2021 | Term 1 | Week 7

March 12, 2021


From the Head Master

March 12, 2021

Over the last week, I have noticed a much greater sense of normality emerging in School life as the COVID-19 restrictions continue to be wound back.

I was particularly aware of this sense yesterday, with the various events around the 90th Annual CAS Swimming and Diving Championships. Around this time last year, we were on the verge of our first major restrictions, and were limited to taking only sixty students to the Championships as spectators. Last night we were able to take a couple of hundred spectators, which significantly added to the spectacle and volume of the carnival.

We were also able to host the parents of the swimmers and divers on the site to witness the traditional departure of the teams on the quad. After all this time, in which parents have been unable to come to the campus during school hours, it was lovely to have them share this experience, albeit in a physically-distanced, non-mingling with students kind of way!

Our students distinguished themselves last night, finishing in second place in both the Swimming and the Diving. Knox retained the Thyne Challenge Shield for swimming for the fifth consecutive year, and we finished second for the fifth consecutive year. In the Diving, Barker won the Stephen Barnett Shield by two points in a tight competition with Trinity; our boys won the Junior and Intermediate Divisions, but were not able to hold off the Barker team in the Open division. Our School congratulates Knox and Barker for their achievements, and we are already looking forward to the Championships in 2022.

While the details regarding the conclusion of the sports season for all of our summer sports are found elsewhere in this Bulletin, it is appropriate for me to acknowledge the joint Premiership won by our First V basketball team, and the undefeated Premiership won by our First VI Volleyball team. Congratulations to those boys and to the staff who have worked with them over the years to develop their skills and sportsmanship, particularly to their respective coaches, Mr Morrissey and Mr Simos.

The return of parents to the School site was also seen at the finals of the Soloists Competition on Wednesday night. This set of performances was the first time that our musicians have been able to perform to a live audience since March last year. It was also the first musical event to have taken place under the leadership of our new Director of Co-curricular Music, Dr Michael McGregor. My commendations to all those who took part in the competition, particularly those who progressed to the finals, and to the eventual winners.

In the last week we have also run a series of School tours for the prospective parents for the Year 7 class of 2023. This is the cohort who are currently being interviewed in the enrolment process. It has been very encouraging to see the ongoing high level of demand for enrolment opportunities in the School. Parents, who are the primary educators of their children, continue to be keen to engage the School as partners in their sons’ journey from childhood to adulthood, and we are honoured by the confidence that families place in us.

As parents have previously been informed, the School is seeking a State Significant Development Approval for The Renewal Project, which is a major capital development on the Summer Hill site. This process has been burbling along since mid-2019; our current estimation is that approval is likely to be granted around the middle of the year. In the meantime, design and planning for the early stages is continuing to take place, as indicated by the ubiquitous obscure codes and squiggles sprayed on the ground around the campus. When we get to the point that we can speak confidently about the timing, scope and staging of the plans, more information will be provided.

Detur Gloria Soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

March 12, 2021

No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens

Michelle Obama

This week at Quad Assembly we acknowledged and articulated the School’s support for International Women’s Day.

In 1910, Clara Zetkin, the leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany tabled the idea of an International Women’s Day at the second International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. The proposal received unanimous support from over one hundred women representing 17 countries.

The first International Women’s Day was held the following year on March 19th, 1911. In 1913, International Women’s Day was moved to March 8th and has been held on this day ever since.

Australia’s first International Women’s Day was held in 1928 in Sydney. Organised by the Militant Women’s Movement, women called for equal pay for equal work.

Since those early days, International Women’s Day has become a day to celebrate women’s achievements and call out attitudes and practices that continue to perpetuate gender inequality.

According to the United Nations Women – Australia, in 2021, no country in the world has achieved gender equality1.

The Head Master addressed the School on Tuesday, and on Thursday we were delighted to welcome Ms Genevieve McKeown, the 2020 Head Prefect at Meriden School to address the Assembly. Her remarks were powerful, mature and empathetic, and she has graciously permitted us to reproduce them here.

As you are aware, International Women’s Day is marked annually on the 8th of March. Mr Bowden asked me to come along today and talk to you about this significant day, particularly reflecting on my experiences with Trinity and your role in celebrating this day, and more importantly, uplifting the women in your lives. 

I have had so many positive experiences at Trinity. For example, I have felt so welcome at leadership events I have attended. I had the pleasure of getting to know those of you who were in my platoon last year and we were able to have a laugh and a good time but still got lots done. Or even those of you who have come up and chatted. Conversations like that really make any person feel valued.

However, I want to tell you a story. In 2019 I was on the Sergeant’s course at Promotions Camp for Cadets along with five other girls from my grade and A LOT of you guys. On Day 2, I was duty student, the student in charge for the day and whose duty was to relay messages from the staff in charge of the course. This role came with all the challenges of having to look after a big group of people, as well as the added difficulty of being shorter than those you are trying to be in charge of and having a very soft voice. But the biggest challenge was trying to get the attention of male peers who didn’t seem to see me as an authority figure. So, the question going through my mind was: why was I not given the same acknowledgement that other people in my role had when they didn’t even really know me?

I’m using this example of me as duty student to capture something that, in my experience, is an all too common experience for many girls and young women.

Trinity provides you with so many amazing opportunities to grow in your friendships with one another and build valuable life skills. And whilst these communities that are built are incredibly encouraging and supportive environments, we can sometimes get lost in them and forget about how we should act towards others outside of our bubble and how we should be fulfilling our role in the wider community. And I am coming from the same place as all of you. I went to an all-girls school for 6 years and got to experience the loving and generous community at Meriden. But something we all have to realise is that the day will come when your time at school comes to an end and you have to step outside the gates of Trinity as young men, shaped by the friendships you have made, experiences you have had, and lessons that you have learnt.

It is in this wider community that you will find yourself working alongside women. Maybe they’ll be in charge of you, or you could be in charge of them, or maybe you are working on a project together. It is times like these that you need to acknowledge the opinions and ideas of others, communicate in a respectful way, and draw on the strengths that each individual, male or female, brings to the group. To live in a unified and cohesive society, we all need to feel a sense of belonging and value, and this begins with the way that we are treated by others. There is a continuing need for inclusive behaviour and the deliberate decision to adopt an inclusive mindset. This is something we all must work towards.

Everyone, male and female, has passions, and I am sure that each one of you can think about something you are passionate about. Maybe it’s sport – I’ve heard Liverpool is apparently the soccer team I should be supporting? Or maybe it’s your studies, or a musical instrument. Or maybe it’s a global issue or politics. Passions make us our own person and give us something to relate to others about, and they also help to provide us with motivation and drive. However, just as we have to be careful not to get lost within our own school communities, it can also be so easy to focus on ourselves and our passions and forget about others.

I think we need to be receptive and respectful of each other’s passions. In fact, I would go so far as to argue that we need a new mindset – to listen to other people’s passions before we express our own. Like me, women deserve to have the ability to express and explore their passions, but this isn’t always facilitated in the workplace or in the household. Something that Meriden and Trinity teach so well is for us to explore our passions, formulate our opinions and develop our skills to articulate and share. So, let’s listen, because everyone should have equal respect as we bravely step out and express our ideas. Because, it’s when we stop and listen that we hear things we otherwise might not have thought of, or solutions we might have overlooked. When we stop and listen, we endorse the idea that passions are important and should be pursued. Sharing our passions allows us to collaborate and explore new horizons. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s really valuable, and the potential for that to be a reality is so exciting.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’. The idea behind this is that we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions and that each of us should choose to challenge gender inequality, because challenging ideas leads to change.

Today, for International Women’s Day, 2021, I have a challenge for you. You have the capacity to choose how you think and how you act. How you think is reflected in how you act. So, my challenge is an introspective one. When anyone speaks, do you listen? In a group of friends, do you listen to other people’s perspectives? When a woman or girl speaks, do you listen? And if your answer is no, then my challenge is to proactively change that. Listening leads to a cohesive community, where people are valued and respected. So, choose to challenge one another to listen first, and then speak.

Happy International Women’s Day, Trinity. I look forward to hearing the wonderful things the students of this school will be doing and achieving as you play your part in creating a better, more equitable future.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

[1] https://unwomen.org.au/

From the Head of the Preparatory School

March 12, 2021

International Women’s Day

On Monday morning we gathered all students from K-6 together to celebrate and focus on International Women’s Day. The School Officers took the opportunity to speak about five women who have inspired them due to their significant contributions across society. It was lovely to hear the boys speak so passionately about the impact these women had made on them and the lives of many others. The contributions covered many areas of life including the advancements in the area of medicine, sporting success, and advocating for the rights of indigenous Australians.

After listening to the boys speak, I reflected with the wider School that the significance of these contributions and the inspiration provided by them actually had nothing to do with these people being women. The people they spoke of were simply significant people who had made a great contribution to society. We all desire a future where it is unnecessary to consider the gender of people when it comes to celebrating success, achievement and contribution. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where this continues to be a problem. Fortunately, much of this is lost on primary school boys. However, as a boys’ school, it is essential that our boys grow up appreciating the contribution that women make, day in and day out, in all our lives.

Throughout the year we look for opportunities to meaningfully and age appropriately discuss the inequalities that exist in recognising the achievements of women and the need for significant ongoing work throughout society to ensure women are treated equally.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant ongoing contribution made by the women in our School community and those that have come before us to create such a great school.

Harmony Day

Today we commemorated Harmony Day. This is a day that celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity and encourages a focus on inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. This year we invited the Wandana Aboriginal Education group to visit and conduct a series of learning experiences with our students to engage them in the culture of indigenous Australians.

The day began with a School assembly with a difference. Our visitors played the Didgeridoo and conducted an Acknowledgement to Country in language. Throughout the day each of the year levels engaged in a series of talks and hands on experiences aimed at sharing Aboriginal cultural practices.

The students loved the opportunity to learn more about the Aboriginal culture and to develop a greater sense of appreciation and respect.

Parents back onsite

It has been lovely to have some parents back onsite this week as a result of the COVID restrictions being eased. Whilst it has only been Pre-K and Kindy parents dropping off students in the morning, it has felt right. We have missed having parents onsite and hope that this is the beginning of a return to life pre-COVID when parents were part of each school day.

Three-Way Conferences

Next week our Three-Way Conferences begin. I trust that parents have engaged with the fact that these conferences can now take place face to face by indicating this preference via the form that was emailed home earlier in the week. I hope these conferences are instrumental in establishing some clear learning goals for the students for the remainder of the year.

COVID Coffee Catch up sessions

This morning we held the next of our COVID Coffee Catch ups, however, this time it was lovely to conduct the session in person! This morning Mrs Evans and Mrs Ford ran a session about Spelling, providing parents with insights into the commonalities and differences in the way Spelling is taught today compared with when we were at school.

As per the email correspondence earlier in the week, the following sessions will also be held face to face in coming weeks. In order to do this in a COVID safe manner, we now require parents to RSVP via the forms below (or via the Trinity APP, click on EVENTS) and there will be a limit of 30 parents for each session. These sessions will take place in the new, temporary Year 6 Centre. If the sessions book out and parents miss out, we will look at running the sessions again early next term.

  • Week 8 – Friday 19th March 9:00-9:45am – PYP for beginners – learning more about the PYP framework and how best to engage with the boys at home about their learning. Audience – new parents to the School or those wanting a refresher. Please click HERE to RSVP for Week 8.
  • Week 9 – Friday 26th March 9:00-9:45am – Q&A (or a general chat) with the Prep ExecutiveAudience – all parents. Please click HERE to RSVP for Week 9.

2021 Soloist Competition

On Wednesday evening David Chang, Aaron You, Adam Jeroncic, Lewis Wang, Thomas Lee and Marvin Xu performed in the Finals Concert for the Soloists Competition.  All of the students played outstandingly and should be congratulated for their efforts in preparing for such a performance.

Congratulations to Thomas Lee (guitar) who won the Intermediate Section! Thomas will repeat his performances at the upcoming Public Speaking Competition Final.

Cross Country Championships and Head Master’s Dash

On Thursday we held our Cross Country Championship at Henley Park. The length of this event is always a challenge for some of the boys, but it was great to hear of them doing their best and supporting one another throughout. The winning House will be announced at our Monday morning Assembly next week. The age champions were as follows:

  • Open – James Barry – Hilliard
  • Under 11 – Domenic Alvaro – Archer        
  • Under 10 – Harris Yang – Hilliard
  • Under 9 – Aris Ferizis – School
  • Under 8 – Valentino Di Maria – School

Following the Cross Country, we conducted our version of what was formerly known as the Head Master’s Dash, a 40-metre sprint that crowns the fastest boy in the Prep School. This year’s winners were James Barry, Elliott Behrens, Jeremiah Sydhom and Aaron Patel.

Year 3 Sport

Today was also the final week of our Year 3 Sport programme. It has been wonderful to hear of the boys’ involvement in the Term 1 Football programme. We look forward to seeing them broaden their skills in the coming terms as they engage in other sports. This programme is vital in providing our boys with a solid grounding in the skills, teamwork and sportsmanship that will be required in the Saturday Sport programme in Year 4 and beyond.

CAS Swimming Championships

Last night Jaemin Yoo took part in the annual CAS Swimming Championships. He swam the U13 50 metre freestyle event claiming 2nd place. Congratulations to Jaemin on this tremendous honour and his contribution to Trinity’s 2nd place on the evening.

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Matthew 6:25-26

From the Head of the Junior School

March 12, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of the Junior School,

It is a delight to advise you that the final figure raised this year by students in the Junior School for OIC Cambodia is $17 185! Well done and thank you, Junior School boys and families! This surpasses any total we have raised previously for this cause. 6J is the highest fundraising class (once all funds including cash donations were allocated) and 5C has the highest sponsorship participation rate so both classes will be thanked for their efforts and generosity with pizza lunch. We are proud to support this cause (now for six years) and look forward to hearing about the impact this has on the provision of Cambodia’s first speech therapists.  

The Trinity Grammar School Soloist Competition is an elite high school contest in which some exceptional younger musicians are also invited to participate. This week, we had three Junior School boys invited to perform in the Junior section finals. Emerson Urbano (piano), Ryan Fan (cello), and Mimo Kim (violin) performed exceptionally. The boys’ talent and dedication to learning their instrument are obvious to all of us whenever they perform at Monday assemblies. Musical performances are a highlight of Monday assemblies and a great place for our soloists and ensembles to develop their performance skills in front of an authentic audience. Well done, boys!

By now, you will have received your invitation to book a Parent/Teacher/Student Conference in Week 9. These conferences are a terrific opportunity for you, your son, and his teacher to discuss goals for the year and important next steps in learning. Your son’s participation in this meeting is important because it allows for a three-way conversation where he develops ownership for his own learning, rather than being a conversation between adults about him. I encourage all parents to make this conference a priority and book a time to meet together with the teacher. We are assuming that most parents and boys will take the opportunity to have a face-face conference at school but have also provided a link for those who prefer a conference via Microsoft Teams.

Next week, Year 6 head to Canberra from Monday until Wednesday, accompanied by their class teachers as well as Mrs Ormes, Mrs Beke and Mrs Katay. We know they will have a wonderful time and will be great ambassadors for our school, as they were this week during their Art/Mandarin excursion. Please ensure that packing lists and arrangements for departure/pick-up are carefully noted. Any medication should be given to the class teacher with ‘permission to administer’ forms. I draw your attention to the special instructions regarding Monday’s departure and Wednesday’s return, including the need to complete and submit a COVID-19 Person Health Declaration. We are especially asking parents to not congregate on Victoria Street on either occasion but to farewell and greet your son in the carpark. We wish all the boys and teachers a safe and enjoyable trip. In their absence, Year 5 will step us as leaders in the School.

