Basketball CAS Blitz and Year 7 Trials

Year 7 Trials

It’s always an exciting time for the Basketball programme and the new Year 7 coaching staff getting their first look at what the future holds for Trinity, as the new crop of young Trinitarians were put through its paces in three competitive trials last week. The boys will now turn out for their selected teams for their first game against St. Aloysius’ College on Saturday.

As I mentioned to the boys trialling last week, if your son didn’t gain selection in the team he desired, he needs to be patient, continue to work on improving his game, and have a positive attitude. It is extremely difficult to grade 121 boys into ten teams (A-J) in just three small sessions. The boys must continue to work hard at training and make the most of their opportunities in the trial games on the following five Saturdays. There will be constant movement amongst teams when the coaches feel it is warranted.

CAS Blitz

The Blitz format is an exciting fast-paced way for our Firsts, Seconds and A Teams to get ready for the second half of the CAS season. Each school plays four half games against all CAS Schools except the School they meet in round six.

1sts Blitz @ Knox

Carrying momentum over from the Trinity Challenge, the Firsts were able to jump out to a dominant win against Barker (32-12), buoyed by a strong defensive effort and a willingness to play fast and attack the rim on the offensive side of the ball. The second game against Cranbrook (42-30) was a little flat in parts, though the team played together to ensure an easy victory.

Against perennial rival, Knox Grammar, the Greens jumped out to a solid lead. Knox were always in striking distance, but Trinity held on for a confidence-boosting win (29-26) behind great teamplay and a belief not seen in the first half of the season. The final game against Waverley (29-26) allowed plenty of minutes and opportunities for the reserves who played the majority of the minutes and made the most of the opportunity, with only a couple of late ‘3s’ from the Waves keeping it close. In a fast-paced four games, Trinity came away with a 4-0 record and looks to continue to build on the promising signs shown the past two weeks.

2nds Blitz @ Barker

The Seconds headed to Barker for the annual CAS Blitz. Starting with main rivals, Knox, Trinity came out slowly and fell behind by double digits early. On the offensive end, Nelson McEnally-Mino (11Ke) got the Greens going, with James Kern (12WJ) adding the scoring punch. After coming back to claim a small lead, Trinity went on to edge out Knox in by two points in a close game (21-19). Next up was Cranbrook, and in a low scoring game, Elias Sidiropolous (11Yo) rebounded and defended the ring effectively to make scoring very difficult. After some back and forth, Marc Tennant (11Ta) gave the Greens a 3-point lead, which Cranbrook managed to erase with a 3-point shot in the last 15 seconds, to end the game in a tie (20-20).

The third match was against host School Barker, and in a great team effort, Trinity came back, after being down early, to take a sizeable lead. Led by great play on both ends by James Kern (12WJ), bench contributions from Brody Fortescue (12Ta) and Laud Codjoe (12Ta) propelled The Greens to a comfortable 19-point victory (28-9). The final game against Waverley saw Rory Clunas (11Yo) step up on the defensive end, even drawing a charge due to his unrelenting effort. Offensive production from Matthew Nicholas (11Ke) who made the most of his starting opportunity, and Matthew DeBelle (11Sc) off the bench with a big 3-point basket helped Trinity finish unbeaten with a solid win (19-9).

Year 10A Blitz @ Waverley

Trinity 10As dusted off the cobwebs from a long, enjoyable summer break with four back-to-back fast games. In the first game, a reformed Barker outfit came out of the gates dominating the fast break, and despite some late rallying from Trinity, through strong leadership by a returning Sam Payne (WJ) and Davide Eboli (WH), Trinity lost (13-34). Joel Maher (Ta) and Kyle Tran (WH) led the team in a much more concerted effort in the next contest and, despite the sizable loss (13-31), the boys played with greater enthusiasm and belief against a physical Cranbrook side. In the third game against Knox, Trinity started well, putting in a much more mature and cohesive effort to compete, until fatigue set in. The boys ended up falling short of victory (9-17) in a hard-fought game, but Denis Petrides (Yo) and Nicholas Protopsaltis (Yo) had their best games of the day, whilst Hugo Reed (Ho) led from the point. In the final game, Trinity met a strong and switched on Waverley side and fell just short in a 5-point loss (23-28). However, the Greens put up their most consistent effort of the day, with Sami Nasr (Mu) and Lachlan Chung (Ho) crashing the rebounds and Noah De Barros (Ke) moving the ball with some zip.

Year 9A Blitz @ St. Aloysius’

Trinity put up a stellar performance going undefeated at the Year 9 CAS Blitz. Noah Herden (He) led Trinity to a great start against Cranbrook, scoring the first 8 points, whilst Hayden Hoang (Ta) provided great defensive intensity and rebounding, helping Trinity secure the first win of the day. The second game saw the Greens take on a very tall Barker team, with Caleb Leao (Mu) and Jamison Urch (Ta) using their relentless efforts to put pressure on the opposition. Henry Mansfield’s (Ke) anticipation enabled him to pick up crucial steals, which created fast-break opportunities, allowing Ollie Orr (Ho) to finish at the offensive end with some big plays.

Trinity came up against Waverley in the third game, with William Constanti (La) making a welcome return to the court, scoring several points in the opening minutes and giving the 9As an early lead. Adriano Lemme (Fo) maintained momentum by playing excellent defence, which he turned into easy points for himself. The Greens’ last game of the day would be against our number one rival, Knox. Peter Tanevski (WH) and Ryan Mahoney (Sc) provided instrumental playmaking and patience, which saw Trinity get the edge over Knox, winning by a point, in what was a very positive day for the group before they take on CAS leaders St. Aloysius’ to begin the second round of the CAS.

Year 8A Blitz @ Cranbrook

The 8As kicked off 2021 with a spectacular team performance, winning three games along with a draw at the annual CAS Blitz. There were some obvious signs of rust in the opening game against Cranbrook, but Trinity held on to win by five points (17-12) on the back of Ethan Marten-Coney’s (Ho) physicality and dominating presence. Against Barker, the boys showed a considerable improvement offensively as they managed to outlay a whopping 32 points in a solid victory (32-22). The third game against Waverley proved to be quite challenging for the 8As. However, the aggression from James Borg (He) and Aveer Shah (Ar) enabled Trinity to secure a narrow 7-point victory (25-18). The last contest saw Trinity take on joint CAS leaders Knox. Harrison Lyttle (Ar) and Myles Buvac (WJ) both played remarkably well, forcing multiple deflections and steals as well as combining for 16 points in a thrilling draw (23-23).

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

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