Basketball | CAS Round 6 vs St. Aloysius’

Theo Kidd goes up and around.
Tom Buvac powers down the court

“Trinity blow out Alo’s in strong first half display.”

1st V

Opening the second round on a Friday night at home in the traditional clash with St. Aloysius’, which also featured some support from Trinity’s student body, the Greens didn’t disappoint with a resounding 28-point victory (92-64). Theo Kidd (12WJ) dominated both ends early with some classic moves around the basket on his way to eight points in the first period and imposing defence in the paint. Deonte Williams’ (12Yo) ability to get to basket, and his athleticism in doing so, ensured Trinity were in control early with an 8-point lead (28-20) at the initial break. Trinity ramped up their defence to hold the visitors to just seven points in the second quarter, as Tom Buvac (12WJ) dominated the offensive end with good support from fast-improving James Arthur (11WH). Jayden Woods’ (11Ar) relentless pressure had the Greens in total control at halftime, leading by 26 points (53-27).

James Andrews (11La) gave plenty of spark to the offensive end, as he picked up season high 15 points. Jesse Edwards (9WH) found the mark with a jumper from deep, with Trinity extending their hold on the contest at the end of the third period (75-44) with a couple of big 3s from Cristian Farr (11Mu) and Hayden Johnson (12WH). Jamie Christopoulos (12Ar) led the rebounding which was a great effort amongst the Alo’s tall timber and Daniel Jackson (12Ta) kept the defensive pressure at a high level to see Trinity dominate the contest at start 2021 on the right note.  

Leading Statistics

Deonte Williams – 21 pts. 5 rebs.

Tom Buvac – 17 pts. 4 rebs. 5 asts.

James Andrews – 14 pts. 5 rebs.

James Arthur – 9 pts 5 rebs.

Theo Kidd – 8 pts. 5 rebs. 4 blks.

2nd V

The Greens resumed the CAS season with a solid 13-point win at home on Friday night. A slow start from Trinity saw them fall behind early, before rallying behind James Kern’s (12WJ) scoring explosion, including a few three pointers. Great first half impact by Brody Fortescue (12Ta) saw the Greens go into half-time with a 13-point lead (28-15).

Coming out after the break, St. Aloysius’ made adjustments and it became a very back and forth contest, before Alo’s cut the lead to seven with a few minutes to play. Marc Tennant (11Ta) and Elias Sidiropoulos (11Yo) combined for 12 points in the second half to keep Trinity in control. A few great plays late by Matthew Nicholas (11Ke) off the bench on both sides of the ball helped ensure the lead stayed beyond that margin, as Trinity ran away with a 62-49 win against a very solid St. Aloysius’ group. 

Leading Scorers

James Kern – 30 pts. 4 stls.

Marc Tennant – 14 pts. 5 rebs.

Matthew Nicolas – 6 pts. 4 stls.

Elias Sidiropoulos – 6 pts. 6 rebs.

3rd V

Coach Daniels was proud of the way Trinity Thirds were able to respond to St. Alo’s intense defence and claw their way back from being well-behind at half time to be just four-points down with only a minute to go.  Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) led the scoring with a game high 10 points and Anson Zhou (11Ke) provided many steals keeping the Greens in the game.  James Petrakis (12Hi) was outstanding under the basket dominating rebounds and ball security. 

4th V

Trinity put in a very solid ‘team’ performance to start the second round of the season with a confidence boosting 8-point victory. Tony Georges (12We) scored a game high 9 points, with Liam Clayton (11Fo) and Joshua Perera (12La) leading the fast break which resulted in keeping the scoreboard ticking over. Matthew Chen (12He) was dominant around the basket getting second chance points and finding open teammates.

5th V

The Fifths started 2021 with a solid 26-point victory. Building on great teamwork and tenacious defence, the Greens jumped out to any early double-digit lead. Nicholas Kaleel (12Mu) and Tom Yarrow (12Ho) were strong off the boards as Trinity’s ‘big men’. Vangeli Tsintominas (12Sc) and Adam Pascale (12Ke) led well as Captains, setting clear team desire and game plans. Aaron Phan (12Ho) and Dylan Lay (12St) showcased their potential as a backcourt duo, whilst Lachlan Wolf (11St) was superb throughout. Sean Yasseen (12La) and Keelan Stephandellis (11Hi) played with commitment and great positional awareness.

6th V

How sweet it is, for the Trinity Sixths, who were so close so often in Term 4, charged to an excellent victory over Alo’s to start the new year. A comfortable lead was established by half time, generated through tight defensive pressure. Our ‘Bigs’, Juno Ananda (12Ar), James Pau (12Ta) and Zac Lau (12Sc) were solid in the paint and strong off both boards. Patrick Williams (11La) was highly effective, saving many baskets with superbly timed defensive mid-air presence. Elias Chahine (12Ke) and Blake Hui (11Ta) led the team with tenacity, whilst James Kaye (11Ho) and Joseph Lin (11St) were dangerous and damaging in offence.

