Black and Green Shield

Since 2004 Trinity Grammar School has competed with St Patrick’s College, Strathfield each winter for the Black and Green Shield. The concept behind the shield was that all students in Rugby and Football (and later tennis) would have an equal opportunity to gain points towards winning the Shield, regardless of whether they were in the 7H Football or 1st XV Rugby.
This year will see Football and Tennis matches played against St Patrick’s for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, due to the recent inclement weather and subsequent cancelling of many trial or training sessions, not all fixtures will go ahead this weekend. The Football, Rugby and Tennis fixtures that are played this weekend, will accumulate points towards the Shield.

As one of the two main trophies we contest in the winter, outside the regular CAS competitions, and as the current holders of the Black and Green Shield, I hope all boys can get behind each other and enjoy the fierce competition this weekend.

Mitchell Kearsley | Sports Master

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