2021 | Term 2 | Week 3

May 7, 2021


From the Head Master

May 7, 2021

Being let down by someone really hurts.

I spoke to the MS/SS boys on Quad this week about that experience of being let down. It can happen in friendships, or with a loved one, or a work colleague. I imagine that it has happened to most of us, many times. Someone tells you that they would do something, and then they didn’t follow through. They said they would come to something, but they didn’t. They said that something was under control, and it turns out that it wasn’t. The betrayal hurts.

I described to the boys the corrosive effect that this has on relationships. If someone lets you down, you start to lower your expectations of them. You no longer take their word for granted. You start to become a bit more guarded, holding back a bit, protecting yourself from disappointment. In the end, you stop trusting the other person.

It seems to me that trust is the foundation of relationships, and relationships with others are the fabric of life. More than our achievements, more than our bank balance, more than our success by all the usual measures, relationships are what really matters for the quality of our lives – and trust is the essential ingredient.

Of course, it is not just about whether you can trust the other person; it is also about whether they can trust you. Being trustworthy is what enables us to have good relationships. If you are trustworthy, other people will support you, they will open up to you, and they will commit to you. They will be there for you, just as you are for them.

So if relationships are what matters in life, and trustworthiness is necessary for relationships, how does someone become trustworthy? How does this become part of our character?

Our character traits are basically habits. It is the way we are, because it is what we do. Character is revealed in the big moments, but it is formed in the little ones. If you want to be a trustworthy person, you need to start with being dependable in little things.

This brings me to my particular point of concern. On Saturdays, most of our boys will pull on the School colours and compete for the School in one sport or another. Sometimes this happens at Summer Hill or another local ground; sometimes it will require them to travel to the Eastern Suburbs, or the upper North Shore. Being in a team requires our boys to think in a wider frame than just themselves. They must rely on one another and they need each other.

From time to time, it is reported to me that a small number of boys choose not to turn up to a Saturday game. It is more common on wet days. It is more common for fixtures away from home. It is more common in lower-grade teams. It is a situation that concerns me deeply, because I suspect that some of the time, the boys are taking their obligations lightly.

Of course, there are legitimate reasons why a boy may not be able to be present on a Saturday. Injuries, illness, and circumstances beyond control can all play a role.

However, I am concerned that some of the time our boys may be seeing their commitment as something that they can opt into or out of. In short, they may be developing the habit of being untrustworthy. Their peers and their peers’ parents and their coaches and teachers, know the pain of being let down.

I am writing to parents about this, as well as speaking to the boys, as parents have an invaluable role in helping the boys to frame their thinking about Saturday sport, as well as enabling whichever path the boys take. We all know that it would be easier to stay in bed. It would be easier not to face the traffic. It would be easier not to get cold and wet. However, it is exactly this experience of carrying through a commitment, even when it is hard, that helps our boys to learn to become trustworthy.

I entirely understand that this battle may be the last one that you feel like having on a Saturday morning, as a recalcitrant, cranky and sleepy adolescent refuses to budge. If you come to the end of your resources in encouraging your son to carry through his obligations, my request is this:

Don’t cover for him. Don’t write him a note to excuse him. Don’t teach him that you will dig him out of a hole of his own making. Don’t advocate for him against the School. Rather, let him experience the natural and proportionate consequences that the School puts in place. Instead of a note saying that he is sick, write a note saying that he was not prepared to turn up. Let the School deal with it, and support us as we do so.

There are ways to deal with the challenges of getting to Saturday sport. Car-pooling is always a good idea. Building a treat into the day on the way home can become a weekly highlight. Redeeming the time, by using the invaluable opportunity of shoulder-to-shoulder extended periods in a car with your son for conversation. All these can help to reframe the Saturday experience, which is a core aspect of our School’s vision for education in mind, body and spirit.

I also need to acknowledge that the vast majority of School families are beyond reproach in this matter, and would no more contemplate dodging Saturday sport than they would contemplate committing a crime. The School is deeply appreciative of your partnership, as are all the other boys and their families who have the same level of commitment.

Parents and the School are working together to shape young men of whom we can be proud. A trustworthy young man, who knows the importance of fulfilling his obligations and who is in the habit of doing so, is well-prepared to build a good life in the decades to come.

Detur Gloria Soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

From the Head of the Preparatory School

May 7, 2021

Mother’s Day

This morning, the Mother’s Day stall was held and it is safe to say that it was the biggest yet. The boys were greeted by a band of willing and enthusiastic volunteers with an assortment of wonderful gifts on offer. This event is always an entertaining one as boys take their time to carefully select a gift for their mum. With the inclusion of many themed presents, it was lovely to see the boys taking ownership of selecting the ‘perfect gift’ that would suit their mum from a large selection of items on sale. I trust that the gifts are just right and that all the mothers across the Prep community have a wonderful day on Sunday and are suitably spoilt by their sons. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the volunteers who organised and ran the stall this morning.

Unfortunately, the recently instituted COVID restrictions resulted in the Pre-K and Kindy Mother’s Day afternoon to be postponed. We look forward to rescheduling this event as soon as possible. We will wait for clarity about restrictions before setting the new date.

COVID restrictions

As communicated by the Head Master via email yesterday, the School has updated its COVID-19 Information webpage in light of the Government’s announcement of short-term restrictions.

At this stage there are no additional changes beyond those mentioned by the Head Master and above, although we will keep families updated as changes come to hand.

Earlier in the week I emailed parents to indicate that the Boulevarde Gate would be open in the afternoons for parents to use to pick up their boys from inside the School. This will continue to be the case. We request that parents enter and leave via this gate if choosing to use this option to avoid additional congestion at the Llandilo Gate. From next week, the Boulevarde Gate will also be open in the mornings to allow drop off via this gate.


Next week our Year 3 and 5 boys will participate in the NAPLAN assessments. These assessments are an important part of our academic tracking processes. However, it is also important to note that these assessments and the data which is obtained from them are only one piece of the ‘reporting’ pie, alongside all other information parents receive about their son’s learning. Year 3 and 5 parents, please refer to the information that was emailed at the end of last term for more details.

Promotional Video

The Trinity Marketing and Communications department will be filming a promotional video at various locations at the Preparatory School on Tuesday, 18 May between the hours of 7am and 4pm. This project will be carried out with as little disruption to regular classes as possible. You son may or may not be captured on film as he goes about his usual school routine at Trinity. The video will be used to promote Trinity in its publications, advertising and other online media activities. Should you wish to not grant permission for your son to participate in / be included in this video, please return this form to the School’s Marketing Manager by no later than Thursday, 13 May 2021. All contact details are found on the form.

Winter Sport

The beginning of the Winter Sport season has seen mixed results on the sporting fields; however, I want to commend our boys for the tremendous attitude and effort shown across all games. Last weekend, I observed several of the Intra-School Football and 10 years Football games and was thoroughly impressed by the growth in their play from the first game to the second. The boys were clearly responding to the coaching they have received during the week, with the biggest change occurring in their positioning on the field and their focus on passing to a team-mate who is in space. Whilst developing individual skills and teamwork are integral to our sport programme, I have also spoken to the boys about ‘winning well’ and ‘losing well’, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship before, during and after the game. I am pleased to say that this message has been adopted by our boys in all of the games I have watched in the first two weeks of the season. Well done boys!

Auxiliary Meeting

This week’s Auxiliary Meeting was a great time to connect with parents and it was lovely to be able to host this meeting onsite again after months of meeting offsite. Discussion ranged from upcoming School community events to discussions about matters relating to the boys’ learning. I always find these meetings to be incredibly helpful in appreciating the perspective of parents. This insight is invaluable as we continue to refine our practices and ensure there is clarity and transparency about the thinking behind them. I trust that these meetings also benefit parents as they have the opportunity to have matters clarified.

One of the discussions focused on the best time to host Parent Information sessions and what the focus of these sessions should be. The outcome of the discussion was unclear so we will likely look at a compromise as we move forward of some meetings in the morning and the occasional meeting after hours. It was clear that there is benefit in ongoing dialogue and discussion between the School and parents as we seek to align our beliefs and expectations around teaching and learning. Stay tuned for information about upcoming information sessions.

Road Safety

The safety of our boys remains a key focus for the School particularly in terms of the Kiss and Ride area in the morning and afternoon. We continue to urge families to not only follow the road rules but also to be wise in the way they drive in this area. Parents should be aware that we are regularly visited by Council Rangers. This is likely to be a regular occurrence to support the School in maintaining a safe and efficient Kiss and Ride area.

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

‘Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!’

Romans 11:33

From the Head of the Junior School

May 7, 2021

We have been reminded in the last 48 hours that, whilst we have been blessed with great freedom and relative normality in school and community life this year, we must continue to be vigilant regarding COVID-19 safety. I thank parents for understanding the decision taken to amend plans and postpone some events. We hope that the current disruption is fleeting and look forward to re-scheduling our K-2 Mother’s Day morning as soon as restrictions permit us to do so.

Today was Mrs Karen Voysey’s last day in the Junior School as she takes maternity leave. Mrs Voysey won’t quite meet her child in time for this Mother’s Day but we eagerly anticipate news of a safe arrival in the next few weeks and we wish Mr and Mrs Voysey every blessing as they commence the next stage of their family life together.

I remind parents of students in Years 3 and 5 that all boys will undertake NAPLAN next week. These assessments are carried out nation-wide each year for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in order to assess the literacy and numeracy learning of students in all Australian schools. We look forward to the boys having this testing experience without wanting to place undue emphasis on them. It is important that every boy does his best without being made to feel anxious about the experience. I draw attention to advice offered to parents by the School in recent years:

It is important to put these tests in perspective. At Trinity, boys receive a wide range of feedback from teachers about their learning, and while the NAPLAN results may complement this to some extent, they are by definition “one-off” tests. Parents should certainly discourage boys from being nervous about the tests; and they should note that these are not tests for which the boys can specifically prepare, beyond the particular preparation which is organised by their teachers in the period leading up to the tests. Ideally NAPLAN tests will provide a snapshot of the learning achieved by each boy over his time at school, and a snapshot of how well the School as a whole is achieving with its students.

In the Junior School, the tests will now be completed on next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with the following week set aside for boys to catch up on missed tests. Year 3 will do their Writing Test using paper and pencil, but all other tests for both grades will be online.

Year 3 will enjoy their first taste of basketball competition this afternoon as Friday Afternoon Sport sessions re-commence. The programme runs for five weeks and it is the expectation that all Year 3 students attend. We focus on a different sport each term to provide the boys with exposure to a wider variety of sports, specific skills and the opportunity to participate in modified game situations. Parents are reminded to be punctual for pick-up in the carpark. Boys booked into OSH Club can still go to OSH at the conclusion of the session.

Over the next two weekends many of the boys who recently competed in Stage 2 of the Australian-Chinese ‘Hello Mandarin’ Contest, will participate in finals. We wish all of the participants the best of luck as they showcase their skills and hard work in public performances.

The Trinity Marketing and Communications department will be filming at various locations at the Junior School on Tuesday, 18 May between the hours of 7am and 4pm. This project will be carried out with as little disruption to regular classes as possible. You son may or may not be captured on film as he goes about his usual school routine at Trinity. The video will be used to promote Trinity in its publications, advertising and other online media activities. Should you wish to not grant permission for your son to participate in or be included in this video, please return this form to the School’s Marketing Manager by no later than Thursday, 13 May. All contact details are found on the form.

I remind parents registered for the THRASS Information session next Monday evening with Mrs Scott and Mrs Richards that this will commence at 6pm in the Junior School Library and will be able to proceed even if the current restrictions are extended beyond the weekend. Registrations are now closed as the session is full. We will advise on Monday there are any changes that impact the session.

We enjoyed another excellent weekend of sport last Saturday with wins, losses, draws and valuable lessons in skills, teamwork and sportsmanship across all codes. If the weather permits games to proceed in the morning, I remind parents to observe registration, hygiene and social-distance guidelines and to cooperate with the requirements of various schools. Whilst masks will not be required at Trinity home games, it may be wise to have a mask for adults attending away venues as some schools have flagged that these will be required.

I wish all the Trinity Junior School mothers a wonderful and blessed day on Sunday…

Loving God, we thank you for mothers – for all they mean or have meant, for the love they have shown and the care they have given. We thank you for the qualities of mothers – their patience, their kindness, concern and understanding. We thank you for the part they play in our lives, and we thank you for this day of saying ‘thank you’ – this opportunity to say what we so often mean to say but so rarely do. For mothers and motherhood, for children and families we bring you this day our grateful praise.

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people.

Ephesians 1:17-18

From the Field Studies Centre

May 7, 2021

What a difference a few days can make. After a beautiful two weeks of weather on the South Coast and a gorgeous day for the parent visit, the heavens opened, and rain poured from the sky. Managing risk and ensuring student safety are paramount for the Outdoor Education team at the Field Studies Centre. As weather conditions deteriorated overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning, the outdoor team put in place a series of logistical changes to bring the students safely back to campus. From there the boys diligently sorted gear, hung out their tents and other wet items to dry and settled themselves back into their comfortable dorms. The boys often comment that returning to the campus after an expedition is like “coming home”. The sense of community that is established by each cohort of students at the Field Studies Centre is a pleasure to witness.

The boys have demonstrated resilience and adaptability throughout the week. Things don’t always go to plan and tough weather conditions are an example of a challenge that draws upon our reserves of grit and determination to pull though. The groups worked together and supported one another admirably as they tackled the challenges presented to them. Highlights reported by the boys included the beach hike to Currarong, negotiating Gosang’s Tunnel on the Abraham’s Bosom hike and the canoe leg of the expedition. The photos included in this report are a selection taken by boys from each of the three activity groups over the last week.

On Thursday evening the students had the opportunity to visit the Husky Pictures and watch a movie on the big screen. The building that houses the theatre was constructed in 1913 as community hall and movies have been screened there since the early 50’s. Although not quite as elaborate as some of the cinemas that can be found in the city, it has a tonne of character. The kiosk was popular with the boys and from all reports they enjoyed the opportunity to do something different and spend a couple of hours offsite in the community. The boys are continuing to work on their Science investigation reports and Mr Pay has been providing some excellent videos to support the boys with their learning in Mathematics. The students will use the School managed devices to complete their NAPLAN Writing Test on Thursday next week, following the final expeditions which run from Monday to Wednesday. It is hard to believe that the boys of residential 3 will be heading back to Sydney this time next week. They each achieve a great deal during in their time here and I look forward to hearing stories of the adventures that occur during the final week of the experience.

Tim Knowles | Head of Field Studies Centre (FSC)

House Points

May 7, 2021

Click here to view the weekly Leader Board.

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

May 7, 2021

Wellbeing is a positive sense of self-worth, a strong sense of belonging, and the ability to practice skills that enhance learning, development and health in a safe and supportive school environment.

Professor Donna Cross

In 2018 the School took the decision to use the Australian Council of Educational Research, Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey in an attempt to get a clearer understanding of our students’ wellbeing. This survey is given to students in Year 8 and Year 10, and this year the results were very encouraging.

Your sons report that they are generally happier, feel safer, are more hopeful, and that they feel a greater sense of belonging than comparable students participating in the survey.

Your sons report that treating others with respect is a priority and that they enjoy positive relationships with their teachers.

Your sons report they drink less alcohol and take fewer drugs than comparable students.

This is a sample of the questions that make up the survey, together with your sons’ responses.

Positive feelings and behaviours (PFB)

Question 1 – I am a happy person
Year 8Year 10
97.3% (*88.1%)94.1% (*86.1%)
Question 3 – I feel safe and free from danger
Year 8Year 10
91.1% (*85.9%)95.9% (*86.9%)
Question 9 – I get along with most of my teachers
Year 8Year 10
93.8% (*83.3%)94.5% (*84%)
Question 11 – I feel like I belong in my school
Year 8Year 10
88.8% (*82.6%)91.8% (*79.3%)

Negative feelings and behaviours (NFB)

Question 10 – I feel very stressed
Year 8Year 10
56.3% (*25.6%)51.6% (*35.5%)
Question 16 – I drink alcohol a lot
Year 8Year 10
0.9% (*5.4%)2.3% (*10.0%)
Question 18 – I use drugs
Year 8Year 10
0.9% (*5.8%)0.5% (*9.8%)

Emotional Skills (ES)

Question 26 – I have a hard time controlling how worried I get
Year 8Year 10
50.9% (*35.0%)44.3% (*41.6%)

Values (V)

Question 39 – I am hopeful about my future
Year 8Year 10
90.6% (*88.4%)89.5% (*85.2%)
Question 42 – I think it is important to treat others with respect
Year 8Year 10
97.8% (*94.1%)98.6% (*93.7%)


It has become apparent through discussions with colleagues at other schools, that vaping by children and young people is becoming an increasing issue. Several schools have gone so far as to install vape detectors. It is a subject on which I have written twice in the recent past, in a spirit of partnership with you, to share my view that young children, boys and girls, are being shamelessly marketed to by the companies who manufacture vapes. Until recently, I was unaware that there was such a thing as a vape called a Cuvie, which mimics the appearance of a highlighter, or a Juul, which looks like a USB. It may be worth discreetly dropping the fact that you have heard about these devices in casual conversation and using the opportunity to parlay it into a chat about the risks of smoking. If you become aware of a shop selling these devices to children, the law is unambiguous. It is illegal for vapes to be sold to children under the age of 18, and you would be within your rights to alert the authorities. The School’s stance is clearly articulated on page 22 and 23 of the Record Book, and it would be prudent for you to remind your sons that vaping is neither safe nor permitted.

On School grounds, at School events, including events held by other schools where they are a guest or visitor, students must conform to the regulations of Trinity Grammar School. This includes any occasion when a student is coming to or from School or any School event, including excursions, camps, dances, sporting fixtures, performances, workshops or any other School activity. Students are not to consume alcohol, take illicit drugs, smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes (vapes) at School, travelling to and from School, at School organised activities, or as a guest or visitor at any event or activity at another school. Any student suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at School or at any School event, or being found to have been smoking or using an e-cigarette (vapes) whilst in the care of the School, irrespective of whether the breach has occurred off site or in transit, will be deemed to be in breach of this regulation and will be stood down until such time as an investigation is conducted and, if necessary, a formal Disciplinary Meeting is convened. Any student found to be in breach of this regulation is likely to be suspended or expelled. The use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and e-cigarettes (vapes) at School events is prohibited. Any student suspected of using cigarettes, e-cigarettes (vapes), alcohol or any other illicit substance at any School event will be stood down until such time as an investigation is conducted and, if necessary, a formal Disciplinary Meeting is convened. Any student found to be in breach of this regulation is likely to be expelled. Students in possession of smoking or drug paraphernalia (matches, lighters, tobacco, e-cigarettes [vapes], water pipes, bongs) will be deemed to be in breach of this regulation. Students who are suspected of bringing illicit drugs to School or to any School event, whether for personal use or for the purpose of trafficking, will be stood down until such time as an investigation is conducted and, if necessary, a formal Disciplinary Meeting is convened. Any student found to be in breach of this regulation will be expelled.   