12th V

The 12ths had some solid results last term and were looking to continue the trend against St Aloysius’ in 2021. From tip-off Trinity took the early lead with Jeremy Gergis (11Du) controlling the flow of the game and scoring early baskets. Going into halftime Alo’s had started to fight back and diminished the Greens’ lead. Fortunately, Varun Iyer’s (11WJ) defensive prowess withheld the Alo’s onslaught. After the break, Trinity started lost focus and momentum changed towards the visitors’ way. A few quick points from John Harb (11We) kept the game close, but it wasn’t enough, with Trinity going down.

Year 10B

Trinity may have suffered a close, disappointing loss, but the boys deserve full credit for the way they played right up until the final buzzer. Adam Taleb (Mu) and Jason Wang (Ar) worked well in the post together, whilst Michael Assaf (St) and Pavle Ceprnja (St) put up a great defensive effort. Ryan Geddes (Mu) and Kelvin Kong (Ar) did well in running the offence, whilst Jonah Arraj (Hi) had his season-best performance, dominating under the ring and demonstrating his new offensive plays.

Year 10C

In what was a close first half, Alex Fisterman (WH) came off the bench and gave a scoring spark with a few quick layups. Beier Chen (Yo) also helped get the offence moving with a few good plays, to give Trinity a small lead at the half. After the break, Jamie Kim (Ke) stood out as he made plays for himself and others to help Trinity extend their lead, and eventually win the game by a healthy 18 points. 

Year 10D

In a sloppy first half where the 10Ds fouled early and often, Henry Nabavi-Tabrizi (St) helped steady the ship with a few key baskets and assists. Liam Sandilant (Hi) helped protect the rim and rebound to limit the opponent’s scoring opportunities, as Trinity took a narrow 3-point lead into the break. In the second half, Ari Tashtan (Ke) and George Karabatsos (Ta) took over the scoring, propelling Trinity to a handy lead that eventuated into a solid 13-point win to resume the CAS season. 

Year 10E

Trinity was phenomenal on the defensive end, causing deflections and stops every possession in a dominating 19-point win. These defensive efforts were then converted into points on the offensive end, creating an insurmountable lead. Credit must go to Finley Ross (WH) who competed on every possession and Christian Falato (Sc) who was able to convert all our defensive pressure into easy points. The 10Es are looking like true contenders in the CAS and will be working to continue to make their claim.

Year 10F

The 10Fs unfortunately started the second half of the season off with a narrow 2-point defeat. The boys played their hearts out right to final whistle which is to be commended. Joseph Catania (Sc) and George Nicholas (WJ) played a big part in Trinity coming back from a 12-point deficit which saw the Greens almost snatch the ‘W’.

Year 10H

The 10Hs experienced a thrilling match on Saturday and despite their valiant efforts, went down by just one point. Peter Noah (Yo) should be commended for his free throw shooting. Jackson Dumesich (WJ), Peter Michalos (Fo) and Emmanuel Rizkalla (Sc) played with great energy and enthusiasm. Overall, this was an exciting game that reflected the improvements made by the 10Hs.

Year 8A

The 8As were phenomenal in their matchup against Alo’s, resulting in a resounding 12-point victory. In what was a comprehensive team performance, the Greens’ defence was ferocious, led by Aveer Shah (Ar) and Zack Rice (Ho), as their constant pressure limited Alo’s to only seven points in the opening half. A correlation of this defensive intensity was the vast amount of fast break opportunities on which the boys capitalised. While Myles Buvac (WJ) led the team offensively, scoring a game high 11 points, it was the willingness of Harrison Lyttle (Ar), Jonathan Wakim (Du) and Harry Pliatsikas (Ho)  to make the extra pass to teammates which was truly marvelous to observe and resulted in eight players appearing on the scoresheet.

Year 8B

It was a tale of two halves for the 8Bs to kickstart 2021. The first half for the Greens was remarkable, offensively. Austin Daher (Ke) was impressive as he crafted his way through the defence having multiple opportunities around the rim. Christian Galettis (Fo) had success rebounding and converting missed shots around the basket, which enabled Trinity to keep the scoreboard ticking. After the break, Trinity became too reliant on their mid-range shooting rather than penetrating the basket. Noah Ming (Yo) must be commended on his poise, along with playing above his size defensively to force crucial stops which assured Trinity would remain ahead. In the end Trinity did just enough to win by seven points.

Year 8C

In one of the best games of the round, the 8Cs were truly exceptional as they dominated Alo’s. The sheer effort, passion and hustle from every player was noticeable in their 25-point victory. The boys put on an absolute masterclass in how to be unselfish, as Liam Wu (Sc) and Michael Nasr (Mu) zipped the ball around the court and all boys featured in the scoring column. Although it was a game all boys involved should be commended on, Andrew Hodkinson (He) stood out from the crowd as he chased after everything and led the Cs in their offensive outburst in the second half.

