Health Centre, staff spaces, laundries and recreation spaces. The eighty Year 9 boys who are currently on the Field Studies Programme are the first to make use of many of these developments, but these will be the ‘normal’ that they remember, as though it had always been this way.

Further refurbishment and repurposing is underway. A new Counselling centre has been created above my office in spaces that have previously been (at various points) classrooms, offices, boarding facilities and staff accommodation; the School’s counselling and psychological services team will relocate here over the summer. Bishop Chambers House, our former boarding house, which is a couple of hundred metres offsite, is currently being converted to an examination centre for our senior students, to remove them from the hubbub of campus life during examinations. We expect the first exams to be conducted in this facility in Term 3 2022. The classrooms in TAS will be reconfigured in the near future to create facilities that are more fit-for-purpose given the changing nature of the subject area, and to create a better staffroom for the teachers.

I have taken the time to mention these initiatives and the wider issues of the ongoing development of School facilities because it is an aspect of School life that often takes place below the horizon for the community. Every facility that the boys and staff enjoy was built at some point, with the related inconvenience for those who were there at the time, but with the lasting benefit for that generation and the generations that followed.

The Renewal Project

Many members of the School community will be aware that the School has been working towards a major redevelopment of the Summer Hill site, known internally as The Renewal Project. We lodged a State Significant Development Application (SSDA) with the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment (DPIE) nearly two years ago. In Term 3, the SSDA was considered by the Independent Planning Commission (IPC). An unintended outcome of this process has been that we are drowning in acronyms!

The IPC has given consent for The Renewal Project, albeit with conditions that defer our ability to commence the work until some additional design work has been done. The School is pushing ahead with this additional work as quickly as possible, in order to make our development consent fully operative. At this point, it is not clear how long it might take, but we continue to be hopeful that we can commence the first stages of the Renewal Project in the first half of next year.

To this point, there has not been extensive communication with staff, students and parents about The Renewal Project, primarily because until there is a development approval, there is no Project! However, over the next couple of months we expect to be able to provide more information both about our plans and about how the impact of construction on the School will be managed to ensure that we continue to offer an outstanding education to the Trinity boys. If you would like a reminder of our plans for the Renewal Project, you can view them on our website here.

As I noted at the start, continuity and change are woven together in the life of the School. This is true both of the boys who journey to adulthood through the School, and of the buildings and facilities in which these journeys take place.

Detur gloria soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

From the Head of the Preparatory School

November 12, 2021

Remembrance Day

On Thursday we commemorated Remembrance Day as a community at an outdoor gathering on the top basketball court. Whilst this sounds like a completely normal thing to do, the reality of this year has made it very unusual for the Prep School to gather together as a whole school. It was an absolute delight to do so, particularly given the significance of the event and all that it represents.

I also used the occasion to remind the boys that they are part of a much bigger school and community. One of the significant challenges faced by all this year has been the feeling of isolation and being separated from others due to COVID restrictions. Whilst this continues to be the new ‘normal’ it is important to remember that we are part of something bigger and that we all play a part in making the Prep School a special learning community.

Orientation Day

We are eagerly looking forward to Orientation Day on Friday 3rd December when students will have the opportunity to meet new students that will be joining their cohort and the teachers on the grade they will be entering. Whilst Orientation Day will continue as planned for students, there are additional measures and limitations to ensure the safety of our existing and new students, and their families.

Kindergarten Orientation

Over the coming weeks, our Pre-K students will begin transitioning to Kindergarten. This will involve a range of short experiences where they have the opportunity to become familiar with the learning spaces and playground.

On Orientation Day, the Pre-K students will spend the day in Kindergarten along with any new students. Existing parents will not be able to enter the School on this day.

Transitioning to Kindergarten is not just a big step for the students – it is also a significant step for parents. To support parents in this, we are preparing two information sessions that will provide guidance and support for parents as their boys transition into Kindergarten. The following sessions will be shared with parents next week:

  • Learning…the Trinity Way – an overview of Trinity’s approach to learning and teaching.
  • Working Together on Wellbeing – an exploration of how parents and teachers can work in partnership to support student wellbeing.

Staffing News

As the year draws to an end, there are always a number of staffing changes as people move onto new professional opportunities. I am saddened to announce that Mrs Kirsti Hitz-Morton will be leaving Trinity Prep at the end of this year after 5 years of outstanding service. Kirsti has accepted a role as a Senior Education Consultant at Hutton Consulting Australia which will provide her with an exciting new chapter in her career. Kirsti has been instrumental in shaping teaching and learning across the school, but most notably in Pre-K and the early years. For now, Kirsti’s focus remains on finishing the year strongly!

This news has provided an opportunity to consider the opportunities for growth and development that lie ahead as a school. This reflection has led to a leadership structure resulting in the following appointments for 2022:

  • Head of Curriculum – Mrs Fiona Evans
  • Head of Academic Care – Mrs Jessica Ford
  • Early Years Coordinator – Ms Sarah Clay

Stage 3 Parent Information Session – Monday 15th November

As we begin to look to next year, we are keen to share with parents of students entering Year 5 and 6 about the exciting learning journey that awaits them in 2022 and how it will be similar and different. On Monday 15th November at 6:00pm, we will be running a parent information session for families of students currently in Year 4 and 5 to unpack Flexible Personalised Learning and to provide a glimpse into what it currently looks like. The session will take place via Teams and there will be an opportunity for a Q&A at the end of the session. Please RSVP via this link to indicate your attendance. The link also provides an opportunity to ask any questions that you have about next year so that we can ensure that these are covered in the presentation.