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill


From the Academic Dean | NAPLAN 2021

May 7, 2021

As you will be aware, this year, along with most other students in NSW, Year 7 and Year 9 Trinity students will be completing NAPLAN Online testing in Weeks 4 and 5. Last term we ran practice tests to enable the School to again test its IT resources and the students to become familiar with the online test environment.

The online testing window is available for nine days; the timetable for testing at Trinity is published below, and was sent to parents of the relevant Year groups earlier in the week. Students are allocated to one of two venues, either the Assembly Hall or Centenary Centre, and will be supported by a team of IT specialists, invigilators and teachers to promote a smooth and focussed NAPLAN Online experience.

NAPLAN provides an opportunity to show what students know, understand and can do, as well as growth over the two-year period since the last testing window. Parents can support their son by ensuring he:

  • Brings a fully charged device to school on each of the testing days
  • Brings a pencil or pen to each testing session to plan answers as permitted
  • Knows where and when his tests will take place
  • Eats a substantial, nourishing breakfast and morning tea, and drinks plenty of water
  • Understands that NAPLAN provides one snapshot in a very full year of academic assessment and achievement. It helps teachers identify strengths and targets for different students, but results are always interpreted in light of all the other learning evidence students produce.

Students who are absent for the tests will have opportunity for catch up sessions on Friday 21st May. Students who require catch up sessions will be contacted by the Curriculum Office via their School email account, and should  check their school email for this communication.

Students can access the public practice platform if they would like to view the test layout once again.

Further information for parents about NAPLAN Online is available here.

If you have any further questions about NAPLAN Online or Trinity testing arrangements, please contact the Curriculum Office on 9581 – 6135.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean


Catch up session | Friday 21st May 2021

News from The Arthur Holt Library

May 7, 2021

One of the takeaways from the recent Year 9 Learning Conversations was the number of parents who wished their sons read more. One such parent complained that her son had devoured the entire Harry Potter series while in Junior School, but since joining the Middle School had barely opened a book that wasn’t prescribed by his English teacher.

It’s a growing problem that has been dubbed ‘aliteracy’ by a number of researchers in this area. Whereas ‘illiteracy’ refers to an inability to read and write, ‘aliteracy’ refers to those students who are (often extremely) able to read and write but choose not to. Drawing these lapsed readers back to books is one of our greatest challenges in The Arthur Holt Library, but we do have a number of strategies in place that we hope will help.

First, we have challenged the entire Year 9 cohort to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge for the very last time. We hope that by registering them all on their behalf, reminding them that this is the last year that they can officially enter and encouraging some healthy competition, we might see more of them return to reading.

We have also launched a Middle School book group called Arthur’s Readers, which we hope will bring more student voice into the library. The boys are currently reading advance copies of pre-publication books so that they might decide which ones we should add to the collection. By accommodating student choice like this, we can stay relevant to our borrowers and invite their recommends.

We have also built up our collection of Audio Books over the past year. It’s worth remembering that they are a great way for those boys who can’t find the time or the inclination to read to stay connected to story and to build up their interest in books.

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.”

– Kate DiCamillo


May 7, 2021

The importance of connection

It is by careful design that the word ‘connection’ appears in the Careers infographic at the head of this article. Echoing the comments made by the Head Master and the P&F President on Monday night at the P&F meeting, it was wonderful to be able to speak with a group of parents in person once again, about the Careers Programme.

I provided an overview of our Programme at this meeting, outlining the scope and flow, and how topics are presented. In connecting with your sons, the question of what he wants to do when he starts working (the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question) sits in the future, not the present. The role of the Careers programme is to empower students and their families to explore options simply for what comes next – what post-school learning option your son will take up.

The notion of preparing yourself for a job in the future centres around the recognition and development of foundation skills – those portable skills that apply across industries and roles, that are enhanced by the learning and application of technical skills. Encouraging your sons to find information themselves about courses that may interest them is supported by conversations that help them identify their skills and interests and how they overlap. This is the area in which your sons will find inspiration to explore courses with which they can connect when they finish school.

I work closely with your sons’ teachers and Housemasters and welcome conversation with you that may assist your son with his course applications.

Futures Fair 2021 – Mini-exhibitions, Presentations and Parent meetings

Our senior students were not able to connect personally with training providers at all last year. Universities and industry groups responded to this challenge and created resources and opportunities to e-meet to share information.

In 2021, universities and training providers have kept some of the e-resources current, making them accessible on the viewer’s terms – a great outcome. But nothing replaces a real-time, face to face conversation.

To ensure that our senior students have this valuable opportunity, we have invited nearly 30 orgnisations to visit school this term as part of our Futures Fair 2021 event. Your sons will have registered to attend the Exhibitions held this week. Next week there is one more Exhibition, and then the series of lunch presentations will start. Year 12 Parents and students will see that there is a UAC presentation scheduled for Tuesday 18 May. You are welcome to register for this event to attend either at school, or via livestream.

These career events are deliberately planned around the Course Information Evening for Year 11, 2022 students. Gathering information will help your sons make the decisions about their subject choices for their last years at school.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses & Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor 

Library News | Junior School

May 7, 2021

We have been building and weeding in the Library lately. This sounds a little strange and out of context, but we have been building our collection of books, as well removing others that are no longer fit for purpose.

The Library has been building its 200 collection as its current state was a little on the skinny side. In the dewy decimal system of organisation, the 200’s cover Religion. Our Junior School Christian Studies teacher has recommended many fabulous books that help explain different elements of the Christian faith that are age appropriate for our boys. These have been recently covered and are on the shelf ready for borrowing.

During the school holidays the Library Services Specialists were busy ‘weeding’ books from our collection. These staff were able to use the data from our circulation system to help determine which books had not been borrowed in a long time, and therefore could find another home; or remove books that were looking very tired and unappealing. Many of these books have been donated to charity.

Mother’s Day

With this Sunday being Mother’s Day, we have collated some beautiful picture books for display about Mums. Some favourites include two by Philip Bunting: Wild about Mums, and Mum for Sale; Renne Teml’s Sleep tight, Platypup and Nick Bland’s, Some Mums. These books are delightfully written and illustrated are all available for borrowing.

Boys have also been writing on coloured card about why their Mum is great. Some of these include: “My Mum is great because she cares for me and tells me the right thing.” Lachlan

“My Mum is great because she’s always supporting me and she cooks for me. She’ll always make me smile and she makes me feel proud.” Harry

“My Mum is not great. She is wonderful! She gives me lots to do and takes me to the places I want to go. She cooks the best food and makes my friends feel jealous with the food I have for lunch.” Luke

“She cares for me when I am sick and she takes me to school and she makes me lunch every day.” Jordan

“You are the best Mum because you work hard and are caring. You make good food and have your own nice, loving and caring personality ever!” David

“My Mum is great. She takes me to play centres and sometimes I get to go to the Zoo.” Jack

This week’s book reviews

Haywire is a book written by Claire Saxby. It is about a German boy who must flee his country to get away from Hitler in WWII. He goes to England but then gets arrested because the English think he is a spy for Germany. He ends up in a prison camp in Australia far from home and then meets a boy who tries to help him get back to his family and friends. I’d recommend this book to people that enjoy war stories because it shows you how hard it was for people to live in the war times. I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Jake 6T

Amari Peters and the Night Brothers is a brilliant book written by B. B. Alston. It is about a girl called Amari, whose brother disappeared a few years ago. She hopes she will find her brother one day, and eventually finds out he was part of the Bureau for supernatural affairs. It helps keep creatures such as witches and werewolves from being discovered and destroying the world. His brother was going to invite her to join, and so she accepts the invitation. It is a brilliant book that is impossible to put down. I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Ben 6H

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

Awards for the Week | Junior School

May 7, 2021

This week’s Junior School Award winners…


Arkie Hardwick-Miles

Lachlan McCarthy

Jaden Wu


William Bi

Zac Chirico

Marco Guan

Kyle Ye


Andrew Cook

Jonathan Lan

Forbes Prentice


Dimitri Karlos

William Millena

Ethan Newling


Max Cicuta

Paul Karlos

Nessan Reidy

Ayden Youssef


Jeffery Jiang

James Saunders

Jack Zhou


Anthony Fanos

Seb Lamb

Aidan Tay


Austin Albrighton

James Fang

James Taouk


Lachlan Davies

Luis Kokotovich

Mateo Lazanja

Marko Pavic


Elijah Harding

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Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

May 7, 2021

Thank you for attending our Mother’s Day celebrations. We enjoyed welcoming you and watching you share in the experiences with your son on this special occasion.

This term we are inquiring into the transdisciplinary theme ‘How the World Works’. Our central idea is ‘Curiosity helps us to understand the world around us’.

As a provocation for our unit, Mitch from Kaleidoscope Science, came on Wednesday 28th April to provide us with a rich variety of hands-on learning experiences to assist in provoking wonder and curiosity.

The young scientists eagerly engaged in the experiences exploring concepts such as gravity, friction, air pressure, density, magnetism and sound. Through these experiments, the boys’ understanding of scientific principles were challenged. They used their observation skills to make predictions and communicate their thoughts and understandings verbally and through drawings.

James: “Mitch lit the paper. He put fire on the tea bag. We count down. It blasted off to the roof. It came back down. That’s because the fire went out and it ran out of air.”

Lawrence: “The robo grabbing. It can grab things because he has a grabber on his head. You pull it.” 

Henri: “The very big, big, big thing the scientist was talking about that big ball we could go inside. We can put a picture on it. The scientist squashed us in when he made it smaller. The music box makes loud and soft music when you twist the handle.”

Throughout the term we will continue to develop our research and thinking skills by asking questions, predicting, experimenting, observing and reflecting on different phenomenon. 

On Wednesday 16th June we will have a ‘Celebration of Curious Minds’. More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Fostering Your Son’s Independence

Throughout our Pre-Kindergarten programme, we aim to encourage your son’s growing independence. We do this through incidental teachable moments as well as intentionally planned engagements. Our strong focus on independence stems from the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP ‘nurtures independent and collaborative learners, encouraging every student to have voice, choice and ownership in their own learning.’ 

We would like to invite you to participate in fostering your son’s independence at home. As your son is championed in his independence at school and at home, we hope that his independence would grow in leaps and bounds. We acknowledge that it can be challenging and possibly an adjustment to routine or formed habits, however we recognise that as your son’s independence grows, so will his self confidence, maturity, and resilience. 

Some ways you can support your son in his independence:

  • Expose him to new experiences e.g. going to a new park with bigger equipment, visit a museum or gallery
  • Give him space to experiment and ‘figure things out’ by himself
  • Promote problem solving. Instead of giving the answer straight away, ask ‘How Questions’ e.g. “How can you fix that?”, “How can you help to make your brother/sister feel better?”
  • Ask your son to help around the home e.g. cook in the kitchen (cut easy vegetables, stir ingredients in the bowl, pour the milk), do laundry (put clothes in washing machine, close the door, program the machine), take the rubbish out, water the garden, make their own bed, choose some toys for their younger sibling, ‘reset the space’ at the end of the day
  • Encourage him to carry his own school bag
  • Encourage him to ‘reset’ his school bag at the end of the day e.g. put his water bottle and lunchbox on the kitchen bench, make sure his hat is in his bag, pack his library bag
  • Allow extra time for him to dress himself in the morning 
  • Include him in decision making moments e.g. making suggestions for shopping lists, lunch/dinner menu, or planning family time on the weekend


  • Please return your son’s portfolio, with the term one contents, as soon as possible. Each term we add to the portfolio. We are keen to start compiling our learning journey for Term Two! At the end of the year you are able to keep the portfolio.
  • Please ensure that all belongings are clearly labelled. Names and labels tend to fade or come off over time, so a quick check to ensure items are named would be appreciated.
  • Hilliard House Fundraiser:
    • Friday the 14th of May
    • Mufti-day
    • Gold coin donation with all the proceeds going directly to the Exodus Foundation. 


In Music this term we are Collaborating with the Unit of Inquiry How the World Works using the Concepts of Causation, Function, Change.  Through learning repertoire of main modes of transportation, the boys will create moves to accompany the songs which will assist them in remembering the lyrics and develop their understanding of music elements such as tempo, dynamics and form. To date we have learnt songs about trains and created actions like a locomotion to make us aware of how to use space and stay connected as a train. The students are continuing to develop their gross motor skills by following dance moves that assist in reinforcing beat and helps to reflect the change in dynamics and form.

A message from Mrs Hitz-Morton

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

Prep | Kindergarten News

May 7, 2021

Unit of Inquiry: How the world works

As part of our new unit of inquiry ‘How the world works’, Kindergarten boys are inquiring into the properties of objects and materials and how these influence product design. 

Throughout this unit, the boys will explore the key concepts of Form, Connection and Function. 

The boys have used their thinking skills to pose questions about their wonderings:

How do you make glass? (Joshua)

What are astronaut suits made of? (Landon)

How does the inside of the pencil make pictures? (Jayden)

Why is this fork wood when my fork is metal? (Dylan)

Learner Profile Goal Setting

The aim of the International Baccalaureate programme is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. IB learners strive to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

The boys have set new goals from the attributes of the Learner Profile. The boys show student agency by self selecting their goals to focus on. They provide evidence and examples of how they have met their current goal and what it will look like if they are successful in their new goal.


We have been using objects, actions, technology and/or trial and error to explore mathematical problems. The boys were challenged with the following problematised situation:

‘Finn wrote a number. He counted how many straight lines he had used to form the number and found there were two. What numbers might he have written?’

Here are some of the strategies used to find possible solutions.


Boys have continued to develop their phonemic awareness through the Initial Lit program. We are now consolidating our knowledge of the following sounds and tricky words:

Single sounds: m, s, r, a, o, f, i, c, t

Tricky words: I, the, my, as, is

To assist your son at home, readers have been provided and changed every Monday to support decoding and early reading skills.

To develop our comprehension skills, we have been reading ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. Students have made connections to themselves and other stories, as well as built their vocabulary and developed their creative thinking skills. I wonder if you have a book at home written by Oliver Jeffers. Are there any new words in that story?

We have been exploring different ways to purposefully communicate our ideas. Each week, we spend time focusing on ‘learning to write’ where we discuss our writing goals and conventions of writing such as writing left to right, full stops at the end of sentences, capital letters at the start of sentences and finger spaces between words. The boys are able to practice these skills during our ‘low risk’ writing time where they are encouraged to be risk takers and put their knowledge about writing into practice. We also engage in handwriting lessons where we explicitly learn the formation of different lowercase letters.


This term in Music our Stand-Alone Unit is Music and Movement and we have a Central Idea of Thinking creatively enhances our ability to influence others through the expression of unique perspectives. The Concepts which will drive our inquiry are Function, Change, Perspective. Thus far the students have learnt a song Hey Jim Along and created movements that help to express the mood and rhythm of the song and assist us to remember the lyrics of the song. The students will in the coming weeks play the songs using BoomWhackers and learn the Solfa which will reinforce their understanding of combining rhythm and melody. 


Over the first few weeks, Kindergarten boys will continue to develop their growing understanding of colours and application of Chinese numbers in conjunction with fruits and animals. They will then explore animal words through interactive songs, stories and role play with finger puppets. Scaffolded reading through the book “My Pet Dragon” aims to introduce animal Hanzi using Chinese radicals and pictograms contextually.  

In line with the Term 2 UOI “How the World Works?”, the boys will be inquiring into some animal homes in Mandarin and the materials used in building those homes during the second half of the term.

Self-Management Skills

This term, we are encouraging the students to further develop their self-management skills, particularly in regard to taking responsibility for their own belongings and being ready to learn. Each morning, the students hang their blazer on the coat hanger, unpack their bags and check that they have the correct materials for their day (e.g. Library Bags).

Help wanted!

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

Prep | Year 1 News

May 7, 2021

Unit of Inquiry

Last week we began our new UOI, Sharing the Planet. Our central idea, ‘Living things have needs for survival’, will be explored through various learning engagements. We will be learning about animal habitats, animal features and how animal features help them to survive in their habitat. We will then be shifting the focus of our inquiry and looking through the conceptual lens of responsibility as we explore how we can help look after and maintain the habitats around us. At home, your son can be exploring the backyard to discover what animals have their habitats in your backyard. They can explore what the habitats look like (form) and I can reflect on what features those animals have to help them survive in that habitat.


For the next couple of weeks in maths we will be inquiring into length and area. The boys will measure, record, compare and estimate lengths using uniform informal units. The boys will use uniform informal units to measure length and distances by placing the units end to end without gaps or overlaps. They will learn to record lengths and distances and will compare the lengths of two or more objects using uniform informal units. 


In writing we have begun a four weeklong unit on writing informative texts. We have begun by exploring the differences between facts and opinions. Well then move on to look at this overall structure of an informative text and breakdown the individual parts of the text over four weeks. 


In Music lessons, we have been collaborating with the UOI: Sharing the Planet. Our Central Idea is: How Music and Nature are in Harmony. 

I introduced the boys to my pet, Olive, who is a very clever rainbow lorikeet. I showed the boys some videos of Olive dancing and using his beak to copy my rhythms on his little drum. The boys were amazed that Olive could imitate the sounds exactly. I made up a poem about Olive which highlights his drumming and dancing ability. Particular rhythmic units were emphasised, which the boys have learnt to write and recognise aurally. By using our thinking skills, we have been able to make the association between sound and the written symbol. 

It seems that music and nature are really in harmony with each other! (Nicole Smeulders)


Over the last 2 weeks, the Year 1 students have learned to compose and share their Easter holiday activities through modelled language in Mandarin. Interesting perspectives were formed on how others may celebrate their holiday differently.

The boys are introduced to twelve Chinese zodiac animals through legendary folk stories. Authentic connections are established using the principle of Yin Yang circle associated with the animals. They will reflect on how these two concepts may act as a balancing tool in practising the PYP Learner Profiles and Approach to Learning. There will also be a focus on establishing meaningful inquiry between animals and their habitats later this term which is closely linked to the UOI: Sharing the Planet.

Parents Supporting Units of Inquiry

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

Prep | Year 2 News

May 7, 2021

Unit Of Inquiry 

Transdisciplinary Theme: How the World Works

Central Idea: Using scientific principles, forms of energy can observe, tested and applied to advance human endeavours

Key Concepts: Function, Causation, Reflection

Related Concepts: prediction, evidence, proof, force, power, energy

Since beginning our new Unit of Inquiry into How the World Works, the boys have enjoyed becoming scientists! Our incursion from Fizzics Education was an engaging launch pad for our boys to begin to wonder about sound and light energy. 

Last week, the Year 2 learning spaces were transformed into a sound room, a light room and a movement space, where boys conducted experiments and observed how different forms of energy work. 

We will be using the boys’ observations on sound as a pre-assessment to further drive our inquiry into different forms of energy. You can find your son’s current thinking on Seesaw in the assessments tab. 

In the coming weeks the boys will be developing their skills as scientists by making observations, asking questions and building their research skills.

Ask your son to share his Unit of Inquiry knowledge with you. 


