2021 | Term 2 | Week 8

June 11, 2021


From the Head Master

June 11, 2021

As the middle of the calendar year approaches, this may be an appropriate point to update the community on the progress with the various building projects that are underway across our campuses.

Development of facilities is an ongoing reality in the life of schools. Sometimes this is required by growth, as we are seeing on multiple school sites around NSW. Sometimes new facilities are required in order to enable new educational offerings, or to facilitate new approaches to teaching and learning or school structures and processes. Sometimes school facilities come to the end of their useful life and are no longer fit for purpose as the needs of schools change.

It is not difficult to find analogous situations in multiple other contexts. Many families undertake renovations as the needs of the family change; many others choose to move. In the workplace, office relocations and new fit-outs are commonplace. The particular challenge for a school undertaking building works is that our refurbishments and developments tend to happen while we continue to inhabit the site. While this entails living with some inconvenience, as anyone who has remained in their home throughout a renovation knows, one finds ways to improvise, adapt and overcome, which provides all that much more appreciation when the work is completed!

At the Preparatory School, the task of reconfiguring the south-western wing of the Llandilo building is progressing significantly quicker than expected. Families who see the building regularly will have noted more of its external form as scaffolding is removed and the focus of construction shifts to the fitting out of the interior. We are currently expecting the Year 5 and 6 boys to move into the new spaces at the start of Term 4. At that point, the demountables will be removed and work will shift to changing the ‘oval’ to become an all-weather external playing court; this work is expected to be completed by Christmas. We anticipate a formal opening ceremony will take place at the start of 2022; more details will be provided in due course.

At the Field Studies Centre in Woollamia, the two staff residences have been completed and both the Head of Campus and the Director of Outdoor Education will have moved onsite by the start of next term. The classroom block, which is needed as we move to the extended Field Studies Programme in Term 4 2021, is also nearly complete. There will be a formal opening of the classroom block on Saturday 14 August 2021; this is the date of our inaugural FSC Open Day.

The Open Day is intended to provide all members of the extended School community with the opportunity to visit our FSC campus. We anticipate the opportunity to attend being of particular interest to the Year 9 2022 cohort, each of whom will spend a term living there, and their families. While we anticipate running this Open Day on an annual basis, I encourage all of our families who would like to begin to become familiar with the FSC to consider visiting on 14 August, either as a day trip or as a weekend getaway to mark the end of the CAS winter sport season. More information about the Open Day will be provided early next term.

The major building project that looms before us is the Renewal Project, which is the major development of the Summer Hill campus. The original information about this development may still be found on the School website. Our State Significant Development Application is in process with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, which is taking longer than we hoped. Nonetheless, we are optimistic that approval will be granted within the next couple of months. Whilst the approval process grinds on, behind the scenes work is progressing with finance, procurement, and design.

As always, there is a lot going on in the life of the School. Thankfully, most of it is about the boys and their learning in the context of the School community. The buildings, current and future, provide the background, which is the way that it should be. The School is, primarily, the people.

Detur Gloria Soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

June 11, 2021

Several years ago, on a trip to Brisbane to visit Anglican Church Grammar School, Churchie, I was given a copy of a publication called, Making of Men-101 Tips. It was such an excellent summary that I kept it in my drawer for years. Next term’s Life Skills Programme will turn its attention to articulating to your sons the version of manhood and masculinity that Trinity wants to encourage. We are committed to working with you towards helping your sons become decent men, the ultimate aim of a Trinity Grammar School education. We encourage it incidentally, by the example of the adults who work at Trinity, we encourage it proactively through the Life Skills programme and the co-curricular programme, and we do it reactively when your sons make mistakes.

Many of this selection of tips comes, with permission, from that little book from Churchie. I have published them in the Bulletin before, and most of them are common sense, but, as with many truisms, they gather both power, cultural currency and momentum from repetition and sharing.

So, here they are.

  1. Set your expectations for your son just a little higher than you think he can achieve
  2. Understand that your son doesn’t just learn by doing as you say. More often, he learns by watching and imitating you
  3. Encourage the process rather than the result (this has been the focus of this term’s Life Skills Programme)
  4. Allow your son to experience the logical consequences of his actions as is his right
  5. Understand that it is the certainty of the consequence, not the severity that is the key
  6. Insist your son does chores
  7. Be an authoritative, consistent parent, not a friend to your son
  8. Encourage humility rather than hubris
  9. Know your son’s friends
  10. Explain that compromise is an inevitable part of human relationships
  11. Allow time for your son to talk and don’t fill the silence
  12. Insist that your son respects women and girls
  13. Reject the excuse for boorish behaviour that, boys will be boys
  14. Respond decisively to disrespect, rudeness and profanity
  15. Pass on life’s lessons by sharing your experience

Congratulations and well done to the boys and young men of the School on a successful House Track & Field Championships last Monday. The weather was perfect, and I was delighted to see both the turnout and the enthusiasm. The House Captains did a sterling job of rallying the troops to ensure a day of spirited competition. My thanks also to my colleagues, especially the Sportsmaster, Mr Kearsley, the Director of Co-curricular, Mr White, and the Director of Campus Administration, Mr Wirth, who co-ordinated the event. Well done to Taubman House who won their second consecutive Championship laurel wreath on the day.

Well done also to my colleagues in the Music Department for an excellent Winter Concert on Wednesday evening. It has been a busy couple of weeks for them with the Battle of the Bands, the Gala Concert, the Winter Concert and, next week, the Annual Ceremonial Parade. It has been lovely to see that the metaphorical baton that is the extraordinary legacy of Mr Phillip Pratt has been handed on so seamlessly to Dr McGregor and my colleagues in the Department. I was particularly impressed with Elton Huang’s 9Ar performance of Chopin’s Nocturne in C# Minor, Lucas Fan’s 7He performance of the 2nd Movement of Elgar’s Concerto for ‘Cello in E Minor, and Andy Lin’s 8WJ sublime Requiebros. Well done!

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

News from the Field Studies Centre

June 11, 2021

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Mathew 6:34

This week has been a mix of highs and lows, with some amazing displays of determination and courage shown by the young men of Field Studies Residential 4. The disappointment of not being able to see loved ones face to face last Sunday, was replaced by the joy of connecting online using the wonderful technology that we have access to as a School. The disappointment of falling ill for some of the boys and missing elements of the experience, has been replaced by a sense of connectedness as they re-join their pastoral groups and re-engage in the programmed activities. The command not to worry about tomorrow that Jesus shared in Mathew 6:34, is not always easy to achieve for most of us. But we can certainly take comfort in these words, when things get tough.

The boys had a great three days on expedition this week, with another set of student leaders taking responsibility for guiding their group through a leg of the journey. Through careful planning and great teamwork, the students were all back onsite mid-afternoon and avoided the incoming wet weather. The boys returned from expedition to a huge pile of letters and parcels waiting for them at the FSC, with many sharing that they were happy to be sleeping back in their dorms for the night. As a special treat and with the generous support of several parents, we were able to take the boys out for an evening of Ten Pin Bowling in Nowra on Thursday. This proved to be a lovely experience and provided the boys with a change of scenery and another opportunity to collaborate with their peers. 

Friday to Sunday are on-site academic focussed days to conclude the week, then Monday will see all students heading out for the final 3-day elective expeditions. We are looking forward to an action packed final seven days of programming and pray for good health amongst the student and staff body for the final phase of their 4-week journey.

From the Head of the Preparatory School

June 11, 2021

Professional Learning and Growth

As a PYP School we are absolutely committed to lifelong learning. This concept is based on the premise that inquiry and growth are part of what it means to be human regardless of age. Whilst teachers are committed to learning, it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing purely on the students’ learning. This is often facilitated by the fact that teachers have limited interaction with other teachers when they are actually teaching…they can retreat to their own space and focus on their teaching.

I am pleased to say that this is definitely not the case at Trinity Prep. Professional learning is a cultural expectation at Trinity that is supported through a range of initiatives.

Over the course of this semester all of the teaching staff have participated in a Professional Learning Team (PLT). PLTs take place each semester and are designed to support and promote professional inquiry and learning. It has been wonderful to hear the enthusiasm of the teachers as they have shared new insights and discoveries, and to hear of the way this has led to ongoing refinement of their teaching practice. Ultimately, if our teachers are learning and growing, our boys will benefit!

This semester, we adopted a slightly different model by asking all of the PLT groups to focus on a common idea, that being the development of International Mindedness. To facilitate this, all teachers engaged in an online International Baccalaureate workshop titled, ‘Living and Learning Globally’. The workshop explored practical strategies for increasing students’ global awareness, developing in them a global mindset, facilitating growth in global competencies and promoting global citizenship. As a PYP School, we believe strongly that these understandings values, skills and dispositions are critical to growth in International Mindedness.

On Monday this week, each of the PLT groups shared their findings from their inquiry over the semester. A few of the key takeaways were:

  • Intentionally building in specific engagements with global issues is critical to broaden the experience, knowledge and understanding of our students. This is essential as we support our students thinking outside the ‘Strathfield, Sydney, Independent School bubble’.
  • Age-appropriate case studies that highlight issues across the world are extremely valuable in engaging the head, heart and hands of students. These case studies can help students to be aware of and consider different perspectives.
  • Our existing focus on service and supporting justice-oriented initiatives through fundraising is powerful in modelling for our students.

We look forward to building on this learning in the coming units of inquiry.

Push-Up Challenge

Another recent Staff initiative that has been shared with the students is the ‘Push-Up Challenge’. Many of the Teachers and Support Staff have committed to participating in this year’s challenge which requires participants to work towards completing 3318 push-ups over the month of June. Having completed the first 10 days I can assure you that my shoulders and chest are feeling the effect! The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness of mental health issues. As a staff this is something that we take very seriously, both personally and for our students. It has been great to share this initiative and some of the age-appropriate messages with our students.

North Coast Sport Tour

Next week we have a number of boys heading off on the North Coast Sports Tour. We are sending joint Football and Rugby Teams made up of boys from both Prep and Junior School. The boys will play three games on the tour against Bishop Druitt Anglican College, The Armidale School and Scone Grammar School. We wish them well as they represent the School and enjoy these co-curricular opportunities.

CIS Cross Country

On Thursday Harris Yang (5Hi) and Aris Ferizis (3Sc) represented IPSHA as they competed at the NSWCIS Cross country Championships. This is an extremely high level of competition and was held at Sydney Motorsport Park in Easter Creek. Both boys performed admirably with Aris (8/9 years) finishing a respectable 88th in a field of over 100, and Harris (10 years) achieving a remarkable 5th place finish. This result means that Harris will now qualify for the NSW PSSA Championships. This caps a highly impressive last few months for Harris as I was recently informed that he had earned merit selection for the NSW PSSA Swimming Team. Well done to both boys!


