Art and Mandarin Year 6 2021 Excursion

On the 10th of March, Trinity Grammar School Year 6 students experienced delicious foods, Chinese culture, and different various art expressions for their UOI topic on “How We Express Ourselves”. The day was filled with beautiful sights, delicious Yum Cha, and an amazing time with our peers in the Chinese Garden of Friendship and Marigold Restaurant.

Year 6 students left from school at 9:30 and travelled by bus to the Chinese Garden of Friendship located in Darling Harbour. After a quick recess break, we commenced our day. Students were given the exciting task of finding the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs hidden amongst the garden. Throughout our journey, we got to experience all the beautiful nature of the garden such as the waterfalls, hills, the flowing plants and the colourful fish that live amongst the calm lakes which reach around the garden. The garden has been designed to harmoniously represent Yin and Yang, Taoist principles.

Students also engaged in drawing tasks for the visual arts aspect. They used small frames to paint a single aspect of the garden that really stood out to themselves. This task was enjoyable as we were able to really take in what was in a single area with exquisite detail. It felt like we had only been there for moments when we realised that it was time to eat what was promised to be one of the best meals of their schooling lives.

After seeing some amazing sights at the Chinese Garden, Year 6 set off to Yum Cha for a delicious lunch. The Yum Cha that the students went to was located in China Town. It was called the Marigold Restaurant. The food was delicious, fresh, and tasty. The restaurant staff served food ranging from dumpling to mango pancakes. Students enjoyed this opportunity to eat together as peers, but more importantly friends.

This experience was amazing, and the Year 6 students would like to thank Mrs Nikolov, Ms Jabaji, Mr Hoare, Mrs Tredinnick and Mrs Wang for giving us this valuable opportunity to take a step out of the classroom to learn more about art and culture.

Aidan Wills and Eligh Balic (2021 Art Leaders)

Photographs by Jack Castles, Ethan Peng, James Crook and Kobe Harb (2021 Art Leaders)

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