Thank you to the Auxiliary for organising today’s Gelato Day for the boys. It was very much enjoyed. Parents can also get a treat by purchasing your Hot Cross Buns via the Auxiliary. There is a link to order in this newsletter and your buns will be distributed via your son in the final week of term, in time to enjoy over the Easter weekend.

‘Amazing Me’ education sessions provide information and support to students and parents in discussing aspects of personal development. Year 4 and Year 6 parents have been emailed information about these sessions which are scheduled for Monday 29 March. Please note that the Year 4 session starts at 5:30pm followed by the separate Year 6 session which commences at 7:00pm. Year 6 also participate in a follow-up class session on Tuesday 30 March. Please use the links provided in the email to register for the relevant parent and boy session.

The recently relaxed regulations allow us to squeeze in a ‘Cuppa’n’chat’ with the Junior School Executive (Mr Hassall, Mrs Ormes, Mrs Richards and myself) before the term concludes. We will be holding this on Tuesday 30 March from 8:45am-9:30am in the Junior School. This is an opportunity to ask questions or discuss matters that you would like to raise, or simply to have a cuppa and get to know us and each other better. On this occasion we will need you to register your intention to attend in order to allow us to ensure we use a compliant space for the number of attendees. Please note the date and watch out for the registration information that will be distributed next week. If you can not attend on this occasion, we do intend to run a similar event each term.  

Summer Sport Team Photos will be taken next Thursday morning. Boys in Years 4 to 6 should ensure that they wear their usual Thursday sport uniform but bring their Saturday uniform on the day for their photograph. Over the weekend, it would be a great idea for the boys to try and fit in at least one run, jog, or lap-around-the-park in preparation for next Friday morning’s Cross Country Championships.

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

Live in peace with each other. And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.

1 Thessalonians 5:13b-15

World’s Greatest Shave | Thank you!

March 12, 2021

I would like to express my gratitude to the Trinity community who have supported the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave.

The men of the Senior School have raised a huge sum of money, trumping last year’s effort. Overall we have raised in excess of $75,000.00.

Many thanks to those who donated and to all the those who were brave and shaved!

Andrew Yarad | Deputy Head of the Senior School 

News from the Field Studies Centre

March 12, 2021

Over the coming months there will be a focus on creating a more synergistic link between the Academic Programme at the Woollamia and Summer Hill campuses. This initiative will both provide benefits to the cohort of Year 9 students currently engaging in the Field Studies Programme, and those whose who will join the Extended Programme from Term 4 onwards. Students on Residential 2 have now worked with Mr Jackson and Mr Hatton-Ward, two of our Summer Hill Science teachers, to learn about the processes involved in conducting a scientific investigation and the use of specialist instruments to collect data in the field.

In Mathematics, Mr Pay continues to provide the boys with online resources and amazing video tutorials to support their progress during their time away from their usual classes. Mr Shipp and Mr Smallfield have also spent time at the Field Studies Centre this week, planning and scoping the Geography Programme which will be implemented later this year. The natural environments both on campus and in the surrounding Shoalhaven region, lend themselves perfectly to studies in both disciplines and it will be exciting to see more opportunities for inquiry and applied learning implemented in coming months.

The boys have been learning about the value of both leadership and followership as they participated in their first three-day expedition this week. Stepping into a leadership role is challenging at times, but it is a learnable skill that the students refine over the four weeks. Each boy is encouraged to operate with more and more autonomy as the programme progresses, but always with the support of staff when needed. The students also discover that being a good follower when it is one of your peers’ turn to lead, is equally important. The students have hiked along several of the remote local beaches and have paddled the pristine waters of Currumbene Creek and the Crookhaven River in canoes, and their confidence and competence in these natural environments has grown each day. The groups have been camping offsite during the expeditions during this programme, which provides a greater sense of flow to the journeys they are undertaking. 

A virtual parent visiting afternoon is scheduled for this Sunday and will provide an opportunity for the boys to connect with their families and share their experiences to date. Students have been busy writing letters home and very much enjoy the after-dinner ritual of opening mail from loved ones. The process of letter writing, although not as immediate as other forms of modern communication, is of great value and is an important part of the boys’ experience at Woollamia.

“Outdoor education can be instrumental in the teaching of self-reliance, interdependence and leadership, the development of an adventurous spirit, managing personal risks, safe journeys in nature, the value of life-long outdoor recreation for enjoyment, health and well-being, understanding nature through direct experience and for developing deeper human–nature relationships” (Outdoor Education Australia, 2015). This statement from the industry peak body communicates much of the value that we seek to capture for each boy who engages in the Field Studies Programme. As we aim to educate each boy in mind, body and spirit, we draw upon the resources provided by the natural world and interact with students in a classroom that lacks the constraints of walls and a ceiling.

Tim Knowles | Head of Field Studies Centre (FSC)

House Points

March 12, 2021

Click here to view the weekly Leader Board.

Annual Berea Mission

March 11, 2021

In Week 5 the annual Berea Mission took place. Berea is a co-curricular group that aims to train and equip young men for Christian ministry at Trinity and beyond. Thirty-six Bereans from the Senior School were divided into four teams to teach the Bible and share the gospel of Jesus at various schools and churches in Greater Sydney. Each team visited a school for three days, either at Trinity Preparatory School, Georges River Grammar School, William Carey Christian School or Penrith Anglican College, where they taught Christian Studies, led the voluntary lunchtime groups, and gave Bible talks at Chapel services. 

On the Friday evening, the four teams visited four churches. At Ingleburn Anglican and Harrington Park Anglican the teams led the Kids’ Clubs and Youth Groups, while at Minto Anglican and Berala Anglican, the teams led the Youth Groups. The Trinity students conducted the usual activities that one might expect: sharing their testimony, running games, leading the meeting, leading in prayer, giving a Bible talk and leading discussions on Bible passages and themes from the talk. On the Sunday morning the teams led the Kids’ Churches or Sunday Schools of the same partner churches. 

On two evenings and on Saturday, the group benefited from four talks on discipleship by Ben Pakula, the assistant minister and youth leader at Harrington Park Anglican, one of our partner churches. 

Berea Mission has continued to be a highlight of the School year for the students and teachers who participate. The Trinity students are a source of great encouragement and enthusiasm and are warmly received at each of the schools and churches. 

Detur Gloria Soli Deo

Dr Chris Thanopoulos | MIC Berea Co-Curricular

B. Powell giving the Bible talk Penrith Anglican College’s Senior School Chapel Service
Trinity Students lead in a song at Penrith Anglican College’s Junior School Chapel Service
Trinity Students introduce themselves to the Year 5 cohort at Penrith Anglican College.

Pre-Kindergarten News

March 11, 2021

Dear PK Parents,

I do hope that you found last week’s PK Transition Tours to be of benefit to you. These tours provided you with a wonderful opportunity to gain a glimpse into the daily learning experiences that your son has the privilege of engaging in. Your positive feedback has been most pleasing. On one evening one mother shared the following with me ‘Kirsti, thank you so very much for allowing us on site tonight. You have given me so much reassurance and comfort in knowing that we definitely made the right decision to send our son to Trinity. His days are filled with so much learning, no wonder he loves coming to school every day’. We are always grateful for your feedback.

We look forward to communicating with you in a more formal and individualised way in the upcoming Parent/ Teacher Meetings in Weeks 8, 9 and 10. Please ensure that you have filled in the Google Form nominating your preferred time to meet with your son’s teacher.

Developing Your Son’s Social Skills (Part 2)

What is Cooperation?

We are currently focusing on developing the boy’s cooperation skills. Learning to cooperate is modelled in the classroom on a daily basis. Cooperative learning is a teaching strategy involving children’s participation in small group learning activities that promote positive interaction. During this focus, the PK educators have been naming and noticing, turn taking, saying please and thank you when shared resources are being used, waiting patiently whilst others speak, and attentive listening. All of these cooperative skills are highlighted and developed during the day.

Sometimes, particularly when safety is at stake, saying no to an early learner is necessary. At times, when instructions are being given, the boys are replying with ‘no’. In the last few weeks, the boys have been learning that, saying no when asked to transition from one room or place to another, is not ok.

So, when is it ok to say no if you are a parent or educator?

1) Say no when their actions might hurt someone or break something

2) Say no when they could do it on their own

3) Say no when it’s a want, not a need

4) Say no when plans change

5) Say no when someone else’s needs (temporarily) matter more

6) Say no when you’ll resent doing something

7) Say no when it’s against your values

Please read more here:


Lunch Boxes

There appears to be a number of boys that are being provided with ample amounts of food throughout the day. Some boys are having a lunch order and a fully packed lunch box. We have observed that the boys are simply not hungry enough to eat the amount of food that is being packed for them. Whilst we understand the uncertainty around how hungry your son may be during the day, there is a lot of food that is being wasted. Could we encourage you to monitor his consumption over the next few weeks? We will not throw food away if it’s not eaten. It will be left in his lunch box for you to view when he comes home at the end of the day. We do ensure that all boys are eating and drinking an adequate amount each day.

Reminders/ Requests:

  • Please remember to read the Prep News each week. In addition to my newsletter, every third week there will be an individualised PK newsletter that is written by the classroom teachers. This newsletter will give you a detailed insight into the learning that is occurring in the PK environment.
  • Thank you for your wonderful feedback on the way in which your son’s have settled into PK life at Trinity Prep. It’s been a very successful start for all of your boys.
  • Please ensure that all of your son’s items are clearly labelled.
  • A number of boys are wearing their long-sleeved shirts on 30-degree days. On hot days, may we suggest that your son wears his short-sleeved school shirt.

Kirsti Hitz-Morton | Director of Primary Curriculum and Early Learning


March 11, 2021

On Monday, 8 of March, Mrs Leedow and Mr Niulala took eight Year 6 boys to the CRU FIT (Followers in Training) Training Day at Meriden Junior School. The day was full of excitement as we were able to meet in a COVID-safe way with both Meriden and Trinity Grammar Prep Schools. The afternoon started off with some fun games to get the students engaged: a human game of Noughts and Crosses, where students had to work as a team to make 3 in a row; and then a game show hosted by “Grant Dumb Dumb” where students had to work together to answer a series of questions. Timothy Buultjens was then selected to perform in an impromptu skit, and the students spent time working out a mystery word wall which was revealed to read: Cru Leaders love God and love others.

The students spent the second half of the afternoon in small groups where they learnt what it meant to truly love God and love others. They also learnt some practical ways on making Lunchtime Cru Groups more fun and engaging for all students in their schools.

The boys had a wonderful time growing and learning in their leadership skills and should be incredibly proud of the way they conducted themselves in their inclusivity of others and their impeccable behaviour.


Academic Focus | Reflecting

March 12, 2021

One of the joys of my role is teaching a Year 7 English class. Over the course of Term 1, Year 7 have been exploring the concept of identity, and learning to write analytically to explain what other composers represent about identity, but also to write reflectively to explore what they think about their own identity. As I read Year 7’s reflective responses, I am both delighted by the thoughtfulness they have brought to this assessment opportunity and reminded of the power of our reflective capabilities.

Neil Postman, an extraordinary 20th century educator, declared that questions were the primary intellectual tool available to human beings: ‘Once your have learned to ask questions – relevant and appropriate and substantial questions – you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know.’

In my Year 7 class, we have come to understand reflection as looking back on something significant and asking ourselves questions about this experience in order to understand it, learn from it and value it. It is in asking questions of ourselves that we grow.

As we approach the end of the first semester of the 2021 academic year, I’d like to suggest that the capacity to ask ourselves questions – relevant and appropriate and substantial questions – is fundamental to learning success. The ability to look critically at our attitudes, behaviours and achievements, to discern our strengths as well as our areas for further growth, and then to make changes as a result of this process, is a characteristic, I think, of people who are not only successful at what they do, but who enjoy what they do. I encourage all students to ask themselves these three reflective questions as the engage in their end of term assessment programmes and begin to look towards the restfulness of a holiday period.  

  1. What have I done well? Where have my strengths emerged and what will I celebrate?
  2. How have my attitudes and beliefs about myself served me as a learner? What would I like to work on in terms of my mindset?
  3. What will I do differently as I return to a new academic year and a new academic challenge? Do I need to work on self-management? Task management? Would I benefit from being more persistent?

Of course, these questions are a fairly typical reflection start up pack … but I wonder what are the additional questions you might need to ask yourself? Can you frame these questions so you can explore their answers during the coming second semester? Would you like a conversation with someone who can help you ask the questions that will lead you to the answers you need? Your teachers are ready to chat with you!   

I wish all students and their families a productive remainder of the term: it is the season for focused and diligent work, for giving our best to the examinations and assessments that are a necessary part of learning. But, as you engage in this work, take the time to reflect on how you are going with your learning journey so you can begin to shape your next goals and plans. I am sure Year 7 have found the experience of reflecting upon themselves not only valuable, but surprisingly and powerfully enjoyable!  

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

The University of Sydney Academic Achievement Award

March 12, 2021

Each year, the University of Sydney invites schools to nominate students in Year 10 for a University Academic Achievement Award. The criteria set for this award are quite demanding: a student must demonstrate not only outstanding achievement across a range of discipline areas, but also clearly show that he or she has developed the dispositions of academic success, such as the willingness to embrace challenge, and to persevere in the discovery of new strategies to learn deeply and solve complex problems.

This morning on Quad Assembly, the School was delighted to announce John Dedousis (11Mu), Dux of the Year 10 2020 cohort, as a recipient of a University of Sydney Academic Achievement Award.  The award was presented by Mr Barr, Deputy Head Master.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean 

News from The Arthur Holt Library

March 12, 2021

Monday 8 March was International Women’s Day. Of course, the day is primarily a chance to celebrate how far women have come, both in terms of their rights and freedoms and their subsequent achievements in all areas of society, politics and the arts. But the day is also an opportunity to take note of where improvements can still be made and where injustice and inequality still prevail.

Our series of library displays built a very real sense of women’s achievements. Books on or by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Greta Thunberg, Virginia Woolf, Helen Garner and Jacinda Ardern reminded the boys how every sector of society has benefitted from the emancipation of women.

As the home of the student-led co-curricular Film Club, we also dedicated a wall to posters of films made by female directors, from Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Point Break’ to Jane Campion’s ‘The Piano’ and the recent documentary ‘13’ by Ava Duverney.

We even pulled some borrowing statistics and very proudly displayed the fact that 52 per cent of the books borrowed from The Arthur Holt Library in February were written by female identifying authors. This follows on from the last two author events that we organised, with elite female athlete, Elysse Perry, and acclaimed writer of historical fiction, Lauren Chater.

However, this is perhaps one of those areas where more work could be done. A recent article in ‘The Washington Post’ by children’s author Shannon Hale warned of the dangers of assuming that boys don’t like to read books by or about women. It’s an assumption that’s as likely to be made by people who recommend books as by the boys themselves. She points out what an important tool in building empathy and understanding books can be and how vital these qualities are.

So, since the motto of this year’s International Women’s Day is #Choosetochallenge, our resolution is to make sure that our boys understand that just because a book is about women, doesn’t mean that it’s a book for women.

Stefanie Gaspari | Director of Library Services

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

– Neil Gaiman

Year 9 History Incursion

March 12, 2021

On Monday, Year 9 students participated in a World War Living History workshop to bring to life aspects of their current unit of study, Australians at War (1914-1945).