The presentation can be accessed via the link below.

Stage 3 Parent Information Session

IPSHA NetFit Saturday Sport program

It has been really encouraging to hear about the engagement of the students in the NetFit program that is being run online each Saturday morning. Tomorrow is the fourth of five sessions and it can be accessed via this link.

End of Year Dates

In light of the ongoing restrictions we have had to modify a number of end of year event. The current plan is as follows. Any additional changes will be communicated closer to the date.

  • Tuesday 23rd November: Year 6 PYP Exhibition – online event.
  • Monday 6th December: Years 3-6 Prize Giving – this event will be for students only but will be live streamed for parents. Time still to be confirmed.
  • The Christmas Service will be pre-recorded and sent home.
  • Tuesday 7th December: Year 6 Valedictory Service – we hope to be able to invite parents onsite for this event. Details still to be confirmed.
  • Wednesday 8th December: Final day for all Prep School students and Picnic Day for Years 3-6.
  • Thursday 9th December: Year 7 2022 Allwell Testing – Year 6 students only will need to attend school on this day to take part in Allwell Testing. The result of these assessments is invaluable for the Middle School teachers and Housemasters as they support the students’ transition into Year 7 and beyond.

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

“And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.”

Luke 1:30-31

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

November 12, 2021

As part of the continued easing of restrictions being rolled out by NSW Health and the State Government, there have been several important updates to our arrangements.

Sport training continues for all students in Year 7 to Year 11 and most students are likely to have a compulsory trial or training commitment on Saturday the 20th of November. There are a limited number of interschool trial fixtures against St Patrick’s College and Cranbrook School. No parents or other adult visitors are permitted on site for any Saturday trial matches or training sessions.

We also have a scheduled interschool trial fixture with Waverley College on Saturday the 27th of November. The Head Master clearly articulated the Public Health Order requirements for players 16 years and over to be double vaccinated to play interschool fixtures in last week’s Bulletin. All players will be required to check in using the QR code, and players over 16 years of age will be required to show evidence of their vaccination status. No parents or other adult visitors are permitted on site for any Saturday interschool trial matches or training sessions.

Note bene – the School gates on Prospect Rd will be closed to all pedestrian traffic on Saturdays. The only access to the campus will be via Jubilee Drive on Victoria Street.

Finally, while it is not a change to our plans, please note that open and automatic Access to Remote Learning will discontinue from Week 7. If your son is unable to return to face-to-face learning in Week 7, please contact the Head of the Middle School, Mr Allen, or the Head of the Senior School, Dr De Lany, to discuss your individual circumstances. Remote Access to Learning Protocol may be accessed here.

Illness – if your son is showing any signs or symptoms of cold or ‘flu he must not attend School. Please visit a COVID-19 Clinic, have a test, and keep him at home until his results have been confirmed, and you have informed the Health Centre.   T | 9581 6023 E | healthcentre@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Vaccination – the School encourages all eligible students to be vaccinated. Please update your son’s Medical Record with his Vaccination Certificate.

Masks – all Middle and Senior School students are required to wear a face mask indoors and moving between classes. Masks are not mandatory outdoors. Masks are to be either plain black cloth, or pale blue or white disposable surgical masks.  

Transport – the normal Trinity ‘bus services will continue to operate.

Hours – Middle School students will be dismissed at 3.30pm to facilitate a staggered departure, minimise cross cohort mingling, and social distancing.

Year 11 – timetabled Study Hall periods in Period 1 and Period 6 have been cancelled to facilitate a staggered arrival and departure. If your son has a timetabled Study Hall, he may arrive from 9.20am and should proceed directly to Period 2 on arrival and/or he may leave immediately after Period 5 at 2.45pm unless he has a sport commitment. The Arthur Holt Library is open for students in Year 11 (Year 12/2022) between 4.00pm and 6.00pm, Monday to Thursday.

Year 10 – timetabled supervision and support will continue for Year 10 students for their online learning on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in Week 7.

Drop off and pick up – if you are bringing and/or collecting your son by car, please remain in your vehicle in the carpark. The carpark is likely to be very busy. Please be patient and follow the directions of the staff.

To ease the likely congestion and limit any potential inconvenience for the local residents, and particularly if you are coming from the southern suburbs, the Council and Police have advised us that we may encourage you to drop your son(s) off on Old Canterbury Rd, adjacent to Yeo Park, and he may then walk the final 300m or so to the Campus.

Cafeteria – the cafeteria will not be open in Week 7. Your son will need to bring his own food for the day. No student may use a food delivery service to have his morning tea or lunch delivered.

Sport – timetabled sport will continue in Week 7. Most students will have a commitment on Saturday the 20th of November.

Music – some individual music tuition will continue in Week 7.

Cadets – will continue for Trinity students in the Unit in Week 7.

Library – the Library will be closed before school, after school, at morning tea and at lunch time in Week 7 (except for Year 11 between 4.00pm and 6.00pm from Monday to Thursday).

Quad Assembly – will continue in Week 7. Notwithstanding that it is outdoors, your son is required to wear a properly fitted face mask for Quad Assembly.