In Maths this week, the boys have begun inquiring into data. The boys are building their skills in collecting data. They are learning to accurately create displays of data using lists, tables and picture graphs and interpret their findings. Year 2 have learned about different types of graphs and their features. 

Our learners are also developing an understanding of how to pose suitable questions that will elicit categorical answers and to enable ease of data gathering. 

We will continue to inquire into data in Week 4, moving on to chance and probability in Week 5. 


The boys have recently been reassessed in their spelling to ascertain their current spelling needs. This may mean that your son revisits a spelling set he has had previously to consolidate his understanding of a particular spelling rule. 

In Literacy Groups, the boys are continuing to further their comprehension skills. The boys are building their skills in summarising texts that they have been reading. You can support your son’s learning at home by asking him to summarise the main points following his reading. By building strong comprehension skills, we are empowering our learners to continue to develop their skills in reading to learn. 

In writing, Year 2 have been practising the skills of a researcher by collecting informative facts about a topic, taking notes, then paraphrasing their findings into their own understanding. Furthermore, the boys have investigated the form and function of an informative text so that they can clearly present their writing to an audience.

Home Learning

Term 2 Home learning has started up again! Home learning is a valuable time of the day that enables your son to practise and consolidate the learning he is undertaking at school.

Home learning in Year 2 involves: 


  • 10 minutes every day: students must record the book and pages read in their Record Books.
  • Compulsory: it is important for reading to take place every day, regardless of student schedule.


  • Mathletics Tasks: Set and completed weekly.
  • Compulsory: Mathletics set each week practises the skills and concepts being taught in class.


  • Complete the spelling sorts. Reading, writing, practising in a sentence.
  • Compulsory.

Home learning engages your child in developing his thinking skills, transfer of knowledge and time management skills, as well as providing families with insight into the learning that is happening at school. Year 2 boys are reminded to bring in their homework books to share with their teachers on Fridays. 

Parent Volunteers

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.


In Music we are Collaborating with the Unit How the World Works and we are inquiring into how sound is produced through the Concepts of Causation, Function and Perspective. We began our inquiry with a few key questions such as, “How does the energy in which you strike, blow, push or pull on an instrument influence the sound quality that is produced?” and “Why is pitch so closely related to pressure in blowing instruments?”. The students have discovered the inner workings of a square, upright and grand piano as well as how we produce sound using our voice and the use of tuning forks to tune instruments. As they progress on their string instruments, we will also inquire into how different sounds can be made and the using the bow in various ways to change the quality of the sound. New vocabulary will include harmonics, hammers, tremolo, sul pont and vibrato.


The Year 2 students have previously learned about the school daily break routine with their food choices. They will further develop their communication skills by engaging in conversations with a focus on the school community this term.

The boys will examine their school community as a system which is made up of people, building facilities and meaningful relationships. In addition to the language acquisition, there will be a strong emphasis on growing their understanding with a sense of social responsibility and service to the community. They will reflect on their learning, as well as taking real actions to create a positive difference to the wider community.

Prep | Year 3 News

May 7, 2021


This term, the boys have made an exciting start to UOI. We are looking at How the World Works with a central idea of Scientific understanding influences our reaction to natural phenomena. Already, the boys have proven to be very knowledgeable about natural phenomena and they have picked up the key concepts very quickly.

In Week 1 the teachers had some fun with a provocation. The heaters in the room were turned on. As the boys entered the room, we saw their natural reaction of taking off blazers and jumpers. In 3C a few of the boys had to revert to working on the floor to try and keep themselves nice and cool.Research skills were used in week 1 as each class looked for information about different natural phenomena. Some great posters were made by the boys in 3H.

Week 2 saw the boys shift their focus from natural disasters towards the relationship between the earth, moon and the sun. 3G had a great time looking at shadows and why the moon is only visible at different times.

Parents Supporting Units of Inquiry:

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum


In writing this term, the boys have continued with the focus of imaginative writing. We have had some fun with adding adverbs into our sentences. Adverbs are used to describe verbs and give more detail to the boys writing. Another skill that the boys have been crafting while writing is “Show don’t Tell”. By using this, we make it easier for the audience to create a picture in their mind.

In literacy groups the boys have been working on predicting what might happen in a text by just looking at pictures and the title. The boys have been encouraged to read a number of different texts, both fiction and nonfiction. It is awesome to see so many boys thriving while reading and so interested in a number of different texts. 


It has been a busy start to the term in maths. The boys spent the first two weeks learning about length and area. We had some fun making some car ramps and inquiring into the relationship between the length of a ramp and the distance travelled by a toy car. Learning how to calculate the area of a shape was challenging but well grasped by the boys. Using A = L x W allowed the boys to develop the multiplication skills.


In Music this term, the boys have been collaborating with the UOI: How We Organise Ourselves. Specifically, in Music, we have looked at how form is central to musical composition. 

The boys have been experimenting with games which focus on imitation. This is to help them develop an awareness of what is the same and different in musical pieces. By using their research skills, the boys have played and listened to music and discussed and interpreted the form of each piece.

We have used Visual Learning routines such as Think, Puzzle and Explore to ask questions about the String and Woodwind sections of the orchestra. This questioning and discovery helps the boys to gain a deeper understanding of how instruments are engaged and grouped in particular ways. 

Nicole Smeulders | Music Teacher


In the first week of Term 2, all boys reflected on their Term 1 Mandarin goals and established their Term 2 goals involving Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills.

This term’s unit links to “place”, a related concept of the UOI: How the World Works. Boys have been learning Days of the Week and School Place vocabularies, and have been practising the words and phrases in various ways, including Quizlet activities, Education Perfect word lists, and guess the riddle listening & speaking activity etc. 

Building vocabulary is a preparation for a writing task later on: organising their school timetable. E.g., On Monday, I go to the gym. Xīng qī yī, wǒ qù tǐ yù guǎn. For heritage learners, they will add the school function (what they do at school places) to the sentences. E.g., On Monday, I go to the gym to play basketball. Xīng qī yī, wǒ qù tǐ yù guǎn dǎ lán qiú.

Boys have used Canvas activities to reflect and share their learning, by thinking about the language they have learned and practised, as well as the Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills they have applied in learning.

Prep | Year 4 News

May 7, 2021


The current focus for the Year 4 boys in Mathematics has been measurement. Specifically, they have been studying Mass, Volume, Capacity and Temperature. They have been developing an understanding of the scales, abbreviations, terms and strategies used for measurement in different settings. They have worked through a variety of activities which has included problem solving, reasoning, estimation, justification and reflection.


The main focus for English over the past few weeks has been Informative writing and the key comprehension focus has been making connections. The boys have written several information reports which are integrated with their current Unit of inquiry. They have written reports on heat, light, electrical and wind energy, with more to be produced in the coming weeks. They have also written procedures on experiments involving heat transfer and solar panels. Their comprehension focus of making connections has allowed them to read texts and look at specific connected areas, such as Text to Text, Text to Self, and Text to World.


As the boys are digging deeper into their current Unit of inquiry, they are developing a greater understanding and awareness of the Central Idea, Scientific innovation impacts the environment. They have participated in a range of tasks involving key questions, research, observations and reflection. They have begun to realise the different forms of energy we use on a daily basis, how that energy is created, stored and transferred, as well as the impact these different forms of energy can have on the environment. In the coming weeks the boys will be working groups and identifying, researching and presenting their findings on renewable energy and its impact for future generations. 

Parents Supporting Units of Inquiry

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum


The Stand-Alone Music Unit is called Band/STOMP with a Central Idea of musical forms and patterns are central to all creative systems is driving our Inquiry this term. The Concepts are Form, Change, Function with Related Concepts of Structure, Pattern, communication, role, sequence. After viewing the United Kingdom based group STOMP, through the use of placing rhythms with body percussion techniques, the students were able to recall and notate and perform rhythms more accurately. By their continual involvement in the Band Program, which will include opportunities to play altogether, they are learning ensemble, self discipline, self management and muscle memory skills. 


In the first week of Term 2, all boys reflected on their Term 1 Mandarin goals and established their Term 2 goals involving Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills.

This term’s unit is a collaborative unit linking to the UOI: How We Organise Ourselves. Boys have been looking at the digital world and its features by brainstorming all the technology and digital products they and their families use regularly, and the benefits of using them and the problems of being addicted to them. Here we used a Thinking Routine: Think, Pair and Share for the boys to use Communication Skills, Thinking Skills, Research Skills and Social Skills.

Boys have been learning some digital world vocabularies such as shǒu jī/mobile phone and diàn zǐ yóu jiàn/email. They also have been using the new words in different activities such as Quizlet and guess the riddle listening & speaking activity.

Canvas activities have been used by students to reflect and share their learning. They think about the language they have learned and practised, as well as the Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills they have applied in learning.

Prep | Year 5 News

May 7, 2021

Coming Up in Year 5

Central Idea: Human response to change shapes society


Weeks 4&5: Where we are in place and time

  • Collaborative research and presentations

Week 6: Who we are

  • Strategies that enhance health, safety & wellbeing (causation)


Week 4-6: Problem solving; Time



Weeks 4-6: Imaginative Texts: Historical Narratives


Weeks 4-6: Jackie French author study

How does setting help shape a narrative? 

How does the author’s choice of different plot structures impact the story?

Parent Expertise and Contribution

We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

Bathurst Overnight Excursion

By Nicholas, Elijah and Aaron

In Term 1, Year 5 was sent on an overnight excursion to Bathurst. Although the weather wasn’t exactly what we’d hoped for, it didn’t stop us from learning new things and having a great time. On the way to Bathurst, we stopped for a short break at Echo Point Lookout in The Blue Mountains. Unfortunately, we had to imagine the beautiful, blue sky that overlooked the three sisters, as it was too foggy that morning to see anything at all. It gave us all a bit of a laugh.

We then stayed on to explore Katoomba where Scenic World is located. We went there to go on three rides. The first one was The Scenic Cableway where we headed down through different levels of the bush and rainforest. The next ride was The Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest railway. It was almost like we were going straight down. It went so fast that we were screaming and shouting. Last but not least was The Scenic Skyway, another cable car but with views of the valley and waterfalls. Following the heavy rainfall of previous weeks, Katoomba Falls was raging! It was amazing.

After this big day of adventure, we finally arrived at Heritage Park Bathurst, which would be our home base for our trip. Year 5 boys eagerly unloaded their luggage and were told their cabin groups: the most anticipated moment of our overnight experience. We had the best time bonding with other students at night, two nights in a row. During our time at Heritage Park, we did many fun activities like learning the Wiradjuri Aboriginal Language and Culture, Whip Cracking and having our meals.

On our second day, we visited the historic town of Hill End. We all had a chance to try our luck at gold panning. We stood by a river with a pan and filled the pan with dirt. We washed all the dirt away to see if there were any specks of gold. The instructor taught us that we had to swirl and shift the rocks and dirt for the gold to sink so it could be visible for us to keep. Only a few of us found gold, but we all had fun and got nice and muddy. When we went to the Bald Hill Mine, the man at the front told us that gold was usually in quartz veins. Despite great effort in digging through all of the quartz, this mine had no gold even though the mine right next to it was rich in gold.

This trip was definitely one to remember for Year 5. Personally, it gave us time to take risks, develop our friendships and work on our independence. It also gave us a first-hand look at the impact colonisation, exploration and mining has had on our society’s development, its people and the environment. But most importantly, we had a great time.

Despite the weather, the Year 5 boys enjoyed a great adventure in the Blue Mountains and Bathurst region

Unit of Inquiry: Where we are in place and time

The students in Year 5 have continued their inquiry into significant people and events. By exploring the concepts of causation, perspective and change we have been considering how the human response to significant events has shaped societies. We have collaboratively explored and compared how our individual and shared values, perspectives and mindsets shape our decisions and actions, particularly through Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu, and the Australian Gold Rush. By engaging with primary sources through interviews and research, historical literature and by using research skills, the boys have identified and analysed different perspectives and lived experiences, and reflected on how we view events of the past through evolved values and beliefs. The boys then applied this research format to share how other significant events of their choice have shaped societies. These included World Wars, the invention of computers, Women’s Suffrage, and the Industrial Revolution. We look forward to their presentations next week. 

In STEAM we have inquired through the PYP Concept of ‘Function’ to investigate how binary (0 & 1) is used in computer science to represent numbers and letters. This has helped students reflect on how the development of binary has led to the computers we use today. Some of the Year 5’s chose to use their research skills to find out more about significant individuals who have shaped our society.


When you think of a character in a book, how often do you think of the setting? Unbeknownst to most readers, many authors reveal personalities and feelings to characterise their settings. Year 5 have been exploring how the author Jackie French uses literary devices to characterise the settings in her books. We have identified how she uses similes, metaphors and personification to make her settings linger with the reader and bring depth to her stories. Our next step is to model our writing off these mentor texts to characterise the settings in our own stories. Year 5 will also be working on how we develop ideas and plot structures in the planning process. Students will collaboratively construct multiple storylines from a single writing prompt before deciding the best story to continue writing. We will also utilise our understanding from our previous UOI to write our own historical fiction texts. Watch this space for updates on how our authors are coming along on their writing journey. 


In Mathematics over the last few weeks, the boys have been inquiring into different strategies for the four operations of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. They have also undertaken a longer project which focussed on the practical application of these strategies in real life contexts. Many of the boys were quite surprised at the level of thought that needed to go into planning the ultimate four-day long weekend. The boys have worked hard to be able to adjust their plans to fit a budget, making decisions that are both practical, enjoyable, and affordable. To make the project fit with our current context, they were limited to staying at locations within Australia. This could be a really valuable conversation to have with your son prior to going on your next holiday. Talk to them about what the planned budget is and the different things that you need to include. Many of the boys were particularly shocked at how the cost of food can add up very quickly. We will be further exploring these concepts in the coming weeks as well as beginning a more in depth look at time. 


In the first week of Term 2, all boys reflected on their Term 1 Mandarin goals and established their Term 2 goals involving Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills.

This term’s unit is a collaborative unit linking to the UOI: How We Express Ourselves. Boys will be inquiring into various forms of expressions in Chinese culture, including painting, martial arts, and Tai Chi movements etc. What’s more, boys will enrich their cultural understanding and expressions in other specialist lessons including Arts, PE and perhaps Music, to make this unit a real transdisciplinary unit.

To start the unit, boys compared Eastern culture and Western culture using German and Chinese as an example. They analysed a range of cultural expression infographics and shared their point of views. It was good to see the boys learning from each other and others’ perspectives, which is a valuable trait of being a global citizen. Boys then chose two cultures and created their own infographics and captions to show the comparisons. Here they used Thinking Skills and Research Skills.

Canvas activities and SeeSaw posts have been used by students to reflect and share their learning. They think about the learning they have inquired into or discovered, as well as the Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills they have applied in Mandarin lessons.


The boys in Year Five have been playing movement games to improve their ability to aurally recognise melodic structure. They have thoroughly enjoyed these activities and have also experimented with playing melodies on xylophones. As an extension, the boys have tried to sequence melodies up and down on their tuned percussion instruments. Sequencing is a popular musical tool which can be found in all forms of music, including both classical and contemporary. Students have learnt to write the melodies on manuscript paper. 

During all these lessons we have practised our thinking skills by discussing listening repertoire. We have also developed our communication skills by using musical symbols to portray our ideas. I have been very impressed by the boys’ ability to support and help each other with their learning. 

Nicole Smeulders | Music Teacher

Prep | Year 6 News

May 7, 2021


This term in English we have inquired into spelling patterns in groups. We have also been finishing our reading of ‘The Landry News. As part of this novel study, we have been learning about freedom of speech and democratic rights. In our writing lessons, we have all chosen an Australian Prime Minister and researched information about them. We used our note-taking and summarising skills to organise our data and present it as an informative text. We selected a non-fiction book from the library and used the information to write a summary of different chapters. We have all begun using our prediction skills by looking at a cover of a book and wondering what might happen. We read ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan to practise using evidence to justify our predictions. We are looking forward to continuing our new novel studies in groups over the next few weeks. 

Joshua Radford (6G)


For the last few weeks, we have been inquiring into Multiplication and Division. Year Six worked on converting different measurements of length (mm, cm,m, km). We also used a variety of strategies for multiplication, e.g. using factorisation and algorithms. We discovered patterns when multiplying and dividing large decimals when converting units. We played different mathematics games to improve our speed in multiplication. We have also been inquiring into division by working with challenging word problems. Also, for division, we used the factorisation strategy to solve difficult questions by splitting larger numbers into factors.  

Jesse Cha and Ryder Darlow (6G)

Unit of Inquiry – How We Organise Ourselves

Since the holidays we have continued our inquiry into ideologies. After our Canberra trip in Term 1, we have a firsthand experience about the history of Australia and also know the systems and levels of government. We first looked into the Trinity Mission Statement and tried making one of our own for our new Year 6 building. We participated in a Life Values Inventory Survey to ascertain our strongest personal values. We used these values to begin thinking about action that we can take in the world around us. We looked at the history of the Australian government in terms of the Federation and different political parties. We also studied different forms of governing present in the world e.g. communism, democracy, monarchy and dictatorship. 

Kescharan Ketheswaran and Oliver Shen (6G)

What’s coming up in Year 6?

Over the next few weeks in English we will:

  • begin constructing imaginative stories
  • continue our novel studies in groups
  • continue developing our skills of prediction
  • analyse characters and settings in a variety of texts
  • inquire into spelling and word patterns

In Mathematics we will:

  • use a variety of strategies to solve problems involving multiplication and division
  • explain our thinking and justify our results 
  • solve complex word problems

In our upcoming Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are, we will inquire into:

  • the rights and responsibilities of ourselves and others
  • actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing in communities
  • change and transitions


The Stand Alone Unit of Inquiry for Term 2 for Music is the Origins of Jazz Music and we are inquiring into the different styles of jazz and why each was created through the Concepts of Form, Connection and Change.To start the unit the students have undertaken an analysis of a popular Jazz Piece by Australian Composer Andy Firth using the music elements of Form, Rhythm, Melody, Instrumentation, Dynamics and Emotion and have investigated the different styles of Jazz. They have generated Inquiry questions which will guide our learning and the assessment tasks will include composing a 12 bar Blues composition using technology (Noteflight) and each class performing a 12 Bar Blues progression on a range of melodic and percussion instruments. New music terminology will be introduced such as syncopation, improvisation, blues notes, blues scales and 12 bar blues chord progression, bend and dip. We look forward to sharing our learning with you as we progress through the unit.


In the first week of Term 2, all boys reflected on their Term 1 Mandarin goals and established their Term 2 goals involving Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills.

This term’s unit is a stand-alone unit called Famous Cities. Here are the learning aims:

  • Use sentence structures to write and speak about famous Chinese and international cities, including name, location, city feature, temperature, places of interest and traditional food (Communication Skills-writing, reading, speaking)
  • Research for needed formation (Research Skills, Thinking Skills)
  • Heritage learners try to write and speak compound Chinese sentences and practise some Hanzi

To start the unit, boys looked at English-Chinese cognates such as Sydney/xī ní, the words having similar pronunciation and spelling patterns. Then they applied their cognate knowledge to figure out English/Chinese Pinyin translations for Australian cities and some international cities too.