In the first session, students learned about the experience of Trench Warfare in World War I. The second session was about Jungle Warfare during the Kokoda Campaign in World War II.

Students had the opportunity to pass around artefacts, ask questions, and interact with each other during points of discussion. The students enjoyed the incursion and the opportunity to handle real artefacts while hearing stories and historical information about Australians’ experiences at War.

Matthew Miller | History Teacher

A. Gaitanis
P. Khoury-Harb
A. Lemme
M. Ticic

Careers @ Trinity

March 11, 2021

University entry – 2022

It has been wonderful to field so many questions from your sons in Years 11 and 12 about early entry to university courses.

Early entry programmes are not available at all universities, nor for all courses. Most students will achieve the course offer they are seeking at the end of the year, after exams are finished, results are released, and when universities release an offer round. Early or direct applications are managed in two ways – through the Schools Recommendation Scheme managed through the UAC application process, or an individual university’s early/direct entry pathway, both of which will use Year 11 results to determine academic suitability for the course being applied for. They may also use additional criteria – for example, leadership experience or community service. Most of these entry pathways will be open next term. (Information about the early entry scheme for ANU, which opened at the beginning of this month was posted on the Canvas Careers space.)

UAC and universities are finalising their entry pathways options in readiness for next term. On 1 April, Year 12 HSC students will receive information from UAC regarding their course application process. Year 12 IB students will receive this information a little later in the term. They are not disadvantaged by the different timing as the full range of courses is not posted in the UAC space until August.

Parents and students may like to subscribe to UAC for information updates, by email, or via social media (Facebook and Instagram). I will share information when needed, directly with parents, and as well on the Canvas Careers space for our boys.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses and Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor 

Library News | Preparatory School

March 11, 2021

International Women’s Day

On Monday we celebrated International Women’s coming together to celebrate women’s achievements.

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is ‘Choose To Challenge‘. A challenged world is an alert world. And from challenge comes change. So let’s all #ChooseToChallenge.

Summer Reading Challenge Winners- 6G & 2G!

Congratulations to 6G who are our Primary winners and 2G who are our Infants winners of our Summer Reading Challenge! Thank you to all the students who participated in the Challenge. We were amazed at how many minutes were read by all! Looking at the results we can see that we are moving towards being a school of avid readers!


Harmony Day Poster Competition

2021 Theme:  Everyone Belongs

Entries close: Friday 2 April 2021

Specifications: A3 drawing, painting or mixed media work

To enter click on this link Harmony Day Poster Competition

  • The Harmony Day Poster Competition is open to school students in all schools in NSW and the ACT. Entries are based on the student’s school year for 2021.
  • Group artworks will be classified according to the oldest student in the group.
  • Submitted artwork must be the student’s original creation! Making a copy of any pre-existing image is not acceptable, whether visually or by tracing. Colouring in an outline printed or drawn by someone else or having someone else contribute to the artwork is also not acceptable.
  • Entries can be made from any traditional media, including pastel, oil pastels, pen, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolour, oils, mixed media, collage or other materials.
  • Artwork must not be overly derivative of images found on the Internet, in print media, or elsewhere.
  • All entries must be a drawing, painting, mixed media or photograph. Videos and three-dimensional sculptures will not be accepted.

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

Awards for the Week | Junior School

March 11, 2021

This week’s Junior School Award winners…

Awards Week 7


Waseem Hijazi

Arjun Kanesalingam

William Kang


Asher Buultjens

Ali Choker

Marco Guan

Krishna Kotwal


Zayn Barakat

Forbes Prentice

James Sutherland


Tom da Silva

Ian Deng

Sam Ingram


Paul Karlos

Arjun Roy

Aaron Thekkedath


Ash Dao

Leon Liu

Felix Yao


Anthony Fanos

Jackie Jiang

Andrew Zeng


Harry Horwood

Zac Marques

Kobi Vickery


Jakey Chan

Aidan Gasiorowski

Raji Reddy


Xavier Jabbour

Rafael Koutra

Luke Nunez


Jayden Bechara

Jack Cooper

Luke Farrow


Zac Bachir

James Crook

Thomas Henry


Charlie Earthrowl

Charles Heanly

Maxwell Munday

William Saunders


Jordan Buultjens

Alexander Chung

David Ghaly

Arles Hanning

Harry Horwood

Nathan Jones

Jack Maclean

Eamon Turner

Ethan Soo


Ralph Chammas

Austin da Silva

Marco Guan

William Millena

Ewan Yam

Library News | Junior School

March 11, 2021

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021

Get your reading hats on, the PRC has started for 2021! The event, running from Monday 1 March to Friday 20 August, is intended to inspire a love of reading in students from Kindergarten to Year 9. All boys in the Junior School were introduced to the challenge this week in Library/UOI sessions.

Participating students must read a set number of books from a prescribed list: 30 picture books for students in K to Year 2, and 20 books for students in Years 3 to 6. Students are allowed to have five ‘choice’ books on their list, while the remaining books must be selected from the PRC reading list that corresponds with their grade (or the level above).

To add books to their reading records, boys must log on to the website with their personal log in information. A sticker has been placed in the front of your son’s Record Book with these details. If you have any trouble logging in please send us an email at jslibrary@trinity.nsw.edu.au and we will be happy to assist. Students in Years 3 to 6 have had a lesson in navigating the website and adding books to their record (or will do next week), so they should be able to do this independently.

For students in K to Year 2, Library staff will upload any PRC books that the boys borrow and read from the Junior School Library onto their reading record. The K to Year 2 boys have also been shown the website, so parents may wish to logon with younger students and add any books read at home.

Books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge lists will be on display throughout the Library for the entirety of the challenge. Look for the coloured stickers on the spines of the books (red for K to Year 2, green for Years 3 to 4, purple for Years 5 to 6 and blue for books on the Years 7 to 9 lists for any of our older boys who want to push themselves). All boys in the Junior School are strongly encouraged to participate in the challenge. Research has shown the benefits of reading widely and extensively to/by people of all ages, but especially school aged children. Those who complete the challenge will receive a certificate at the end of the year, with those boys who have completed the challenge for 4 years receiving a gold award and those who have done the challenge for 7 years receiving a platinum award. There is even a special medallion awarded to any child who completes the challenge every year from Year 3 to Year 9, so make sure your son’s hard work isn’t wasted because he forgot to input books into his record.

Caitlin Weber | Library Services Specialist


CAS Diving

March 12, 2021

It was with great anticipation that Trinity returned to SOPAC to defend the Stephen Barnett Shield, where in the face of a COVID pandemic in 2020 Trinity were victors.

Good preparation, with some excellent training and mentoring from Coach Ben On and Mille Marks, along with an inspiring pre-meet speech from Captain Zachariah Gindy (12Ke), meant spirits were high as we ventured to Homebush.

In the Junior Division, Trinity was very successful and did better than expected. While Barker College had the best diver in the division, it was Trinity‘s team performance that was impressive, taking out the division with 19 points. Peter Galanos (7St) was Trinity’s best diver on the night, finishing second, with Hamish Turner (7Ta) and Rory Flanagan (8Fo) finishing third and fourth respectively and Tom Huber (8We) picking up valuable point in eighth. These young men gave Trinity the much-needed lead in the junior division.

In the Intermediate Division, once again Barker had the best diver, but it was Trinity‘s team performance that shone through to win the division. Led by Lachlan Nguyen, who came second in the division, Cooper Vimpany (11Mu), Rory Flanagan (8Fo) and Joshua Leverton (9Ke) won the Intermediate Division by a point, setting up a very tense and tight final Opens Division. 

Our opens always knew that they were going to be up against it with three national level divers in the competition. Lachlan Nguyen (10WH) did very very well coming second, beating a number of older competitors. Unfortunately, too many high class divers separated Trinity’s other competitors and Barker came over the top in the final round. Henry Ward (11Du), Cooper Vimpany (11Mu) and Zachariah Gindy (12Ke) all put excellent efforts in, though our opposition were better on the night.

Congratulations to all boys who competed on the evening, including those that pushed our team across the season.

Lachlan White | Director of Co-Curricular

Basketball | Round 10 vs Barker

March 12, 2021

“Trinity Firsts and Seconds secure CAS Premierships in the same year, in a first for the School.”

1sts and 2nds with A.V. Smith Shield

1st V

It was an historic day for Trinity Basketball up at Barker College, with the Firsts and Seconds dominating both their games, which resulted in Trinity capturing both CAS Premierships in the same season for the first time in the School’s history since the CAS Basketball was made official, back in 1972. The Firsts finished joint Premiers with Knox, and the Seconds won it outright as both Trinity teams finished with an impressive 9-1 record.

The Firsts began well defensively, but couldn’t find the basket consistently as both Schools struggled in the opening period. Tom Buvac (12WJ) found his range to pick up 9 points for the quarter, as Trinity headed to the first break with a 5-point lead (16-11). Trinity exploded in the second quarter, upping their intensity at both ends with some terrific selfless basketball, moving the ball quickly to find an open teammate.  Deonte Williams (12Yo) and Theo Kidd (12WJ) put on some athletic highlights with some thunderous dunks and James Arthur (11WH) finished off the half with a nice move to see Trinity in total control leading by 30 points (47-17).

Trinity kept up the hard nose defence with Jayden Woods (11Ar) having his hands in passing lanes and James Andrews (11La) finding holes at the top of the Barker zone. Hayden Johnson (12WH) made a nice finish in traffic and then Christian Farr (11Mu) finished the third period with a pair of big 3s, as the boys on Green extended their lead out 38 points (70-32) heading into the final quarter. Daniel Jackson (12Ta) kept the pressure by creating turnovers and finding open teammates with some good passing. Young gun Jesse Edwards (9WH) nailed his second triple from deep and the feeling of accomplishment began to sink in, as Trinity knew they had completed the job. It was fitting to see Trinity School Captain, Jamie Christopoulos (12Ar), nail the final basket of the game, a huge 3 from the big man as Trinity finished their incredible season with a thumping win (86-49) built on its trademark defence.

To capture both the A.V. Smith Shield and Trinity Challenge in the same season is testament to a group of young men who pushed through a number of barriers over the course of their journey, which makes the taste of success even more rewarding.

Leading Statistics

Tom Buvac – 19 pts. 9 rebs.

Deonte Williams – 17 pts. 5 asts. 4 stls.

Theo Kidd – 12 pts. 5 rebs.

Cristian Farr – 10 pts. 4 rebs.

Trinity and barker Year 12s come together after their final game for their Schools.

2nd V

Trinity went into the last game of the season trying to wrap up an outright premiership. From the get-go, Barker seemed keen to spoil that, as Trinity found themselves down after a few nervous misses. From there, Nelson McEnally-Min(11Ke) got things rolling for Trinity, and they quickly levelled the scores. Rory Clunas (11Yo) and Mathew Nicolas (11Ke) both shared the job of guarding Barker’s danger man well, while also both contributing a three-point basket each. Alisi Leao (11Mu) and Brody Fortescue (12Ta) did an amazing job on the defensive boards, as Trinity limited their opponents to only one shot nearly every trip down to take a decent lead into the half time break (22-14).

In the second half, Marc Tennant (11Ta) got going with key buckets to push the lead out further, and James Kern (12WJ) continued his stellar defence which led to a few more buckets. Elias Sidiropoulos (11Yo) made life difficult for opponents to score inside, blocking a few shots and forcing multiple misses close to the basket with his intimidating defence. Laud Codjoe (12Ta) and Matthew De Belle (11Sc) brought great energy off the bench, defensively creating more problems for Barker as Trinity stretched the lead out to 21 points and finished with a worthy 18-point victory. With that, Trinity captured the outright 2nds Premiership with a tough fought and well-earned 9-1 record for the season.

Leading Scorers

Marc Tennant – 10 pts.  7 rebs.

Nelson McEnallay-Mino – 7 pts. 5 asts. 5 stls.

Brodie Fortescue – 6 pts. 8 rebs.

Matthew Nicolas – 7 pts.

3rd V

It took the Thirds some time to gel as a group over the course of the season, but to the boys’ credit they found the formula to win the last three games and send the Year 12s off in style. Anson Zhou (11Ke) and Eden Taouk (11WJ) were tenacious in securing the ball and scored 18 and 10 points respectively. James Petrakis (12Hi) is the rock under the basket, managing to out rebound any other player on the court, resulting in a great 20-point win.

7th V

In the last game of the season the Sevenths were locked in, coming away with an impressive away win over the Reds by 9 points. Trinity were organized and playing to its structures, dominating the game from the outset in a commanding all round performance. Dominic Feros (11WJ) was outstanding, scoring 14 points and was well assisted by the tremendous rebounding of Mohammed Zaarour (11Sc) and Chris Kapaniris (12We).

12th V

The Twelfths last game of the season did not disappoint and kept everyone on their seats. Trinity started off the game a bit slowly, with Barker taking a quick 6-point lead. This led to Cooper Hollis (11Sc) turning up the heat and showcasing his unrivalled athleticism in both offence and defence alongside Hamish Davidson-McLeod (11Ta) controlling of the paint. Going into half-time Trinity was up by four points, but Barker came back at the Greens. Fortunately Justin Zhou (11La) and Varun Iyer (11WJ) found their rhythm and were raining buckets from all ranges. Trinity held a 2-point lead going into the final minute before Barker tied the game with 30 seconds remaining in an exciting contest.

Year 10A

The 10As had a close loss falling to eventual CAS Premiers in Barker by just six points in an entertaining match to close the season. Trinity played with great character and mental fortitude, coming back from a fifteen-point deficit in the first half thanks to the persistent efforts of the entire team. A special mention this week goes to Davide Eboli (WH), who continues to demonstrate his fantastic improvement throughout the season. Well done to all the boys on a great season which saw improvement in all facets of the game, and the development of a mature team dynamic.

Year 10B

In one of the more entertaining outings in recent memory, the 10Bs secured a whopping 25-point victory to close out the season. Jonah Arraj (Hi) was a monster in the paint and in transition, scoring a whopping 32 points in which transition Basketball ruled the day. With Ryan Geddes (Mu), Kelvin Kong (Ar) and Paris Karakikes (He) pushing the fast break and Jaden Leung (Hi) playing his best game of the season, the team piled on basket after basket, finishing the game with their highest score of the season thanks to a buzzer-beating three-point rainbow from Michael Assaf (St). This type of transition basketball requires a team effort, and everyone played a part in Saturday’s victory.

Year 10C

The 10Cs finished the season with a strong 21-point victory. Alex Fisterman (WH), Jamie Kim (Ke), Ty Garaci (Ho) and Sam Niulala (St) all scored highly and demonstrated dexterity in offence.

Year 10D

Trinity 10Ds bounced back from the previous week’s disappointment with a solid 24-point win. Henry Nabavi-Tabrizi (St), Brandon Lieu (Ho), and Nicholas Katsiris (Ta) all demonstrated strong leadership skills as they guided the team at both ends of the court.

Year 10E

Another solid effort from the 10Es saw them finish the season with a great record of 8 wins and 2 losses. The boys were clinical in their final game of the season, stretching out an early lead that was unreachable by Barker. Joshua Jenkins (La) had a great all-round performance, while Marc Barakat (Mu) was crucial, grabbing any and every rebound possible. Another great season from this group which goes into the Opens next season with plenty of winning and experience under their belts.