Assembly and Chapel – to facilitate social distancing and reduce cross cohort mingling, Middle School Assembly, Senior School Assembly, and Chapel will not be held in Week 7.

Mingling and Social Distancing – whilst it is impossible in a secondary school setting to prevent casual contact across cohorts, each Year Group has been allocated an area to gather and mingle. Students should proceed directly to this area prior to Quad Assembly, at morning tea, and at lunchtime.

Year 7 – the Centenary Centre Precinct, including the Greek Theatre

Year 8 – No. 3 Oval (North)

Year 9 – No. 3 Oval (South)

Year 10 – No. 1 Oval, the Colonnade and the Western spectator seating

Year 11 – No. 1 Oval, the Colonnade and the Northern spectator seating

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

From the Head of the Junior School

November 12, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of the Junior School,

I want to pay tribute to our youngest learners and the manner in which they have returned to school in recent weeks. No one was quite sure what the impact would be of such an extended interruption for students in their first year of formal schooling. Yet the twenty Kindergarten students have been extraordinarily enthusiastic and settled, and have clearly grown-up so much since the start of the year! This week in class each boy has been imagining a ‘journey’ and reflecting on his growth as a learner. Indeed, as a group they have had a remarkable journey in 2021, starting school, handling the interruptions of COVID19, undertaking remote learning, and changing teacher. Yet, they stand on the cusp of Year 1 and are clearly ready. We are very proud of each Kindergarten boy. Their readiness is also a testimony to the expertise and affection for the boys shown by Mrs Weston, Mrs Bowden, Mrs McManus and Ms De Nobrega, as well as the engagement and support provided by parents, especially during Term 3. Well done, Kindergarten! (And, no news yet of the newest Weston!)

On Thursday morning, we paused as a K-6 community to observe Remembrance Day. Like many people in communities around the world, we stopped to remember the sacrifice of those who served their nations. We gave thanks for them, for the freedoms we enjoy, and for the relative peace that we live in. We prayed for the men and women who now serve in military postings around the world and we prayed that our children will never be called upon to serve in times of war. The observance of remembrance is an important custom that we pass onto our children and the message to the boys is that stopping amidst the busy-ness of life to be quiet, still and remember is one way in which we value and show respect for others.

This week has seen positive steps forward with the return of instrumental music lessons and some specialist support services (Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy) permitted to recommence face-face. We have continued to prioritise cohort-ing (keeping grade levels separate) throughout the day and ensured that movement around the school is monitored and controlled. As we move forward, we are continuing to be guided by the advice of NSW Health and the Association of Independent Schools. I remind parents that all boys will be returning to a longer school day from next Monday, restoring valuable classroom hours for the final weeks of the year. From Monday, Junior School times will be:  

  • Kindergarten and Year 1 – 8:45am – 3:00pm
  • Years 2 to 4 – 8:30am – 3:00pm (Years 3 & 4 please note the earlier finish time)
  • Years 5 to 6 – 8:30am – 3:15pm       

Parents using the carpark should still adhere to the procedures established in recent weeks and are asked to adjust their timings accordingly. Punctual drop-off and pick-up remain important and boys should still be dropped and collected in the same zones as has been the case since the return to school. Boys in Years 5 & 6 with younger brothers will still be dismissed at the earlier time of 3:00pm to facilitate one pick-up. The carpark remains the most likely point of contact for Junior School boys with students from other cohorts across the school, especially in the mornings. Accordingly, parents may wish to consider their son/s wearing a mask as an additional layer of protection for the brief period between exiting the car and arriving in the morning play space designated for his cohort.

The young men of Year 6 and their teachers have been increasingly consumed this week, finalising their individual presentations for the Year 6 PYP Exhibition. Next week, their attention will switch to preparing the small-group ‘live’ presentations that the boys will make to guests. There is nothing else like Exhibition in our calendar! It is a unique opportunity for each boy to share the culmination of his specific inquiries and exhibit his own growth as a learner. This year’s Junior School on-line PYP Exhibition will go live on the School’s Expo site at the end of next week at which time Year 6 families will be able to interact with the presentations. Then, the following Monday, 22nd November, Year 6 families will be able to video-chat with the boys and interrogate their understanding of the issues and actions they are championing. Interactivity and feedback are an important part of the PYP, so the boys and their teachers thank you in advance for setting aside the time to engage with them and their presentations. After the family presentations, we will make the site accessible to all in the community and I encourage other students, especially those in Year 5 who will undertake Exhibition next year, to have a look.

At Monday’s Assembly, we will be presenting the first round of Medallions of Excellence to Year 6 students. Some of the boys have been waiting a long time since submitting the required number of certificates back in Term 1. Parents of recipients have been emailed – unfortunately you are unable to join us on this occasion but we will capture the moment and make it available to you later that day. There will be a further presentation Assembly in a fortnight for boys who have recently submitted the required certificates. There is still time for boys to achieve and/or submit their certificates…but not much! We will accept awards right up until the last possible moment. We are aware that boys have missed some certificate opportunities and are allowing for this with boys who get close but have not yet quite got the required total.

Year 5 students are reminded to submit their leadership application forms and letters by next Friday.

Netfit continues with Session 4 tomorrow morning on Zoom at 10am. The session runs for 50 minutes, is free to join and you do not need to have participated previously to join in tomorrow. The Netfit flyer is available here. Simply join the Zoom meeting (ID – 831 6946 7134; Passcode – 570047).

