2021 | Term 1 | Week 6

March 5, 2021


From the Head Master

March 5, 2021

When school is in session, there are rarely opportunities to pause and reflect on progress that is taking place. However, if one makes the time to do so, it is tremendously refreshing as a leader. This week I have had cause to consider three areas wherein the School is continuing to move forward, doing things better this year than we did last year.

This week we conducted the new iteration of Year 12 parent-teacher interviews, which we now know as Learning Progress Conversations. In previous years, these were large, noisy, and slightly chaotic events. We would go through all the effort of setting up the Assembly Hall and other rooms with desks appropriately-labelled. We would require parents to disrupt all the normal activity of a weeknight by making their way to the School. We would experience the frustration of interview schedules going awry, the challenge of conducting a conversation in the same venue as hundreds of others, and deal with the tensions of navigating the carpark and campus.

This year, however, having learned from our COVID-19 experiences, the interviews took place online. In my experience, and in that of the teachers to whom I have spoken, the experience was vastly better, being less stressful and more calm. While there were some minor issues, these were relatively insignificant compared to prior years. It is nice to reflect on that improvement.

A second area of improvement has been the introduction of the Trinity Assessment Parent Portal (TAPP), which has been rolled out in the last couple of weeks. Mrs Williams has written about this in the Bulletin and in information provided to parents. The TAPP allows parents to receive information about their son’s assessments in a much more timely fashion. This continuous reporting provides additional insight to the boys’ progress and tasks, in addition to the end of semester reports. Many changes to organisational practices and use of technology have had to be implemented to make this possible, and it comes as the final element in a reformation of assessment and reporting that has run for the last two and a half years.

A third area wherein I think we have made good progress has been the use of data and digital technology to facilitate and evaluate the wellbeing of the boys. Earlier this week, the ACER Socio-Emotional Wellbeing survey was conducted, providing us with insight into our student body and enabling us to evaluate the experience of the boys. This data is anonymous and aggregated. We have also introduced a weekly wellbeing ‘pulse-check’ for boys in the Middle and Senior School, which provides us with personalised information. Through the Skodel platform, each boy indicates his emotional state, the factors causing that state, and indicates whether he would like someone to follow him up. It is a quick and easy way to facilitate pastoral support for the boys, and it should help us to continue to care for them.

As I started by saying, the pace of School life is brisk, and it is easy to be continually looking forward at the next task, initiative or challenge. It is no bad thing to pause to acknowledge that progress is being made. I have found it encouraging to do so. I trust that our boys and their families are also able to pause and to recognise growth.

Detur Gloria Soli Deo.

Tim Bowden | Head Master

News from the Field Studies Centre

March 5, 2021

This week we have welcomed the boys allocated to the second Year 9 Field Studies Residential Programme for 2021, to the Woollamia Campus. As always, the Field Studies Centre springs to life as a new cohort of students arrive and begin to settle into the place that they will call home for the next four weeks. The words ‘potential’ and ‘possibility’ jump to mind as I consider what the coming weeks will bring. At the conclusion of each programme, the staff spend time reflecting on what worked well and what can be improved for the next group. The cycle of continuous improvement leads to subtle tweaks and changes that ultimately benefit the students and will inform the Extended Residential Programme that will be launched in Term 4 of this year.

The boys have been learning new things since stepping of the bus on Tuesday morning. The Welcome to Country, performed by local aboriginal elder Theresa Ardler on the first night, provided the students with an opportunity to consider the significance of the local area through the lens of the local indigenous people. The boys had the opportunity to learn about bush plants and medicines and the crossover of indigenous languages and the evolution of local dialects. Developing skills behind the handlebars of a mountain bike, with ropes and specialised climbing equipment, and at the helm of a Canadian canoe, have been a focus of the last few days. These skills will be revisited and further developed as the boys progress through the weeks ahead.    

Risk education is important for all young people. Learning to discern between positive and negative risks and make informed decisions is a fundamental part of growing up and travelling the path towards becoming an adult. The outdoor education elements of the Field Studies Programme are sequenced in such a way that as the students’ skills and comfort in new environments grows, so does the requirement to make their own decisions and action them.

A simple traffic light analogy is often shared with the students as it provides a quick way for an individual and group to arrive at safe decisions. A green light indicates that the group can continue with what they are doing, full steam ahead. A yellow light situation would indicate the need to be cautious, to slow down and think through the consequences of a decision that is to be made. Are we navigating close to a cliff edge on a hike? Is the tide coming up and could that make the next stretch of beach impassable? A red light would indicate that there is something bad is likely to happen if we are to continue. A red light is an unacceptable risk in the outdoor programme and the benefit of continuing down a certain path is negated by the consequences. 

Providing an opportunity for students to learn to make a range of important decisions and assess risk while they have access to the support of their Field Studies group leaders, is key to the design of the residential experience. Each boy will encounter many green, yellow and red light situations as they navigate adolescence and beyond. Avoiding all levels of risk is not the aim of life. Assessing the risks that we are likely to encounter and making informed choices that lead to good outcomes, is the goal.

Tim Knowles | Head of Field Studies Centre (FSC)

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

March 5, 2021

Next Thursday, 11 March, the School enters a Championship Team at the Annual CAS Swimming and Diving Championships. It is always one of the highlights of the year and is one of our so-called compulsory fixtures. It has been our custom to mandate attendance for students in Year 10 and Year 11, as well as School Officers, and to open up the opportunity for students in Middle School to attend voluntarily, just to experience the extraordinary atmosphere. I think it is fair to say that this event, because of its contained nature, generates more excitement and noise each year than any other event in the Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, other than the 2000 Olympics. It is typical for there to be 3000 spectators from the six participating schools.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 made compulsory attendance impossible, and this year we have a cap on numbers. For that reason, this week we offered the opportunity to Year 11 students, since they missed out last year. That opportunity has now closed. For Year 10 students and School Officers, attendance will, once again, be compulsory. If your son is in Year 10, you will have received the details this morning. Please respond promptly. In the event that there is an unavoidable clash with a family commitment (tutoring, an external sporting commitment or a work shift does not fall into the category where leave will be approved), please write to Dr De Lany requesting a dispensation by the close of business on Monday.

Finally, because we anticipate a small number of additional seats being available, boys in Middle School may also apply to attend. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

As we continue to reflect on the heartbreaking stories of sexual assault that have been the subject of saturation coverage in the media, it is important for us as parents and teachers to challenge the particular norms and perceptions that make up the messages our community and our culture sends to boys and young men about what it means to be a man. Qualities and norms that may include self-sufficiency, toughness, physical attractiveness, aggression, control and an adherence to rigid gender stereotypes.

Any endorsement of stereotypical masculine norms, explicit or tacit, has a powerful influence on harmful attitudes and behaviours in boys and young men, including violence, poor mental health, sexual harassment, sexual assault, binge drinking and risk-taking behaviour. However, and this is an important caveat, we want to be clear that the School is not problematising being male, but that recent events compel us to continually reflect on the teaching and parenting of our students and your sons.

We are a boys’ school, and we are both positive and aspirational when it comes to masculinity, your sons’ potential, and our desire to equip your sons with positive and helpful messages around manhood. This is not new at Trinity. The School speaks regularly and often to your sons about the values and attributes we seek to inculcate in the boys and young men of the School; empathy, integrity, honesty, humility and respect. The true value of a Trinity education may only be measured in the character and decency of your sons when they are men; partners, fathers and contributing members of society.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships

Thursday, 11 March 2021 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Attendance is compulsory for Year 9 Monitors, All Year 10 Students and School Officers but voluntary for boys in Years 7-9, 11 and 12.

If your son/s is required or volunteered to attend the Swimming and Diving Championships, parents must ensure they access the parent portal and provide consent, otherwise your son will not be permitted to attend.

The Swimming and Diving teams will be given lunch at School at 11:15am, and at 2:45pm the team will leave the School by coach to go to the Aquatic Centre.  Due to COVID 19, parents are not permitted on site for the Swimming and Diving quadrangle farewell at 2:45pm. All student spectators who are attending the Championships will be taken by coach to the Aquatic Centre, leaving the School at 3:25pm. These students will be given a light meal before leaving and will have access to the canteen inside the Aquatic Centre.  It is compulsory for boys to travel to the championships by coach.

Parents can indicate on the Parent Portal if they are picking their son up after the Championships at approximately 8:15pm from Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park.

Parents must collect their son/s from either the Summer Hill Campus, or the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Coaches will transport the boys back to Trinity unless prior arrangements have been made on the Parent Portal. Please do not make arrangements for boys to leave the Aquatic Centre before the end of the Championships as boys will not be allowed to leave before our School is dismissed.

Coaches will return to the Summer Hill Campus at approximately 8:45pm. Parents are encouraged to park in the car park (entry via Victoria St) and arrange to meet your son/s there.

Dress: Grey uniform without blazer (NO Khaki uniforms).

Masks: It is a requirement that all staff and students attending this event wear a mask to and from the event when travelling by coach as well as when they are in the venue.

No boys will be given permission to drive a car either to or from the Championships.

Bradley Wirth | Director of Campus Administration

From the Head of the Junior School

March 5, 2021

Dear Parents and Friends of the Junior School,

I commend our Year 6 students on the outstanding way they have started their leadership year in the Junior School. I have observed and have had noted to me by a number of staff, how settled, diligent and responsible individual students and the Year 6 cohort have been in setting a cooperative and productive example for the school. I have long maintained that the approach of our eldest boys goes a long way towards setting the tone for all students. On the basis of the first six weeks, Year 6 is helping to set us all up for an extraordinarily successful year.   

It is now a year since we began messaging parents and boys about changes to our customs brought on by an emerging awareness of COVID-19. Some of those messages remain the same one year on. For example, if your son is unwell, please do not send him to school, especially if school involves an excursion or camp. Our approach to other events has become more nuanced as we have learnt to approach events in different ways, and learnt what is possible, preferable or undesirable when we utilise technology. Our decisions to adapt, cancel or postpone events depends firstly on our capacity to safely run the event, but also on our ability to achieve benefits that will make that event worthwhile. With that in mind, I wish to provide an update on community events scheduled for the remainder of Term 1:

  • Movie Under the Stars – as previously advised, this event will not occur this term. We hope to be able to re-schedule this experience later in the year.
  • Parent / Student / Teacher Learning Conferences – will occur in Week 9 using technology to bring participants together. See below.  
  • Family Services – these will not be held this term. In postponing our services for now, we hope to be able to re-schedule these community services for later in the year when restrictions may permit a fuller experience including singing and socialising.
  • Amazing Me – will take place in Week 10 using technology to bring participants together. Parents of boys in Years 4 and 6 will soon receive information about participating in this personal development presentation and guided conversation, which you will undertake with your son from home.

Today, the boys accepted the challenge of ‘A Day without Speech’ and increased their awareness of the complexities posed by communication disabilities. In every classroom, from Kindergarten to Year 6, lessons were adapted and classes went without a whisper until morning tea! Even ball games in K-2 FAST were played silently! For some boys, this was a first-time experience, whilst others have been developing their empathy and understanding over years of participating in this day at school. By this morning, we had already passed $14000 raised for OIC Cambodia to educate teachers and train speech therapists in a country where there are none. Hopefully, sponsorships still to be registered over the weekend will get us to our $15000 goal. I thank our community for the enormous number of donations, big and small. Please discuss with your son his experience today. Whilst we had fun, we have reminded the boys that the children we are helping do not have the choice to start and stop after a few hours, nor the technology we have to aid their communication. One of the GROWTH messages to boys this week is that being a Trinitarian involves helping others when we become aware of a need that we can meet. The good-natured support and generosity of boys, parents and teachers have been a wonderful illustration of that characteristic. It is a privilege to belong to a community that is outward-looking in supporting those less fortunate in practical ways.

Trinity and the Junior School will mark International Women’s Day next Monday. The teachers and I will speak with the boys about the value of all people, especially of women and girls. We will make our boys aware that in countries in the world and even in some aspects of our own community, women and girls are not afforded the same status, respect, reward, opportunities or access to education as men and boys. We will also discuss real ways that boys can act for change in their own circumstances, and our desire for them to grow into young men whose words and deeds communicate that women and men are equally deserving of respect and opportunities. The School and parents have an important role to consistently communicate to our boys the God-given value and uniqueness of every person and equip them to challenge inequality or unfairness with action that is rooted in justice, compassion and respect. 

Next week, all families will receive notification of how to book a Parent/Teacher/Student conference in Week 9. These conferences are a terrific opportunity for you, your son, and his teacher to discuss goals for the year and important next steps in learning. Your son’s presence in this meeting is to facilitate a three-way conversation rather than simply a conversation between adults. I encourage all parents to make this meeting a priority and book a time on-line to conference together.  

The Auxiliary will be running a Gelato Day next Friday as a fundraiser and treat for the boys. Information has been given to the boys, emailed to parents and is linked in this newsletter. The most important detail is that these must be pre-ordered and paid for on-line. We will not be able to accept cash from boys so please pre-order.

Congratulations go to our swimmers and divers, who competed at IPSHA Championships on Tuesday. The boys were a credit to the School and performed very well against high-quality opposition, in some cases winning not only their race but the entire age division. It is a pleasure to report that Moussa Choker has qualified for CIS Championships in diving, as well as Nathan Jones, Zac Bachir and Daniel Zhang in swimming events. Well done, boys on your outstanding achievements. We are proud of all the boys who represented the Junior School across the season of inter-school carnivals.    

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

From the Head of the Preparatory School

March 5, 2021

Literacy at Prep

This morning we held the second of our COVID Coffee Catch up sessions via Teams. The focus of the session was on K-2 Reading with particular focus on how students develop the building blocks of literacy and the skill of reading.

 Some of the key messages shared on the evening were as follows:

  • The development of literacy skills is complex – there are many aspects to literacy including phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, writing, reading fluency and accuracy, comprehension, speaking and listening and critical and creative thinking.
  • Students’ development of literacy skills is both incremental and individual. It is critically important not to compare students…they all have their own unique learning journey that is guided and supported by the teachers.
  • Parents play a key role in the development of literacy skills, particularly reading through encouragement, modelling and engaging in conversations about literature.

Further information about our approach to K-2 Reading can be obtained by contacting your son’s class teacher or by making contact with Mrs Hitz-Morton or Mrs Evans.

COVID Coffee Catch ups

Details about our upcoming COVID Coffee Catch ups can be found below.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents about the future catch ups that are planned and how they will work.

  • Week 7 – Friday 12th March 9:00-9:45am – Spelling – Learning more about Spelling – how is the same and different from when we were at school? Audience – K-6 parents.
  • Week 8 – Friday 19th March 9:00-9:45am – PYP for beginners – learning more about the PYP framework and how best to engage with the boys at home about their learning. Audience – new parents to the School or those wanting a refresher.
  • Week 9 – Friday 26th March 9:00-9:45am – Q&A (or a general chat) with the Prep Executive. Audience – all parents.

How will COVID Coffee Catch ups work?

We are planning a series of Microsoft Teams meetings that parents can drop into with their morning coffee. The sessions will take place each Friday morning between 9:00-9:45am and will range from open question and answers sessions with the Prep Executive Staff through to information sessions targeted towards a particular group of parents on a specific topic. We hope that parents will use these catch ups as an opportunity to increase the connection they have with the School during this unusual time. We will try this approach for the remainder of Term 1 to see if it helps to fill the void that currently exists.

Auxiliary Meeting

On Wednesday evening it was wonderful to be able to welcome parents onsite after hours to conduct our Auxiliary meeting for March. Beyond the meeting, it was the first time most parents had seen our new portable building, currently housing our Stage 3 students while the building works are taking place. All of the parents agreed that they were a significant improvement on our memories of demountable buildings from when we were at school.

As always, the Auxiliary Meeting presented an opportunity to speak about the importance of community and partnership between home and school. It was really nice to be joined by a number of parents who are new to our community. Whilst COVID restrictions continue to limit activities, the Auxiliary remain committed to come up with creative ways to develop connections across the community and to support the School.

Llandilo Development

This week was another significant week with the Llandilo Development as the concrete for the upper ground floor and stairs were poured on Monday. The building is really starting to take shape which is tremendously exciting.

Trinity Soloist Competition

The heats of the annual soloist competition were held during the week.  This year there were 26 entrants from the Prep School which is our largest ever contingent. Congratulations to the following boys who will be performing at the Finals Concert:

Junior Section: David Chang (Guitar), Adam Jeroncic (Cello), Aaron You (Piano)        

Intermediate Section: Lewis Wang (Piano), Thomas Lee (Guitar), Marvin Xu (Violin).

Three-way Conferences

In Week 8 of this term class teachers will begin hosting Three Way Conferences in Kindergarten to Year 6 (and Parent Teacher Conference in Pre-K) to discuss the boys’ initial progress and their learning goals for the year ahead. In Years 1 to 6 these conferences will be supported by each student’s most recent MAP results which highlight his growth in Mathematics and Reading.

An email was sent home earlier in the week with information about the online booking system. I encourage you to make this meeting a high priority and to book in a time for you and your son to meet with the teacher. The online system will be the only way to book a conference with your son’s classroom teacher during this period. If you need support with this, please contact the School Office.

Communication between home and school is vital to ensure that your son is progressing in his education. The conference offers the opportunity to discuss your son’s learning with the teacher and for your son to be involved in his own education. Positive and constructive feedback, and open dialogue have the potential to improve motivation, address difficulties, inform goal setting and enhance learning.

IPSHA Swimming Team

Congratulations to the Swimming Team on their performances at IPSHA on Tuesday. As a result, a huge representation of 6 swimmers, including the Senior Relay Team, have qualified for the CIS Championships on Thursday 18th March. Trinity Prep continued our recent strong standing at this event with a strong team performance. Congratulations to the entire team – a truly wonderful effort!

CAS Swimming Championships

Next Thursday evening the CAS Swimming Championships (Combined Associated Schools – Barker, Cranbrook, Knox, St Aloysius, Trinity & Waverley) will be held at Homebush and it is one of the premiere school swimming events for secondary schools. Congratulations to Jaemin Yoo who has been selected to be part of the CAS Team. This is an outstanding achievement for a Year 6 student. The CAS Swimming is an extremely exciting event. Good luck Jaemin!