Year 10F

A great finish to a strong second half of the season for Trinity. Liam Cavanagh (Ar) was tremendous from the perimeter hitting multiple shots in the first half. Bede Dunn (St) showed poise throughout the game, controlling the tempo from the guard position. A phenomenal season from the boys saw them finish with 7-2 record, putting them in the top half of the ladder.

Year 9A

The 9As put forward a strong team performance to defeat Barker comfortably. Noah Herden (He) started the Greens off well, scoring quick early points, while Will Constanti (La) provided a strong inside presence, challenging Barker’s size. With Trinity only up by 3 at the half, Henry Mansfield (Ke) led the defence by getting stops, opening the floor to Ollie Orr (Ho) whose high quality shots led to a strong lead. This game capped off a strong season for Trinity, who developed much as individuals and a collective, with the future looking very bright for this young group.

Year 9B

Trinity put forward a hard fought performance, in a tight 6-point loss With the roster of the 9Bs changing almost entirely from the previous week due to F.S. Camp 2 departing, Callum Campbell (We) used his experience to score 14 straight points, which created a strong start. Riley Farrell (Fo) used his court vision and floor presence to create good looks for teammates as well as for himself, disrupting the Barker defence. Returning from Camp, Luca Bazdaric (St) used his height and athleticism to provide much-needed scores for Trinity down the stretch. However, this gutsy performance put up by the 9Bs was not enough to come away with the win.

Year 9E

A comfortable win by the 9Es to finish the season, with Matthew Nicholas (WJ) playing a key role with his ability to control the tempo. Blake Whittaker (La) was strong in the key as Trinity pulled away to win by a large margin.

Year 9F

Trailing 8 points at half time, some strong positive words from Coach McKay inspired the boys outscore Barker by 25 points in the second half. Finn Hodgkinson (Fo) was unstoppable and showed improved accuracy, and Max ‘money’ Millgate (Fo) was as reliable as always.

Year 9H

The 9Hs were once again competitive in a close 3-point loss to Barker. Much of their success in offence was down to some great team work by William Deller (Ho), Aman Saeed (WH) and Neo White (Ta), who were able to move the ball efficiently between them and finish the job with accurate shooting.

Year 8A

In the last game of the season the 8As went down in a heartbreaking loss at the hands of Barker by 5 points, which means they will now tie for a Premiership with Knox. The Greens once again started quite positively, racking up a double digit lead in the opening five minutes which was initiated through the extraordinary defensive efforts by Zack Rice (Ho) and Aveer Shah (Ar) which set the platform for Trinity to have numerous fast break opportunities. Although, after making such a run, Barker responded with a quick timeout and readjusted to a much taller line-up. Barker’s superior size proved to be quite a challenge to the boys and even more troublesome when Ethan Marten Coney (Ho) went down with an injury. While offensive rebounds proved to be a contributing factor in the result, Harry Pliatsikas (Ho) must be commended for his phenomenal performance. Harry was by far the player of the game for Trinity as his relentless efforts to appear everywhere for the Greens defensively, along with contributing with some timely baskets, saw Trinity remain in reach. Despite the loss all the boys involved must be congratulated on winning the division and showing significant improvement throughout the season.

Year 8B

The 8Bs pulled off an extraordinary comeback to beat Barker by 3 points. Trinity, as they have done all season, had a poor start which was further fuelled by the boys getting into early foul trouble. Such factors saw the Greens being down by 20 at the half. However, in the second half Trinity significantly upped their intensity on both ends on the floor. Defensively David Simmons (Du) and Jacob Pham (WH) were both superb; despite being in foul trouble for the most part, they provided a significant spark which halted the opposition’s penetration and had numerous interceptions. While Christian Galettis (Fo) had a less than memorable first half, he and John Markos (Hi) both found success offensively scoring some big baskets and coming up with some crucial rebounds during Trinity’s second half surge. The 8Bs’ comeback was capped off by Noah Ming (Yo) who was impressive throughout, but especially in the last 90 seconds as he hit the game-tying shot and then with 30 seconds remaining isolated his defender and converted a huge 3-point shot to win Trinity the game.

Year 8C

It all came together for the final game of the season for the 8Cs. A great game by everyone on the defensive and offensive end. Liam Wu (Sc) and Michael Nasr (Mu) put immense pressure on Barker’s ball handlers to get steals, leading to fast break opportunities where Adam Tennant (Ta) and Andrew Hodkinson (He) did a great job of finishing around the basket for a resounding 19-point victory.

Year 8D

The 8Ds played a great game to end the season despite a one-point loss to Barker. Trinity’s team defence was relentless, with all players getting deflections, which instigated fast break opportunities. Marcus Kekatos (Ar) and Dom Willis (Ho) moved the ball well to ensure a monster game from Alan Chen (Fo) who had 10 of Trinity’s 16 points.

Year 8E

Looking to end their impressive season off with a win, Trinity were focused on the task at hand at Barker. In a back and forth first half, Matthew Barter (St) proved to be an issue with his powerful inside presence. In the second half, the 8Es began to run away with game through some impressive court vision and playmaking from Ignatius Cesarano (St), along with Harris Kotronakis (He) putting up plenty of points. Trinity ended the season with a well-deserved 7-point victory.

Year 8F

With an injury-riddled team going into the last game of the season, the men in Green were not going to let that stop their unbeaten run. After a slow start to the game, the 8Fs began to pick up some momentum on the defensive end as Aamir Salim (Ar) proved to be a menace throughout. Going into the second half, Trinity began to play to their strengths through their fast break offence, also accompanied with some impressive scoring from Lincoln Feng (Fo). The 8Fs were able to close out the game, completing their unbeaten season. 

Year 8G

The 8Gs learnt a valuable lesson after suffering a tight 4-point loss to Barker. The boys started with a strong first quarter but fell behind after struggling with the pressure from Barker. Travis Ng (WJ) was a valuable rebounder among Barker’s tall timber, converting 4 of Trinity’s 16 points. 

Year 8H

Trinity came out on top with Joshua Kirk (Fo) leading the team to victory with 8 points and picking off passes with ease. Michael Kordian (Hi) showed strength driving to the basket and controlling the pace of the game. 

Year 8I

The 8Is took on Knox in their last game and finished the season on a high with a solid 23-point victory. Christian Ciarroni (WJ) came out strong shooting the ball well once again to give Trinity the momentum. Declan Tan (Mu) was a beast on the rebounds, allowing Lachlan Hovilai (Yo) to get easy points on the fast break.

Year 7A

The 7As finished their first CAS season with an outstanding team effort, putting together everything they had been learning in their training sessions, in defeating Barker by 24 points. The tone was set early on the defensive end with Mason McGroder (WH) and Brooklyn Virgo (La) contesting shots and grabbing rebounds. On the offensive end, the team moved the ball and played together as Malakai Sinisa (We) top scored by going to the basket strongly, and Benjamin Gallo (He) and Steven Lee (Ho) were able to hit shots from outside. A great effort from the team who improved each week and showed a willingness to learn and play Trinity-style Basketball.

Year 7C

What a way to finish off the season, with a remarkable 1-point win over a tough Barker side. Great teamwork on defence lead to some quick fast break points down the stretch. Standout performances that must be mentioned include Charlie Teulon (Ar) and Samuel Michail (Hi) with some clutch offensive rebounds to secure the win. A bright future is ahead for these young men if they are willing to put in the work. 

Year 7E

In the final game of the season the 7Es put on a defensive clinic. The relentless pressure from Benjamin Lim (Ar) translated directly into fast break scoring options for players such as Calvin Doyle (Ho), Alex Brown (Ho) and David Charas (Ho). Trinity came away victorious and finished with a solid 3-1 record (one game was rained out). 

Year 7F

The young men in the 7Fs were unfortunately beaten in a close and well-fought match. Scott Yuan (Fo) has continued to prove his dominance in the paint on the defensive end by consistently blocking his opponents each week. Kevin Pham (WJ) was exceptional with his fast break play and strong passing to players in better positions than himself to ensure good shots were taken. Pablo Doherty (Mu) gave up four of his five available fouls against Barker, which intimidated the opponents into not wanting Pablo to mark them any more, due to his attitude of wanting the ball more than anyone else.

Year 7G

Playing their first away game, the 7Gs took time to adjust to the new court and found themselves deep in foul trouble. However, with increased discipline on the defensive end, the Greens were able to snowball a comfortable lead against their opponents off back-to-back baskets from Alex Jutrisa (WJ). Strong offensive board presence from Timothy Park (Du) allowed Trinity to convert off second chance points which sealed the game and capped off an impressive undefeated season.

Year 7H

Playing away from the comforts of Five Dock for their first time, the 7Hs also found themselves in foul trouble early in the game. Despite this issue, Trinity remained unaffected on the offensive end with multiple early baskets from Christian Ng (WJ) as well as James Hodge (Fo) going off for a game high of 10 points. Ethan Zhang (La) and Hugo Bruce (St) also built on the Greens lead with a combined 14 points to secure and protect their undefeated record.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

Basketball Results | CAS Round 10 vs Barker

1sts86-49 W8A42-47 L
2nds42-24 W8B35-32 W
3rds44-24 W8C29-10 W
4ths17-40 L8D16-17 L
5ths19-29 L8E34-27 W
6ths14-40 L8F29-12 W
7ths31-22 W8G16-20 L
8ths14-37 L8H24-4 W
9ths5-26 L8I vs Knox J25-2 W
10ths16-26 L8J vs. Barker I22-33 L
11ths22-34 L7A36-22 W
12ths18-18 D7B7-30 L
10A30-36 L7C29-28 W
10B75-50 W7D10-27 L
10C53-32 W7E15-8 W
10D47-23 W7F4-15 L
10E55-23 W7G22-3 W
10F39-24 W7H45-5 W
10G8-44 L7I 25-2 W
10H 31-36 L7J Bye
9A55-26 W
9B35-41 L
9C24-36 L
9D21-57 L
9E41-19 W
9F39-15 W
9G14-43 L
9H 26-29 L

NSW Open Track and Field Championships

March 12, 2021

Saturday, 5 March – Sunday, 7 March 2021

A handful of our athletes competed in the NSW Open Track and Field Championships at SOPAC last weekend.

Fantastic results by our young athletes, competing against athletes many years their senior.

Men’s 800m

Michael King (10Ta) – 1.57.35s

Men’s 1500m

Patrick Cantlon (12Du) – 3.58.12s

Theo Christian (12He) – 3.59.88s

Matthew McLachlan (8WJ) – 4.34.08s

NSW Junior Track and Field Championships

This weekend our athletes get to shine at SOPAC at the NSW Junior Track and Field Championships (Saturday, 12 – Sunday, 14 March, 2021).

With more than 40 of our Trinity athletes from Year 6 – Year 12 competing, we wish them all the best and look forward to reporting on your results next week.

Andrew Murphy | Director of Track and Field | Athletic Development

M. King in the 800m

Cricket vs Barker College

March 12, 2021

1st XI

The unfamiliar sight of clear skies welcomed the Trinity side to Barker oval for their last match of the season. Following a lack of fortune over the past few matches, Trinity won the toss and elected to bat on a healthy pitch with plenty of runs to offer. Opening batsman, James Moore (10Ta), was the standout performer, scoring a splendid 70 runs, and proving that he will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with in coming years. James was supported by several other batsmen throughout the innings, with Trinity managing to compile a final total of 6-199 after their 50 overs. Although the batting conditions were just as favourable in the afternoon, the Trinity bowlers were booming with confidence, finally having been presented with an opportunity to defend a decent total. The bowling unit was led by paceman Shivham Wadhera (10Ke), exhibiting great signs of maturity as he took 2-19 off his six overs. However, the performance of the year was saved until the very last game, with leg-spinner Ryan Gupta (10WJ) recording the extraordinary figures of 5-27 from his ten overs. Overall, Trinity were able to bowl Barker out for 121 off just 33 overs, recording a compelling victory for their final game of the season. The win marks a fine end for the five Year 12s representing the 1st XI, closing the door on many long and fulfilling careers for Trinity cricket.

Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo)

2nd XI

On Saturday 6 March the 2nd XI hosted Barker College for the final fixture of the season and, for the Year 12 students, their final cricket match for Trinity. Therefore, the team was eager to put a good performance together and give the Year 12s a fitting send off. Having won the toss captain, James Schroder (11WJ), elected to bat, runs on the board being the preference on this occasion. At training, the focus had been positive batting, meaning clearer communication in the middle, better running between the wickets and backing yourself to put bad balls away to the boundary. The coaching staff were now keen to see this actioned in the game and the players themselves were eager to post a decent total, giving the bowlers something they could work with later in the game. Although the scoring rate was slow to begin with, wickets didn’t fall as regularly as they had done in previous games and at 2 – 66 at drinks (16 overs), the innings had a solid foundation. James Schroder’s 22 runs opening the innings played a significant role in this. After drinks, the batting effort suffered a collapse as Trinity lost 5 wickets for 21 runs and were reeling at 7 – 87.  However, Zachary Pliatsikas (11Ho) galvanised the batting effort and led the counter-attack. His contribution of 28 runs off 23 balls was the core of a vital 8th wicket partnership of 38 runs that resurrected the home side’s innings. Trinity finished 10 – 139 and were well-placed to put pressure on the visitors. Going in to field, the team was well aware that consistent pressure and regular wickets were essential if they were going to subdue a powerful Barker team. Things got off to the perfect start as opening bowler Hugh MacMaster (11Sc) took a wicket off the second ball of the game. Barker then managed to stabilise their innings and were 3 – 73 at the half way mark. However, the post-drinks period belonged to Trinity as they strung several tight overs together and took three more wickets (James Schroder took two wickets in two balls). At 6 – 103 (25 overs), Barker were feeling the pressure but had some big hitters to come. Aggressive stroke play and a solid 7th wicket partnership got Barker into a good position and at 6 – 130 they looked set to chase the remaining runs with ease. James Hawkins (11He) had other ideas as he proceeded to take three wickets in seven balls to get Trinity back in the game and set up a thrilling finish (James Hawkins finished with figures of 4 – 14). In the end, Barker got home with just one wicket in hand and three balls left in the innings. They may have won this encounter but the 2nd XI finished the season on a high by showcasing the sort of cricket they can play and providing a memorable last game for the Year 12s in the process. Now that the season has concluded, several thanks are in order: Players – for your commitment to the cause and for always coming to training eager to learn and with a smile on your face; parents – for your support from the boundary and assistance with scoring; The Year 12s – Thomas McCrory (12Du) and Abhi Popuri (12Sc) – for your dedication to the 2nd XI and Trinity cricket in general and last but not least, James Schroder – thank you for leading the team with patience and positivity. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching this team and have been pleased to see the individual growth experienced by each player. This bodes well for next season and I look forward to seeing them in action.

Neil Smallfield | 2nd XI Coach 

3rd XI

An away fixture at George Christie Oval against Barker College presented an oval characterised by its short square boundaries and dodgy wicket. Stand-in captain, Gabriel Willis (12Ho), won the toss and made the bold decision to bowl first, a decision that would prove to be fruitful for the men in green and white. After a quiet start to proceedings, first change bowlers Olly White (12Fo) and Gabriel Willis each snared wickets in both of the overs in their first spell to have the hosts four wickets down early in the innings. The much improved Kai Roberts (12La) was brought into the attack and brought up his well-deserved first wicket of the season. Feeling the ascendency, Trinity turned to spin with Jay Campbell (11Sc) and Michael Lindsay (12Ke) who provided a couple of handy overs of Shane Warne-esque leg breaks that spun webs around the Barker batsmen. After taking a stunning catch in the deep, Leo Byfield (12Ke) was rewarded for his efforts and was given the ball to finish off the Barker tail. With momentum in hand, Leo was ruthless with ball in hand and snared his first wicket of the season. Strike bowler Gabriel Willis was brought in and finished off the Barker tail earning figures of 3/4 off three overs.