Canvas activities and SeeSaw posts have been used by students to reflect and share their learning. They think about the language they have learned and practised, as well as the Learning Profiles and Approach to Learning Skills they have applied in learning.


We are fortunate at Trinity Prep to have parents that work in a wide variety of industries and professions. In the past, Units of Inquiry have been enriched by having parents come in to speak to the boys or provide learning experiences that relate to their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in adding your name to a list for the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 teachers to access during the planning phase of each unit, and contact you to see if you’re available to share your expertise with the boys, please complete this form.

Thank you for your continued support in enriching the learning opportunities for our students.

Mrs K Hitz-Morton | Director of Early Learning and Primary Curriculum

Library News | Preparatory School

May 7, 2021

Prep Book Swap!

In Week 6 the Prep Library will be holding a Prep Book Swap to help raise money for an indigenous community which we are working with to help support their library.

How does it work?: We are asking the Trinity community to donate any unwanted books in good condition that are no longer needed which can be swapped on the Prep Book Swap day for a gold coin!

How can you help? If you have any books in good condition that you would like to donate please send them to the library over the next 2 weeks, the more books we get, the more gold coins we can swap and the more funds we can raise to help those in need!

Mother’s Day

This Sunday May 9th we celebrate Mother’s Day, it is a day to make an extra-special effort to recognize and appreciate mothers’ roles in our lives and celebrate the women who are special to us. Often this day is extended to generations of mothers—grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers—as well as to mother figures.

Wishing you all a “Happy Mother’s Day!”

NSS Bookmark Competition!

Do you like space? Then this competition is for you! On May 18th the picture book “Give Me Some Space” written by Philip Bunting will be read from the International Space Station for the National Simultaneous Storytime. To celebrate this event, we are asking students to create a space themed bookmark & return it to the Library by May 14th. The winners will receive a prize and their bookmarks will be printed and available in the Library!

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator


Senior School Sports Fixtures

May 7, 2021

Basketball News

May 7, 2021

“Trinity get two players selected in NSWCIS Team”

T. Buvac
D. Williams

On the back of a strong showing for CAS Firsts, Trinity were honoured with the selections of Tom Buvac (12WJ) and Deonte Williams (12Yo) in the NSWCIS Team. Over forty-five boys from all over the state were put through a trial at Newington early this week. It is a great achievement from both these Trinitarians who have developed over there long journey at the School into exceptional talents,

The CIS team will head to Hills Basketball Stadium on Monday 31 May to play in the NSW All Schools Championship against CHS (Public Schools) and CCC (Catholic Schools) where a NSW All Schools Team will be selected.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

Rugby vs Cranbrook

May 7, 2021

Results vs Cranbrook

The weekend’s fixtures saw Trinity Grammar School take on ISA powerhouse Oakhill College. Despite the best efforts of the young men in green and white we were only able to secure victory in four of our 15 fixtures. Once again, our Under 15 teams acquitted themselves well on the field and despite an off day, the 1st XV were able to come away with their third victory of the season. This week we will make the journey north across the harbour to take on St. Pius X College Chatswood.

1st XV17 – 1415C19 – 14
2nd XV5 – 4614A10 – 50  
3rd XV0 – 53  14B5 – 41
4th XV7 – 49  14C0 – 56
16A0 – 4313A0 – 76
16B0 – 3613B0 – 56
15A66 – 013C0 – 90
15B12 – 5  

Saturday game attendance

From time to time players will be injured and be unavailable for games; it is an inevitability of playing a contact sport. Despite these occurrences, students are still required to attend their Saturday commitments. Unless leave has been approved by the Senior or Middle School offices, all boys are expected to attend their team’s fixtures and assist in anyway that they can.

Team of the Week

Despite the tough results there were numerous boys who impressed their coaches once again this week.

The team of the Week is:

  1. Xavier Toomalatai (7Ho) – 13B
  2. Tom Maloney (7Du) – 13C
  3. Harry Cotton (9Du) – 15C
  4. Will Rule (11Ar) – 3rd XV
  5. Jack Henderson (12Ta) – 4th XV
  6. Bailey Martin (9We) – 14B
  7. Taj Young (7We) – 13A
  8. Brandon Ghannoum (9Fo) – 15A
  9. Sesen Hanna (8Hi) – 14C
  10. Hunter Hannaford (12Du) – 1st XV
  11. Lewis Kanellos (12He) – 2nd XV
  12. Tom Bermingham (8Mu) – 14A
  13. Josh Jenkins (10La) – 16A
  14. Oliver Askew (12We) – 15B
  15. Angus Jenkins (10Hi) – 16B

Friends of Rugby

The Friends of Rugby (FOR) Committee is currently looking for parents who are interested in being involved for the 2021 season. In previous years, the FOR has been an invaluable asset to the Trinity rugby community; manning game day BBQs, raising funds for the Japan tour, purchasing dumbbells and other gym equipment for the entire school community, as well as countless other essential roles. If you are interested in being a part of the Friends of Rugby for 2021, please contact me (msnowden@trinity.nsw.edu.au).

Mr. Mick Snowden | Director of Rugby

1st XV Match Report

Saturday afternoon’s fixture was a great testament to the many anomalies that arise during games of rugby. Sometimes effort can outweigh inaccuracy, sometimes the better team does not win the game, and sometimes the individual brilliance of a few can save the blushes of the remainder. Our fixture against Oakhill saw all three of these eventuate.

Despite the pleas of coaching staff, our 1st XV decided that the referee’s whistle was not the time to start playing, rather they waited until Oakhill had crossed the line twice before kicking into gear. Struggles at set-piece time and a disturbing propensity to be too tight in defence saw Oakhill skip out to an early 14-3 lead. The sole penalty goal from captain Hunter Hannaford (12Du) was the only time we looked like troubling the scorers during the first 25 minutes.

With half-time approaching we needed a spark, thankfully once again our eventual man of the match Hunter stood up when we need leadership most. From some scrappy scrum ball Hunter spread the ball wide and following a fantastic ball from Olly White (12Fo), Theo Kidd (12WJ) beat his opposing man and dove into the corner for our first try. Hunter would add the extras from right on the sideline and tighten the score to 10-14. Hunter’s fantastic play would continue into the final minute of the half as he picked up some more scrappy set piece ball before dropping a perfect kick behind the line that allowed Olly White to regather and cross for his fourth try in the opening three games. The conversion from a few metres inside the touchline would send us to oranges up 17-14.

The scoreboard picked a great day to malfunction as it would not be needed for the remainder of the game as the second half saw an error-riddled performance from both sides. It should be noted though, that these errors were not due to a lack of effort; rather a little too much enthusiasm. Thankfully, some outstanding second-half performances would carry us through to an eventual victory. Alisi Leao (12Mu) was the best forward on the park, constantly bending the line with his carries and working miracles from the scrum-base. Theo Kidd saved a certain 7-pointer, knocking the ball out of an Oakhill attacker’s hands as he dove to score under the posts, and Orly Hatton-Ward (10Sc) continues to emerge as an immensely promising scrum-half, playing with composure and experience well beyond his years.

This week we turn our focus to St. Pius X College, as our first away fixture, and we hope to return to Summer Hill with our fourth victory from as many attempts.

Final Score: Trinity 17 defeated Cranbrook 14

Tries: Theo Kidd (1), Olly White (1)

Conversions: Hunter Hannaford (2)

Penalties: Hunter Hannaford (1)

Mr. Snowden and Mr. Pay | 1st XV Coaches

O. Hatton-Ward 1st XV
T. Kidd 1st XV

2nd XV Match Report

After a tough return to rugby following the term break, the 2nd XV was keen to find form in our third game for the season against Oakhill. This would be no easy task, given the depth and strength of the Oakhill program, yet we took the field knowing that our best performance was still ahead of us.

The contest was a physical affair where both teams were keen to assert their dominance in contact. Oakhill were the first to break through, opening the score in the 11th minute. Unfortunately this took the wind out of our sails somewhat and their first try was quickly followed by their 2nd and 3rd. Stemming the flow was not going to be easy and the closing minutes of the first half was an area we had spoken about improving. To the players’ credit they did regroup and bring some fire back into the contest, winning the last ten minutes of the first half. Jude Robinson crossed for Trinity’s first try to see us go into the breakdown 5-17.

Territory and possession would be key to our revival in the second half. However, as the game wore on, Oakhill’s physical dominance started to take its toll and they ran away with the match, much like Cranbrook had done the week prior.

Although the team has not yet found their groove, little pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit together. I am sure the boys will be keen to piece together our opening victory of the season when we travel out to Oxford Falls to take on St Pius, the first time the school has done so in many years.

Final Score: Trinity 5 lost to Oakhill 46.

Tries: Jude Robinson (1)

Mr. Kearsley and Mr. Ikeuchi | 2nd XV Coaches

Football Report Week 2, Term II, 2021

May 7, 2021

It is a beautiful time of the year when May commences and you get the chance to see the leaves change colour, as many teams did when they ventured north to the leafy suburbs surrounding Knox Grammar for CAS Round 2. Opens, Year 10 and Year 7 played away at Curugal and Samuel King Oval whilst Year 8 and 9 played at Trinity No. 2, Flockhart and Mason Park. In this report are stories of leadership, development, 1stXI/2nd XI/Year 8 games and the ‘Team of the Week’ for CAS Round 2.


Wilson Russell (11Ar) is to be congratulated on his sportsmanship on Saturday in the 5th XI match where a Knox player fell over and injured his back. Whilst the game continued on after the Knox player fell, Wilson went to the aid of the Knox player and stayed by his side until the game stopped and medical treatment arrived. It is rare that a player is in the ‘Team of the Week’ in consecutive weeks, but this happened for Wilson through excellent sportsmanship on Saturday and excellent performance in CAS 1.


Congratulations to goalkeeper Kian Guildea (10Du) who has gone from the 7E team to the 1st XI in the space of four seasons. In 2018, Kian was in the 7E team, in 2019 the 8D team, in 2020 he progressed from the 9D to 9A team and in 2021, Kian is in the 10A team.  

On Saturday, Kian was man of the match in the 10A team where he made countless saves against Knox Grammar. He was then on the bench for the 2nd XI, where in the 15th minute the Trinity goalkeeper was red-carded for a tackle as last man on the edge of the box. Enter Kian Guildea, who played the rest of the game for the 2nd XI and then ended up on the bench for the 1st XI.

The above is a special story of having an open mind to feedback, implementing feedback, taking opportunities, working hard at your game and being brave. Well done to Kian, to his Trinity goalkeeper Coach Mr Chris Marques and to his team coaches who have guided him through this journey.

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 1st XI

Trinity played against a very strong Knox team in CAS Round 2. After winning the first round 3-0, Trinity had lots of energy and confidence coming into this game. New tactics from the training ground saw the boys in green and white dominate possession and create plenty of goal-scoring opportunities that unfortunately weren’t converted. At half-time, the team seemed to be in high spirits as we knew that we were getting closer to the goal and we believed that at some point, the ball would go in our favour. A beautiful delivered cross from Jordan Mikhael (12Ke) landed on the head of James Khoury (12We) who jumped up and scored a superb header late in the second half. Trinity was up 1-0 with a few minutes to go, but Knox then came back with a goal against the run of play, and this ended the game 1-1. A tough game for both teams but a great display of Football especially from the boys in green. Trinity could definitely take some positives from this game for their third round encounter against Cranbrook.

Sebastien Portolesi (11Ar)

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 2nd XI

On Saturday the 1st of May, the Trinity 2nd XI continued the CAS season with an away game against Knox, knowing full well that this match would be one of the toughest we would face in the whole season. However, given the emphatic 3-0 win against St Aloysius’ the week before, we were optimistic. As was expected, Knox wasted no time in putting pressure on our back line, though the defensive work of James Arthur (11WH) in particular was able to prevent us from conceding at this stage. By around the middle of the first half, we were putting the pressure back on the opposition, with Sebastian Portolesi (11Ar) coming very close to scoring after making it through Knox’s defensive line on two separate occasions. Near the end of the first half, though, disaster struck after a mistimed tackle from our Captain, Patrick Williams (11La), meant we had to play the rest of the game with ten players. Special mention should go to Kian Guildea (10Du), who not only stepped up to fill Patrick’s difficult position as goalkeeper, but played superbly, making several vital saves throughout the rest of the game. Ultimately, after conceding a penalty late in the first half (0-1), we went into half time a little deflated, but still hopeful of making a comeback. Such an opportunity soon arose after Louis Agosti (11Yo) nearly got on the end of a precisely-executed offensive free kick from Ricardo Delgado (12St). Unfortunately, after conceding another goal late in the second half (0-2), we were unable to come away with the win. Nonetheless, the team should be commended for never giving up despite being at a numerical disadvantage. We will aim to maintain this tenacity and determination when we play Knox again later in the season, as well as against Cranbrook next week.

William Martin (12WH)

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8A

The 8As played out a 1-1 draw in an entertaining clash with Knox. Despite Knox scoring first, Trinity were able to dictate play throughout the first half and equalized through Cameron Mock (8Du). Lucas Kotevich (8We) and Lachlan Jeney (8Du) were instrumental in purposeful ball movement and positional play and really showed the development of the team. Trinity remained committed to their processes throughout the game and adapted well to an impressive Knox side. The 8As are continuing to develop nicely and the future looks very bright.

Mr Zac Galluzzo | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8B

The courage and application shown by the 8Bs was admirable in a challenging 4-1 loss against Knox. Despite being behind on the scoreboard, there were some fantastic passages of play in both halves. Aamir Salim (8Ar) and Luke Gergis (8D) were superb in all areas of the field and have shown great improvement in a short time. The 8Bs are encouraged to continue with their commitment to learning and loving the game of football.

Mr Zac Galluzzo | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8C

Trinity came across an ambitious Knox side wanting to take glory. It was a back and forward game between the two sides which saw counterattack football being the key to winning in the game. Goalkeeper Matteo Pezzano (8Fo) made himself look big and made some huge saves to keep his team level in the first half. The second half was very much like the first with constant threats coming from both teams. However, Trinity were able to take the lead through some great team play and which saw Jameson Chau-Vuu (8We) get on the scoresheet. Credit must go to the whole team who were able to see the game finish 1-0.

Mr Owen Duke | Acting Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8D

The mighty 8D football team had an eager and enthusiastic start against a strong Knox opposition. Unfortunately, the young men weren’t able to put away chances which saw them being three goals behind the opposition at half time. The boys had a much stronger second half which saw Jameson Chau-Vuu (8We) and Dylan Yee (8La) dominate the midfield. Again, in the second half we fell short of scoring. However, we showed improvements towards how we played and taking chances.

Mr Owen Duke | Acting Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8E

CAS round 2 saw the 8Es come up against Knox, always a formidable opponent in all departments. The first half was evenly matched with Trinity having their fair share of chances. Both Riley Coneliano (8Fo) and Allen Zheng (8Yo) were very potent in attack, creating chances and putting the Knox defence under immense pressure. Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu) was great in defence, anticipating the play and shutting down Knox’s main target striker. The first half finished 0-0 and continued with the same score line until five minutes remained in the game. Lapses in concentration and good play from Knox resulted in a late onslaught of goals, with the final score line finishing 0-4. Whilst it was on paper a clear loss, the boys played remarkably well and should be proud of their efforts and improvements.

Mr Joshua Yeoh | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8F

The 8F Football team started well with some good positional structure. Unfortunately, the team went down a goal after only a few minutes. Player of the match for Trinity was Declan Tan (8Mu) who produced some excellent defensive tackles. He was well supported by Charlie Nice (8Ke) with both players having their best game of the season. Up front Andrew Worsfold (8WJ) and Rayden Soo (8WH) had the best opportunities to score for Trinity. The team went down 0-3 goals but will look to bounce back and secure a win this coming weekend!

Mr Seamus Rodden | Coach

CAS Round 2 vs Knox Grammar – 8G



Lachlan Jeney (vi) – 8A Dilan Petrides (ii) – 7F/7E Wilson Russell (v) – 5th XI
 Dylan Bell (i) – 7D Archer Guest (i) – 7th XI 
  Fenn Hodgson-Yu (ii) – 1st XI  
Ethan Webb (ii) – 6th XIMichael Hatzistergos (viii) – 8E Henry Mansfield (iv) – 9AJack Fresta (i) – 9D
  Kian Guildea (ii/vii) – 10A & 2nd XI  

Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i.  Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)

ii.  High Level of Consistency in Completing Job

iii.  Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.

iv.  Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity

v.  Sportsmanship

vi.  Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented

vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray | MIC Football and Director of Football Coaching

Results vs Knox Grammar Saturday, 1st May 2020

W = Win

D = Draw

L = Loss

R = Washed Out

TeamTrinity ScoreKnox ScoreResult
1st XI11D
2nd XI02L
3rd XI05L
4th XI13L
5th XI01L
6th XI23L
7th XI07L
8G  Bye

AFL | Rounds 1 and 2

May 7, 2021

AFL vs. Knox Grammar

CAS Round 2 | Saturday, 1 May 2021

The men of Trinity had to make the long journey north for Round 2, taking on Knox Grammar School at Acron Oval, and coming away with mixed results against one of the most consistently strong performing AFL schools in the CAS competition. The 7/8s teams split the results evenly between the two schools, with the As going down early against larger opponents, while the Bs won convincingly to settle the score. The 1sts went down against a strong side, with several players back for Round 2 and better for the run. The game of the day was the 9/10s, who responded well from last week’s defeat to secure a tough fought victory, playing as a well-disciplined team for a full four quarters.

Team of the Week: Round 2

Excellent performances from our key position players over the weekend sees one of the taller Team of the Week selections. They are well supported by the hard-running ground players who fought well against stiff opposition from Knox.

FBPeter Roser (12KE)James Craigie (8LA)Harrison Ryan (10TA)
HBLachlan Allen (7WJ)Andrew Hoskinson (8HE)Patrick Cantlon (12DU)
CTheo Christian (12HE)Angus Royal (8AR)Rory Flanagan (8FO)
HFNicholas Enno (12HI)William Constanti (9SC)Jack Gully (10WH)
FFLiam Wingrave (10AR)Brooklyn Virgo (7LA)Abe Vink (8WJ)
RRCallum Campbell (9WE)Christian Izzillo (7MU)Ryan Webb (9HI)

Round 2 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

Several new players have staked their claim to be the leading goalkicker for Trinity by the end of the season, with some early front-runners being well held in Round 2. Please see the below early ladder leaders who will be hoping to hold off a chasing pack.

4Brodie Fortescue
3Lachlan Ellis
3Brooklyn Virgo
2James Moore
2Lachlan Wolfe
2William Constanti
2Mikias Williams

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 2, 2021

Trinity 1st XVIII had a tough fixture on the weekend, losing to the currently undefeated Knox side 137 to 9. However, the score did not reflect the tremendous effort all the Trinity players demonstrated during the match, especially on defence. With Knox being far and away the strongest side in the competition, with multiple academy and representative players available for them in Round 2; there were, nonetheless, promising signs for our relatively inexperienced team.