One of our annual practices is to gather data about our students’ wellbeing. The purpose of doing so is to assist in the process of reviewing and evaluating our wellbeing programs and initiatives. Next week, our students in Years 2, 4 and 6 will complete the ACER Wellbeing Survey which helps us to track general trends in our student body as compared with schools across Australia. Our Year 5 students will also complete the Motivation and Engagement survey. This is a research-based self-assessment instrument that provides valuable information that can support goal setting with students and parents for next year. I look forward to sharing the data from these surveys with the appropriate audience once we receive it.

Next week will see the first orientation visit of 2022’s Kindergarten students. We are looking forward to meeting them, seeing them meet each other and providing some helpful guidance to new parents as their sons get ready for big school. We will welcome boys commencing in Years 3-5 on December 3rd. Our current Year 6 students will also attend their own Year 7 Orientation to Middle School next Friday. In these final weeks, the boys will also undertake a number of orientation experiences including forums with Middle School staff and House Master interviews. Whilst the boys are ready for the step up to high school, it is also very natural to be excited, nervous and uncertain. Orientation experiences are designed to help boys approach the upcoming change with a positive attitude, answer their many questions and ease any fears.

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.

Psalm 147:3-5

News from the Field Studies Centre

November 12, 2021

There was an air of excitement around the Field Studies Centre leading into this week as preparations were made before the final group of students for the year arrived on Monday. A couple of hours after leaving Summer Hill, following an early start, the boys stepped off the bus looking more than ready to engage in four weeks of outdoor learning, challenge and adventure. The 76 students will be working together with the staff to create a sense of community at the Woollamia campus, that all members of the community actively contribute to.

An Acknowledgement of Country and introduction to the FSC team helped set the scene and expectations for the coming weeks. Each boy is asked to consider some of the challenges that they will likely face during the programme and are reminded that at the edge of our comfort zone is where learning and growth occur. After taking some time to settle into their dorms, the boys were treated to the chef’s special burgers for lunch, which has become quite the tradition over the last two years. The groups then broke into a tour of the campus and ice breaker activities with their field studies tutors.

Learning to lead happens from day one of the FSP. I enjoyed listening in to one of the pastoral groups discuss the benefits and limitations of autocratic, democratic and laissez faire leadership styles, which coincidentally, was content they had covered in a recent PDHPE lesson at Summer Hill. Now it is time to apply the theories of leadership amongst their peers. Each pastoral group develops a ‘full value contract’ early in the experience, which outlines the norms and expectations that each boy will be accountable to. Contributing to the team, considering others and stepping into the responsibility of being a leader are themes that emerged from this activity.

The students have rotated around a number of activities onsite this week, learning to mountain bike, canoe and navigate, and developing their roping, archery and camp craft skills. The camp-outs for this programme are being conducted on campus at Woollamia due to COVID restrictions. This does not take anything away from the experience, though, with the boys clearly enjoying the challenge of preparing their own meals and generating warmth as they kept the campfire stoked. The academic programme also kicks into gear this week, providing an opportunity to put the new classroom spaces into use. The versatility of the design is proving effective already. The middle two classrooms open up to create an excellent space for collaborative learning, and the expansive verandah spaces allow for a seamless interaction between outdoor and indoor learning.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

Years 7 to 12 Mother and Son Dinner

November 12, 2021

As COVID challenged plans to gather for the usual Mother-Son Dinner, the Summer Hill Auxiliary arranged a great alternative:

Mother-Son Pre-Recorded Cooking Class

The recorded cooking class from Madame Foodie, created especially for Trinity, teaches you how to make the following dishes: 

Fresh Spring Rolls with poached coconut chicken 

Stuffed Squid 

Polenta Spiced Crusted Chicken 

Satay Sauce with Dukkah Tofu 

3 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream 

All are dairy, sugar, and gluten free. 

Watch the cooking class here

Download the PDF recipe book that also tells you a little more about the presenter, Madame Foodie.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to do a cooking class at home with your son. We would love it if you could share photos of the experience. Upload them here

A quick note on App Notifications

November 12, 2021

If you’ve recently updated the app and are not seeing any notices, you may not be subscribed to the right tags. To do so:

1.  Select the Settings (cog) icon at the bottom of the App, then

2.  Select Subscriptions.

3.  Tick each of the tags that you would like to receive notifications for.

You can also subscribe to the calendar from the same place in the App.


News from The Arthur Holt Library

November 12, 2021

While the weather has been dreary outside, we have been thrilled to welcome our new Year 12 cohort into the warmth of our space this week. From 4pm to 6pm Monday to Thursday, Year 12s can access the Library for quiet study and mentor support. Many have taken up this opportunity and begun to fill our corners with student life amongst the books.  

We have had another productive week of the Year 10 Independent Project where the boys have commenced formulating their detailed investigation and collection of primary and secondary research into a final big idea. Library staff and mentors have worked closely with students to develop strategies and designs for ways to present their final product, while also allowing time for independent thinking and time to work through the self-paced Canvas modules.