Chasing 105 runs to win, Trinity lost both opening batsmen cheaply. Fortunately for Trinity, the two form batsmen of the side, Hunter Hannaford (12Du) and Theo Hatton-Ward (12Sc), arrived at the crease. However, Barker then turned to spin which saw a collapse of the middle order with three wickets falling in as many overs. Skipper Hunter Hannaford decided to take matters into his own hands and dispatched the Barker bowlers all over the park and brought up his half century with a trademark six over deep square. After raising the bat, Hunter and his batting partner Olly White decided to take a more conservative approach, with Trinity only needing 40 runs to win off the remaining ten overs. In consideration of this new approach, both Trinity batsman hit sixes into the bushland surrounding George Christie Oval, which resulted in two replacement balls needing to be used. In a true captain’s knock that saw him finish on 83 not out, Hunter Hannaford hit the winning runs in the 14th over of the game, and the 3rd XI claimed their first win of the season. Special mention must go to Ms Draysey for her scoring efforts and support throughout the season. Furthermore, full credit must go to the boys for their tireless work during training, in which they were rewarded with a victory in their last game.

Nick Chan | 3rd XI Coach


The final Saturday of cricket saw the 9As head to Barker looking for a strong finish to a promising season. After sending Barker into bat, Trinity quickly went about putting a stranglehold on the game. By drinks Barker were 7-31 with all our bowlers taking at least one wicket. By the 18th over the Barker innings was bought to an end with 43 runs on the board. Sean Turner (9Mu) (3-6) and Thomas Huynh (9Ke) (2-10) were the pick of the bowlers.

Manav Rindani (9Mu) and Aryan Nair (9Yo) continued their strong batting form, running down the Barker score in the 7th over without losing a wicket. It was a fantastic way to draw the season to a close and I look forward to seeing many of these young men impress for the 1st XI in years to come.

Michael Snowden | 9A Coach


On Saturday 6/3/20, Barker made the trip to Trinity for the final game of the season. Trinity won the toss and decided to bat.

Run machine, Thomas Bermingham (8Mu) ,opened the batting and made a classy 50 not out before the break to steer his team to 2/62 off the first 15 overs. He had good support later in the innings from Patrick Thomson (8Sc) who made 16 runs. But it was Thomas Bermingham (8Mu) who was the star of the innings, finishing with 109 runs including ten 4s and eight 6s. In my opinion, this was Thomas’ best innings of the season because he hit the bad ball to the boundary and respected the good ball with an appropriate defensive shot. Trinity finished with a healthy total of 6/159 off 30 overs.

In the field, Kiran Siva (8Ke) struck early taking two wickets (2/12 off 3 overs) in a good opening spell of bowling. Nathan Chun (8Ho) was also one of the wicket takers (1/4 off 2 overs) but unfortunately injured his shoulder and was not able to finish his spell. Barker were on track at the break (4/79 off 15 overs). Rory Flanagan (8Fo) (1/22 off 5 overs) and Angus Royal (8Ar) (1/30 off 4 overs) toiled hard in the late overs, but it was up to Thomas Bermingham (8Mu) to come to the rescue. Thomas bowled an inspiration spell to finish with 3/7 off 4 overs but Barker were able to get over the line, passing Trinity’s total in the last over.

Another close game of quality cricket against Barker College!

Don Kesby | 8A Coach

Representative selections

Congratulations to the following boys who have recently gained representative selection:

  • James Moore (10Ta) CIS Under 16 team, NSW Under 15 Metropolitan squad
  • Ryan Gupta (10WJ) NSW Under 15 Metropolitan squad
  • Thomas Bermingham (8Mu) NSW Metropolitan Under 14 Metropolitan squad
  • Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo) CAS Opens team

I would like to express my thanks to all players, parents, and coaches for their efforts this season. While it hasn’t been the most successful season on the field, I am sure that there have been many valuable lessons learnt. I would encourage all players to get in as much off-season training as possible over the winter months and be ready to come back and contribute to a bigger and better season 2021-22.

Ian Moran | Director of Cricket

Water Polo | Round 13

March 12, 2021
J. Sivapirabu


Trinity experienced several positive results across the board last Saturday against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore). For most teams it was their final round of the summer season. Trinity experienced eight wins, one draw and one loss in the matches played – an excellent set of results. This Friday night, the 1st VII, 2nd VII and 16As will play their final fixture against St Joseph’s College. For all other teams I commend them on the season completed, and for their effort, dedication and improvement throughout the season. Congratulations! I wish all players the best for the upcoming winter season and thank all the Year 12 students for their service to Water Polo throughout their schooling. Finally, good luck to the teams competing this Friday evening. 

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

1ST  VII | WON 23-8

The 1st VII responded well after a tough loss to Newington College last week. From the start of the game against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) the boys looked switched on and determined to prove a point. They were sharp in their attack and moved the ball brilliantly. They looked comfortable in front of goal and had no issues finding solutions past the Shore goalkeeper. Their heavy press defence created a challenge for Shore who failed to convert on many occasions. There was some brilliant ball movement and execution of the team’s 6×5, which was a huge improvement from the last game, and the boys had the opportunity to experiment with some new defensive structures. It was particularly pleasing to see the boys respond positively to the last week’s loss and it is a reminder of what they can achieve next season if they stay focused and determined

Blake Edwards | Coach

2ND VII | WON 9-2

The score line would indicate a comfortable win against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore). However, the first half of the game would have to be considered as Trinity’s worst performance this season, with very poor positional play, inaccurate passing, continually taking the wrong options in attack and poor shooting. This resulted in a half time score line of 2-0 in Trinity’s favour thanks to goals from William Rule (11Ar) and Ethan Webb (12Ke). It was during this period that both Lewis Kanellos (12He), in goals, and Euan Germanos (12He) stood out with exceptional performances, keeping Trinity in the game. After halftime, Trinity settled down to play some quality, well-structured team Water Polo, rectifying many of the errors of the first half and thus outscoring Shore 7-2, giving the final 9-2 result. The second half goal scorers were Euan Germanos (12He) with four, David Gabriel (12Hi) with two and Daniel Seo (12Du) with a fine centre forward goal.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach 

3RD VII | WON 8-1

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) for their final game of the season. The entire Trinity team played consistently throughout the full duration of the match with all players exhibiting a hunger to finish the season with a win. The team has improved significantly since the beginning of the season, demonstrating their improvements through their teamwork and game play. Jack Vine (11Mu) showed excellent bravery on Saturday as he played in the centre-back position and prevented any Shore goals – a position usually played by other members of the Trinity team. Luke Tang (10WH) should also be commended for his spirit and knowledge of the game on Saturday, ensuring the attack set-up was always balanced as he made himself available by moving into gaps on the field. Overall, I am very proud of the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team for how much each individual player has improved and for how far they have come as a team this season.  

Amy Graetz | Coach

16A | WON 11-1

This weekend Trinity had an easy match against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore). Players were able to get good pool time and work on developing their skills. It is important that the players are focused on what should be a more difficult match this coming Friday against St Joseph’s College. It will be great to finish the season well. 

Florin Bonca | Coach

16B | WON 18-0

The 16Bs game against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) demonstrated the continuous effort and improvement which have been made by the team throughout the season. With a powerful and dominating win of 18-0 over the Shore boys, it was obvious that these boys were in a league of their own. Not only is it impressive that the boys were able to keep a clean sheet, thanks go to Evan Tong (10Fo) with his courageous saves in goals. Throughout the season there has been a large focus on the importance of each team member working together to allow the boys to play as a singular unit and not just as individuals. This was evident in the second half of the game. Mention must go to Finn Ramanuskas (10Ke) for scoring eight goals in the first half, finishing the game with nine goals in total. In the second half, Luka Cukeric (10La) and Hudson Korda (10WJ) showed their own bits of masterclass performance, with both scoring three goals each. However, the impressive part of these goals is that each goal came from another teammate aiding in some form or another in order to provide these boys with opportunities.  One teammate who continually was assisting goals and playing near flawless defence was Ryan Webb (9Hi). Other boys who should be commended for their goals include Thomas Power (10Mu) with one goal and Miles Brigham with two goals. Each player on these teams should be commended for their efforts not only in this game but throughout the season, with these boys’ discipline in and out of the pool showing bright prospects for Trinity Water Polo in the coming years. 

Oscar Jones | Coach

15A | WON 11-2

In the last game of the season Trinity had a comfortable win over Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore). The 4-0 first quarter put Trinity in complete control of the game and from this point onwards Trinity were never really troubled. A 3-0 second quarter put the game beyond any doubt. However, the team did relax considerably in the third period trying some unorthodox plays which did not come off, giving a one all score line. In the final period Trinity got back to playing controlled water polo and slotted home another three goals, giving the final result 11-2 to Trinity. Sebastian Green (9Ta) continued his great form playing well at centre forward and scored three goals, Bailey Martin (9We), again played well at centre back, and Max Anderson (9Hi) played well in goals. The other goal scorers were Max Meagher (9St) with four and one each to Oscar Sealey (9Sc), Bailey Martin (9We), Euan Potter (9WJ) and Jonah de Groot (9Ar).

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

14A | WON 21-4

It was the last game of the season against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore), where all players played good minutes. I am very happy with the performance of the players in their final match. The team finished the season well. The players have improved immensely this season with many of their Water Polo skills and playing ability, and I am very proud of their effort. 

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | WON 10-2

In a hard battle, Trinity 14Bs came out victorious against Shore 10-2. The Trinity 14B team put in a great effort and I am proud of the boys showing much improvement from the prior week. This week in practice we worked on 2 on 1 pass and finish. I was very proud of how the boys can learn something and incorporate it into the game so soon after learning it. In the first quarter we dominated 3-0. Goals from Gabriel Stavropoulos (8WH), Marcus Mastro (8Mu), and Enrico Ciarroni (8WJ). The star of this week, though, was Christian Beke (8Du) scoring not only his first goal of the season but also his second goal. The attitude from the first game I coached the boys to the last has dramatically changed, and I am happy to have coached the boys and taught them some basics of water polo.

Sam Slobodien | Coach 

13A | DRAW 6-6

Heading back over the bridge to Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore), it felt like going back to where it all began, and we were looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge of playing against Shore again. I think the parents and the boys would agree that it has been an exciting and jam packed six weeks of Water Polo, where the boys have worked together extremely well as a team and have been learning some valuable skills. It was an exciting start to the game as the boys hit the water, scoring some great goals in the first quarter and being in the lead by one goal. But the Shore team continued to fight back every time Trinity scored a few goals and managed to keep the game close at all times. The score was 5 to 4 as we headed into the final quarter and we scored a quick goal making it 6 to 4. It felt like we had the victory at this stage, but to Shore’s credit, again they came back with some more goals, making the final score 6-all. It was an extremely exciting game. Congratulations to the boys on an excellent short, sharp season and I look forward to watching them grow and improve over the seasons to come as they engage in the program in the future.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

13B | LOSS 0-4

The 13Bs had a very tough game on the weekend against a strong Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) side. While the boys lost 4-0, they had many great chances that were not capitalised and this would have put them into stronger contention throughout the game. They have come a long way as this was their last game of the season. Each game they have kept on improving with their ball-skills, game-sense and tactical execution. Against Shore, the boys had good control of the ball, and were taking fouls accordingly. Special mentions go to Tom Maloney (7Du) for excellent defensive plays, Peter Galanos (7St) for great offensive efforts and Benjamin Simonds (7WH) for good saves and passes. Overall, it was a great season for this young team, and will be a good foundation for them to build upon.

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

Swimming | NSW Speedo Sprint Series Finals

March 12, 2021

SOPAC Saturday, 6 March 2021

The 2021 NSW Speedo Sprint Series Finals were the heights of Junior sprint swimming in New South Wales, bringing together all the brightest state-wide talents to compete for their local area. Trinity Grammar School was well represented at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre with eight swimmers who competed with plenty of pride and passion.

It was a huge achievement for our swimmers, CJ Nguyen, Toby Ji, Sterling Tuxford, Austin Wu, Benny Chen, Leopold Vo, Maxwell Munday (JS) and Owen Hoang (PS), to all qualify for the finals and they were rewarded with the opportunity to test themselves against the best across New South Wales. Of the eight Trinity Grammar students who competed, two were rewarded with medals (two Bronze) for their efforts: Leopold Vo and Sterling Tuxford.

L. Vo celebrating his Bronze medal in the 13 Years 50m Freestyle

Bronze Medallists

Sterling Tuxford (7WH)

12 Years 50m Butterfly 30.10

Leopold Vo (8WH)

13 Years 50m Freestyle 26.47

While all Trinity Grammar students competed excellently, it was Sterling Tuxford’s 50m Butterfly which was the highlight of the day, where he was able to break his own Trinity Grammar School Record, shaving another 0.37 off his time recorded in February, finishing with an astounding 30.10.

S. Tuxford at the conclusion of the meet with his Bronze medal in the 12 Years 50m Butterfly

I would like to once again congratulate all the Trinity Grammar students who competed on the weekend, and look forward to the remainder of the Summer Swimming calendar.

Yours in Swimming,

Calum Timms | Coach of Swimming

2020-21 LC Speedo Sprint Finals Results

Owen Hoang50 Breast 11th50 Back 31st
9 Years48.9845.73 
Maxwell Munday50 Breast 21st
10 Years46.43  
Christopher Nguyen50 Back 10th
11 Years35.58  
Toby Ji50 Free 24th50 Breast 17th50 Fly 16th
12 Years30.5639.9632.78
Sterling Tuxford50 Free 6th50 Back 7th50 Fly 3rd
12 Years28.5533.7530.10
Austin Wu50 Breast 13th50 Back 22nd 
12 Years39.4936.26 
Benny Chen50 Free 15th50 Fly 21st 
13 Years27.4131.56 
Leopold Vo50 Free 3rd50 Breast 8th50 Back 4th
13 Years26.4734.9731.18

Golf | Round 10 | Strathfield Golf Club

March 12, 2021

Independent Schools’ Golf Series 2020-2021 | Saturday, 6 March 2021

We headed to Strathfield last weekend for the final battle of the 2020/2021 Trinity golfing season. The course at Strathfield was in ‘mint’ condition and we were to be in an arm wrestle with Newington in an effort to avoid the wooden spoon. As it turned out, although not better than us on the day, Team Trinity still ended up making the batter, securing the wooden spoon and sharing it, in the end, with Barker, who got a pummelling at the hands of St Joseph’s.  

A Senior heavy team was selected last Saturday as Trinity stalwart Tyler Beverley-Smith (12Ta) was to play his last round in the Green and White and it was fitting to farewell him with those of whom he has played most of his golf at Trinity. He has presented always with fine etiquette and a desire to do his best in his matches over the past six seasons. This was indeed the case again last Saturday, and despite being up early in his match, a lack of consistency caught up with him and he capitulated on the 14th, 5 and 4. We wish him best on the fairways of life next year…

Sebastian Sara (11Du) and Oliver Huynh (9Ke) led the team in our first pairing. Both played some fine golf, yet lack of recent practice and requisite ‘time on course’ was evident. Sebastian led for the duration, grinding his opponent down, to win on the 17th, 2 and 1. Oliver’s match also came to a conclusion on the 17th. Despite clawing his way back from 3 down early in his round, to be all square midway through the back nine, he lost a couple of holes and went down, 2 and 1.

