Basketball | Round 10 vs Barker

“Trinity Firsts and Seconds secure CAS Premierships in the same year, in a first for the School.”

1sts and 2nds with A.V. Smith Shield

1st V

It was an historic day for Trinity Basketball up at Barker College, with the Firsts and Seconds dominating both their games, which resulted in Trinity capturing both CAS Premierships in the same season for the first time in the School’s history since the CAS Basketball was made official, back in 1972. The Firsts finished joint Premiers with Knox, and the Seconds won it outright as both Trinity teams finished with an impressive 9-1 record.

The Firsts began well defensively, but couldn’t find the basket consistently as both Schools struggled in the opening period. Tom Buvac (12WJ) found his range to pick up 9 points for the quarter, as Trinity headed to the first break with a 5-point lead (16-11). Trinity exploded in the second quarter, upping their intensity at both ends with some terrific selfless basketball, moving the ball quickly to find an open teammate.  Deonte Williams (12Yo) and Theo Kidd (12WJ) put on some athletic highlights with some thunderous dunks and James Arthur (11WH) finished off the half with a nice move to see Trinity in total control leading by 30 points (47-17).

Trinity kept up the hard nose defence with Jayden Woods (11Ar) having his hands in passing lanes and James Andrews (11La) finding holes at the top of the Barker zone. Hayden Johnson (12WH) made a nice finish in traffic and then Christian Farr (11Mu) finished the third period with a pair of big 3s, as the boys on Green extended their lead out 38 points (70-32) heading into the final quarter. Daniel Jackson (12Ta) kept the pressure by creating turnovers and finding open teammates with some good passing. Young gun Jesse Edwards (9WH) nailed his second triple from deep and the feeling of accomplishment began to sink in, as Trinity knew they had completed the job. It was fitting to see Trinity School Captain, Jamie Christopoulos (12Ar), nail the final basket of the game, a huge 3 from the big man as Trinity finished their incredible season with a thumping win (86-49) built on its trademark defence.

To capture both the A.V. Smith Shield and Trinity Challenge in the same season is testament to a group of young men who pushed through a number of barriers over the course of their journey, which makes the taste of success even more rewarding.

Leading Statistics

Tom Buvac – 19 pts. 9 rebs.

Deonte Williams – 17 pts. 5 asts. 4 stls.

Theo Kidd – 12 pts. 5 rebs.

Cristian Farr – 10 pts. 4 rebs.

Trinity and barker Year 12s come together after their final game for their Schools.

2nd V

Trinity went into the last game of the season trying to wrap up an outright premiership. From the get-go, Barker seemed keen to spoil that, as Trinity found themselves down after a few nervous misses. From there, Nelson McEnally-Min(11Ke) got things rolling for Trinity, and they quickly levelled the scores. Rory Clunas (11Yo) and Mathew Nicolas (11Ke) both shared the job of guarding Barker’s danger man well, while also both contributing a three-point basket each. Alisi Leao (11Mu) and Brody Fortescue (12Ta) did an amazing job on the defensive boards, as Trinity limited their opponents to only one shot nearly every trip down to take a decent lead into the half time break (22-14).

In the second half, Marc Tennant (11Ta) got going with key buckets to push the lead out further, and James Kern (12WJ) continued his stellar defence which led to a few more buckets. Elias Sidiropoulos (11Yo) made life difficult for opponents to score inside, blocking a few shots and forcing multiple misses close to the basket with his intimidating defence. Laud Codjoe (12Ta) and Matthew De Belle (11Sc) brought great energy off the bench, defensively creating more problems for Barker as Trinity stretched the lead out to 21 points and finished with a worthy 18-point victory. With that, Trinity captured the outright 2nds Premiership with a tough fought and well-earned 9-1 record for the season.

Leading Scorers

Marc Tennant – 10 pts.  7 rebs.

Nelson McEnallay-Mino – 7 pts. 5 asts. 5 stls.

Brodie Fortescue – 6 pts. 8 rebs.

Matthew Nicolas – 7 pts.

3rd V

It took the Thirds some time to gel as a group over the course of the season, but to the boys’ credit they found the formula to win the last three games and send the Year 12s off in style. Anson Zhou (11Ke) and Eden Taouk (11WJ) were tenacious in securing the ball and scored 18 and 10 points respectively. James Petrakis (12Hi) is the rock under the basket, managing to out rebound any other player on the court, resulting in a great 20-point win.