The First Quarter saw Trinity slow to start and adjust to the immense pressure and high tempo gamestyle of our opponent, which allowed Knox to get the early lead on the scoreboard with several quick goals. Trinity responded in the second quarter, with defensive changes and strategies adjusted, as Knox was forced to work harder in order to score. In the second half, it became a much closer game on field. In the end Knox won convincingly with a much taller, fitter and more experienced team.

However, there were many skilful and exceptional patches of play being executed by the men of Trinity, and with some tweaking needed during training this week, we will look to ensure we complete the good plays and capitalise fully on our hard work around the ground. Several of these highlights were seen with Lucas Blythe (10LA), our Year 10 player, providing constant support around the ball, while demonstrating his hard gut running efforts as he followed up every contest to provide a handball receive option and direct his teammates into space.

In addition, our midfield cohort of Sam Waddington (11MU)Theo Christian (12HE)Lachlan Wolfe (11ST) all showed strong skills and courage against much bigger opponents, and did not look out of place in the fast-paced, high-octane midfield pressure that Knox provided. Our only goal of the day was from our very own Vice Captain, Nicholas Enno (12HI), who stepped out of heavy congestion, weaving through three defenders to kick truly and snap from 20m out in the First Quarter, as he was swarmed by teammates from all directions.

It can be incredibly tiring having to defend for large expanses of a quarter, and our team learned a valuable lesson in the work rate required to remain competitive with the best. Special mention must go to our backline, who were forced to defend and run hard all game, against a significantly fitter and taller team, with Emmanuel Grogan (12FO) taking innumerable intercept marks while wearing his trademarked head band. Other defensive players worth noting include Peter Roser (12KE), who utilised his long range kicking ability to send the ball over the Knox forwards at every kick out opportunity.  Similarly, Ben Wilkinson (11MU), who saved many close goals with his desperation at the goal line, and Nicholas Magoulas (12SC), making the biggest tackles for Trinity and acting as our enforcer down back. Our forward line assisted our ever-pressured midfielders and defenders, with Brodie Fortescue (12TA) and Oscar Ballentine-Jones (12HI) both giving immeasurable support by constantly providing strong marking targets and linking up with several excellent passages of quick handballs between each other to send us into attack.

Best on field goes to Patrick Cantlon (12DU), who used his elite fitness and athleticism to constantly provide defensive coverage while then managing to break away once Trinity had won possession and provide an outlet into attack. He amassed constant possessions in every quarter and combined this with his excellent footskills to always find a teammate in a better position.

While we were beaten by a much faster, stronger, taller and more organised opponent, our team learned a lot from playing the best players in the CAS competition, and will look to implement many of the Knox strategies going forward into the final three rounds of the CAS season. We will look to raise our training standards in the coming weeks and implement new structures and strategies from our learnings this weekend past.

Score: Knox Grammar 19.18.136 def Trinity 1.3.9

Goals: N. Enno

Bests: P. Cantlon, P. Roser, L. Blythe, T. Christian, B. Wilkinson, N. Enno

Alan Weston (12TA) | 1st XVIII Captain

9/10 As

Trinity responded incredibly well after last week’s defeat to control the game for a full four quarters against Knox. An excellent defensive effort ensured that Knox could never get a run on, while the midfield constantly sharked the hitouts of the Knox ruckman to send us into attack. The forward line worked well to capitalise on several forward entries to set up an early margin which Trinity maintained for the remainder of the match. The inclusion of Callum Campbell (9WE) and Ryan Webb (9HI) proved instrumental, while the key position players in William Constanti (9LA), Liam Wingrave (10AR) and Jack Gully (10WH) provided multiple defensive spoils, contested marks and goals, as they rotated through both offence and defence. This was an excellent all-round team effort, particularly on defence, with all players in the squad performing to a high standard and supporting one another to ensure we maintained our lead.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As were met with a much bigger opponent in Knox, and while taking it up to them early, they were unable to maintain this pressure for a full four quarters. Callum Padman (8HI) and Angus Royal (8AR) showed great courage and intent to win several contested possessions and keep Trinity in the game early, while Rory Flanagan (8FO) collected numerous possessions on the wing and in attack. Unfortunately, the pressure and structure of Knox proved too great, as they ran away with the result in the final quarter. Trinity will look to bounce back next week against Cranbrook in our first home fixture.

7/8 Bs

The second game of the season saw a comprehensive victory again Knox, with the 7/8 Bs remaining the only undefeated Trinity AFL team. The young men of Trinity are improving every week and got on top early to run away with the result thanks to good all-round team play. Special mentions to Mikias William (7YO) who collected possessions at will in the midfield and regularly used his speed and agility to provide strong pressure in our forward line, being well supported by the excellent forward work of Brooklyn Virgo (7LA) who provided a target all day and was unlucky to not add further goals to his strong start to the season, while down back James Craigie (8LA) and Andrew Hoskinson (8HE) were clean all day and kept the ball out of our defensive line. Trinity will look to remain undefeated in next week’s fixture against Cranbrook.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

AFL vs. St Aloysius

CAS Round 1 | Saturday, 25 April 2021

Perfect conditions for playing Australian football greeted the students of Trinity as AFL was split across three venues for the first round of the CAS season. Several strong performances from our 7/8s teams saw us sneak home against strong opposition, while the 9/10s had a tough task against St Aloysius’ but applied themselves well all day to the contest. The 1sts had an improved showing against a strong side, with several players taking the field for the first time as a unit and finding the going tough before settling later in the game and starting to work as a team.

Team of the Week

Strong performances from the 7/8 age group has seen many of them selected in this Team of the Week. Multiple goal kicking midfielders can be found in this week’s team, with several players very unlucky to miss out. All sides will be keen to take on Knox next week and test themselves against a proud AFL school.

FBLachlan Wolfe (11ST)Lucas Blum (9AR)Max Anderson (9HI)
HBMason McGroder (7WJ)Emmanuel Grogan (12FO)Andrew Stone (9HO)
CMakias Williams (7YO)Lachlan Ellis (7YO)Matthew MacDonald (7WJ)
HFAlexi Little (12FO)Brodie Fortescue (12TA)Josh O’Connell (8AR)
FFRowan O’Connor (10MU)James Moore (10TA)Dylan Blythe (7LA)
RRLouis Lusty (8SC)Sam Waddington (11MU)Lucas Blythe (10LA)

Round 1 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

No team posted a score over 60 points this weekend, so having so many multiple goal scorers in Round 1 is an impressive feat. Please see the below early ladders leaders who will be hoping to hold off a chasing pack.

4Brodie Fortescue (12TA)
3Lachlan Ellis (7YO)
2James Moore (10TA)
2Lachlan Wolfe (11ST)
2Brooklyn Virgo (7LA)

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 1, 2021

With nine players making their debut in AFL for Trinity Grammar in the opening round, the test was put to the team on whether they could demonstrate teamwork early, as players had to quickly adjust to the playing styles of new teammates. St Aloysius’ are a strong AFL school, with several representative players in their squad, and the challenge was put to the young students of Trinity to follow the structures and defensive mindset they have been working on in the pre-season.

The opening bounce of the season went to plan as Christian Farr (11MU) won the first tap straight down to Captain Alan Weston (12TA), who released a quick handball to a fast running Sam Waddington (11MU) for our first forward entry. Unfortunately, St Aloysius’ counter-attacked, with Trinity being slow to transition to defence. Some desperation and a diving smother from Vice-Captain Nicholas Enno (12HI) was a highlight, while Emmanuel Grogan (12FO), in his first game for the School, was dominant in the air, taking marks at will and using his excellent decision making to find targets and transition us out of defence. St Aloysius’ surged again, and would have had a more productive quarter, if not for the defensive mindset of Ben Wilkinson (11MU), who repeatedly drifted back to the goal line and intercepted numerous long shots from the opposition forwards. Ben was immense all day, regularly saving countless certain goals at the last opportunity. Trinity had found themselves in a hole early, with St Aloysius’ kicking four unanswered goals for the quarter. The siren provided an opportunity to reflect and regather, as we went back to focusing on our structures and emphasised defensive running.

The students of Trinity were asked to respond and respond they did. Defensive running improved as Trinity started to play accountable football with a defensive mindset. This allowed us to win possession and send the ball forward. They say the art of being a forward is one of the hardest skills to learn in the modern game, but Brodie Fortescue (12TA) made it look easy as he took several contested marks while providing a genuine aerial target up forward. This was an impressive feat for someone who had only picked up an AFL football in preseason six weeks ago. He was rewarded for his effort with two long-range goals for the quarter, the highlight being a 45m kick out of mid-air to open Trinity’s goal-kicking account in 2021. Lachlan Wolfe (11ST), who had used his elite footskills to set us up out of defence, capped off an impressive quarter for Trinity, with a goal on the half-time siren. Suddenly we had a genuine contest on our hands.

The third quarter saw a re-energised Trinity side that was in stark contrast to the team that took the field in quarter one. Defensive running and better positional play saw Trinity start to take the ascendency away from St Aloysius’, as the self-belief within the squad began to grow. Alexei Little (12FO), who had been applying immense pressure to the opposition all day, started to find open space and hit forward targets. Patrick Cantlon (12DU) was moved into the backline and provided multiple spoils and hard transition running in defence. While Theo Christian (12HE) used his elite running capacity to overpower his direct opponent and break away several times on the far wing. The side was rewarded for their effort with Brodie kicking another two goals in the quarter, while Nicholas Magoulas (12SC) opened his goal kicking account for the year with a nice mark and goal in the forward pocket. Trinity came into the three-quarter time huddle with genuine belief that an upset was possible from this point on.

The final quarter started perfectly for Trinity; with Christian again winning the first tap, as Lucas Blythe (10LA), in his debut, linked up with Sam Waddington (11MU) to exchange several running handballs before Sam kicked truly on the run to bring Trinity within three goals of an upset victory. Lucas did not look out of place in Opens AFL, displaying skills and calmness at the contest of a player several years his senior. Unfortunately, injuries and cramping meant that Trinity ran out of legs in the last quarter, as St Aloysius’ surged again to put the result beyond doubt.

Trinity should be proud of their combined efforts. Reflecting from our performance last season, the margin represents a 60% improvement from our previous encounter against St Aloysius’ last year. With several players gaining more experience, and key players still to come back from injury throughout the season, there is a positive outlook within the Opens AFL squad for 2021. A big challenge awaits Trinity next week, with a Round 2 fixture against Knox Grammar, but Trinity will take away many learnings from this contest and look to apply themselves against a similar opponent.

Score: St Aloysius’ 12.10.82 def Trinity 8.1.49

Goals: 4 B. Fortescue, 2 L. Wolfe, N. Magoulas, S. Waddington

Bests: B. Fortescue, L. Blythe, E. Grogan, L. Wolfe, S. Waddington, A. Little

9/10 As

St Aloysius’ provided a strong contest against Trinity, as several players made their debut in the sport and heavy rotations limited our ability to get into the game. James Moore (10TA), in his first game for the School, played all positions on the ground like a seasoned veteran, being rewarded with the opening two goals of the game. Rowan O’Connor (10MU) was strong in the midfield all day, while Max Anderson (9HI) was exceptional down back, linking up regularly with Lucas Blum (9AR) and Andrew Stone (9HO) to propel Trinity into attack. It, unfortunately, was not our day, but all members of our playing squad will be better for the experience.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As had a difficult first round opponent in St Aloysius’, but applied themselves with their stronger running ability and footskills to rise to the challenge and run out seven-point victors. Mason McGroder (7WH) was strong in defence and then used his jumping prowess to win several key hit outs in the last quarter. This allowed the Trinity midfielders in Josh O’Connell (8AR) and Matthew MacDonald (7WJ) to have first use of the football which they used to full effect to stay on top against a much bigger opponent. Trinity will be eager to test themselves against Knox this weekend in what should be an exciting game of football.

7/8 Bs

The first game of the season saw an exciting seven-point win against Redlands. A genuine four quarter effort from all players allowed the side to finally seal victory in the final quarter after a scare from the opposition saw the margin narrow to a single point. Special mentions to Lachlan Ellis (7YO) who collected possessions at will in the midfield and kicked three goals, and the excellent ruck work of Louis Lusty (8SC) who supported our midfielders all day. Trinity will look forward to the challenge of taking on Knox next week and continue on with their early good form.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

Tennis Round 2 vs Knox

May 7, 2021

Last Saturday’s fixture was contested against the students from Knox Grammar School with the 1st IV playing away at Wahroonga. As usual, Knox provided a strong opposition in all Year groups with their depth of ability being the telling difference between the two schools. Knox must be congratulated for winning the majority of matches, but they were not successful in the 1st and 2nd IV fixtures, where Trinity proved to be the stronger teams.

The 1st IV continued their winning form, edging out Knox on games won, after the sets were locked at four apiece on completion of play. It was a close win for our boys, but much deserved with all players competing until the very end of the match. The first doubles pairing this week comprised of our veteran players Max Nguyen (11Yo) and Dylan Guler (11WH) who were able to win both their sets after some quality tennis. The first set was extremely close with our boys prevailing in a tiebreaker which paved the way for a more dominant display in the second set, where they won 6-2. On the adjacent court Finn Taylor (9La) and James Kim (10Ar) were also entrenched in a marathon doubles contest and were unfortunate not to register a winning set, after losing 6-7, 5-7. Only a handful of points determined the outcome, with Knox winning the more important points as they presented themselves. However, there were many positives such as improved volleying, first serve percentage, and court positioning, but the never say die attitude that permeated the performance was perhaps the most satisfying. In the singles, Max and Dylan registered good wins to the tune of 6-4 and 6-3 respectively and should be commended for holding their nerve despite not performing to the best of their abilities. James Kim went down fighting against a feisty opponent in yet another tiebreak set whilst Finn Taylor was narrowly defeated by his quality opponent 6-3.

The 2nd IV also had a good win, by even a larger margin, with the final score being 5-3 in Trinity’s favour. All team members combined well together, and we were able to win three of the four doubles sets contested. Angelo Shi (9Sc) and Max Knauer (9La) went on to register strong singles wins. Sam Kang and Jayden Higgins played well despite losing narrowly to quality opponents.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

5th and 6th

After missing out on playing last week, the 5th and 6th IV tennis sides faced a strong Knox opposition. Despite a series of well fought matches, the 5ths ended the day with a 6 sets to 0 loss. The 6ths had a slightly better encounter, going down 4 sets to 2.

In the 5ths, Kevin Zhang (11 Holwood) and Alex Zou (12Yo) showed plenty of grit in their doubles match. Despite some well-directed forehands from Kevin, they were unable to overcome the sliced serve of their opposite pairing and lost 6-3. The other doubles pairing of Young Hoo Cho (11La) and Jt Xia (11Fo) had a shaky start and a 3-0 deficit quickly emerged. After getting used to the court, which took on lots of spin, our boys began to fight back. Unfortunately, they could not catch their opposition and came away with a 6-3 loss. This left a lot of room for improvement in the singles. However, a myriad of unforced errors, paired with a lack of match practice proved too tall a task for our boys to overcome. Kevin showed lots of potential on serve but was overpowered by his strong serving opponent. Alex also played valiantly. Both boys came away with 6-3 losses. Young Hoo demonstrated plenty of resolve as he looked to target his opponent’s weaker serve. While he had opportunities to get ahead in the match, his opponent found a way to win the big points and Young Hoo went down 6-4. Jt played well and hit some commanding forehands but will need to focus on finishing the point. He came short, losing 6-3.

The 6ths doubles pairing of John Sakoutis (12Du) and Chris Grubisich (12La) started well, gaining an early lead. But some wayward serving allowed the opposition to get back into the match and take the set 6-4. In the other doubles match, Varun Iyer (11WJ) hit some powerful serves, including one where the ball got lodged in the throat of the opposition’s racquet. His partner, Logan Ng (11WJ) played some clinical volleys. After a match which was close throughout, the boys went down 6-4. Following close results in the doubles, there was much excitement brewing for the singles. Chris got Trinity our first win of the season with a well-rounded performance where he beat his opponent 6-3. John faced a stronger opponent and went down. He will have to work on his mid-point positioning throughout the week. Match of the round went to Varun who played a hard-hitting set against a very strong opponent. Varun played some ferocious forehands and had an opportunity to win the watch after gaining a 5-4 lead. However, some inconsistent backhands let his opponent back into the game, and Varun ended up losing 7-5. In the last match Logan had the best performance of the day. He backed up his strong volleying from the doubles and played some lovely, sliced backhands. Logan came away with a 6-1 win.

Thomas Thorpe | Coach

Year 10A and 10B

Although the 10As went down 1 set to 5, the scoreline does not reflect how close the matches played out. Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) and Beier Chen (10Yo) looked like the better pairing in the doubles, hitting far more winners than their opponents but unfortunately had more unforced errors. Their singles matches were no different, the boys playing great tennis with beautiful rallies and strong winners. Andrew Yang (10Hi) fought hard in his singles playing well but just unable to keep in rallies long enough. A big well done to Mark Charas (10Ho) hitting some incredible ground strokes and strong serves to see him win his singles set 6-4.

It was a tough day out on the court for the 10Bs; unfortunately, playing a team member down, the boys lost 1 set to 5. Alexander Jacob (10Fo) played very strategically in his singles, playing a lot of drop shots and lobs and really moving his opponent around which is great to see, but he needs to improve on getting some pace on his shots to put winners away. Jack Burge (10He) and Oscar Shen (10Yo) had an entertaining doubles match together, going down 3-6 but showing real glimpses of amazing things which I hope to see in the upcoming weeks. Oscar played incredible tennis in his singles, winning the only set for the 10Bs; Oscar just overpowered his opponents with his ground strokes and serves.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

Year 10C and 10D

It was a disappointing round for the 10Cs coming up against a strong Knox side. The doubles were the first games to kick off and despite some strong hitting, consistency and placement of shots away from the volleyer is vital in winning doubles matches, and that is where our 10Cs fell short. More practice and match play will help in this department.

Lachlan Chung (10Ho) and Ty Garaci (10Ho) played very strong hitters and just needed to try return the ball back instead of trying to match their opponents’ pace on their shots. Jackson Dumesich (10WJ) and Will Bryan (10Du) played out some good points in their singles. Their opponents, having a bit more experience in matches, saw our boys lose both their singles.

The 10Ds had a hard day but showed patches of good tennis. Mark Gadalla (10Fo) played his first ever competitive match and although going down 0-6, Mark tried really hard and learnt a lot from this experience. Jonathon Liu (10La) held his own against a strong opponent, playing well and just getting used to playing in competitive tennis. James Valiozis (10Yo) had moments of brilliance in his singles, going down 3-6 but really keeping up with a strong opponent. Solid effort goes to Ashvin Peter (10Ho), almost winning his singles set. Ashvin was 5-4 up then unfortunately fell short to lose the set 5-7. Ashvin played extremely well, showing off his amazing forehand.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

9A and 9B

The As and Bs faced a strong Knox side this weekend after their comprehensive win last week. However, this time Knox were too good winning all 6 matches in the As in what was a tough loss to take for the team. Likewise, the Bs had a difficult day and were unable to register a win against the depth of the Knox tennis squad. There were some moments of brilliance but ultimately Knox were too consistent and came out on top. Special mention must go to Dom Furfaro (9Ar) who lost an extremely close match 5-7 against the opposition’s A1 player. All the boys will no doubt look to work on their game in training and bounce back next Saturday.