Jack Barter (11St) found the form of seasons past in his last few outings for Trinity and looks set to be a consistent nemesis for his opponents next summer. He secured a good win, 3 and 2.   

Things were tight at the top of the table as three Schools had a chance of snavelling the trophy on weekend. However, it was with St Joseph’s routing of Barker that they snuck past front runners Knox to hoist the silverware for the first time. Congratulations to our friends in cerise!

The table finished as such:

St. Joseph’s 78

Knox 77

St. Ignatius’ 76

Newington 68

Trinity 67

Barker 67

After another fine season of competitive golf behind us it is time to reflect. On paper we were much better than we finished, though it isn’t always easy giving loads of shots each week. However, it was consistency that was our ‘Achilles heel’ far too frequently throughout the season. Time on the range and playing more regularly are the requisite remedy and I encourage all team members over the winter months to be ‘on course…’ Also reflecting, all augurs well for next year, with the new kids on the block, Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu) and Adam Ding (7St), both bolstering our team and, as always, we are indeed privileged to have Alexander Jacob (10Fo) so regularly donning the Green and White!

Of course, at risk of talking them up again, thanks to the parents and supporters for getting the lads to courses spread far and wide across Sydney each Saturday. I don’t know anyone who likes mid-Saturday traffic in Sydney… Their perspective and support is muchly appreciated!

CIS Golf Championships, Macquarie Links GC, Monday, 8 March, 2021

Trinity was represented by Sebastian Sara and Oliver Huynh at these Championships last Monday. Oliver played quite well to shoot 84 and finish 12 over par. Sebastian started well putting for birdie on his first three holes, but consistency deserted him, and he chopped his way around the course to shoot 90. However, as a senior player, off a very low handicap of 1, the convenor gets to include one ‘convenor’s pick’ in the team and Sebastian ultimately benefitted from this pragmatic decision as he was included in the CIS team. We wish him well at the NSW All Schools Championships.

Good golfing,

Michael Spratt | MIC

The Marching Band Returns!

March 11, 2021

It’s a beautiful early autumn morning the rising sun is soft but warm as it begins to arch gently over the Dining Hall and the Quad at Trinity. The sounds of early morning life stir in the new morning, the birds sing, the whisper of a calm breeze rustles the leaves of Quad trees……..and then the music starts…. Good morning, Trinity, the band is here….

The Marching Band have returned after a tumultuous 2020, still socially distancing but closer together than ever. Our first performance for the year is the honour of farewelling our CAS Swimmers and Divers as they strive for glory in the pool. ANZAC Day Commemorations and the return of the Gala Concert await next term, but for now, we’re content to ROCK.

Our fanfare is the classic ‘Carry on Wayward Son’, a one hit wonder for the American rock group Kansas back in the charts of ’77. Led ably by Drum Major Samuel Vickery (12WJ) and a crack group of dedicated musicians, we’re going to send our Trinity comrades off in style. Sam’s public declaration for the team, ‘For those about to Swim and Dive’ is a worthy play on the famous ACDC chant, ‘For those about to Rock’……

CAS Swimmers and Divers – 2021, the Band Salutes you!

Chris Aschman | Bandmaster

Music News | Preparatory School

March 11, 2021

Do You Know The Relationship between Arts and Minds:

The arts offer an alternative entry point into academic study for students who are otherwise disengaged.

Soloists Competition

Thanks and congratulations to all students who were risk-takers and participated in the Soloists Competition.  All participants obtained invaluable performing experience by your participation. On Wednesday night the Finals Concert was held in the Orchestra Room and the Preparatory School was represented by David, Aaron, Adam, Lewis, Thomas and Marvin.

Congratulations to Thomas who won the Intermediate Section performing Tango Esta Noche by Lindsay-Clarke. We will all hopefully hear Thomas’ performance in the coming weeks.

Guitar Ensemble

The Guitar Ensemble rehearsals have continued every Monday at recess, featuring a group of six students from Years 4- 6. David, Aravinda, Thomas, Ethan, James and Oliver have been working enthusiastically on new songs while developing skills such as the ability to play in a group, working as a team, listening to each other and the conductor.

Some contrasting songs we have been practicing in the last few weeks include: Obwisana, an African popular song with a lively rhythm and a very joyful melody. The boys seem to have enjoyed the spirit of the song!

Sailing Home, which is a delicate and relaxing ballad composed by British guitarist Mark Houghton.

Largo, an arrangement of a Baroque dance in D major, composed by the French violinist Jean-Marie Leclair.

At the end of last term, every guitarist composed a short melody which will be included in an original composition by the students.

Co-curricular Absentee

A reminder that if you know in advance that your son will be absent from a co-curricular Ensemble rehearsal can you please, as a matter of courtesy email the director of the ensemble before the scheduled rehearsal of our son’s absence to ensure accuracy of attendance records.

Instrumental Music Absentee

Where possible twenty-four hours’ notice is required via email to the Instrumental teacher if your son will be absent from an instrumental Music Lesson, otherwise lesson charges will apply.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

Debating News

March 11, 2021

Week 5 was Round 2 of the ISDA Debating Competition. The topic up for debate was that the age of social media usage should be lowered from 13 to 10. As the affirmative team we faced competition from Newington. Our speakers were in the order, Samedh Chirravuri, Aiden Coelho, Oliver Shen and William Hunt.

Samedh started our debate strongly with a model and a strong point about isolated children. His model was that by 2022 the age of social media usage would be lowered to 10 and that filters would be imposed. He spoke for under 2 minutes and gave a great delivery of his points. After that Aiden followed up with strong points on the use of programs to filter inappropriate content and also spoke on the positive effects of social media on children. He gave a fabulous delivery of his points in an appropriate manner and style. To close our speech Oliver came in with great rebuts that attacked the core of the opposition’s argument as well as a summary of our points. He delivered the rebuts fantastically going into detail yet not wasting time. He was excellent with his delivery of rebuttals. He was helped by our excellent fourth speaker William Hunt who supplied him with rebuts that helped our team’s case greatly.

Our debate was great however Newington was organised in a manner that deemed them great at debating. So unfortunately, Newington won the debate.

  • Notes taken by Ryder Darlow, Year 6
  • Written by Orlando Ang, Year 6

Year 6 Debators

Debating Report | Week 6

It was round three of ISDA Debating. This week’s topic was that landfill should not be sent overseas. We, Trinity, were up against Riverview. We were debating for the affirmative. Our four speakers were Orlando Ang, Ryder Darlow, Samedh Chirravuri and William Hunt.

Orlando spoke about things such as recycling issues, agriculture, and global effects. He spoke for three minutes and ten seconds and delivered his speech fantastically. Ryder talked about political disagreements and how something so small, such as landfill, can result in something so devastating, such as war. He also spoke for three minutes and ten seconds and painted the picture as if you were actually there, seeing what he was describing. Samedh had some powerful rebuttals to oversee our opponent, biting back with information that Riverview had rebutted us on. He spoke for two minutes and forty-three seconds but carried across his points valiantly. William is a rebuttal master and writes a large number of rebuttals before the debate has even started. His writing is extremely legible, making it easy for the speakers to read clearly and with passion.

Riverview’s presentation wasn’t as strong as ours, but their points did seep through and were valid and strong. We did unfortunately lose this debate, making it so that we will have to win the last four debates to make it into the finals. It was a great experience as always and we are thankful to Riverview for being a great opponent. We will hope to win next week against Ascham.

Aiden Coelho | Year 6

Year 5 Debators

Sportsmaster | Preparatory School

March 11, 2021

Sports Results | Saturday, 6 March 2021

Year 5 & 6 Basketball  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st VTrinity PrepTrinity Prep 2nds
Best and FairestOliver Varone  
Encouragement Aaron Siva 
2nd VTrinity PrepTrinity Prep 1sts
Best and FairestRyder Darlow  
Encouragement James Ahn  
3rd VTrinity PrepCoogee Prep
Best and FairestJeremiah Sydhom 
Encouragement James Elghitany 
4th VTrinity PrepCoogee Prep
Best and FairestRonak Biswas 
Encouragement Zac Hovilai 
5th VTrinity PrepScots
Best and FairestIsaac Ismail 
Encouragement Chris Ong 
6th VTrinity PrepScots
Best and FairestAustin Su 
Encouragement Jet Ma 
7th VTrinity PrepScots
Best and FairestJonathan Chau Vuu 
Encouragement Hailin Yang 
8th VTrinity PrepScots
Best and FairestJackson Galettis 
Encouragement Danny Matesic 
Year 4 Basketball  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
4A VTrinity PrepNewington
Best and FairestJohn Roufas 
Encouragement Sebastian Nguyen 
4B VTrinity PrepNewington
Best and FairestNoah Malas 
Encouragement Karim Tamergi 
4C VTrinity PrepNewington
Best and FairestLeon Konidaris 
Encouragement Michael Esen 
Year 5 & 6 Cricket  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XITrinitySt Pats
Best and FairestTom Henry 
EncouragementHugo Walker 
2nd XITrinitySt Pats
Best and FairestHarry Ingram 
EncouragementAlex Germanos 
5ATrinitySt Pats
Best and FairestOscar Rudd 
5BTrinitySt Pats
Best and FairestBraith Hargreaves 
Year 4 Cricket  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
4A TrinitySt Aloysius
Best and FairestRahid C 
Best and FairestMatthew Della Torre 
Best and FairestAlec Bailey 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
Yr 5 & 6TrinityBYE
Touch Football  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
Team ATrinitySt Pius
Best and FairestJayden Bechara 
Encouragement James Barry 
Team BTrinitySt Pius
Best and FairestCallum Evans 
Encouragement Jack Cooper 
Yr 5 & 6Player 1Player 2
Single Game 1Yianni PahosGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 2Marcus NguyenGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 3Nathan Della TorreGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 4Victor BaoGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 5Jack BrownGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 6Marcus KuitGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 7Adriano FurfaroGrammar Edgecliff
Single Game 8Orlando AngGrammar Edgecliff
Doubles Game 1Yianni Pahos & Marcus NguyenGrammar Edgecliff
Doubles Game 2Nathan Della Torre & Victor BaoGrammar Edgecliff
Doubles Game 3Jack Brown & Marcus KuitGrammar Edgecliff
Doubles Game 4Laurier Chen & Preston LoGrammar Edgecliff
Best and FairestMarcus Kuit 
Encouragement Victor Bao 

Prep Sports Fixtures

March 11, 2021

The Green Bugle

March 11, 2021

Over the last couple of weeks, the Cadet unit has been busy preparing for the upcoming Annual Field Training. For our recruits and second year platoons, this will be the first AFT due to COVID-19 restrictions last year. AFT is a 5-day camp where cadets as a platoon face new challenges each day while demonstrating camaraderie, discipline, and an endless supply of skills learnt over the camp.

This week, HQ company was working away, continuing to plan activities to do over the duration of the camp. The activities have been designed to be exciting, so that each cadet can have a memorable time while forming stronger ties with one another. Alpha and Bravo rank were teaching their cadets how to give an effective lesson as this would be tested in the upcoming weeks. The Charlie company rank gave lessons on navigation, while Delta worked hard on improving their drill with the ADJ.

Preparations for AFT include; learning and refining skills such as navigation, radio procedures, drill movements, first aid and more. Over the next two weeks, all cadets will need to ensure they have purchased and collected the correct equipment. The full list can be found in the email sent out to parents. Having the correct gear makes life much easier when operating in the field.

SGT Havansky

Debating News | Year 9 ISDA Report

March 11, 2021

This week the Year 9 ISDA debating team has managed to pull off a close win against a tough opponent, Riverview College. The Trinity team managed to pull through with the topic “That we should mandate that a percentage of foreign aid should be spent on environmental projects”, with Trinity arguing the affirmative case. In the prep room, the Trinity team managed to pull together a concise case which aimed to stop any potential arguments from Riverview, with N. Ayoub (9Fo) thinking of great points and helping to find the issue of the debate at hand. 

Trinity opened the debate strongly with first speaker A. Stone (9Ho) who brought up some crucial key points on the benefits this would bring to outside and inside of urban environments. He also presented our model that ultimately allowed us to win – that we would have a 7% mandate on environmental projects that would be taken from military funding, it was hoped that this would be implemented in the next 3-5 years. This was followed by little opposition from Riverview bringing out the point of how humans are more important than nature. Second speaker K. Suri (9Yo) continued strongly with strong rebuttal towards opposing points stating clearly in his points that the benefits of such a plan would benefit both humans and the environment in the long run. He also brought out key points on the issues of third world countries and a brief solution on first world countries. Third speaker J. Fung (9Ke) brought out mistakes and weighed up the costs of the debate judging that, with the current model we have proposed our side would be the better side for the win. The debate was finally closed by Riverview’s third speaker. 

Despite the win, the team has much to learn; we hope we can achieve this through further training and debates. The team should take the advice given (such as addressing points earlier with more clear and thorough rebuttals, along with improvements in the model to cater towards a wider range of stakeholders) to heart and should humble ourselves with the win. We must prepare ourselves for future challenges in the ISDA competition as we continue to face challenging schools and opponents.

J. Fung (9Ke)

Year 8 ISDA Report

On Friday the 5th of March, the ISDA Year 8 Team, consisting of M. Padmore (8Mu) as 1st speaker, E. Ciarroni (8WJ) as 2nd speaker, C. Ciarroni (8WJ) as 3rd speaker, and D. Lok (8Ke) as 4th speaker was up against Riverview’s strong ISDA team. We debated on the topic “That regardless of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Australian families should choose to holiday domestically, rather than overseas.” Starting off the debate we, as the affirmative team, proposed an International Travel Tax, and a strong advertising campaign to holiday in our own very own backyard, boosting the economy and helping raise awareness and protect our pristine environment. The opposition brought up the point of cultural awareness that can only be attained through international travel, which was swiftly rebutted by our expert 2nd and 3rd speakers. All in all, we ended in a strong victory, winning two out of the three main issues the adjudicator brought forward, and narrowly missing the third. One area we could improve on is explaining our arguments in greater depth, something we will continue to develop throughout the season.

M. Padmore (8Mu)

Senior B FED Debating Report 

Last week, on Friday, March 5, Trinity competed in an intense debating round against St. Aloysius’ College. In the F.E.D. (Friday Evening Debating) Competition, I was in a team with J. Yang (12Ke), V. Iyer (11WJ) and A. Berg (11Fo) as we argued a challenging but detailed topic regarding whether ‘Parents, instead of Doctors, should be responsible for their child’s healthcare’. Our side raised many strong and valid points, ranging from religious and moral to secular standpoints, including ‘Ryan’s Rule’ and how this once-off instance set a precedent that would be reflected in government legislation. Despite all of this, the opposition came ahead by presenting a good model and also a variety of well-organised rebuttals to undermine our case. Some of the things to work on for next week would include preparing a more robust model and also more substantial arguments that would be harder to rebut. These key steps will undoubtedly assist us in winning any upcoming debates.

J. Bettar (11St)

Sportsmaster | Junior School

March 11, 2021

Round 4 IPSHA / Intra Summer Sport 2021

Trinity’s Year 5/6 basketballers won the second stanza of their Ist V contest against Waverley in the Centenary Centre but their six-point half-time deficit proved too hard to overcome. They eventually went down 34-30 to the visitors.