7th V

In the last game of the season the Sevenths were locked in, coming away with an impressive away win over the Reds by 9 points. Trinity were organized and playing to its structures, dominating the game from the outset in a commanding all round performance. Dominic Feros (11WJ) was outstanding, scoring 14 points and was well assisted by the tremendous rebounding of Mohammed Zaarour (11Sc) and Chris Kapaniris (12We).

12th V

The Twelfths last game of the season did not disappoint and kept everyone on their seats. Trinity started off the game a bit slowly, with Barker taking a quick 6-point lead. This led to Cooper Hollis (11Sc) turning up the heat and showcasing his unrivalled athleticism in both offence and defence alongside Hamish Davidson-McLeod (11Ta) controlling of the paint. Going into half-time Trinity was up by four points, but Barker came back at the Greens. Fortunately Justin Zhou (11La) and Varun Iyer (11WJ) found their rhythm and were raining buckets from all ranges. Trinity held a 2-point lead going into the final minute before Barker tied the game with 30 seconds remaining in an exciting contest.

Year 10A

The 10As had a close loss falling to eventual CAS Premiers in Barker by just six points in an entertaining match to close the season. Trinity played with great character and mental fortitude, coming back from a fifteen-point deficit in the first half thanks to the persistent efforts of the entire team. A special mention this week goes to Davide Eboli (WH), who continues to demonstrate his fantastic improvement throughout the season. Well done to all the boys on a great season which saw improvement in all facets of the game, and the development of a mature team dynamic.

Year 10B

In one of the more entertaining outings in recent memory, the 10Bs secured a whopping 25-point victory to close out the season. Jonah Arraj (Hi) was a monster in the paint and in transition, scoring a whopping 32 points in which transition Basketball ruled the day. With Ryan Geddes (Mu), Kelvin Kong (Ar) and Paris Karakikes (He) pushing the fast break and Jaden Leung (Hi) playing his best game of the season, the team piled on basket after basket, finishing the game with their highest score of the season thanks to a buzzer-beating three-point rainbow from Michael Assaf (St). This type of transition basketball requires a team effort, and everyone played a part in Saturday’s victory.

Year 10C

The 10Cs finished the season with a strong 21-point victory. Alex Fisterman (WH), Jamie Kim (Ke), Ty Garaci (Ho) and Sam Niulala (St) all scored highly and demonstrated dexterity in offence.

Year 10D

Trinity 10Ds bounced back from the previous week’s disappointment with a solid 24-point win. Henry Nabavi-Tabrizi (St), Brandon Lieu (Ho), and Nicholas Katsiris (Ta) all demonstrated strong leadership skills as they guided the team at both ends of the court.

Year 10E

Another solid effort from the 10Es saw them finish the season with a great record of 8 wins and 2 losses. The boys were clinical in their final game of the season, stretching out an early lead that was unreachable by Barker. Joshua Jenkins (La) had a great all-round performance, while Marc Barakat (Mu) was crucial, grabbing any and every rebound possible. Another great season from this group which goes into the Opens next season with plenty of winning and experience under their belts.

Year 10F

A great finish to a strong second half of the season for Trinity. Liam Cavanagh (Ar) was tremendous from the perimeter hitting multiple shots in the first half. Bede Dunn (St) showed poise throughout the game, controlling the tempo from the guard position. A phenomenal season from the boys saw them finish with 7-2 record, putting them in the top half of the ladder.

Year 9A

The 9As put forward a strong team performance to defeat Barker comfortably. Noah Herden (He) started the Greens off well, scoring quick early points, while Will Constanti (La) provided a strong inside presence, challenging Barker’s size. With Trinity only up by 3 at the half, Henry Mansfield (Ke) led the defence by getting stops, opening the floor to Ollie Orr (Ho) whose high quality shots led to a strong lead. This game capped off a strong season for Trinity, who developed much as individuals and a collective, with the future looking very bright for this young group.

Year 9B

Trinity put forward a hard fought performance, in a tight 6-point loss With the roster of the 9Bs changing almost entirely from the previous week due to F.S. Camp 2 departing, Callum Campbell (We) used his experience to score 14 straight points, which created a strong start. Riley Farrell (Fo) used his court vision and floor presence to create good looks for teammates as well as for himself, disrupting the Barker defence. Returning from Camp, Luca Bazdaric (St) used his height and athleticism to provide much-needed scores for Trinity down the stretch. However, this gutsy performance put up by the 9Bs was not enough to come away with the win.

Year 9E

A comfortable win by the 9Es to finish the season, with Matthew Nicholas (WJ) playing a key role with his ability to control the tempo. Blake Whittaker (La) was strong in the key as Trinity pulled away to win by a large margin.

Year 9F

Trailing 8 points at half time, some strong positive words from Coach McKay inspired the boys outscore Barker by 25 points in the second half. Finn Hodgkinson (Fo) was unstoppable and showed improved accuracy, and Max ‘money’ Millgate (Fo) was as reliable as always.

Year 9H

The 9Hs were once again competitive in a close 3-point loss to Barker. Much of their success in offence was down to some great team work by William Deller (Ho), Aman Saeed (WH) and Neo White (Ta), who were able to move the ball efficiently between them and finish the job with accurate shooting.

Year 8A

In the last game of the season the 8As went down in a heartbreaking loss at the hands of Barker by 5 points, which means they will now tie for a Premiership with Knox. The Greens once again started quite positively, racking up a double digit lead in the opening five minutes which was initiated through the extraordinary defensive efforts by Zack Rice (Ho) and Aveer Shah (Ar) which set the platform for Trinity to have numerous fast break opportunities. Although, after making such a run, Barker responded with a quick timeout and readjusted to a much taller line-up. Barker’s superior size proved to be quite a challenge to the boys and even more troublesome when Ethan Marten Coney (Ho) went down with an injury. While offensive rebounds proved to be a contributing factor in the result, Harry Pliatsikas (Ho) must be commended for his phenomenal performance. Harry was by far the player of the game for Trinity as his relentless efforts to appear everywhere for the Greens defensively, along with contributing with some timely baskets, saw Trinity remain in reach. Despite the loss all the boys involved must be congratulated on winning the division and showing significant improvement throughout the season.

Year 8B

The 8Bs pulled off an extraordinary comeback to beat Barker by 3 points. Trinity, as they have done all season, had a poor start which was further fuelled by the boys getting into early foul trouble. Such factors saw the Greens being down by 20 at the half. However, in the second half Trinity significantly upped their intensity on both ends on the floor. Defensively David Simmons (Du) and Jacob Pham (WH) were both superb; despite being in foul trouble for the most part, they provided a significant spark which halted the opposition’s penetration and had numerous interceptions. While Christian Galettis (Fo) had a less than memorable first half, he and John Markos (Hi) both found success offensively scoring some big baskets and coming up with some crucial rebounds during Trinity’s second half surge. The 8Bs’ comeback was capped off by Noah Ming (Yo) who was impressive throughout, but especially in the last 90 seconds as he hit the game-tying shot and then with 30 seconds remaining isolated his defender and converted a huge 3-point shot to win Trinity the game.

Year 8C

It all came together for the final game of the season for the 8Cs. A great game by everyone on the defensive and offensive end. Liam Wu (Sc) and Michael Nasr (Mu) put immense pressure on Barker’s ball handlers to get steals, leading to fast break opportunities where Adam Tennant (Ta) and Andrew Hodkinson (He) did a great job of finishing around the basket for a resounding 19-point victory.

Year 8D

The 8Ds played a great game to end the season despite a one-point loss to Barker. Trinity’s team defence was relentless, with all players getting deflections, which instigated fast break opportunities. Marcus Kekatos (Ar) and Dom Willis (Ho) moved the ball well to ensure a monster game from Alan Chen (Fo) who had 10 of Trinity’s 16 points.

Year 8E

Looking to end their impressive season off with a win, Trinity were focused on the task at hand at Barker. In a back and forth first half, Matthew Barter (St) proved to be an issue with his powerful inside presence. In the second half, the 8Es began to run away with game through some impressive court vision and playmaking from Ignatius Cesarano (St), along with Harris Kotronakis (He) putting up plenty of points. Trinity ended the season with a well-deserved 7-point victory.

Year 8F

With an injury-riddled team going into the last game of the season, the men in Green were not going to let that stop their unbeaten run. After a slow start to the game, the 8Fs began to pick up some momentum on the defensive end as Aamir Salim (Ar) proved to be a menace throughout. Going into the second half, Trinity began to play to their strengths through their fast break offence, also accompanied with some impressive scoring from Lincoln Feng (Fo). The 8Fs were able to close out the game, completing their unbeaten season. 