Chris Wyatt | Head of the Preparatory School

 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” 

Romans 8:28

Worlds Greatest Shave | Update

March 5, 2021

Thank you to all who have sponsored our students and staff who are taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave to help beat blood cancer.  The response has been great!

With only a couple of weeks to go, we still have a little way to go to meet our target of $65,000. 

If you would like to sponsor the Trinity team, please click here.

Thank you for supporting this great cause.

Andrew Yarad | Deputy Head of the Senior School 

House Points

March 5, 2021

Click here to view the weekly Leader Board.


Academic Focus

March 5, 2021

Learning Progress Conversations and Semester 1 Learning Progress Reports

Over the past few weeks, I have written about the various ways in which learning is relational. Two of the most effective ways to advance learning journeys are through purposeful conversation with those whose expertise is greater than ours – our teachers – and purposeful conversation with those who care deeply about and support our progress – our families. When a three-way conversation between student, teacher and family can be accessed, the opportunities for accelerated growth are significant.

This week began the School’s season of Learning Progress Conversations (formerly known as parent – teacher interviews). On Wednesday evening, Year 12 students and their families met online with teachers to exchange information, share perspectives and ask questions about each individual student’s engagement and growth. The rebranding of these events places the emphasis upon conversation that is a genuine interaction about a student’s progress to date and his next steps for further progress. The time to acknowledge improvements, celebrate successes and strategise for the upcoming formal assessment period was most important.

The decision to conduct 2021 Learning Conversations remotely comes from the overwhelmingly positive response from parents and teachers to the online experience forced last year by COVID. Staff have felt the privilege of being invited into your homes for a brief moment, and many parents have valued the ability to focus carefully upon their son’s learning, without the competing demands of a bustling Assembly Hall, traffic and travel.

As we move through the final weeks of Semester 1, students are fully engaged in completing the semester’s assessment programmes and, for Years 11 and 12, preparing for a formal assessment and examination period. Teachers will be designing purposeful tasks, marking, organising feedback and preparing end of semester reports, in the lead up to the Term 2 Learning Progress Conversations for Years 7  – 11. It is an intense time in the School, and I encourage all students to focus upon personal goals and growth rather than comparison to others as they set their own goals for success. I encourage them to have conversations about the goals they have set for themselves, how they think they are going with these goals, and the kind of support they would value from their families. I also warmly encourage parents to contact the Curriculum Office or the relevant Pastoral Office if they would like to speak to a member of staff about any aspect of the assessment programme or their son’s engagement during this quite demanding period. We are here to listen and assist.

Semester 1 Learning Progress Reports will be released, via the parent portal, according to the following schedule:

Years 8 – 10

  • Week 2 of the April holiday period

Years 11 – 12

  • Week 3 of Term 2

Year 7

  • Week 5 of Term 2

Learning Progress Conversations, via the students’ MS Teams accounts, will take place on the following evenings:

Year 10

  • Wednesday 21 April (Term 2 Week 1)

Year 9

  • Tuesday 27 April (Term 2 Week 2)

Year 8

  • Wednesday 5 May (Term 2 Week 3)

Year 11

  • Monday 10 May (Term 2 Week 4)

Year 7

  • Monday 31 May (Term 2 Week 7)

Information about bookings and instructions for online Learning Progress Conversations are provided by email to families the week before the relevant evening.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

News from the Arthur Holt Library

March 5, 2021

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” They are the words of the American author and educator Margaret Fuller, spoken almost 200 years ago, but they remain as true today as they were in the 19th Century.

This can be a stressful time in the school calendar. Learning Progress Conversations have commenced; the work is piling up; and exams are looming. It can seem hard to find the time for anything outside of study, but in fact one of the best things you can do for yourself – or indeed one of the best things you can recommend for your son to do – is to pick up a book and read it.

Not only will it help you to relax, it will also help you to maintain perspective and sharpen your mind for the weeks ahead.

If you find a moment in the school day, perhaps you might like to pop into the library and take a turn on our new reading chair. It’s proved a popular addition among both staff and students and there isn’t a better spot in the school to take five minutes out of your day and enjoy all the benefits of a good book.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate three of our Teacher Librarians for completing the Huskisson Triathlon last week. Competing as the ‘Tribrarians’, Ms Nell from the Preparatory School, Ms Courtenay and Ms Raffaele did us proud with their personal-best beating performances.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”

– Anna Quindlen

Stefanie Gaspari | Director of Library Services

Library News | Preparatory School

March 5, 2021

Premier’s Reading Challenge

This week the Premier’s Reading Challenge opens to all students in NSW!

Click on the link below to add the books you have read from September 2020 and books you will read until 20 August 2021.

PRC Student Site

Over the next few weeks, we will provide the students with their PRC login & password, if you have participated in the challenge in previous years at Trinity the login details remain the same.

If you have any questions regarding the PRC please click on the link for the Challenge rules

PRC Rules or please contact me on Jbruscino@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Library Lovers Week Winner

Congratulations to Jackson Galettis from 5H on writing the winning book recommendation for the series Dog Man! Thank you to all the boys who participated in the competition, all the entries were fantastic, and it was very hard choosing the winning recommendation.

Spotlight on Nick Bland

Nick Bland was born on a farm in the Australian Yarra Valley in 1973. The son of an artist and a primary school teacher, he spent his early childhood climbing haystacks and making mischief in his father’s studio. When he moved to “the bush” at age 6, he discovered a wonderful new world and his creativity bloomed.

Nick always told family and friends he was going to be a cartoonist and a writer. It was not until 1996, when he stumbled into a bookshop job, that he finally found the medium that would bring those two loves together. Untrained, he spent the next couple of years reading every picture book that hit the shelves and began honing his style as a storyteller and illustrator.

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

Awards for the Week | Junior School

March 5, 2021

This week’s Junior School Award winners…


Dewey Chen

Waseem Hijazi

Paul Lucas


Reuben Dhar

Cristian Kuman


Byron Ma

Merlin Nguyen


Kian Lieu

Evan Li

William Millena


Leonidas Armenis

Abbas Choker

Hugo Purkis


Rahid Chowdhury

Hayden Metcalf

Clancy Liu-Tian


Sebastian Lamb

Benji Nallaiah

Kyden Salim


Oliver Power

Oscar Rudd

James Taouk

Vito Zhou


Jordan Buultjens

Luke Holani

Jason Lan

Xavier Malas

Joey Monteleone

Eamon Turner


Nicolas Beke

Peter Katsiris

Jack Lai


Ben De Lany

Benjamin Loughnan

Hugo Waker

Andrew Zhang


Harry Hartzenberg

Remy Humphreys

Dash Isaacs

Luke Nada


Sam De Alwis

Charlie Earthrowl

Joshua Quibell


Darren Cai

Rahid Chowdhury

Svetko Fazzari

Xavier Hannan

Aryan Kotwal

Blake Rushworth

Lachlan Tucker

Tianyang Zhao


Robbie Coneliano

George Mavromatis


Elliot Bargon

Darren Cai

Alexander Chung

Xavier Jabbour

Paul Karlos

Ryan La

Mason Shi

Alexander Skepev

Harlan Starr

Oscar Yang


Marco Guan

Archie Heralt

Hugo Tsai

Trinity’s Green Patch Initiative

March 5, 2021

Breaking Ground

The Junior School’s Green Patch Initiative began Tuesday lunchtime with the ‘Clearing Crew Club’.

Interest from the Years 3-6 boys was overwhelming, with those missing out this week signing up to secure a spot next Tuesday.

Harry, Jolyon, Luke, David and Kai formed the Year 6 Crew leaders assisting the younger boys to begin removing flax, creeping juniper and tea trees, making way for the design of the productive garden beds to come.

Melinda Bargwanna | Specialist Environmental Educator

Library News | Junior School

March 5, 2021

Year One is looking at ways that they can be responsible for taking care of our world, in their unit of inquiry Sharing the Planet. We read ‘Dear Earth’ by Isabel Otter and some of ‘Iceberg’ by Claire Saxby. These books are beautifully illustrated and evoke strong emotional responses to the issues of climate change and the current state of the environment. The boys engaged in rich discussion and made connections to their own experiences and knowledge about these issues. They then drew pictures about how they could make a difference in their daily lives.

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

Media and Advertising Class

March 5, 2021

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.”

E.O. Wilson (1998)

In a world saturated in news and entertainment media, where news has become almost indistinguishable from “fake news” or even “fake fake news”, media literacy has never been more vital.

Over the course of Term 1, 2021, Year 6 students at the Junior School have been in a student centred and directed inquiry into various forms and iterations of media. They have been exploring how to think critically about advertising and the news media and how to “make important choices wisely”[1] in relation to how they allow this media to affect them and shape their thinking.

Just as Coleridge’s “Ancient Mariner” found himself and his crew on an imperilled boat surrounded by “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” so, too, Trinity boys find themselves born into and existing in a world where “We are [all] drowning in information, while starving for wisdom”[2]

On Wednesday, Year 6 boys engaged in a cohort-wide lesson focussed on how to navigate, make sense of, and make wise choices in response to a world in which advertising in ubiquitous.

Junior and Middle-Senior staff collaborated on the programme. Year 6 teacher, Mr Hoare, reached out to the Assistant Head of English of the Middle-Senior School, Mr Bosco, to discuss, plan for, and co-construct this lesson for the students.

In it, students learnt about the origins of modern advertising being grounded in the work of Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays who is (in)famously credited with being the father of “public relations”. They learnt how advertising seeks primarily to engage audiences emotionally and encourage them to act upon their desires by exploring Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” and the AIDA (Attention/Interest/Desire/Action) that is often used both to construct and analyse advertising. Students had the opportunity to critically examine a number of recent advertisements, from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone to the Christmas 2020 Coca-Cola campaign, as well as learn about how they might use some tips and tricks employed in advertising to improve their own persuasive writing and speaking skills.

“It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to work with the boys of Year 6 and their teachers and to assist them in developing their critical thinking and media literacy skills,” said Mr Bosco.

[1] (Wilson, 1998)

[2] IBID

Prep | Pre-Kindergarten News

March 5, 2021

Who We Are 

We have started our inquiry into the Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘Who We Are’. The Central Idea ‘Individuals and communities grow by appreciating rights and responsibilities’ will be explored throughout the year. During this unit we have three lines of inquiry that allow us to develop an understanding of the Central Idea, they are: Everyone is unique;  Growing as a learner by taking responsibility for the rights of oneself and others; and Contributing to the growth of a community. Our key concepts of ‘Form’, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Connection’ drives the direction of our inquiry.

Throughout this inquiry we will be introducing our learners to some key vocabulary. With a focus on the social skills of respecting others, we will be focusing on cooperative language and how to respond positively and thoughtfully to requests or instructions. Using words like ‘sure’, ‘okay’, ‘no worries’ and ‘yes!’.  Part of this is the importance of encouraging a self-belief in their ability to confidently participate in all aspects of Pre-Kindergarten. 

Our Essential Agreement 

During these early weeks, our boys have been eagerly exploring their new learning environment and developing relationships with their peers and their educators. Through shared literature, purposefully chosen to promote social skills, we have developed an Essential Agreement. An Essential Agreement sets the tone of our learning environment and promotes collaboration and cooperation. Our learners acknowledge the importance of kindness and respect in Pre-Kindergarten, two attributes that are transferable to all environments and experiences in their lives. 

Through the conceptual lens of Form…

Throughout this inquiry we will be exploring the concept of Form. Our learners have been carefully examining the form of their family, themselves and their names. Using a mirror, our young learners have been looking carefully at their faces, noticing their unique features. They have been using these observations to draw pictures of their faces. These observational drawings encourage our learners to slow down, carefully observe, and accurately record what they see rather than what they think something looks like. 


In the Classroom Music lessons the boys have been learning to follow actions which help them keep the beat to well-known nursery rhymes and songs. They have been learning basic dance moves to help them develop their fine and gross motor skills. Together they have been learning simple speech rhymes which also assist speech development and reinforces beat. They have also played untuned percussion instruments to help keep the beat to the songs.

Internet Safety Week

How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of our GROWTH programme at Prep and is taught each year from Kindergarten upwards. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/children-under-5. This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements.    

Prep | Kindergarten News

March 5, 2021

Pastoral Care

As we continue to engage in a range of learning experiences to develop our social skills, we are exploring ways to solve problems and resolve conflict. We explore self-help strategies to empower the boys to resolve conflicts with increasing independence and confidence. Many boys are aware of the STOP, NO, GO TELL strategy and we observe it being used successfully.

We encourage the boys to think

  • What is the problem?
  • What can I do about it?
  • Which is the best idea for me to try?
  • How well did my idea work?
  • How was I feeling?
  • What could I do next time?

We encourage you to continue the conversation with your son at home about how they deal with conflict and the strategies that they implement.  The boys will continue to explore social skills through a variety of contexts.

Unit of Inquiry

There was a buzz in the air as Mrs Hitz-Morton wheeled a trolley of boxes into the Kindergarten rooms. Wonderings filled the room. “What is inside?” “Who are they from?” “Why is there a label on the box?” What does the label say?” “It says, Stories for Kindy!”

As part of our inquiry into How We Express Ourselves, the boys were encouraged to share their thinking of the form of stories. What is a story? Many responses focused on books. Fun books, information books and superhero books.

We wonder what other forms of stories we will start to discover……

In STEAM boys will be using their design thinking skills to design and make a puppet theatre and puppets. They will then use these to bring stories to life through performance. Boys will choose what ‘form’ their puppet will take – sock, spoon, paddle pop sticks. Giving students choice helps develop creative thinking skills as they use their imagination to transform everyday objects.


What is a pattern? What isn’t a pattern? Where can we find them in the environment? These are all big questions that students in kindergarten have been exploring over the last two weeks. Understanding patterns helps children prepare for complex number concepts and mathematical operations. Students have been challenging themselves to explore patterns in many contexts. From shapes, colours, sounds and numbers, our budding mathematicians are becoming pattern experts!

Continuing conversations about patterns at home will assist your sons in transferring this knowledge and applying it more broadly. Making patterns with Lego, beads, craft and colours during play at home will assist your sons with their mathematical understanding while also developing their fine motor skills.


Reading is of key importance for all students, particularly in kindergarten as boys are establishing a firm understanding of how words and language work. During the day the boys are exposed to a range of different quality literature that serves many purposes. This regular engagement and exposure are supported by the learning that occurs in our literacy program (Initial-Lit). During literacy, the boys have been exploring rhyme and syllables through engaging games and activities, they have begun noticing rhyme in the books we read and are able to identify syllables in different words. In the coming weeks the students will start to explore onset and rime whilst being introduced to the first phonic set (m, s, t and a), which will support their reading journey.

To support the boys in English, we encourage the parents to read regularly with their son and try a few of the below strategies when reading with their son throughout the week:

  • Reflect: what part of the book or story did you really enjoy (and why)? What part didn’t you enjoy (and why)? How did this book make you feel?
  • Ask why questions: why did the author write the book this way, why did this happen, why did the illustrator create the image in that way?
  • Re-tell after reading the book, ask your son to tell you about the characters in the book, the storyline and the sequence of events in the book.
  • Word work: look for interesting words in the book and think about what that word might mean, think about why the author used different words (e.g. why did they say pouring instead of raining?)
  • Book features: talk about who the author and illustrator are, look at for capital letters at the start of sentences and full stops at the end of sentences. Talk about concepts of print – reading right to left, the cover of the book etc.
  • Change the ending: read the start of the story and then pause. Ask your son to make an alternative ending for the story.
  • Book walk: before reading the book, flip through the pages and look at the pictures. Encourage your son to make predictions about what might happen in the story and the characters.
  • Make connections: encourage your son to think of connections between the book and their own life (experiences, interests, other books).


In Music, Kindergarten is Inquiring into Sharing the Planet and they have been learning songs about animals. They have taken their inquiry further by developing their rhythmic and melodic skills by placing the Solfa and rhythms into their body as well as playing the songs using tuned percussion instruments such as the Boomwhackers.  The boys have also worked on their music notation and aural skills as they are now able to identify a rhythm or three note melody and write the notes on whiteboards.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week boys have discussed how we can stay safe using our iPads at school. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/children-under-5. This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements similar to the ICT agreement you will have received from school. How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of the GROWTH programme and will be taught during the year.


Prep | Year 1 News

March 5, 2021

Unit of Inquiry

Over the past two weeks the boys started the new unit ‘How We Express Ourselves.’ This Unit will be continuing until the end of term. 

Central Idea: 

  • Understanding cultural diversity creates global citizens

Lines of Inquiry: 

  • Cultures I am a part of 
  • Appreciating differences enriches our lives 
  • How to be a global citizen 


  • Perspective, Responsibility, Reflection

Within this unit the boys have been inquiring into the understanding of cultural diversity and what it means to be a globally minded citizen. The boys have been open minded, full of curiosity and wonder as they have explored different cultures, religions and beliefs. The boys have been encouraged to make connections to the communities and cultures they feel a part of. One highlight has been when the class created their own ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’ based on the story by David McKee. This included the boys decorating their own ‘patch’ with the different communities and cultures they feel a connection to. This emphasised the idea that although we all share different cultures, beliefs and traditions, we are all one in the same and we should respect each other and our differences. Over the coming weeks the boys will continue to unpack what it means to be a global citizen and the attributes associated. It has been an excellent start to the inquiry into the Unit and we continue to encourage that parents reflect on these different experiences with your son. 

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we would appreciate it if you have any cultural items or artefacts that you would be happy to send to school with your child, could you please do so. This could include traditional cultural clothing, images of cultural foods, items or images from religious events or festivals or even items that you treasure when you have visited other cultures. We would love to be able to highlight the boys’ cultural backgrounds and encourage further inquiry. 

The boys will also be required to speak about their culture for a presentation in the coming weeks. We strongly recommend the boys bring a cultural picture, artefact or family photo to help them with this. Thank you in advance for your support, more details will be sent home next week.

In STEAM the boys are following a design thinking cycle to plan, make and reflect on the construction of their dragon heads. They will then use these in the gym as part of their dance unit.


In Mathematics the boys have been looking at different ways to gather and represent Data and discuss their findings. They have used a variety of methods to record Data such as picture graphs, tally charts, and bar graphs. They have begun to understand what their results mean by asking and answering questions related to graphs.  

They have now started the new unit of Whole Number. Over the next few weeks, the boys will be introduced to new ways of representing different numbers and place values. The boys have been unpacking and distinguishing how many digits certain numbers have, how they can be represented using MAB blocks and how we can partition numbers into their different place values such as hundreds, tens and ones. 