The 4A V came from behind to nudge out local rivals Santa Sabina 13-10 in the Old Gym, showing tremendous grit to overcome a sluggish start.

4A V vs Santa Sabina

Our Softball team ran into stiff opposition in St. Patricks’, as did our tennis boys against Cranbrook.

In cricket we mostly ran second but our 5As had a strong win against St. Patricks’ on No. 2 Oval and we were very competitive in all other matches.

I remind you that tomorrow is the second last round of Summer Sport for Term One.

Saturday, 27 March is the date for Winter Sport Trials for all boys in Years 4 to 6 in the Junior School unless they are one of the 20 boys representing TGSJS at the IPSHA Cross Country.

The app will be updated for 27 March on the school week beginning 22 March.

Boys will already know the winter football codes they will be trialling in, and will be in year groups on the day.

Cooke Park and Bressington Park will be the two venues used on that day.

It will be great to see many of you at our annual Junior School Cross Country next Friday, 19 March, at school. An approximate guideline of events is listed below. All events start and finish on No. 1 Oval.

TimeAge GroupDistance
8:50amU8s / 9s (there is no official U8 event @IPSHA) (turning 8 or 9 in 2021)2000m
9:10amUnder 10s (turning 10 in 2021)2000m
9:30amUnder 11s (turning 11 in 2021)3000m
9:50amOpens turning (12 or 13 in 2021)3000m
10:10amYear 2 Fun Run1000m

Years 4 to 6 need to come ready for winter sport on Thursday, 25 March, as we will change straight over to the three football codes from summer season. Please remember all necessary clothing and protective requirements.

Year 3’s Friday afternoon month of football ended today; it was great to see the improvement amongst many of the boys from where they began back in early February.

The Winter Tuesday morning sessions for ‘A’ teams and anyone else interested will commence in Week 2 next term, 27 April at 7am sharp.

Sports Results | Saturday, 6 March 2021

6ASt. Pats 81 def Trinity 77
Best and FairestTom Henry
EncouragementHugo Walker
6BSt. Pats 20 def Trinity 19
Best and FairestHarry Ingram
EncouragementAlex Germanos*
5ATrinity 139 def St. Pats 120
Best and FairestOscar Rudd
5B St. Patricks’ 127 def Trinity 76
EncouragementBraith Hargreaves
4ASt. Aloysius 43 def Trinity 39
Best and FairestRahid Chowdhury
4B-1Cranbrook 107 def Trinity 82
Best and FairestM Della Torre*
4B-2Cranbrook 85 def Trinity 51
Best and FairestAlec Bailey
Touch Football A Trinity 22 def St. Pius 3
Best and FairestJames Barry*
EncouragementJayden Bechara
Touch Football BTrinity 21 def St. Pius 3
Best and FairestCallum Evans
EncouragementJack Cooper
1st VWaverley 34 def Trinity 30
Best and FairestIzzy Constanti
EncouragementZac Bachir
2nd VWaverley 30 def Trinity 18
Best and FairestAston Youssef
EncouragementXavier Malas
3rd VWaverley 34 def Trinity 9
Best and FairestAustin Da Silva
EncouragementLuke Nada
4th V Waverley 54 def Trinity 18
Best and FairestArles Hanning
EncouragementCharles Russell
5th VWaverley 40 def Trinity 0
Best and FairestGeorge Halvagi
EncouragementRafael Koutra
6th VWaverley 32 def Trinity 12
Best and FairestVasili Pappas
EncouragementOliver Newton
7th VWaverley 24 def Trinity 14
Best and FairestJoshua Vuong
EncouragementJack Maclean
8th VWaverley 34 def Trinity 9
Best and FairestLachlan Stewart
EncouragementXander Vaccarella
Intra 4/5 
Best and FairestVito Zhou
Intra 5/6   Win 26-4 
Best and FairestAngus Barnes – Ferguson
4ATrinity 13 def Santa Sabina 10
Best and FairestNicholas Ma
4BSanta Sabina 21 def Trinity 10
Best and FairestJeffrey Jiang
4CGrammar Edgecliff 32 def Trinity 5
Best and FairestBlake Rushworth
5/6 ASt. Pats 20 def Trinity 4
Best and FairestHarry Carson
EncouragementBen Loughnan
Year 5/6Cranbrook 44 def Trinity 22
Best and FairestDominic Lowe

Junior Sports Fixtures

March 11, 2021

Music News | Junior School

March 11, 2021

If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple.  

― Vera Nazarian

At the recent Junior School assembly, we were entertained by Emerson (6Ta), who played On-Off Boogie by Tim Richards on the piano. He has been learning with Mr. Nick Southcott for almost six years. Emerson plays cello in the Vivaldi String Orchestra. His sports of choice are football (soccer), AFL, and cricket, but he also likes to play games with his cat and busking. He says, “you can play the piano in any way, jazz, classical, but I also like to improvise because can change the way it is played. I especially love playing duets with my violin playing brother. 

Congratulations to the following finalists who performed in Wednesday night’s Soloist Competition Finals Concert. 

Emerson (6Ta) who played Orchad by Churchill on piano 

Mimo (1Fo) who played Russian Fantasia No. 2 by Portnoff 

Ryan (2Fo) who played the traditional Scottish Ceilidh 

The adjudicator, Pianist Brenda Jones, congratulated Mimo as the Junior Division winner of the TGS Soloist Competition.  

Term 1 Key Music Dates 

Assembly performances: 

15 March Mimo Kim (1Fo) – violin 

22 March Ezekiel Turner (6La) – saxophone  

29 March Geoffrey Olsen (6Yo) – piano  

Music Instrumental – Private Lessons 

Enrolment forms to join individual instrumental lessons are available at http://community.trinity.nsw.edu.au/1_senior/docs/spirit_musicTuition.pdf or from the Junior School front office. 

A friendly reminder from the Music Instrumental Tuition Handbook: If you are on camp next week, please advise your teacher. The relevant excerpt from the Handbook states, “Students who wish to change their lesson time because of a clash with excursions or exams, must contact the teacher personally to make new arrangements (24 hours notice is the minimum requirement). If possible, this contact should be made a week in advance; students not doing so will be charged for the missed lesson. 

AMEB Examinations 

If you wish your son to participate in an AMEB examination in the first session of 2021, please ensure you speak with his Instrumental Teacher next week, so he is best prepared and there is an opportunity to enrol as closing dates are fast approaching. 



Mozart Strings (2:15 – 2:45pm) – Junior School (J1.9 and RoR) 

Intermezzo Strings (3:15 – 4:00pm) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2)           

Allegro Concert Band (3:15 – 4:10pm) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 


Treble I Junior School Choir (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

Choir Advanced Ensemble (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 


Year 2 Instrumental (11:30am – 12:30pm) – School of Music 

Year 3 Instrumental (2:15 – 3:15pm) – School of Music 


Vivaldi Strings (from 7:15am) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2) 

Junior School Concert Band (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3) 


Treble II Junior School Choir (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

Choir Advanced Ensemble (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA) 

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042. 

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music

Tennis | Round 10

March 11, 2021

The ultimate round of the Tennis competition was contested last Saturday against Barker College. As usual, Barker provided a very strong opposition, but the following teams were able to record strong victories; 5ths, 10ABC, 8D and the 7D teams. It was a good fixture to cap off a successful and enjoyable season for all teams and players.

The 1st IV continued to play above expectation with passion and determination. With high emotion and a quiet resolve, all team members took to the court with something to prove against the undefeated CAS Premiers. What ensued was a highly entertaining spectacle of quality shot-making that saw Trinity push Barker to the limits of defeat. Max Nguyen(11Yo) and Kevin Lin (12Sc) demolished their doubles opponents 6-0 in the first set with the shell-shocked opposition having no clue as to how to stop the onslaught. This was perhaps the most complete and perfect set of doubles over the course of the season. In the singles, Kevin Lin and Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) played brilliantly, defeating their Barker counterparts with little resistance. This gave Trinity three sets, the team needing one more set to take it to four sets all, and possibly a famous victory against the champions. Max Nguyen was the man in the hotseat who, playing like a man possessed, came tantalizingly close to achieving his goal. After a brutal 12 games during which both players traded the lead, Max fell short, losing the tiebreaker 7-4. It was an excellent performance from Max who was very unfortunate not to have won. I am extremely proud of how the team has developed and improved over the course of the season, and the excellent performance last weekend was an apt way in which to conclude the season. Another high note was the selection of both Dylan Guler (11WH) and Max Nguyen in the CAS representative team to play GPS next Wednesday at the Trinity Tennis Centre. Kevin Lin was also acknowledged for his excellent play, securing the number one reserve position for the team. Well done, boys!

The 2nd IV concluded their season with a good performance against a very strong opposition. Trusty replacement Deon Kontonis (12Fo) was once again called upon to step up, and as usual did a good job. All other team members including James Kim (10Ar), Jim Gong (12Ar) and Nathan Xie (12St) played to the best of their ability and were competitive on the day. I do commend all team players for their efforts and positivity over the course of the season and for the quality tennis they produced.

Finally, I would like to thank all students, Years 7 to 12, who have contributed to a great season, and also acknowledge the team of Summer tennis coaches who have once again risen above and beyond. I also wish the departing Year 12 students, who have long term associations with Trinity Tennis, the very best in their future endeavours.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

3rds and 4ths Tennis

The boys from Barker were unbeatable on home soil but even so, there were some noteworthy performances displayed by the players of the 3rd and 4th IV in this last round of the CAS summer season. I must make special mention of Callum McLeod (12He) who has impressed with his growing on-court confidence and steely play of the big points. He has gone from strength to strength during the season and this week he absolutely demolished his opponent in a well-executed match, 6 games to 1. Similarly, and again building on a series of recent victories, Nicholas Papadopoulos (11He) displayed a clinical Singles victory, 6 games to 2, in which his opponent found it nigh on impossible to counter everything Nick threw at him, or should I say, hit at him! There were some notable performances in our Doubles encounters: Ben Prsa (12La) and Cameron Ong (12St) had some fun but were categorically outplayed and found the hard courts difficult to contend with. They both fared a little better in their Singles matches, displaying some heavy hitting and clever shot selection, but sadly too many unforced errors were the downfall. In another Doubles match, Nicholas Papadopoulos and Rohan John (12Ar) combined quite well and enjoyed some dynamic and well-played points. With a little more consistency they really could have stretched their opposition. Matthew Chan (12Ar) came up against a very fine player in his Singles and really struggled to enforce his game and find a way in. Max Guo (12Ar) tried valiantly to get into the match and record a few games but again the Barker opposition was just too strong!

Throughout the season, the players have trained well and fought hard in competition. I trust they have enjoyed the season with its wins and losses and have learnt a few lessons along the way! The boys are to be commended on their fine sportsmanship, camaraderie, and commitment to improving their game. I would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank the players of Year 12 who have been such great ambassadors for the sport and who have led by example, always willing to go the extra mile with such generosity and good humour.

Jessica Spratt | Coach 3rd / 4th IV

Year 10As and 10Bs

It was the best way the 10As could have ended their summer tennis season, the boys taking the day out 6 sets to 0. Both doubles matches were played in beautiful style with some long rallies and awesome ground stroke winners. Alex Runciman (10Yo) and Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) played one of their best matches so far, strong serves and consistent ground strokes won these boys their singles 6-2. Marcus Lorenzato (10Fo) gave himself a fright, being 5-1 up and letting his opponent back into the game to make it 5-4, but Marcus went on to win the match 6-4. Giuseppe Barca (10Ar) played an unbelievable single match, his opponent standing no chance with Giuseppe’s massive ground strokes.

Although starting 0-2 sets down due to illness, the 10Bs came away with a solid 4-2 win. Aneesh Nagaratnam (10Yo) played out a long singles. Hitting the ball with far more power and consistency as the season progressed, he found himself a 6-4 win. Benjamin Kwan (10He) and Noah Blomfield (10Fo) won their doubles 6-2 and showed some real class up and around the net. In their singles, Noah played out a marathon match, finding the winners he needed to take out the set 7-5. On the other end of the scale, Benjamin’s game was over in no time, with Benjamin showing his opponent no mercy as he won the set 6-0.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

Year 10Cs and 10Ds

It was a solid win for the 10Cs, with overall good matches being played out. Harry Santhiran (10He) and Joshua Munter (10Hi) played a strong doubles together with solid ground stroke winners, and the boys got up 6-2. Their singles were no different, with the boys staying focused for the whole game and coming away with wins all around. Billy Athanassiou (10WJ) played against a strong opponent, and although he walked away with a 1-6 loss there were some great rallies that went on. Consistency is what let Billy down. Caleb Kwan (10Ta) had a whopping 6-1 win, playing with power and consistency. Caleb just kept control of the whole match.

It was a tough day out on court for the 10Ds who only managed to win one set. Max Trigg (10We) and Hari Patha-Nathan (10He) came up against opponents who seemed to hit a lot better than the D3 and D4 position they were in. In saying that, Max and Hari put in a solid effort and went away with good hard match play under their belts. Benjamin Schutte (10WJ) and Chinmay Gaikaiwari (10Fo) played an amazing doubles together, winning the set 6-1.

Danielle Calvi |Coach

9As and 9Bs

The 9As played some great tennis last Saturday. However, the boys were not able to capitalise against a very strong Barker side. In the end, Trinity went down 2-4 on sets and 21-30 on games – a great fight considering the strength of our opponents. Notably, Sam Kang (9WJ) was influential in a gutsy 6-3 win over his counterpart – some bragging rights for the next fixture against Barker and a stepping stone for the Winter season.

The Bs were outclassed today – a big factor being the lack of players for Trinity. The final scores were 0-6 on sets and 5-37 on games. However, I cannot get away from Jack O’Shea’s (9He) performance. Although he went down 5-7 in his singles, he played three singles matches instead of the normal 1x doubles and singles expectation. He should be proud of his efforts, and I wish the boys luck next season.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 9As and 9Bs Coach

9Cs and 9Ds

The 9Cs battled hard last Saturday but Barker were just too strong. Our final scores were less than desirable but a 0-6 set and 9-36 game loss didn’t show the whole story. Charles Allison (9St) was unlucky to not get the win but went down in a tough but well-fought 4-6 loss. I am keen to see how we take on Barker next season.

Like the Cs, the 9Ds became victim to a strong Barker team. Ultimately, the scores were a 0-6 set and 5-36 game loss – no fault for trying, though. Bryan Yu (9Ta) was the pick of the bunch, mustering up three games in his singles. I wish the boys the best for next season.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 9Cs and 9Ds Coach

8As and 8Bs

The year 8 As gave it their best effort against Barker, but unfortunately were unsuccessful at securing this final round. Nathan Tsang (8Du) and Maxi Tsai (8Fo) were playing very well together; they had some very strong opponents and they were making it very difficult for them to secure any points during their doubles. Nathan played very well in comparison to the last time he played Barker, this time making it more of a challenge for them to win. His serves and groundstrokes for this final round were very strong and consistent. Maxi also played very well during his singles and doubles match. His serves were very consistent and he was very quick on the court. Christopher Lowe (8Ho) and Sam Perkin (8Yo) played some fantastic tennis both together and in their final singles matches for the season. Christopher was playing exceptionally well this round, winning against Barker. His serves were very accurate and consistent, along with his groundstrokes. Sam played an amazing match this round. His opponent was difficult, but he hung in there, coming very close to a win, and only losing by a couple points during a final tie break. Sam’s strong serves and groundstrokes made it difficult for his opponents to secure that final win.