This week at Chapel a group of Year 6 students took responsibility for helping the rest of the students to learn this week’s Bible verse by converting Matthew 22:37-39 into a rap. To introduce this to the other students the boys dressed up as rappers adorned with offset hats, sunglasses and appropriate clothing. It was hard to look at them the same way afterwards! The other students absolutely loved it and I trust the verse has now lodged itself into the heads of many of the students. My hope is that the verse might influence the way they relate to one another.

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Matthew 22:37-38

From the Head of the Junior School

June 11, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of the Junior School,

Thank you to our Auxiliary for providing pizza for the boys today. It was very much appreciated.

This morning, we marked last weekend’s World Environment Day with a number of activities to spotlight the issue of sustainability and develop our boys’ awareness and influence as global citizens. We hope that you have enjoyed being involved in the choice of Home Learning activities this week and have tried at least one new re-think/re-invent, re-cycle, re-generate, or re-educate initiative. Our younger and older Buddies particularly enjoyed the chance to spend the morning together, learning and making. It is our hope that this week’s experiences and discussions at home and at school yield sustainable changes in many mindsets and habits. Through surveying all boys, we have seen a consistent message across all ages, that our students want to know how to positively impact the environment and our world.

This term we have been intentional in our learning about what it means to be globally minded. As a school utilising the Primary Years Programme framework, we know the benefits to our boys of deliberately cultivating a global mindset across the range of learning experiences. All teaching staff have completed a professional development course this semester in ‘Living and Learning Globally’ with exposure to ideas and strategies that they have been able to discuss and then trial in classrooms. Our boys are connected to others in many ways and we are teaching them to understand, appreciate and foster connections, particularly global connections that may not be immediately apparent in everyday activities. These connections have been evident in many experiences at school over the last week: we are connected to others through our shared use and responsibility for the planet which was one lesson from our activities today; we are connected to each other through journeys, as illustrated by the recent Year 6 inquiry which has seen a number of boys’ family members share their migration stories, including our own Mr Slabbert who powerfully addressed the boys and generously shared his story on Wednesday; we are connected through faith and a shared desire and responsibility to address injustice, which was a motivator for learning about and supporting the wonderful work of COPTS through Tuesday’s Mufti Day – thanks to our community’s support and the leadership of Luke Farrow and his family, awareness and $1276 was raised. All have been wonderful activities but not a part of a one-off global ‘festival’! You should recognise the threads of global mindedness running through many learning experiences across every week in the Junior School.  

Congratulations to Year 5 who opened their doors and welcomed family and friends to their ‘fair’ this afternoon, where each boy showcased his knowledge and understanding developed across their inquiry into Where We are In Place and Time. I could not help but contrast this afternoon’s crowd of guests with this time last year when such an activity was unthinkable. We can’t take for granted or underestimate the energising dynamic of gathering an authentic audience for boys to share their learning. Thank you to all the Year 5 families who supported the boys this afternoon.

It is hard to believe that we are about to embark on the final week of the second term. At the end of next week, you will be able to access Semester Reports that will detail each boy’s achievements and his approach to learning across the Key Learning Areas and Units of Inquiry. As always, I am struck by our students’ own insights into their learning contained in self-reflective comments. I also commend attention to the similarities and differences between staff and student ratings in Approaches to Learning which can make for a fascinating talking point for parents and their Years 3-6 sons, especially when determining new learning goals.

I remind you to note information distributed about the co-curricular programme for Term 3. Expressions of interest must be lodged by Tuesday morning to be considered for next term’s activities. We will also be checking OSHClub registrations before making any offers for after-school activities. We will endeavour to process these before the term concludes dependent on the volume of applications.

This term’s ‘Cuppa’n’chat’ with the Junior School Executive (Mr Hassall, Mrs Ormes, Mrs Richards and myself) will be next Thursday 17th June from 8:45am-9:30am. Please use the previously emailed link to register if you wish to join us to ask questions or hear from Mrs Bargwanna about the Green Patch Programme.  

Safe travels and good luck to our 20 Year 6 boys, Mr Robinson and Mr Bishop who will join with boys and staff from the Preparatory School for the combined North Coast Rugby and Football Tour. The party will be away from Tuesday to Friday and enjoy games against, and hospitality from Bishop Druitt College in Coffs Harbour, The Armidale School and Scone Grammar School. Congratulations also go to the 1st XV Rugby team who enjoyed a wonderful 5-0 victory and great support from the home crowd on the School’s premier No. 1 Oval last Saturday. Hopefully, it was a taste of big games to come for many of the boys in future years.  

Enjoy the bonus of a slightly longer weekend!

Mark Dunn

Head of the Junior School

The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.

Psalm 19:7-8


Academic Focus Article: What do we mean by student growth?

June 11, 2021

This week has offered me two opportunities to reflect upon the importance of growth and what that means in the context of Trinity Grammar School.

On Tuesday I was fortunate in attending and presenting at the NSW Association of Independent Schools’ ICT Leadership conference. With Mark Thompson, the School’s Business Analyst, I outlined the collaborative journey between Academic and ICT teams over the last three years to reform the way we spoke about, assessed and reported on student learning. At the heart of this presentation was Trinity’s explicit focus on growth and our desire to communicate explicitly about the individual, or personal growth, each student makes in a range of domains, from one semester to the next.

At Trinity, we are interested in a student’s growth in four areas:

  • His capacity for deliberate engagement
  • His skills to manage deep learning
  • His disposition to embrace challenge
  • His expanding repertoire of knowledge, understanding and discipline specific skills

Therefore, our curriculum is designed to teach not only content, but also skills such as reflection and self-assessment; our reporting is designed to provide consistent feedback not only upon mastery of knowledge, but also upon engagement behaviours; and we encourage a student’s responsibility for his own learning progress by giving him precise next steps.    

This morning, I was prompted to again reflect upon the value of individual growth rather than comparison to others, when Joshua Butler (12 St) delivered a timely address on the Quad assembly about the value of challenge as a mechanism for growth. Joshua emphasised the importance of deliberate choices to step into carefully selected challenges. He explained the way in which managing initial hardship leads to resilience and confidence: when we choose to take on specific challenges, we learn how to master our minds when they sometimes tell us we can’t do something. Joshua offered the perspective that we don’t have to be the best at what we choose to take on, but we will benefit by tackling challenge.

At Trinity, we seek to normalise a culture of learning from mistakes as an opportunity for personal growth. This means we encourage boys to embrace challenging opportunities, to choose the more difficult options, to seek feedback for improvement, and to identify what they can do today that they could not do yesterday. This approach to learning is grounded in the seminal work on Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck (Stanford University). Dweck’s work proved that students with an orientation towards learning through mistakes could achieve superior results on a range of cognitive tests, including Mathematics. She summarises her research like this: a mindset for challenge and effort plus a willingness to embrace feedback equals ongoing academic improvement.

Our approach is further supported by the work of Professor Andrew Martin (University of New South Wales), whose research indicates that external engagement behaviours often precede internal or intrinsic motivation: that is, we can choose to behave in ways that promote engagement regardless of the way we feel.

Term 2 provides many opportunities for students selecting academic pathways to focus upon personal growth and to embrace challenge. I am delighted by the evidence of deliberate engagement and the disposition to embrace challenge. I am delighted by boys stepping into the demands of Language learning, new ways of learning through our Year 9 inquiry courses, the demands of Extension HSC courses, and the expectations of the IB Diploma curriculum.

I often write about the concept of growth and how growth is defined at Trinity Grammar School – because it is the foundation of robust education and lifelong learning. I congratulate every student who is able to identify personal areas of growth in his learning over the course of this term – and encourage every student to set clear goals for personal growth next term!

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean  

Request for volunteers to provide Exam Support for students with approved Disability Provisions

June 11, 2021

All Year Groups 7-12

Trinity Education Support Services (TESS) oversees the implementation of Disability Provisions for students who need exam/assessment support and have had this approved either by the School or NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

We are seeking help from our school community to administer the disability provisions for the upcoming exam block from Monday 9th August to Friday 27th August 2021. This support includes reading and/or writing for a student. The support is provided in a compassionate manner, whilst maintaining the utmost confidentiality for the student.

If you have an interest in volunteering in this important area, we would love to hear from you. You may volunteer for one exam or multiple exams depending upon your availability. We have been fortunate to have volunteers work in this manner for some time, gaining valuable insight into the support provided to Trinity students, and facilitating the process of supporting individual students in need.

In line with Trinity Grammar’s Child Protection Policy, a Working with Children Check (WWC) is essential, along with a volunteer code of conduct review and agreement. You may apply for a check or gather additional information by accessing this link: Child Safe Organisations. Once your Working with Children Check is complete, you will need to provide the WWC number and your date of birth to the school so you can be cleared to volunteer with students. The check is free for volunteers and remains valid for five years.

If you would like to volunteer, or require further information, please contact Simone Glassford on 02 9581 6078 or email sglassford@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Renee Culgan | Director of TESS

News from The Arthur Holt Library

June 11, 2021


Anthony Bosco

As we near the end of another term, it falls to us to issue a couple of timely reminders. The first is for anyone with overdue books to bring them back into The Arthur Holt Library as soon as possible. We do issue fines at the end of each term, but we would much rather get a book back.

It’s also that time of term when you can reserve a place for next term’s after hours study programme — Study+. Open to all seniors, the programme runs between 6pm and 8pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We recruit a number of Academic Mentors to help the boys with their revision and assignments, something they always find particularly valuable in Trinity term. An email will be sent to all Senior School parents before the end of term with details of how to book a place via Flexischools.

May we also congratulate Mr Anthony Bosco of the English Department, the first member of staff to complete his Staff Library Bingo card. Notable highlights of his term of reading include a translation of short stories by Izumi Suzuki called ‘Terminal Boredom’ and ‘Psycho Politics’ Byung-Chul Han.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all”

– Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis


Tuesday, 15 June 2021 | Arthur’s Authors: Dr John Dickson

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our inaugural Arthur’s Authors breakfast event with Dr John Dickson — scheduled for this Tuesday 15/6 — has had to be cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience and late notice. We hope to reschedule this event early next term and look forward to welcoming you then.

Auxiliary Update

June 11, 2021

Hi Everyone,

As we reach the halfway point in the year, I hope your boys are enjoying a more settled year after the disruptions in 2020.

I just wanted to update you on the activities of the Auxiliary so far this year. Our aim this year is to focus on fundraising and providing the boys with some fun and support throughout the year.

Movie Under the Stars – regrettably, with the hangover of COVID restrictions in the early part of the year, we were unable to hold our Movie Under the Stars welcome event. As it is usually an opportunity for parents and boys to come together at of the year, we had to rely on individual year groups to coordinate their own ‘get togethers’ as restrictions on group numbers remained in place. We hope we are back under the stars at the start of 2022!

Mother’s Day Events – fortunately we were able to curate a selection of gifts for our Mother’s Day Stall for the boys this year, after the cancellation last year. The boys love to shop and select gifts for their Mums, and it a rewarding event to be a part of, watching and helping the boys decide on gifts as well as having the opportunity to raise some funds for the Auxiliary. Thank you to all parents who supported their boys to buy from the stall, and hopefully our Mums enjoyed receiving their gifts on Mother’s Day. Restrictions didn’t quite ease enough for us to host our planned Mother and Son Breakfast. However, Mr Dunn has committed to including a Mother and Son breakfast event in the coming months for Years 3-6, similar to the events the school runs for fathers and sons, so you’ll receive further updates as these dates and logistic are coordinated.