In week eight the boys will be moving into the new unit of Addition and Subtraction. 


In Literacy the boys have been looking at the text type of Recounts. In connection to our Unit of Inquiry the boys have been introduced to different Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. The boys have then been asked to both write and orally retell what happened in the story. There has been an emphasis on using Time Connectives such as then, after, and next to help sequence their ideas within their writing. They will be continuing to improve their recount skills until the end of term.


The boys in Year 1 have continued to look at How We Express Ourselves through Music. We have learnt a new song from Germany, which uses more complex solfa notation. The boys have learnt how to sing these notes accompanied by hand signs. They have also written these new notes and experimented with recognising them aurally.    

I surprised the boys by speaking to them only in German. I hoped that this would help them to develop a perspective of what it is like for so many of our boys, when they have to communicate in another language. The dance which we learnt, also helped the boys to understand the different customs and rituals which are part of German culture. All cultures have their own beliefs and ways to express themselves.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week boys have discussed how we can stay safe using our iPads at school. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/children-under-5. This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements similar to the ICT agreement you will have received from school. How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of the GROWTH programme and will be taught during the year.   

Prep | Year 2 News

March 5, 2021

Unit of Inquiry 

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we organise ourselves

Central Idea: Systems are used to organise communities

Related Concepts: Systems, Interdependence, Maps, Place, Efficiency, Community

Throughout our Unit of Inquiry into How We Organise Ourselves, the boys have been learning about systems. They have been learning that processes form parts of a system, but systems are made up of parts, people and interactions. To further their growing understanding of systems, the Year 2 boys got together as grade to discuss:

How do systems connect communities?

Concepts: Form, Connection

As a launch pad, we talked about our pen pals that we will be writing to throughout the year. We looked at our school location on a map and our pen pal’s locations to focus our thinking:

What is the form of a map? 

Isaac D: the map shows different places

Arjun: the green is for the grass, a park or a field, and the blue is for the water

Vino: the yellow parts are the roads

Sachin: the green boxes on the different roads tell us the name of the roads

When we zoom out, how does the map change?

Peter: we aren’t just looking at Sydney now

James K: there’s more of the country showing

Eric: there’s more places marked

Logan: capital bold writing is for the states

Milo: Australian Capital Territory means Canberra

Gavin: the red line is to estimate the states

What systems will we use to connect with our pen pals?

Abhay: the writing system

Peter: mail system

Liam: the postal system

Balan: aeroplanes are part of the system

Patrick L: the transportation system

Henry K: the electricity system, it’s connected to the transportation system and the postal system, but not really the writing system

Aden: the school system

To support your son’s geography learning at home, look at maps and discuss your location, your family member’s locations and perhaps some places you have been. 

In STEAM the boys are looking at digital systems. They have started by inquiring into the form and function of a computer; this includes looking at inputs and outputs in a system. To support this learning at home you could identify digital systems in your home: washing machine, air-con etc and investigate how they work and what they are connected to. 


It is exciting to see the boys becoming more confident with their spelling sorts each week and engaging in a range of spelling experiences each morning. Practising spelling words at home will support your son and develop his understanding of spelling patterns that will aid him in both reading and writing. 

In connection with our Unit of Inquiry, the boys have been developing their research skills in order to write informative texts. Our learners have explored the form of informative texts by analysing their features and discussed how the function of informative texts are different from other types of texts, including letters and narratives. 

In Literacy Groups, Year 2 have been working independently to identify features of informative texts and summarise facts and details. There has been a particular focus on the structure of paragraphs and how paragraphs are used to sort ideas and information. The boys have put their new learning into action by using paragraphs effectively in their independent writing.


In Maths lessons the boys have been developing strategies to aid them in addition and subtraction.  The boys are building skills in solving a range of addition and subtraction problems using a variety of efficient mental and written strategies. They have learned and practised the jump strategy and the split strategy. There has been plenty of opportunity for hands-on exploration of these strategies using whiteboards and number lines. The boys have explored the connection between addition and subtraction and will have more practise on this in the coming week.

To support your son’s Maths learning at home, please engage in set Mathletics tasks for the week. 


Year 2 has settled once again into the rhythm of String and Classroom Music lessons.  In the Classroom Music lessons they have inquired into the connection between movement and music and the degree to which movement can change but still be classified as dance. They have certainly been creative with their movements and worked on their fine and gross motor skills to be able to maintain the beat. Their rhythmic notation skills are developing to support their aural skills as they analyse the FORM of the studied repertoire.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week boys have discussed how we can stay safe using our iPads at school. If you have not yet discussed this at home a great place to start is https://www.esafety.gov.au/kids. This site has online safety guidance and family tech agreements similar to the ICT agreement you will have received from school. How to stay safe whilst using a device forms part of the GROWTH programme and will be taught during the year.  

Prep | Year 3 News

March 5, 2021


In Music, we have continued to collaborate with the UOI topic: Sharing the Planet. The boys have learned a number of frog songs, which they have sung and played on tuned percussion instruments. Through these songs, they have been introduced to new time names and they have begun to notate these more complex rhythmic patterns. The boys have also developed their aural awareness of different solfa patterns through movement and listening games. 

Year 3 students have used their thinking skills to interpret and exchange information regarding our role in looking after frogs and other species on our planet. (Nicole Smeulders)


In STEAM the boys have been design thinkers as they have been creating prototypes of the stingless beehive. The boys researched how a stingless beehive is made, designed multiple versions and are now at the creating stage. They have been using their collaboration skills as they work in teams to design, create and reflect. 


Year 3 boys have started their language learning on Education Perfect and inquiry-based learning linking to UOI-Sharing the Planet.

In language learning, students explored and reviewed various Introduction and Greeting words, phrases and sentences. Some examples are “Nin hao lao shi (Hello teacher-polite)”, “Ni xing shen me? (What is your surname?)”, and “Qing wen nin gui xing? (May I please know your surname? -more formal and polite).

In the Unit of Inquiry, students learned different forms of living things and the connection between living things (you sheng ming-have lives) and non-living things (wu sheng ming-don’t have lives). We looked at a storybook “The Magical Silkworms” as the provocation and used the story as an example to make connections between living things (silkworms) and non-living things (silk/silk clothes). Students then discussed to find out more examples such as cows and milk and bees and honey. Writing has been a language focus for Year 3. Students followed the scaffolded examples to fill in the blanks and eventually created their own sentences. 

Christian Studies

One of the blessings we have at Trinity Prep is to own an Action Bible. As a Christian school, we hope to give the boys every opportunity to read the stories for themselves, to explore and inquire around things we don’t get time for in class. The boys are exploring what the BIble is, how it was put together, what the different kinds of writing are and how we need to read the various styles of writing. They will be learning research and communication skills, as well as some simple Google Slide skills to share their discoveries with you. With Easter approaching, the boys will be using their Action Bibles and investigating the events surrounding the last week of Jesus. We will be looking at the various perspectives of people who influenced the last few days of Jesus including his disciples, the leaders and rulers.


Throughout the last few weeks Year 3 have been learning about our first line of inquiry – living things. They have been using collaboration and research skills during our combined grade library time to investigate information about the form of living things and compare and contrast using Venn diagrams. 

As part of this line of inquiry we have been lucky enough to have some visitors in the form of butterflies and stick insects to our grade.

The boys have been able to see the process of the life cycle of a butterfly from chrysalis to hatching and being released. Below is an image of the boys watching the release of 2 of our Monarch butterflies.

The boys are very much looking forward to extending our inquiry when we go to Taronga Zoo next Wednesday 10th March. Parents, please ensure you have granted permission for your son to attend the excursion via the Trinity Parent Portal.


Our knowledge and application of our persuasive writing skills continues to grow! Year 3 have been using jointly constructed writing checklists in class to help them stay focused and include the important features needed in a persuasive text. 

To support our articulation of ideas, the boys have enjoyed informal debates in class. They are given a limited amount of time to think, plan and present on a given topic and share their opinion with the class. They are encouraged to then give feedback to their peers to help each other improve their reasoning and communication skills. This has also helped us to develop our note taking and planning skills in class.


As our inquiry into Whole Number ends, we are now applying our understanding of place value to addition and subtraction. In class, the boys are practising various strategies for both, including Split Strategy, Jump Strategy, Compensation Strategy and Column (algorithm) Strategy. As always, the boys go beyond just learning these strategies and look at how we can transfer our mathematical knowledge into relevant and meaningful problems. This supports the boys’ reasoning skills and ability to problem solve creatively.

Prep | Year 4 News

March 5, 2021


In Classroom Music the students have continued their inquiry through an Indigenous Transdisciplinary lens discovering the relationship between Music and Visual Art. They have listened to an Australian Work by Peter Sculthorpe called Earth Cry and drawn a scene to describe what they were hearing.  By discussing and analysing their drawing they have realised they have shown emotion, dynamic level, rhythms and melodic lines and from this have been able to discuss the strokes they have used in art terminology to make the connection real between the two disciplines. They have realised that not everyone drew the same picture and that the Concept of Perspective is a personal one.


As we reach the midway point of our current Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, the students are starting to develop a better understanding of the Central Idea: Culture empowers, unites and divides. They are becoming more confident at identifying the Key Concepts of Connection, Perspective and Change, and the Related Concepts of Culture, Identity and Expression through our weekly lessons. Recently our focus has been on the students’ wonderings, including: I wonder if the culture in the olden days is the same? What is the culture of the Prep School and how has it changed? In the coming weeks will be delving into further wonderings, including: How can we unite different cultures? How do cultures divide? and Do we need to change the Australian anthem to unite people? By focusing on the boy’s wonderings, we hope they build an enduring understanding on a range of topics which will enable them to become more globally aware citizens.


The Year Four boys have just started their new mathematical focus, Multiplication and Division. They will be working through a range of different tasks over the coming weeks and developing their mathematical understanding, ability and skills. Through their participation in a variety of independent and collaborative differentiated activities we’re aiming for them to develop their confidence when selecting and using appropriate mental or written strategies to real-life problems. The boys will have the opportunity to share and reflect on each lesson and identify areas of strength, improvement and next steps for their learning.


In English the boys are continuing their work on Imaginative text. Over the past weeks they have focused on Sizzling Starts and Tightening the Tension. In the coming weeks our predominant focus is Dynamic Dialogue. The boys will be engaging in a range of different lessons relating to the purpose and audience of their writing, learning to write and writing to share. The boys will work independently and collaboratively through co-creating short stories which incorporate their understandings. Their weekly Words Their Way spelling will continue with a range of learning experiences allowing them to build a better understanding of the specific rules associated with their sorts. In Comprehension the boys will continue to focus on Main idea and Detail whilst reading a variety of texts which link closely with our current Unit of inquiry.


Year 4 boys have started their language learning on Education Perfect and inquiry-based learning linking to UOI-How We Express Ourselves.

In language learning, beginning learners explored numbers and using numbers in various contexts such as phone numbers. Heritage learners explored different ways to describe people including hair, eyes, body figure, clothing and personality etc. In the small group time, boys played “Guess who” based on the Chinese descriptions.

In the Unit of Inquiry, students have completed a few mini-inquiry cycles (I knew-I wonder-I discover-I share/reflect) on cultural elements including Food and Table Manners, Festivals and Celebrations, History & Buildings, and Common Beliefs & Values. For the UOI part, we mostly used story books as the provocation. For example, “Chinese Chopsticks Brothers” was used for Food & Table Manners; Lion Dance incursion was used for Festivals and Celebrations; and “Ming’s Adventure with Confucius in Qufu” was used for Common Beliefs and Values. 


In year 4 STEAM the boys have been exploring ‘unplugged’ coding, this is coding without a computer or device to develop logical thinking. We have been inquiring into how coding has impacted society and culture. The boys are comparing braille, morse code and signal flags as a way to communicate. The boys have been using their critical thinking as they decode and interpret different forms of code. 

Christian Studies

This term, the boys have been encouraged to explore one of the more challenging parts of the Bible. Known as parables, these stories are unique to Jesus in his teaching. They are stories similar to a “moral” or allegory, with a hidden meaning. One of the most famous parables is the well-known “the good Samaritan”. The challenge for the boys is to understand what the story means, and more importantly to reflect on how they can apply these to their lives. They will be using their research and communication skills as they work in a group to investigate a variety of parables. Towards the end of term, they will be creating their own comic strip by changing a parable into a modern-day setting. For example, the lost sheep into the lost football. They will have the opportunity to use their artistic and creative skills when creating the comic strip.

Prep | Year 5 News

March 5, 2021

Coming up in Year 1


Weeks 7-8: Sharing the Planet

Week 9: Bathurst Camp and Where We Are In Place and Time


Week 7: Length, Perimeter and Area

Week 8: Position



Weeks 7-8: Writing to persuade an audience

Week 9: Imaginative texts- Narratives


How does an author influence a reader’s perspective or viewpoint?

Unit of Inquiry

  • What is the value of scientific inquiry?
  • What makes a fair test?
  • What behavioural and structural features enable living things to survive in their environments?
  • How do we use scientific knowledge to inform our decisions?

These are some of the questions that have been guiding our inquiry over the past few weeks. We have engaged in planning, setting up and conducting fair tests. The boys recognised the importance of a consistent approach to scientific inquiry to ensure validity and universal understanding. Students have collaborated to conduct a fair test to explore the specific needs of living things. They are now the process of recording observations and collecting and analysing data. 

Students conduct fair tests to identify the varying needs of living things 

Our big focus over the next few weeks explore animal or plant adaptations and consider the impact human actions have had on living things. This inquiry was supported by a great visit to Taronga Zoo, where students could apply their scientific observation skills to identify habitats and adaptations. 

Moving forward, students should understand the personal and shared responsibilities humans have in making decisions for the global environment, informed by scientific knowledge and understanding. You might also like to discuss the roles of government, individuals and communities in sustaining an environment.


Students in Year 5 have been using a ‘Red Light, Yellow Light’ visible thinking routine to develop their critical thinking skills when reading informative texts. This routine helps them explore incidence of mistruths in written text. Some signals identified by the boys were sweeping generalisations without giving specific details, anonymous sources, stating ‘a LOT of evidence indicating…’ without reference to research or sources. You might like to ask some Year 5 boys about how they find out if an article is hiding the truth and use those skills when reading the newspaper this weekend! 

We have continued to develop our ability to influence a reader using persuasion and have worked together to draft letters to Mr Wyatt, utilising persuasive devices and knowledge of the audience. Students are now planning and writing their own persuasive texts.

In Shared Reading, we have been reading ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar. This book explores the journey the protagonist takes as he learns, with the support of a trusted adult, to deal with past trauma, to understand himself and others, and to connect positively with the people around him. The author of this book also wrote ‘Holes’, which is another book you might like to read together at home.


Never argue with a ninety-degree angle, they are always right! Without being too obtuse about our learning, year 5 have spent the last few weeks exploring all things angles! This has ranged from labelling, estimating angles, measuring and constructing angles. The boys have been applying these skills to solve complex problems and identify and prove geometric rules. The boys have taken ownership over their next steps in learning and have chosen experiences that were complimentary to their individual needs. 

One particular inquiry explored the features of triangles, with boys discovering that some triangles can be classified as both right angle and isosceles triangles, that equilateral triangles are extremely hard to draw accurately, and the properties of interior and exterior angles of triangles. 

The boys also had to use all their skills to create a bridge that would get them across a river using only triangles! You might like to consolidate this learning at home by classifying some of the angles you find around your house and seeing if you can make connections between the angles.


Year 5 boys have started their language learning on Education Perfect and inquiry-based learning linking to UOI-Sharing the Planet.

In language learning, students explored some Chinese words for food and drinks, such as “chao fan (fried rice)” and “cha (tea)”. They also learned to use sentences to ask and answer food and drinks each other likes. Here are some key sentences. “Ni xi huan chi shen me?” means “What do you like to eat?”. “Ni xi huan he shen me?” means “What do you like to drink?”. “Wo xi huan chi…” means “I like to eat…” and “Wo xi huan he…” means “I like to drink…”.

In the Unit of Inquiry, students have completed a few mini-inquiry cycles (I knew-I wonder-I discover-I share/reflect) on topics including Ancient Farming in China, Traditional Farming in China and It’s Problems, and The Innovative Practices on Chinese Agriculture. While scaffolded reading articles and videos were provided on Canvas or in printing, boys were also highly motivated to have their own wonders and conduct their own research for discoveries.


In STEAM the year 5 boys are using the Microbit to explore the form and function of code. The microbit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces boys to the relationship between software and hardware. We started using the Microbit to play a game of ‘scissors, paper, rock’ and now we are learning how to use it to create a game of ‘Flappy bird’. Over the next few weeks, the boys will be developing their own codes using the Microbit. The boys will be continuing to use their critical thinking skills as they create and reflect. 


The boys in Year 5 have continued to celebrate Music from different Indigenous Cultures. Recently, we have focussed on songs from the Torres Strait Islands. The boys have played some fun movement games to help develop their aural recognition of solfa patterns within these songs. They have performed the tunes using xylophones and metallophones and have experimented with writing the melodies using solfa notation and time names. 

The Year 5 boys have been keen to delve deeper into discussions relating to how we acknowledge and respect cultural differences. They have also put into action their social skills, (which have been a focus in this unit), by collaborating and cooperating with other students in the class. (Nicole Smeulders)

Christian Studies

Over the last few weeks, the boys have been investigating the characters from the C.S. Lewis movie, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Having watched the movie (thank you for your support in allowing them to watch it at home), the boys have chosen their favourite character and will investigate related concepts such as forgiveness, sacrifice and love with other characters in the movie. They will be doing this research with a partner, discussing ideas and sharing their understanding. Once they have completed their research, they will create a speech in first person relating to their character. This speech will then be delivered to the class at the start of term 2. Last week, the boys were privileged to have a group of year 10 to 12 students from the Christian Group Berea come and share the lesson with them on the conversion of Saul to Paul in the book of Acts.

Prep | Year 6 News

March 5, 2021


In the past 6 weeks, Year 6 have been inquiring into Whole Number, Addition and Subtraction. To improve in these areas, we have been designing our “Ultimate Cubby House”. Our Ultimate Cubby House had to consist of at least 4 rooms, and we had to furnish each room with the items supplied to us. We had to use our addition and subtraction skills to calculate the prices of the items and rooms from our budget of $25,000.