Year 8G

The 8Gs learnt a valuable lesson after suffering a tight 4-point loss to Barker. The boys started with a strong first quarter but fell behind after struggling with the pressure from Barker. Travis Ng (WJ) was a valuable rebounder among Barker’s tall timber, converting 4 of Trinity’s 16 points. 

Year 8H

Trinity came out on top with Joshua Kirk (Fo) leading the team to victory with 8 points and picking off passes with ease. Michael Kordian (Hi) showed strength driving to the basket and controlling the pace of the game. 

Year 8I

The 8Is took on Knox in their last game and finished the season on a high with a solid 23-point victory. Christian Ciarroni (WJ) came out strong shooting the ball well once again to give Trinity the momentum. Declan Tan (Mu) was a beast on the rebounds, allowing Lachlan Hovilai (Yo) to get easy points on the fast break.

Year 7A

The 7As finished their first CAS season with an outstanding team effort, putting together everything they had been learning in their training sessions, in defeating Barker by 24 points. The tone was set early on the defensive end with Mason McGroder (WH) and Brooklyn Virgo (La) contesting shots and grabbing rebounds. On the offensive end, the team moved the ball and played together as Malakai Sinisa (We) top scored by going to the basket strongly, and Benjamin Gallo (He) and Steven Lee (Ho) were able to hit shots from outside. A great effort from the team who improved each week and showed a willingness to learn and play Trinity-style Basketball.

Year 7C

What a way to finish off the season, with a remarkable 1-point win over a tough Barker side. Great teamwork on defence lead to some quick fast break points down the stretch. Standout performances that must be mentioned include Charlie Teulon (Ar) and Samuel Michail (Hi) with some clutch offensive rebounds to secure the win. A bright future is ahead for these young men if they are willing to put in the work. 

Year 7E

In the final game of the season the 7Es put on a defensive clinic. The relentless pressure from Benjamin Lim (Ar) translated directly into fast break scoring options for players such as Calvin Doyle (Ho), Alex Brown (Ho) and David Charas (Ho). Trinity came away victorious and finished with a solid 3-1 record (one game was rained out). 

Year 7F

The young men in the 7Fs were unfortunately beaten in a close and well-fought match. Scott Yuan (Fo) has continued to prove his dominance in the paint on the defensive end by consistently blocking his opponents each week. Kevin Pham (WJ) was exceptional with his fast break play and strong passing to players in better positions than himself to ensure good shots were taken. Pablo Doherty (Mu) gave up four of his five available fouls against Barker, which intimidated the opponents into not wanting Pablo to mark them any more, due to his attitude of wanting the ball more than anyone else.

Year 7G

Playing their first away game, the 7Gs took time to adjust to the new court and found themselves deep in foul trouble. However, with increased discipline on the defensive end, the Greens were able to snowball a comfortable lead against their opponents off back-to-back baskets from Alex Jutrisa (WJ). Strong offensive board presence from Timothy Park (Du) allowed Trinity to convert off second chance points which sealed the game and capped off an impressive undefeated season.

Year 7H

Playing away from the comforts of Five Dock for their first time, the 7Hs also found themselves in foul trouble early in the game. Despite this issue, Trinity remained unaffected on the offensive end with multiple early baskets from Christian Ng (WJ) as well as James Hodge (Fo) going off for a game high of 10 points. Ethan Zhang (La) and Hugo Bruce (St) also built on the Greens lead with a combined 14 points to secure and protect their undefeated record.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

Basketball Results | CAS Round 10 vs Barker

1sts86-49 W8A42-47 L
2nds42-24 W8B35-32 W
3rds44-24 W8C29-10 W
4ths17-40 L8D16-17 L
5ths19-29 L8E34-27 W
6ths14-40 L8F29-12 W
7ths31-22 W8G16-20 L
8ths14-37 L8H24-4 W
9ths5-26 L8I vs Knox J25-2 W
10ths16-26 L8J vs. Barker I22-33 L
11ths22-34 L7A36-22 W
12ths18-18 D7B7-30 L
10A30-36 L7C29-28 W
10B75-50 W7D10-27 L
10C53-32 W7E15-8 W
10D47-23 W7F4-15 L
10E55-23 W7G22-3 W
10F39-24 W7H45-5 W
10G8-44 L7I 25-2 W
10H 31-36 L7J Bye
9A55-26 W
9B35-41 L
9C24-36 L
9D21-57 L
9E41-19 W
9F39-15 W
9G14-43 L
9H 26-29 L

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