Food – at the end of last term we also provided an opportunity for families to buy Hot Cross Buns for Easter, and Rafael’s Bakery in Haberfield did a wonderful job in providing fabulous fresh buns for the boys to bring home. We also held a Gelato Day for the boys, and Pizza Day was today!

Support – in terms of expenditure this year, we have committed to providing the Year 6 boys with their Year 6 Polo Shirts, and will be contributing to their end of year celebrations as always. We have also just committed to support the Junior School’s Green Patch initiative, and the Auxiliary will be contributing $25,000 to provide fixed and portable planter boxes.

As the second term draws to a close we are now coordinating products for our Father’s Day stall, which will take place on Friday 27 August as well as organising our Auxiliary and charity fundraiser ’Obstacool Walk-a-thon’ for early September – a fun day for the boys on an inflatable obstacle course.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Auxiliary so far this year. We look forward to further supporting the boys as the year progresses.

Best wishes for remainder of the year,


Library News | Junior School

June 11, 2021

We are excited to have Mrs Indari join our Library team at the Junior School. She has arrived with the departure of Mrs Weber, who is now busy looking after her beautiful baby boy, Jackson, at home. Mrs Indari arranged the provocation table this week in light of World Environment Day. Just a few questions for Mrs Indari so we can get to know her a little better…

Before you joined the Junior School Library where were you and what where you doing?

Before I joined the Junior School Library I worked in the TESS department at the Prep School. I was working as a Teacher’s Aide and helped students with Literacy and Maths support.

What do you think the Library offers the boys?

I believe the Library is a fantastic space for the boys to explore and discover new worlds through books. It is a space that is always accessible and I hope the boys view the Library staff as a great resource, always willing to help in their search for information.

What is your favourite book and why?

This is very difficult for me to answer as there have many books that have had an impact on me over the years. A recent favourite was ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens. I loved the descriptive nature of this book and I really enjoyed the coming of age story that unfolds for the main character, Kya.

Are you reading anything good at the moment?

I am reading ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ by Amor Towles and it is another book full of beautiful descriptions of an era in Russian history that fascinates me.

Book Reports

We Are Wolves

We Are Wolves is a brilliant book and is wonderfully written with many twists and turns. The story is about three German children, who, after Germany lost World War 2, got separated from their mother. The country is now controlled by Russia, and there is hardly any food to eat because the Russians are bombing the houses and taking all the food and animals.

Their lives are filled with fear and hunger, and with every step they take away from the place where they lost their mother, they will make it harder for her to find them. Liesl, the oldest sibling, has promised their mother that she will keep the others safe, and she is bound by that promise to keep her baby sister, Mia from starving.

This captivating story is about how you should always have hope, even in the darkest of times. This reflects Liesl and her siblings because they fight against all odds, and have hope that they will find their mother.

This book is in the war fiction section, which is over in the back corner if you would like to find this book. I would recommend this book to people 10 and up, and to people who like historical or war stories. The rating I would give this book is 5/5 because it is a beautiful story filled with hope and joy, as well as grief and sadness.

Tim B 6J

The Warriors series is written by ERIN HUNTER.

The Warriors books are about cat clans who live in the forest. They hunt for food and fight over territory. The clans are named Thunder Clan the main clan, Shadow Clan the bad clan, Wind Clan the weakest clan and River Clan the swimming clan.

Throughout the book it explains the characters with depth and detail. This book also features crime and adventure which just makes you want to read it even more.

I would recommend this book for people that like mystery and action. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 because it could use a bit more humour. Aryan 4J

I recently read Her Perilous Mansion by Sean Williams. Here’s a couple words about the book.

I think that Her Perilous Mansion is a good book for those who like mysteries. Her Perilous Mansion is about a girl named Etta and a boy named Almanac. Together they find new people who live in the house and discover the secrets of the Mansion.

What will happen? Well that’s for you to find out.

I rate this book 8/10. It’s a great read if you enjoy a good mystery.

Jack 5T

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

Sportsmaster | Junior School

June 11, 2021

Dear Parents,

No sport tomorrow due to the long weekend.

I remind all that there are three more rounds next term, with the first on Saturday, Week 1 of Term 3, July 17th.

Last Saturday our Year 6 traditional rugby team, the Junior/Prep combined 1st XV had the opportunity to play on No.1 oval as a curtain raiser to the Senior 2nd XV and 1st XV matches. The larger than usual crowd inspired the team and they managed to keep their Knox opponents scoreless winning 5-0. Some pictures of the match are included in this report. We also had strong wins to our 6B and 5B football teams whilst most other matches went the way of our rivals.

There will be NO Tuesday morning training next week for YEAR 6 Rugby due to the North Coast Tour. All other sessions will continue, weather permitting. These early morning sessions will recommence on Tuesday, 13 July the first day of Term 3 for the boys and conclude on 27 July.

The House Track & Field Carnival is on Tuesday, 20 July, the second week of next term. A note will come home on day 1 of next term regarding the event and travel arrangements.

Results, Saturday, June 5th, Round 7

FootballResultBest & FairestConsistent Effort
6A v Wyvern0-7 lossWill SaundersJayden Bechara
6B v Wyvern1-0 winTim BuultjensVasili Pappas
6C v Wyvern0-7 lossRobbie ConelianoDavid Martin
5A v Wyvern0-5 lossRafael KoutraMohammed Hijazi
5B v Arden9-0 winOliver PowerEthan Choy
5C v Grammar S.I.0-3 lossRaj ReddyRyan La
4C v Arden0-8 lossSebastian Lamb 
RugbyResultsBest & FairestConsistent Effort
1stXV v Knox5-0 winSam de Alwis/Zac BachirDavid Miller
Year 6 7s1-5 loss/ 8-4 winAlex Chanine 
11As v Knox7-33 lossEamon TurnerDaniel Orr
Year 5 7s0-6 loss/7-2 winJacob Smith* 
10A v Redfield5-41 lossFinley AskewJoey Khoury
Year 4 7s1-6 loss, 2-3 lossAlec BaileyKarim Tamergi*
AFLResultB&FConsistent Effort
A v St. Pius36-82 lossOscar RuddRyan Wang

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

Migration Story

June 11, 2021

On Wednesday, 9 June, Mr Slabbert, also known as the STEAM teacher, shared his migration story with the whole of Year 6. Mr Slabbert migrated to Australia from South Africa in 2019. Mr Slabbert moved to Australia because he wanted his son to live a safe/peaceful life here as he grew up. South Africa is quite a dangerous place if you’re not a tourist. Mr Slabbert chose Australia because it was quite similar to South Africa in terms of the languages, religions and culture. He also chose this wonderful country because of its multicultural background, which makes it very welcoming. It was a wonderful presentation that made some cry but was fascinating to listen to.

David Fisterman Year 6

Music News | Junior School

June 11, 2021

Music is an outburst of the soul

― Frederick Delius 

At the recent Junior School assembly, we were entertained by Prestissimo – Jazz. This was their debut performance. Prestissimo – Jazz was formed at the beginning of Term 2 and is a specialist ensemble spearheaded by Nick Southcott where members are invited. The debut Jazz performance consisted of solos from Emerson U (6Ta) on keys, David M (6La) on trumpet, Ben L (6Yo) on violin, Tom H (6La) on cello, and Harry H (6Ta) on bass. The performance also featured Ezekiel T (6La), Oscar H (6La), Max M (6Fo), Oscar H (6Ta), and Tim B (6Ta).

Miss Jabaji said, “I love it and was dancing along as you played!” Tim B said, “Out of all the ensembles I’ve played in, this is the best fun. They performed Sonnymoon by Sonny Rollins 

Term 2 Week 9 REHEARSALS  


Public Holiday – no students in attendance 


Choir Advanced Ensemble (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)  


Prestissimo Jazz (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 

Year 1 Instrumental (11:30am – 12:30pm) – School of Music  

Year 2 Instrumental (1:15 – 2:15pm) – School of Music   

Year 3 Instrumental (2:15 – 3:15pm) – School of Music  


Vivaldi Strings (from 7:15am) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2)  

Junior School Concert Band (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3)  


Treble II of the Junior School Choir (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)  

Choir Advanced Ensemble (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)  

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042.  

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music 

Library News | Preparatory School

June 11, 2021

Premier’s Reading Challenge

We are already halfway through the Premier’s Reading Challenge and all books must be logged by August 20th for students to complete the challenge to receive their Certificate.

All students were issued with their personal PRC login details on a sticker which is located at the front of your son’s record book.

Please click on this link to enter books: PRC Student Site

If you have any questions regarding the PRC please click on the link for the Challenge rules PRC Rules or contact me at Jbruscino@trinity.nsw.edu.au.

Phillip Gwynne – Author Visit

Last week the Primary students had an Author visit from Phillip Gwynne. Students gained an insight into how to write books & choose illustrators.

If you would like to order a signed copy of Phillip’s book, please click on the link: Phillip Gwynne’s book order form

David Legge Author

This week the Infants had an Illustrator visit from David Legge, the boys enjoyed watching David draw a panda with their help! He showed them how to draw and ways to help them start drawing their own characters and ideas.

To order books that David had illustrated please click the link: David Legge Illustrated books form

Mrs Bruscino | Library Services Specialist

Music News | Preparatory School

June 11, 2021

Thought for the Week: Arts is essential to human expression because:

Beforea child talks…they sing

Before they write… they draw

As soon as they stand… they dance

AMEB Exams

The Piano examinations were held on Tuesday in the Beethoven Room and we look forward to celebrating the efforts of the boys once the results are received next term. Thanks to Mrs Trynes, Ms Welsh and Mrs Swanton for preparing their students for these examinations.

Co-curricular Group – Mozart Strings

The Mozart Strings ensemble comprises 13 boys who rehearse every Wednesday after school. The group enjoyed their first public performance of the year at the recent Strings Soiree, where they performed “Mill Creek Stomp”. We are now working on furthering our ensemble and reading skills through learning repertoire from the “Learn to Play in an Orchestra” series. We will also be learning a range of pieces with contrasting styles from the “Twelve Enchanting Trinkets” series. A big focus in rehearsals so far has been on improving playing in time together by learning how to watch the conductor while simultaneously following the sheet music. We have worked on this by singing the rhythm of the pieces first while following the conductor, then adding the instruments as there is a lot to concentrate on at once. Knowing your own part very well is crucial in being able to multitask and have an awareness of the conductor and the players around you. We are looking forward to learning new repertoire which is always an exciting experience. 

Mrs Lorraine Jayasinghe

Percussion Ensemble 

Junior Choir rehearsal will be cancelled in Week 9.  

Music Rehearsals Term 3

All Music Co-Curricular Ensembles will commence rehearsals in Week 1 on their designated day.  