The Year 8 Bs played well on the weekend but unfortunately lost their final round of the season against Barker. Andy Zheng (8Yo) and Isaac Latt (8WH) played well together, they had very good communication and they had great on-court movement and footwork. Andy’s groundstrokes were consistent this past weekend, while Isaac’s volleys were certainly strong and difficult for his opponents to return during his doubles game. Allen Zheng (8Yo) and Alex Lieng (8Ar) played well together in their doubles match; these boys also communicate very well on court. Allen was hitting some good groundstrokes at times and was quick on the court. Alex played very well over the weekend, winning his last match of the season. His serves were very consistent along with his groundstrokes.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

8Cs and 8Ds

The Year 8 Cs boys tried their best but were unable to win this final round for the season. Daniel Lok (8Ke) and Owen Street (8La) played well this weekend; they both did a great job and played well during their matches. They both tried their best and they performed well against their opponents. Both boys’ groundstrokes were consistent and well placed during their matches. Shaan Mohan (8Ke) and Andy Nguyen (8Mu) played quite well together, hitting the ball well, and were both quick moving around the court. These boys both had a great team dynamic when it came time to play doubles. The boys both communicate very well and are quick on the court. Shaan played a great singles match, hitting some fantastic serves and volleys. Andy played very well this past weekend, winning his match against Barker. Andy’s serves and volleys were on point during both his doubles and singles matches.

The Year 8 Ds did very well over the weekend, winning this round against Barker. Louis Lusty (8Sc) and Mitchell Bowden (8La) played very well over the weekend with both boys winning their singles and doubles matches. Mitchell was hitting some good groundstrokes over the weekend and had great on court movement. Louis also played very well, his serves and groundstrokes were very consistent. Waylon Liu (8Yo) and Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu) both played well over the weekend, considering there was a forfeit this round. During their friendly matches, they still tried their best and were both hitting very well for their last round of tennis this season. Waylon played a great final singles match in which he came close to winning; he was hitting well and was very consistent with his groundstrokes this round.

For their final match of the season, the year 7 As and Bs faced a competitive and fierce Barker side, with both sides demonstrating impressive tennis, grabbing wins.

7As and 7Bs

In the As, Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo) and Khang Nguyen (7WH), played with great vigour and communication, helping them breeze through their opponents 6 – 1. Hugo Newman (7WJ) and Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) were not so fortunate and faced a very strong doubles opponent who overwhelmed the boys. In the singles, Noah had a slow start to the match with a plethora of unforced errors and instances of pushing the ball. However, Noah was able to regain composure and play magnificent tennis, winning 6 – 4. Khang competed fiercely in his singles match and played great backcourt tennis, but due to the lack of consistency was unable to grab the win. Hugo Newman played against a very consistent opponent who was able to get everything back into the court. Hugo was able to counter this with backcourt grind. However, despite Hugo’s efforts, he was not able to overcome his opponent. Similarly, Ishaan played against a strong backcourt player, who forced him on the defence. Ishaan was able to fight for the points, but their opponent was able to grab the win. Overall, despite the loss, the boys performed very well against a very consistent Barker side.

In the Bs, it was a difficult day with an overwhelmingly strong Barker side. However, this did not prevent great individual performances. Alessandro Re (7La) and Alejandro Molina (7Ke) played impressive tennis with great rallies and intensity. However, their opponents were able to come on top and took the win 7 – 5. Dara Ritchley (7Ho) and Hugh Williams (7St), similarly, played with great communication and movement on the court, however, the lack of consistency cost them points which resulted in a loss. In the singles, Alessandro played well, fighting for every ball on the court, but was overwhelmed by his opponent early in the game. Alejandro, similarly, showed great vigour and energy on the court, however, was consistently playing on the defence preventing any chance for attacking tennis, resulting in a loss. Hugh played very well, and was able to grasp the weaknesses of his opponent and play great attacking tennis, winning 6 – 3. Dara fought well on the court but was pushed into the backcourt too frequently, allowing their opponents to take advantage of short balls and dropshots.

Overall, both the As and Bs played magnificent and impressive tennis. However, to improve in the future, all players need to focus on consistency in the backcourt, play defensive tennis, and learn to find opportunities to attack the ball, giving themselves an edge over their opponents.

Edward Lai | Coach

7Cs and 7Ds

This week, the Cs and Ds faced a determined Barker side. The Cs played their hearts out and tied 3 – 3 in sets but lost in games by only 4 games (24 – 28). The Ds’ performance was by far their best in the season, coming away with an easy win 4 (31) – 2 (27), demonstrating great communication and tennis skills on the court.

In the Cs, Ashvin Nagaratnam (7Yo) and Julian Grehan (7St), played with positivity and great communication but their opponents’ consistency and strong backcourt game overwhelmed them. Lucas Christou (7St) and Toby Zuzzo (7Ho) played an extremely tough game, with both sides smashing out winners and forcing errors. They were able to pull through in the final tiebreak, coming away with the win 7 (7) – 6 (4). Ashvin played with great intensity and positivity but was unable to overcome his consistent opponent. Similarly, despite Julian’s great efforts on the court, running for every ball with intensity, his opponent was too strong and pulled away with the win. Lucas had a very slow start to the game, with a plethora of unforced errors, placing him in a tough position. However, he was able to regain composure and played smart tennis with great consistency, allowing him to grab the win 6 – 4. Similarly, Toby breezed through his opponent 6 – 0, playing great consistent tennis, with a variety of different shots to force an error from his opponent.

In the Ds, Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du) and Axel Lee (7Yo) played their best doubles match in this season thus far, with impressive net game and communication around the court, and overwhelming their opponents 6 – 1. Leo Wong (7WJ) and Joshua Lubke (7Ta) played a riveting doubles match against similarly matched opponents, demonstrating their consistency and ability to force errors from their opponents, winning 7 (7) – 6 (4). Sasha played brilliant tennis, approaching the net and backing off when necessary, allowing him to come away with the win 6 – 4. Unfortunately, despite Axel’s best efforts on the court, he was not able to overcome his opponent, going down 2 – 6. Joshua played a great game of singles against a well-matched opponent, with both sides hitting great groundstrokes and engaging in long rallies. Joshua was able to find the winning edge and came out on top 6 – 4. Leo had a great start to his singles, playing confident shots and winners but was unable to find the composure to finish off the game, going down 4 – 6.

Both the Cs and Ds have played tremendously well this season and all players should be proud of themselves. Both teams have been able to grab great wins throughout the season, whereas losses have acted as stepping stones for the players to learn from their mistakes further honing their skills. I hope these players will continue playing great tennis, embracing wins and learning from their losses.

Edward Lai | Coach

Volleyball vs Barker

March 11, 2021

Trinity defeated Barker 3-0 (25-15, 25-12, 25-19)

The last round of the summer season saw Trinity attempt to close out the season undefeated. 

The first set started off tentatively with the scores remaining quite even, until Joel Matthei (12La) began to swing through the middle, picking up key points. This was also aided with extremely consistent setting coming from Oscar Van-Hal (12Mu) and massive swings from Steven Yarad (11Mu) and Ed Feng (12Yo).

The second set saw Trinity become much more dominant, with massive serving streaks from Alex Saba (10WJ) and Joel Matthei (11La). Trinity managed to lose few points with the strong passing of Will Blanchfield (12Ho) and James Kern (12WJ), who hardly missed a pass.

The final set was far too close for our liking, with the score staying even until swing after swing from Martin Wong (11Ta) and David Gabriel (12HI) also blocked and passed strongly to give Trinity the leading edge.

As Saturday was the last game of the Summer Season, I would like to say a few thank yous. Firstly to all the boys for putting in so much great effort this season for us to become undefeated CAS premiers. The results are justified with all the work that the boys put in at training. Secondly, thank you to the parents, who drive us to every game and support us in the stands, with cheering and post-game snakes.

And lastly, to Mr Simos who is honestly the heart and soul of the team. Thank you so much, sir, for the season and all the time you put in, both on and off the court. Thank you so much for your volleyball IQ and all the time and effort you put into the team.

Ben Powell (12Ho) | 1st VI Captain

Trinity 2nd VI defeated Barker 3-0 (25-14, 25-10, 25-7)

Last Saturday, the Trinity 2nd VI played their final game for the summer season, looking to end it on a high note and maintain our undefeated streak. Fortunately, Trinity was able to play great volleyball, allowing us to take the win as well as the premiership without dropping a single set over the course of the season. 

The first set started off rather slowly, with the point gap between Trinity and Barker being only four points apart. However, great defence from Tyrone Ponggun (11WH) and Keshav Baldeo (11He) allowed Trinity to stay on their feet and keep the ball in play. This allowed Josh Munter (10Hi) to go on a ten point serving streak, nearly ending the set. Not only did this help Trinity take the first set, but it also increased the team morale for the rest of the game.

The second set started in a similar fashion to the end of the first set. This was primarily due to Trinity’s relentless offence, started by setter Eric Mihas (11La), who was able to set up Trinity’s spikers with accuracy from all around the court, especially Patrick Mansfield (11Ke), who was able to score every ball that was set to him and was on fire the entire game. On the defensive end, middle blocker Jim O’Brien (12WJ) managed to get some valuable touches on many of Barker’s attacks, making opportunities for Trinity to counterattack and win the point.

The final set of the game was filled with many highlights. Jonathan Reissis (10WJ) was able to step up and hit some powerful spikes off Barker’s block and out, becoming a valuable offensive player. Furthermore, middle blocker Blake Plavsic (12WH) was able to hit multiple spikes down the middle of the court, but also showed off his smart decision-making and reactions after picking up many blocked balls and keeping the play alive. David Tsai (11Ho) also showed us why he is one of the best spikers in the team, blasting many balls that came his way.

Overall, Trinity’s final game for the summer season was one of the team’s best, showing just how much everyone has improved during the season. Going undefeated without dropping a set is a challenging goal, but through good teamwork and a high level of playing, the Trinity 2nd VI were able to pull it off. I look forward to playing again in the winter season with this team, and hopefully taking away the premiership again.

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeats Barker (25-13, 25-21, 11-15)

The 3rds finished the season off with another win on home turf. We played our best sets this weekend with communication up and everyone staying on their feet. Even though we dropped a set this game, we played the best volleyball together as a team this weekend. 

There were some outstanding plays, such as Oscar Shen’s (10Yo) , who gave us some great passes just by hustling a little bit and getting the ball up for our setter Jeremy Chia (11WH) to play the ball and do his thing. Besides our liberos’ passing, everyone else also passed well, even under game pressure which is great progress from where we started. 

Our middles Max Lusty (10Sc) and Ken Takei (10La) played extremely well on the net, denying any balls they tried to put over. These two also showed us their consistent serving that left the opponents in the dust. We saw Sam Thanopoulos (12Hi) play defence, which you don’t see every day.

I am very happy with this weekend’s game and a great last game of this season. I hope everyone will continue to play volleyball next season.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain


Evening of Prayer

March 11, 2021

Monday 3 May 2021 | 8pm to 9.30pm

You are warmly invited to the Parents and Supporters’ Prayer Meeting at the Head Master’s Residence. Come and join in an evening where we pray for the many needs of our School community and hear something of the Christian Ministry within our School. Supper is provided.

Please note that due to COVID restrictions, numbers are strictly limited to one parent per family. If you attended the Prayer Evening in February, please leave your booking until closer to the RSVP date to give those who missed out on that occasion a chance to book.

Please RSVP via the TryBooking link here: https://www.trybooking.com/BPQRE

Bookings will close at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon, 28 April 2021.

Venue: Head Master’s Residence (near the main gates of the School in Prospect Road)119 Prospect Road, Summer Hill.

Dates for the Diary

March 11, 2021

For full details of co-curricular programmes, please click on this LINK

Hot Cross Buns Fundraiser

March 11, 2021

After stepping back from fundraising in 2020, the Junior School Auxiliary would love your support this year!

Raffael’s Bakery – a small Italian, family-owned business in Haberfield, has kindly offered to supply freshly baked hot cross buns for our Trinity Junior School Families to purchase.

Order packs are ½ dozen, and buns will be baked and delivered fresh to the School for boys to bring home in the week leading up to Easter.


Click here to place your order online now.

Order by Tuesday 23rd March

  • Years K – 4 will be delivered Tuesday 30th March
  • Years 5 & 6 will be delivered Wednesday 31st March

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, sugar, sultanas, vegetable oil, wheat GLUTEN, iodised salt.

Dates for the Diary | Junior School

March 11, 2021

Week 8

15 Mar Y6 Canberra Excursion departs

17 Mar Y6 Canberra Excursion returns

18 Mar Y4-6 Summer Sport Photos

18 Mar CIS Swimming & Diving (SOPAC)

19 Mar Cross Country Championships

20 Mar Sport Summer Round 6

Week 9

22 Mar Parent/Student/Teacher Conference (Monday to Thursday)

23 Mar Harmony Day in Junior Schoo (mufti)

25 Mar Young Leader’s Day

26 Mar K-Y2 Easter Hat Parade 9:00am

27 Mar Y4-6 Winter Trials

27 Mar IPSHA Cross Country

Week 10

29 Mar Y4 and Y6 ‘Amazing Me’

30 Mar Cuppa’n’chat 8:45am

31 Mar Y1 Taronga Zoo Excursion

01 April K-Y6 Easter Chapel

01 April Last day of Term 1

From more Junior School dates, please click here.


Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus)

March 11, 2021

Click here to read the Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus).

Prep Canteen News

March 11, 2021

Canteen will only be available for students through FlexiSchools. There will be no use of cash.

Parents are invited to order their son’s Crunch & Sip, morning tea or lunch each day through the FlexiSchool app.

  • Crunch & Sip orders close at 8:30am
  • Morning Tea orders close at 9:30am
  • Lunch orders close at 10am

Click HERE to set up your FlexisSchool account.

Reminder: Please let your son know you have ordered Crunch & Sip or Morning Tea. Boys can collect their orders from the canteen.

CLICK HERE To download the latest menu!




Family Feud | Save the Date

March 11, 2021

The Trinity Grammar School Parents and Friends’ Association presents

Virtual Family Feud

Family Fun for All

Save the Date | May 21 2021

More details to follow…

Uniform Shop | Winter Uniform

March 11, 2021

The Winter Uniform is now available for purchase at the Uniform Shop.

A reminder that the School Uniform Shop remains cashless and appointments are also required.

Bookings for uniform fittings can be made online by clicking here and via the Midford website.

Appointments allow for individual service to ensure the fitting is a pleasant experience. 

You are also welcome to purchase from the online uniform shop at your convenience and your order will be filled when the store is next open.


p. + 61 2 9581 6048

Trinity Prayer Group | Summer Hill Campus

March 11, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School.

In Term 1, we will continue to hold Zoom meetings for Junior and Senior School on Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.15am​ on the even weeks of term (Weeks 4, 6, 8, 10).

So grab a cuppa and please join us for a time of encouragement, community-building, thanksgiving and to sincerely bring the needs of the School community before our gracious God. Dates for Term 1, 2021

16 and 30 March


Greg Webster | Senior Chaplain, Summer Hill
email gwebster@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Kerry Vickery (Summer Hill) 
mobile 0408 119 187

Student Absence Notice

March 11, 2021

The preferred channel to report an absence is via the School app. If your son requires a leave of absence from school, please continue to request leave in advance by writing to the relevant Heads of School for permission. To download the Trinity School app, please visit the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.

Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus)

March 11, 2021

Click here to read the Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus).