AFL | Round 5

Saturday, 22nd May 2021

Trinity AFL was split this weekend, with the 1sts finishing the CAS Season but unfortunately doing down against Waverley, while the 9/10s had a white hot start against Newington, but could not sustain it for a full four quarters. Results from the 7/8s were positive against a much bigger opponent in Shore, with the 7/8 As using their elite running and skills to play out a thrilling draw, while the Bs continue on as the only undefeated Trinity AFL team in the 2021 Season.

Team of the Week: Round 5

Numerous new entrants in the Team of the Week, which suggests the even spread of talent throughout our various teams.

FBJonathan Orr (7Ho)James Robertson (10Du)Aidan Lang (7Ho)
HBLiam Wingrave (10Ar)Harry Clegg (8Du)Harrison Ryan (10Ta)
CCaleb Kwan (10Ta)Tom Huber (8We)Rowan O’Connor (Mu)
HFBenjamin Orr (11Ho)Brodie Fortescue (12Ta)Mikias Williams (7Yo)
FFWill Carvosso (9Sc)Mason McGroder (7WH)Levi Gray (8Ho)
RRMatthew Robertson (12Du)Josh O’Connell (8Ar)Lachlan Ellis (7Yo)

Round 4 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

We have a new outright leader in the 2021 Goalkicking Ladder, with Lachlan Ellis moving into top position with three goals on the weekend.

6Lachlan Ellis
4Brodie Fortescue
4Mikias Williams
3Brooklyn Virgo
3James Moore

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 5, 2021

Trinity 1st XVIII had a difficult match up last weekend, losing to a star-studded Waverley side which contained several Swans Academy players. Trinity’s performance was commendable, with all the boys motivated to get a win in the final game of the CAS competition. The first quarter saw Trinity setting the tone physically, with a few young guns from Year 10, in Harrison Ryan (10Ta) and Rowan O’Connor (10Mu), adding some extra firepower to the illustrious Trinity side, with numerous repeat efforts and chase down tackles of opposition players. The second quarter saw Trinity miss some good chances while giving up a few too many marks inside the defensive 50. Unfortunately, fatigue kicked in during the second half, with Waverley taking advantage of Trinity’s depleted forces, creating an unassailable lead in the third quarter. However, this did not stop Trinity from giving Waverley a good challenge in the fourth quarter, restricting the boys from the East to a minimal margin in the final term. 

Big man, Matthew Robertson (12Du) started the game where he left off last weekend, winning multiple hit outs and taking some brilliant marks. The first quarter also saw Ben Orr (11Ho) being a menacing figure to the Waverley side, fully committing to some tough tackles, and putting his body on the line for the boys, to be unluckily denied his first goal for the season. Another honourable mention must be given to Oscar Ballantine (12Hi), his ability to ‘bend it like Beckham’ was displayed during the first quarter, achieving many disposals to provide marks downfield. However, the first quarter was epitomised when prodigy Samuel Waddington (11Mu) took a breath-taking mark inside 50 and finished off the good work with a beautiful kick straight through the big sticks for six points. 

The second quarter saw the leadership pair of Alan Weston (12Ta) and Nicolas Enno (12Hi) working together adroitly, both getting at least 15 touches in one quarter alone to move the ball downfield to the forward pack. Pat Cantlon (12Du) patrolled the back half of the field with ease, to take numerous marks, continuously encouraging the boys through his actions. Speedy winger Theo Christian (12He) gave out a few ‘don’t argues’ to the Waverley boys, repeatedly ducking and weaving tackles to get multiple disposals. A special mention must go to Liam Wingrave (10Ar) who provided many contests in the defensive 50, frequently keeping the Trinity side in the game. 

The third quarter saw star Thomas McCory (12Du) become a dynamic threat, creating opportunities out of nothing and continuously moving the ball downfield. Ben Wilkinson (11Mu) had a stand-out quarter, repelling numerous Waverley attempts at goal. Key defender Peter Roser (12Ke) was elusive as always, clearing our lines with defensive kicks, and encouraging the boys with his iconic playing style. The third quarter was exemplified by Tim Hosken (12Sc) making no mistake in pushing the ball out of the depleted defence, giving many disposals to the midfielder Lucas Blythe (10La) who continuously contested loose balls and provided outlets to send us into the well-known Trinity offence. 

The fourth quarter was Trinity’s best by far, with stellar defender Nick Magoulas (12Sc) giving out a bag of disposals in addition to a few goal-saving tackles. Matheson Harricks (12We) ‘the enforcer’ also had a quarter which saw him live up to his nickname, with some big hip and shoulder bumps to his opposite number. 

Best on-field was adjudged by the Waverley coaching staff and went to Brodie Fortescue (12Ta), who received the inaugural medal for repeat contested marks throughout the day. Special mention goes to Alexi Little (12Fo),as he went counter to his name, providing some big contested possessions and pressure acts throughout the half-forwards and set up multiple chances on goal, an impressive feat for a player in his fourth game. 

A special mention must also go to Mr. Jackson, whose coaching ability and encouragement helped the boys throughout the loss. We have many things to learn from this game and work on at training as we prepare for Riverview this weekend.

Score: Barker 11.7.73 def Trinity 1.3.9

Goals: S. Waddington

Bests: B. Fortescue, L. Wingrave, M. Robertson, H. Ryan, R. O’Connor, B. Orr

Brodie Fortescue (12Ta) | 1st XVIII Forwardline Captain

9/10 As

Trinity started well, hitting the front early thanks to three quick goals, two of which came from Will Carvosso (9), who was unlucky to be denied a third for the quarter. Unfortunately, this level of play was unable to be sustain, as a much bigger Newington side started to work their way back into the contest and the unavailability of several key players saw Trinity unable to stem the flow of good play from the opposition. Special mention to the backline efforts of James Robertson (10), who showed desperation and a keen ability to read the ball coming into defence to routinely repel opposition forward raids. Caleb Kwan (10Ta) demonstrated that he may be the fastest player in the competition, repeatedly bursting away from opposition players to set up numerous forward entries from his wing. The squad now has a bye and a chance to regroup before the final Round of Term 2.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As again found themselves up against a much bigger opponent in Shore, but this did not deter the young men of Trinity, who used their speed and fitness to outwork their direct opposition. It was an excellent all-around team performance, which put Trinity in a good position all day to potentially snatch a victory, but instead settled for a thrilling draw despite being camped in the Trinity forwardline for extensive periods of time. They will look for a full four-quarter effort against Barker next weekend.

7/8 Bs

The 7/8 Bs still remain the only undefeated team in Trinity AFL, winning against an undermanned Shore side last Saturday. Tom Huber (8We) was again dominant in the middle and was well supported by the goal kicking abilities of Lachlan Ellis (7Yo) and Mikias Williams (7Yo). It will be a top of the table clash against second-placed Barker this weekend, in what shapes up to be a thrilling contest.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

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