If at any point we needed help, we could go to a workshop. Each workshop was focussed on a specific maths skill for example, factors and multiples and strategies to help with addition and subtraction. These were extremely helpful as many of the boys didn’t know how to do the borrow when doing the subtraction algorithm. If you didn’t know that you needed some help on something, our Year 6 teachers would tap you on your shoulder to tell you that you needed help. Another great thing about the workshop is that you can just go in for a refresher and then head out. David Chang – 6M


Over the past few weeks in English we have been working on persuasive writing. We have written two main persuasive texts. The first one we wrote was titled “Telling the truth shouldn’t be mandatory”. The boys that disagreed went in one of the rooms to discuss their persuasive text with Mrs Bryce, and the group that agreed went with Mr Short and Mr Gannon. Ms Janes hosted another group that re-looked at how to structure a persuasive text. For our second text, we could choose to write about our favourite food, whether or not school should have a dog, or whether we should be spending money fixing earth or investing it into interplanetary exploration. We needed to plan, write and edit these texts by ourselves with the support of our teachers. Alexander Germanos – 6M

Unit of Inquiry

So far, in our current UOI (How We Express Ourselves), we have been learning about several advertising techniques such as ethos, pathos and logos. We have also started to gain knowledge on target audiences, such as age, location, gender and hobbies. We have seen several ads as examples to help deepen our understanding of the information above.

We have also been working on a new campaign called “Look Down”. This is our own creation based on the outdoor “Look Up” advertisement. The “Look Up” company have been focused on helping society appreciate the world around us. Our “Look Down” advertisements will be focussing on the litter in the playground. We also had an incursion about media and advertising by Mrs Barry who is an advertising expert. We learnt about Fake News and how to detect it, as well as the different ways companies advertise their products, such as word of mouth and outdoor media campaigns. Anthony Cheng – 6M

What’s coming up next in Year 6?

Over the next few weeks in English:

  • we will continue to develop our persuasive techniques and apply them to writing persuasive texts
  • we will engage in workshops that help develop our persuasive writing skills
  • we will delve deeper into our class novel “The Landry News” and complete a number of comprehension activities related to the text.

In Mathematics we will:

  • begin an inquiry into length, area, perimeter, 2D shapes and angles
  • participate in workshops based around rectangles, triangles, circles and angles

In our current Unit of Inquiry, we will:

  • analyse multiple advertisements and justify which has been successful in targeting their specified audience
  • continue to develop our “Look Down” campaign. This campaign is based off the Look Up outdoor media advertising campaign that is currently being displayed around Sydney. We will be encouraging the Prep School to “Look Down” at the rubbish on the ground and pick it up to help care for our environment.

The Year 6 students from our school will soon be undertaking an education tour of the national capital. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian government is contributing funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate Program towards these costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the program. 


In the Music and Media Unit of Inquiry, Year 6 are at the stage of creating Jingles after careful analysis of well-known jingles.  Our inquiry has involved looking at the intended consumer, gender, style of music, time limit and music elements which has included instrumentation, lyrics, tempo, melody and rhythm. They have successfully taken a popular song and created new lyrics for a product as an introduction to this task. I look forward to hearing the Jingles in the coming weeks.


The boys in STEAM have been computational thinkers as they have been exploring online game design. The boys in Year 6 are reflecting on the form and function of block coding in scratch. Over the past few weeks, they have been creating code that uses ‘if-else- statements’ and variables. The challenge for the term is to create a game using these elements. The boys will be Alpha and Beta testing their designs to reflect on if they are effective.

Christian Studies

Miracles, parables and people and places of the Bible. This term, the boys are investigating the life and times of gospel stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The research “game” is called 33 A.D. and challenges the boys to make their way around the world that Jesus occupied. They are working on their research, thinking and communicating skills in small groups to complete missions, thereby earning coins to travel and purchase items for their adventure. At the conclusion of the research, the boys will be selecting some of their completed missions and presenting their findings to the class. They will be reflecting on the concept of perspective as they present, sharing their own personal beliefs and reflections. Many boys have been giving up their morning breaks during the week to come and complete extra missions, in the search for the elusive “chocolate” mission card.


Year 6 boys have started their language learning on Education Perfect and inquiry-based learning linking to UOI-How We Express Ourselves.

In language learning, students explored some Chinese words for food and drinks, such as “chao fan (fried rice)” and “cha (tea)”. They also learned to use sentences to ask and answer food and drinks each other likes. Here are some key sentences. “Ni xi huan chi shen me?” means “What do you like to eat?”. “Ni xi huan he shen me?” means “What do you like to drink?”. “Wo xi huan chi…” means “I like to eat…” and “Wo xi huan he…” means “I like to drink…”.

In the Unit of Inquiry, students made a bilingual media glossary based on their media type preferences and entered into a diary recording the media they used over a week (here they also reviewed the days of the week words in Chinese). Then students looked into Chinese-language media in Australia, researched and discussed the reasons it is needed in Australia and the functions it serves in Australia. Students also did case studies analysing the informative and influential techniques of Chinese media such as Chinese Google called Baidu and Tencent/Wechat which is one of the most popular Chinese social media.


Basketball | Round 9 vs Cranbrook

March 12, 2021

“Trinity send out Year 12s in last home game with a solid victory.”

Year 12s’ last Home Game

1st V

In a high scoring affair, the Firsts disposed of Cranbrook by 15 points in their final home game of the season and are now one win away from the A.V. Smith Shield returning to Summer Hill. Deonte Williams (12Yo) posted a career high 34 points with 24 points coming in the second half. Hayden Johnson (12WH) provided some punch of the bench with three quick baskets, while Jesse Edwards (9WH) found his range with a big ‘3’ and a strong finish at the rim. Daniel Jackson (12Ta) made the most of his opportunity with great defensive pressure and hard running in offensive transition.  Tom Buvac (12WJ) was a rock at both ends of the floor as he poured in 15 first-half points to see Trinity lead by double-digits at the main break (45-35).  

In the second half Trinity always had Cranbrook at arm’s length, maintaining a 10-point plus lead, but kept the door open for their Eastern Suburbs rival through poor defensive reads. Jayden Woods’ (11Ar) hustle kept Trinity on the front foot, while Cristian Farr (11Mu) played some quality minutes in the third period and Jamie Christopoulos (11Ar) finished the quarter with two quick baskets to see Trinity in control at the final break (71-60). Theo Kidd (12WJ) was again outstanding at both ends and his ability to cover his teammates in defensive rotations, together with his rim protection, gives the Greens such an advantage. Theo then drained a big triple from the corner and Deonte proved unstoppable, attacking the rim as Trinity defeated Cranbrook. Trinity has one hand on the CAS Shield heading up to Barker for the final game of the season.

Deonte Williams – 34 pts. 9 rebs. 5 asts

Tom Buvac – 22 pts. 8 rebs. 7 asts.

Jesse Edwards – 10 pts.

Theo Kidd – 9 pts.

1sts team huddle
top left: D. Williams top right: T. Kidd above: H. Johnson
J. Christopoulos and J.Farr

2nd V

Trinity went into their last home game of the season, looking to lock up top spot and a joint championship at the very least with one round to go. Trinity started steadily as both teams traded baskets early before an injection of energy off the bench by Mathew Nicolas (11Ke) and Elias Sidiropoulos (11Yo) who earned the Greens an 8-point lead heading into the half.

After the break, Rory Clunas (11Yo) set the tone with his tenacious defence, as Brody Fortescue (12Ta) provided some second-half scoring, which included a momentum-building ‘3’ from the big man. Matthew De Belle (11Sc) made the most of his opportunity with relentless hustle at both ends and making plays for himself and others as Trinity extended their lead. In a game where defence wasn’t at an all-time high, Trinity went on to maintain their lead, and ran out 10-point winners (51-41) to secure a top spot heading into the last game of the season at Barker.

Leading Scorers

James Kern – 18 pts. 5 rebs. 6 stls.

Nelson McEnallay-Mino – 6 pts. 4 asts.

Matt Nicolas – 6 pts. 3rebs.

3rd V

Another strong game providing back to back wins for the Thirds, as they have developed into a cohesive unit.  Ethan Hunter (11WH) was dominant on the offensive end, making big plays with a game-high score of 22 points. Chris Esposito (12Ke) didn’t miss a beat when he came off the bench and continuing to put constant pressure on Cranbrook players.  A very strong game by Eden Taouk (11WJ) at both ends of the court provided Trinity with a dominant share of possession, enabling the Greens to clearly outplay our opponents.  In a nice gesture the Cranbrook Coach took time to come over and congratulate the Trinity boys as they were beaten convincingly in Term 4, and he commented on how the team had improved dramatically over the course of the season.

4th V

Cranbrook jumped the Fourths early and got away to a double-digit lead within the opening five minutes of the game, and Trinity were down by 9 points at the half. Matthew Chen (12He) came off the bench to inspire his teammates with ten points, and Trinity were back in the contest.  Strong games by Daniel Tran (12Ta) and Joshua Perera (12La) had Trinity even on the scoreboard with only a final few minute remaining. Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t maintain the momentum, with Cranbrook making some big shots late to secure a 4-point victory.

M. Chen

5th V

There were just under two minutes on the game clock remaining and the mighty Fifths were up by a point with the ball from out of bounds and tensions high. But this week the Basketball gods weren’t smiling on the Greens, and Cranbrook managed to get a steal and take the lead. Adam Pascale (12Ke) played and led with a will to win, and was ably supported by the Vangeli Tsintominas (12Sc)Keelan Stephandellis (11Hi) and Nicholas Kaleel (12Mu) again provided solid defence, with Sean Yaseen (12La)securing several key baskets at critical times. It was exciting to see Josh Marcos (11Fo) and his ‘bag of tricks’ return after a long injury break. Hold your heads high, Greens, for what was a gutsy performance!

6th V

The Sixths, in a gallant effort, went down by just three points against CAS leaders, Cranbrook. The circle offence is improving and paying dividends on the scoreboard and with greater variation will prove more formidable in the final game. Elias Chahine (12Ke) has developed into a inspiring leader, keeping the Sixths alert and committed, plus landing a few ‘bombs’ from the outer. Zac Lau (12Sc)James Pau (12Ta) and Juno Ananda (12Ar) were again effective in the paint, winning many rebounds and finishing several of our offence plays. Blake Hui (11Ta) and Joseph Lin (11St) continue to build a good backcourt partnership. The camaraderie, improvement, and commitment within this group is a delight to witness.

6ths Coach Bamford in hudle

7th V

A furious and exciting game wherein the 7ths lost in a close match by just four points against a very athletic Cranbrook side. Trinity dominated the first half by taking a 10-point lead, assisted by the great work of Dom Feros (11WJ), Nicholas Keogh (11Ta) and MacKenzie Stewart (11Mu).  Unfortunately, the team was unable to maintain this intensity, which allowed Cranbrook into the game. Ben Liggins (12Ar) led the scoring with eight points. 

8th V

In an epic 38-38 point draw, where Trinity had a chance to win the game with the last shot and only four seconds to get it off, the boys worked the ball to get a good look but it rimmed out. The Eights began well to lead by 12 points at one stage, but a spirited fight back from Cranbrook had them leading by four points with minutes to go. Trinity demonstrated fantastic resilience to fight back and level the game. James Mallios (11Hi) and Abbas Zahr (11Fo) finished with 11 points apiece and Thomas Geronikos (11Hi) picked up six points.

9th V

Trinity went into Saturday’s game focused on sending out the Year 12s on a high for their last home game. The game started well, with the ball moving constantly and a lot of good opportunities created. In an even first half, Joseph Coorey (12St) was on fire, scoring multiple first half three pointers to give Trinity a slight lead at half time. Off the bench, Ryan Tamerji (12Mu) gave the Greens a scoring punch, while James Henderson (11We) defensively denied multiple Cranbrook shot attempts. A few more three pointers from Coorey, Perry Chan (12We) and Anthony Borodin (11We) had Trinity within arm’s reach, before a few key plays were made by Cranbrook to seal the game and hand the Ninths a tough 3-point loss in an amazing effort. 

12th V

The Twelfths had a competitive game against Cranbrook on Saturday, even in wet and unfavourable conditions. The boys started slowly but worked hard to gain traction with some quick points, thanks to the brilliant shooting of Justin Zhou (11La) and athletic prowess of Cooper Hollis (11Sc). In the second-half Trinity clawed their way back to a four point deficit due to pinpoint three-point shooting of John (never miss) Nakoul (11Mu). However, the Greens were unable to grab the lead, though they should be very proud of the major improvements by the boys each week.

Year 10A

In a tough, competitive matchup, the 10As suffered a narrow 6-point loss to Cranbrook. A closely-contested and physical game saw the strong duo of Adam Taleb (Mu) and Sami Nasr (Mu) combine with Davide Eboli (WH) to make it difficult for Cranbrook to score inside, whilst strong performances from Kyle Tran (WH) and Hugo Reed (Ho) kept Trinity in the game until the final buzzer. Despite the close loss, the team continued to demonstrate their improved cohesion on both ends of the court and should hold their heads high for the way they demonstrated their character in the face of spirited opposition.

Year 10B

After returning to form with a stylish win last week, Trinity encountered a narrow loss in a tough away environment in the east. With another week of top performances from Brendon-Omar Moses (Yo) and Jaden Leung (Hi), the team continued to demonstrate their improved team play and transition offence. Despite the loss, the boys played with maturity, grit, and togetherness until the final buzzer.

Year 10C

The 10Cs suffered a tough 2-point loss, though the result could have been very different with just a few more minutes of game time. Alex Fisterman (WH) scored a huge 24 points, half of which came from three-pointers. Sam Niulala (St), Beier Chen (Yo), and Adrian Ong (St) always played quickly and aggressively. Oliver Askew (We) and Giancarlo Vari (Ke) were calm and collected at slowing down and controlling the ball. Ty Garaci (Ho) demonstrated outstanding leadership, keeping all the boys focused, and sacrificing his own court time when he considered it best for the team. Pete Mitrokas (Mu) and Brandon Lieu (Ho) stayed back after the 10Ds game to assist Coach Mr Adam Wood and to encourage the boys during time outs. The 10Cs should be very proud of their performance.

Year 10F

A great effort from Trinity saw them come from behind to win a nail biter at Cranbrook. Arthur Howard-White (Hi) was dominant on the boards and was able to convert his offensive rebounds. Adam Bahmad (Ho) was again lethal from outside, hitting 3-pointers to put Trinity in front in the last minute. Joseph Catania (St) impacted the game on the defensive end.

Year 9A

With the return of players from Field Studies, the 9As put up a strong performance, beating Cranbrook by eight points in a notoriously tough gym. Early scores from Caleb Leoa (Mu) and Ollie Orr (Ho) helped Trinity level the match after a couple of errors in the opening minutes. Henry Mansfield (Ke) created a substantial lead through his in the lane defence which translated into easy scores for himself and his teammates. William Constanti (La) made an impact in returning from Camp, getting every rebound to dominate the paint.

Year 9B

The 9Bs played together and selflessly to take the spoils by five points Matthew Nasr (Mu) played as an on-court coach, leading the team vocally and defensively providing a needed energy to Trinity. Midway through the first half when the Cranbrook were making a run, Ryan Lu (Sc) used his presence on the court to secure rebounds and score crucial points to maintain a double-digit lead for the Greens. Callum Campbell (We) was consistent throughout the game, using his athleticism and height to get to the rim and finish over the Cranbrook defence.

Year 9C

Trinity demonstrated great discipline in an evenly matched contest against Cranbrook. The two teams traded buckets for most of the game, but a pair of unexpected three-pointers in the second half gave the opposition the lead. Successive defensive stops initiated by Dawson Williams (WJ) and Felix Hindle (WJ) put Trinity in position to steal the win in the final two minutes, but unfortunately the boys were unable to convert at the other end. 

Year 9F

The 9Fs played out an absolutely thrilling draw (27-27).  As both teams traded baskets in the opening possessions, Cranbrook went on a run to take an 8-point lead. However, as the first half was winding down, the Greens made their own charge and reduced the margin to just four points. This was significantly due to the performance of Bo Hai Xie (Yo) who was sensational throughout the entirety of the game on both ends, as he had a plethora of steals which led to great passes to open teammates on the break who finished such easy layups. Active defence from Lachlan Johnson (Ke) and Finn Hodgkinson (Fo) saw numerous deflections which prevented Cranbrook from scoring at ease and kept Trinity within reach. In the final two minutes, the 9Fs appeared to be down and out on the scoreboard as they were trailing by six points, until Marcus Ticic (Sc) made some clutch-free throws and baskets. With seconds remaining, Max Millgate (Fo) secured a long offensive rebound and tied the game with an incredible jump shot from the elbow, ensuring Trinity would be rewarded for their resilient effort.

Year 9H

Year 9H

The 9Hs played well against an evenly matched Cranbrook side. Both Jimmy Quan (Hi) and Matthew Cheng (We) played very well in defence and set up many scoring opportunities for their teammates. The boys almost snatched a victory, going down by just a single basket.

Year 8A

The 8As remain undefeated this term as they had a commanding 23-point victory. Despite trading the first few baskets, Trinity was clearly superior as Cranbrook had to grind for every point. Zack Rice (Ho) and Jonathon Wakim (Du) encapsulated Trinity’s defensive intensity through multiple steals and their ability to stay in front and pressure opposing players. Zack Rice’s terrific efforts on defence translated to success offensively as he grinded his way to 11 points. Harrison Lyttle (Ar) and Myles Buvac (WJ) were both phenomenal in this affair as they were able to penetrate through the lacklustre defence and score at will. However, despite the game coming to them with such ease they both were incredibly selfless to create opportunities for their teammates to score.

Year 8B

For the first time all season the 8Bs suffered consecutive losses as they fell short by a single basket. Unlike previous weeks, the Greens started quite well, running away with an early lead which they held onto for the first half. Vasali Armenis (He) and Jacob Pham (WH) showed glimpses of spectacular individual defence as they had multiple deflections through their smothering defence and by pressuring the passing lanes. However, the second half saw Cranbrook’s height become a significant factor as they dominated the glas,s especially with offensive rebounds. Despite being undersized, Christian Galettis (Fo) showed great effort at times to box out significantly bigger and stronger Cranbrook players. In the final minutes, with the 8Bs trailing, Noah Ming (Yo) tried to spark a come-back and took over offensively, resulting in Noah having a game-high 14 points and bringing the Greens back to within two points.

Year 8C

The 8Cs put on an offensive display as the ball swung from side to side with everyone constantly moving, but too many turnovers and missed layups lead to easy baskets for Cranbrook and a loss for Trinity. Callum Padman (Hi), Christopher Michael (We) and Michael Nasr (Mu) helped Trinity make a run at the end of the game, although not enough as Cranbrook proved too strong.

Year 8D

Trinity played a great game leading to a clear win for the 8Ds. The boys played with a speed and pace lead by Theo Leckie (La) as he ran and pushed the ball in transition leading to easy baskets. Banjo Hannaford (Du) and Marcelo Condoluci (La) put pressure on defensively as they turned defence into offence for an 11-point win to the Greens.

Year 8E

After a close loss last week, Trinity looked to bounce back with a win against Cranbrook. Despite only having seven players due to injuries, the 8Es started the game strongly. Impressive rebounding and overall defensive effort from Harris Kotronakis (He) were imperative for Trinity as they led at the half. In a back and forth second half, Jonathon Ly (Sc) came through in the clutch with some impressive shooting, leading Trinity to a well-deserved 7-point win.

Year 8F

Looking to maintain their impressive streak, Trinity came out firing against Cranbrook from tip-off. Tenacious hustle on both ends from Jake Matthews (Ke), along with quality playmaking and court vision from Luke Niulala (St) the 8Fs jumped out to an early lead. In the second half, Trinity widened the gap with their clinical fast break offence lead, with a high-scoring game from Jared Kong (La), giving the Greens a comfortable victory.

Year 8G

The 8Gs started strong, with Ahmad Ammoura (We) scoring a few early layups to give Trinity the lead. James Craigie (La) and Ben Keogh (Ta) did an outstanding job of guarding a much bigger opponent, who was the engine of the opposing team. This led to a handy half time lead. More of the same in the second also saw Toby Chan (Fo) chip in with some big rebounds and great plays on the offensive end, as Trinity would surge to a comfortable 10-point win, despite Cranbrook piling on some late points to close the large margin.

Year 8H

The 8Hs looked to keep their solid record intact, having only lost one game all season. In what can only be described as a very slow start, the game was all tied up at 2-2 after 12 minutes had passed. This was due to a few missed opportunities by Trinity, as well as stellar defence from Zac Amine (Yo) and Andy Lin (WJ). From that moment, Michael Kordian (Hi) stepped up to score and assist a few baskets, as Trinity took a small lead into the half. Jack Thomson (St) chipped in with a few baskets, and the Greens continued to dominate on defence, as they cruised to a 14-point victory.

Year 8I

Trinity hosted Barker, with the 8Is’ strong offence and defence seeing them take an early lead. Declan Tan (Mu) was a major threat under the basket and as well as competing hard on defensive ends resulting in a solid win for Trinity.  

Year 7B

The 7Bs played outstanding team basketball in a close loss to Cranbrook (15-20), showcasing the concepts and teamplay they are working on each week. Bailey Herden (He), David Ricci (La) and Jenson Ye (Yo) pushed the pace on the offensive side of the ball and ensured everyone was involved. Kody Murphy (Ta), David Sukkar (Ta) and Lucas Huang (Sc) patrolled the paint, controlling rebounds and contesting shots. Some fantastic fast breaks and hard running from Xavier Toomalatai (Ho), Dilan Petrides (Yo) and Christian Marzullo (WJ) saw every player contribute in a positive way. 

Year 7C

Trinity suffered a tough 5-point loss to a disciplined Cranbrook side. Even though the team was down throughout the entire game, there was never a lack of effort or anything to indicate the boys were going to give up. A special mention to both Jaydon Boustani (He) and Christian Gregory (WH) for their outstanding attitude and selfless play in their first game with the 8C group. With the last game of the season coming up next week, some final fine-tuning will need to happen at training. 

Year 7D

The best win of the season for the 8Ds, as they held on to win by the barest of margins (17-16). The Greens trailed by a margin of 11 points leading into the second half but with the implementation of a full court press, turnovers were forced, and fast-break points were scored. Great defence from both Dean Roditis (WJ) and Dean Constantinou (Mu) combined with great inside scoring from Harry Jang (Sc) lead to the eventual win.

Year 7E

The young men in the 7Es performed out of their skin on Saturday with a huge win over Cranbrook. The team has come a long way since the beginning of the season in terms of their teamwork and heads up play. Special mention to Calvin Doyle (He) for his continuous streak of prolific scoring over the season; also David Charas (Ho) and Christopher Andary (Du) for their relentless hustle at both ends. However, it was the team’s relentless defence that won the game. 

Year 7F

Trinity were victorious by 14 points with a strong team effort and all players contributing. Austin Wu (We) was especially strong on the weekend, scoring ten of Trinity’s points. Kevin Pham (WJ) and Scott Yuan (Fo) played well to keep the pressure on Cranbrook. This group of young men have worked so well with each other all season and it is starting to show on the court. This teamwork will hopefully get us on top of Barker this coming Saturday. 

Year 7G

Looking to extend their undefeated campaign, the 7Gs found themselves tied at 4-4 early in the game against a formidable opponent. However, Jonathan Gergis (WJ) and Johnny Sialepis (Mu) were able to get it going on the offensive end which kickstarted Trinity’s scoring run. From this point onwards, the Greens managed to hold their opponents scoreless by tightening their defence with high levels of ball pressure, led by Christopher Savva (Sc) and Dominic Chen (Ar)

Year 7H

From the beginning of the game, Trinity determined the pace of the game with their high level of intensity on both ends of the court. This resulted in back-to-back baskets for both Ethan Zhang (La) and Taj Powell (WH). Christian Ng (WJ) along with Asher Paoli (St) who had recently returned from injury made an immediate impact on the defensive end as the opponents struggled to overcome the Greens’ defence. As a result, Trinity found themselves accumulating several steals which were capitalized by Luca Dawson (Ke) and George Deiri (Ho).

Year 7I

The 7Is came up against a higher graded team (13Gs) in their game at The Kings School, as they looked to get their second win of the season. Trinity got off to a great start with big man Nicholas Daw (Ta) scoring two quick baskets to get us on the board early. His consistent presence in the key proved crucial to the 7Is first half performance. Charlie Parsonage (Ta) showed his skill with the ball in hand once again this week, getting the 7Is back into the contest landing most of the shots he put up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough in the end, as the Greens suffered a very respectable 5-point loss.

Year 7J

The 7Js came into this clash hoping to back up their dominant win against Knox the week before. It wasn’t going to be as easy, as the boys came up against the 7Hs from The King’s School. Trinity got off to a solid start, as Hussien Zein (He) opened the scoring with back to back baskets, giving the boys confidence. Aggressive ball movement by Joseph Khor (Hi) and great positioning by the ever-persistent Youssef Edress (WH) allowed the 7Js to get on with the job and edge out King’s by an impressive eight points.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

Basketball Results | CAS Round 9 versus Cranbrook

1sts95-80 W8A56-33 W
2nds51-41 W8B33-35 L
3rds47-30 W8C32-44 L
4ths23-27 L8D38-27 W
5ths24-25 L8E26-19 W
6ths26-33 L8F40-15 W
7ths27-33 L8G36-28 W
8ths38-38 D8H25-11 W
9ths37-40 L8I vs Barker I24-4 W
10ths26-60 L8J vs. Knox J5-34 L
11ths29-45 L7A18-27 L
12ths25-31 L7B15-20 L
10A33-39 L7C12-17 L
10B24-38 L7D17-16 W
10C44-46 L7E34-20 W
10D24-52 L7F29-11 W
10E20-42 L7G26-4 W
10F27-22 W7H26-5 W
10G11-58 L7I vs. Kings G14-19 L
10H 10-66 L7J vs. Kings H18-10 W
9A46-35 W
9B45-40 W
9C23-30 L
9D19-38 L
9E17-27 L
9F27-27 D
9G15-54 L
9H 22-24 L

Swimming | NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

March 5, 2021

SOPAC | Saturday, 27 and Sunday, 28 February, 2021

Trinity Grammar School was represented by 18 students in the NSW Senior Metropolitan Swimming Championships, held on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February 2021 at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush Sydney.

The NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships was the final meet for our senior swimmers before CAS, and it was a crucial opportunity for the boys to hone their skills before the “Big Dance”. Our swimmers’ performances from the weekend produced a well-deserved 4th place in both overall Point Score (1,702) and Medal Tally (6 gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze).

Gold Medallists

Hayden Hoang (9Ta)

13-14 Years 200 Back 2:11.50

13-14 Years 100 Back 59.27

Caleb Dryer (12Sc)

16 Years 100 Fly 57.99

16 Years 400 Free 4:04.42

Jason Yeou (12We)

16 Years 200 Free 1:56.27

16 Years 200 IM 2:11.51

Silver Medallists

Hayden Hoang (9Ta)

  • 13-14 Years 200 IM 2:16.75

Gabriel Wilczak (11Ar)

  • 16 Years 200 Fly 2:11.57

Jason Yeou (12We)

  • 16 Years 400 Free 4:06.58

Bronze Medallists

Hayden Hoang (9Ta)

  • 13-14 Years 400 IM 4:55.14
  • 13-14 Years 100 Fly 1:01.75
  • 13-14 Years 400 Free 4:22.07

Caleb Dryer (12Sc)

  • Opens 1500 Free 16:11.44

Gabriel Wilczak (11Ar)

  • 16 Years 200 Free 1:57.16
  • 16 Years 400 Free 4:10.31

Special mention needs to be made to three swimmers who lead the charge in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Hayden Hoang (9Ta)

Staying true to what he has done in the past. Hayden entered the Metros with the largest individual programme in the team. He raced in nine individual events, medalling in four. Backstroke is where Hayden shines, showing great skill underwater and blistering speed. Winning Gold in both the 13-14 Years 200 Backstroke (2:11.50) and 13-14 Years 100 Backstroke (59.27), he set a new NSW Metropolitan Championship record.

Caleb Dryer (12Sc)

Remarkably, Caleb set a new 16 years 800 Free NSW Metropolitan Championship record with his 800m split in the 1500 Free with a time of (8:29.05), beating the previous record from 2018 by nine seconds. Caleb has been on song since NSW Senior State Championships in December 2020, winning gold in the 16 years 400 Freestyle (4:04.42) and 16 years 100 Fly 57.99. He has his sights set on continuing these outstanding performances next week at the 90th CAS Swimming Championships and the Australian Age Swimming Championships in April.

Jason Yeou (12We)

The CAS Swimming Team Vice Captain had a productive weekend, reaching personal bests in all events swum and winning gold in two, the 16 years 200 Free (1:56.27) and 16 Years 200 IM (2:11.51). He is showing he is ready to lead the team at next week’s CAS Swimming Championships.

16 Years 400 Free Trifecta

In a parting shot, Caleb Dryer (12Sc) Jason Yeou (12We) Gabriel Wilczak (11Ar) completed a Trinity Grammar School trifecta in the 16 Years 400 Free.

Yours in Swimming,

Andrew Aebi | Senior Coach of Swimming

2020-2021 NSW Senior Metropolitain Swimming Championships (27-28/02/2021)

Long Course State Age 2018.2019

Hayden Hoang (9Ta)400 IM 3rd200 Back 1st100 Breast 4th100 Free 4th100 Fly 3rd200 Breast 6th400 Free 3rd100 Back 1st200 IM 2nd
14 Years4:55.142:11.501:13.7256.731:01.752:44.654:22.0759.272:16.75
Zachariah Nguyen (10Ta)50 Free 83rd100 Breast 13th50 Breast 34th 
14 Years 29.951:16.8034.04    
Ben Moloney (9Yo)100 Back 38th        
14 Years1:14.07        
Mitchell Chen (10Ar)100 Breast 4th100 Free 26th       
15 Years1:13.5258.65       
Jamie Kim (10Ke)100 Breast 20th100 Free 21st200 Breast 13th 
15 Years1:18.6358.092:49.29      
Cooper Twine (10Mu)200 Back 17th        
15 Years2:22.73        
Caleb Dryer (12Sc)1500 Free 3rd100 Back 8th200 Free 4th100 Fly 1st400 Free 1st   
16 Years16:11.441:04.461:57.4257.994:04.42    
Ryan Quinn (11St)200 Free 26th100 Free 13th       
16 Years2:05.6556.67      
Gabriel Wilczak (11Ar)200 Fly 2nd200 Free 3rd100 Free 3rd100 Fly 4th400 Free 3rd200 IM 8th   
16 Years2:11.571:57.1654.631:00.314:10.312:17.09 
Jiangtian Xia (11Fo)50 Fly 40th100 Breast 15th50 Breast 26th      
16 Years28.191:20.6933.28      
Jason Yeou (12We)200 Free 1st100 Breast 4th400 Free 2nd200 IM 1st 
16 Years1:56.271:09.514:06.582:11.51     
Duncan Feng (12Mu)50 Free 78th50 Fly 41st       
17 Years25.8628.20      
Michael McPartland (12Hi)100 Back 25th50 Back 21st   
17 Years1:04.4830.16       
Matthew Robertson (12Du)200 Free 33rd100 Free 18th100 Fly 28th     
17 Years2:01.1553.4859.73      
Cooper Virgo (12La)50 Free 23rd200 Free 40th100 Fly 34th  
17 Years24.552:02.441:00.61      
Alan Weston (12Ta)50 Free 58th50 Fly 18th100 Fly 27th    
17 Years25.4826.8959.65      

Summer Track and Field

March 5, 2021

Results from previous competitions around the Country.

Congratulations to all our competitors.

Individual Track Competition | AIS, Canberra | Sunday, 14 February 2021

1500m Men

Matthew McLachlan (8WJ) – 4.23.33s – a 3 second PB

Illawong Track Challenge | Illawong | Saturday, 20 February 2021


Jonathan Bassily (9Yo) – 26.28s


Michael King (10Ta) – 51.42

Oliver Walker (11Sc) – 54.76s

Dane Mitchell (9La) – 1.02.8s

Jozef Cluff (7Ar) – 1.03.27

Bankstown Milers | Bankstown | Thursday, 25 February 2021


Patrick Cantlon (12Du) – 15.15.84s


Theo Christian (12He) – 1.57.20s

Zachary Pliatsikas (11Ho) – 2.00.87s

Oliver Walker (11Sc) – 2.04.30s


Joseph Cantlon (10Du) – 4.23.85

Ben Maloney (9Y0)- 4.32.48s

Victorian State Championships | Lakeside, Melbourne | Saturday, 27 February 2021


Silver Medal – Michael King (10Ta) – 1.54.39s

U14 – U18 ACT Championships | Woden, ACT | Saturday, 27 and Sunday, 28 February 2021

U14 Discus

Gold Medal – Jozef Cluff (7Ar) – 35.00m

U17 Shot Put

Gold Medal – Benjamin Stevens (10We) – 16.50m

U17 Discus

Silver Medal – Benjamin Stevens (10We) – 49.64m

Andrew Murphy | Director of Track and Field | Athletic Development 

Volleyball vs Cranbrook

March 5, 2021

Trinity defeated Cranbrook 3-0 (25-12, 25-10, 25-14)

With a disrupted week of training, the boys saw their opponent of Cranbrook in a somewhat distracting location with a great deal of noise and external light. The set began with multiple ace serves and big swings from Oscar Van-Hal (12Mu). In the middle of the set as well, there was a “the last dance” inspired moment, of which Trinity managed to receive a point even though the player shot from behind the three-point line. After the three-pointer had gone in, Edward Feng (12Yo) decided to dominate at the net, embodying the Middle-Earth phrase, “you shall not pass”. This combined with the libero superstar of James Kern (12WJ) allowed the Trinity men to take the set comfortably.

The second set began with a stunning pick-up from David Gabriel (12Hi), who would go on to rip so-called ‘zingers’ as his ace serves were more than deadly. Martin Wong (11Ta) also dominated the set with a great swing through the seam as well as quality serves that resemble a boat, in that they both float. William Blanchfield (12Ho), also passed with precision and proactively covered all empty spaces of the court.

The final set saw Alex Saba (11WJ) and Steven Yarad (11Mu) dominate as they both swung and blocked to the best of their ability. With a new addition to the bench, Joel Matthei (12La) went up a gear to hit strategically and powerfully in the front and back row.

In summary, the boys played very well and are keen to finish off a so-far undefeated season.

Trinity 2nd VI defeat Cranbrook 3-0 (25-14, 25-9, 25-8)

Last Saturday, the Trinity 2nd VI were prepared after a scare from a formidable Knox team. However, this time it wasn’t so much the team that Trinity struggled against, but rather the conditions that we played in which inhibited us from playing at our maximum. A low net made it increasingly difficult for our setter to accurately set the ball to the optimum height to allow the spikers to smash the ball into the other side of the court. Furthermore, the sunlight from a massive window wall made it impossible for Trinity to see the baseline of the other side of the court, meaning we didn’t know where the outline was. However, despite these odds, Trinity managed to play great volleyball and win the game 3-0.

When the first set started, the ‘away court’ feeling lowered the team’s energy, putting us three points behind Cranbrook. However, after a quick timeout and a chance for us to recollect ourselves, Trinity started playing the way we always do. The comeback was led by Blake Plavsic (12WH) who showed his dominance on the court, absolutely destroying the other team with his massive spikes. Trinity was also able to score several points from several service aces from Jonathon Reissis (10WJ). Thus, due to Trinity’s offensive power, we were able to take back the first set.

After becoming used to the conditions, and swapping to the other side of the court, Trinity was on a roll. We started the set with an immediate 8-point lead due to the teamwork and chemistry that Trinity displayed. This continued throughout the entirety of the second set, largely due to excellent hitting from David Tsai (11Ho) who was set up perfectly by Eric Mihas (11La). This teamwork between setters and all spikers allowed Trinity to quickly take the second set.

The final set was one of the best Trinity has played all season. The backcourt defence, led by Keshav Baldeo (11He) was relentless, not letting any balls touch the ground. This allowed Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) to spike the ball at will, smashing the ball off the block and down the line on a tight angle. We also saw Jim O’Brien (12WJ) score many points from his serves and hit down the middle of the court. 