Many of the projects are impressive works of imagination, creative thinking, and dedicated research. One student’s work on Wormhole theory inspired The Arthur Holt Library team to develop a new display on the theme of time travel in literature. A range of novels, short stories, films, manga and graphic novels are on display and available to borrow, including Paper Girls, Inuyasha, 11.22.63, Waking Romeo and Dr Who. Many thanks to Kyle Tran, one of our Duke of Edinburgh ‘shelvers’ who designed the fabulous posters showcasing what delights we have on offer.

“Shh! Listen! Someone’s coming! I think — I think it might be us!”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


November 12, 2021

When organisations write their strategic plans, they will include a mission statement or similar, and then outline goals and strategies to provide a framework to manage tasks or projects to achieve their goals.

This process can equally be applied to help young people make plans for post school study and work. Having a ‘mission statement’ is a good idea – a ‘big picture’ vision is a good place to start. Asking questions like “What do I want my work life to look like?” might be difficult to quantify, or formally record, but having a dream about the future is valuable because from there you can step back and work out what can be done to achieve the dream.

One of the things we can do to help our boys with this process is to encourage a flexible approach to goal setting – sometimes things beyond our control will impact their ability to meet the expectations they set for themselves. At any point, their ‘vision’ statement can shift as they learn more about themselves, and are impacted by the world around them. Holding rigidly to a plan that might not be achievable will not be helpful.

Many of the careers conversations that take place are about the way boys will approach their goals, building a range of options for them. The image of open doors along a hallway is what we try to create, empowering them to make decisions as they go, and not feel committed to any one pathway until they are equipped to make that commitment.

Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses & Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor

Library News | Preparatory School

November 12, 2021

Library Borrowing

We are back! It has been lovely having students back in the Library this week, all of the boys have been so excited about borrowing. To ensure that we keep cohorts of students separate and safe, there are new borrowing times. Please check the new daily timetable below to see which day your son will borrow. Infants students are reminded to bring a Library Bag if they wish to borrow.

 Year 3Year 1KindyPreK
Year 5Year 4Year 2 Year 6


With students away from the Library for so long, there are lots of books that are overdue. Students are reminded to please return all books as soon as they can. This will enable them to borrow new books and will ensure that the end of the term isn’t a mad rush to find books borrowed from Term 2! Overdue lists will be sent home with students in the coming weeks.

Author Spotlight – Mem Fox

Mem Fox was born in Melbourne, grew up in Africa, went to drama school in England, and came back to Australia in 1970, aged 23. In 1983 Mem became Australia’s best-selling writer with Possum Magic, her first book. She has written over 40 children’s books and several non-fiction books for adults. She has received many civic honours and awards, and three honorary doctorates. Her recent book: I’m Australian Too, takes her back to where she started: her passion for Australia. She hopes it will spark spirited discussions about Australian-ness, create an awareness of Australian immigration over the centuries, and begin to calm the rising racism in her country.

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

Library News | Junior School

November 12, 2021

It’s Recycling Week and in the Library we’ve been looking at books about recycling.

Books about Recycling

For young readers we have books such as Recycling Fun and Why should I recycle? There’s also astory about The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle who eventually makes it into space.

For older readers, there are books such as ‘What a Waste’ and A Planet full of Plastic. These books describe the sorts of problems that recycling might help us to solve.

We also have lots of books that explain the process of recycling and how different materials can be treated.

Best of all, there are practical books for the boys to borrow with some great suggestions about what they can do themselves: such as Rubbish and Recycling Step-By-Step and This Class Can Save the Planet and 10 Things I can do to help my world.

Happy Recycling at home and at school!

Awards for the Week

November 12, 2021

Congratulations to this week’s Junior School Award winners…


Ryan Bao

George Dimou

Skyler Guo

Raphael Mesiti


Asher Buultjens

Ali Choker

Cristian Kuman

Spencer Rose


Ryan Fan

Kyriakos Kottakis

Forbes Prentice


Ethan Jin

Nathan Lesnie

Evan Li

Josh Malouf


Jonah Chan

Kiran Mohanan

Nessan Reidy


Jack Bray

Joseph Khoury

Hayden Metcalf


Ralph Chammas

Christopher Skouteris

Aiden Tay


James Ge

James Taouk

Vito Zhou


Lachlan Davies

Raj Reddy

Oscar Yang


Max Edwards

Luca Farrell

Roman Urbano


Luke Farrow

Ethan Peng

Daniel Simpson


Aiden Lee

Peter Papadopoulos

Louis Zizikas


Alex Chanine

Marc Licenblat

Joshua Quibell


Zayn Barakat

Marco Guan

William Kang

Arjun Kanesalingam

Gabriel Karlos

Raphael Karlos

Mimo Kim

Ma Lamb

Paul Lucas

Peter Psaltis


Nader Aref

Ali Choker

Ash Dao

Jolyon Gadiel

Marco Guan

Xavier Hannan

Marc Licenblat

Ethan Newling

Daniel Orr

Aydin Saeed

Alexander Scott

Oliver Tucker

Roman Urbano


Jacob Chan

Jonathan Chu

Reuben Dhar

Terence Ho

Nicholas Lim

Barron Zhang


Asher Buultjens

Arkie Hardwick-Miles

Archer Heralt

Christian Jones

Cristian Kuman

Krishna Kotwal

Paul Lucas

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Track and Field | NSW School Nitro Championships

November 12, 2021

Saturday, 6 November 2021 SOPAC – Warm-Up Arena

The first competition for the season for our Trinity Athletics team after a long hiatus was the NSW Schools Nitro on the 6th November 2021 at SOPAC Warm-Up Arena.