The Cs and Ds fared better, getting two wins on the board in what was another very difficult fixture. Matthew Vickery (9WJ) and Elton Wang (9Ar) of the Cs deserve praise for their performances, winning their singles matches 6-3 and 6-2 respectively. Elton combined some great consistency with the occasional injection of pace on his groundstrokes, proving too strong for his opponent. Matthew was able to keep his head in the crucial points of the match, using his big first serve to put his opponent under pressure and stay on top throughout the match.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

8A and 8B

The As gave it their best effort against Knox, but unfortunately were unsuccessful at securing this round. Nathan Tsang (8Du) and Christopher Lowe (8Ho) played well together and won their second doubles match for the second weekend in a row. Nathan was very consistent during his singles and doubles; he had great foot work and movement on the court and at times he hit some fantastic groundstroke winners. He was also hitting some very strong and consistent serves. Christopher was also very consistent this weekend, playing some fantastic points during his doubles and singles games. Christopher’s serves were strong and consistent during his matches, and at times he hit some fantastic volley winners. Maxi Tsai (8Fo) and James Davies (8St) also played well over the weekend. Both boys tried their best against Knox but were unable to secure a win this round. Maxi was consistent with his serves and groundstrokes and he had good movement during his doubles match. James was also playing well; he played some good points and had good communication with Maxi during their doubles. Both boys also had some good points during their individual singles games.

The Bs played well on the weekend but unfortunately lost this round against Knox. Christian Laurens (8La) and Matteo Larrota (8Sc), played well together as a doubles pairing this weekend, they had good communication and team work during their match. Matteo had some good ground strokes over the weekend while Christian was playing closer to the net and hitting some great volleys and overheads. Travis Ng (8WJ) and Mitchell Bowden (8La), also played well on the weekend together as they had good communication and team work during their doubles match. Mitchell played well, hitting some good and consistent groundstrokes and serves. Mitchell had good footwork and was quick on the court during both his singles and doubles matches. Travis also played well in both his matches; his groundstrokes and volleys were consistent.

8C and 8D

The Year 8 Cs boys did well this round but were unable to secure the win against Knox. They came close with three sets tied and lost only by a few games. Jonathan Ly (8Sc) and Ravin Chowdhury (8Fo) tried their best this weekend. They both had good communication during their doubles and they both had great rallies throughout their individual singles matches. Jonathan and Ravin were both particularly strong with their serves and volleys this past weekend. Grayson Doig (8He) and Leopold Vo (8WH) played very well together again this weekend, both boys winning all their matches this round. Grayson was hitting some great serves and groundstrokes and had an amazing comeback during his singles game. He was down 4-1 and came back to win his match 7-6 after a very close tie-break. Leopold also played well hitting some great serves, and at times was hitting some strong and consistent groundstrokes with some quick movement and foot work.

The Year 8 Ds tried their best and played some great matches but they unfortunately did not win this round against Knox. Elliot Russell (8Fo) and Gabe Stavropolous (8WH) played well again this weekend. They had great communication during their doubles game and good team work. Elliot’s serves were very strong this weekend along with his groundstrokes. Gabe was also very consistent with his groundstrokes and his serves. James Cicuta (8He) and Brendan Holden (8WJ) played well and tried their best this past weekend. James’ serves and groundstrokes were consistent during his singles and doubles matches. Brendan’s serves and groundstrokes were also very consistent. Both boys had great communication and sportsmanship during their matches.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

7A and 7B

This week, the As and Bs faced a very strong Knox side. The As performed admirably in their doubles, but were overwhelmed in singles losing 1 (14) – 5 (32). The Bs similarly had a very tough day, where despite their efforts, went down 1 (16) – 5 (34). In the As, Khang Nguyen (7WH) and Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo), played their best doubles match thus far in the season with great communication and teamwork. This helped them breeze through their opponents 6 – 2. Hugo Newman (7St) and Alejandro Molina (7Ke) had a strong start to their match as their opponents struggled with positive communication. However, they were unable to close the match as a plethora of unforced errors placed them in a tough position, resulting in a 3 – 6 loss.

In singles, Khang was able to demonstrate his back-court capabilities and his groundstroke power. However, he lacked a strategic approach to the game and was unable to change up shots to challenge his opponent, which resulted in a 2 – 6 loss. Similarly, Noah was able to smash out powerful groundstrokes, but unforced errors affected Noah’s mental composure which forced him to start pushing his shots, causing more unforced errors.

Alejandro was eager to play, but the lack of composure on the court and overhitting shots allowed his opponent to apply pressure, which resulted in a loss. Similarly, despite Hugo’s efforts, he was too distracted by his surroundings and lacked focus on his own game, which resulted in many unforced errors which could be avoided.

In the Bs, Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Jared Arnold (7Yo) faced very strong opponents who were able to find opportunities to catch the volleyer out of position. The lack of communication resulted in a 2 – 6 loss. CJ Nguyen(7Yo) and Daniel Villate-Gallagher(7Ke) played a close game of doubles and were able to demonstrate great communication and composure on the court despite losing 3 – 6.

In singles, Ishaan lacked energy and composure on the court which caused many unforced errors and missed chances, which resulted in a loss. Similarly, despite Jared’s fight, he struggled to attack the ball consistently throughout the match which placed him on the defence, resulting in a loss. CJ played a very impressive match, demonstrating his consistency on court, grabbing his first win of the season 6 – 4. Despite a 4 – 6 loss, Daniel performed admirably considering he was called up from the Cs today. He demonstrated he could play against strong opponents and has certainly done so through his consistent ground strokes and serves.

This was certainly a tough day for all the boys. All the matches played were winnable matches and by no means were their opponents too good to be beaten. The boys need to work on their consistency and mental composure on the court to reduce the number of unforced errors, as well as switching up the play to apply pressure on their opponents and create more attacking opportunities.

Edward Lai | Coach

This week, the Cs and Ds were overwhelmed by a very strong Knox side. Both the Cs and Ds were unable to find the attacking opportunities and went down 5 – 0. In the Cs, Alexander Ren (7St) and Alexander Kountouris (7Mu) performed well and placed good pressure against their opponents but were unable to close off the match, going down 3 – 6. Similarly, Gregory Kariatlis (7La) and Jonathan Che (7La) performed very well and played a fierce game of doubles but, unluckily, went down 4 – 6. Alexander Ren performed well with strong serves and groundstrokes but was pressured by his opponent throughout the game which resulted in a 3 – 6 loss. Similarly, Alexander Kountouris was unable to find a way to pressure his opponent and went down 2 – 6. Gregory exhibited powerful first serves and consistent second serves but lacked the necessary speed on the court to reach tough shots. He was unable to overcome his opponent and went down 3 – 6. Jonathan was unable to play his singles due to the lack of time.

In the Ds, Jordan Fudeh (7Yo) and Aakash Viswanathan (7Ta) played with great synergy and communication but poor positioning on the court often allowed their opponents to find attacking opportunities, which resulted in a 3 – 6 loss. Despite Alexander Hales (7Ar) and Pablo (7) efforts, they were completely overwhelmed by their opponents, and lacked the necessary communication and technique on the court. In singles, Jordan played with good determination and fought for every ball. However, he was unable to grab the win, going down 3 – 6. Aakash was unable to finish his game due to the lack of time. Despite the loss, Alexander displayed great resoluteness on the court and continued to fight during the game. Pablo had to step up from the colours today, and despite the loss, he has played admirably for the team.

Much like the As and Bs, the Cs and Ds had a very tough day. These boys need to continue working hard during training to hone their games foundation. By ensuring they have consistent groundstrokes, slices and volleys in their arsenal will allow them better chances against stronger teams. I hope these boys are not disheartened by the loss today, but instead see what they did well and understand what needs further work.

Edward Lai | Coach

Volleyball News

May 7, 2021

Trinity defeated Sydney Grammar School 3-0 (25-21, 25-14, 25-20)

This week’s fixture was seen with eager expectations as the boys were up against one of their traditionally strongest opponents in Sydney Grammar. The first set began with some nerves that only increased after several stuff-blocks from the opposition. However, our anxiety was put to ease through Martin Wong’s (11Ta) best hitting performance, who has now been labelled the man who ‘peaks when it counts’. This swinging effort coupled with the exuberance from Alex Saba (11WJ) gave rise to an unbreakable momentum throughout the set. James Kern (12WJ) also starred in his third season with more ups than an aeroplane as he covered every hitter’s swing, lengthening rallies and keeping us in the point. Edward Feng (12Yo), also has been considering working for LEGO with his block creation second to none throughout the set, truly allowing the boys to see victory in the first set.

The second set began twice, with a ten-minute interruption mid-way through the 3rd point, causing some difficulty to both teams in their efforts to keep momentum high. Trinity spirits were constantly elevated through David Gabriel’s (12Hi) alert pickups and serving which saw the opposition bewildered by his particular ball movement. Oscar Van Hal (12Mu) also set well, allowing Steven Yarad (11Mu) to crush the ball into the opposition’s space. Unofficial Man of the match, Sam Vickery (12WJ), may also be considering a career in plumbing as his quality pipe installation will always be appreciated.

The last set saw Joel Matthei (12La) truly dominate with his elite passing form and vocal dominance. Blake Plavsic (12WH) was a key stand out for his outstanding team-first attitude through carrying the momentum of the boys throughout the game. Lastly, Josh Munter’s (10Hi), ‘two-point tyranny’ put an end to the match with his quality serving, allowing Trinity to win in straight sets.

Ben Powell (12Ho) | 1st VI Captain

Trinity 2nd VI defeat Grammar 3-1 (25-21, 25-17, 22-25, 25-21)

Last week, the Trinity 2nd VI volleyball team played against powerhouse school, Sydney Grammar. This has definitely been the toughest game that the 2nd VI has played in a year due to the repercussions of COVID-19, and the team was able to step up and come away with a convincing win against Sydney Grammar School.

From the outset, it was clear everyone on the Trinity side was nervous and tense, leading to several unforced errors and putting us down by five points. However, after a crucial timeout from our Coach, Mr Ben Wheen, the team was able to play with minimal mistakes. Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) completely shut down Sydney Grammar’s offence with his monster blocks. This gave Trinity the momentum we needed to close the gap between ourselves and Sydney Grammar. From there, excellent serving and strong hitting from Tyrone Ponggun (11WH) was able to help Trinity close out the set and come back from a five-point lead. 

The second set started in a similar fashion to the end of the first set. Emotions were running high and the team was using this momentum to widen the gap between us and Sydney Grammar. Jim O’Brien (12WJ) was able to display his court awareness by tipping the ball to the perfect spot, scoring many points. This was further backed up by accurate sets from Joshua Munter (10Hi) which allowed our spikers to slam the ball into the opposition’s court. This allowed Trinity to take the second set comfortably. 

Going into the third set, Trinity knew we needed only one more set to end the game, which allowed us to become complacent. Paired with our fatigue being built up over the previous two sets, Trinity lost the third set in a close battle. 

The loss of the third set lowered the team’s morale as we went into the fourth set. This slow start allowed Sydney Grammar to gain an early lead. However, this changed when David Tsai (11Ho) hit an incredible spike into the centre of the court and continued to do so for the rest of the set. This gave Trinity the motivation to continue playing as we did in the first and second set. Keshav Baldeo (11He) picked up many important balls which were able to be converted into points, leading to our victory. Mention should also go to Eric Mihas (11La), Jonathan Reissis (10WJ) and Michael Park (11Yo), who were key to the victory of our team, supporting those on the court from the sidelines.

Overall, this was the best the team has ever played in over a year, and was a major victory needed to have a shot at the CAS/GPS Premiership. All aspects of our game were near perfect, which allowed us to come away with the win against Sydney Grammar. However, the team will be expected to keep up this performance, as in the next couple of weeks Trinity will continue to face challenging opponents such as Scots College and Sydney Boys’ High, where we will again be tested. 

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity lost to Grammar (25-22, 21-25, 7-10)

Trinity had a great game against Sydney Grammar. The squad played very well this weekend, pushing all the players to play their best and that’s what happened.

The team played exceptionally well in the first set, coming away with a close win. They didn’t give us adequate serving space but Jeremy Chia (11WH) still managed to start the set with some great serving. We also saw some great hitting and all around playing from him. Thomas Geronikos (11Hi) covered the backcourt very well, passing the ball high up for our setters to play.

The second set was just as good as the first, except the opponent just played better. Farhan Tamboli (11Ar) was kind enough to fill out as backup libero and performed great, picking up their hard-driven serves. Even though we lost the set there were still good plays, with Sam Thanopoulos (12Hi) hitting the ball down on the opponent who did not expect it.

We lost the last set, not finishing it because the time ran out. In the short time, our backup middle Andy Lee (12Fo) ran some great meter balls that he hit down, scaring everyone.

We suffered a close defeat that gave everyone more of a reason to try harder in future games but this weekend we played the best we have as a team.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

Trinity lose to Sydney Grammar 1-2 (17-25, 25-15, 16-25)

Last weekend the 16As played their second official game against a tough opponent in Sydney Grammar. Although we lost, there were many memorable moments.

After a sluggish first set start, due to us having to adjust to the smaller court space and the lower nets, Trinity went back and forth with our opponents in what was a mostly close contested set. This was done in the most part through Tom Powell’s (10Ho) consistent setting, and from the help of our defensive anchor Xavier Hatcher (10Ke), who had some amazing receives.

In the second set, things started looking up for us. Sam Newton (10WJ) had a spectacular 15-point serving streak that not only gave us a massive lead but also gave us belief and increased our team morale. This amazing feat improved our communication and general teamwork for the rest of the set, resulting in our second set win.

In the final set, the pressure was high and the game was tense. Nevertheless, Imran Parker (9We) continued to play strongly both in hitting and receiving. Unfortunately though, we didn’t finish on top.

This weekend’s challenging game will be a great learning experience for our team. We will continue to work hard in order to prepare for the other tough GPS opponents coming up soon.

Kyle Tran (10WH) | 16As Captain

Trinity lost to Grammar 1-2

The 16Bs had a strong game against Sydney Grammar, one of the strongest teams in the comp, featuring some great moments from Jet Line (9We) who brought in everything he’d been learning in training and took his passing game to a whole new level, leading the backcourt throughout the game. Other standout performances from Liam Sandilant (10Hi) kept the team in the game and allowed us to come away with one set.

The first set didn’t start well, with Grammar pulling an early lead, but we were able to bring it back to an extremely close set. Mitchell Reid-Queeney (9Ar) had another strong serving game and was able to win the team some crucial points, but in the end we went down to the opposition in a nail-biting set.

The second set saw the team come again and start working together much more fluidly. Matthew Warrilow (10Yo) showed the team his true ability as a middle, with some outstanding blocking and tipping, but unfortunately the team still went down in the second set, securing Grammar the game. 

In the final set, Trinity took a very quick lead, and Grammar was unable to come back for the rest of the set. Max Lau (9AR) finished off with a strong serve, and also strong passing for the rest of the game, and the set finished early due to the time running out and, with Trinity ahead, we won the final set.

A strong game from Trinity against an also strong opponent showed the team what we can really do, and ended with us being much happier than we had expected.

Noah Blomfield (10Fo) | 16Bs Captain

Cross Country | Meet 3

May 7, 2021

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Saturday brought the CAS and GPS Cross Country teams to North Ryde Common on an again excellent morning. Unlike previous editions of the course, the average grass height measured less than 20cm(!), auguring for a faster race, but the undulating nature of the course is well known and there was no avoiding the “killer” hills. It was wonderful to welcome back three of our best athletes trundling around the course as they slowly return to running following varying injuries: Joshua Lubke (7Ta), Jack Waide (10Ke) and William Cooper (12Hi). In particular, after William and Joshua’s extremely classy act of turning up to support all their teammates the previous weekend, we were proud to see them running once more alongside them. It’s also worth saying, before we view the races in more detail, that we have a wonderful coaching staff, and we are very fortunate to have the likes of Mr Raptis, Mr (Ben) Bishop, Mr Hirst and Mr Currer helping our boys to do their best with a friendly manner and depth of knowledge. We are well served by their commitment!

Without doubt, the spectators’ race of the day was the tight tussle between, once again, Kobe Stewart (7Yo) and Matthew McLachlan (8WJ) as they fought for supremacy at the head of the U14s race. This time, though, it was Matthew who prevailed, finding one more ounce of speed in the final stages to surge to the lead. The booming reaction of the crowd to this spectacle was evidence enough of the effort and quality of these two fine young lads, and we look forward to their ongoing, friendly competition as they continue to push each other to new heights. Joshua Lubke, although restraining himself significantly on his path to recovery, still ran 42nd place(!), while Andy Lin (8WJ) came a very good 57th and as our 4th runner, secured our team result of 4th overall but 1st in the CAS. Another name of note was Jonathan Wakim (8Du), whose effort is unquestioned and who fought tooth and nail for his great result of 61st place. One of the joys of our events is the post-race debrief in which runners tell anecdotes and reflect on their performance, the course and their competitors. It was marvellous to take part in one such conversation with Christian Ng (7WJ), Archie Campbell (7We) and Cooper Beanland (7Sc), in which they did credit to themselves by reflecting on past performances and not just what place they attained, but whether they improved and how they might improve in future races.

Our U16s team once again provided not a whiff of hope for any of its CAS or GPS competition, finishing in 1st position overall due to the remarkable depth which we possess. It is appropriate to recognise Knox’s strong performance in this age group, coming 2nd and showing us some of the talent they have at their disposal; we will have to be consistently at our best to stave off our main CAS rival for the remainder of the season. Micheal King (10Ta) is making a habit of appearing to jog the first few laps, only to move from 3rd to 5th gear and proceed to round up any and all runners in his sights! Anecdotally, the number of runners he passed in his final lap on his way to 4th place amounted to 12, an amazing finish for a hilly course. Meanwhile, Joseph Cantlon (10Du), although suffering the unfortunate fate of one of those 12 runners, nonetheless ran extremely well to finish one behind him in 5th, while Ben Moloney (9Yo) in 7th and Lewis Potter (11Fo) in 14th rounded out our team. Ben is deserving of special mention; despite being committed to another sport, he found the time to turn up, utilise his recently boosted fitness for the team and run a bravely fast race.

Other very high places belonged to Zachary Pliatsikas (11Ho) in 18th, who is patiently waiting for his coach to let him run harder sessions as part of his programme, as well as Jack Waide in 19th, who, as Mr Spratt used to say, “smiled way too much” during his comfortable return! Ryan Gupta (10WJ) and Ashwin Sivapirabu (10Hi) were fast finishing, too, in 22nd and 23rd, and it will be interesting to see whether Ashwin can topple Ryan in future events, having been so close for a number of weeks. It is worth remarking that, consistent with the Head Master’s comments at Quad on Monday, the importance of teams outweighs that of individuals in the context of team sports. Though you might argue that Cross Country is an individual sport, it is not only the team’s performance of which the overall point score is comprised, but it is also the encouragement of friend and challenge of foe which spur one on to better one’s individual performance. Nowhere is this more evident in our Cross Country squad at the moment than in the Intermediate age group.