Overall, Trinity started slow, but was able to adapt and slightly change our game to fit the conditions to play our best. Our teamwork and communication were especially good this week, with most points only being lost from unforced errors. With only one more game for the summer season left, Trinity is looking to go undefeated again.

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeated Cranbrook (25-22, 25-18, 25-17)

This weekend the boys in the 3rds had a challenging win against Cranbrook. They are definitely the best team we have gone up against and everyone should be proud we worked together as a team and won. 

David Haselhurst (10WJ) pulled himself together today and forced himself to play his best so far, getting in multiple serves and spikes. Max Lusty (10Sc) also had a good day by staying on the net and putting over any ball he saw. Our backcourt had mixed plays; some were great, with Kevin Zhong (11He) and Oscar Shen (10Yo) calling out and taking the ball. 

On the serving side, Matthew Warrilow (10Yo) showed the other team how scary continuous serving is. Ken Takei (10La) also had a great day getting many touch blocks and strong serves on the opponents.

I think everyone on the team learnt something new this weekend, good and bad. It was still a great game in which we came out on top.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

Cricket vs Cranbrook

March 5, 2021

Last week was another good test for all teams in our fixture against Cranbrook School. In this week’s Bulletin, we have reports from the 1st XI, 2nd XI and 9A teams. We also go ‘around the grounds’ to learn about notable individual performances and, last but not least, Mr Yarad returns for the last time this season to test out our knowledge of cricket rules in ‘Stumped by the Rules’. 

1st XI

Following a delayed start to the match, Trinity eventually lost the toss and were sent into bat in their last home game of the season. The wicket was favourable for the bowling side early on, but this did not stop Trinity’s openers from laying a healthy platform, with Ashton Frazer (9Mu) scoring a blistering 20 runs. A routine collapse ensued, with Jasper Scott (9WH) the only other batsman to show application at the crease, scoring a gritty 19 off 69 deliveries. Trinity posted a below-par score of 115, and, with batting conditions only improving as the day progressed, their chances of claiming a victory began to seem very unlikely. However, Trinity did not go down without a fight, with Shivam Wadhera (10Ke)battling injury and illness, steaming in to take the only wicket of the innings, finishing with figures of 1/22 off five overs. Full credit must be given to the Cranbrook side, chasing the total down in 23 overs and showing why they are firm favourites to take out the premiership. 

Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo) | Captain

2nd XI

On Saturday 27 February, Trinity’s 2nd XI played at Woollahra Oval for the 9th round of the CAS season. Trinity lost the toss and was sent in to bat on a very green wicket. The two openers, Tom Mackie (11La) and James Schroder (11WJ), started off slowly until they pounced on some bad deliveries and the runs started to flow. James was undone by a reflex catch from the bowler with Trinity now 1/25. Then came Hugh MacMaster (11Sc) who batted well for his 14 runs, finding gaps in the slow outfield and also taking the aerial route. He and Tom batted well together and put a few more runs on the board together. After Hugh’s wicket fell, Trinity were still eyeing a good total until we began to collapse and managed to get all out for 73. Opening bowlers, Hugh MacMaster and James Schroder (11WJ), started bowling tight lines and building pressure until Hugh came away with the first wicket of the innings. The rest of the innings was dominated by Cranbrook’s batters who chased down the total pretty easily. Trinity were given opportunities to take wickets, but our fielding let us down. There are definitely areas that we can work on as a team and individually. Hopefully we can pull together a solid performance in our last fixture of the season against Barker. 

James Schroder (11WJ) | Captain 

9A Cricket Report 

With overcast and rainy conditions forecast, it was going to be tough for both teams. After winning the toss and electing to bat, the openers got themselves in before launching. Maanav Rindani (9Mu) reached 48 before being dismissed. Aryan Nair (9Yo) was a standout with the bat and in the field, producing a vital 69 to propel Trinity to an imposing total of 194. Aryan was a deadeye in the field with one catch and two run outs of which one was a direct hit. With rain sprinkling on top of a green deck, the bowlers found it hard to grip the ball and control their areas. With a partnership steadily building for Cranbrook, Hugo Van Hal (9Mu) stemmed the flow with a direct hit runout. A real shining light from this match was Dhruv Bharadwaj (9St) who picked up his first wickets of this season and got momentum swinging in Trinity’s favour. Cranbrook reached 184, falling 10 runs short. It was great to see the boys get behind one another, even when things were not going our way. The fielding efforts were astonishing, which ultimately helped with the result.

Kyron Thapa (9We) | Captain 

Around the Grounds

In the 10B match, both teams had players away due to School camps. It was pleasing to hear that Sydney Grammar shared players to make the game 8v8 and congratulations to Oliver Highest-Smith (10Hi) who scored 51 not out off 41 balls. In the 9B match, Oliver Pearson (9Sc) continued to score runs with this team, top scoring with 30 runs. The 8B team had a close loss to Cranbrook and the pick of the Trinity bowlers was Patrick Thompson (8Sc) with 4/24 off four overs. In the 8B match, Joel Prodigalidad (8Ar) top scored with 30 runs. In the 7A match, Ujwal Yadem (7Fo) scored 42 off 64 balls whilst in the field and Lachlan Ellis (7Yo) took two great catches and executed a direct run out. Finally, Ashton Yee (7Ta) took 2/9, and Nicholas Streeton (7St) and Hamish Turner (7Ta) put on a partnership of 31 with the bat in the 7B match.

Stumped by the Rules?

Last week, Deputy Head of the Senior School, Mathematics Teacher and Sydney Grade Cricket 1st Grade Umpire, Mr Andrew Yarad, provided us with a question for the dinner table which was: It is the last ball of the over and the batter hits the ball towards fine leg. The wicket Keeper removes his glove to chase, but the fine leg fielder gets the ball first and throws towards the stumps. The ball hits the wicket keeper’s glove on the ground, when the batters have completed two runs. How many runs are scored and is it the end of the over? 

The answer to the above question = 7 runs (2 runs for shot + 5 runs for hitting the glove) and the last ball needs to be rebowled. 

The question for this week from Mr Yarad is: You are the striker’s end umpire. The scores are level and the side batting are nine wickets down with one ball remaining. The delivery is signalled ‘wide’. The wicket-keeper, who is up to the stumps, puts the wicket down with the striker out of his ground not attempting a run. There is an appeal. What is your response and what is the result of the match?

All the best to all teams tomorrow in the last round of Cricket for season 2020-21. 

Luke Gray | Acting Director of Cricket

Water Polo | Round 12

March 5, 2021
D. Blythe


Last Saturday Trinity played Newington College across all teams. Each team prepared well throughout the week and Trinity knew that they had competitive matches coming up and the intensity and focus at training was fantastic. The matches did not disappoint – they were very entertaining and played in the right spirit. I must commend all players for their effort and the sportsmanship shown in their matches, it was exceptional! Whether the result was a win, loss or draw, Trinity teams were competitive and played fairly and I am very proud of how they represented the school. Notable victories from the day included the 13As, 15As and 14Bs – well done, gentlemen. The 3rd VII had a draw and some teams, including the 16A and 16Bs, had very narrow losses. The 1st VII match was a fantastic Water Polo match. Trinity put in an admirable performance of which they should be extremely proud. Despite the scoreboard, for much of the game they were the dominant team. However, Newington was just too good on the day and must be congratulated on their victory. For most teams, except for the 1st VII, 2nd VII and 16As, this weekend marks the final match. I wish all teams the best as they face Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore).   

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

R. Williams

J. De Groot

L. Potter

E. Germanos

A. Weston

S. Hohne

W. Rule

J. Robertson

J. Higgins

C. Izzillo

Z. Alshehabi

E. Potter

J. Johnstone

H. Stewart

H. Ryan

L. Young

T. Rathbone

L. De Lisle

1ST  VII | LOSS 6 – 12

The 1sts team faced the strongest team in the competition Newington College in their home pool over the weekend. The boys made some early errors in defence which potentially came from nervousness. Newington, as a result, were able to take a comfortable lead in the first quarter and the boys were forced to play catch up for the rest of the game. To the boys’ credit they never gave up, and fought hard the entire game with some exceptional defensive efforts, which in periods of the game saw Newington struggle to score. Unfortunately, this was not rewarded up the other end as the boys found it very difficult to find solutions in their attack, with many missed scoring opportunities that hit the cross-bar. While the result was not what the boys were after, they should be extremely proud of their efforts and attitude throughout the game. They have improved immensely since the start of the season, and as the young team they continue to mature and develop and they will be very strong contenders for next season’s title. The boys have two more games left in the season to secure third place in the school competition which will be a great achievement for such a young team and a building block for what can be achievable next season.

Blake Edwards | Coach

1st VII Coach Blake Edwards addresses the team.

Round 8 of Water Polo saw our Trinity 1st-grade team line up against Newington College. Newington’s 1st VII are equal first on the combined GPS/CAS ladder, making this the biggest game of the season for us. Winning this game would have meant that we had a shot at becoming equal CAS/GPS premiers. The game started off far too slowly for Trinity, with Newington scoring four unanswered goals in the first quarter, putting us on the back foot for the remainder of the game with Newington constantly applying pressure. The rest of the game saw us execute our game plan far better than in the first quarter, allowing us to keep the score line to 6-1 by half time. The second half saw Trinity in trouble with three of our players fouled a maximum of three times meaning that they could not re-enter the game. This made it even harder because it meant some players had to stay in the water with little to no rest. The end result for the game was 6-12 Newington’s way. Overall, this was not a bad effort considering this was the most physically demanding game of the season to date and we faced a far more experienced and older team. This augurs well for us in the future as we become a stronger and more mature team. 

Thomas Rathbone (11Ke), Harper Stewart (10St) and Lucas Young (10We) | 1st VII Co-Captains

2ND VII | LOSS 2-10

Newington College finished winners 10-2 in a high quality, fast paced game. From the outset, up against the undefeated Newington team, boasting a large number of experienced club water polo players, Trinity were well aware of the difficult task confronting them. Trinity started well, showing great intensity in defence and were able to limit Newington’s attack skills giving a 1-2 score line after the first period. The second quarter continued in the same vein, giving a half time score line of 2-4. In the second half, as Trinity’s stronger players tired, defensive errors crept into our game, and some bad decisions being made in attack allowed the experienced Newington players to capitalise on these errors and score six unanswered goals. Best for Trinity were: David Gabriel (12Hi), who again was outstanding in defence and controlled  Trinity’s attack; Lewis Potter (11Fo), whose strong work at centre back limited Newington’s set attack; and Euan Germanos (12He), with his non-stop speedy counter attack and defence. A special mention to Alan Weston (12Ta) who spent some time at centre back marking much larger centre forwards and nullifying their set attack. Lewis Kanellos (12He) had a strong game in goals. Goal scorers for Trinity were David Gabriel (12Hi) and Alan Weston (12Ta). All Trinity players are to be congratulated on their effort and the intensity in which they played the game.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach 

3RD VII | DRAW 7-7

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played Newington College. The first half of the game was not in our favour, despite Trinity scoring the first goal. At half-time, it was clear to all Trinity players that there was a chance of closing the gap and reducing the number of goals scored by the opposing team. In the third quarter, Trinity went into the water with a strong fighting spirit, which led to excellent defence and fewer goals scored by the opposing team. Lachlan Devlin (11WJ) played such a strong part in our comeback, showing great anticipation as our goalkeeper. The vibrant and bellowing cheers of Jonah Sowmi (11We) encouraged his teammates as he pushed his team until the final seconds. Michael Wierum (12­He) and Patrick Cantlon (12Du) are two players who should also be commended as they play consistently and fairly in every game, making them very reliable players in the team. Ultimately, the game ended in a draw which I still think is an amazing feat, considering we were losing by four goals at halftime. All players should be very proud of this game as it is not an easy task to come back from. The team is commended for their fighting spirit and great sportsmanship.  

Amy Graetz | Coach

16A | LOSS 4-6

The 16As have worked very well all year and the results are evident because last Saturday against Newington College was the toughest game of the year. The boys reacted very well to the final score and they played with a very good attitude, performing at their best. The team’s awareness in the water, whether it is fighting for any ball, in defence working as a team, or attacking that could be more effective, shows the boys are trying hard all the time. While the loss was 4-6, we were very close to winning the game having just missed two penalties. And combined with neither team scoring a goal in the last quarter demonstrated how tense the game was. Despite the loss, the team is victorious because of their competitive spirit. Well done, boys!

Florin Bonca | Coach

16B | LOSS 6-9

This week proved to be the 16Bs toughest game yet, battling an extremely competent Newington College side. The boys fought with grit and determination, showing incredible sportsmanship by playing till the last second of the game. Unfortunately, the boys had a narrow loss 6-9. However, several boys are to be commended on their incredible efforts, in particular Edward Simmons (9WH), scoring two of the most vital goals, one right after the other in extravagant fashion. Edward’s development, much like our other players, truly emerged in this game. This, combined with a major defensive effort by James Bolgorus (10St) in the final quarter, impressed spectators with his level of commitment and effort. With another incredible display by Finn Ramanauskas (10Ke) scoring multiple goals, it is fair to say that he is one of the stronger players in the whole 16Bs competition. It is noted the boys worked well as a team due to their strong press defence run, especially by Hudson Korda (10WJ) at centre-back. Even though the boys lost this week, their efforts in this game must be acknowledged. 

Oscar Jones | Coach

16C | LOSS 1-21

Last week the Trinity 16C team played a well-drilled team from Newington College and lost the match, 1-21. The score line did not do justice to the boys’ efforts, with William Brown (9Du) and Jonathan Ucchino (9WH) sharing the match as new goalkeepers, blocking several shots. Our main downfall was our defence letting players pass them rather than covering each other which resulted in the boys conceding multiple goals. There were some good efforts to attack displayed by the team, eventually resulting in a goal by Joshua Otto (9He) in the last quarter. 

Nina Seeto and Nadia Nero | Co-Coaches

15A | WON 16-6

The 15A team appeared to have a relaxed warmup approach to their games, even though this weekend we were tackling Newington College in our home pool. The boys were reflecting on their previous game against Newington, whereby they managed to dominate them by scoring a significant number of additional goals. Perhaps there was an underlying emotion of revenge from the boys to try and return the favour from their previous encounter! This was evident in the initial opening quarter where the team managed to score three goals to Newington’s one, with Jonah de Groot (9Ar) scoring two of these three goals. Euan Potter (9Fo), returning from Field Studies camp at Woollamia, injected his strength and power by putting two goals into the back of the net in the second quarter, making the school line 5-4 at half time. It was close. Zachariah Alshehabi (9Du) also displayed some strong shots and Euan Potter (9Fo) found himself with three additional scoring opportunities in the second half of the game. It was the back end of the game that saw the team clearly dominate Newington, extending the lead further and creating a final score line of 16-6. Congratulations to the boys on an excellent performance and an amazing turnaround from the previous game against Newington.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

14A | LOSS 4-10

The expectation to win was high with last Saturday’s game against Newington College. Unfortunately, a few absences meant our strongest team was not available for this round. The team played well under such circumstances, but struggled against a dominant Newington 14A team. Despite the loss, it was fantastic to see the team remain determined throughout and enjoy themselves during the game. 

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | WON 6-4

In a hard-fought match, Trinity 14Bs came out victorious against Newington College 6-4. The team made a great effort and I am proud of the boys showing improvement from the previous week. In the first quarter we kept it close, staying tied at 1-1. Matteo Pezzano (8Fo) added two goals in the match. Zaine Bachir (8Mu) and Gabriel Stavropoulos (8WH) also added one goal. However, the star of this game was Marcus Mastro (8Mu); with great defence and two goals, he led the charge in our close victory. The boys learnt how to go for steals last week and they are already starting to incorporate this skill into the games we are playing. I was very proud of how the boys played and I can see their competitive spirit and desire to win the games we are playing. 

Sam Slobodien | Coach 

13A | WON 13-8

The team was excited to be playing our first game in our home pool as we were preparing to do battle against Newington College. With some thorough preparation through the week, including some additional coaching from Ray Swinnerton, the boys were ready. As we warmed up for the game, there were plenty of nerves, but also a feeling of confidence. It was a really close start with the first quarter ending in Trinity ahead by only one goal, thanks to fantastic scoring opportunities from Jaiden Sivapirabu (7Hi), a goal to Hudson Myliotis (7Yo) and a goal to Dylan Blythe (7La). Similiarly, in the second quarter we manage to sneak ahead by one more goal, creating a half time lead of two goals. It was still tight. The game was electric, with the opposing coach continuously calling out on numerous occasions to rally his team, but to no avail as Trinity continued to take the game away from Newington. It was the second half of the game that saw Trinity display its dominance scoring a total of six goals to Newington’s three. Special mention must go to Taj Young (7We) who scored four goals in the second half and was a pivotal player to help increase the score line. It was a fantastic win by the boys, with a final score line of 13 to 8, and we look forward to our next game against Shore this coming weekend.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

13B | LOSS 2-18

The 13Bs had a tough game against a strong Newington College side, going down 18-2. Although this was a big loss, I was very proud and happy to see them implement the tactics and game play we have been working on in training. Instead of panicking every time the boys were pressured, and passing the ball into “no man’s land”, they properly received a foul and gave a safe pass up the pool. Special mention goes to Hugo France (7WH) and Oliver Ware (7Yo) for scoring, Jonah Charbel (7Mu) for playing great defence, and Ben Simonds (7WH) for excellent saves in goals. 

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

Tennis | Round 9 vs Cranbrook

March 5, 2021

Last weekend marked the penultimate round of the CAS Summer Tennis competition, which was contested against Cranbrook. Both schools fielded teams that were more or less even, which allowed for a competitive day’s tennis. Congratulations must be extended to the winning team which included the 1st IV, 6th, 10Bs, 9As, 8Cs and the 7As and Bs.