The boys were excited to compete again and we had four teams representing Trinity Grammar School. It was a fantastic team effort by all our athletes, whereby at the conclusion of the competition we had won two gold medals, one silver medal and a School Record in the 13 years Long Jump to Mason M. (7WH). Although there is no National Nitro this year, these fantastic results would have meant that three teams would have qualified to Nationals. Congratulations to all athletes.

Full Results

Junior Team

Gold Medal

Alex C, (8He) – 2 x 800m, 2nd place – 4.34.58s

Kobe S. (7Yo) – 2 x 800m, 2nd place – 4.34.58s, 800m, 2nd place – 2.11.59s

Brock P. (8WH) – 60m, 6th place – 7.88s; 4 x 100m, 4th place – 49.48s

Andrew H. (8He) – 150m, 4th place – 18.34s; 4 x 100m, 4th place – 49.48s

Mason M. (7WH) – Long Jump, 1st place – 6.04m (School record); 4 x 100m, 4th place – 49.48s

Josef C. (7Ar) – Javelin, 3rd place – 37.90m; Shot Put, 2nd place – 11.58m

Hugo F. (7WH) – 4 x 100m, 4th place – 49.48s

Intermediate Team A

Gold Medal

Michael K. (10Ta) – 2 x 800m, 1st place – 4.04.30s; 1000m Sprint Medley, 1st place – 2.04.39s

Zac P. (12Ho) – 2 x 800m, 1st place – 4.04.30s, 1000m, 1st place – 2.43.48s

Seb G. (12He) – 60m, 2nd place – 7.06s, 200m, 1st place, 22.49s; ; 1000m Sprint Medley, 1st place – 2.04.39s

Ben S. (10We) – Shot Put, 1st place – 19.58m, Javelin, 4th place – 29.22m

Ashvin P. (10Ho) – High Jump, 1st place – 1.80m; Long Jump, 1st place – 6.36m; ; 1000m Sprint Medley, 1st place – 2.04.39s

Christian P. (10Fo) – 100m Hurdles – 1st place – 14.08s; ; 1000m Sprint Medley, 1st place – 2.04.39s

Intermediate B Team

Silver Medal

Ben M. (9Yo) – 2 x 800m, 2nd place – 4.13.95s

Luca G. (9St) – 2 x 800m, 2nd place – 4.13.95s, 1000m, 2nd place – 2.43.79s

Kevin M. (9Fo) – 60m, 4th place – 7.74s; ; 1000m Sprint Medley, 5th place – 2.25.02s

Amosi S. (9Ho) – Shot Put, 2nd place – 19.49m

Max W. D. (10Du) – Javelin, 2nd place – 36.40m; 100m Hurdles, 3rd place – 14.99s; 1000m Sprint Medley, 5th place – 2.25.02s

Indiana M. (9Ta) – Long Jump, 2nd place – 5.76m, 200m, 5th place – 24.67s; 1000m Sprint Medley, 5th place – 2.25.02s

Oliver A. (10We) – High Jump, 3rd place – 1.70m

Luke R. (9Ta) – 1000m Sprint Medley, 5th place – 2.25.02s

Open Team

4th Place

Matt L. (12Ta) – 2 x 800m, 7th place – 4.37.75s

Keelan S. (12Hi) – Shot Put, 8th place – 7.08m, 2 x 800m, 7th place – 4.37.75s, 1000m, 6th place – 3.03.99s

Michael P. (12Yo) – 60m, 6th place – 7.38s; 1000m Sprint Medley, 7th place – 2.10.93s

Finn R. (10Ke) – Javelin, 3rd place – 40.78m

Will M. (12Hi) – High Jump, 1st place – 2.00m; Long Jump, 2nd place – 6.09m; 1000m Sprint Medley, 7th place – 2.10.93s

Oliver W. (12Fo) – 400m, 7th place – 57.94s; 1000m Sprint Medley, 7th place – 2.10.93s

Noah G. (10He) – 110m Hurdles, 7th place – 17.70s; 1000m Sprint Medley, 7th place – 2.10.93s

Elizabeth Murphy |  CAS Track and Field Manager

Mock Trial Quarter Finals vs William Clarke College

November 12, 2021

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 9 November, Trinity’s Mock Trial team, comprised of Daksh C. (12He), Keith K. (12WH), Will M. (12WH), Joshua P. (12La), Dylan W. (12La), Christopher K. (10La) and Liam W. (10Ar), encountered a determined side from William Clarke College in the Quarter Finals of the 2021 NSW Mock Trial Competition. As the competition progresses, the legal cases become increasingly difficult, and this was only amplified by the ‘Starting 5’ of our usual team being in the midst of our final IB examinations. Trinity was tasked with representing the ‘Plaintiff’ in a civil law trial, who had their red 2019 BMW M3 Coupe stolen while it was in the possession of the defendant, Parker Prestige Car Services. The team had to prove on ‘the balance of probabilities’ that the defendant was liable for breaching its bailment agreement with the plaintiff. The two key elements of ‘bailment’ that were contested included if the car was returned to the plaintiff, and whether the defendant had undertaken sufficient measures to protect the plaintiff’s car.