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

Awards for the Week | Junior School

June 9, 2021

This week’s Junior School Award winners…


Waseem Hijazi

Arjun Kanesalingam


Reuben Dhar

Mimo Kim


Zayn Barakat

Jacob El-Hayek

Leo Hoang


Sam Ingram

Daniel Zhang


Luke Fanous

Arjun Roy

Ayden Youssef


Svetko Fazzari

Leon Liu

Shanaay Mehta


Jackie Jiang

Nicholas Ma

Andrew Zeng


Jordan Armenis

George Halvagi

Braith Hargreaves


Mohammed Hijazi

Ethan Soo

Kai Whitten


Harry Carson

Anthony Gittany

Jack Maclean


Jack Castles

Gabriel Eskaroos

David Fisterman


Dash Isaacs

Hugo Tsai

Aston Youssef


Layth Nazha

Xander Vaccarella

Joshua Vuong


Nader Aref

Jonah Chan

Dimitri Karlos

Kian Lieu

Nicholas Lim

Byron Ma

Kiran Mohanan

Connor Probets


Steven Antoniou

Luke Fanous

Max Fry

Cristian Kuman

Noah Jabbour

Zihao Ji

Marc Licenblat

Kian Lieu

Byron Ma

Lachlan McCarthy

Spencer Rose

James Sutherland

Zeke Turner

Marcus Tsia

Christian Viola

Lucas Yang

Jimmy Zhao


Finley Askew

Harry Hartzenberg

Allan Shaba

Joshua Vuong

Lucas Vo


Colours Awarded | Term 2, 2021

June 11, 2021

Rugby v Knox Grammar School

June 11, 2021

Saturday, 5 June 2021 | Results.

A tough day of results for Trinity against CAS rivals, Knox, with just three victories across the 15 matches that took place. There were some bright points on the day, with both the 13A and 15A sides securing victories and the 14A side falling just short, after Knox scored following the final siren. The 14Cs were also very impressive in their outing. With the long weekend ahead, and the school holidays looming, rugby at Trinity will slow down. Our next fixture will be against Cranbrook is in Week 1 of Term 3 (17 July).  

1st XV36 – 66  15C14 – 20
2nd XV0 – 6214A14 – 17   
3rd XV0 – 3114B7 – 62  
4th XV12 – 2214C63 – 17  
16A0 – 6713A20 – 12
16B0 – 29   13B10 – 22   
15A20 – 0   13C24 – 29  
15B24 – 27  

Team of the Week.

Despite the limited success across all teams, there were several very impressive performances across the board. This week’s team is:

  1. Darren Ho (8WH) – 14B
  2. Anton Dimento (9WJ) – 15C
  3. Will Blanchfield (12HO) – 2nd XV
  4. Ari Nikolakopoulos (11YO) – 3rd XV
  5. Hugo Van Hal (9MU) – 15A
  6. Luke Niulala (8ST) – 14A
  7. Taj Young (7WE) – 13A
  8. Jack Thompson (8ST) – 14C
  9. Ayman Kassem (7WH) – 13C
  10. Oliver Askew (10WE) – 16A
  11. George Nicholas (10WJ) – 16B
  12. Liam Clayton (11FO) – 4th XV
  13. Dawson Williams (9WJ) – 15B
  14. Charles Williams (9LA) – 15A
  15. Dominic Feros (11WJ) – 1st XV

Leading Try Scorers & Point Scorers.

Try ScorersPoint Scorers
14Max Meagher 9HI Zachariah Alshehabi 9DU98Zachariah Alshehabi 9DU
13Christian Henriques 9HE89Ashton Frazer 9MU
12Austin Daher 8KE70Max Meagher 9HI
11Jozeff Cluff 7AR Mitchell Chen 10AR Sam Niulala 10ST65Christian Henriques 9HE
10Theo Kidd 12WJ62Austin Daher 8KE
8Olly White 12FO59Jozeff Cluff 7AR

Representative Selections.

Congratulations to the following members of the 1st XV who have been selected in the CAS Opens Rugby Teams.

  • CAS 1st XV
    • Olly White 12FO
  • CAS 2nd XV
    • Theo Kidd 12WJ
    • Hunter Hannaford 12DU
    • Kai Roberts 12LA

Congratulations also go to the following boys who were selected in the CAS Under 16s squad. They will now attend a trial day before the squad is narrowed down to a final team for games next week.

  • Paulo Tauiliili-Pelesasa 11HE
  • Alisi Leao 11MU
  • Kian Edmed 11FO
  • Orly Hatton-Ward 10SC
  • Lucas Young 10YO
  • Sam Niulala 10ST
  • Max Meagher 9HI

Friends of Rugby.

TGS Friends of Rugby Facebook page is a great source of information for all things Trinity rugby and if you are interested in being involved in any capacity then please join their Facebook page via this link:

Mick Snowden | Director of Rugby

1st XV Match Report

If you told me on Saturday morning that the 1st XV would score 36 points in their clash against Knox, I would have smiled thinking that we finished the day with a win. Unfortunately, the 36 points we scored were offset by our worst defensive performance in some time as we allowed Knox to cross the line for ten tries and an eventual 30-point victory.

The game started perfectly for Trinity; we took control of the kick-off and worked our way upfield via some strong carries and smart kicking from Orly Hatton-Ward (10SC). After some sustained attack, Trinity had Knox pinned deep in their own territory. When Knox chanced their arm once too often Olly White (12FO) intercepted a pass and crossed next to the uprights to give Trinity an early 7-0 lead.

From here, Knox would dominate the next 25 minutes of play, utilising their powerful forward pack to continually bend the Trinity defensive line before providing their backline with myriad of attacking opportunities. In almost a blink of the eye we had fallen behind 24-7, and with half time rapidly approaching, Trinity needed to get back into the game. Like clockwork, Hunter Hannaford (12DU) took control and provided eventual Man of the Match Dominic Feros (11WJ) with the opportunity to beat multiple defenders. Eventually Tyson Jackson (12FO) crashed over, and after Hunter added the conversion and a penalty, we would head into the half time break down 24-17.

The second half began much the same as the first, with Trinity controlling territory and camping themselves deep into the Knox half. Unfortunately, an error at lineout time when we were just five metres from the Knox line would commence a frenetic 7-minute period where Knox would cross for four tries. The two long range efforts, another from close, and finally an intercept, would see Trinity fall behind 52 – 17.

Thankfully, the boys in green and white regrouped and continued to fight until the final whistle, with Olly White crossing for his second try after some solid lead up play from Alisi Leao (11MU). A long-range special from Theo Kidd (12WJ) and a penalty try allowed Trinity to close the gap, but another try to Knox as the final whistle sounded would see Knox secure the game.

Final Score: Trinity 36 defeated by Knox 66

Tries: Olly White (2), Theo Kidd (1), Tyson Jackson (1), Penalty Try (1)

Conversions: Hunter Hannaford (3)

Penalties: Hunter Hannaford (1)

Mr. Snowden and Mr. Pay | 1st XV Coaches)

2nd XV Report

The 2nd XV had a tough match against Knox in Round 2 of the CAS competition. A number of injuries in both the 1st XV and 2nd XV saw multiple changes in positions with Jake Varone (11He) and Riley Martin (11We) being promoted to the 1st XV. Knox’s backline shone in the first half, showcasing their skilful mastery in linking their plays and scoring 50 unanswered points. After some stern words by the coaches at half-time, the 2nd XV demonstrated their real capacity by keeping Knox to only 12-points. Will Blanchfield (12Ho) led the forward pack into the physical battle while Sam Hohne (12Ke) controlled the set piece. In snippets, the 2nd XV look the goods and will need to work on building their good snippets for longer periods in the last three rounds of CAS.

Final Score: Trinity 0 defeated by Knox 62

Mr. Kearsley and Mr. Ikeuchi (2nd XV Coaches)

House Track and Field Championships

June 11, 2021
Taubman House, Winners of the Track and Field House Championships

Recent history of the House Track and Field championships showcases a series of “three-peats”: Latham 2001-3, School 2009-11 and Hilliard 2013-15. Taubman’s turn seemed to arrive in 2019, but we were denied the opportunity for back-to-back wins in 2020 with COVID restrictions on gathering. Happily, fortune favoured us again this year.

Conditions on the day were almost perfect, if just a little cool. Brilliant sunshine with little to no wind set the scene for some impressive performances. The Years 7, 9, 10 and 12 Beach and 9 and 10 Medley relays were notable highlights. More memorable, though, was the rare blend of determination and enjoyment on the face of each Taubman competitor. Sure, we had a job to do, but there was much satisfaction in going about the task we’d set ourselves. I am proud of the way the young men of the House battled and I was happy that we were able to secure the win for our Captain, Lachlan Dock, who was in hospital recovering from a very serious injury.

I am also grateful to the School in giving us the opportunity to compete together at such a great facility. The planning and organisation behind such an event could only be conducted by a dedicated and efficient team of staff. No less commitment was shown by the staff who encouraged, marshalled, measured, started, recorded, retrieved, raked, commentated and instructed throughout the day.

Finally, I want to thank my Year 12 peers who stayed healthy and didn’t succumb to the IB or HSC flu variants that emerge at this time of year. I hope you enjoyed our last House Track and Field carnival as much as I did.

Laud Codjoe, Vice-Captain, Taubman House

Football News | Week 8

June 11, 2021

Last Saturday was the last CAS round for this term and it finished against Knox Grammar, against whom we always look forward to competing. It was a busy day at Trinity with a compulsory crowd for the 1st XI match, the Old Boys in attendance at their annual event, and a School Open Day for prospective parents and students.

In this report is representative news from current and past students, reports from 1st XI/2nd XI/Year 7 matches, and the team of the week for CAS Round 7. 

Representative News

Congratulations to Liam Rippon (10La) who represented NSW CIS at the NSW All Schools Championships this week where he scored three goals.

Congratulations to Old Boy, Connor O’Toole (Class of 2014) who has played full games for the Australian Olyroos this week against Ireland and Romania in Marbella, Spain. These friendlies are being used as final trials to make final decisions on who will be part of the Australian squad for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 1st XI

The First XI Football team met CAS round 7 with a 1-0 win against Knox Grammar School. Trinity were eager for a result, especially against fierce rivals Knox. With a big crowd in attendance, Trinity came into the game with confidence which helped release any early nerves during the game. A promising first half from the boys in green saw no goals. However, great Football was played in front of the fans. Trinity came out hungry for a goal and more chances were created, but still Trinity couldn’t convert. Later in the second half, a great passing combination on the right saw a ball land on the foot of James Andrianakos (11Yo) who then slotted the ball into the near post, which saw Trinity go up 1-0. The team ran to the crowd to celebrate in high fashion and then returned to the pitch to maintain the lead. The game ended 1-0 and the 1st XI were happy to see themselves gain three points. As this was the last game for Term II, Trinity will now prepare for when we meet Cranbrook in Round 8 next term.

Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar)

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 2nd XI

The Trinity 2nd XI faced Knox Grammar school in a tight match which finished 1-1. Going into the match Trinity knew it would be a hard-fought match against one of the stronger teams in the competition. The game started off equal for the first ten minutes until a free kick was given on the edge of the box. A nice save by Patrick Williams (11La) ended up at the feet of a Knox player who finished it into the bottom corner. After the half time break trinity game out firing, creating opportunities but not finding the back of the net. Then with about ten minutes to go, James Andrianakos (11Yo) found the ball just inside the box and with a nice left foot strike into the bottom right corner, the scores were now level 1-1. Both sides continued to attack but the game finished equal at 1-1. A strong effort from Trinity throughout the whole game, continuing to be dominant in attack and defence.

James Schroder (11WJ)

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 7A

The 7A Football team started strongly with attacking play. A strong and high press led to our forwards pinching the ball off a stunned Knox back four. We were able to put a ball across the box and with a clean finish from Hesham Eid (7La), Trinity were up early 1-0. A lot of time during training has been spent on ball movement/ball speed and final third pattern work. It was very evident in this game as the boys were able to break down Knox on more than one occasion. A strong start to the second half had Trinity nearly two goals up when Christian Marzullo (7WJ) narrowly put his effort just over the crossbar. Two outstanding one-on-one saves from goalkeeper Carlo Furlan (7Du) kept a clean sheet and a narrow but hard-fought first win for the boys in green. We’re excited for the remaining three rounds of CAS because the team knows what they’re capable of and they’re ready to end the season on a high.

Mr. Daniel Marques – Coach

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 7B

The first half in the 7Bs game was equal with both Knox and Trinity having good possession and creating chances. The first real chance came in the 16th minute when Dean Roditis (7WJ) tested the Knox goalkeeper from just outside the box, but it was a comfortable save. Trinity’s defence of Charlie Parsonage (7Ta), Alfie Nichols (7Ho), Oliver Ware (7Yo) and Hamish Turner (7Ta) stayed compact and worked hard to nullify anything Knox came forward with. It wasn’t long before Knox went in front, after a shot from just inside the box finally beat Steven Lee (7Ho) after making some great saves. Trinity tried to find an equaliser and despite some great runs down the wing from Sachin Narayanan (7Hi) and Lorenzo Luzzani (7Ta), they were unable to hit the back of the net. A gutsy effort from the 7Bs resulted in a loss but they did not give it up easily.

Ms. E Husband – Coach

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 7C

The 7Cs started the game strongly vs. Knox with some great combination play through the midfield from Memphis Lo (7Ke) and Kevin Pham (7WJ), it wasn’t long before the deadlock was broken and Trinity took the lead through a Kevin Pham (7WJ) strike, after a great run from Anthony Markos (7Hi). A strong defensive performance from David Charas (7Ho) and Maddox Knapstein (7Du) kept Knox out and limited them to only two shots on target in the first half. In the second half, Knox came out raring to go and pushed for an equaliser, but Joseph Khor 7(Hi) had other ideas, after he put Trinity 2-0 up with a cool, calm finish. After this, Trinity were firmly in control with Christopher Savva (7Sc) getting into good battles and breaking down the Knox attacks. A great team performance from the 7C team.

Ms. E Husband – Coach

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 7D

The 7Ds were matched by a much improved Knox side, who were very eager to avenge Trinity’s 6-2 victory played in CAS Round 2. Knox showed much more intent and played much more progressive Football in the fixture at the weekend, and challenged the Trinity boys throughout the first half, with the majority of the action being individual midfield battles. After half time though, Trinity’s resilience and grit were challenged with the quick concession of a well-worked Knox goal. After a few minutes of Trinity working to gain a foothold back in the game, the momentum quickly shifted in our favour, spurred on by a few important contributions by Luca Dawson (7Ke) in goal, and Romeo Ozdemir (7Du) on the right wing. Late in the game, Trinity came excruciatingly close to equalising on multiple occasions, thanks to the midfield work of Maddox Knapstein (7Du) and the dribbling confidence of Joseph Khor (7Hi) at striker. The increased intensity and effort by the boys proved to be, as the adage goes, ‘too little too late’, and Knox finished the game as 1-0 winners. The challenge to the boys over the school holidays is to not forget the work done in training and continue the season next term with the same intensity and effort as they finished the game against Knox.

Mr. C. Screnci – Coach

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 7E

During the game against Knox at the weekend, the 7Es played some of the best Football they have played all season. Although the score line was not the largest it has been this year, the quality of Football merited a resounding 5-0 win against a much improved Knox side. Dilan Petrides (7Yo) is proving a constant threat for oppositions, adding two goals to his tally this season, as did Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du). However, the highlight of the match came from a goal scored by Ian Kim (7Ar) immediately prior to half time. The ball was well won by Peter Galanos (7St) who expertly muscled a winger off the ball, and calmly set up a five pass string, culminating with a perfect cross by Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du), allowing Ian Kim (7Ar) to volley into an empty net. We are very pleased with the progress the team has made, but the squad must not become complacent in their abilities, and continue to work hard in training, should they want to achieve their end-of-season goals.

Mr. C. Screnci – Coach

CAS Round 7 Vs Knox Grammar – 7F

The 7Fs had a strong performance on the weekend which resulted in a comfortable 2-0 win. Starting strong, Benjamin Lim (7Ar) converted an indirect free kick, set up well by Benjamin Wyatt (7WJ). Following this, a good run into the box and goal by Aidan Wong (7Yo) saw the team go 2-0 up within the first half. With a strong defensive effort from Lucas Fan (7He) and Dominic Chen (7Ar) we were able to maintain our lead and keep a clean sheet.

Mr. P. Webb

CAS Round 7 Vs St Patrick’s – 7G

Following on from last week, the 7Gs had a convincing 3 – 0 win against Knox. A beautiful strike by Isaac Bassily (7Yo) into the bottom right hand corner saw Trinity take the lead. With consistent pressure throughout the first half the beginning of the second half saw Max Tyson (7St) sneak one past the keeper. Within the final 15 minutes, Ruben Lim (7WJ) managed to blast one into the roof of the net sealing a comfortable 3-0 win.

Mr. P. Webb

CAS Round 7 Vs Reddam House – 7H

The 7Hs were opposed by Reddam House, a non-CAS school located in the Eastern Suburbs, and played against their ‘D’ team. Naturally, the boys found difficulty against a higher graded team, and conceded frequently in the first half. However, after the half time team talk, the effort and resilience from the boys was exemplary and inspiring. Standout performers in the side included Zeke Gourlas (7La) who threatened the Reddam defence with his pace and dribbling ability, and Julian Greham (7St) for his tireless work in midfield. Special appreciation must go to Eesa Bokhari (7St) and Aidan Nallaiah (7Mu) for rotating as goalkeeper. Although the game finished 0-8, the team can take many positives out of that performance.

Mr. C. Screnci | Coach


Liam Rippon (ii) – CAS & CIS U16 Luke Meers (i) – 7th XI Sasha Ratnavadivel (ii) – 7E
 Ben  Liggins (i) – 6th XI Michael Boumelhem (i) – 9E 
  Chase Quach (v) – 8A  
Chris Papantanio (i) – 9C  Jack  Athanassiou (i) – 9B Dominic Ticic (i/vii) – 1st XIOscar Favelle (vii) – 10B
  Carlo Furlan (vii) – 7A  

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i.  Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv.  Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v.  Sportsmanship

vi.  Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football & Director of Football Coaching

Results Vs Knox Grammar – CAS Round 7

Type of GameOppositionTeamTrinity ScoreOpposition ScoreResult
CAS Round 7Knox7A10Win
CAS Round 7Knox7B01Loss
CAS Round 7Knox7C20Win
CAS Round 7Knox7D01Loss
CAS Round 7Knox7E50Win
CAS Round 7Knox7F20Win
CAS Round 7St Patrick’s7G30Win
CAS Round 7Reddham7H08Loss
CAS Round 7Knox8A15Loss
CAS Round 7Knox8B15Loss
CAS Round 7Knox8C10Win
CAS Round 7Knox8D04Loss
CAS Round 7Knox8E50Loss
CAS Round 7Other8F14Loss
CAS Round 7Bye8G   
CAS Round 7Knox10A12Loss
CAS Round 7Knox10B10Win
CAS Round 7Knox10C13Loss
CAS Round 7Knox10D06Loss
CAS Round 7Knox9A02Loss
CAS Round 7Knox9B12Loss
CAS Round 7Knox9C20Win
CAS Round 7Knox9D01Loss
CAS Round 7Knox9E03Loss
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 1st XI10Win
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 2nd XI11Draw
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 3rd XI16Loss
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 4th XI13Loss
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 5th XI03Loss
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 6th XI12Loss
CAS Round 7KnoxOpens 7th XI113Loss

Diving | CIS NSW All Schools Competition

June 11, 2021

Our divers brought home some great results at the CIS NSW All Schools Competition.

Five boys qualified for the event and four participated.

The results are very impressive:

Lachlan Nguyen demonstrated very solid and impressive performances in this season. He won 1st in the 15-16years Platform, and 2nd in the 16 Year Springboard at CIS.

Cooper Vimpany: 5th in the 16 Year Springboard

Hamish Turner has showed a continuous improvement throughout the season: He won 3rd in the 13 Year Springboard event.

After he was competing in Brisbane at the National Age Diving Competition in the last holidays, our captain, Zach Gindy, won his first Diving Australia National Age bronze medal in the mixed synchronised category, where all states were competing. At CIS NSW Zach won 2nd in 17-19years Platform.

Z. Gindywon

Trinity is truly proud of these boys and are witnessing the rise in diving talents in our broader team. We are also seeing a continuity in performance and devotion of our younger generations. Our thanks go to our coaches Milly Marks and Benjamin On for their devotion and expertise. Parental and school encouragement has been paramount for these great performances and results.

Gergely Mályusz | MIC of Diving

Junior Sports Fixtures

June 11, 2021

Sports News | Preparatory School

June 11, 2021


2nds | Marcus Chiam

Round 7 of Football for the Prep 2nds was held at home ground, Cooke Park. The opponent was Newington Lindfield. Having lost last week’s match against the Scots College, the boys came into this match hungry to win as this was the last game of the term. The first half commenced with Newington scoring the first goal early. Down by one, the Trinity 2nds looked to catch up with Newington in order to gain dominance. However, time did not go our way this half and by the halftime break, Newington led. The first half ended with the score being 1-0, Newington’s way. During the break, the Trinity 2nds recharged and strengthened our desire to win. The second half started with the Trinity 2nds working their way up closer to the goal. With all this effort, we were fortunate enough to score our first goal. Newington looked to fight back but fierce goalkeeper, Carl Hyung, halted their chance to lead and the Trinity Prep 2nds built their way back up again to try and score another goal. With only a few more minutes left to spare, and both teams tied, it seemed that scoring a goal was paramount. Both Trinity and Newington gave it their all to try and be victorious. Luckily for us, Trinity scored the important goal to win, and Newington narrowly missed out. The final score was 2-1 with a win for the Trinity Prep 2nds to conclude a wonderful term of football. Credit to Zachary Hovilai for scoring the two goals that led Trinity to victory. Thank you to the coaches and players who made football possible this term!