Our Opens team again defeated the other CAS schools, coming in 4th place overall. Patrick Cantlon (12Du) started off more conservatively than previous races on the hills, saving his strength for the final laps, during which he secured a lead over everyone except the impressive, in-form Ciaran Rashton from Kings. Theo Christian (12He) came 15th, Oscar Martin (11Sc) 58th and Keelan Stephandellis (11Hi) 63rd to complete our point-scoring team, although Rory Clunas (11Yo) was once again not far behind in 64th! Regan Chapman (10He) is beginning to look more and more like a long distance runner, having realised his enjoyment of the sport during the lockdown conditions of last year. It was great to see him successfully aiming to beat his course personal best from last term. Edward Yu (12Sc), too, is seeming to enjoy his running as he commits to improvement. There is, I venture to say, no runner in our squad with a steadier or more consistent pace to his running at the moment than Edward, and so much is this the case that he continued to run all the way down the finish chute after the clock was stopped!

Finally, I would like to thank Peter Wade for his high-class photography of the meets for a number of years now and his generosity in having shared some of his photos with us this season as we celebrate our runners’ achievements. If you would like to follow his work as it comes out, visit his Facebook or Instagram page at peterwade.photography. In addition, I would encourage you, if you love certain photos and would like to attain digital or print copies, to purchase them via the same address as a website URL.

We look forward to a different challenge tomorrow at Upjohn Park in Rydalmere, hosted by Scots.

Good running,

Phillip Mugridge |MIC of Cross Country

2021 OTU Oratory Finals Competition

May 7, 2021

Over the course of three weeks at the end of Term 1, the School’s official Oratory competition: the 76th OTU Oratory Finals, was held for speakers in Years 7-12. It was a welcome relief to be able to conduct the event, given the 2020 competition was not held due to COVID-19 restrictions. This year a total of 20 students entered either one of three divisions and each speaker had ten minutes preparation for either a three-minute (Junior Division: Years 7-8), four-minute (Intermediate Division: Years 9-10), or five-minute (Senior Division: Years 11-12) speech on one unseen topic. The best speakers presented well-polished and insightful speeches on a range of interesting ideas, and did so, with confidence and conviction. Suggested skills to develop include the unpacking the meaning of the topic, meeting the time requirements and length, and structuring a cogent, logical series of discussion points that support the speaker’s purpose. Some speakers need to be less a debater in style, and more of an orator, by using a wider range of rhetorical skills and techniques.

The Junior Division speakers of Geronimo Devitt (7Fo), James Davies (8St), Callum Padman (8Hi), Maxi Tsai (8Fo), Jared Arnold (7Ar), Christian Ciarroni 8WJ), Daniel Jones (7Mu), Leopold Vo (8WH) and Alexander Henry (8La)  each grappled with one topic from a set range of impromptu topics: “It appears to be easy”, “Secrets cannot be kept”, It’s time to tell the truth”, “In plain sight” and “What is needed now…”. It was interesting to hear a range of ideas about Government and social welfare, crime, vaccines, even spies in two World Wars! However, the speakers who managed to address the topic in a sophisticated manner earned the following places: Third – Christian Ciarroni; Second – Leopold Vo; and First – Jared Arnold. Congratulations to these gentlemen.

William Taplin (9WH), Kyle Tran (10WH), Brendan Logarta (9Ta), James Kim (10Ta), Toby Henry (9La) and Liam Wingrave (9Ar) were the speakers in the Intermediate Division, and they tackled one of three topics: “A model for success”, “Will it ever be the same?” and “A potential never reached”. Again, international governments, science and environmental issues, space exploration, education, plus NBA sport, offered for intriguing listening. The structure and sophisticated exploration of the topic of three speeches was very good and based on these points, Liam Wingrave was placed third, William Taplin, was awarded second place, while Brendan Logarta won the Intermediate Division for his first time. Well done, to these speakers.  

The Senior Division’s speakers of Keagan Tran (11WH), Keith Kwok (12WH), Joshua Perera (12La), Dasch Chuchra (12He), William Martin (12WH) and Suraj Nellore (12Mu), presented very engaging and interesting ideas from world politics in the USA and Africa, the coups and protests to social, economic and environmental reforms with the topics: “Believe you can, and you are halfway there”, “Things do not happen. They are just made to happen”, “Decisions are made by those who show up” and “Don’t criticise what you do not understand”. While the speakers discussed a wide range of ideas that made for engaging listening, it was the sophistication of ideas and polished presentation of speeches that decided the top three speakers in this division of the competition. Congratulations to Joshua Perera (12La) for third place, Keith Kwok (12WH) on being awarded second place, while William Martin (12WH) was crowned the winner in the Senior Oratory.

The winners of the OTU Oratory Finals will receive a prize on Speech Day in early Term 4. Thank you to all the speakers who entered – it is worthy to have the experience and learn the art of Oratory. For those students who may be interested in joining the weekly Oratory Co-Curricular activity, please contact Mr. McGrath for further details.

Justin McGrath | Oratory Coordinator

Annual Field Training Camp

May 7, 2021

The 2021 Annual Field Training camp proved, once again, to be a successful and enjoyable camp for both boys and girls of the Trinity Grammar School/Meriden Army Cadet Unit. 

We asked a few cadets to encapsulate their AFT experience in a single word.  Some said “challenging”, others “cold”.  “Awesome” and “thrilling” were among the words used.  But, remarkably, the most common word we heard was “teamwork”.  On the third day of AFT, Charlie and Delta companies had gathered on the summit of the SIMEX location, sharing riddles, jokes and playing cards.  In that moment, just as the sun had begun to set, I experienced something profound.  We were kilometres away from home, shivering in one-digit temperatures, the cadets were huddled together with people they had just come to know, yet the feeling of belonging, of camaraderie, of strength as a collective, was unwavering.  This is the magic of cadets: the ability to feel invincible – as a team.

The HQ rank of SIMEX ran a series of activities, including Capture the Flag, hootchie-building relays, and a competition that involved capturing the Company Commander.  Cadets were also presented with a first aid scenario, and had to think on their feet to treat the ‘patient’, using the knowledge gathered from lessons delivered by corporals on a usual Wednesday.  We were impressed by the cadets’ enthusiasm and willingness to ‘have a go’ in approaching these unfamiliar situations and extending beyond their self-imposed limits.

Aside from SIMEX (Simulation Exercise), we also had FIELDEX (Field Exercise) and SURVEX (Survival Exercise).  FIELDEX entailed a bullring of five activities, each lasting half an hour.  The first activity involved the cadets navigating to checkpoints through the tall grass with only a map and compass.  The Quick Decision Exercise (QDE), involved the cadets playing games such as the ‘Human Knot’, the ‘Great Lap Sit’ and ‘Squishie Squares’, building communication skills and strengthening friendships.  An observation lane and a camouflage-and-concealment activity tested the cadets’ fieldcraft skills.

SURVEX consisted of an EggDrop task and the construction of a Survival Shelter.  With just 2x30cm lengths of duct tape, foliage, grass and sticks cadets devised a protective case to prevent the egg from cracking when dropped.  The survival shelter activity required cadets to engineer a temporary shelter against the rain and sun, using only foliage, tree branches and bark.

Year 12 cadets were lucky enough to participate in Weapons Training Simulation, with expert instruction on marksmanship and handling a firearm.  They returned to run their respective activities, abuzz with excitement to share their experiences.

For any cadets who have taken home any ammunition or other military items from the range – accidentally, or not, you must hand it over to a cadet staff member immediately,

We trust the cadets have left AFT having achieved some of their goals, overcome some of their fears, and have put into practice endurance, service, resilience and initiative.  We hope this drive for excellence, humility in competition and sense of teamwork will persist through the remainder of the cadet year.

SGT Shirley Wang and WO2 Lillian Havansky

Adventure Training Award

May 7, 2021

As the cold morning dew lay still on the grass. The faint sounds of cheer emerged from Camp Chaney as the Syndicates of the Adventure Training Award crested the hill. Our Trinity and Meriden cadets interspersed amongst 12 syndicates demonstrated their liveliness and perseverance in times of adversity over the five-day camp.

The Adventure Training Award (ATA) is a prestigious achievement awarded to only the best cadets in the country. Candidates were tested on a variety of skills developed over their time in the cadet corps. During the camp, candidates were split into 12 syndicates of ten, with dozens of units being represented across the award. Their ability to function as a syndicate was constantly tested throughout the five days, with exercises such as the outdoor obstacle course being completely reliant on each candidate’s capacity to work in a team.

Candidates arrived at the Holsworthy Army Barracks at 11 o’clock on the Sunday morning to be greeted by shouting and temporary revocation of ranks. They were then thrown onto the bus to be transported to the MUD for a safety briefing and lunch. From there they were marched up to the army’s state of the art fitness facilities to commence the personal fitness barrier test, consisting of a set number of pushups, situps and beep test challenge. This was the first major challenge, seeing members fall out and be sent home almost immediately. From there, candidates were moved into the army’s protected mobility vehicles for an introduction to army transport and movement methods. This was followed by transport down to Camp Chaney, which would be the base of operations for the next four days.

0455 was the wakeup call for the camp. Reveille being held at 0500, a morning parade conducted in syndicates to ensure everyone is present and accounted for. Within 20 minutes half the camp was formed up on the road and ready to leave for the rest of the day. Still working with nightlights and torch, the teams of ten navigated through the barracks, moving to the fitness centre, navigation exercise locations, extreme obstacle courses, and more. The teams spent the days eating ration packs with hot food given every now and then to improve morale.

The final challenge was a rigorous and lengthy navigation challenge. Syndicates walked up to 55kms in a single day(BH). This not only challenged candidates mentally but physically in the most demanding manner. The navigation itself was also the result of equally strenuous preparation. In the days preceding, candidates were tasked with creating their own navigation data sheets, being given only an encoded list of co-ordinates. Working on minimal sleep, the teams pushed through and achieved the ultimate award. Around 5 o’clock of the final day syndicates began to trickle into Camp Chaney looking exhausted and near defeat, out of the trees emerged Syndicate 4, “country road, take me home, to the place, I belong”, the sound of weary voices echoed through the campsite as the rest of the camp joined in.

Members from our unit included; CDTSGT Curtis Sioulas, CDTSGT James Brockie, CDTSGT Jay Campbell (D13), CDTWO2 Lillian Havansky (HQ), CDTWO2 Eduardo Da Costa (HQ CSM), CDTWO2 Bruna Da Costa (B CSM), CDTWO2 Oliver Walker (HQ), CDTWO2 Edward Feng (B CQMS), CUO Tim Hosken (HQ), CUO Alexander Paterson (ADJ), CUO Zac Robb and CUO Hamish Agnew (XO).

From the XO and ADJ: Congratulations, team! After an incredible experience, we have both seen each of you pushed to your limits and still persevere through the hardest of challenges. Keep up the good work as we finish off the cadet year!

CUO Hamish Agnew (CDTXO) and CUO Zac Robb (CDTADJ)

Sportsmaster | Junior School

May 7, 2021

Dear Parents,

A warm autumnal day last Saturday saw a spread of results in various ages and sports.

In Year 6 Football the A team had another tight affair drawing 1-1 against Waverley at Queen’s Park.

The 6Bs put eight goals past the Waverley Cs playing some excellent 9-a side football.

The 1st XV Rugby boys ran into a strong Mosman Prep team at Balmoral. The 11As had a fine win at King’s, however, the 10As went down despite an improved showing also against King’s.

The Intra boys had strong tussles on Bressington 1 between our Blue and Yellow teams with improved football on display as the boys bettered their skills and general play.

In AFL we had a strong win against Newington Lindfield by six goals to square the season ledger at one win and one loss.

Attendance on the weekend was very good, however some boys arrived less than the 30 minutes before their match, which is a requirement to effectively prepare for matches. If boys are late, it makes pre-match preparations very difficult for the coach and other players. I will be instructing coaches where possible to start boys who arrive late from the bench particularly when arriving with 10 minutes or less to game commencement.

If you have an issue on Saturday mornings my number is 0438 980 602. Being able to alert the specific coach may be difficult at this late stage, ideally it should be completed before your game.

Bressington Park has a physio, and we are endeavouring to also have a coffee van each week, both located near the main building.

Sport Results | Saturday, 1 May | Round 2 Winter Sport

FootballResultsBest and FairestConsistent Effort
6A v Waverley1-1 DrawJamieson GerasOllie Jessop
6B v Waverley C8-0 winMatt NurcombeLayth Nazha
6C v Redlands A1-4 lossOliver TuckerKai Famlonga
5A v Cranbrook0-3 lossDean MavraidisRafael Koutra
5B v Cranbrook0-5 lossJames TaoukEthan Soo
5C v Cranbrook3-1 winMax JarvisAndrew Nicolopoulos
4A v TGS Prep6-7 loss Anthony Fanos
4B v TGS Prep7-4 winXavier Hannan 
4C v TGS Prep1-1 DrawEwan Yam 
Year 4/5 Intra YellowYellow 3 Blue 0 Kai Whitten
Year 4/5 Intra Blue  Luca Farrell
Year 6 Intra BlueBlue 5 Yellow 2 Andrew Zhang
Year 5/6 Intra Yellow  Ben El-Hayek
RugbyResultsBest and FairestConsistent Effort
1st XV v Mosman Prep0-38 lossHugo TsaiCharlie Earthrowl
Year 6 7s 2 lossesDash Isaacs 
11A v Kings19-7 winLuke HolaniMichael Whiting
Year 5 7s2 lossesLuis Kokotovich 
10A v Kings Joseph KhouryDarren Cai
Year 4 7s1 loss 1 drawJackie Jiang 
AFL v New Lindfield68-33 winJames Barry*Oscar Rudd
14Cs TGS Derby (Prep in Orange)
Junior School Intra Blue vs Yellow

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

Prep Sports Fixtures

May 7, 2021

Junior Sports Fixtures

May 7, 2021

Music News | Junior School

May 7, 2021

Music is the one time when my head isn’t filled with briefs and opinions and all that is put on a shelf, and I just enjoy, or I’m thinking about the performance

– The Notorious RBG (1933 – 2020)

At the recent Junior School assembly, we were entertained by Ezekiel T (6La), who played Stokers Siding by Kerin Bailey on the saxophone. He has been learning for five years. Ezekiel plays in the Allegro Concert Band and Prestissimo Jazz. His sports of choice are rugby and basketball but he also likes mountain biking.  Ezekiel says, “I particularly like how shiny my instrument is”. After the performance Ms Cross commented, “Amazing! I closed my eyes for a moment and easily imagined I was in a jazz bar”. Well done Ekekiel!

The Prestissimo Jazz in rehearsal. Mr Southcott is a well-known jazz pianist who tutors the ensemble along with Mr Mályusz.

Special congratulations to Harry H (6Ta) who is currently performing in the TGS musical One Man, Two Guvnors. Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill, Mr Barr recently wrote, “I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of the Trinity Grammar School Drama Department’s production… While the twists and turns of the plot have the potential to leave an audience confused, or bemused, the quality of the performance, a hilarious pastiche of slapstick, riotous farce, gags, ad libbing, and the extraordinary dramatic ability and comedic timing of such a young ensemble made it an absolutely fabulous evening out”. I concur and highly recommend seeing this production. Make sure you say hi to Harry. He holds his own in this production and it is magnificent to see such an up and coming talent. I can’t believe he have already sustained a full gig at your age… Actually, yes I can. Congratulations Harry!

Harry H. in the One Man, Two Guvnors stage band

A children’s music production worth knowing about!

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas has been set to music by Australian Composer Paul Stanhope. The Sydney opera House is hosting an immersive introduction to classical music performed by the ACO, based on the book over the next two weeks for kids. The season runs from today to 16 May. The show runs from approximately 30 minutes and there is a meet the instruments session included. Many of the TGS community will recognise the name Paul Stanhope as he guides many of the TGS Composer Fellows who write music annually for the Junior School Choir. The Junior School Choir has experimented with combining books and music. In 2020, we collaborated with Emma Greenhill on Let’s make paper boats. In 2018, we premièred two works based on the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s award winning The rainbirds by David Metzenthen and Sally Rippin.

In the same tradition of the links between Australian Literature and music, seeing Stanhope’s setting of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge played by the Australian Chamber Orchestra is highly recommended. Click here for more details.

Term 2 Week 4 Key Music Dates 

Assembly performances and Events: 

10 May        Geoffrey Olsen (5Yo) – piano

11 May        Studio Concert – Students of the Brass Teachers

17 May        Allegro Concert Band

27 May        Trinity Arts’ Festival – Gala Concert Combined Choir Rehearsal

2 June         Gala Music Rehearsal and Concert (City Recital Hall)

7 June         Studio Concert – Annette Smith’s students (Choir Room)

Term 2 Week 4 REHEARSALS 


Mozart Strings (2:15 – 2:45pm) – Junior School (J1.9 and RoR) 

Intermezzo Strings (3:15 – 4:00pm) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2)           

Allegro Concert Band (3:15 – 4:10pm) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 


Junior School Choir (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

Choir Advanced Ensemble (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 


Prestissimo Jazz (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3)

Year 1 Instrumental (11:30am – 12:30pm) – School of Music 

Year 2 Instrumental (1:15 – 2:15pm) – School of Music  

Year 3 Instrumental (2:15 – 3:15pm) – School of Music 


Vivaldi Strings (from 7:15am) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2) 

Junior School Concert Band (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 


Junior School Choir (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

Choir Advanced Ensemble (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042. 

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music

Music News | Preparatory School

May 7, 2021

Do You Know The Relationship between Arts and Minds: 

Music boosts dopamine, lowers cortisol and makes you feel great. Your brain is better on music!

Staff News

This week we welcomed past pupil Calvin Li (2018) to assist us in delivering our string program in the absence of Mrs Palmer this term. Calvin is presently studying at UNSW and was actively involved in a number of music ensembles as well as achieving his Diploma of Music whilst at the School.  Calvin will work within the private tuition program and also in the Year 1 and Year 2 String program. We thank Calvin for his assistance.

Strings Soiree

We are excited to present the Strings Soiree to be held in the Gymnasium at the Preparatory School next Monday evening at 6pm. Beethoven Strings, Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, Corelli Strings, Mozart Strings, Cello Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble will perform as well as selected soloists. To book your place as only two parents are permitted per performer please refer to the invitation sent by Mrs Sonia Harper and RSVP by 2pm next Monday 10th May.  Parents will be asked to check in using the QR code at the Gym entry (Llandilo Ave side entrance only) and tick the attendance sheet. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the first onsite concert since 2019.

AMEB String Exams

Next Monday seven students will sit their AMEB string exams at the Summer Hill Campus.  We wish the students the best of luck and know that the Instrumental Staff have prepared them well.  We look forward to celebrating their achievements once the results are released. 