Our case began with our opening barrister, Will, who delivered a clear opening address that carefully dealt with and simply explained complex legal concepts. This was a low scoring trial and Will’s opening address scored 7 points higher than the defence barrister, solidifying our position from the start of the trial. Will then called the plaintiff, Casey Higginson, who was the first witness of the trial. This witness was played by Daksh, whose dramatic flair was once again apparent in his ability to dig deep into his memory to recite his script and in his emphatic answers throughout the examination-in-chief. During Daksh’s examination-in-chief, Will was able to successfully respond to eight of the defence barrister’s objections, ensuring that nearly all of Casey Higginson’s testimony was kept in the court record. In Daksh’s cross-examination, the defence barrister attempted to extract some concessions from the plaintiff. However, Daksh remained poised and gave perceptive and logical answers. Daksh was aided by Will’s objections to the tactics employed by the defence barrister in trying to gain concessions from this key witness.

Closing barrister, Josh, called the plaintiff’s second witness, Taylor Washington, played by Dylan, who saw the theft take place. Dylan’s composure in the face of pressure from the defence barrister during the examination-in-chief meant that it would have been impossible to discern that he had an IB Chemistry exam the next day. In the cross-examination of Taylor Washington, Dylan provided reasoned answers and the court even heard Dylan utilise his IB Physics knowledge as he explained how the lack of parallax error enabled him to identify the number plate of the stolen car. Dylan’s cross-examination was very short as all six of Josh’s objections were upheld, significantly restricting the questions of the defence barrister and preventing any concessions.

It is here that the efforts of Daksh and Dylan must be applauded. Completing a Higher Level Mathematics exam is a ridiculously difficult task on its own, yet being able to follow this up five hours later with superb performances as unperturbable witnesses is truly impressive.

After our case had closed, William Clarke College’s first witness was sworn in. This witness was the Customer Service Manager of Parker Services who claimed that the plaintiff had not informed them of a spare key in the car. During Will’s cross-examination of this witness, their credibility was substantially undermined and Will was able to draw out the concessions that the security measures at Parker Services had not been able to prevent the crime and that there can be over $5 million worth of cars in Parker Services’ large carpark at any time. The defence’s second witness was the mechanic who had worked on the plaintiff’s car. This witness was cross-examined by Josh who successfully responded to all six of the defence barrister’s objections, granting scope in being able to extract important concessions including a history of similar incidents and an inaccurate description of the assailants. The cross examination of both of these witnesses gave Trinity momentum as the team entered the closing arguments.

As the plaintiff, Josh delivered his closing address first. Assisted by the valuable insight of the team, Josh’s 15-minute closing argument examined the case by using the provided case law and legal precedents to prove the inadequacy of the defendant’s security measures. Josh pre-empted the material in the defence’s closing submission, helping put the nail in the coffin. Here, it is fitting that commendation is given to Chris, who was promoted to the bar table and was the team’s solicitor for this trial. The team also benefitted from Keith’s ardent support from the sidelines, as he simultaneously prepared for his IB Chemistry exam. Magistrate clerk, Liam, performed his duties to a high standard once again, assisting the magistrate and ensuring a smooth and quick trial.

After a tense deliberation, the magistrate ruled in favour of the plaintiff and found the defendant liable, awarding $100,000 in damages. The Trinity team also won the case, with a dominant 32 point win: 199 – 167.

This was undoubtedly the team’s most difficult trial yet, in both our opposition, and the challenge of preparing for both the trial and our final IB exams. The team has been fervently supported by the indispensable work of Mr Shipp, who has always been available to assist the team. We were also fortunate to have Mr Pratt tune into the trial whilst on his long service leave, in addition to the ample support we have recently received from the Trinity community, which has helped to motivate the team. While this win has made this year’s team the most successful in Trinity history, surpassing the team of 2000, the team now looks forward to preparing well for our Criminal defence case against Shore in the Semi-Finals.

Joshua P. (12La)

Music News | Preparatory School

November 12, 2021

Tricks for tricky rhythms: Clap and sing the rhythm

Instrumental Music Return

Over the last two days we were delighted to welcome back a number of Instrumental Music Staff for face to face lessons.  Thanks to those students who continued their music studies during the remote teaching phase via Teams. Some Instrumental staff have opted to continue with out of hours music lessons for the remainder of 2021. 

Denham Court Scholarship

There are five Year 5 students who have applied for and are preparing a video audition for the Denham Court Scholarship for 2022. Videos are due to Mrs Campbell by 9am Tuesday 16th November. The recipient will be announced at Prize Giving on Monday 6th December.  Good luck to all the applicants.

Concerto Competition

Thanks to the boys who have entered for the 2021 Concerto Competition. Congratulations to the Finalists – Infants Section: Lewis Wang and Junior Section: Cayden Tsang and Jaemin Yoo.  Thanks to Ms Welsh who will accompany the students for their recording. We wish you well.


Grade 3 and Grade 4 Theory of Music exams will be held online before the end of the year. Thanks to Mrs Trynes for her continued dedication to the successful completion of this course way beyond the expected August deadline. Best wishes to the ten Preparatory School boys. 

End of Year Events

Year 6 Chapel Band members and selected vocalists are required to attend rehearsals on a Wednesday from 1:30pm-2:30pm in the Mozart Room to prepare for end of year events such as Christmas Services, Prize Giving and Year 6 Graduation. Thanks to Mrs Campbell, Mr Smith and Ms Smeulders for their support of these events.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

Music News | Junior School

November 12, 2021

“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”

– Alphonse de Lamartine

AMEB Results

Congratulations to Adam Z (4La) for outstanding AMEB results in cello. Adam received honours for 4th grade examination.