Year 8D

The 8Ds kicked off from where they left last year cruising to a 46-point victory. In what was a very fast-paced game, Trinity took full advantage of their superior physicality through the play of Alan Chen (Fo) and Joshua Awad (Ho). Joshua Awad was remarkable as he showed of his touch around the basket to a game high 20 points. Despite, being able to score at will the 8Ds showed great determination defensively to prevent Alo’s from gaining any momentum. The catalyst of this surge was Callum Padman (Hi) who was a menace defensively with multiple steals and deflections.

Year 8E

The Es were put to the test in their first game back against a strong St Aloysius’ side. Through Trinity’s high-paced offence, combined with a strong defensive effort from Banjo Hannaford (Du), Trinity were able to gain an early lead. Going into the second half Alo’s kept the game tight until an impressive team run of playmaking and scoring lead by Ignatius Cesarano (St) and Jonathon Ly (Sc) secured the blowout victory.

Year 8F

Looking to start the year off right, the 8Fs were excited to maintain their impressive form the end 2020. Some efficient shooting from Jared Kong (La) got Trinity an early lead to start the game. Coming into the second half, the men in Green began to build upon their lead through some excellent transition offence, combined with strong defensive efforts from Finlay Hanning (Ar). In the end Trinity finished with an encouraging 40-point victory.

Year 8G

Trinity put in a decisive effort to open the new year, winning by 26 points. The boys were disciplined on defence, committing only one team foul the entire game. Outstanding performances came from Reuben Chong (Hi) who scored eight points and demonstrated great effort at both ends of the floor. Ben Keogh (Ta), whilst ambitious from the 3-point line, proved his strength at the rim scoring multiple baskets with ease. 

Year 8H

The 8Hs were dominant from the opening tip to run away with a clear victory. Andy Lin (WJ) led his team to victory with 12 points after displaying his strength on the defensive and offensive boards. Xavier Sader (Ta) was relentless on the defence end and sunk shots from the mid-range. Jason Taouk (WJ) did an excellent job controlling the pace of the game with his passing and driving abilities.

Year 8J

Trinity hosted Knox in a game that finished with a nail biting ending, with the Greens just losing by only one point. There were two outstanding performance from Casey Chan (WJ), who knocked down back-to-back jumpers from beyond the free throw line, keeping Trinity in the game and Sesen Hanna (Hi) who displayed his dribbling ability as he was able to find teammates under pressure.

Year 7C

A very promising start to the season for the 7Cs, despite the close two-point loss. None stop hustle came from Kody Murphy (Ta) putting his body on the line constantly for the team. Outstanding composure was evident in the later stages of the game by back-court guard duo of Xavier Potts (Mu) and Christian Marzullo (WJ). Another mention must go to Mikias Williams (Yo), showing his passing skills for everyone to see.

Year 7D

Trinity opened their season with a very solid team effort as they won the game by ten points. The entire team was locked in from the start, led by the inside presence of Samuel Michail (Hi) and Issac Sandroussi (We). The performance of Jenson Ye (Yo) must be pointed out with his decision making and decisiveness throughout the whole game but especially towards the end when the pressure was on. 

Year 7E

The 7Es started the game strong with it being neck and neck right up to the break. Unfortunately, Aloy’s pulled away in the second half with some quick scoring baskets. Special mention to Calvin Doyle (Ho) for his exciting driving skills and to Ruben Lim (WJ) for his electric speed on the defensive end where he saved many potential scoring possibilities.

Year 7F

The 7Fs came out strong and held their lead the entire game. Although the 7Fs have only been a team for a short period, their teamwork skills were almost to perfection on Saturday which should prove handy for the upcoming games in the next few weeks. Special mention to Mathew Nada for his versatility on the court, going from posting up in the paint, shooting free throws and even a long range two pointer towards then end of the match. The final score was 29-13 with Trinity coming out on top. 

Year 7G

Heading into their first game in High School, the uncertainty and nerves were quickly washed away, as Isaac Bassily (Yo) and Timothy Park (Du) dominated on the offensive boards to give the 7Gs an early lead. Trinity managed to maintain and build upon this lead with their defensive efforts and hustle led by Jonathan Gergis (WJ) and George Salvartsis (WH). Deep into the game, Tarek Dib (St) sunk multiple long-range shots including a buzzer beater shot to secure the first up win.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

Results vs CAS Round 6 versus St. Aloysius’

1sts92-64 W8A40-28 W
2nds62-49 W8B28-21 W
3rds33-39 L8C41-16 W
4ths35-27 W8D58-12 W
5ths55-29 W8E49-24 W
6ths36-19 W8F58-5 W
7ths19-25 L8G48-22 W
8ths25-45 L8H48-5 W 
9ths17- 29 L8I16-23 L
10ths10-51 L8J 20-21 L
11thsRained Out7A20-42 L
12ths16-28 L7B17-19 L
10A30-58 L7C12-14 L
10B26-33 L7D22-13 W
10C46-28 W7E18-24 L
10D39-26 W7F29-13 W
10E31-12 W7G45-0 W
10F24-26 L7HInternal
10G16-26 L7IInternal
10H 10-11 L7J Internal
9A30-47 L
9B14-33 L
9C26-41 L
9D27-33 L
9E12-33 L
9F13-34 L
9G9-50 L
9H 14-24 L

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