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“Trinity 1sts get six players selected in CAS Teams.”

Trinity CAS Premiership season was rewarded with six boys making the CAS Representative Teams. Trinity Captain Tom Buvac (12WJ) was also given the honour of Co-Captaining the CAS Firsts Team.

  • CAS Firsts – Tom Buvac, Theo Kidd (12WJ), Deonte Williams (12Yo), Jayden Woods (11Ar)
  • CAS SecondsJamie Christopoulos (12Ar), James Andrews (11La)

ISA Games

The Trinity boys performed very well in the opening games of the Representative season with both CAS teams defeating ISA at Oakhill College on Tuesday. Jamie Christopoulos made a big impact in third period dropping in 6 points on his way to tally of 8 points for the game, while James Andrews’ hustle and his ability to attack the rim with purpose helped the CAS Seconds take they win by 14 points (78-64).

In the First encounter the CAS boys got off to a slow start, but it was Tom Buvac that ignited the revival as he poured in 17 points in the opening half, with Deonte Williams also proving a handful with 6 points as well. After the break, CAS continued to extend their lead with Theo Kidd strong at both ends, collecting 5 points for the game and Jayden Woods sealing the deal with a big 3 from the corner. CAS dropped off late in the final period, allowing ISA to cut into the 20-point margin as CAS finishing the match with a 6-point victory (85-79).


After a game under their belt both CAS Teams found rhythm and flow on the offensive end and flexed their muscle with two resounding victories over the AICES squads. The CAS Firsts led by two dominant performances on the offensive end from Trinity duo, Tom Buvac and Deonte Williams, combining for 41 points playing fast and aggressive Basketball to win easily by 19 points (86-67). Williams led all scorers with 22 points and Buvac backed up his impressive performance against ISA with 19 points. Theo Kidd was at his athletic best ‘posterizing’ an AICES player with a huge double handed slam. Jayden Woods was also very solid with great hustle at the defensive end and relentless on the boards. 

The CAS Seconds completely dominated their AICES counterparts with an impressive 42-point drubbing (93-51). Trinity’s James Andrews played a great game collecting 7 points with a big corner 3 in the opening quarter. 

Both CAS Teams and the Trinity’ six’ are primed for the traditional fixture against rival GPS, which will be held at Barker College on Wednesday 24 March.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

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