Concerto Competition

Congratulations to our 2021 Concerto Competition entrants. Further details about the Finals will be advised by the Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12).

Congratulations to the following students who entered the Concerto Competition heats:

Infant Section

Ryan F (2Fo) who played Allegro by Vivaldi on cello

Lucas L (1Yo) who played the 1st Movement of Concerto in C Major RV399 by Vivaldi on cello

Junior Section

Jacob Chan (5La) who played Concertino by Komarovski on violin

Benjamin L (6Yo) who played Violin Concertino, Op.35 by Yanshinov on violin

Clancy L (4Yo) who played the 3rd movement of Concerto No.2 by Wieniawski on violin

Kian L (3Yo) who played the 1st Movement of Concertino in F Major by Breval on cello

Dominic L (4Fo) who played Violin Concertino Op.35 by Yanshinov on violin

Term 4 Performances

If you would like your class to hear you perform during your class music lesson, please submit your recording via this link.

Instrumental Programme for individual lessons

Protocols for some instrumental tuition lessons have been updated. Your instrumental tuition teacher will be in touch to inform you of any applicable changes in your individual situation.

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042.

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music


Dates for the Diary

November 12, 2021

For full details of co-curricular programmes, please click on this LINK

Gelato Day | Thursday, 18 November

November 12, 2021

Order online by Friday, 12 November.

Flavours include: vanilla, mango and chocolate.


Online orders only (no cash accepted). Click here to order now.

Dates for the Diary | Junior School

November 12, 2021

Week 6

13 Nov IPSHA Netfit Zoom Session (10am) – voluntary – click here for more details

Week 7

15 Nov K-Y2 Swimming Programme starts

18 Nov Gelato Day

19 Nov Kindergarten 2022 Orientation Session 1 (9:15am – 11:15am)

19 Nov Year 6 Orientation Day at Middle School

Week 8

22 Nov Y6 PYP Exhibition

26 Nov Kindergarten 2022 Orientation Session 2 (9:30 – 12:15am)

26 Nov Y7 2022 Maths Honours Placement Test

26 Nov Y5 Donald Holder Scholarship Concert (1:00pm)

Week 9

30 Nov Swimming Championships (8:30am – 3:15pm)

03 Dec Orientation Morning Y1-Y6 2022

No Co-curricular and Sport until further notice

Postponement of Routine School Vaccination Program in 2021 (For Year 7 and Year 10 students)

November 12, 2021

Due to COVID-19, the HPV, dTpa and meningococcal vaccination program has been postponed for 2021 and will recommence in 2022.  All students who missed out on these vaccinations will be offered catch-up vaccinations in 2022.

In the interim, parents may choose to take their eligible children to their GP for a free HPV or dTpa vaccine (Year 7) or Meningococcal ACWY vaccine (Year 10), noting that GPs may charge a consultation fee. In these circumstances, parents should contact the School to withdraw their consent for vaccination at school to ensure that a child is not vaccinated twice.

NSW Health have updated their website to reflect these last minute changes, further information can be found here www.health.nsw.gov.au/schoolvaccination.

For more information, please contact the Health Centre on 9581 6023 or email healthcentre@trinity.nsw.edu.au.


Strathfield Auxiliary Christmas Cake Fundraiser

November 12, 2021

Order your delicious Italian Christmas Cake!

$45 each

Choose from plain or chocolate cream. Remember to place your order before Friday, 12 November.

Orders can also be made via the Trinity App (see the events tab).

Cakes will be delivered to School in the last week of November.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat, flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk, cocoa butter, salt, yeast, flavouring, icing sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips with filling. May contain traces of nuts and soy. Contains gluten.

Student Absence Notice

November 12, 2021

The preferred channel to report an absence is via the School app. If your son requires a leave of absence from school, please continue to request leave in advance by writing to the relevant Head of School for permission. To download the Trinity School app, please visit the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.

Trinity Prayer Group | Summer Hill Campus

November 12, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the Junior and Senior School. In Term 3, we will meet via Zoom until we can again meet at the Summer Hill campus:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.15am on the even weeks of term (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10).

Where: via Zoom

So grab a cuppa and please join us for a time of encouragement, community-building and thanksgiving, and to sincerely bring the needs of the School community before our gracious God. Dates for Term 4, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 23 November 
  • Tuesday, 7 December


Greg Webster | Senior Chaplain, Summer Hill
email gwebster@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Kerry Vickery (Summer Hill) 
mobile 0408 119 187

Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus)

November 12, 2021

Click here to read the Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus).

Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus)

November 12, 2021

If you are bringing and/or collecting your son by car, please remain in your vehicle in the carpark. The carpark is likely to be very busy. Please be patient and follow the directions of the staff.

To ease the likely congestion and limit any potential inconvenience for the local residents, and particularly if you are coming from the southern suburbs, the Council and Police have advised us that we may encourage you to drop your son(s) off on Old Canterbury Rd, adjacent to Yeo Park, and he may then walk the final 300m or so to the Campus.


Summer Hill carpark map, drop off zones and times.

Walk to School map and suggested locations from which to walk.