The 1st IV played arguably their best match of the season with the final result being a 5 sets to 3 win on the hardcourts at Trinity Tennis Centre. Each and every team member pulled together, combining the breadth of their abilities and knowledge to outplay their competitive Eastern Suburbs opponents. The ebb and flow of the match at times favoured both teams, but the result was on a knife edge until the very end. After a very entertaining doubles the scores were locked at two sets all, with each Trinity pairing contributing one set each to the total. The first pairing of Max Nguyen (11Yo) and Kevin Lin (12Sc) lost a very close set before triumphing in the second, where they won the majority of the more important points. Both students were commendable in the fact that they never lost their desire to win, nor did they become complacent. Our second pairing comprising of Dylan Guler (11WH) and Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) won their first set quickly, 6-1, but unfortunately dropped their intensity in the second set. In the singles, Max Nguyen played at an extremely high level against the top Cranbrook player. His aggressive game plan provided instant dividends as any short ball was thumped back with pace and depth. His opponent was denied any foothold in the contest, with Max winning 6-1. Spyridon’s singles match was in contrast to Max’s, with many long and constructed points. Spyridon did well to come back after a very slow start, but he was unable to maintain his run and eventually went down 6-4. As the two remaining singles took to the court no one in the crowd had any idea as to which way the result would swing. Dylan Guler was not about to succumb to the pressure and methodically dismantled his opponent with a powerful display of heavy groundstrokes and put away volleys. His 6-3 victory swung the match back in favour of the home team, but total victory was still not assured. The last match to take to the court was arguably the match of the day, and perhaps the season. With little room for error, Kevin Lin had to secure a win or extremely close loss to get the team over the line and avenge his first-round defeat at the hands of the same player. What followed was a masterclass performance, with Kevin designing and implementing a superior match plan allowing him total control of every aspect of the match. Kevin soaked up his opponents massive serve and groundstrokes, consistently outplaying him in every aspect of the game, whilst offering minimal unforced errors. The final result was a famous 6-3 win for Kevin and ultimately the team……. extremely well done!

The 2nd IV, despite missing key player Jim Gong (12Ar), combined creditably but were beaten by a determined team on the day. Cranbrook were simply too strong in the doubles component of the match, snatching all four sets. This made it difficult for the team who were unable to win all of the remaining singles matches to have a chance at victory. The Cranbrook pairings played smarter doubles with less errors for an easy victory, despite the relevant talent pools being similar between the two teams. Finn Taylor played well in his singles as did replacement, Deon Kontonis (12Fo), who both recorded wins on the day.

Tomorrow’s contest will be a good challenge as our boys take on Barker College in the away fixture at Hornsby.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

3rds and 4ths

The players of the 3rds and 4ths were very much looking forward to their second-round encounter against Cranbrook last Saturday, as the last time they met saw a very competitive round with both teams managing to tie the number of sets – three apiece. Coming into the fixture with some very good form, the boys were set for another tight tussle.

Deon Kontonis (12Fo), having already played three sets in the Seconds earlier that morning, played a very impressive singles, yet again showcasing his easy hitting style and clever shot choice. Perhaps fatigue played a part in what was ultimately a narrow loss. Teammate Matthew Chan (12Ar), had a slow start in his Doubles, finding it tricky initially to get his rhythm and timing. But thankfully, as we have come to know, Matthew does not give up easily. He settled, rose to the occasion and fought back (again) from 0 – 3 to win the match to 4. A very impressive result, and in fact, the only set won by the 3rds this week. Ben Prsa (12La) and Rohan John (12Ar) had a brilliant encounter in Doubles, finding their characteristic powerful groundstrokes and implementing them to great effect. Both played well in their respective singles and despite their best efforts, were not quite able to convert the won points into won games but it was very entertaining tennis nonetheless!

Solomon Khoury (11Ar) and Nicholas Papadopoulos (11He) were unstoppable, taking to the court with great energy and dynamism. They played a brilliant set of doubles, concentrating consistently, chasing every point and were unrelenting in their determination to dominate. Nick followed this victory with another in his Singles and his confident serving warrants special mention. Solomon was the master of effective shot placement and went down fighting in a narrow loss. Max Guo (12Ar) and Callum McLeod (12) combined well in the Doubles yet again. There was some solid serving by both boys and some amazing rallies. In their sets the results were very close and really the boys could have prevailed, had some of the important points gone their way.

Overall, it was a very tight encounter, played in very good spirit. Congratulations particularly to the 4ths who despite the overall loss, won 29 games to Cranbrook’s 32.

Good luck to all players tomorrow as we face Barker and attempt to reverse the yet again tight three sets apiece draw of the first round.

Jessica Spratt | Coach 3rds and 4th IVs

5ths and 6ths

On a very competitive day, two reasonably well-matched teams shared the honours. Both teams were affected by forfeits – Trinity’s 5ths due to illness, Cranbrook’s 6ths due to the absence of a player.

In the end – despite Micah Abel Sayed’s (12St) wholehearted and, at times, brilliant tennis – he lost his singles 6-7 – the 5ths went down. Cranbrook’s forfeit in the 6ths cost them dearly, but so too did Archer Guest’s (11 Mu) excellent singles triumph. His determined and skilful play – the best of his season – makes him the player of the round for the 5ths/6ths. Well done indeed, Archer!

We hope all the boys can finish the season with their most polished displays this weekend.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

10As and 10Bs

The Year 10 As played some great matches over the weekend but were unable to secure this round against Cranbrook. Giuseppe Barca (10Ar) and Alex Runciman (10Yo) both played well during their doubles match and individual singles games as well. Giuseppe won both his matches this weekend; he was hitting some very strong and consistent serves over the weekend along with some great ground strokes. Alex also played well during his doubles; he had great communication and he was playing very well at the net during the course of his matches. Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) and Marcus Lorenzato (10He) tried their best over the weekend. The boys at times were performing very well and had some great rallies with their opponents. Alex was hitting some great serves for the duration of his matches and he also played well at the net during his doubles match with Marcus. Marcus was strongest at the base line during both matches, as his ground strokes were his strongest shot over the weekend.

The Year 10 Bs were playing some good tennis over the weekend but they unfortunately did not win this round. Ben Kwan (10He) and Noah Bloomfield (10Fo) played a fantastic doubles match, coming very close to a win but only losing by a few points in a final tie break. Both boys were communicating very well for the duration of their doubles and both boys gave it their best effort during their singles match. Ben was hitting some really strong serves and ground strokes over the weekend, especially during the doubles match with Noah. Noah was playing closer to the net for the duration of his matches. He was hitting some fantastic volleys during both his singles and doubles matches and he had some very consistent serves. Aneesh Nagaratham (10Yo) and Julian Chin (10He) also tried their best over the weekend. The boys had some good rallies during their doubles match, with Aneesh hitting some great ground strokes and occasional volleys. Julian also played very well; his serves were very strong this past weekend. He also at times hit some great ground stroke winners.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

10Cs and 10Ds

Trinity’s 10Cs encountered a tough Cranbrook team last Saturday. Cranbrook were simply too strong for us with a 1-5 set, 11-32 game victory for the home side. However, an incredible fight from Caleb Kwan (10Ta) cemented a famous 6-2 victory in the singles.

Like the Cs, the Ds were outplayed last week. In the end, we went down 0-6 in sets and 6-36 in games. But Max Trigg (10We) did give his opponent a good workout in the singles, going down 3-6. I’m sure the boys will bounce back next week.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 10Cs and 10Ds Coach

9As and 9Bs

What an exciting round for the 9As, with the result coming down to the final set of the day, which ended with Sam Kang (9WJ) working hard to win in a tie break. Mitchell Reid-Queeney (9Ar) and Domenic Furfaro (9Ar) played an amazing doubles together, also winning their set in a tie break. Mitchell then went on to win his singles quite comfortably. Angelo Shi (9Sc) showed off his strong ground strokes in his singles by winning 7-5.

The 9Bs found it tough against Cranbrook, the boys only able to win one set. Eddy Ajami (9Yo) and Aiden Kuoch (9La) both playing decent tennis but, unable to find the winners they needed at the important times, both singles matches went down 4-6. Jack O’Shea (9He) fought hard in his singles. Despite going down 1-6, Jack showed great attitude in never giving up. A big well done goes to Charles Allison (9St), winning the only set of the day for the 9Bs, 6-2. Charles hit some amazing forehands and played with consistency.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

9Cs and 9Ds

The 9Cs unfortunately could not find themselves a rhythm against decent opponents over the weekend, the boys losing two sets to four. Dylan Ritchley (9Ho) and Lachlan Dai (9Du) started really well together, winning their doubles quite convincingly, then they moved into their singles and the tables turned, both boys going down. Dylan and Lachlan just lacked consistency in rallies which cost them their singles matches. It was not Ethan Chan’s (9Ar) day, either. He could not seem to find his feet in both his matches. Ethan hit some good shots but lost his singles and doubles mentally before the match was over. Keegan Van (9St) played exceptionally well in both his matches, overpowering his opponent in his singles to take the set out 6-4.

It was not the 9Ds’ day against Cranbrook, with the boys losing the day one set to five. Jatan Singh (9Mu) and Ronald Ye (9La) tried their best but were overpowered by their opponents in both their singles and doubles matches. Nicholas Musumeci (9Ke) played well but fell short with unforced errors on important points. A big well done to Bryan Yu (9Ta) for winning the only set of the day for the 9Ds. Bryan played some strong tennis; his opponent stood no chance with his big serves, with Bryan winning his singles 6-3.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

8As and 8Bs

The Year 8 As were playing very well over the weekend. They were very close, but unfortunately were unable to win this round against Cranbrook. Nathan Tsang (8Du) and Maxi Tsai (8Fo) played a great doubles match this weekend and they did their best in the singles matches as well. Nathan was playing well during his singles and doubles matches. His serves were very consistent, and he was also playing well at the net this weekend. Maxi also tried his best this weekend. He had a very tough opponent, but he was still hitting very well. In particular, his serves were quite consistent. Christopher Lowe (8Ho) and Sam Perkin (8Yo) played exceptionally well over the weekend, with both boys winning their doubles and singles matches. Christopher’s serves were very strong this weekend. His best shots this weekend were his volleys during his doubles match with Sam. Sam also did very well over the weekend, being very consistent during his singles match and very quick on the court.

The Year 8 Bs played well on the weekend but unfortunately lost this round against Cranbrook. Andy Zheng (8Yo) and Alex Lieng (8Ar) played well together during their doubles over the weekend. Andy had some great groundstrokes during his matches along with some fairly consistent serves. Alex also played well, his serves consistent, and at times he hit some great well-placed groundstrokes. Daniel Lok (8Ke) played well in his singles match, with some good foot work, and his ground strokes were very consistent.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

8Cs and 8Ds

After a good week of training, I was pleased to see the boys’ improvement on the court. Trinity were excellent on Saturday, defeating a tough Cranbrook side 4-2 on sets and 32-26 on games. Notably, Andy Nguyen (8Mu) was on fire today. His speed on the court was unmatched and this showed in his demolition job, winning 6-0.

The Ds also played some great tennis. However, we were beaten by a measly four games – the result being tied at 3-3 on sets with Cranbrook getting a 23-19 game lead. Today’s man of the match was Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu), Trinity’s famous golfer with a one-handed backhand to rival a prime Roger Federer, putting his opponent away with a swift 6-1 victory. The boys have done well this term and I hope we can end strong next week.

Kevin Batliwala | 8Cs and 8Ds Coach

7As and 7Bs

It was the 7As’ first win of the season and what a way to do it — a straight six sets win for the boys. Hugo Newman (7WJ) and Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) started with their singles matches and they did not disappoint, both boys playing sublime tennis, and wiping their opponents off the court. Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo) played really well in his singles; his serves were on fire and nearly every serve was unreturnable. Kang Nguyen (7WH) won his singles 6-2. There were a few more than usual unforced errors made by Kang, though in saying that, Kang also hit a lot of beautiful winners which won him his match.

What a win for the 7Bs! It was an unbelievable day for the boys, everyone playing to the best of their ability and not dropping a set. Hugh Williams (7St) and Dara Ritchley (7Ho) wiped their opponents off the court in their doubles, winning their first set of the season together 6-0. They both went on to play the same way in their singles which gave them wins. Alejandro Molina (7Ke) and Alessandro Re (7La) were on fire; the boys’ forehands were incredible to watch, and they showed some real skill in all three sets contested.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

Debating News | ISDA Round 2 vs Newington

March 5, 2021

Year 8 ISDA

On Friday 26February the Year 8 ISDA team debated against Newington on the topic “That schools should not organise classes based on academic ability.” We were the affirmative team in this debate and created a model that made it so schools would organise the classes by the students’ engagement and willingness to learn, while also handing out extension worksheets to all classes to not only extend them but also test the students’ engagement. One point of ours was that it would improve the wellbeing of every student because there is less competition in the higher classes, and in the lower classes the kids won’t feel discouraged from learning because they can move up in the classes by just engaging more. One of Newington’s counterarguments was that it would make the learning less effective. In the end the debate was very close with Newington coming out on top.

D. Lok (8Ke)

Year 10 ISDA

After a disappointing loss at the hands of SCECGS Redlands the week prior, the 10 ISDA team was ready and eager for a shot at redemption in last week’s debate against Newington. As this was a debate we’d all had before — the issue as to whether or not religion should be taught in schools, with the Trinity team arguing in favour of the topic as the affirmative team — the team comprising W. Taplin (10WH), V. Singleton (10WH), A. Jacobs (10Fo) and C. Kong (10La) had to make smart choices approaching the topic so as not to create a predictable case. The model posed by Trinity was a complete blanket ban of religious education in schools, arguing that students should attend a church or religious group outside of school if they are keen on getting a religious education. Trinity’s first speaker presented an argument based on the fact that no organisation has the right to teach religion to one who does not accept said religion or who currently holds a different religion, as per article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Newington responded with sound rebuttals and a countermodel of their own which promoted the idea that students would be given a background into all religions before being left alone to decide which religion they wished to follow. While this countermodel rendered Trinity’s first points ineffective, it left itself exposed to a number of logistical impracticalities, all of which were bought up by Trinity’s second speaker, who exposed the logistical impracticalities of teaching religions at schools such as finding qualified teachers, laying out curricula and ensuring that the subject did not become too demanding for students.  Newington’s second speaker responded declaring that their model gave students a choice as to which religion they were to follow but gave no response to the comments made regarding practicality. The third speakers from both Trinity and Newington summarised the debate, both declaring that their team held a marginal advantage over the other. In the end, the debate was narrowly awarded to Trinity based on a lack of response from Newington regarding the issues raised about impracticality. Despite this, the adjudicator was quick to point out that this debate was one focused on principle rather than practicality. We were also told to outline the status quo more clearly, as neither side clearly stated the current situation regarding the topic. We may have won this debate, but we certainly aren’t in the finals yet. We must use the lessons learnt in this debate to arm ourselves for the future so that we may be ready for the finals.    

W. Taplin (10WH)

Debating is naught but a verbal battle to the death; two foes, two teams willing to conquer their opposition. Our opposition, Newington, unwittingly took the approach of telling a lie often enough until it became true, trying to overcome us with treachery. But, unfortunately for Newington, the only blood that we bled, was green and white. The ISDA Senior Bs conquered Newington, leaving them to wither away.  We overshadowed our opposition in the topic “That we should ban companies from funding academic research.”  Such a topic was underneath the voluminous brain of J. May (11Yo), and his deconstruction of the topic resulted in Newington being phenomenally terror struck, their feet trembling in their boots. The rest of the Senior B ISDA team comprising J. Ming (11Yo), H. Davidson-McLeod (11Ta) and A. Lee (11WH) blew the Newington case out of the water. Our path toward the finals is certainly not guaranteed but I can assure our many followers that the Trinity Debating Society and its competitors in both the ISDA and FED contests will strive for success and not go down without a fight.

J. Ming (11Yo)

Golf | Round 9 | Warringah Golf Club

March 5, 2021

Independent Schools’ Golf Series 2020-2021 | Saturday, 27 February 2021

We travelled to Manly for the penultimate round of the 2020-2021 Trinity Golf season last Saturday. We were up against the hosts, Barker, on the fine Warringah Golf Club layout. One member told Sebastian Sara’s (11Du) dad, James, and me, ‘chewing our ears’ and hopefully accurately, that Warringah is the second-busiest course in Sydney behind Moore Park Golf Club. Who would have thunk… as there was no evidence of the highlighted heavy ‘golfing traffic’ and the course was in great shape.

The Trinity team had a newish feel about it as we welcomed debutant Adam Ding (7St) into our fold and it was great to have Oliver Huynh (9Ke) back in the team after his sojourn at the Field Studies camp.

Sebastian and Adam led the team up front as our two lowest handicappers who are respectively off handicaps of 1 and 3. Though this does mean the going is often tough, as was the case last Saturday as they both had to give in excess of 12 shots to two fine golfers from Barker. Seb, in his second week back from injury, played much better than last week, though his opponent from Barker was up to the task, and looked much more a ‘single figures’ player, being ultimately victorious with a solid win over our team leader 6 and 4.

Adam was tenacious in his first outing in the Green and White and finally, finally, we have a Trinity golfer standing on the correct side of the ball – welcome my ‘left-handed’ brother! There was no sign of nerves from Adam as ‘ice seems to run in his veins’ already and he took his match deep, yet succumbed on the 17th green, 2 and 1. He was only four over par at match’s end, a fine first round for team Trinity!

Oliver paired up with Alexander Jacob (10Fo) in our second pairing. Oliver was, not unexpectedly, rusty and ‘knocked a couple on the head down’ the first fairway. He soon found some ‘mojo’ and more consistency, yet the match had by that stage slipped away from him. He went down 5 and 3 on the 15th green. His playing partner, Alexander, was the only Trinitarian still ‘alive’ in his match, carrying the team on his shoulders. He continues to make changes to his swing, consistency improving as a result and the pragmatic decision to leave the ‘big dog’ in the bag last Saturday paid huge dividends. He ground out a hard-fought win, his first for the season, and accepted my enthusiastic congrats very coyly on the 17th green as he won 2 and 1. Alex putted beautifully throughout the round and his sweet chip under pressure on the 17th was sublime! Not that the next putt was great… a win nonetheless!

We climb from the cauldron of Schoolboy Golf next Saturday at Strathfield. We’ve no chance of making an impact on the leader board, though I’ve no doubt the lads will play with pride as they endeavour to finish on the high note!

Good golfing,

Michael Spratt | MIC

Music News | Gala Preparations and Soloists’ Competition

March 5, 2021

The excitement in the Music Department has grown immeasurably this week with two exciting developments. Firstly, the return of singing in groups up to 30 has allowed the school choirs to ramp-up rehearsals, and cement a focus on preparations for upcoming events in the Preparatory and Junior Schools occurring later this term, and in the Senior School to return to Gala preparations. 

