2021 | Term 2 | Week 5

May 21, 2021


From the Head Master

May 21, 2021

During the week I was reflecting with some of our Trinity boys on the question of “How do you learn to be an adult?” Specifically, in our context, “How do you learn to be a man?”

One of the most moving pieces that I have read on this topic, particularly for boys, was written by Tim Winton and published online in April 2018. You can find it at this link. I commend it as a very worthwhile read for anyone who has an interest in raising boys to be good men, which I assume is most readers of this weekly bulletin.

Winton describes his observation of boys in the surf “Rehearsing their masculinity. Projecting their experimental versions of it. And wordlessly looking for cues the whole time. Not just from each other, but from older people around, especially the men.”

 His description eloquently and powerfully articulates my thinking in this space. It seems to me that, as we grow up, we learn ‘scripts’ about what to do and how to be in different situations.

Some of this learning comes through explicit instruction from authority figures. Most young children are taught from very early days to say ‘Thank you’ when they receive a gift. Likewise with table manners. Students are Trinity are explicitly taught to stand when an adult enters the room, or to surrender their seat on public transport. Some of our learned behaviours are explicitly and deliberately taught to us.

However, I think that most of the behaviours or scripts that we follow are caught, not taught. We observe the people around us, we see how they hold themselves, the way they speak, the things they speak about, and then we try it on ourselves.

One of my family’s oft-told legends was the day that I came home from Kindergarten and ran down to see our elderly neighbour in the garden, and I merrily dropped the ‘F-bomb’ on her. I was being like the big boys who went to my school. Needless to say, there was some explicit instruction at that point from my mother and the neighbour!

As we become older, and our experiences become broader, we internalise a broader range of scripts that we can call on in different situations. How does one act when in an audience? How does one behave in a solemn context? How do you modulate your conduct when with peers, with dignitaries, with employers? What is the way to approach a Saturday night party, or strike up a conversation with a stranger?

The term ‘role-model’ is so familiar to us that I think the concept is de-valued, but there are very few more powerful factors in shaping us. We learn from the people around us. Not just from their example, but also from their response to us. Validation, endorsement, amusement, disapproval. All these responses are potent in their formative effect on a young person.

The point that Winton makes is that silence from adults is not good enough. Dignified silence or withdrawal from displays of toxic behaviour is inadequate. He calls us – particularly men – not to police the boys or to condemn them, but to notice them. To count them as worthy of our attention. To have higher expectations of them. To provide them with scripts that are worth internalising and owning. To show them a better way of being a man and leading them into that path.

One of the challenges for a boys’ school is to ensure that there is both diversity and quality with reference to the scripts for masculinity. Diversity is essential, in that we want to affirm that there are many different ways to be a man. The School ought not to be a sausage-factory, wherein only one sort of man is validated, whether that is the rugby player or the high-achieving intellectual or the scientist. Our School needs to affirm that there are many different ways to be a good man.

And therein lies the challenge: we want good men. We want our boys to encounter and internalise scripts of masculinity that are decent and trustworthy and humble. We want the scripts to avoid entitlement, avoid misogyny, avoid self-centredness, and avoid crassness. We want them to understand what it means to take on responsibility, to act in the interests of others, and to do what is right.

As parents, who are the primary educators of their sons, and as a School community, let’s make sure that we continue to notice the boys, and to provide them with diverse and high-quality scripts for masculinity. In our words, and in our examples, they will learn how to be men.

Detur Gloria Soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

May 21, 2021

Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22

I have been reflecting on some reports of insubordination and sexism by our Cadet recruits that was uncovered in the Camp Feedback Forms we ask your sons and daughters to complete after their Annual Field Training each year, a matter that I raised with the boys and young men of the School last week at Quad Assembly. Of course, the School has been following up so that corrective action may be taken and individual students held to account, but it reminded me of the importance of not turning a blind eye to disrespectful behaviour, and the importance of pushing back against the discredited “boys will be boys” excuse that was once a common response to poor behaviour. I have written often of the importance of respect, the inextricable link between rights and responsibilities, and that young people make errors of judgement.

As a teacher of boys for over thirty years, I have attended many professional development seminars and workshops, but one that sticks in my mind was a seminar on behaviour management. The presenter, Dr Bill Rogers, made the point that for young people, it is not the severity of any ‘punishment’ that is most important, it is the certainty, and this is a mantra that has been reflected in my interaction with generations of Trinitarians. I am absolutely convicted that boys and young men have the right to experience the logical and proportional consequences for their actions, and that letting them off or giving them another chance  is counterproductive to the goal of leading the boy or young man to taking responsibility for his actions. Celia Lashlie, the author of one of my favourite books, He’ll Be Ok, says something similar when she suggests boys and young men need to be clear about the expectations, and what will happen if there is a breach of those expectations, in her amusing and pithy summary that boys “need to know what they have to do, when they have to do it by, and what happens if they don’t do it”.

The School insists on high standards. It prizes respectful relationships. It holds the unambiguous view that racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, or discrimination on the basis of gender, religious belief or skin colour is unacceptable. It understands young people have the right to be taught right from wrong, to be treated respectfully, and to experience the logical consequences of their actions.

Mr Bowden asked your sons a rhetorical question about how we learn to be a decent respectful adult earlier this week and posited that it was, in part, the importance of modelling, by significant others, of high standards of behaviour, but that children and young people also need to be proactively taught by schools and by families how to grow up to be men of character, decency and integrity.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

From the Head of the Preparatory School

May 21, 2021

Poetry Recitation Competition

For the past few weeks, the Primary boys have been memorising poems to perform in front of their classes. Three boys from each grade were then chosen as grade finalists and moved onto the next stage in the competition. On Monday 17th May we held the finals in the Gym in front of Year 3-6 students, parents and two adjudicators. The audience was treated to a variety of entertaining poems. Thank you and congratulations to all of the 2021 finalists!

The adjudicators Mr Spiro Christopoulos (Class of 2020) and Ms Joanne Gabbe commented on the extremely high standard of the finalists in the competition. The finalists’ own choice poems along with the compulsory poems were presented with great confidence that truly entertained the audience! In the end they had the challenging decision of deciding on the Grade Winners and the Overall Winner:

Year 3 – Christian Peries

Year 4 – Nicholas Khouzame

Year 5 – Domenic Alvaro

Year 6 and overall winner was Ryder Darlow.

Thank you again to all the boys in Years 3 to 6 for participating in the competition and all the parents who were able to join us for the Final Round of the competition.

National Simultaneous Storytime

On Wednesday the entire Prep School joined more than one million students from across Australia and the world to engage in this year’s National Simultaneous Storytime. The event is designed to bring an increased profile to the importance of literature and the enjoyment that can be gained through it. As a boys’ school, this is a critically important message…we want our boys to love reading!

Each year, a recently published picture book is chosen to be read aloud at exactly the same time across all participating schools in Australia. This year’s picture book was ‘Give me some Space! By Philip Bunting. Normally the book is read by someone within the school, however, this year the book was read by a guest and streamed to schools across the nation. What made this even more special was the guest was real-life astronaut, Shannon Walker, who read it from the International Space Station. The boys were captivated by both the book and the reading.

The event was made even more engaging by the boys’ wearing of home-made astronaut helmets. As with Book Week, it was clear that parents had embraced the opportunity to have some fun with this event and to help their boys design and make their helmets.

My thanks to the Prep Library Team for their organisation of Wednesday’s event and their constant encouragement of our readers.

Filming at the Prep School

On Tuesday the Prep School had its fifteen minutes of fame as we welcomed a film crew onsite to capture footage for the new promotional video being created by Trinity’s Marketing and Communications department. The boys were very interested with a few of them making every effort to be a appear ‘naturally’ in the background.

Upcoming Parent Information Session – Assessment and Reporting at the Prep School

Our Term 2 Parent Information Session will be held on Wednesday, 26th May at 6:00pm and again on Friday, 28th May at 8:30am.  The session will focus on Assessment and Reporting at the Prep School. At the recent Auxiliary Meeting we had a healthy discussion about the differences between primary school assessment and reporting practices and those of the High School. At this session, we plan to explore the thinking behind our assessment and reporting practices and paint a picture for parents about the transition into Middle School and beyond. I invite parents to join us for this session to find out more and to ask any related questions. This will also be an opportunity to provide some additional insights into how our new Flexible personalised learning approach in Years 5 and 6 is supporting the transition for students.

With the two different session times, we hope this makes it possible for parents to attend at a time that is convenient to them.

Parents are requested to RSVP for these events by completing this FORM.

Traffic Management

At the risk of appearing to be a broken record, I wanted to include a further reminder about the work we have done as a school community in recent years to minimise the impact of school related traffic on the local streets. These efforts are summarised in the Prep School’s Traffic Management Plan. We appreciate your ongoing partnership in this matter to ensure the Kiss and Ride continues to operate efficiently, safely and respectfully of our neighbours. A digital version of the brochure can be found at this link. Please also note that the Council Rangers have begun making irregular visits in the afternoons to ensure parents are respecting the road rules and this management plan.

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

‘Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.’

Romans 12:10

From the Head of the Junior School

May 21, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of the Junior School,

This term, we have been conscious of using language and shaping learning experiences in and outside the classrooms that emphasise the intentional growth journeys of good learners. At Monday’s Assembly, our guest was Weh Yeoh, known to the boys as the founder of the charity, OIC Cambodia. Weh visited to thank the boys and families for your amazing financial support for Term 1’s Day Without Speech. Together we raised over $17000! We took the opportunity to ask him to reflect on important lessons from his own school days. As a former Trinity student, Weh was perfectly placed to connect this semester’s two GROWTH themes, ‘Growth As A Learner’ and ‘Being a Trinitarian’. Weh reflected on the values instilled at Trinity and the experiences he had that have proved to be pivotal in his journey since he graduated. He particularly impressed upon the boys in Years 3-6 the value he now places on the diverse opportunities he had at Trinity and the importance of trying as many experiences as possible during your school years when you are discovering who you are. Of course, we are never too old to learn and Weh also made the boys aware of a challenge from OIC Cambodia to adults to attempt going without speech, not for the purpose of raising funds, but to help us appreciate the daily challenges faced by those with communication impairment. I encourage you to continue your own learning journey and have a go!

Congratulations go to the Year 5 and Year 6 boys who make up our Da Vinci Decathlon teams and who have achieved our best-ever results! The Year 5 team placed in three of the ten categories: 4th in Art and Poetry; 9th in Maths; and 10th in Code Breaking. The Year 6 team went one better, placing in four categories: 7th in Legacy (general knowledge); 9th in Engineering; 10th in English; and 13th in Code Breaking. Mrs Gossling was delighted with the attitude, application and teamwork of the boys both on the day and in preparatory training sessions. Well done, boys!

A highlight of this week was an opportunity for boys and staff to participate in the National Simultaneous Storytime, an event whereby students of all ages all around the nation stop to read the same story. On Wednesday, across our school, in classrooms and small groups, many students and teachers enjoyed live or streamed readings of Give Me Some Space! by Philip Bunting. It is a story that taps into natural curiosity about space whilst celebrating the precious and life-sustaining features of our own amazing planet. As always, the session was also a wonderful reminder of the joy experienced whenever we share stories together. Thank you to Mrs Bowden and Mrs Weber for coordinating the Junior School’s participation. Our reading to Kindergarten, Year 2 and their Year 6 buddies can be viewed below. 

As flagged last week, our re-scheduled K-2 Mother’s Day morning will take place next Friday 28 May in the Sports Centre (not the Centenary Centre). All other details remain the same as the original invitation. Access will be via the carpark and we will require you to register on arrival via the NSW Services app so please bring your phone. We hope all our K-2 mothers can join us for the boys’ performance and then some time in the classroom.

On the whole, the boys’ respect for the School in the way that they wear their uniform each day is pleasing. One aspect where there is room for improvement is in remembering to bring all appropriate items on days when boys are required to change: on PE days, after Tuesday morning practices and sometimes following training sessions on Thursdays. Packing the right items involves thinking ahead, being organised and exercising self-responsibility which are all habits we are trying to develop in each student. Please assist your son with appropriate reminders but do not do the packing task for your son, especially if he is in Year 5 or 6. Your son needs your support, but once he is used to the routines, he should be expected and able to bring his gear each day with a degree of independence.  

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

Psalm 19:1-4

House Points

May 21, 2021

Click here to view the weekly Leader Board.


Academic Focus

May 21, 2021

Making deliberate choices to shape a programme of study

One of the marvellous aspects of the journey through secondary school is the opportunity to make choices about our programme of study, to actively shape the pattern of courses to which we will commit our best effort. Last week, Year 10 students and parents met for the Year 11 2022 Course Information Evening and this week, Year 8 families gathered for their turn to explore the array of choices available to them in our newly designed Stage 5 curriculum. Next week, Year 7 families will have their turn to consider the language elective choice they are able to make for next year when an information booklet about Year 8 curriculum is made available to them.

Of course, with choice comes responsibility. At each evening I spoke to students about the responsibility of making a deliberate choice by acquiring all necessary information and taking up as many opportunities as possible for conversation with those who have greater expertise than us in the courses on offer and the shaping of individual programmes of study.  As students make these choices, they are encouraged to look through two lenses: firstly, that of current interests and successes and, secondly, the lens of challenge, asking themselves about opportunities to embrace new possibilities they may wish to explore and to set ambitious goals.  

While the School publishes detailed information about courses in our online sites, one of the purposes of the evening event is to make time for the conversations that are central to positive outcomes. Staff come to offer their expertise, answer questions and engage in thoughtful discussion as students weigh up the possibilities on offer. I would like to acknowledge the staff who prepared presentations of the highest quality and worked with such enthusiasm over the course of each evening. It is their expertise and passion that makes these evenings meaningful.

Another purpose of these big events is to mark the occasion by gathering and celebrating the new pathways opening up for our boys. I was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm our current Year 8 students brought to the evening this week. They had made good use of the information already provided to them; they had come with some fledgling plans and lots of questions. It was wonderful to see them engage deliberately with the greater choice now available, particularly as they conversed with teachers about the range of new 25-hour courses we will deliver in Year 9. Students elect three of these courses and study each one for a term. They are focused upon research and inquiry, helping students see the connections across multiple disciplines as they undertake investigation in areas such as entrepreneurialism and design, journalism, engineering, social justice, philosophy, architecture and sustainability. The Orchestra Room was transformed with a market-like atmosphere as families perused the gallery walk of courses on offer! My thanks again to the team of teachers who have been designing these courses to meet the needs and interests of Trinity students, and who gave their time generously on Wednesday evening to answer every question that came their way!

Student preferences are submitted online, via the personalised link sent to parents, by these dates:

  • Year 10 for Year 11 2022 on Wednesday 26th May
  • Year 8 for Year 9 2022 on Wednesday 2nd June
  • Year 7 for Year 8 2022 on Monday 7th June

Students and parents are warmly invited to contact the Curriculum Office if they would like further support as they make deliberate choices about their programmes of study for next year.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

News from The Arthur Holt Library

May 21, 2021

This week, we celebrated National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) – from space! NSS is an initiative of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) that sees a picture book read on the same day and at the same time by schools, pre-schools, bookshops, homes and libraries throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. It’s estimated that more than 1 million people would have been listening to this year’s book as it was read at 11 am on Wednesday morning.

What made this year especially exciting, though, was the fact that one of the readers was an astronaut on the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Shannon Walker read a book written especially for the event by Australian author Philip Bunting titled ‘Give Me Some Space’. The book details a young girl’s adventures in the solar system before she realises that everything she travelled so far to find can be found right here on Earth.

In what has become something of a tradition, the Head Master also read the book to a group of Year 1 students, accompanied by the School Captain in an astronaut costume. We hired a Planetarium for the occasion so the boys could hear the story under the stars and spot such constellations as Orion and his belt and the Big Dipper. The Planetarium was packed during recess and lunch and a number of Year 7 English classes were able to visit throughout the day.

Movie Club also adopted the week’s space theme, as did Friday’s morning tea, where staff were treated to space-themed cupcakes, music and a special reading by our Library Manager Mrs Courtney Nolan.

It was a wonderful opportunity to involve the students in conversations about books and also to remind them that reading is – and should always be – fun!

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

– Jhumpa Lahiri


May 21, 2021

University applications are open

The Year 12 Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) presentation for parents and students this week highlighted for our most senior students, that the university application process has commenced. Our 21st guest as part of the Futures Fair events this term was Ms Trudy Noller, the Community Engagement Manager at UAC. We were happy to see parents able to attend this presentation at school, with the option of connecting to the live stream. We have sent an email to Year 12 students and parents with a recording of the presentation, that you may view below or by clicking here.

Fit for purpose supporting documentation

With the university applications opening, the season for early entry and scholarship applications is upon us!

When applying for a scholarship, or early entry programme, it is important that students understand that the processes in place to allow them to respond individually, giving the institution the chance to get to know them as more than just a series of academic achievements. Responding to questions in these applications in a considered, thoughtful way will provide a well-rounded application that reflects genuine interest and commitment to the study pathway being applied for. A ‘cut and paste’ approach will only be useful if the questions being asked are exactly the same.

Just as for application questions being asked of students, letters of support or recommendation from the School will also be considered individually, with the aim of responding directly to the criteria identified. The process we have in place for preparing these documents takes time to complete as information from a range of sources in the School is included. Please encourage your sons to provide as much notice as possible if they require supporting documentation from the School.

Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses & Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor 

2021 Da Vinci Decathlon

May 21, 2021

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an academic opportunity where our students compete against a range of schools across NSW. This year was the first time that the competition was online and our teams connected via Zoom. It was an interesting experience in many ways. Our teams worked tirelessly as they persisted through a range of very challenging concepts. This year we had eight teams representing our school. The competition runs over three days. Tuesday 4 May – Years 7 and 8; Wednesday 5 May – Years 9 and 10; and Thursday 6 May – Years 5 and 6 (Junior and Preparatory Schools).

Here are some anecdotes from the students across the Year groups that were competing:

On Tuesday 4 May, the Trinity Grammar Year 7 Da Vinci Team participated in the Da Vinci Decathlon. This was an opportunity for our team to work together to complete a number of challenging tasks in a variety of specialty areas including Mathematics, Science, and Creative Producers. We all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and this was what ultimately led to us successfully attaining 4th in Science and 15th in Ideation. Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable and exciting experience that I was honoured to be a part of this year. Gregory Kariatlis (7La)

Da Vinci was very challenging. I found that the questions in Da Vinci were very different. I have never done those types of questions before. They were very new to me. For the English paper you had to know a lot about books and authors. The Creative Producer task was hard. You had to think of what you would do if given the chance to go back in time and change something. Art and Poetry was my favourite competition. As a team we could split up our efforts if someone was stuck. We could switch around and help each other. That was a good part of the day when we could help each other. I hope I do it again next year. Rory Ashcroft (5Hi) PS

We all worked together on challenging problems that seemed almost impossible to us individually which meant that, we had to different people in our group who specialised in the area we were working. Maths and Cartography were challenging. It was fun because it made us think for the whole day. Maxwell Leung (5Yo) JS and Ryan La (5Ta) JS

On Tuesday 4 May, the Year 8 Team competed in the Da Vinci Decathlon, which was online for the first time ever. I was glad to see everyone giving it their all in the competition as we raced against the clock to submit our responses in relation to the theme of chance. Each subject was unique and interesting, from building a mini-golf course to reading weather maps, to creating a three-dimensional artistic poem. Overall it was a fantastic experience that tested our critical thinking and creativity. Christian Ciarroni (8WJ)

Da Vinci was very challenging. It tested your skills to work as a team. To be successful you needed to use all your skills such as time management and self-management skills. They were necessary just to complete the tasks. At some points, time was not on our side and we had to rush our answers. Da Vinci was surprising in that it is very different from other experiences. Usually, you work on your own in competitions. For this competition, I had to collaborate with my teammates. The hardest part of Da Vinci was to get through all the papers and not give up. Sometimes it felt like it was breaking your mental spirit but you just had to keep trying. Working in a team, supporting each other made it easier for everyone. Alex Hu (6Hi)

I was extremely proud of the boys after the day. We had been working to the best of our ability with some banter to keep our spirits high. My personal favourite category would be Ideation, which really brought out our creativity and Science, which did extremely well in our Year group. Compared to 2019, online was much less stressful as the noise levels were down and it was easier to concentrate. An amazing effort made by all teams for the Decathlon. Ashton Yee (7Ta)

It was fun to be part of a team where everyone contributed to each category in the competition. Being online was an interesting experience where we had to work together. At one time we had five papers to submit. It was intense when we had to solve really challenging problems and we had to split up some papers so we could get the papers in on time. Dane Barns. (9WH)

Tha Da Vinci Decathlon is a day where we answer questions from ten different categories competing against schools from NSW. I really enjoyed the category titled Legacy as this was the only task that allowed for our whole team to work on something together. Most of the day we allocated different papers to pairs and trios depending on the strengths of each member. Matthew Nurcombe (6Fo) JS

Although the Da Vinci Decathlon this year was a different experience to previous years, it was challenging nonetheless. The virtual setting did not prevent us from thinking outside the box and we applied our academic and creative skills in ways we had not thought possible before. Overall, an excellent time. Timothy Woodyatt (11Du)

As Year 11 is the final year of the decathlon, I was honoured to be a part of this experience this year. Throughout the day, we operated as a group of eight across ten disciplines, delegating responsibilities according to our strengths. This was immensely rewarding and our team received two places in our Year group. George Dedousis (11Mu)

The decathlon acknowledges the top 18 places across the ten categories in the competition. Our Trinity results were overwhelming:

  • Year 5 JS: 4th – Art & Poetry, 9th – Maths, 10th – Codebreaking
  • Year 5 PS: 12th – Maths
  • Year 6 JS: 9th – Engineering, 10th – English, 7th – Legacy, 13th- Codebreaking
  • Year 6 PS: 6th – Creative Producers, 5th – Science
  • Year 7: 4th – Science, 15th – Ideation
  • Year 8: 3rd – Science, 15th – Maths, 15th – Ideation
  • Year 9: 14th – Cartography
  • Year 11: 3rd – Creative Producers, 12th – Legacy

Lisa Gossling | Head of Gifted and Talented Education

Year 5 Team, Junior School

Library News | Preparatory School

May 21, 2021

Prep Book Swap!

On Thursday 27th May we will be holding our Prep book swap. Thank you to all the families who donated books to help raise money for the Kunbarlanja Indigenous Community in the Northern Territory. Please remember to bring in your $1 coins to swap for each book that you would like to own.! Help us raise much needed funds!

Spare Library Bags

If you have any spare Library bags at home with our Library tag on it, please return it to the library as our box is empty. Please remind your son/s to bring their Library bag each week for their Library reading time so they can borrow books to read at home each week.

NSS Bookmark Competition

We have been overwhelmed with the wonderful response we have received for the National Simultaneous Bookmark Competition! We have received so many fantastic bookmarks that judging the winners will be a challenge. Thank you for all your hard work!

How to encourage your child to read

  1. Read it again and again- If your child is learning to read and is familiar with a book allow them to re-read it over and over as this helps them build speed & accuracy.
  2. Make Reading Real – Read books that relate to real life moments and experiences this helps children to relate to others experiences with the same event.
  3. Take a book with you wherever you go- Having a book with you if you are waiting at a doctor’s appointment keeps them occupied and also shows them you can always fit in time to read
  4. Dig Deeper into the story- Help you child engage in the story by asking questions about the characters & relating them back to life experiences
  5. Make reading fun- Encourage your child to choose a fun read i.e.- Graphic novels, magazines, cookbooks, newspapers and audio books.
  6. Allow them to take their time- Praise & support your child’s reading and help them sound out words by reading the sentences together, always praise their efforts
  7. The right book- Find books that aren’t too hard or too easy for your child to read. You can check this by allowing your child to read a few pages and asking questions about what they have read. If it is too hard or too easy try another book until you find the best fit.
  8. Play word games- This helps your child to learn to recognize and work with sounds in words. i.e. tongue twisters, conjunction words & rhyming words.
  9. Read to each other- Take turns in reading out loud to each other this helps improve reading skills, this allows your child to grow as a reader.
  10. Point out relationships with words – Talk about words whenever you can explain how related words similar meanings and spelling have, i.e. point out how wild and wilderness are spelt the same but are pronounced differently
  11. Make books special – Try to create a positive feeling around – have a special reading space/corner or reading time together. Give books as gifts.
  12. Make reading creative – Try creating a book together, staple pages together like a book, write and illustrate it together then read it in your special reading space.
  13. Let your child choose – children have different types of genres and books they like to read, let them choose books to read. The important thing is to practice reading, no matter where or how it happens
  14. Look for a series of books – Ask your librarian or teacher for suggestions about popular book series your child may like. Reading a book series helps them get familiar with tone, characters and themes

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

2021 Poetry Recitation Competition

May 21, 2021

Congratulations to all the boys who made it to the Final Round of the 2021 Poetry Recitation Competition. The audience was treated to a variety of entertaining poems on Monday 17th May. Thank you and congratulations to all of the 2021 finalists: Lewis Boey (3H), Cayden Tsang (3G), Christian Peries (3C), Sethum Udugama (4B), Nicholas Khouzame (4P), Jacob Tran (4M), Ronak Biswas (5O), Dominic Alvaro (5H), Mattias Doherty (5H), Marcus Chiam (6S), Ryder Darlow (6G), James Stylianou (6S).

The finalists’ own choice poems, written by a wide range of poets, were magnificently presented. The confidence and style in which the compulsory poems were recited was exceptional!

The adjudicators Mr Spiro Christopoulos (Class of 2020) and Ms Joanne Gabbe commented on the extremely high standard of the finalists in the competition. In the end they had the challenging decision of deciding on the Grade Winners and the Overall Winner:

Year Three Grade Winner: Christian Peries (3C)

Year Four Grade Winner: Nicholas Khouzame (4P)

Year Five Grade Winner: Dominic Alvaro (5H)

Year Six Grade Winner: Ryder Darlow (6G)

Overall Winner for 2021: Ryder Darlow (6G)

Thank you to all the boys in Year 3 to 6 for participating in the competition, the audience who displayed exemplary manners and the parents of the finalists who were able to join us for the Final Round of the competition.

Richard Lever | Deputy Head of the Preparatory School

Awards for the Week | Junior School

May 20, 2021

This week’s Junior School Award winners…


Cristian Kuman

Raphael Mesiti

Cooper Mitevski


Aaron Cherian

Merlin Nguyen

James Sutherland


Ian Deng

Stefan Pucoski


Kiran Mohanan

Felix Pearson

Hugo Purkis


Chris Faragallah

Leon Liu

Jake Luton

Tianyang Zhao


Anthony Fanos

Christopher Skouteris

Aidan Tay


David Ghaly

Zac Marques

Vito Zhou


Austin da Silva

Alexander Scott

Oscar Yang


Luca Farrell

Oliver Newton

Kai Pham


Benjamin De Lany

Owen Kingham

Matthew Nurcombe


Timothy Buultjens

Tom Henry

Luke Nada


Sam de Alwis

Charlie Earthrowl

Marcus Xistouris


Christian Antonio

Luca Farrell

Aidan Gasiorowski

Jack Lai

Daniel Orr

Charles Russell

Alexander Scott

Justin Tsia

Kobi Vickery


Oscar Hannan

Harry Ingram

Nathan Jones

Daniel Orr

Michael Whiting

Andrew Nicolopoulos


Eligh Balic

James Crook

Jolyon Gadiel

Seb Lamb

David Martin

Matthew Nurcombe

Ethan Peng

Charles Russell

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Library News | Junior School

May 20, 2021

We celebrated National Simultaneous Story Time in the Library on Wednesday. Mr Dunn was fabulous as an astronaut reading Philip Bunting’s book Give Me Some Space! Mr Dunn had the opportunity to read the story twice, once with the assistance of Kyriakos in Year 2 and Neil in Year 1 at the Infants Assembly.

The purpose of the National Simultaneous Reading time is an opportunity to promote the love of reading, literacy and the joy of books. The day also helps promote Australian writers and publishers. Boys in Year 6 sat with their buddies in the Library space listening to the story being read. Meanwhile a link for classroom teachers had been established for those boys in Years 3, 4 and 5 to watch on their big screens in the classroom, watching the performance live. Thank you to Mr Karagiannis for organising all of this.

Give Me Some Space! was written and illustrated by Philip Bunting and is about “a young girl Una who dreams of a life in Space. Life on Earth is just so so-so. But how will she get there? And will she complete her mission to discover life in Space? And did she remember to feed Neil the goldfish?”

We have a couple of copies in the Junior School Library if your son would like to borrow this book, or many other Philip Bunting books.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian.


Prep Sports Fixtures

May 21, 2021

Advance Notice for Compulsory Home Games 2021

May 21, 2021

The Compulsory Home Game information in the Record Book is incorrect and the new dates are listed below. Students in Years 7 to 11 will be required to attend two of the Compulsory Home Game fixtures below:

  1. Saturday 29 May – Trinity vs St Aloysius’ (Football, Volleyball, Rugby)
  1. Saturday 5 June – Trinity vs Knox (Football, Volleyball, Rugby)
  1. Saturday 31 July – Trinity vs Waverley (Football, Rugby)

From the three dates listed above, all students in Years 7 to 11 will be asked to attend one of the following sports on any two occasions. These include the First XI Football (10:15am), First VI Volleyball (12:00pm), or First XV Rugby (3:15pm). Students have a choice of which games to attend but must consider their own family commitments and sporting fixture. All students will be emailed a link allowing them to select their preferred two home games to attend. Places are limited, so please ensure your son makes his selection asap.

Rolls will be marked at each game. Boys MUST wear their full winter uniform. If it is raining on the day please check notifications via the Trinity App.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

House Championships Track & Field

May 21, 2021

Monday 7 June 2021 | Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre from 8:25am to 2:30pm

Compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 12 to attend

Your son will be attending the Years 7 to 12 House Championships Track & Field at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre on Monday 7 June 2021.  It is a compulsory school day and all students are expected to attend.  It is essential that you access the parent portal and enter information about your son as requested. Parents are welcome to attend the House Championships.

Dress for the day will be House sports uniform (i.e. House T-shirt and white or green shorts). Students may wear their track suit over their House sports uniform to and from school on this day when travelling on public transport.  The “Greg Chappell” (green or white) hat or white Trinity peak hat should be worn as should sun cream. Students will NOT be allowed to paint their face or hair as the students will be representing the School to the public when travelling to and from Sydney Olympic Park.

Even though students will have an opportunity to buy food and drink it is advisable for students to take their lunch and a drink.  Students must ensure that they drink plenty of water while at the Championships if it is hot.  It is advisable that students do not take valuable possessions to this event.

Buses will leave from the Summer Hill Campus at 8:25am to take all students to Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. It is anticipated that the events will finish at 2:20pm and buses will take students back to School or to Strathfield Station. Parents who wish to make independent transport arrangements to get their son/s to and/or from the venue must indicate this on the parent portal. Those students who have independent transport approval must be at the Athletics Centre and seated in their House areas by 9:00am. 

Only students that have the School’s written permission to drive cars will be able to drive to or from Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. Parking at the venue is four hours free parking then parking rates apply. Students are not permitted to take passengers in their cars unless they have the School’s written permission. No student will be dismissed prior to the end of the House Championships.

 Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

Rugby vs Patrick’s College

May 21, 2021

Results v St. Patrick’s College, Strathfield. Saturday, 15 May

This weekend’s fixtures saw Trinity take on St. Patrick’s College Strathfield for the second time this year. Once again it was an even split between our two schools, with Trinity claiming seven victories and St. Pat’s the remaining eight.

1st XV12 – 715C42 – 10
2nd XV7 – 13  14A31 – 17  
3rd XV0 – 24  14B29 – 7
4th XV0 – 2914C26 – 34  
16A10 – 2413A26 – 12
16B7 – 38   13B14 – 19
15A61 – 5  13C0 – 61
15B72 – 0    

Team of the Week

Another week of rugby, and another Monday morning headache trying to come up with a Team of the Week. For context, Kai Roberts (12La) and his man of the match performance for the 1st XV was not enough to keep Clark Foley (10Fo) from the 16As out of the team. This week’s team is:

  1. Juno Yim (12Ho) – 3rd XV
  2. Max Meagher (9Hi) – 15A
  3. Tyson Jackson (12Fo) – 1st XV
  4. Miles Brigham (10WH) – 16B
  5. David Sukkar (7Ta) – 13B
  6. Joel Kellaway (9Du) – 15B
  7. Clark Foley (10Fo) – 16A
  8. Sam Hohne (12Ke) – 2nd XV
  9. Ayman Kassem (7WH) – 13C
  10. Austin Daher (8Ke) – 14C
  11. Jonothan Bassily (9Yo) – 15B
  12. Tom Bermingham (8Mu) – 14A
  13. Jozef Cluff (7Ar) – 13A
  14. Juno Ananda (12Ar) – 4th XV
  15. Isaac Irwin (8Yo) – 14B

Leading Try Scorers & Point Scorers

Each week all our try scorers and point scorers are recorded and collated so we can track the achievements of the young men who represent Trinity on the rugby field each Saturday. After five games, these are our leaders:

 Try Scorers Point Scorers
10Christian Henriques 9He; Max Meagher 9Hi62Ashton Frazer 9Mu
9Mitchell Chen 10Ar50Christian Henriques 9He; Max Meagher 9Hi
7Angus Mansfield 7Ke; Jonothan Bassily 9Yo; and Sam Niulala 10St46Zachariah Alshehabi 9Du
6Olly White 12Fo; Zachariah Alshehabi 9Du45Mitchell Chen 10Ar
5Dawson Williams 9WJ; Logan Toohey 8Ke; and Jozeff Cluff 7Ar37Angus Mansfield 7Ke

Friends of Rugby

The Friends of Rugby (FOR) Committee is currently looking for parents who are interested in being involved for the 2021 season. In previous years, the FOR has been an invaluable asset to the Trinity rugby community; manning game day BBQs, raising funds for the Japan tour, purchasing dumbbells and other gym equipment for the entire school community as well as countless other essential roles. If you are interested in being a part of the Friends of Rugby for 2021, please contact me (msnowden@trinity.nsw.edu.au).

Mr. Mick Snowden | Director of Rugby

1st XV Match Report

A chilly autumn day greeted Trinity has we took on our neighbours St. Patrick’s College for the second time this season. With three Year groups in attendance along with a significant number of Old Boys, St. Pat’s were primed to atone for their previous 22-12 loss.

The game started at a furious pace with St. Pat’s dominating both territory and possession; this coupled with the early loss of Bertie Alcock (12WJ) to a yellow card, meant that Trinity were on the back foot early. Thankfully, the training weeks’ focus on defensive structure paid dividends with Trinity’s general phase defence seemingly untroubled by the St. Pat’s attack. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for our set-piece defence, as St. Pat’s cut the Trinity backline to ribbons on several occasions and only some desperate cover defence saved the scoreboard attendant from unwanted work.

Eventually the Trinity boys settled into the game and began to minimise the impact of the vocal crowd. Strong running from Tyson Jackson (12Fo), Alisi Leao (11Mu) and Leo Byfield (12Ke) enabled Trinity to take control of the game, resulting in Trinity camping themselves deep into St. Pat’s territory for the remainder of the half. Unfortunately, some impressive scramble defence from St. Pat’s would see Ronan Hennessy (12St) held up over the line and another try go begging when a clear overlap was ignored. The result was a scoreless first half and some tired bodies.

The second half started in much the same fashion as both teams tried to get on top in the territory battle with both 10s trying to kick their team into control of the match. Thankfully, Hunter Hannaford (12Du) got the better of that battle and Trinity continued to pile on the pressure. After an extended period of attack, Tyson Jackson crashed over from a quick tap, the ensuing conversion would see Trinity out to 7-0 lead. Almost immediately St. Pat’s hit back with a quick tap try of their own, the conversion missed to the right, and things were much tighter at 7-5.

Despite the noise from the crowd and the pressure from St. Pat’s, the men in green and white held their nerve. Long periods of quality attack saw us build phase after phase inside the St. Pat’s 22, eventually some smart lead up work from Hunter Hannaford would see Ronan Hennessy cross in the corner to extend our lead to 12-5.

A late St. Pat’s attacking raid was repelled and our 1st XV secured their 5th consecutive win to start the year. A new challenge awaits this week against The Shore School.

Final Score: Trinity 12 defeated St. Patrick’s College 5

Tries: Tyson Jackson (1) & Ronan Hennessy (1)

Conversions: Hunter Hannaford (1)

Mr. Snowden and Mr. Pay | 1st XV Coaches

2nd XV Match Report

A cool Autumn morning greeted us for the return fixture against St Patrick’s College – our only opportunity this year to have a second crack at a team and after a narrow defeat at the hands of SPC late last term, the team was keen to build on the strong performance against St Pius and get one back on their inner-west rivals.

As was the case the last time they met, the teams were evenly matched, and it was clear from the outset that we were in for an arm-wrestle. St Pat’s grabbed the early lead, drawing a penalty in front of the posts and kicking the three points. However, the Trinity men took control of a number of facets of the game, in particular, a set piece where we were dominant at scrum time and commanding in the lineout. Nick Keogh was on point with his throws while Will Blanchfield carried well in attacking from the ruck. This good work saw us travel downfield to eventually cross the line after some good work from Sam Hohne at the back of the scrum. Michael Lindsey converted, and after 22 minutes we were in the lead 7 points to 3. We were unable to further capitalise on possession for the remainder of the half and entered the break with a 4-point lead.

The boys knew this game was theirs for the taking but would need to lift their speed in both attack and defence and use the tail wind to play a territory game. However, TGS did not cope well with a scrappy breakdown and were unable to execute in the same way they did the previous week. Frustration grew from a lack of front foot ball and St Pat’s drew first blood in the half, a try giving them a one-point lead. With the game seemingly poised to go either way, it did feel as though Trinity would break through as the game wore on, but a number of mistakes allowed St Pat’s to take the ball downfield to score in the 56th minute. Unfortunately, this is where the game ended – Trinity suffering another agonisingly narrow loss.

There was much to take out of this game – the loss certainly did not come about through lack of effort or grit. The boys are laying it all on the line when they take the field which is great to see. However, with a few tweaks in positional play I have no doubt the boys can bounce back into the winner’s circle next week.

Final Score: Trinity 7 defeated by St. Pat’s 13

Tries: Sam Hohne (1)

Conversions: Michael Lindsey (1)

Mr. Kearsley and Mr. Ikeuchi | 2nd XV Coaches

Age Group In Focus | Under 16s


On Saturday we visited Breen Oval for their clash against St Patrick’s College. After sub-standard outings in the previous trial matches, the team were eager to put a more complete performance together. Injuries and illness during the week meant that some creative strategies were required to ensure strength across the park. Captain George Sarandos (10St) moved from the front row to flyhalf and back row forward Raphael Antunes (10He) slotted in at inside centre. Better defensive communication and greater intensity at the breakdown were focus areas during training and we emphasised the need for better execution in both of these areas. From the first kick-off it was obvious that the team had taken this onboard and were up to the task. They were playing with greater intensity and their will to succeed was palpable.

The first half was a tight affair with neither team able to breach the opposition’s defence or capitalise on the small opportunities that were presented. However, consistent pressure from Trinity toward the back end of the first half forced the hosts to concede multiple penalties, ultimately resulting in Hunter Goldsborough (11Fo) kicking one over for a 3-0 half time lead. In the second half, some minor lapses in concentration enabled St Patrick’s to score three tries and kick a penalty of their own. While the team could easily have opted to ‘throw in the towel’, they showed great character and determination to fight their way back into the game. Kelvin Kong (10Ar) took advantage of an intercept to score a try and set up an exciting finish. Time was not on our side and the game finished 10-24 but there are certainly more positives than negatives to take away from this fixture. Several players performed well but special mention must be made of Clark Foley (10Fo), Jacob Johnstone (10Sc), Bede Dunn (10St) and Ari Tashtan (10Ke), all of whom had highly impressive outings. Buoyed by this performance, the team will be looking to improve even further as we build towards the first round of the CAS competition.

Final Score: Trinity 10 defeated St. Pat’s 26

Tries: Kelvin Kong (1)

Conversions: Hunter Goldsborough (1)

Penalties: Hunter Goldsborough (1)

Mr. Smallfield and Mr. Di Paola | 16A Coaches


Against St Patrick’s the 16Bs showed further incremental improvement, securing our ball at the breakdown and supporting teammates running up the ball. Miles Brigham (10WH) was outstanding in this respect, winning man of the match for his ever-ready enthusiasm and physical presence. Furthermore, Aiden Carmichael (10Hi) kept the ball moving despite some challenging off the ball play from our opponents. As the game drew to a close, Jonah Arraj (10Hi) was still expending all his energy in attack and defence, and Sam Foung (10Sc) scored the final points right on full time.

Final Score: Trinity 7 defeated St. Pat’s 38

Tries: Samuel Fong (1)

Conversions: Angus Jenkins (1)

Mr. Miller and Dr. Barden | 16B Coaches

Football Report Week 4, Term II, 2021

May 21, 2021

There has always been healthy competition with Barker College in Football and last Saturday was no different in CAS Round 4 where Opens, Year 10, and Year 7 played at home whilst Years 8 and 9 made the trip up the Pacific Highway. A reflection of the even competition was Trinity winning 12, Barker winning 11, there being five draws, with Trinity scoring 53 goals and Barker scoring 51 goals.

CAS Selection

Congratulations to the students below who were selected in CAS teams to compete in the CIS Championships later this term.

Opens Selection:

  • Sebastian Boffa (12Yo)
  • Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ)
  • Jordan Mikhael (12Ke)
  • James Khoury (12We)

U16 Selection:

  • Louis Agosti (11Yo)
  • Jacob Christou (10St)

1st XI

After a pleasant victory over Cranbrook last week, the boys in green and white were eager to kick off CAS Round 4 with a victory against Barker College. This was a much-needed win for the boys to go four points in front of Barker who were in 2nd place behind Trinity. This game would see Trinity play their second game on No. 3 oval, returning to their traditional home ground after 12 years. As soon as the first whistle blew, Trinity were dominant with James Andrianakos (11Yo) creating many chances, being unlucky not to put Trinity up, as well as the boys in midfield James Khoury (12Yo), Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) and Fenn Hodgson-Yu (12WJ) who put in an impressive first half display. After a favorable first half from the Trinity boys, the second half brought many exciting moments with both teams looking to put themselves ahead. Some crucial saves from Lucas Pezzano (12Fo) and great defence from Adam Pascale (12Ke) kept the game at 0-0. However, after the effort the boys had put in, Trinity conceded a goal one minute from to spare which saw Barker take a 1-0 victory over Trinity, putting them two points ahead of the green and white. After a disappointing loss, many learning moments were provided with the team aiming to bounce back and progress to face Waverley College in Round 5 of CAS.

Thomas Stobierski (12WJ)

2nd XI

After a strong win against Cranbrook the week prior, Trinity looked to gain another win against Barker, the current competition leader. Trinity began the game with intensity, keeping Barker on the back foot. Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) and Louis Agosti (11Yo) made light work of Barker’s defence, creating countless opportunities for teammates and themselves through their crafty movements with the ball. Trinity found it hard to score over the course of the game but in the 50th minute, broke through as Zethan Zaiter (10Ta) scored a cracking goal from the left corner of the 18-yard box to put Trinity up 1-0 with ten minutes remaining. A continued strong midfield performance from Daniel Bosnich (12Fo) and Ricardo Delgado (12St) kept Trinity on the offensive, through their great passing and ball movement. After some unlucky events Trinity allowed Barker the opportunity to score with minutes to spare, which left both teams in the same position as they entered the game.

James Arthur (12WH)


The 10As faced a formidable Barker College team. The tussle swayed back and forth, with both teams creating opportunities in the first half. After Barker broke the deadlock late in the half, our boys kept persevering and were rewarded midway through the second half with an excellent team build-up of play, culminating with a superb cross from debutant Jack Martin (10Sc) that was neatly headed into goal by Liam Rippon (10La). Unfortunately, a defensive lapse led to a penalty goal and a 2-1 loss.

Mr. Z Arambasic | Coach


The 10Bs came out firing with a strong press and attacking play in the first half, only to be drawing 0-0 at halftime. Peter Argyrou (10Fo) came closest to sealing the winner after his strike from nearly 20 yards out bounced down off the crossbar. The game ended 0-0. Player of the match for Trinity was Oliver Dawson (10WJ) who was remarkable in goals and kept us in the game with some exquisite saves. He was also well supported by Harry Parsonage (10Ta) who was a brick wall in defence. Cody Lambert (10HE) had a solid first game back and was key in transitioning forward.

Mr. Paul Apostolopoulos | Coach


The 10C Football team started strongly with great attacking play, as Jaden Leung (10Hi) found the back of the net off a great rebound effort from a shot from Noah De Barros (10Ke). The team continued to put pressure on Barker, but some mistakes in the midfield led to three quick goals from the opposition. Ryan De Dominics (10Fo) and Finley Ross (10WH) were stellar in defence, clearing balls and constantly putting their bodies on the line, which led to Trinity’s second goal from Nicholas Katsiris (10Ta). Trinity began the second half determined to trim the lead and some strong play from Luca Ratnavadivel (10Du) up front along with great passing from Oliver Stubbs (10Ho) helped to draw a free kick outside the box. Adam Taleb (10Mu) struck the ball beautifully, finding the equalising goal. The pace continued back and forth frantically as Trinity were unable to score again after a couple of great efforts from the team. Barker secured the winning goal in the final two minutes, finishing the game 3-4.

Mr. Brook Pearce | Coach


The 10D Football team looked ready to bounce back after a disappointing loss to Knox and jumped out of the gate with two early goals from Finn Ramanauskas (10Ke). Plenty of lovely through balls from James Kountouris (10Mu) kept the attacking pressure on Barker throughout the half. With some stellar defensive efforts from Mike Lin (10Sc), Hamish Gray (10Ho), Alexander Ko (10We) and Sean Hanrahan (10Du), Trinity were able to stave off multiple attempts from the Reds and continue to push the ball downfield. A spectacular effort from Felix Ballantine-Jones (10Hi) in goal prevented Barker from finding goal on multiple occasions. With the defensive side of the ball being taken care of, Pavle Ceprnja (10St) was the recipient of some great team passing from Enoch Chan (10Du), and found the back of the net three times for a hat-trick, including a shot from outside the box. A final score of 6-2 to Trinity put them back in the winner’s circle as the team looks to build off the momentum going into next week’s match against Waverley.

Mr. Brook Pearce | Coach

CAS Round 4 vs Barker College | Trinity Football Team Of The Week

Evan Du
(i) – 7H
 Jonathon Nam
(iv) – 9E
 Ethan La
(i) – 8G
 Jack Gonzi
(i) – 6th XI
 Laud Codjoe
(i) – 3rd XI
  Daniel Prodigalidad
(i) – 5th XI
Declan Tan
(i) – 8F
Sebastian Boffa
(i/ii) – 1st XI
 Jack Barter
(i) – 4th XI
Peter Galanos
(ii) – 7E
  Oliver Dawson
(vii) – 10B

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v. Sportsmanship

vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football and Director of Football Coaching

Results Vs Barker College 15th May 2021

Type of GameOppositionTeamTrinity ScoreOpposition ScoreResult
CAS Round 4Barker7A12Loss
CAS Round 4Barker7B16Loss
CAS Round 4Barker7C20Win
CAS Round 4Barker7D14Loss
CAS Round 4Barker7E70Win
CAS Round 4Barker7F10Win
CAS Round 4Barker7G10Win
CAS Round 4Sydney Grammar7H31Win
CAS Round 4Barker8C22Draw
CAS Round 4Barker8D00Draw
CAS Round 4Barker8E01Loss
CAS Round 3Barker8F00Draw
CAS Round 2Barker8G09Loss
CAS Round 4Barker9A42Win
CAS Round 4Barker9B61Win
CAS Round 4Barker9C30Win
CAS Round 4Barker9D10Win
CAS Round 4Barker9E42Win
CAS Round 4Barker10A12Loss
CAS Round 3Barker10B00Draw
CAS Round 4Barker10C34Loss
CAS Round 4Barker10D62Win
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 1st XI01Loss
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 2nd XI11Draw
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 3rd XI02Loss
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 4th XI20Win
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 5th XI20Win
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 6th XI02Loss
CAS Round 4BarkerOpens 7th XI27Loss

AFL CAS Round 4 | Saturday, 15 May 2021

May 21, 2021

After a wash-out in the lower ages groups for Round 3, the men of Trinity were relocated to H J Mahoney Reserve, in what would be a home fixture against both Waverley and Barker (Opens), experiencing mixed results. The 7/8s teams again split the results evenly between the two schools, with the As putting on an impressive fightback after giving up early goals in the first quarter to narrowly lose, while the Bs won convincingly to draw level. The 1sts unfortunately went down against Waverley in difficult conditions, as the wind picked up and made scoring difficult. The 9/10s started well, but had several injuries to the squad which limited their ability to sustain the pressure and ultimately gave the opposition too many scoring opportunities.

Team of the Week: Round 4

Excellent performances all around have seen the following nominations for Team of the Week. Several good defensive performances and willingness to make repeat contests see a strong backline selection. While the forward line comes from several players who provided many score assists on the weekend and helped finish off hard work from the midfield players.

FBAndrew Stone (9Ho)Liam Wingrave (10Ar)Indiana Murphy (9Ta)
HBMax Anderson (9Hi)Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo)Adam Tennant (Ta)
CCaleb Kwan (10Ta)Tom Huber (8We)Toby Chan (8Fo)
HFNicholas Enno (12Hi)Sam Darling (11Hi)Lachlan Wolfe (11St)
FFNicholas Magoulas (12Sc)Benjamin Gallo (7He)Seamus Horrigan (7Mu)
RRAndrew Hoskinson (8He)Nik Schofer (7Ta)Nash Waters-Delaney (7Hi)

Round 4 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

We now have a tie at the top of the ladder. With only six rounds left in the season, all players will be looking for opportunities to kick a bag and pull away from the chasing pack.

4Brodie Fortescue
4Lachlan Ellis
3Brooklyn Virgo
3James Moore
3Mikias Williams
2Lachlan Wolfe
2William Constanti
2Nicholas Magoulos
2Sam Darling

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 4, 2021

After a spirit-lifting warm-up session, run by the one and only coach, Mr. Jackson, the chances of winning were seemingly at an all-time high against a tough Barker team. However, it would turn out that Barker was not the only opposition we would be facing on Saturday, as a strong wind saw both teams struggle to play the opposite side of the ground. The opening minutes were the most crucial of the game, with the Trinity team showing key lapses in concentration to allow Barker to kick the opening three goals of the game.

Quarter time provided much needed relief and a chance to regroup and find our bearings, with Trinity able to slowly work their way back into the match by chipping away at the scoreboard and stem the flow of Barker scoring opportunities. The goal of the game occurred in this quarter as the ball entered the forward line against the wind, as Nicholas Magoulas (12Sc) had pushed away from his opposite defender to take mark of the year. This mark would make a circus juggler jealous, as he showed deft touch and soft hands to juggle the ball five times, against heavy winds, all while beating a determined Barker defender in the marking contest. Yet despite these difficult circumstances, he managed to hold onto the ball, placing him directly in front of goal. He capped off this excellent marking effort by calmly going back and nailing the kick between the centre posts, seeing Trinity’s first points and laying the foundations to what was looking like a promising comeback. He was also unlucky to be denied a second goal for the quarter, with an uncertain touched ball decision going against his as he soccered it off the ground. Unfortunately, Barker’s strong offensive plays had them reply with another goal soon after, with Trinity narrowly winning the quarter but not making as much progress as was hoped on the overall deficit.

The third quarter saw us again up against the wind, as swirling conditions made it near impossible to score, yet the wind proved ineffective in stopping Samuel Darling (11Hi) from scoring from 40 metres out on a difficult angle, to keep the comeback hopes alive.

The last quarter saw repeated Trinity raids on the Barker defence go unrewarded, as the opposition flooded numbers behind to make the Trinity forward line congested. This, combined with the wind, made it difficult to switch the Trinity angle of attack, and the repeated boundary stoppages slowly chipped away at the remaining time to complete the comeback.

Despite all our efforts in keeping the Barker side scoreless for the second half, with several desperate diving scrambles from Liam Wingrave (10Ar) in defence, Barker’s initial flurry of first-quarter goals proved too big a deficit to overcome, leading to Trinity’s eventual loss, despite winning three of the four quarters for the day. Trinity take some encouragement in the knowledge that with our combined effort level we are capable of matching it with any CAS school, and the challenge for next week will be to sustain this effort for a full four quarters.

A special mention must go out to Brodie Fortescue (12Ta), who provided the team with physical dominance both in the air and on the ground throughout the game, in a difficult day for marking forwards, as well as providing strong encouragement of his teammates throughout the day.

The best on-field goes to Lachlan Wolfe (11St), whose fast, explosive bursts out of packs, combined with his excellent footskills and pinpoint passing, provided the spark needed for numerous attacking plays and ultimately led to both Trinity goals for the day.

Score: Barker 4.16.40 def Trinity 2.5.17

Goals: N. Magoulas, S. Darling

Bests: L. Wolfe, L. Wingrave, S. Darling, N. Enno, E. Grogan, G. Willis

Nicholas Enno (12Hi) | 1st XVIII Vice-Captain

Trinity celebrate a successful shot at goal

9/10 As

Trinity started well, and if not for a few lapses in concentration, could have kept the opposition scoreless in the opening quarter. Unfortunately, injury and fatigue impacted the squad in the second half, as the opposition capitalised on their early work in front of goal to run out winners. Special mention to the backline pair of Andrew Stone (9Ho) and Max Anderson (9Hi), who repelled numerous opposition attacking raids with hardball wins and clearing kicks. They were well supported by Indiana Murphy (9Ta) at centre-half back, who was a welcome addition back from the Field Studies Centre. The squad will be better for the run, having been washed out last week, and are looking forward to the challenge of Newington this weekend.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As had a slow start and let Waverley kick three goals in the opening quarter, which could have been more if not for the efforts of Adam Tennant (8Ta) in defence, which required them to work their way back into the contest. They showed renewed energy in the second quarter, as they started to chip away at the deficit. Andrew Hoskinson (8He) was placed into the ruck and used his size and speed to great effect, giving his midfielders first opportunity and providing numerous handballs to running teammates. The hard running of Josh O’Connell (8Ar) was well rewarded as he ran the length of the ground to link up with numerous players and ultimately soccer through a great goal from point-blank range against a diving Waverley defender to give Trinity a chance. Unfortunately, the first quarter lapse proved too great, and despite winning the remaining quarters of football, the As were unable to overcome the deficit. Trinity will look to bounce back next week against Shore in what should be an exciting Round 5 contest.

7/8 Bs

The 7/8 Bs remain the only undefeated team in Trinity AFL, winning in a well fought contest against Waverley on the weekend. Excellent efforts from Tom Huber (8We) and Toby Chan (8Fo) in the midfield helped Trinity win the inside contests, which then allowed Nik Schofer (7Ta) and Nash Waters-Delaney (7Hi) to send us forward and give us multiple opportunities to score. An excellent goal assist from (Seamus Horrigan 7Mu) put the result beyond doubt, as he handballed to a running player who kicked truly. Excellent work from all players ensured a hard-fought victory, who will look to extend the winning-streak next week against Shore.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

Tennis vs Barker College

May 21, 2021

Last weekend’s fixture was against Barker College and there were some brilliant individual and team achievements. However, it would be fair to say that, overall, Barker won the day, with a lion’s share of the victories. Our students tried to the best of their abilities and must be commended for their resilience and sportsmanship over the course of the day.

The composition the 1st and 2nd IV teams, still missing key players, was almost the same as the previous week against Cranbrook. The exception was the return of Angelo Shi (9Sc) who slotted back into the 2nd Team and looked sharp despite his recent absence. The 1st IV aspired to be competitive against the undefeated competition leaders, but this in did not eventuate on the day. The Barker team were too strong in all aspects of play and deserved their 8 sets to love victory. However, there were some periods of competitive play by James Kim (10Ar) and Sam Kang (9La), particularly in the second doubles match. Dylan Guler (11WH) performed well in his singles match, against the number one ranked CAS player, and won some beautifully constructed points over the course of the contest. James Kim likewise played some attractive tennis in the second singles match, particularly in the early stages of the set. Max Knauer (10Ho) and Sam Kang were beaten comprehensively but showed moments of brilliance and exemplary shot-making capabilities, as they transversed a minefield of bomb serves and heavy groundstrokes inflicted upon them by their quality opposition.

Likewise, the 2nd IV went down fighting, with the best result of the day coming from Nathan Tsang (8Du) in his Singles match. Nathan lost narrowly, 4-6, against a cunning and powerful opponent, who surely breathed a sigh of relief after his lucky escape. Returning from injury Angelo Shi was competitive in his singles but conceded to many unforced errors to build enough pressure to take the win. Big serving Jayden Higgins (10He) had to be content with second place in his singles encounter but should be proud of the persistent nature of his performance. Domenic Furfaro (9Ar) played to the best of his ability, exhibiting a flurry of powerful groundstrokes along the way. Both teams are looking to bounce back tomorrow against a more evenly matched opponent in form of Waverley College, and we welcome the return from injury of Finn Taylor.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

J. Kim
D. Guler

3rd and 4th IVs

In a season of close matches and near misses, we had assumed no round could provide more tension than the one game loss to St Aloysius’. How wrong we were! The 3rds got off to the ideal start on Saturday with two fine doubles victories. The No. 1 contest showcased great attacking play from both sides – both Justin Yang (12WH) and Liam Ling (12La) executed some remarkable volleys and groundstrokes. Nikhil Kapoor (12Yo) and Daniel Tran (12Ta) were very dominant in the second doubles, allowing their opponents only one game! Unfortunately, the tide then turned, and only Nikhil was able to resist the Barker comeback. Everyone else fought gamely, and at times with tennis of the highest quality, but the Barker boys were as determined as they needed to be. The fixture ended in a tie: 3 sets all, 28 games all. The battle will resume next term.

The 4ths must have decided that their coach didn’t really need too much more tension on a beautiful Saturday morning, or so it seemed. Nick Papadopoulos (11He) and Jack Vine (11Mu) toughed out a 7-5 triumph, while Callum McLeod (12He) and Max Guo (12Ar) crushed their opponents. Three of the four singles were won by Trinity, including another gritty victory to Jack, who overcame both his opponent and the difficulty of getting used to a new racquet. The 5 sets to 1 margin was a true indication of Trinity’s superiority on the day, but I’m sure this will not result in complacency against Waverley College.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

5th and 6th IVs

Last Saturday, both the 5th and 6th IV tennis sides played their best series of matches of the season thus far. Even better, they did so after a set of clear defeats last week. The key difference for the two sides was consistency. That is, despite the unfriendly playing conditions, we made fewer errors and forced the opposition to play ‘the extra shot’ to win the point.

In the 5ths, Kevin Zhang (11Ho) and Alex Zou (12Yo) combined well to win their doubles match 6-2. These two in particular battled adverse conditions, playing on a court which was unsheltered from the blustery weather. Kevin then went on to win his singles 6-2, while Alex lost a close encounter 7-5. While Jt Xia (11Fo) and Young Hoo Cho (11La) missed out on playing doubles, they both performed extremely well to win both their respective singles matches 6-0. Overall, the 5ths won 5 sets to 1.

In the 6ths, John Sakoutis (12Du) and Chris Grubisich (12La) played their best doubles match yet. They showed good synergy throughout and won 6-1. They then made light work of their singles opponents to win both their matches 6-0. The other doubles pairing of Logan Ng (11WJ) and Varun Iyer (11WJ) have had the most consistent stroke play of any of the boys so far this season. They were rewarded for their efforts with a 6-0 win in doubles. They then backed up their performances in singles to win 6-0 and 6-1 respectively.

If the 5ths and 6ths are able to match this level of consistency in the coming weeks, they will be a major threat to any team they come across.

Thomas Thorpe | Coach

10As and 10Bs

Considering the score line of one set to five, the competition between the 10As and the Barker boys was on par. With both doubles matches going to a tie break, our boys looked a bit nervous towards the end of the set and made some uncharacteristic mistakes. Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) played his singles match differently to his doubles; his shots were not coming off as well as they did in his first match.

Mark Charas (10Ho) looked like the better tennis player in his singles, but doubles faults let him down which cost him the match. Andrew Yang (10Hi) played an exceptional singles game, hitting the ball with control and power, allowing him to get up 6-4.

The 10Bs, although going down and unable to win a set, were very much in the matches against their opponents. The rallies were very enjoyable to watch but that key aspect in tennis is what let them down…. consistency! Unforced errors have been a big part in the 10Bs this season and has cost them matches. Oscar Shen (10Yo) and Jack Burge (10He) played very well and definitely had the ability to win both their matches. Alexander Jacob (10Fo) and Oliver Highett Smith (10Hi) showed glimpses of great tennis but lacked the ability to hit more winners.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

10Cs and 10Ds

First win of the season! Congratulations to Lachlan Chung (10Ho), Ty Garaci (10Ho) and Jackson Dumesich (10WJ) for playing a part in this victory. Jackson is getting better and better every week. Despite losing 2-6 in his singles, Jackson kept up with his opponents in rallies and hit some very nice shots. It was wins all round for Lachlan and Ty, both boys showing off the skills they’ve only showed parts of in the last few weeks. The boys took on board tips that were given to them and it paid off.

The 10Ds once again showed great sportsmanship in their matches, the boys just needing to find some fight in their game to win some easy points. Ashvin Peter (10Ho) and Mark Gadalla (10Fo) played well and hit some really good shots in rallies. Jonathon Liu (10La) played out a really good singles coming back from behind to get his match to 4-6, but unfortunately unable to finish off vital points.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

9As and 9Bs

The As played Barker this Saturday at Haberfield Tennis centre on a very cold morning. This turned out to be a very difficult fixture as the depth of the Barker tennis program was too much for Trinity. The boys performed admirably and fought till the end, but Barker were ultimately a class above, winning all six matches comfortably.

It was a similar story for the Bs as the Barker boys proved to be too good on the day. Despite losing, the Trinity boys should be proud of their efforts and their sportsmanlike conduct in defeat. Special mention goes to Finn Hutchinson (9Fo) and Matthew Vickery (9WJ) who had the closest matches of the fixture. In particular, Matthew saved a couple of match points and showed great fighting spirit in his match, producing some brilliant shots under pressure.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

9Cs and 9Ds

With a lot of changes to the team this week due to injury and absentees, it was always going to be difficult against a strong Barker side. Unfortunately, despite Trinity’s best efforts, Barker were able to win all fixtures. Special mention goes to William Deller (9Ho) and Luke Savage (9La) who played a brilliant doubles match, mixing tenacity with patience and consistency. They were unfortunate to go down 4-6 in the end but should be congratulated on pushing their opponents all the way.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

8As and 8Bs

The 8As were trying hard to get a win from Barker this round but they unfortunately lost 6 sets to 0. Maxi Tsai (8Fo) and James Davies (8St) seemed to be trying hard in their doubles game; both boys were hitting well but need to improve upon communicating during points. Maxi at times played some good points. His serves were very strong and consistent, but he was playing his best tennis when he was at the net. He just needs to be mindful when hitting groundstrokes that he needs to try and control the ball a bit more. James was hitting a bit more consistently this round. His serves and groundstrokes were consistent, but he needs to work on his footwork a lot more as he seems to be finding it difficult to recover and continue the point after some shots. Travis Ng (8WJ) and Christian Laurens (8La) played well during their doubles match; the boys had good communication and were a good doubles pair this weekend. Travis at times was hitting the ball well but similarly to James, he needs to focus on recovering and getting ready for the next shot as he seems to struggle getting around the court. Christian was hitting quite well over the weekend; his groundstrokes and volleys were strong and consistent. He just needs to focus on improving the consistency of his serves.

The 8Bs had a tough round against Barker over the weekend losing 6 sets to 0. Matteo Larrota (8Sc) and Mitchell Bowden (8La) tried hard on the weekend. During their doubles, the boys were playing well but did not seem to communicate very well during points. Mitchell was hitting some good shots over the weekend and was quite consistent. However, he should try to focus on improving his volleys, because during the doubles he seemed to be struggling with returning shots while he was close at the net. Matteo was playing well; he was quick on the court and was hitting good groundstrokes consistently. He just needs to improve upon his serves by adding a bit more pace and topspin. Jonathan Ly (8Sc) and Ravin Chowdhury (8Fo), both tried hard this past weekend. Once again, these boys were moved up from the Bs, so this was a challenging match-up for them. Jonathan was playing very well during his matches; he was quick on the court and he was hitting groundstrokes very consistently. Ravin also tried his best and was hitting consistent serves and groundstrokes. He just needs to try and move around the court a bit more and work on his footwork when hitting groundstrokes.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

8Cs and 8Ds

The 8Cs boys played very well and tried their hardest to get the win over the weekend, but they unfortunately lost 4 sets to 2. Grayson Doig (8He) and Leopold Vo (8WH) played well again together over the weekend winning their doubles match 7-5. The boys are a great match-up, they have not lost a doubles match this season and they both seem to have great teamwork and communication. Grayson was playing well and tried very hard to get the win over the weekend but lost by a couple games. He was quick to the ball and his serves were consistent. He just needs to try hitting his groundstrokes with a bit more pace and topspin. Leopold was playing very well over the weekend and won both his doubles and singles matches. His serves were very strong and consistent this weekend along with his groundstrokes. Elliot Russell (8Fo) and Gabe Stavropoulos (8WH) were playing well together over the weekend and came close to a win in their doubles. Elliot was serving better this weekend, but he just needs to work on improving his consistency and increasing his pace with his groundstrokes. Gabe was also playing well. He tried hard to get the win in his singles but lost just by a couple games. He had good footwork and he at times hit some great winners and dropshots.

The 8Ds played well over the weekend, but unfortunately not many games were played due to forfeits from Barker, meaning 8Ds came away with a win over the weekend. James Cicuta (8He) and Brendan Holden (8WJ) played well in both their singles and doubles games. The boys are a great pairing; they communicate well as a team and play well when they are together. James was hitting some good serves over the weekend, but he needs to focus on his form and footwork with his groundstrokes. Brendan also played well over the weekend, he was hitting consistent groundstrokes, but he needs to focus on improving his serves and his movement speed on the court.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach


The 8E tennis side relished their opportunity to play their first game of the season. Despite being one player short on Saturday, all the boys volunteered to play an extra match so that each member of the opposition had the chance to play.

Casey Chan (8WJ) and Marcus Yang (8Mu) played a well-fought doubles match, but were ultimately overpowered and went down 6-4. Both boys should be acclaimed for improving their overall stroke play in recent weeks at training, and being able to replicate this improvement in the match scenario. Both boys are also developing more accurate and powerful serves, in particular Casey, who served multiple aces.

Benny Chen (8Du) played two singles matches. While he lost his first 3-6, he was able to comeback strongly in his second, to win 6-2. In the latter match, Benny played some well-directed forehands which allowed him to run his opponent all throughout the court. Benny and Casey then paired up to win the second doubles match 6-2, courtesy of some strong volleys from Benny and elusive drop shots from Casey.

Thomas Thorpe | Coach

7As and 7Bs

This week, the As and Bs went up against a closely matched Barker side. Both the As and Bs displayed great tennis, but the lack of consistency resulted in the As losing 1(17) – 5(32), whilst the Bs had a relatively close result, coming short by six games, 2(23) – 4(29).

In the As, Khang Nguyen (7WH) and Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo), much like last week, started their match poorly, with lack of energy and focus on court, allowing their opponents to grab early games in the set. Khang and Noah were able to regain focus, but the lack of momentum allowed their opponents to win 1 – 6. Hugo Newman (7St) and Alejandro Molina (7Ke) played well given the poor weather conditions, but the lack of focus and composure on the game resulted in lack of communication, allowing their opponents to grab the win 3 – 6.

In singles, Khang was unable to find the necessary attacking prowess to challenge his opponent, resulting in a myriad of errors and misplays on court resulting in a loss. Khang was able to smash out very strong groundstrokes, but the lack of variety on court and use of slices or dropshots resulted in Khang missing out on many great attacking opportunities. This week, Noah demonstrated great tennis, starting very strong into the match, unleashing great groundstrokes, and forcing errors from his opponent. A positive to this match was that Noah was able to ignore the conventional unforced errors and continue playing the next point. He should continue with this strong mindset into next week. Alejandro played a very close match, trading winners and errors with his opponent. However, the lack of composure and inconsistency on court resulted in a plethora of errors which gave his opponent easy points, resulting in a loss. For future matches, Alejandro should take the time to adapt to the environment and weather conditions and think about the necessary tactical changes required to give himself an advantage over his opponent. Similarly, Hugo also lacked the necessary instincts to change his game plans given the weather conditions and environment, but despite the close loss, he played well.

In the Bs, Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Jared Arnold (7Yo) played well in a very close game of doubles, where positive reinforcement and focus allowed them to grab the win 6 – 4. Ujwal Yadem (7Fo) and CJ Nguyen(7Yo) similarly played a close game of doubles but were unable to take the win due to the lack of communication. In singles, Ishaan played with good energy and focus but lacked the instinct to attack the ball and often opted to slow grind with the opponent trading lob shots. This resulted in many errors which allowed the opponent to snatch the win 4 – 6. Ishaan should focus on ripping the ball more with confidence. This week, Jared performed very well, where his strong groundstrokes placed his opponent in a bad position, which helped him win 6 – 1.

Ujwal lacked the energy and composure on court this week and was unable to perform at his best. This resulted in a range of missed attacking opportunities and errors which resulted in a loss. Similarly, CJ demonstrated he was unable to find the necessary tools to challenge his opponent and was pushed to the defence many times during the match, which allowed his opponent to take the win 3 – 6.

Despite the loss this week, the boys played well given the very poor weather conditions. However, we must not use this as an excuse for the losses as our opponents faced the same conditions. Instead, it is now clear that both the boys in the As and Bs need further improvement in doubles, especially communication and tactics. Similarly, in individual singles, boys need to begin to become more aware about where their opponents are on the court and recognize which shot would be the most advantageous.

Edward Lai | Coach

7Cs and 7Ds

This week, the Cs and Ds performed very well against a well-matched barker side. The Cs were able to pinch the victory by four games at three sets all, with great performances all around the board. Similarly, the Ds played admirably and were able to take the win 4 (31) sets to 2 (21).

In the Cs, Daniel Villategallagher (7Ke) and Alexander Ren (7St) played a great game of doubles, communicating well and remaining tactically sound throughout the match, which allowed them to grab the win 6 – 2. Similarly, Alexander Kountouris (7Mu) and Gregory Kariatlis (7La) were able to easily dispatch their opponents with great groundstrokes and serving, going on to win 6 – 1. In singles, Daniel faced a tough opponent who was very well matched in terms of consistency. Daniel displayed great determination and effort but came short, losing 3 – 6 in a greatly contested match. Similarly, Alexander played his closest match by far in the season, trading strong groundstrokes with his opponent. However, it came to a final tiebreaker and despite coming short 2 points going down 6(5) – 7(7), Alexander’s performance is to be commended. Alexander Kountouris displayed great determination and effort on court, which gave him an advantage over his opponent, allowing him to pull away with a 6 – 4 win. Despite Gregory’s strong serves and groundstrokes, the lack of consistency on the day resulted in a 3 – 6 loss. Gregory should see this as a learning opportunity to further improve on consistency instead of pure grit and power.

In the Ds, Jonathan Che (7La) and Aakash Viswanathan (7Ta) played with great positive reinforcement and energy. It was clear that they enjoyed themselves on the court, which allowed them to close out a close 7 – 5 win. Barker had an absentee on the day, forcing them to forfeit the second round of doubles. In singles, Jonathan played with great focus and consistency, allowing him to grab the win 6 – 4. Aakash wasn’t as fortunate on the day, as a plethora of unforced errors gave his opponent free points, placing him behind and resulting in a 4 – 6 loss. Similarly, despite Alexander Hales’ effort on court, he was not able to snatch the win as he was unable to find a weakness in his opponent’s game to exploit, resulting in many errors and missed attacking opportunities. Joshua Jeung (7He) played a friendly game with Barker’s D3 as their D4 was missing, and despite going down 4 – 6, Josh played very well considering it’s his first time experiencing competitive tennis.

The Cs and Ds played very well today given the rough weather conditions and demonstrated their abilities well. The boys should continue to work on their consistency and learn to recognise attacking opportunities when they arise. This will ultimately allow them to have an edge over their opponents, bringing more wins as they improve.

Edward Lai | Coach

Volleyball vs the Scots College

May 21, 2021

Trinity defeated The Scots College 3-1 (25-13, 25-18, 15-25, 25-17)

This week’s fixture saw Trinity face their hardest opponent to date, against the strong opposition of The Scots College. The set began poorly, as the score became 5-1 rather quickly, leaving the boys feeling the momentum slipping away. However, efforts from Samuel Vickery (12WJ) were vital in seeing us out of a tough situation, as his ability to lock off the block would make any door handle jealous. This momentum was furthered through the swinging of Steven Yarad (11Mu), who forced the opposition to commit on his approach, allowing setter Oscar Van Hal (12Mu) to set the ball out to where there was a vacant block.

After a convincing first set, the boys sought to further their lead. David Gabriel (12HI) was a key component in this, with his consistent pickups and high energy throughout the match. These ups were coupled with the hitting prowess of galloping gazelle, Edward Feng (12Yo), who swung and blocked with conviction throughout. 

The third set began in an unorthodox way, with the boys being down eight to one in the beginning. However, James Kern (12WJ) succeeded continually, with minimal faults to help the boys attempt to bring back some lost momentum.After creaming a ball down the line and hitting a few bombs out the back, Martin Wong (11Ta) rose up with great defensive efforts in preventing the ball from hitting the ground. Although strong efforts were apparent, the set was too late to bring back, resulting in the boys seeing the set go the opponent’s way.

With the loss of a set in our minds, the desire to close out the game became high, especially as our year-long 3-0 streak had been lost. Alex Saba (11WJ) embodied the team’s aspirations with his strong will to swing hard and to keep the ball in play. Joel Matthei (12La) like a rose among thistles also stood out with his ever-present optimism and swinging ability, aiding in closing out the match 3-1.

Ben Powell (12Ho) | 1st VI Captain

Trinity 2nd VI defeated The Scots College 3-0 (25-15, 25-11, 25-13)

Last week, the Trinity 2nd VI played against an improved Scots side at home, and due to the team’s energy and teamwork, the 2nd VI managed to win against Scots 3-0.

The first set started off well with Trinity getting an early 5-point lead due to some powerful spikes and serves from David Tsai (11Ho) who just recently came off an injury. This was backed up by Keshav Baldeo (11He) who managed to keep the ball in play and turn defence into offence through his insane passing skills. Thus, Trinity was able to take the first set through our continuous and relentless efforts on offence and defence. 

In the second set, Trinity’s setting allowed us to dominate on the net. Eric Mihas (11La) was able to open the way up for our spikers by deceiving the block, which led to players like Jonathon Reissis (10WJ) being able to consistently slam the ball into the ground and score many points. Josh Munter’s (10Hi) extremely consistent setting to the middle allowed Jim O’Brien (12WJ) to spike the ball around the block, scoring several important points. 

The third set is where our hitters took over. Michael Park (11Yo) both spiked and blocked incredibly well to get the team a lead and Tyrone Ponggun (11WH) was able to turn a bad set into countless opportunities, as he fixed several bad situations for the team. Finally, Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) once again showed his power on the net, hitting strongly down the middle and scaring the opposing blockers with his intimidating block. 

Overall, this game was a really good team effort which also allowed many people to shine at different points throughout the game. This week, we play against Sydney Boys High, the defending GPS/CAS premiers, which will be our toughest game of the entire season. 

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeated by The Scots College (18-25, 20-25, 15-13)

The boys had a very tough game this weekend against Scots College who, credit to them, put up a good match. 

The first set began slowly with both teams behind each other and slowly piling on points. There were some power-driven spikes from Thomas Geronikos (11Hi) that went flying past blockers and onto the floor. 

We played better in the second set, occasionally getting a 2-point lead from Anthony Le (11He) serving with a strong swing. Another great thing we saw was Jeremy Chia (11WH) setting the ball consistently despite the passes being off.

The Thirds pulled themselves together in the last set, catching up quickly with Andy Lee (12Fo) smashing the ball one after another, jumping far off the ground, and intimidating the opponents.

This weekend was tough but also a very informative game. Next week is the Sydney Boys game and we need to work on our defence and possibly bring back a win.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

Trinity Defeated The Scots College (25-8, 25-14, 15-7)

Last Saturday Trinity faced Scots, and after two losses in the previous weeks, we were hungry for a win.

We came out with a bang, playing easily our strongest set of the season. As a team, we worked together very effectively, completely overwhelming the opposition. A particular highlight was when Zach Nguyen (10Ta) smashing the ball from the outside leaving the opposition stunned as it bounced off the hardwood.

The second set began more competitively. Scots began blocking tighter which surprised us. However, throughout the set Jason Wang (10Ar) and Max Lusty’s (10Sc) consistently strong serving stretched our lead.

In the final set, Trinity continued playing strongly and did not falter towards the end. Imran Parker (9We)  had an amazing opposite spike that hit the ground like a meteor from space. For the final point, Gabriel Simoes Peixeiro (10Sc) decided to experiment with a topspin serve and aced the opposition.

This game against Scots was a great confidence booster, and now prepares us for possibly the toughest game of the season next week against Sydney Boys. Hopefully, we can bring this attitude to training and bring our best performance to our next game.

Kyle Tran (10WH) | 16As Captain

Trinity beat Barker 2-1 (Forfeit)

This weekend’s fixture against Barker started off with the opposition only having three players, meaning some of our own players had to fill in and play with them (resulting also in a forfeit). Great sportsmanship from Matthew Warillow (10Yo) stepping up to play with the opposition really showcased Trinity’s sportsmanship.

The first set was slow to start, but some extra effort from Jet Lin (9We) and Liam Sandilant (10Hi) allowed us to keep it a tight set. The opposition, though, was able to take this set from us and helped the team actually wake up and start working together better.

The second set saw the team truly shine together with no substitutes on the bench. Everybody was playing their positions well, and some great serving from Max Lau (9Ar) and Mitchell Reid-Queeney (9Ar) allowed us to take this set and bring the game to a tight final set.

The third and final set was only a half set because we were running out of time in the match. Evan Tong (10Fo) stepped up, helping the game win multiple points because of strong hitting, and nice setting from Mitchell Reid Queeney (9Ar) allowed us to take the game.

This game was a great game from the team, using all the skill we’ve been learning in training. Hopefully we can go on to win another game next week, putting us in a good position for the season.

Noah Blomfield (10Fo) | 16Bs Captain

Cross Country

May 21, 2021

XC Report – Meet 5 – 15.5.21

Firstly, congratulations to the following boys on making it to the CAS Cross Country Team to compete at the CIS Cross Country Championships:

U12s: Ashvin Nagaratnam, Giacomo Duarte

U13s: Matthew McLachlan, Kobe Stewart, Joshua Lubke, Angus Royal

U14s: Myles Buvac

U15s: Ben Moloney, Ashwin Sivapirabu, Luca Gillard

U16s: Jack Waide, Micheal King, Joseph Cantlon, Zachary Pliatsikas, Ryan Gupta, Lewis Potter, James Schroder

U17s: Theo Christian, William Cooper, Keelan Stephandellis, Oscar Martin

Opens: Patrick Cantlon, Owen Peck

Last week the Trinity Cross Country fraternity travelled, for the second Saturday in a row, to Upjohn Park in Rydalmere, to compete against all CAS and GPS schools at the Knox invitational and the CAS Trials for the CIS Championships. Once again, Trinity emerged victorious in two out of three age groups – the U14s and U16s – placing 4th in the Opens (but 1st in the CAS). These results, and many other individual efforts to do one’s best and improve on previous runs, contributed to an outstanding morning of competition. What also stood out to many coaches and parents, though, was the wholesome community atmosphere which the sport fosters. There is an undeniably healthy consequence of the nature of running as an endeavour in which effort is king. Without the subjective perspective of umpires – although their decisions, for other reasons, should nonetheless always be accepted without complaint! – it is plain to all that what separates runners is a mixture of some God-given potential (of which no one can be proud, having not earned it) and pure grit (which is to be admired, no matter which runner displays it). Competition without hostility is a wonderful thing, and it is always a matter of pride for me to see our runners talking to and shaking the hands of runners from other schools after a closely fought battle. Well done to all of our young men.

I might start this week with our Opens team, which was delighted to welcome back captain Patrick Cantlon (12Du) from other duties last week. Patrick led the charge on what he described as a surprisingly difficult course, a hillier section having been added to accommodate a different starting area, finishing 6th. Theo Christian (12He) likewise ran well in a race which was deepened by the “running up” of several top younger runners, finishing 16th. William Cooper (12Hi) ran his first full race since injury, looking the part and devoting admirably less energy to smiling. His result of 38th, as well as Keelan Stephandellis’ (12Hi) 53rd place, secured us 4th place overall and 1st in the CAS. In the absence of Edward “Steady Eddy” Yu (12Sc), we witnessed a number of other typically reliable performances worth recounting. Though unable to run for different reasons, we’re thankful to have had Oliver Walker (11Fo) and Rory Clunas (11Yo) support their teammates. The same can be said of Luca Gillard (9St), who had returned the previous day from his Field Studies camp. We have a great team! Though Matthew Lubke (11Ta) might like to “fast forward” to greater fitness and speed, it is good to just have him running and enjoying his running again through an ongoing, tricky period of growth pains. Fynn Ferdinands (12WJ) continues to be an excellent role model for younger runners, training consistently and running just as consistently. He gave us a scare by grabbing his leg as soon as he crossed the line, but running through manageable pain is what he’s good at and why we love watching him run.

Our U16s team fought off strong competition from Shore to place 1st for the second week in a row. Jack Waide (10Ke), though narrowly losing out to a St Joseph’s rival on the cruel 50m uphill finish, is looking stronger and stronger, and his 6th place this week still did not look his fastest – watch out, all! The rest of our team ran well again: Micheal King (10Ta), Joseph Cantlon (10Du) in 10th, and Zachary Pliatsikas (11Ho) in 14th. Ryan Gupta (10WJ) has improved dramatically this season, coming 30th and impressively, with the aforementioned runners, securing a spot in the CAS U16s team (see above for the full list), as did Ben Moloney (9Yo) in 21st, Lewis Potter (11Fo) in 32nd and Ashwin Sivapirabu (10Hi) in 47th.

Our U14s team continues to dominate. We have a wonderful team of runners of all abilities and running backgrounds, and barely a minute goes by in the race without an opportunity to cheer one of them on. Matthew McLachlan (8WJ) and Kobe Stewart (7Yo) pushed each other yet again at the pinnacle of the race, leaving their rivals in the dust. Again it was Matthew who managed to find one more ounce of speed to outkick his friend and fellow Trinity runner. Joshua Lubke (7Ta) is finding his speed (and therefore smile!) again, and he ran a blistering race to finish 17th overall, while Daniel Simpson (6Ta) from the Junior School once again joined us to finish 22nd and help us secure the overall victory. Myles Buvac (8WJ) was not too far behind in 29th, running smoothly as always. It is worth mentioning in respect of this age group that we have several runners who are two years younger than the oldest cohort, being technically only U12. These runners – such as Daniel Simpson, Giacomo Duarte (7Sc), Ashvin Nagaratnam (7Yo), Cooper Beanland (7Sc) – are undertaking a significant task and doing it well.

Finally, I would like to say a few words about our wonderful though idiosyncratic coaching staff. Mr Hirst is becoming known for his adventurous (or some would say “unfaithful”) proclivity to explore the local Parkruns before turning up to support, coach and photograph the team. It was no surprise to see him turn up on Saturday with his usual boundless energy, raring to lead the U14s runners on a warm-up of the slightly altered course. He has been a great addition to the Cross Country staff this year, his outspoken enthusiasm complementing the “cooler” contributions of former Barker superstar, Mr Currer, who this week managed much better to navigate the seemingly challenging process of finding a park. Mr Raptis, a former pupil of Mr Woods, has been the mastermind of the running programme this year, and we thank him for his commitment to the ongoing development of each boy, although some wonder whether a more aerodynamic haircut would actually help him in his quest to run under 2 minutes in the 800m. Mr (Ben) Bishop, a stalwart of Trinity Cross Country and Middle Distance, is becoming an important member of the brains trust with his detailed knowledge of runners, races, tactics and mullets.

Tomorrow, the competition continues at The King’s School in Parramatta. Unlike some previous editions of the race, it is not a relay. We wish all of our runners well.

Good running,

Phillip Mugridge | MIC of Cross Country

Debating News

May 21, 2021


After close to 18 months of training, Trinity’s 2021 Mock Trial team finally participated in their first competitive trial last Thursday (29 April, 2021), much to everyone’s anticipation and excitement. The team had previously seen the 2020 season cancelled days before their first trial, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a forfeiture in Round 1 of the 2021 season prevented us from trying our hand at displaying our Mock Trial skills. Despite further delays and uncertainty around Round 2, the Trinity Mock Trial team consisting of K. Kwok (12WH), W. Martin (12WH), J. Perera (12La), D. Wang (12La), D. Chuchra (12He) and W. Taplin (10WH) ultimately travelled to St. Maroun’s College with the task of protecting a defendant against a charge of “intention to defraud by false or misleading statement”. St. Maroun’s College had made the Top 8 (out of 90 schools) in the competition last year, and Trinity had a mammoth mountain to climb if the team were to record a win in their first trial.

With plentiful preparation in the days leading up to the trial – including thorough research onto the defendant’s possible schedule during his trip to Bali – the Trinity team flew out of the traps once the trial began. First barrister, Keith, peppered the prosecution with objections during their examination-in-chief, and despite a shaky start to cross-examination, finished strong by pressuring their first witness to concede two vital points fundamental to their case. Second barrister, Will, also came out on top in a back-and-forth objection tussle with the prosecution’s second barrister and was able to undermine their witnesses’ reliability with a sharp cross-examination. Our performances were clearly able to fluster the opposition, as they frequently took time to consult with one another. After a concise but impactful Opening Statement from first barrister, Keith, first witness, Josh, then provided a compelling act as the defendant, successfully circumventing a minor lapse in memory to complete a persuasive witness statement. Together with first barrister, Keith’s timely objections, Josh was able to stubbornly withhold the prosecution’s probing questions in cross-examination in a triumph that greatly boosted team morale. Second witness, Dylan, then eloquently delivered his witness statement with Will strongly refuting any objections from the prosecution team. Dylan was especially able to think quickly on his feet to extricate himself from a potentially tricky contradiction, even posing questions back to the prosecution barrister, and ended his cross-examination with an impressive impromptu delivery on his psychological expertise. Both second barristers on either team then provided their Closing Statements, with Will skillfully synthesizing the proceedings of the trial and utilizing case law to mount a strong case for the defendant. Throughout the trial, solicitor, Daksh, provided support to the two barristers by offering important ideas and identifying grounds for objections, as well as organising a solid copy of solicitors’ notes for the case. Court officer, Will Taplin, also ensured that the trial ran smoothly by maintaining order in the court. Special praise must be given to the entire team for their quick thinking and legal expertise, which manifested in the defendant being proclaimed not guilty. Given this, it was greatly relieving to see that Joshua was not guilty of financial fraud; but I advise everyone to take caution against any future fundraising requests for his daughter’s cancer treatments, especially if he posts about his holiday afterwards on Facebook.

Overall, the trial lasted about four hours, with Trinity recording a victory with a score of 227-205. We put it to you that this was an impressive all-round performance from the Mock Trial team, especially considering it the first ever competitive trial for all members. The team would like to thank our coaches, Mr. Bill Pratt and Mr. Adrian Shipp, for providing invaluable training over the past many months culminating in this success, as well as Ms. Shirley Chan for providing encouragement and support with us on the day of the trial. We would also like to particularly thank St. Maroun’s College for providing us with a welcoming experience as the host school, in addition to an exceptional performance in the trial. We look forward to meeting them in the latter stages of the competition and wish them all the best of luck in their Mock Trial season.

Despite the rousing win for the Trinity Mock Trial team, there is little time for us to rest on our laurels, with Round 3 on the horizon against Tempe High School. Continued success will require an exceptional work ethic and a growth mindset, and I am confident that the team will continue to put in our best effort and strive to match the high standards we set in our first round. While the exact date for the trial is unconfirmed, it will occur at Trinity at the end of May, and as such I encourage all Mock Trial team members, the Debating Society, parents and interested students to attend. With everyone’s support, the Trinity 2021 Mock Trial team is confident of going deep into the competition with another win.

K. Kwok | Barrister 1 and Vice Captain of Debating

FED Senior Debating News

May 21, 2021

Congratulations: FED Senior A Debating Team Reach Quarter Finals

On Friday evening, 14 May 2021, the Trinity Senior A FED Debating team went up against SCECGS Redlands in the FED competition quarterfinals. This is an incredible achievement. The team, comprised of M. Nguyen (11Yo), J.  Sowmi (11We), R. Briscoe (11Du) and V. Iyer (11WJ), was made up entirely of Year 11 students. This meant that they were debating above their Year level. Moreover, the ongoing situation with Coronavirus pandemic meant that they were debating online over Zoom for the whole season. These, alongside many other challenges, did not stop the Senior A team from being the only Trinity debating team to make it to the quarterfinals across both FED and ISDA competitions. Going into this debate, all the members knew the debate would be tough.

Unfortunately, the Senior As were defeated by Redlands that night. It was a close debate, with our Year 11s coming close to making it to the semi-finals in a predominantly Year 12 division, but our opponents came out on top. This has nonetheless been an impressive achievement from our team and, if you see these boys around, be sure to congratulate them. 

R. Briscoe (11Du)

Music News | Preparatory School

May 21, 2021

Tips on how to practise for success: Know key signatures, patterns and structures

Studio Concerts

The Music Department has scheduled Studio Concerts commencing next week.   Every student who learns in our Private Tuition Program is expected to perform as part of their Teacher’s Studio Concert.  Boys are reminded that they must wear full winter uniform – no sandshoes please (except those concerts scheduled on a Thursday and PK students).  Notifications have been sent and an RSVP is required as all concerts will have limited capacity to adhere to COVID restrictions. All concerts will be held in the Mozart Room. Parents are asked to scan the QR Code on entry and please enter the Music Centre via the Llandilo Avenue staircase. 

Tuesday 25th May

11:45am | Ed Schots/Jonathan Ryan/Antonia Deasey

Friday 28th May

3:30pm | Louise Welsh

4:15pm | Amelia McCluney/Calvin Li

Tuesday 1st June

11:45am | Mandie Vieira/Valeria Korjenevski/Lorraine Jayasinghe

Thursday 3rd June

11:45am | Jenny Swanton/Matthew Harrison/Jay Tripolone/Samantha Kelson-Gray

2:10pm | Jenny Trynes

4:30pm | Alistair Wallis

Friday 4th June

4pm | Stefano Rocco 

Gala Concert

Excitement and anticipation for the Gala Concert is building and on Wednesday we welcomed Mr Trevor Adams the Director Of Music from the Junior School to our Trinity Singers rehearsal to help the students prepare for the combined Junior School item at the Gala Concert. Next Thursday Trinity Singers and Jaemin Yoo (member of Symphony Orchestra) will be travelling to Summer Hill for a combined choir and orchestra rehearsal. 

Creative Ensemble

This year a Creative Ensemble was formed that rehearses each Wednesday at first break. The ensemble aims to develop improvisation skills and creativity on tuned instruments and untuned percussion instruments. Students have been composing short musical riffs on their own instruments to be performed simultaneously against a repeated chord progression on the piano. The idea behind this exercise is for students to experiment and to develop their aural skills to create a melodic pattern that fits with the chord progression.  

Further to this, the boys have also composed a musical composition to artwork i.e. Renoir.  The notion in this exercise is to communicate the feelings that the artwork evokes and to translate this into sound with various instrumental combinations. One student described the process in this way; “I like the creativity of this ensemble and making music is like creating a picture with your instrument”. Mrs Jayasinghe and Mrs Swanton are thoroughly enjoying experimenting with the boys in this fresh musical context.

Performances this week

Thanks to Jaemin Yoo and Mr Rocco and the Guitar Ensemble for their performances during the deliberations for the adjudication at the Recitation Competition Finals on Monday morning as both performances were outstanding. Thanks also to Ms Welsh for her accompaniment.

Guitar Ensemble

The students taking part in the guitar ensemble have continued rehearsing every Monday, showing a very good level of commitment in preparing for two fantastic events this term: “The String Soiree” and the “Poetry Finals”.

The boys have performed “Sailing Home” with solid musical expression and maturity, it was exciting and rewarding to play in front of a great audience after such a long time, and it was nice to see how everyone contributed to a sound performance by being focused during the concert.

Rehearsals will continue in the following weeks by adding new compositions to the repertoire, some examples include the famous “He’s a Pirate” (from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie soundtrack) and the guitar ensemble’s very own composition. 

We look forward to showcasing our new songs at the next concert!

Upcoming Events

Weeks 6 & 7 Studio Concerts

Thursday 27th May Gala Concert Rehearsal (SH)

Wednesday 2nd June Gala Concert (City Recital Hall)

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

Sportsmaster | Preparatory School

May 21, 2021



The Trinity Preparatory 2nds team played the Trinity Junior School at Cooke Park. Despite being from the same school, the competition still stayed at a high level. The first half started with the Junior School scoring an early goal. They looked fierce and competitive. We needed to bounce back. The Junior School gave us many corners that sparked opportunities for some goals. Unfortunately, this luck was cut short with the Junior School stopping our attempts to score. The first half ended with the Junior 2nds up by one. Taking a rest at the halftime break, we were given vital feedback from our amazing coaches and recharged our batteries. In the second half, our attacking and defending was a lot more powerful and aggressive, with Lennard Suen taking a shot at the goal which bounced off the goalkeeper’s hand. The team thought that we had missed but then, out of the blue, Kescharan Ketheswaran raced towards the ball, and finished the job off, scoring the goal. We were back into the match tying with the Junior School, 1-1. The Junior School looked to score and take back dominance, but goalkeeper, Athan Fudeh, saved the goal that they depended on. All was going well, with the Prep 2nds having control of the ball.

However, another attempt to score did not go our way. With a few more minutes remaining in the match, the Junior 2nds found a way to get past our defence, and they scored, leading the match (2-1). Our striker and forward, desperately tried to tie the match. Lennard Suen had the final chance to avoid the loss, with a scoring opportunity, but he narrowly missed with the Junior 2nds taking the game in the end. The final score was 2-1. Although we lost, our teamwork in this game was the best it has ever been. Every match we play together as a team, we are more familiar with each other. Our next steps are to work on our speed and being calmer when having the ball in our control. A lot of effort was put into this game by our Prep 2nds and our dedicated coaches who put their time into helping us improve. Thank you to all the staff and students who contributed to this wonderful game!

Marcus Chiam


On Saturday, the 11Bs played against Shore at their home ground. From the start, the team looked good on offence and defence. Our attackers had some early chances to score, where Alexei took a very good shot at goal, but the Shore goalie saved it. Our defenders played well, where defenders like Massimo stole the ball from Shore many times, and even took one shot at goal that was a little bit too high. In the midfield, Elijah made some very good passes to the open man, but we didnt score any goals from these passes. Unfortunately, the end score was 0-3.  We need more practice in taking and making shots when we are open because there are not many chances to score. I hope we have an even better game next week.

Joshua Tsang 


The Trinity U10C team was playing against Kings this week and boy, it was a chilly morning. The first half was looking bad for us as Kings had scored 3 times in the first half of the game. It was unlucky for Julian because someone on the opposition team kicked the ball into his face – we all wish him the best for a speedy recovery. The second half got better because Daniel and Matthew worked together to score a goal. Good job to Ethan for some amazing saves in goal, while Julian in attack kept the pressure on the Kings’ goal, Winston for some great passes to teammates, Aiden for defending well, Ray for collaboration with the team, Sethum and Dinal for great teamwork and motivating everyone. Thanks, everyone for a really good game of soccer!

Matthew Della Torre



Year 6 7’s

The first opponent for the 7’s was Scots. The 7’s were communicating about their game plan. The siren wailed and trinity kicked off. Jayden picked up the ball and ran to Will’s side then dummied and ran to the try line and had enough for the push over. Scots then ran over the line twice so the score was 2-1 Trinity knew that they couldn’t give up now. 

After half time David pushed through the centre of the field and dived over the try line. It was tied at 2 all. Unfortunately, Scots went over the line again twice, so they took the lead. Trinity refused to give up.  They passed the ball to Jayden and he saw a gap and sprinted through its TRY!!!! Then the siren went and there wasn’t enough time for trinity to score again.

 It was a tough and rough game. Trinity had great sportsmanship throughout the game but unfortunately did not get the result they wanted. The final score was 4-3 Scots way. Trinity wanted to win but they knew the areas they needed to improve on for the second game up against Waverley.

Trinity had a 20-minute break between their games, so they talked about what they need to work on and what they need to keep up. They knew that Waverley would be hard, so they needed to focus. Trinity ran onto the field and set up their line of defence. Trinity spread the ball out to Will on the wing and he had room to move so he sprinted up the sideline and went over the line for a try. Despite our best effort in defence Waverley scored next.  Jayden grabbed the ball from the scrum and powered his way over the line. There were 2 minutes left and Trinity were going to receive the ball, but they dropped it and Waverley dived on the ball and scored as the buzzer sounded.

Trinity showed great sportsmanship and leadership skills in both their games. The 7’s need to continue to work hard and focus on training. Well done 7’s on 2 amazing games.

Jayden Rodger

Year 4 7’s

On Saturday, we had 2 matches. First, Trinity 7s played Scott’s. In that game, we still needed to spread out across the field and Scott’s kept on scoring because we were not coming forward as a team and there were gaps so the Scott’s players went through the gaps and scored. They also scored because we were not tackling enough, and they were also very fast. In the next match, we played Newington prep. In that match, we did better on spreading out and coming forward together and we weren’t separating. We kept scoring and then Newington scored until the end of the game and the score was 8-7 Trinity’s way!

Marvin Xu


Year 4 / 5 Red

We played soccer yesterday. The opposing team was the Junior School, and it was really fun. We didn’t win the match, but our team scored two goals! We couldn’t sub out, since not everyone arrived, but it was still fun playing for the whole time. I even scored a goal! It was really fun, and everyone enjoyed it. Our coach also gave us lots of support and I thank her. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play sports and I can’t wait until next week!

Julian Wallace

Sports Results | Round 4 – Saturday 15th May

TeamTeam 1Team 2
1stTrinity PrepJunior School
Best and FairestJonathan Chau-Vuu 
EncouragementAdam Radwan 
2ndTrinity Prep 
Best and FairestLennard Suen 
EncouragementLucas Fitzroy 
3rdTrinity PrepJunior school
Best and FairestPreston Lo 
EncouragementMarcus Kuit 
11ATrinity PrepNewington
Best and FairestJayden Paskaranathan 
EncouragementJaiveer Singh 
11BTrinity PrepShore
Best and FairestMassimo Di Maria Alexei Fotheringham Joshua Tsang 
11CTrinity PrepShore
Best and FairestYianni Pahos 
EncouragementJames Elghitany 
10ATrinity Prep 
Best and FairestPaul Arronis 
10BTrinity Prep 
Best and FairestTimmy Zhao 
10C1Trinity PrepKing’s
Best and FairestDaniel Huang 
EncouragementEthan Ly 
10C2Trinity PrepKing’s
Best and FairestIsaac Lui 
EncouragementMarcus Du 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XVTrinityScots
Best and FairestAlessio Caridi 
EncouragementLevi Mikhail 
Open 7sTrinityScots Lions
Best and FairestJayden Rodger 
EncouragementJeremiah Sydhom 
Open 7sTrinityWaverly
Best and FairestChristian Ghannoum 
EncouragementDavid Miller (Jnr) 
5A XIITrinitySIC
Best and FairestAlexander Chung 
EncouragementXavier Malas 
Yr5 7sTrinity 
Best and FairestLouis K 
4A XIITrinityShore
Best and FairestJackson Wai 
EncouragementLachlan Davies 
Yr4 7sTrinity vs ScotsTrinity vs Wyvern
Best and FairestAlec Bailey 
EncouragementMarvin Xu 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
AFL ATrinityWaverley
Best and FairestTom Henry 
EncouragementPeter Katsiris 

Senior School Sports Fixtures

May 21, 2021

Junior Sports Fixtures

May 20, 2021

Junior School Sportsmaster

May 20, 2021

Dear Parents,

It was a solid round of results across all codes at the weekend in glorious autumnal sunshine.

Our Year 6 Football teams had the better of TGS Prep in the Trinity derbies on the synthetic pitch at Cooke Park. The 11A Rugby team continued their fine form with a convincing win against traditional rugby stronghold, St. Ignatius also at Cooke Park, while our 10s and 12s continue to improve their performances. The 4A and 4C Football teams had good wins against The Shore School at Bressington Park while our Year 5s and AFL boys met stronger opponents’ last weekend.

Our Year 3 Friday programme for Basketball continues today. Please note Year 3 parents that June 4 is the final Friday basketball session in the Sports Centre and the Centenary Centre from 3:10-4:20pm. Please be on time for the pick-up each week in the carpark. Boys will be taken to OSH Club at 4:35.

Sports Results | Saturday, May 15th, Round 4

FootballResultBest & FairestConsistent Effort
6A v TGS Prep4-1 winJamieson GerasRemy Humphreys
6B v TGS Prep2-1 winChristian ViolaVasili Pappas
6C v TGS Prep2-1 winJack CooperGeorge Mavromatis
5A v Shore1-5 lossMatthew BoumelhemZac Marques
5B v Grammar E1-6 lossDavid SalimJames Taouk
5C v Grammar E1-3 lossRaj ReddyJacob Pitton
4A v Shore5-4 winKyden Salim 
4B v Shore0-5 lossJeffrey Jiang 
4C v Shore5-1 winShanaay Mehta 
RugbyResultsBest & FairestConsistent Effort
1st XV v Scots14-24 lossJack CastlesAiden Lee
Year 6 7s 2-2 draw & 2-5 lossDavid Miller 
11A v St. Ignatius19-12 winAlexander ChungXavier Malas
Year 5 7s 2 lossesLuis Kokotovich 
10A v ShorelossJackson Wai*Lachlan Davies
AFL 5/6 ResultBest & FairestConsistent Effort
As v Waverley31-80 lossTom HenryPeter Katsiris
Intra SportResultConsistent Effort 
Y4/5 Yellow6-2 winElliot Bargon 
Y4/5 Blue2-3 lossAndrew Zeng 
Y6 Blue0-2 lossGeoffrey Olsen 
Y6 Yellow0-3 lossRuairi Rafferty 
Basketball – Young vs Latham
Year 3 Taubman
5A Football vs Shore

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

Music News | Junior School

May 20, 2021

We’re not just intellectual robots. We are a complex fusion of mind, body and emotion. Besides English and mathematics, there are two other fields that you should keep up as long as you can, even if you don’t do them as formal subjects. These are music, the language of the emotions, and sport, the language of the body. Music and sport complete us as human beings, and like English and mathematics they are incredibly difficult to pick up later in life”

― Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel

At the recent Junior School assembly, we were entertained by the Allegro Concert Band, who played Mission Impossible with positivity and great passion. Harry H (6Ta) introduced Mr Mályusz who talked about the challenge of playing in a 5 meter. The audience was enraptured by hearing some favourite music from the movie of the same name.

Congratulations to the following boys who performed in the recent Brass Studio Concert.

Tim B (6Ta) play Fanfare for the common man by Copland in the High School Brass Ensemble

Max M (6Fo) played Italian folk song on the French horn

Terence H (4Fo) play St Anthony’s chorale on the French horn

Lucas V (4Fo) played Evening prayer by Humperdinck on the trombone

Aidan G (5La) played Meet the flintstones by Curtin, Barbera and Hanna on the trombone

Term 2 Key Music Dates 

Assembly performances and Events: 

24 May        Charlie Y (6Fo) – piano

27 May        Trinity Arts’ Festival – Gala Concert Combined Choir Rehearsal

31 May        Aidan G (5La) – trombone

2 June         Gala Music Rehearsal and Concert (City Recital Hall)

7 June         Darren C (4Fo) – violin

7 June         Studio Concert – Annette Smith’s students (Choir Room)

14 June       Terence H (4Fo) – French horn 

Term 2 Week 6 REHEARSALS 


Mozart Strings (2:15 – 2:45pm) – Junior School (J1.9 and RoR) 

Intermezzo Strings (3:15 – 4:00pm) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2)           

Allegro Concert Band (3:15 – 4:10pm) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 


Junior School Choir (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

Choir Advanced Ensemble (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 


Prestissimo Jazz (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3)

Year 1 Instrumental (11:30am – 12:30pm) – School of Music 

Year 2 Instrumental (1:15 – 2:15pm) – School of Music  

Year 3 Instrumental (2:15 – 3:15pm) – School of Music 


Vivaldi Strings (from 7:15am) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2) 

Junior School Concert Band (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 

Junior School Choir (11am – 1pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1)


Junior School Choir (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

Choir Advanced Ensemble (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042. 

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music


Battle of the Bands

May 21, 2021

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

6:00pm in The James Wilson Hogg Assembly Hall, Summer Hill.

Each year student bands audition for the finals of Battle of the Bands.  The impressive range of contemporary styles and emerging talent on show makes for an exciting and dynamic night.  Judges from the music industry award a range of prizes, with all the production crafts on display supporting these talented musicians.

Please register here: https://www.trybooking.com/BRDBH

Year 6 Fundraiser

May 21, 2021

Doughn’t Be Caught Without Your Trinity Cookies!

There’s no cookie cutter approach to Year Six in 2021. 

Help them raise some funds to suitably say farewell and give a gift to be enjoyed by the Trinity boys for years to come. 



$4.00 each 

Years 5-6 Father and Son Breakfast

May 21, 2021

Join us from 7:30am on Friday, 4 June 2021 at the Preparatory School.

Cost: $7 per person.

RSVP: Monday, 31 May 2021.

Click here to book now.

Dates for the Diary

May 20, 2021

For full details of co-curricular programmes, please click on this LINK

Year 10 Vaccinations

May 20, 2021

The NSW Health Department will be providing vaccination for Meningococcal ACWY as part of the Adolescent School-Based Vaccination Programme. Only Year 10 boys who have returned the signed Consent Form (which have been posted to parents) will be immunised. Verbal approval or emails are not accepted by the NSW Department of Health Staff. Spare Parent Information Kits are available at the Health Centre.

The vaccination will take place on:

Friday 4 June 2021, Term 2

A team of specially trained Registered Nurses will be visiting our School to administer the vaccine.  After students have been vaccinated, they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home.

Please contact the School’s Senior Nurse, Tessa Mansfield, on 9581 6023 if you have any questions.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

Gala Concert | Wednesday, 2 June 2021

May 20, 2021

City Recital Hall, Angel Place at 7pm

Click here to book your tickets.

This year’s Gala is a celebration of a return to normal music making which was so disrupted in 2020 due to COVID. For many of us, the interruption to our musical and cultural life was felt more dramatically than I believe many would have thought. That the removal of Music and music-making, for such a long period of time, would be felt in this way pays testament to its power to bring people together in a shared experience. And so, the image of the Phoenix, representing the 2021 Gala musical offerings, is an apt symbol of our thankfulness for the return of music to our stage and to our daily lives. The Gala programme will offer, as it always does, music from across many styles and will showcase our premier ensembles, demonstrating the resilience of music at Trinity, and its standard of excellence. Performances include the celebratory work, Magnificat by J.S. Bach; the festivity of Roman Carnival by Hector Berlioz; and the awe-inspiring Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.

Michael McGregor | Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12)

Dates for the Diary | Junior School

May 20, 2021

Week 6

28 May Y5 Incursion – Planetarium

28 May Y3 Sport Basketball 3-4.30pm

28 May K-2 Mother’s Day Morning (rescheduled)

29 May Sport – Winter Round 6

29 May Y5 2023 Testing

Week 7

02 June Open Day 9-10.30am

02 June Choir Gala Rehearsal and Concert

03 June No Vivaldi and JS Concert Band

03 June JS Auxiliary Meeting 9am

04 June IPSHA Debating

04 June Y3 Sport Basketball 3-4.30pm

05 June Sport – Winter Round 7

Week 8

10 June Photos Y4-6 Winter Sport

11 June Auxiliary Pizza Day

12 June No Sport

From more Junior School dates, please click here.


Prep Canteen News

May 21, 2021

Canteen will only be available for students through FlexiSchools. There will be no use of cash.

Parents are invited to order their son’s Crunch & Sip, morning tea or lunch each day through the FlexiSchool app.

  • Crunch & Sip orders close at 8:30am
  • Morning Tea orders close at 9:30am
  • Lunch orders close at 10am

Click HERE to set up your FlexisSchool account.

Reminder: Please let your son know you have ordered Crunch & Sip or Morning Tea. Boys can collect their orders from the canteen.

CLICK HERE To download the latest menu!




Trinity Prayer Group | Strathfield Campus

May 21, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School. In Term 2, we will meet at the Preparatory School, Strathfield campus:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.30am on the odd weeks of term (Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9).

Where: Christian Studies Room (please sign in at reception first)

Dates for Term 2, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 1 June
  • Tuesday, 15 June


Wendy Chan (Prep School) 
mobile 0405 129 328

Carla Ferla (Prep School) 
mobile 0414 166 336

Trinity Prayer Group | Summer Hill Campus

May 20, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School. In Term 2, we will meet at the Summer Hill campus, for Junior and Senior School:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.30am on the even weeks of term (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8).

Where: The Dining Hall

So grab a cuppa and please join us for a time of encouragement, community-building, thanksgiving and to sincerely bring the needs of the School community before our gracious God. Dates for Term 2, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 25 May
  • Tuesday, 8 June


Greg Webster | Senior Chaplain, Summer Hill
email gwebster@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Kerry Vickery (Summer Hill) 
mobile 0408 119 187

Student Absence Notice

May 20, 2021

The preferred channel to report an absence is via the School app. If your son requires a leave of absence from school, please continue to request leave in advance by writing to the relevant Head of School for permission. To download the Trinity School app, please visit the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.

Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus)

May 20, 2021

Click here to read the Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus).

Junior School Auxiliary Meeting

May 20, 2021

29 March 2021 – Minutes

The minutes from last meeting were published.

Mark Dunn – Head of the Junior School

Movies Under the Stars – If held in Term 4 2021, then perhaps not viable to have another one in February/March 2022. Agreed to postpone until 2022.

Junior School activities – co-curriculars start in Week 2 of each term (except Term 1 – Week 3) and end second last day of term (except in Term 4 – second-last week). Activities organised by the high school may vary in start date, and any variances are emailed to participants.

Swimming jammers now with uniform manufacturers.

Waiting for Year 6 School jerseys to arrive.

Michelle Read Auxiliary President

Pizza Day – Friday, 11th June. Lebanese pizza. Only online orders will be accepted. Class Parents to remind parents close to order date. A flyer will be produced.

Mother’s Day Stall – Tuesday, 4th May. There will be 950 items for sale. Release of items will be staggered, so that all classes will have a wide selection to choose from.

Possible option to organise Christmas stall – pending outcome of Mother’s Day stall.

Mother/Son Breakfast likely to go ahead for Years 3 to 6. Dates to be announced. Will likely be scheduled later in the school year. Possible option is to have two separate days – Years 3 and 5; Years 4 and 6. Buffet style breakfast now an option, as COVID restrictions ease.

Artwork Auction – Parent helpers needed for coordination of artwork. Thursday mornings 8.30am – 11.30am. Each year group have been allocated dates. Parents to register via link to be sent out.

Doreen MilenaAuxiliary Treasurer

No update to report


P & F Family Feud will go ahead.

P & F Mother’s Day dinner Thursday 6th May.

Tea towel fundraiser – Amanda has the kits. Students create in Term 3, tea towels printed in September/October holidays and sold in Term 4.

Next Meeting – Thursday June 3 at Envy Café, Summer Hill

Meeting concluded 10:00am