At this stage we are still waiting for confirmation from AMEB for the Piano examination date.

Gala Concert

Trinity Singers are well underway with their preparations for the Gala Concert to be held on 2nd June at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place.  Mr Adams the Junior School Director of Music will be joining our rehearsal in Week 5 to assist our preparation for the combined Junior Choirs item.  Boys are reminded to please refer to the recordings on Canvas to assist them in learning the parts, so that the rehearsals are used to shape the music rather than learn notes. Members of Trinity Singers are excused from music rehearsals or Co-curricular activities on Wednesday afternoon 2nd June to enable students and parents time to be back in the venue by 6pm.  All rehearsals will be cancelled Wednesday 2nd June-Friday 4th June inclusive.

Studio Concerts

The Music Department is in the process of scheduling Studio Concerts in Week 6 & 7 this Term.  Studio Concerts afford the students the opportunity to work towards a goal and gain invaluable performing experience. Every student who learns in our Private Tuition Program is expected to perform as part of their Teacher’s Studio Concert.  Boys are reminded that they must wear full winter uniform – no sandshoes please (except those concerts scheduled on a Thursday and PK students).  Notifications will be sent once organised as all concerts will have limited capacity to adhere to COVID restrictions.

Percussion Ensemble 

This term we welcomed Mr Alistair Wallis to our Department as our Percussion Teacher and Director of Percussion Ensemble which has kicked off with a bang and a crash! Percussion Ensemble has swung back into action with it’s new fearless leader and Mr Wallis couldn’t be happier to see this group of keen and talented and happy faces every Tuesday morning at 7:30am. They are continuing with their piece from Term 1 with the foundations that has been so expertly laid down by Mr Leigh Giles. The students learn many skills from right across the percussion spectrum and will be demonstrating what skills they have learnt at the Studio Concert on June 3rd. (further details and RSVP invites to come) There are still vacancies in the Progam if your son from PK-6 is interested in learning percussion please contact Mrs Campbell.

Harmony Group

Ms Welsh and Ms Smeulders have initiated a new Year 5 Percussion Ensemble group which is inspired by the idea of Harmony Day. The group rehearses at lunch time on a Friday and the boys enjoyed their first rehearsal last week.

All players, regardless of their role, are equally important. The ensemble plays different percussion instruments and the emphasis is on creativity and teamwork. Good communication between the players, excellent listening skills and respect for each other, are common themes.

The performance will become a short theatrical story which will be performed at the end of Term 2. If you are interested in joining this ensemble, then please talk to Ms Welsh or Ms Smeulders

Upcoming Events

Monday 10th May Strings Soiree 6pm

Weeks 6 & 7 Studio Concerts

Wednesday 2nd June Gala Concert (Trinity Singers)

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Music Preparatory School

Sportsmaster | Preparatory School

May 7, 2021



Our journey commenced Saturday morning at Terrey Hills to play Mosman Prep. After coming off a loss in the previous week we regrouped and were ready for our next challenge.

The game started and it was intense and both teams showed great teamwork. We managed to score first early in the first half. Mosman scored soon after to level the scores 1-1. As the game progressed in the first half with through balls from both sides, Mosman Prep took the advantage to lead 2-1. In true Trinity spirit and with great teamwork we managed to level the scores at 2-2 at half time.

During our half time break our coach provided positive feedback as to how we were playing well as a team and also provided ideas on how we could improve.  As a team we were given all the necessary guidance from our coach to make the best of our opportunities in the second half.

The Second half commenced, and we were all ready and focused to play. Both sides showed signs of strength to take ownership of the game. Trinity managed the first goal in the second half with a great team effort display. Our centre midfielder managed to pass the ball to a free unmarked player who managed a shot on goal which found the back of the net. Trinity were now ahead 3-2.  Mosman Prep did not give up. They showed great perseverance and defence in their game. Mosman Prep found an opportunity to score and managed to level the score 3-3.  Trinity tried to regain control of the game, but Mosman Prep’s defence was outstanding. The game finished as a draw 3-3.  When the whistle blew at full time, we all congratulated one another with great sportsmanship.

Our coach led us through of what we should practise on Tuesday and Thursday training so that we can achieve our goal and play together as a united team on Saturday.  We can’t wait to play this week’s game and have lots of fun representing our school.

James Stylianou


Last week, the Trinity Preparatory 2nds team played Mosman Prep. Coming into this match after a brutal loss to Cranbrook School, the 2nds were hungrier than ever to win their first match of the season. The 2nds started the game strong with Zachary Hovilai, Jessie Cha, and Lennard Suen scoring a goal each in the first half to set a stable foundation for the rest of the game. There was even an own goal shot which gave the 2nds a four-point lead heading into halftime! The first half of the match was built off some amazing team play that included excellent passing and defence. The coach gave the team some helpful advice during the halftime break as the boys took a rest and stayed hydrated. After the break, the 2nds were eager to give the final half one big push to secure our first win. This half started off to fly as Samedh Chirravuri scored an early goal. After this goal, the team dominated the match, making goals every few minutes. With lots of supportive passes to the shooters, Zachary Hovilai, Jesse Cha, and Kescharan Ketheswaran scored two goals each in the remaining time left in the game. These boys mentioned above, all scored hat-tricks during this game which is an extremely special achievement both for their team, and them individually. The final half ended with Trinity Prep having complete control of the game and ending with a landslide victory. The final score was an impressive 12-0. The 2nds won this game by passing to teammates in open space by spreading out and working together as a team. This surely has to be one of our most encouraging and memorable matches this season. Although the 2nds won comfortably, we as a team still have areas for improvement. 

Marcus Chiam


It was an unbelievable game this Saturday. Trinity Prep put all their effort in and finally won with a score of 5-4.  Our team was at full strength, but Coogee had a shortage of players so Thomas Lee, Michael Lee, Jaemin Yoo and Oscar Yan showed great sportsmanship and volunteered to play for them. It was a weird experience for us to verse our own teammates, but it was a valuable experience.

During the first half, coogee started off with the ball. Thomas Lee and Michael Lee were playing for the opposition. We had spent our Thursday training session practicing in our new positions and the result was immediate. Now, we were much more comfortable showing our skills and working as a team.  We had some great individual performances. Unbelievably, Roderick Chang saved every ball that was heading towards him! Preston Lo did a fantastic job in scoring 3 of the 4 goals in the first half. Defence was very strong and defended the ball very well. After the first half, the score was Trinity four, Coogee nil.

During the second half, we started off with the ball. In this half Jaemin yoo and Oscar Yan were playing for the opposition. We started off strong but Jaemin Yoo was proving to be a handful for his own team and scored 2 goals. Unluckily for Coogee they scored an own goal to make the score 5-2. Then surprisingly, Coogee scored 2 goals! Thankfully the game ended with a score of 5-4. 

After the game, Mr Goulbourne and the team sat down for a debrief. We all agreed that we were fantastic in passing, communicating and positioning ourselves. But when it came to the things we needed to work on, we all agreed that dribbling needed to improve. Trinity had a great spirit today, and even helped our opponents by playing our best (even against each other!). The goals made by the opposition really tested us and helped us grow as a team

Jaemin Yoo 


Today we played well against the junior school because we stayed in our triangles and passed well to each other but made a few mistakes.  Some areas that I think we need to work on are our corners and where you need to stand. If we can do this I think that we will win a lot more off our corners. The second thing I think we need to work on is our tackling and how to tackle. The score this morning was 7 – 6 our way.

Nicholas Khouzame


It was an amazing game, Trinity Prep versus Trinity Junior School.

The first goal was scored by Luke on the Prep team. At the end Prep lost the match, 4-7. It was a great game, everyone played extremely well and man of the match for the Prep team went to Luke Gerges.


The recent football match between St Ives Grammar and Trinity 4D was an epic match of highs and lows. At half time, the scores were Nil/Nil with the superstar goalie Kerry Chen stopping everything that was thrown at him. The second half was a different story completely. The brown and gold(St Ives) stepped up their attack on the green army. It was a devastating defeat that saw a narrow loss of 2-1 to St Ives. Special mention to Aarav Sharma who got one past the defence lines. As our second round of the season, it really was an amazing game. 

Oliver Cardiff



On the 1st of May 2021 the first XV Rugby Team played Mosman. Mosman was a great team and the way they passed the ball out was pretty well.  The game went pretty well for us in the first half of the game because we managed to get a few good tackles.  The XV Rugby team went pretty well although we did not come out victorious.  Our Rugby team played really well against Mosman prep and the Team managed to always get Mosman back to where we had an advantage point to score a try.  

The reason we all agree that our first half was good is because of our tackles made by the boys and especially the ones mentioned in the text. Our defence was really good and that is the other reason because we managed to do a good job in cleaning them out and catching up to the boys so they could not score. Also, we all managed to put pressure on Mosman Prep which made them Knock it on or drop the ball which gave us the biggest advantage to gain those extra meters.  

Unfortunately, the XV Rugby Team Lost to Mosman prep to 38 – 0. Even though we Played hard and defended well, we were no match for Mosman Prep. In the end we played really well and next time we need to work on passing it out to the winger or just generally passing out and also giving that forward advantages to do rhino ball instead of halfback always being there. We played really well compared to the first game and if we improved in those things, we would be able to beat almost every team.

Ace Sharma

Year 6 7’s

It was a nice warm day when the open-7s rugby team showed up at Kings school. The first game we played against Waverly; it was a low scoring game. I thought the first game the team played well with good communication and supporting each other. The second game was a harder game against Knox. Knox was organised and played a stronger game, but the Trinity spirit kept the open-7s rugby team strong to score the last try of the game on the final whistle.


On Saturday the 4As were against the Kings. This game was the game when we scored 2 trys. It was very exciting because it was the first 2 trys of the year. The trys were made by Musa and Joseph.  Kings were very good with their defence but they got through our one. The trys we made had even up the score. It was 4-4. Then Kings had scored at least 1 or 2 trys. We were still very happy even if we lost but what we wanted the most was a smile on each face.

Sebastian Nguyen


Year 4 / 5 Green

It was a bright sunny Saturday, the 1st of May 2021. The grass fresh as usual, we were pumped to play the game. Our coach Ms Palmer instructed us on our positions, and I was the leading Captain along with my 5 teammates. Our worthy opponents were a team of six. We started the first half very badly with Navy leading 2-0 in spite of us playing well.

During the break we had a debrief and figured out that we were not scoring well, because we were not spreading out over the field. The second half was dominated by us, with Ricky Chen scoring the first halfway goal and Ethan Koh scoring a goal as the ball barraged through the defensive line. 

The score was 3-2 Navy’s way. Well, although we lost the game, we had a great time playing with the boys.

Ishan Padmanesan

Year 5 / 6 Green

This week we as the Prep Year 5&6 Green went up against Prep Year 5&6 Navy in Intra-School sport. The match started with the ball in our possession. With 6 people we used a strategy where we had 1 defender, 2 mid-fielders, and 2 strikers. Our defender played brilliantly only letting one goal in for the first half. In the first half using the strategy of making sure that we kept progressing. The strategy also included the fact that if the ball went and we had it we would then kick it into space up the field where one of our teammates would intercept it. We also did well in applying pressure down the whole field to our opposition teammates. In the first half, we scored 5 goals. We were assisted in achieving this by our great defence Anthony Cheng. Then we were also assisted in moving the ball up by Zane Rizoski and Linzhi Xu at mid-field. The goals would then be shot by our strikers Aravinda Chauhan and Orlando Ang. In the second half, we continued our strategy and got 2 more goals in. In the second half with great defence, no goals were let in. We also improved our attacking and tackling to achieve this so that the ball would not end up at our end of the field. We also had great opposition players as well. It was a very successful game for our team, and we hope that we can continue to use this strategy in the future to win more games.

Orlando Ang

Year 5 / 6 Navy

Today is Saturday the 1st of May 2021. The soccer match started at 8:45AM on a fresh and bright morning. We are ⅚ Navy and we were pitched against ⅚ Green from the Preparatory School. The match began with ⅚ Navy kicking off. After the first 5 minutes ⅚ Green scored the first goal. ⅚ Navy scored a few goals but, in the end, it was ⅚ Green that won the game.

The thing that ⅚ Navy did well was trying to prevent ⅚ Green from stealing the ball by passing it to other players in my team. What we can improve on in the future is to put in more pressure so that we can shoot more goals. One lesson learnt is that the goal can be shot from the sideline. So, whenever a penalty shot is being taken, the team must pay attention immediately.

Timothy Huynh

Year 5 / 6 Pink

When we were starting the game, after warm- up, we quickly realised that the red team, the team we were versing, had only one player, which was Ridley (Year Five). Fortunately, we had four green and four whites, so we did green versus whites. On our team we had me, Lucas (Year Five), Sonnie Liang (Year Six) and Andrew Lin (Year Six). The play was two attackers, one midfielder and that’s right, one defender. So, it was me and Sonnie attacking, Andrew defending and Lucas midfielding. The strategy between us was if it went out and it was our ball, Lucas passed it from where he was and to me which I was always near the goals, so we scored a few. Andrew was great at defending, from making quick decisions and kicking it up. Sonnie was great at getting out of sticky situations when all the players were crowding me. About half time we had an extra player Xavier Runado (Year Six) as sub, (the other team already had Five players.) In the end it was 7 nil (I think.)

Jet Ma

Sports Results | Saturday, 1 May 2021

TeamTeam 1Team 2
1stTrinity PrepMosman Prep
2ndTrinity PrepMosman Prep
3rdTrinity PrepCoogee
Best and FairestPreston Lo 
EncouragementJaemin Yoo 
11ATrinity PrepGrammar Edgecliff
Best and FairestLucas Kim
EncouragementEthan Marangou 
11BTrinity PrepGrammar St Ives
Best and FairestJaiveer Singh 
EncouragementElijah Ayad 
11CTrinity PrepGrammar Edgecliff
Best and FairestJames Elghitany 
EncouragementJaydon Chang 
10ATrinity PrepTrinity Junior
Best and FairestGeorge Vavoulas 
EncouragementJayden Wu 
10BTrinity PrepTrinity Junior
Best and FairestLuke Gerges 
EncouragementTimmy Zhou 
10C1Trinity PrepJunior School
Best and FairestWinston Phong 
EncouragementDinal Perera 
10C2Trinity PrepSt Ives Grammar
Best and FairestKerry Chen 
EncouragementIsaac Lui 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XVTrinityMosman Prep
Best and FairestAlessio Caridi 
EncouragementRyder Darlow 
Open 7sTrinityWaverly
Best and FairestDash Isaacs 
EncouragementRyan Zhang 
Open 7sTrinityKnox
Best and FairestWilliam Hunt 
EncouragementChristian Ghannoum 
5A XIITrinity 
Best and FairestLuke Holani 
EncouragementMichael Whiting 
Yr5 7sTrinity v WavT v St Pats
Best and FairestLuis K 
4A XIITrinityKings
Best and FairestJoseph Khoury 
EncouragementDarren Cai 
Yr4 7sTrinity v Knoxv Kings
ScoreKnox 12 def T 03-Mar
Best and FairestJackieZachariah


Family Feud | Bookings now open

May 7, 2021

The Trinity Grammar School Parents and Friends’ Association presents

Virtual Family Feud

Family Fun for All

Date: Friday, 21 May 2021

Cost: $50 per team.

Location: On-line (from the comfort of your lounge room)

Click here to book your tickets now.

Gala Concert | Wednesday, 2 June 2021

May 7, 2021

City Recital Hall, Angel Place at 7pm

Click here to book your tickets.

This year’s Gala is a celebration of a return to normal music making which was so disrupted in 2020 due to COVID. For many of us, the interruption to our musical and cultural life was felt more dramatically than I believe many would have thought. That the removal of Music and music-making, for such a long period of time, would be felt in this way pays testament to its power to bring people together in a shared experience. And so, the image of the Phoenix, representing the 2021 Gala musical offerings, is an apt symbol of our thankfulness for the return of music to our stage and to our daily lives. The Gala programme will offer, as it always does, music from across many styles and will showcase our premier ensembles, demonstrating the resilience of music at Trinity, and its standard of excellence. Performances include the celebratory work, Magnificat by J.S. Bach; the festivity of Roman Carnival by Hector Berlioz; and the awe-inspiring Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.

Michael McGregor | Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12)

Dates for the Diary | Junior School

May 7, 2021

Week 4

10 May THRASS Parent Info Evening 6pm

11 May Y3 & Y5 NAPLAN

12 May Y3 & Y5 NAPLAN

14 May Y3 & Y5 NAPLAN

14 May Y3 Sport Basketball 3-4.30pm

15 May Sport – Winter Round 4

Week 5

19 May National Simultaneous Storytime

21 May IPSHA Debating

21 May Y3 Sport Basketball 3-4.30pm

22 May Sport – Winter Round 5

Week 6

28 May Y3 Sport Basketball 3-4.30pm

29 May Sport – Winter Round 6

29 May Y5 2023 Testing

From more Junior School dates, please click here.

Dates for the Diary

May 7, 2021

For full details of co-curricular programmes, please click on this LINK


Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus)

May 7, 2021

Click here to read the Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus).

Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus)

May 7, 2021

Click here to read the Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus).

Trinity Prayer Group | Strathfield Campus

May 7, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School. In Term 2, we will meet at the Preparatory School, Strathfield campus:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.30am on the odd weeks of term (Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9).

Where: Christian Studies Room (please sign in at reception first)

Dates for Term 2, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 18 May 
  • Tuesday, 1 June
  • Tuesday, 15 June


Wendy Chan (Prep School) 
mobile 0405 129 328

Carla Ferla (Prep School) 
mobile 0414 166 336

Trinity Prayer Group | Summer Hill Campus

May 7, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School. In Term 2, we will meet at the Summer Hill campus, for Junior and Senior School:

When:  Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.30am on the even weeks of term (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8).

Where: The Dining Hall

So grab a cuppa and please join us for a time of encouragement, community-building, thanksgiving and to sincerely bring the needs of the School community before our gracious God. Dates for Term 2, 2021:

  • Tuesday, 11 May 
  • Tuesday, 25 May
  • Tuesday, 8 June


Greg Webster | Senior Chaplain, Summer Hill
email gwebster@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Kerry Vickery (Summer Hill) 
mobile 0408 119 187

Student Absence Notice

May 7, 2021

The preferred channel to report an absence is via the School app. If your son requires a leave of absence from school, please continue to request leave in advance by writing to the relevant Head of School for permission. To download the Trinity School app, please visit the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.

Prep Canteen News

May 7, 2021

Canteen will only be available for students through FlexiSchools. There will be no use of cash.

Parents are invited to order their son’s Crunch & Sip, morning tea or lunch each day through the FlexiSchool app.

  • Crunch & Sip orders close at 8:30am
  • Morning Tea orders close at 9:30am
  • Lunch orders close at 10am

Click HERE to set up your FlexisSchool account.

Reminder: Please let your son know you have ordered Crunch & Sip or Morning Tea. Boys can collect their orders from the canteen.

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