Secondly, staff have been busy auditioning for next week’s Soloists’ Competition, to be held in the Orchestra Room on Wednesday 10March. Our external adjudicator for the event is Ms Brenda Jones, a prize winner of the Sydney International Piano Competition, soloist, chamber musician and accompanist, currently working at the Sydney Conservatorium High School. For this event we will be allowed up to 50 audience members in the Orchestra Room. What an amazing feeling it is to see a return of live performances at the School. The Soloists’ Competition is one of the Trinity Music Department’s yearly highlights and will be recorded as well to ensure a wider audience can view performances from the best of our musicians.

Dr Michael McGregor | Director of Co-Curricular Music (PreK-12)

Junior School Mozart Strings Ensemble

March 5, 2021

This week, 2021 Music Leader Charlie Yao (6Fo) showcases and introduces the Junior School Mozart Strings Ensemble.

Mozart strings is for K to 2 boys who play violin or cello and who are at the beginning of their musical journey. This is the first opportunity to play in an authentic String Orchestra, where they sing, play and work together. They learn orchestra ensemble discipline, manners and stage presentation. Boys in Mozart Strings regularly perform at assembly and important school events like the Junior School Evening of Music. Boys experiment with sound, learning how to play with dynamics, phrasing and the importance of listening to everyone in the ensemble. Rehearsals are also about playing with your friends and practising with proper posture, bow technique and pizzicato, instead of only doing this alone at home.

Mozart Strings rehearse every Monday and the boys are very excited and proud to be part of the ensemble. We believe this is a very good starting platform before boys are promoted into the core ensemble of Intermezzo or the promotion ensemble of Vivaldi Strings.

Here is just a sample of what boys in Mozart Strings say about their experience:

I love playing music with my friends | Asher Buultjens (1Ta)

I really like playing the violin with all of the music teachers | Cooper Mitevski (1Fo)

I like playing music with my friends on Mondays and learning things in my private lessons on Tuesdays | Byron Ma (2Ta)

I love violin because one day it will make me famous | Krishna Kotwal (1Yo)

It’s fun and it sounds pretty good | Merlin Hoang (Merlin) Nguyen (2La)

It’s another chance to play my instrument | Kyriakos Kottakis (2La)

It is cool because you get to practice for the big bands | James Sutherland (2Ta)

Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018
Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018

Music News | Preparatory School

March 5, 2021

Do You Know the Relationship between Arts and Minds?

There is a distinctive link between high levels of music training and the ability to manipulate information in both working and long-term memory, substantial improvement in numeracy and geometric skills, and more highly developed skills in reading and sequence learning.

Soloists Competition

This week Heats of the Soloists Competition were held at the Preparatory School and congratulations to the following students who will be performing at the Finals Concert next Wednesday night in the Orchestra Room. Well done to the twenty-six Preparatory School students who entered which was a record contribution.  Thanks to Mr Kinda for his accompaniment for the string students as well as the Adjudicators – Dr McGregor, Ms Morgan, Mr Kinda, Mr Rocco and Mrs Campbell.

Trinity Singers

This week Trinity Singers returned to relative normality with the rehearsal schedule. Thanks to all Trinity Singers who have attended rehearsals thus far this term. Today we recorded for the remote Family Service with Chapel Band and thanks to Ms Smeulders, Mrs Swanton, Mr Smith, Mr Dangoor and the camera operators for your assistance.

After School Music Co-Curricular Pick-up

Following after school Music Co-curricular rehearsals it would be appreciated if students can be collected at the Llandilo Gates no later than ten minutes past the rehearsal finishing time. If boys are still waiting, they will be directed to the OSHC to be supervised as staff are not expected to remain behind to wait for boys to be collected. Please ensure your son is registered with OSHC.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

Co-curricular Feature – Choirs in Term One

March 5, 2021

It has been an exciting time to again be working face to face with the boys in the Junior and Primary Choirs and the Trinity Singers. Even though we must observe strict COVID-19 distancing, I am again able to hear and see the boys and work intently on any technical issues. The boys can also listen to other singers around them and work on their ensemble skills and blend with other voices.

In all the rehearsals, I begin with some movement activities, which not only free up the body, but also encourage the boys to think and move creatively. My aim is to develop good posture for singing, as well as give the boys confidence to perform with ease. After we have warmed up our voices with some humming or vocal exercises, we work on perfecting our music making. I listen and watch carefully, as to how the boys articulate their words and use their mouths and engage their bodies for good breathing.

At the moment, the Junior Choir is working on songs about animals through the story of Noah’s Ark. The Primary Choir has been singing songs about pirates and ships and the boys have enjoyed pretending to be sailing the oceans on old fashioned sailing vessels. The Trinity Singers have been preparing two hymns and a two-part song for the Family Service. We plan to record this performance early next month for parent viewing. Mrs Campbell and I look forward to working more freely with the boys when the COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Nicole Smeulders | Music

Prep Sports Fixtures

March 5, 2021

Sportsmaster | Preparatory School

March 5, 2021

Sports Results | Saturday, 27 February 2021

Year 5 & 6 Basketball  
TeamTeam 1 Team 2
1st VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestLennard Suen 
Encouragement Thomas Ko 
2nd VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestOscar Yan 
Encouragement Adam Radwan 
3rd VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestJaiveer Singh 
Encouragement Samedh Chirravuri 
4th VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestOwen Hoang 
Encouragement Lucas Chan 
5th VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestMassimo Di Maria 
Encouragement Christian Ghannoum 
6th VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestLucas Chen 
Encouragement Kevin Wang 
7th VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestBilly Paradisis 
Encouragement Rayhan Behi 
8th VTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestJackson Galettis 
Encouragement Sergio Rodriguez Chavez 
Year 4 Basketball  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
4A VTrinity PrepSanta Sabina 
Best and FairestNicholas Khouzame 
Encouragement Sebastian Nguyen 
4B VTrinity PrepSanta Sabina
Best and FairestEthan Lam 
Encouragement Paul Arronis 
4C VTrinity PrepCoogee Prep
Best and FairestZachary Al Hassan 
Encouragement Leon Konidaris 
Year 5 & 6 Cricket  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XITrinityMosman
Best and FairestJayden Paskaranathan 
EncouragementKescharan Ketheswaran 
2nd XITrinityKnox
Best and FairestAthan Fudeh 
EncouragementHarry Ingram 
Best and FairestRoman Urbano 
Encouragement Jacob Polotoroff 
Best and FairestMax Edwards 
EncouragementLachlan Davies 
Year 4 Cricket  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
4A TrinityScots
Best and FairestRahid Chowdhury 
EncouragementTerrence Ho 
Best and FairestXavier Hannan 
EncouragementAndrew Zeng 
Best and FairestWinston Phong 
EncouragementMarcus Du 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
Yr 5 & 6TrinitySt Pius
MVPRory Ashcroft 
EncouragementSebastian Vanges 
Touch Football  
TeamTeam 1Team 2
Team ATrinityKnox
Best and FairestRemy Humphreys 
Encouragement Hugh Labas 
Team BTrinityNewington Lin.
Best and FairestMichael Whiting 
Encouragement Maurice Marroun 
Yr 5 & 6Player 1Player 2
Single Game 1Yianni PahosWyvern House
Single Game 2Marcus NguyenWyvern House
Single Game 3Nathan Della TorreWyvern House
Single Game 4Victor BaoWyvern House
Single Game 5Jack BrownWyvern House
Single Game 6Marcus KuitWyvern House
Single Game 7Adriano FurfaroWyvern House
Single Game 8Orlando AngWyvern House
Doubles Game 1Yianni PahosWyvern House
 Marcus Nguyen 
Doubles Game 2Nathan Della TorreWyvern House
 Victor Bao 
Doubles Game 3Jack BrownWyvern House
 Marcus Kuit 
Doubles Game 4Laurier ChenWyvern House
 Preston Lo 
Best and FairestYianni Pahos 
Encouragement Orlando Ang 

Sportsmaster | Junior School

March 5, 2021

Please have the boys on time for all sport and training. I am often reminding boys to be at their coach’s feet 30 minutes before matches on Saturdays and to arrive for Tuesday training sessions at 6:55am. Boys are often arriving just before games are due to commence or sessions have begun. Neither is a good look or sound preparation for what is to follow.

We had two more wins in Touch Football and pleasingly five wins from seven cricket contests on the weekend. Our 5/6 Intra boys also secured a large victory in Basketball and our 4B V secured their first triumph of the year against Mosman Prep away at the Mosman Indoor Sports Centre.

Winter Season

Round 1 is on Saturday, 24 April and runs through all five Saturdays in May (1, 8, 15, 22, 29) as well as Saturday, 5 June. No sport will be on June 12 (Long Weekend) then we have the holidays. Our final three rounds of winter competition (Rounds 8-10) begin immediately upon our return from the mid-year vacation and will be conducted are on 17, 24 and 31 July.

Thursday morning trials will commence on 25 March, the Thursday after summer season has ceased for Term 1. Boys are reminded that mouthguards are essential for rugby and shin guards for football as well as boots for all three winter sports.

If your son is selected in an Intra team for Winter, we will be commencing with Football for the first seven weeks in Term 2.

Once the draft draw is ready, I will load it onto the TGS App under ‘Fixtures for the season’ to give you a guide as to where matches will be hosted but please wait until teams are announced for exact times and locations. All home football matches for Football and Intra Sport will be held at Bressington Park.

We have a Winter Trials day on Saturday, 27 March. Cooke Park and Bressington Park will be used. Further details to come. IPSHA Cross Country is also on this day.

TGSJS Cross Country Championships

These will be held, weather permitting, on Friday morning, 19 March at school as a precursor to the IPSHA Cross Country which will take place at The Kings School. Only five boys will go in each age group to Kings, as a squad of 20.

Round 3 Results IPSHA Summer Sport

BasketballFebruary 27th
1st VScots 43 def Trinity JS 18
Best and FairestIzzy Constanti
Most ConsistentHudson Lyttle
2nd VScots 32 def Trinity JS 11 
Best and FairestMatthew Boumelhem
Most ConsistentNathan Jones
3rd VScots 44 def Trinity JS 4
Best and FairestKai Famlonga
Most ConsistentJustin Tsia
4th VScots 49 def Trinity JS 6
Best and FairestAlexander Chung
Most ConsistentChristian Antoniou
5th VScots 35 def Trinity JS 9
Best and FairestBen El-Hayek
Most ConsistentHarry Hartzenberg
6th VScots 36 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestDavid Martin
Most ConsistentVasili Pappas
7th VScots 40 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestAiden Wills
Most ConsistentAustin Albrighton
8th VScots 53 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestLachlan Stewart
Most ConsistentMarco Pavic
4A VMosman 10 def Trinity JS 3
Best and FairestNicholas Ma
Most ConsistentKyden Salim
4B VTrinity JS 26 def Mosman 18
Best and FairestChristopher Skouteris
Most ConsistentLucas Vo
4C VKRB 34 def Trinity JS 15
Best and FairestTianyang Zhao
Most ConsistentJack Zhou
Intra Basketball 
Best and FairestAllan Shaba
Most ConsistentConnor Proberts
5/6Won 28-0
Best and FairestOwen Kingham
Most ConsistentLuke Nunez
6ATGS 112 def Mosman 68
Best and FairestJayden*
Most ConsistentKescharan*
6BTGS 72 def Knox 64
Best and FairestAthan*
Most ConsistentHarry Ingram
5ATGS 96 def Knox 48
Best and FairestRoman Urbano
Most ConsistentJacob Polotoroff
5BTGS 68 def Waverley 26
Best and FairestMax Edwards
Most ConsistentLachlan Davies
4AScots 108 def TGS 26
Best and FairestRahid Chowdhury
Most ConsistentTerrence Ho
4B1TGS 51 def Scots 26
Best and FairestRaj Reddy
Most ConsistentJacob Smith*
4B2Cranbrook 145 def TGS 50
Best and FairestWinston*
Most ConsistentMarcus*
TennisScots 50 def Trinity JS 18
Best and FairestOllie Jessop
Most ConsistentJack Lai
Touch Football ATrinity 5 def Knox 4
Best and FairestHugh Labas
Most ConsistentRemy Humphreys
Touch Football BTrinity 10 def Newington Lindfield 1
Best and FairestMichael Whiting
Most ConsistentMaurice Marroun*

IPSHA Swimming / Diving

20 boys represented Trinity Junior School at the annual IPSHA Swimming and Diving carnival on Tuesday at SOPAC. Highlights of the day included Nathan Jones (5Yo) and Zac Bachir (6Ta) coming first and second in U11 Freestyle, first and fourth in U11 Breastroke, second and third in U11 Butterfly and Zac was also first in U11 Backstroke. They, along with Daniel Zhang (3Fo) (U9 Freestyle) and Moussa Choker (5La) in U10 Diving (1m Springboard) have all qualified for the IPSHA Swim & Dive team to compete on 18 March at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) carnival.

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

Junior Sports Fixtures

March 5, 2021

Music News | Junior School

March 5, 2021

A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul. ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At the recent Junior School Assembly, the Allegro Concert Band performed The Trinity Blues written by its Conductor Mr Mályusz.

Before the performance, Tom from 6La interviewed Mr Mályusz about the importance of making music together. He said, ‘playing together with other musicians allows young people to develop team and leadership skills. These skills include listening and non-verbally communicating with each other. Collaboration is also one of the skills gained which is transferable, and it’s a great way to motivate musicians. And perhaps most importantly, music is a great way to motivate children.’ Mr Mályusz commented afterwards that the boys are really looking forward to being able to perform Mission Impossible and other film favourites.

Instrumental Class Music

This week brass and wind students split into groups to play their new instruments

Term 1 Key Music Dates

Assembly performances:

8 March David Miller (6La) – trumpet 

15 March Maxwell Munday (6Fo) – piano

22 March Ezekiel Turner (6La) – saxophone 

29 March Geoffrey Olsen (6Yo) – piano 

Music Instrumental – Private Lessons

Enrolment forms to join individual instrumental lessons are available at http://community.trinity.nsw.edu.au/1_senior/docs/spirit_musicTuition.pdf or from the Junior School front office.

AMEB Examinations

If you wish your son to participate in an AMEB examination in the first session of 2021, please ensure you speak with his Instrumental Teacher next week, so he is best prepared and there is an opportunity to enrol as closing dates are fast approaching.



Mozart Strings (2:15 – 2:45pm) – Junior School (J1.9 and RoR)

Intermezzo Strings (3:15 – 4:00pm) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2)          

Allegro Concert Band (3:15 – 4:10pm) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3)


Treble I Junior School Choir (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)

Choir Advanced Ensemble (3:15 – 4pm) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)


Year 2 Instrumental (11:30am – 12:30pm) – School of Music

Year 3 Instrumental (2:15 – 3:15pm) – School of Music


Vivaldi Strings (from 7:15am) – School of Music Band Room (M1.2)

Junior School Concert Band (from 7:30am) – School of Music Orchestra Room (M1.3)


Treble II Junior School Choir (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)

Choir Advanced Ensemble (7:30 – 8:20am) – School of Music Choir Room (M1.1 & M1GA)

If you have any further inquiries for music, please contact the Music Department on 9581 6042.

Trevor Adams | Director of Junior School Music


Dates for the Diary

March 5, 2021

For full details of co-curricular programmes, please click on this LINK

Dates for the Diary | Junior School

March 5, 2021

Week 7

08 Mar Selected Y6 CRU FIT Leaders Excursion 11:30am

09 Mar Y7 2022 Parent Information Evening

10 Mar Y6 Mandarin/Art Excursion 9:30am

12 Mar K-6 Gelato Day

12 Mar Y3 Sport Football 3:00 – 4:30pm

13 Mar Sport Summer Round 5

Week 8

15 Mar Y6 Canberra Excursion departs

17 Mar Y6 Canberra Excursion returns

18 Mar Y4-6 Summer Sport Photos

18 Mar CIS Swimming & Diving (SOPAC)

19 Mar Cross Country Championships

20 Mar Sport Summer Round 6

Week 9

22 Mar Parent/Student/Teacher Conference (Monday to Thursday)

25 Mar Young Leader’s Day

26 Mar K-Y2 Easter Hat Parade 9:00am

27 Mar Y4-6 Winter Trials

27 Mar IPSHA Cross Country

From more Junior School dates, please click here.

Gelato Day

March 5, 2021

Friday, 12 March, 2021.

Order online by Wednesday 10th. This year’s flavours are:

  • Vanilla
  • Mango
  • Chocolate

The cost is $5 and orders must be made online only. No cash will be accepted.

Click here to order and pay now.


Prep Canteen News

March 5, 2021

Canteen will only be available for students through FlexiSchools. There will be no use of cash.

Parents are invited to order their son’s Crunch & Sip, morning tea or lunch each day through the FlexiSchool app.

  • Crunch & Sip orders close at 8:30am
  • Morning Tea orders close at 9:30am
  • Lunch orders close at 10am

Click HERE to set up your FlexisSchool account.

Reminder: Please let your son know you have ordered Crunch & Sip or Morning Tea. Boys can collect their orders from the canteen.

CLICK HERE To download the latest menu!




Family Feud | Save the Date

March 5, 2021

The Trinity Grammar School Parents and Friends’ Association presents

Virtual Family Feud

Family Fun for All

Save the Date | May 21 2021

More details to follow…

Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus)

March 5, 2021

Click here to read the Preparatory School Traffic Management Plan (Strathfield Campus).

Trinity Prayer Group | Summer Hill Campus

March 5, 2021

Parents and friends continue to pray for our boys and the School.

In Term 1, we will continue to hold Zoom meetings for Junior and Senior School on Tuesdays | 8.30 – 9.15am​ on the even weeks of term (Weeks 4, 6, 8, 10).

So grab a cuppa and please join us for a time of encouragement, community-building, thanksgiving and to sincerely bring the needs of the School community before our gracious God. Dates for Term 1, 2021

16 and 30 March


Greg Webster | Senior Chaplain, Summer Hill
email gwebster@trinity.nsw.edu.au

Kerry Vickery (Summer Hill) 
mobile 0408 119 187

Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus)

March 5, 2021

Click here to read the Traffic Management Plan (Summer Hill Campus).

Student Absence Notice

March 5, 2021

The preferred channel to report an absence is via the School app. If your son requires a leave of absence from school, please continue to request leave in advance by writing to the relevant Heads of School for permission. To download the Trinity School app, please visit the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.