11B | Kaden Pandher

It was a chilly morning with all the parents watching us play I [Kaden] was playing as an attacking midfielder. 10 minutes into the game I [Kaden] got a yellow card for a slide tackle on one of Cranbrook’s strikers. Then we considered a goal to make it 1-0 to Cranbrook. 5 minutes later Cranbrook scored another goal to which got slotted into the bottom right corner. We got a throw-in and I [Kaden] threw it to Lex who dribbled down the line and shot but Cranbrook’s goalie saved it. We had let the ball slip and considered a third goal which was played down the left and in the middle of the goal. In the last 5 minutes of the half Lucas Cheng cleared the shot of one of the Cranbrook players. At the start of the first half, Jonah took a shot from far out and it ended up in the goalie’s hands. Later on, Kevin got the ball passed it to Rory and Rory passed to Elijah but we lost the ball near the goal. Late on in the second half one Cranbrook midfielders dribbled down the line passed to the attackers and goal from a tight angle. Trinity 0 – Cranbrook 4.

4A | Alex Constantinou

The 4A boys were excited and ready for the final game of the term. Even though it was really early and really cold in the morning we were still pumped up. Barker started off strong, scoring two early goals. The score could’ve been more had it not been for Jayden the goalkeeper making two really good saves. After a few minutes we started playing more as a team by passing and moving into space like we practised at training which allowed us to get the score up to 2-1. 

When the second half started, we continued playing well, we didn’t give up but were unlucky to have a goal scored against us. With some strong attacking we put pressure on Barker to score a goal and bring the score up again to 3-2. Our attacking started to get better and we had a few shots at goal but were unlucky not to score. With time almost running out, Adam dribbled past a defender on the left-hand side and scored the equalising goal. We finished the game tying 3-3 with Barker. Good teamwork and great game to the 4A boys. We can’t wait for next term!!!

Thank you to the parents for waking up early and taking us in the freezing cold to watch us play.

4C | Matthew Della Torre

For the last game of the season, we played Barker College, and unfortunately, they won 5-0. We tried really hard, but the other team was too strong. We got the ball to Barker’s goalkeeper once but then he kicked it out of the goal pretty hard. Thanks to Ray for great passing and teamwork, Julian for kicking the ball down the field a lot of times and also Aiden as well. He also passed well to teammates. Thank you to Daniel for great passing in a dangerous position and Ethan for some great saves. Thank you, everyone and I hope you enjoyed soccer this term.

4D | Oliver Cardiff 4Ds finally found a formidable opponent. After back to back wins, this week’s game against Barker College proved to be a bit more of a challenge. Down by one goal in the first half, the Green Army finally found the back of the net in the closing minutes of the second half. A powerful kick from Marcus Du towards the goal bounced off the Barker Defender and then rolled off their goalkeeper resulting in an own goal. Huge call out to some superstar players this week. Richard C for booting the ball back up field multiple times, Andy X for sub goalkeeper duty and his header towards goal.Super big call out for Marcus, Isaac and Owen for being our power attacker.

Thank you to our parents for getting us to the game at 7am.

Tennis Round 7 vs Knox

June 11, 2021
M. Knauer (10Ho) 1st IV

The last round for this term was contested against Knox Grammar School with all teams facing a strong black and blue opposition. The 1st IV set the tone early with a fantastic hard-fought victory, but the majority of other Trinity teams struggled against their quality opponents.

The 1st IV played at home, at the Trinity Tennis Centre, on a day custom-made for tennis. Injured Captain Max Nguyen had to be content giving the pre match team talk and supporting the players courtside during matches. Our doubles pairings got off to a slow start, losing the first two sets contested and it appeared that it was going to be a hard day at the office. To the boys’ credit they did not panic but slowly and surely worked their way back into the contest. Dylan Guler (11WH) and James Kim (10Ar) picked up the pace winning their second set 6-2, whilst on the adjacent court Finn Taylor (9La) and Max Knauer (10Ho) also registered a win after a more determined effort. In the singles, all boys played well, and we were able to secure three of the four sets contested. It wasn’t all one-way traffic, though, with Dylan Guler having to stave off a set point before going on to take a close set. James Kim got his retribution against his volatile opponent, winning comprehensively 6-3. Arguably, the match of the day was the last one contested between the two number 4 ranked players, and this would ultimately determine the result. In the Trinity corner was Max Knauer who came up against a quality Knox opponent. The match was very even in the early stages with both players going tit for tat in a fast paced and physical confrontation. However, it was Max who systematically wore down his opponent with his consistency and determination, pulling away for a crucial 6-3 win.

The 2nd IV played well for the majority of their fixture and were unlucky not to win, with the final result being determined by just one single game. After winning the majority of doubles sets contested and putting themselves in a winning position, the team faltered slightly allowing their relentless opposition back into contention. Despite the loss, all students played well, and it was a fitting reminder just how valuable just one extra game can be.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

3rds and 4ths IV

The 3rds were determined to give Knox a real fight, and they certainly did give it their all. However, the Knox boys were equally determined and at least as skilful. Daniel Tran (12Ta) played his most convincing tennis in the second doubles set, but Knox withstood the challenge and won a close match. The singles matches featured two epic struggles: Liam Ling (12La) dominated early with his serve and forehand, but he was unable in the end to resist his opponent’s comeback. His loss in a tiebreak was frustrating for him, as it was for Nikhil Kapoor (12Yo), whose match was much more of a seesaw affair. Much can be gained from such sporting encounters, once the initial disappointment has been overcome, and the 3rds should take solace from the fact that they did play some very good tennis.

The 4ths matches were mostly seesaw affairs too, but while Jack Vine (11Mu) and Callum McLeod (12He) remained in their singles matches for much of their duration, only Max Guo (12Ar) was able to keep his opponent at bay, triumphing in the end with a mix of skill and determination 7-5. Like the 3rds, the 4ths were much more competitive against Knox than they had been in the first round.

Well done to both teams on their skill and spirit, if not the winning sets registered!

Ashley Lucas | Coach

10As and 10Bs

It was a tough day out on court for the 10Ds; being two A players down, all boys had to shuffle up a couple of positions against one of the strongest schools in the CAS Tennis. In saying this, the boys played exceptionally well. Beier Chen (10Yo) and Andrew Yang (10Hi) were hitting some amazing strong rallies in their doubles together but unfortunately that strong rally ended on an unforced error. Alexander Jacob (10Fo) and Jack Burge (10He) stepped up from the Bs and played to the best of their ability against strong opponents. There were a few double faults from the boys that cost them easy points.

The 10Bs performed really well in some parts of their matches over the weekend. Oliver Highett-Smith (10Hi) and Oscar Shen (10Yo) started off strong in their doubles, the boys were 3-1 up but somehow managed to find themselves 3-6 down. After a relatively good doubles performance, Oliver and Oscar just couldn’t get themselves into a rhythm in their singles. Lachlan Chung (10Ho) played an amazing singles match, going down 3-6 but showed moments of brilliance with his strong ground strokes and serves.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

10Cs and 10Ds

Jackson Dumesich (10WJ) and Will Bryan (10Du) stepped up into the C1 and C2 positions over the weekend. Both boys played very well against strong opponents. The scoreline was 2-6 in the doubles but each game was very close. Ashvin Peter (10Ho) and Jonathon Liu (10La) played well but unfortunately couldn’t get any games up on the scoreboard. They played out some intense rallies, but easy mistakes cost them a lot of points.

James Valiozis (10Yo) and Jonathon Shih (10Fo) held the flag for the 10Ds. Both boys played well and played with consistency which was great to watch. Finding a winner was the downfall for the boys, and it was something that Knox did that little bit better.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

9As and 9Bs

The As and Bs endured a difficult day against a strong Knox side. Despite good efforts all around and a great fighting spirit on display, Knox’s consistency was too much on the day. Special mention must go to James Chan (9Ar) and Lawrence Hoe (9Yo) who came from behind in their doubles match to produce the only win of the day. James and Lawrence combined perfectly from the baseline and the net, utilising power and precision to beat their opponents. Despite being down early, the boys showed tremendous fight and even surprised themselves at how they played. They will no doubt look to carry this form into next week.

9Cs and 9Ds

It was a similar story in the Cs and Ds this Saturday, with Knox proving a class above. Bohai Xie (9Yo) and Leo Gao (9Ar) were unlucky to lose their doubles match in a close affair, going down 4-6. Leo was able to quickly recover from the defeat and powered on to a classy 6-0 win, showcasing some brutal power on the serve and forehand to register the only win of the day for both teams. He should be commended on his efforts.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

8As and 8Bs

The 8As tried their best against Knox, but unfortunately were unsuccessful this past weekend losing 6 sets to 0. Nathan Tsang (8Du) and Christopher Lowe (8Ho) played well in their doubles match together. Both boys were hitting very well and consistently against their opponents. They have good footwork and movement but need to try and communicate a bit better. Nathan was playing very well this round, hitting some very strong and consistent serves and groundstrokes. Christopher was also in great form this round. He was hitting his serves consistently as well as hitting good groundstrokes; he just needs to practice putting the ball away when approaching the net. James Davies (8St) and Maxi Tsai (8Fo) were trying hard during their matches today but were facing tough opponents this round. James was playing well during his doubles match but seemed to struggle with hitting consistently during his singles match. Maxi also played well during his matches, hitting his serves quite consistently, and his groundstrokes were very strong and well placed.

The 8Bs struggled against Knox over the weekend, losing 6 sets to 0. Travis Ng (8WJ) and Mitchell Bowden (8La) both tried hard and played well during the doubles over the weekend. They were both hitting good serves during their matches, but in this round Mitchell’s groundstrokes seemed to be particularly strong and consistent. Travis was consistent at times with his serves and groundstrokes, but he needs to improve upon his overall form and on-court movement as he doesn’t seem to move around enough and recover after each shot. Matteo Larotta (8Sc) and Christian Laurens (8La), both tried hard this past weekend. Both boys were hitting some good shots at times during their doubles but seemed to struggle in some parts of their individual singles matches. Matteo was hitting good serves and at times good groundstrokes, but similarly to Travis he needs to improve upon recovering after each point and get ready for the next one. This is because he seems to miss a lot of shots and opportunities due to him not being positioned correctly. Christian also played well over the weekend, hitting some good groundstrokes and he seemed to have some good rallies. However, he needs to improve upon his positioning on the court as he seems to stand halfway between the net and the baseline instead of committing to one or the other, which results in some shots being easily missed.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

8Cs and 8Ds

The 8Cs played some good matches but unfortunately lost this round 5 sets to 1. Grayson Doig (8He) and Leopold Vo (8WH) played very well over the weekend. During the doubles, the boys had good communication, but they didn’t have good placement at times. Some points they were returning serves too close to the service line and other times not playing close enough to the net. Grayson was playing very well; he was hitting some strong and consistent groundstrokes and playing very well from the baseline. He was the only player to win a match this past weekend. Leopold was hitting his serves consistently over the weekend, also hitting some great winner volleys. He just needs to work on his placement when returning. Jonathan Ly (8Sc) and Ravin Chowdhury (8Fo) played a tough few matches over the weekend. Jonathan tried hard over the weekend, he had a tough match up against Knox but was still playing consistently and to the best of his ability. He just needs to try and improve upon his groundstroke pace. Ravin also had a tough matchup. He at times hit some good groundstrokes but he needs to work on his serves and movement on the court.

The 8Ds played well over the weekend, but unfortunately lost 6 sets to 0. James Cicuta (8He) and Brendan Holden (8WJ) played well during their matches over the weekend. James was hitting very consistently and at times hit some very good groundstrokes. However, he needs to try and improve upon his serves and his footwork with his groundstrokes. Brendan also played well, he was also hitting consistently but similarly to James he needs to work on his footwork and form. Elliot Russell (8Fo) and Gabe Stavropoulos (8WH) played well in their doubles but need to improve upon communicating and covering all parts of the court. Elliot was hitting some good groundstrokes and serves, but he just needs to work on recovering to the centre after each shot as he seems to struggle to return some shots that are hit towards the corners of the court. Gabe also did a good job over the weekend. He was hitting consistently but he needs to work on his form with his serves and groundstrokes.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

7As and 7Bs

The 7As had a tough day at the office this week against Knox going down 6 sets to 0. Khang Nguyen (7WH) and Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo), were unable to start their doubles match strong and fell behind early. This allowed their opponents to pull away with the win. In singles, Khang on many occasions was locked in groundstroke battles with his opponent, and his lack of consistency on the day allowed his opponent to grab a plethora of points and run away with the win. Noah had a tough day, struggling to find composure and confidence on the court. This allowed his opponent to grab a 5 – 0 lead. Noah mounted a comeback, but his opponent was able to close off the match 6 – 2. Alejandro Molina (7Ke) and Hugo Newman’s (7WJ) performances on the day were highly influenced by their emotions and reactions to the environment. This distraction resulted in poor focus on the game which allowed their opponents to run away with the win. In the future, both Hugo and Alejandro need to focus on the match at hand and ignore their surroundings and potential distractions. Alejandro, still impacted by the previous doubles match, was unable to regain composure and was unable to grab the win. Similarly, despite Hugo’s effort on court, he was unable to overcome his opponent.

Much like the As, the 7Bs struggled against a stronger Knox side, going down 5 sets to 1. Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Jared Arnold (7Ar) went into their game with a lack of confidence and belief, thus resulting in poor energy on court. This allowed their opponents to grab the win. Both Ishaan and Jared need to start their matches in the future with a positive mindset.

In singles, despite a 4 – 6 loss, Ishaan played very well and was pleased with the result. This is a great mindset to have, which will indefinitely promote further growth. Jared played well, but the lack of groundstroke consistency often resulted in free points for his opponent. In future training sessions, Jared needs to work on utilizing more topspin in his groundstrokes to avoid striking the top of the ball. Ujwal Yadem (7Fo) and CJ Nguyen (7Yo) played very well, with great positive communication and effort. Despite a close loss, they should be impressed by their performance. In singles, Ujwal was able to utilize his groundstrokes to push his opponent into tough positions, setting up free points for himself. This allowed him to pull away with a 6 – 3 win. Due to the lack of time, CJ’s match was called off, but CJ played an impressive four games, and was looking to grab the win.

Edward Lai | Coach

7Cs and 7Ds

The 7Cs faced a very tough Knox side this week, going down 5 sets to 1. Daniel Villategallagher (7Ke) and Alexander Ren (7St), played a close game of doubles, but the plethora of unforced errors resulted in a loss. In singles, despite a close loss, Daniel performed very well, chasing after every ball and putting up a great fight. Similarly, Alexander was able to challenge his opponent greatly, but struggled to close off the match. Alexander Kountouris (7Mu) and Gregory Kariatlis (7La) played a great game of doubles despite the loss. They fought for every ball and competed well, which is to be applauded. Alexander has once again proved his strong will to win, closing off the match in a tiebreak, winning 7 – 6 (7 – 5). Alex has played many tiebreaks this season and has proven time and time again he is able to hold his ground. Gregory was very unlucky will the loss this week. He was able to pull off many great points, but was unable to overcome his opponent.

Similarly, the 7Ds were unable to overcome a stronger Knox side this week, losing 5 sets to 1.

Jonathan Che (7La) and Jordan Fudeh (7Yo) played well against strong opponents, but were unlucky to go down 3 – 6. In singles, Jonathan was unable to find the winning edge over his opponent and went down 3 – 6. Similarly, despite the loss, Jordan showcased great determination and desire to win on court. This is his first week back from injury and he performed very well. Aakash Viswanathan (7Ta) and Joshua Jeung (7He) played their first doubles match together this week and despite a 3 – 6 loss, they demonstrated great potential to be a dangerous pair. With work on communication and teamwork, they will be able to win more matches in the coming future. In singles, Aakash was able to find the confidence to attack the ball more, giving himself more opportunities to close off the point. This allowed him to pull away with a 6 – 3 wins. Despite a loss, Joshua played very well and his determination on court and in training will indefinitely help him improve his technique further, thus securing more wins in the coming future.

Edward Lai | Coach

2021 Winter Concert

June 11, 2021

Tuesday evening this week was the opportunity for our Intermediate Music Ensembles and a range of Middle School Soloists to perform for parents, friends and staff. The concert began with the Concert Band, directed by Mr Henry and Mr Dimitrievski, with a retro experience – the score to ‘Back to the Future’. Mr Malyusz then directed the Brass Ensemble performing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ from Handel’s Messiah, and an arrangement of the American Traditional ‘Just a Closer Walk’. Mr Zhang arranged themes from ‘Pokemon’ game music for the Intermediate Strings and these were performed to the backdrop of a game displayed on big screen! The Serenata, under the direction of Ms Morgan, beautifully performed a movement from Elgar’s ‘String Serenade’ and a ‘Tambourin’ by French Baroque composer Jean-Phillip Rameau.

Soloists for the evening were: Pianist Elton Huang performing the c# minor Nocturne by Chopin; Cellist Lucas Fan, the Scherzo from Elgar’s Cello Concerto; Clarinetist Toby Ji performing a movement from a Clarinet Concerto by Stamitz; Carlo Furlan on French Horn performing the Rondo from Mozart’s Horn Concerto KV371; and Andy Lin, ‘Requiebros’ by Spanish Composer Gassado. My thanks to Mr Kinda for his work accompanying these performances.

The evening was rounded out with a combined item performed by the Concert Band, Intermediate Strings and Serenata: Into the Clouds by R.L Saucedo.

Volleyball News

June 11, 2021

Trinity defeated Knox Grammar School 3-0 (25-0, 25-0, 25-0)

With the boys up against their hardest opponent of the CAS season, the men in green were keen to establish their dominance to hopefully cement their chances of the premiership. The first set began with big cross-court hitting throughout from Samuel Vickery (12WJ) who in combination with Joel Matthei’s (12LA) concrete passing gave way to a highly dominant performance to open up the match.

The second set saw Steven Yarad (11MU) add one to his highlight reel with a swing so clean that Windex would be proud. The set also gave birth to a great hitting combination of Martin Wong (11TA) and Oscar Van-Hal (12MU) who empowered the boys to continue their strong lead.

Finally, the last set saw Ed Feng (12YO) make strong plays through the middle despite mild patella pain, allowing the boys to get across the line comfortably.

Ben Powell (12HO) | First VI Captain

Trinity defeated Knox Grammar 3-0 (25-11, 25-12, 25-13)

Last weekend marked the final game of the term for the volleyball program. Trinity was set to play Knox, the toughest CAS school in the competition, at home. Due to this being the last game of the term, the team wanted to end it on a convincing win, which we did.

The first set started off with a bang, literally, as Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) scored the first point by slamming the ball onto the other side of the court, past the block and past the defenders. This got the ball rolling and built up our momentum for the rest of the set and potentially the game. Our offence continued to dominate the game with Jonathon Reissis (10WJ) making the team go wild with an insane spike that went untouched by the opposition. This allowed Trinity to swiftly take the first set and move on to the second.

The second set began with a couple unforced errors from the team, but thanks to incredible serving and defensive efforts from Michael Park (11Yo), Trinity managed to comeback and create a 9-point lead. From here, David Tsai (11Ho) took over the game, asserting his dominance wherever he was on the court. Whether it be serving, passing or spiking, he was able to get the job done. Jim O’Brien (12WJ) became a force to be reckoned with and intimidated the opposition with his solid blocking, forcing spiking errors from Knox. 

The third set was where the team’s chemistry and experience in the game began to show. Keshav Baldeo (11He) showcased his mastery in passing the ball and immense hustle to always keep the ball in play, helping the team score several points. Eric Mihas (11La) became the axis of our offence with sets wetter than the Pacific Ocean. Josh Munter (10Hi) was able to capitalise on these sets and absolutely destroy the other team with his line shots that this particular spike is now known as the ‘Josh Munter Specialty’.

Overall, this was a good game to end the season, and it goes to show how much we have improved over the course of the term. But we all know that the season is not over yet, with three more games next term. It is now up to the boys to maintain this same skill level throughout the holidays and into next term in order to win the CAS Premiership.

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeats Knox 3-0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-23)

The 3rds finished their first half of the winter season with a win at home this weekend, playing some very promising volleyball throughout the day.

In the first set, Anthony Le (11He) was brave enough to step up to play as middle and he performed amazingly, running some quick attacks and driving the ball down the middle of the opponents’ defence. 

The second set went by very fast due to Tom Mackie (11La) serving the ball so flat that everyone thought it was going to go into the net. Andy Lee (12Fo) was feeling good that day and ran a pipe, hitting it deep into the opponent’s court and hyping the team up even more.

The third set was carried by the dangerous duo of Jeremy Chia (11Wh) and Sam Thanopoulos (12HI) playing through some crazy points. Tom Geronikos (11Hi) also wiped some good hits from outside, keeping everyone on their feet.

This weekend was a great way to end the term and I hope we play just as well, if not even better, next term.

3rds VI Captain Scott Feng (10Yo)

Trinity defeat Knox 3-0 (25-16, 25-12,17-15)

On Saturday, 5 June, the 16As from Trinity faced off with Knox and came away with a straight sets victory.

In the first set, we had a slow start due to missed serves. However, when we got going, there was no stopping us. Shivam Wadhera (10Ke) was placing the ball in all the right places, terrorising the opposition with his combination of middle hits and tips. Zachariah Nguyen (10Ta) surprised us all with his banger of a spike from the backcourt. 

