AFL | Rounds 1 and 2

AFL vs. Knox Grammar

CAS Round 2 | Saturday, 1 May 2021

The men of Trinity had to make the long journey north for Round 2, taking on Knox Grammar School at Acron Oval, and coming away with mixed results against one of the most consistently strong performing AFL schools in the CAS competition. The 7/8s teams split the results evenly between the two schools, with the As going down early against larger opponents, while the Bs won convincingly to settle the score. The 1sts went down against a strong side, with several players back for Round 2 and better for the run. The game of the day was the 9/10s, who responded well from last week’s defeat to secure a tough fought victory, playing as a well-disciplined team for a full four quarters.

Team of the Week: Round 2

Excellent performances from our key position players over the weekend sees one of the taller Team of the Week selections. They are well supported by the hard-running ground players who fought well against stiff opposition from Knox.

FBPeter Roser (12KE)James Craigie (8LA)Harrison Ryan (10TA)
HBLachlan Allen (7WJ)Andrew Hoskinson (8HE)Patrick Cantlon (12DU)
CTheo Christian (12HE)Angus Royal (8AR)Rory Flanagan (8FO)
HFNicholas Enno (12HI)William Constanti (9SC)Jack Gully (10WH)
FFLiam Wingrave (10AR)Brooklyn Virgo (7LA)Abe Vink (8WJ)
RRCallum Campbell (9WE)Christian Izzillo (7MU)Ryan Webb (9HI)

Round 2 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

Several new players have staked their claim to be the leading goalkicker for Trinity by the end of the season, with some early front-runners being well held in Round 2. Please see the below early ladder leaders who will be hoping to hold off a chasing pack.

4Brodie Fortescue
3Lachlan Ellis
3Brooklyn Virgo
2James Moore
2Lachlan Wolfe
2William Constanti
2Mikias Williams

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 2, 2021

Trinity 1st XVIII had a tough fixture on the weekend, losing to the currently undefeated Knox side 137 to 9. However, the score did not reflect the tremendous effort all the Trinity players demonstrated during the match, especially on defence. With Knox being far and away the strongest side in the competition, with multiple academy and representative players available for them in Round 2; there were, nonetheless, promising signs for our relatively inexperienced team.

The First Quarter saw Trinity slow to start and adjust to the immense pressure and high tempo gamestyle of our opponent, which allowed Knox to get the early lead on the scoreboard with several quick goals. Trinity responded in the second quarter, with defensive changes and strategies adjusted, as Knox was forced to work harder in order to score. In the second half, it became a much closer game on field. In the end Knox won convincingly with a much taller, fitter and more experienced team.

However, there were many skilful and exceptional patches of play being executed by the men of Trinity, and with some tweaking needed during training this week, we will look to ensure we complete the good plays and capitalise fully on our hard work around the ground. Several of these highlights were seen with Lucas Blythe (10LA), our Year 10 player, providing constant support around the ball, while demonstrating his hard gut running efforts as he followed up every contest to provide a handball receive option and direct his teammates into space.

In addition, our midfield cohort of Sam Waddington (11MU)Theo Christian (12HE)Lachlan Wolfe (11ST) all showed strong skills and courage against much bigger opponents, and did not look out of place in the fast-paced, high-octane midfield pressure that Knox provided. Our only goal of the day was from our very own Vice Captain, Nicholas Enno (12HI), who stepped out of heavy congestion, weaving through three defenders to kick truly and snap from 20m out in the First Quarter, as he was swarmed by teammates from all directions.

It can be incredibly tiring having to defend for large expanses of a quarter, and our team learned a valuable lesson in the work rate required to remain competitive with the best. Special mention must go to our backline, who were forced to defend and run hard all game, against a significantly fitter and taller team, with Emmanuel Grogan (12FO) taking innumerable intercept marks while wearing his trademarked head band. Other defensive players worth noting include Peter Roser (12KE), who utilised his long range kicking ability to send the ball over the Knox forwards at every kick out opportunity.  Similarly, Ben Wilkinson (11MU), who saved many close goals with his desperation at the goal line, and Nicholas Magoulas (12SC), making the biggest tackles for Trinity and acting as our enforcer down back. Our forward line assisted our ever-pressured midfielders and defenders, with Brodie Fortescue (12TA) and Oscar Ballentine-Jones (12HI) both giving immeasurable support by constantly providing strong marking targets and linking up with several excellent passages of quick handballs between each other to send us into attack.

Best on field goes to Patrick Cantlon (12DU), who used his elite fitness and athleticism to constantly provide defensive coverage while then managing to break away once Trinity had won possession and provide an outlet into attack. He amassed constant possessions in every quarter and combined this with his excellent footskills to always find a teammate in a better position.

While we were beaten by a much faster, stronger, taller and more organised opponent, our team learned a lot from playing the best players in the CAS competition, and will look to implement many of the Knox strategies going forward into the final three rounds of the CAS season. We will look to raise our training standards in the coming weeks and implement new structures and strategies from our learnings this weekend past.

Score: Knox Grammar 19.18.136 def Trinity 1.3.9

Goals: N. Enno

Bests: P. Cantlon, P. Roser, L. Blythe, T. Christian, B. Wilkinson, N. Enno

Alan Weston (12TA) | 1st XVIII Captain

9/10 As

Trinity responded incredibly well after last week’s defeat to control the game for a full four quarters against Knox. An excellent defensive effort ensured that Knox could never get a run on, while the midfield constantly sharked the hitouts of the Knox ruckman to send us into attack. The forward line worked well to capitalise on several forward entries to set up an early margin which Trinity maintained for the remainder of the match. The inclusion of Callum Campbell (9WE) and Ryan Webb (9HI) proved instrumental, while the key position players in William Constanti (9LA), Liam Wingrave (10AR) and Jack Gully (10WH) provided multiple defensive spoils, contested marks and goals, as they rotated through both offence and defence. This was an excellent all-round team effort, particularly on defence, with all players in the squad performing to a high standard and supporting one another to ensure we maintained our lead.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As were met with a much bigger opponent in Knox, and while taking it up to them early, they were unable to maintain this pressure for a full four quarters. Callum Padman (8HI) and Angus Royal (8AR) showed great courage and intent to win several contested possessions and keep Trinity in the game early, while Rory Flanagan (8FO) collected numerous possessions on the wing and in attack. Unfortunately, the pressure and structure of Knox proved too great, as they ran away with the result in the final quarter. Trinity will look to bounce back next week against Cranbrook in our first home fixture.

7/8 Bs

The second game of the season saw a comprehensive victory again Knox, with the 7/8 Bs remaining the only undefeated Trinity AFL team. The young men of Trinity are improving every week and got on top early to run away with the result thanks to good all-round team play. Special mentions to Mikias William (7YO) who collected possessions at will in the midfield and regularly used his speed and agility to provide strong pressure in our forward line, being well supported by the excellent forward work of Brooklyn Virgo (7LA) who provided a target all day and was unlucky to not add further goals to his strong start to the season, while down back James Craigie (8LA) and Andrew Hoskinson (8HE) were clean all day and kept the ball out of our defensive line. Trinity will look to remain undefeated in next week’s fixture against Cranbrook.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

AFL vs. St Aloysius

CAS Round 1 | Saturday, 25 April 2021

Perfect conditions for playing Australian football greeted the students of Trinity as AFL was split across three venues for the first round of the CAS season. Several strong performances from our 7/8s teams saw us sneak home against strong opposition, while the 9/10s had a tough task against St Aloysius’ but applied themselves well all day to the contest. The 1sts had an improved showing against a strong side, with several players taking the field for the first time as a unit and finding the going tough before settling later in the game and starting to work as a team.

Team of the Week

Strong performances from the 7/8 age group has seen many of them selected in this Team of the Week. Multiple goal kicking midfielders can be found in this week’s team, with several players very unlucky to miss out. All sides will be keen to take on Knox next week and test themselves against a proud AFL school.

FBLachlan Wolfe (11ST)Lucas Blum (9AR)Max Anderson (9HI)
HBMason McGroder (7WJ)Emmanuel Grogan (12FO)Andrew Stone (9HO)
CMakias Williams (7YO)Lachlan Ellis (7YO)Matthew MacDonald (7WJ)
HFAlexi Little (12FO)Brodie Fortescue (12TA)Josh O’Connell (8AR)
FFRowan O’Connor (10MU)James Moore (10TA)Dylan Blythe (7LA)
RRLouis Lusty (8SC)Sam Waddington (11MU)Lucas Blythe (10LA)

Round 1 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

No team posted a score over 60 points this weekend, so having so many multiple goal scorers in Round 1 is an impressive feat. Please see the below early ladders leaders who will be hoping to hold off a chasing pack.

4Brodie Fortescue (12TA)
3Lachlan Ellis (7YO)
2James Moore (10TA)
2Lachlan Wolfe (11ST)
2Brooklyn Virgo (7LA)

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 1, 2021

With nine players making their debut in AFL for Trinity Grammar in the opening round, the test was put to the team on whether they could demonstrate teamwork early, as players had to quickly adjust to the playing styles of new teammates. St Aloysius’ are a strong AFL school, with several representative players in their squad, and the challenge was put to the young students of Trinity to follow the structures and defensive mindset they have been working on in the pre-season.

The opening bounce of the season went to plan as Christian Farr (11MU) won the first tap straight down to Captain Alan Weston (12TA), who released a quick handball to a fast running Sam Waddington (11MU) for our first forward entry. Unfortunately, St Aloysius’ counter-attacked, with Trinity being slow to transition to defence. Some desperation and a diving smother from Vice-Captain Nicholas Enno (12HI) was a highlight, while Emmanuel Grogan (12FO), in his first game for the School, was dominant in the air, taking marks at will and using his excellent decision making to find targets and transition us out of defence. St Aloysius’ surged again, and would have had a more productive quarter, if not for the defensive mindset of Ben Wilkinson (11MU), who repeatedly drifted back to the goal line and intercepted numerous long shots from the opposition forwards. Ben was immense all day, regularly saving countless certain goals at the last opportunity. Trinity had found themselves in a hole early, with St Aloysius’ kicking four unanswered goals for the quarter. The siren provided an opportunity to reflect and regather, as we went back to focusing on our structures and emphasised defensive running.

The students of Trinity were asked to respond and respond they did. Defensive running improved as Trinity started to play accountable football with a defensive mindset. This allowed us to win possession and send the ball forward. They say the art of being a forward is one of the hardest skills to learn in the modern game, but Brodie Fortescue (12TA) made it look easy as he took several contested marks while providing a genuine aerial target up forward. This was an impressive feat for someone who had only picked up an AFL football in preseason six weeks ago. He was rewarded for his effort with two long-range goals for the quarter, the highlight being a 45m kick out of mid-air to open Trinity’s goal-kicking account in 2021. Lachlan Wolfe (11ST), who had used his elite footskills to set us up out of defence, capped off an impressive quarter for Trinity, with a goal on the half-time siren. Suddenly we had a genuine contest on our hands.

The third quarter saw a re-energised Trinity side that was in stark contrast to the team that took the field in quarter one. Defensive running and better positional play saw Trinity start to take the ascendency away from St Aloysius’, as the self-belief within the squad began to grow. Alexei Little (12FO), who had been applying immense pressure to the opposition all day, started to find open space and hit forward targets. Patrick Cantlon (12DU) was moved into the backline and provided multiple spoils and hard transition running in defence. While Theo Christian (12HE) used his elite running capacity to overpower his direct opponent and break away several times on the far wing. The side was rewarded for their effort with Brodie kicking another two goals in the quarter, while Nicholas Magoulas (12SC) opened his goal kicking account for the year with a nice mark and goal in the forward pocket. Trinity came into the three-quarter time huddle with genuine belief that an upset was possible from this point on.

The final quarter started perfectly for Trinity; with Christian again winning the first tap, as Lucas Blythe (10LA), in his debut, linked up with Sam Waddington (11MU) to exchange several running handballs before Sam kicked truly on the run to bring Trinity within three goals of an upset victory. Lucas did not look out of place in Opens AFL, displaying skills and calmness at the contest of a player several years his senior. Unfortunately, injuries and cramping meant that Trinity ran out of legs in the last quarter, as St Aloysius’ surged again to put the result beyond doubt.

Trinity should be proud of their combined efforts. Reflecting from our performance last season, the margin represents a 60% improvement from our previous encounter against St Aloysius’ last year. With several players gaining more experience, and key players still to come back from injury throughout the season, there is a positive outlook within the Opens AFL squad for 2021. A big challenge awaits Trinity next week, with a Round 2 fixture against Knox Grammar, but Trinity will take away many learnings from this contest and look to apply themselves against a similar opponent.

Score: St Aloysius’ 12.10.82 def Trinity 8.1.49

Goals: 4 B. Fortescue, 2 L. Wolfe, N. Magoulas, S. Waddington

Bests: B. Fortescue, L. Blythe, E. Grogan, L. Wolfe, S. Waddington, A. Little

9/10 As

St Aloysius’ provided a strong contest against Trinity, as several players made their debut in the sport and heavy rotations limited our ability to get into the game. James Moore (10TA), in his first game for the School, played all positions on the ground like a seasoned veteran, being rewarded with the opening two goals of the game. Rowan O’Connor (10MU) was strong in the midfield all day, while Max Anderson (9HI) was exceptional down back, linking up regularly with Lucas Blum (9AR) and Andrew Stone (9HO) to propel Trinity into attack. It, unfortunately, was not our day, but all members of our playing squad will be better for the experience.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As had a difficult first round opponent in St Aloysius’, but applied themselves with their stronger running ability and footskills to rise to the challenge and run out seven-point victors. Mason McGroder (7WH) was strong in defence and then used his jumping prowess to win several key hit outs in the last quarter. This allowed the Trinity midfielders in Josh O’Connell (8AR) and Matthew MacDonald (7WJ) to have first use of the football which they used to full effect to stay on top against a much bigger opponent. Trinity will be eager to test themselves against Knox this weekend in what should be an exciting game of football.

7/8 Bs

The first game of the season saw an exciting seven-point win against Redlands. A genuine four quarter effort from all players allowed the side to finally seal victory in the final quarter after a scare from the opposition saw the margin narrow to a single point. Special mentions to Lachlan Ellis (7YO) who collected possessions at will in the midfield and kicked three goals, and the excellent ruck work of Louis Lusty (8SC) who supported our midfielders all day. Trinity will look forward to the challenge of taking on Knox next week and continue on with their early good form.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

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