In the second set, we played even better with more serves going in and our teamwork fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. Our outside hitter Imran Parker (9Ke) proved that his UTS training had paid off by whipping the ball into the opposition’s court multiple times. Gabriel Simoes Peixeiro (10Sc) smashed the ball in from the backcourt, somehow managing to fix it from the set. With consistent serving as always, our core of the team’s energy Max Lusty (10Sc) continued to score for the team.

The third set came and Knox still hadn’t lost their will to fight. Ken Takei (10La) and Sam Newton (10WJ) continued to play great defence with both of their blocking and receiving helping the team keep the lead. After a deuce, we were determined to win in straight sets and we did just that. 

In conclusion, it was a great game of volleyball. We will continue to bring that same energy to training in order to win the CAS Premiership.

Kyle Tran (10WH) | 16As Captain 

Trinity defeated Knox 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 15-13)

June 5 must have been the 16 Bs strongest game of the season. Two weeks into the CAS season and the team is still yet to even drop a single set.

The first set was a brilliant one, with minimal mistakes and high energy from Libero Jet Lin (9WE) and Middle Liam Sandilant (10HI), both of whom were able to control the court when necessary, being influential and completely necessary in all of the team’s winning points. The first set was won comfortably, not even allowing Knox into double digits, with Trinity winning 25-7.  

Whilst the second set showed lower energy from the team, there was an unspoken fact that this game was ours; that all we had to do was play properly and accurately, and that should allow us to win. This is exactly what we did. Although I’ve said this before, the second set against Knox was definitely the Bs’ best set yet, with the whole team really stepping up, deciding to stay unbroken and undefeated for the CAS season. Amazing serving, passing, and just all-round exception from Mitchell Reid-Queeney (9AR), and Matthew Warrilow (10YO) allowed us to again run away with the set, winning comfortably and securing the game.

The third set was a less exciting one, where Trinity continued to play well and comfortably win the third and final set with no real problem. Evan Tong (10FO) and Max Lau (9AR) both played as amazing team players with exceptional passing and hitting, and, as always, Aidan Kouch (9LA) continued his streak of exceptional playing every game and every point, never failing to put himself on the line and go for all of the balls that seem even impossible to get to.

This game was by far Trinity’s best game of the season, and hopefully we can continue this CAS season with many more victories as we continue to grow stronger as a team.

Noah Blomfield (10FO) | 16Bs captain

Cross Country Report – Meet 8 – Cranbrook Relays – 5.6.21

June 11, 2021

The first relay event of the season brought great excitement and team spirit to the CAS/GPS Cross Country community last Saturday. Hosted by Cranbrook, the relay was run on a notoriously difficult, hilly relay course at North Ryde Common. Such was the intensity of the shorter but faster race that some of our senior runners were heard saying that the one lap they ran this week was harder than the four laps they ran of the same course last week! Overall, Trinity performed remarkably well. Apart from winning the admittedly less prestigious Old Boys’ category and Staff category – the number of team entries for these categories need not be named! – our top teams came 1st in the U14s, 2nd in the U16s and 2nd in the Opens. Here are the results of these medal-winning teams:

U14s A team (12th overall and 1st in their category):

Angus Royal, Daniel Simpson, Kobe Stewart, Matthew McLachlan

U16s A team (4th overall and 2nd in their category):

Jack Waide, Joseph Cantlon, Zachary Pliatsikas, Lewis Potter

Opens A team (3rd overall and 2nd in their category):

Theo Christian, William Cooper, Keelan Stephandellis, Patrick Cantlon

Old Boys team (1st overall and 1st in their category):

Ethan Brouw, Paul Raptis, Thomas Virgona, Benjamin Bishop

Staff team (37th overall and 1st in their category):

Phillip Mugridge, Aaron Scott, Matthew Hirst, Robert Currer

In addition, the return of Mr Spratt and Mr Woods brought further excitement to our boys. Many of them have been profoundly shaped and expertly coached by these two stalwarts of Trinity Cross Country, so it was special to hear their supportive voices on the sidelines. The return of Mr Spratt had been long awaited but, as expected, no new jokes were invented.

Remarkably, the first leg finished with three Trinity teams leading the pack: our Old Boys (Ethan Brouw (Class of 2020)), Opens (Theo Christian (12HE)) and U16s (Jack Waide (10KE)). Joseph Cantlon (10DU) of the U16s in the second leg, meanwhile, ran such a fast lap that he found himself in the unexpected position of leading the whole race, which in turn gave Zachary Pliatsikas (11HO) the unenviable challenge of holding off Old Boy Thomas Virgona (Class of 2020). Tom’s speed, as well as coach and Old Boy Benjamin Bishop’s (Class of 2019) blistering final 2km lap of under six minutes, ensured a clear victory for their team. Patrick Cantlon (12DU) stormed home, in the meantime, to bring our Opens team to 3rd overall (after strong laps from Keelan Stephandellis (11HI) and William Cooper (12HI)), while Lewis Potter (11FO) stepped up to the mark to complete our U16s team and give them a worthy 4th place overall and 2nd place behind an impressive Shore outfit. However, our U14s team was the star of its category, starting with a sub-7-minute lap from Angus Royal (8AR), followed by a great second leg by Year 6 and U12 runner, Daniel Simpson (6TA), a surprisingly quick comeback leg by Kobe Stewart (7YO) and an astounding last lap of 6 minutes and 16 seconds from Matthew McLachlan (8WJ). Another junior runner to note was Alex Christian (8HE) running his first race for the school – albeit gently – since injury. There were many other great runs from our athletes, and one of the highlights was seeing the camaraderie that is always present manifest itself in more tangible ways as boys become spectators and fans of their teammates.

In terms of our staff team, fun was had by all. Running with the boys gave us more appreciation for their skill, although being steamrolled by Oliver Walker (11FO) after giving some words of encouragement was a bitter pill to swallow! It was wonderful to see Mr Aaron Scott of fast-bowling renown show off his athletic prowess. However, instead of haunting the dreams of 1st grade batsmen, it was poor 13-year-old boys who were dealt the impossible hand of keeping up with his mammoth stride. Meanwhile, two boys from an unnamed school were heard commenting, “Did you see that old guy with the knee brace?” Mr Matthew Hirst assures me that this comment must have been followed with a compliment about the unpredictably impressive speed of this particular runner. Finally, as always, Mr Robert Currer looked the part as he flew down the hills of North Ryde with his flash new haircut. Passing tens of boys in the final leg, he compensated for a slower start than he is accustomed to!

We now have a break from our regular weekend competition, but many of our runners represented the CAS yesterday in the CIS Cross Country Championships; we wish them, in retrospect, all the best! Meanwhile, we have around a month for our boys to develop their fitness further as they approach the climax of the season next term.

Good running,

Phillip Mugridge | MIC of Cross Country


Dates for the Diary

June 11, 2021

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June 11, 2021

Year 11 Mother and Son Breakfast

Thursday, 22 July 2021

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Dates for the Diary | Junior School

June 9, 2021

Week 9

14 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

15 June North Coast Tour departs

17 June Cuppa’n’chat at 8.45 – 9.30am

18 June North Coast Tour returns

18 June Last day of Term 2


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13 July First day back for students

17 July Sport – Winter Round 8

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19 July Kindergarten Excursion Symbio Wildlife Park

20 July Track & Field House Championships (SOPAC)

23 July K to 4 Father and Son Breakfast

23 July Y2 & Y4 Allwell Diagnostic Testing

24 July Sport – Winter Round 9


From the Uniform Shop | Holiday Trading Hours

June 11, 2021

The Uniform Shop will close for the school holidays on Friday, 18 June at 4.00pm.

Holiday Trading Hours

  • Friday, 9 July | 9.00am to 4.00pm
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Alternatively, you are welcome to purchase from the online uniform shop at your convenience and your order will be filled when the store is next open.  To create an account (if you do not have one already), you will need to enter the School’s Passphrase: tgs1913

A reminder that the School Uniform Shop accepts no cash payments.

For more information, please contact the Uniform Shop on p. + 61 2 9581 6048 or email trinity@midford.com.au

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June 11, 2021

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June 11, 2021

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Student Absence Notice

June 11, 2021

The preferred channel to report an absence is via the School app. If your son requires a leave of absence from school, please continue to request leave in advance by writing to the relevant Head of School for permission. To download the Trinity School app, please visit the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.

From the Uniform Shop | Call For Green Blazers

June 11, 2021

Students who would like lines embroidered, please bring your blazer to the Uniform Shop before 4pm Thursday, 17 June, 2021 – no exceptions.

Due to COVID-19 Health and Safety requirements, coats must be dry-cleaned with a current receipt attached to garment as proof of dry cleaning otherwise they cannot be accepted.

Blazers will be available to be picked up from the beginning of Term 3.

Please ensure sure you will not need your blazer for any School event during Term break, or at the beginning of Term 3 in case there is a delay in Blazers returning.

Line Costs:

$50.00 – Tailoring Fee – opening linings, removing/reattaching pockets for embroidery

$10.00 – First Line 

$7.00 – Each Line there after

$22.00 – Each for Gold and Silver Crest Pockets  

Please note: the next opportunity for lines will be at the end of Term 3. Year 12 blazers will be given preference in Term 3 in order to finalise their blazers for their final Year 12 ceremonies. This may delay the return of Year 10 and 11 blazers – all care and effort will be made to have all blazers returned for the beginning of Term 3.

From more information, please contact the Uniform Shop on 02 9581 6048 or email trinity@midford.com.au

Trinity Prayer Group | Summer Hill Campus

June 11, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School. In Term 2, we will meet at the Summer Hill campus, for Junior and Senior School:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.30am on the even weeks of term (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8).

Where: The Dining Hall

So grab a cuppa and please join us for a time of encouragement, community-building, thanksgiving and to sincerely bring the needs of the School community before our gracious God. Dates for Term 2, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 20 July
  • Tuesday, 3 August
  • Tuesday, 17 August
  • Tuesday, 31 August
  • Tuesday, 14 September


Greg Webster | Senior Chaplain, Summer Hill
email gwebster@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Kerry Vickery (Summer Hill) 
mobile 0408 119 187

Prep Canteen News

June 11, 2021

Canteen will only be available for students through FlexiSchools. There will be no use of cash.

Parents are invited to order their son’s Crunch & Sip, morning tea or lunch each day through the FlexiSchool app.

  • Crunch & Sip orders close at 8:30am
  • Morning Tea orders close at 9:30am
  • Lunch orders close at 10am

Click HERE to set up your FlexisSchool account.

Reminder: Please let your son know you have ordered Crunch & Sip or Morning Tea. Boys can collect their orders from the canteen.

CLICK HERE To download the latest menu!




Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus)

June 11, 2021

Click here to read the Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus).

Trinity Prayer Group | Strathfield Campus

June 11, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School. In Term 2, we will meet at the Preparatory School, Strathfield campus:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.30am on the odd weeks of term (Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9).

Where: Christian Studies Room (please sign in at reception first)

Dates for Term 2, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 15 June


Wendy Chan (Prep School) 
mobile 0405 129 328

Carla Ferla (Prep School) 
mobile 0414 166 336