AFL CAS Round 4 | Saturday, 15 May 2021

After a wash-out in the lower ages groups for Round 3, the men of Trinity were relocated to H J Mahoney Reserve, in what would be a home fixture against both Waverley and Barker (Opens), experiencing mixed results. The 7/8s teams again split the results evenly between the two schools, with the As putting on an impressive fightback after giving up early goals in the first quarter to narrowly lose, while the Bs won convincingly to draw level. The 1sts unfortunately went down against Waverley in difficult conditions, as the wind picked up and made scoring difficult. The 9/10s started well, but had several injuries to the squad which limited their ability to sustain the pressure and ultimately gave the opposition too many scoring opportunities.

Team of the Week: Round 4

Excellent performances all around have seen the following nominations for Team of the Week. Several good defensive performances and willingness to make repeat contests see a strong backline selection. While the forward line comes from several players who provided many score assists on the weekend and helped finish off hard work from the midfield players.

FBAndrew Stone (9Ho)Liam Wingrave (10Ar)Indiana Murphy (9Ta)
HBMax Anderson (9Hi)Emmanuel Grogan (12Fo)Adam Tennant (Ta)
CCaleb Kwan (10Ta)Tom Huber (8We)Toby Chan (8Fo)
HFNicholas Enno (12Hi)Sam Darling (11Hi)Lachlan Wolfe (11St)
FFNicholas Magoulas (12Sc)Benjamin Gallo (7He)Seamus Horrigan (7Mu)
RRAndrew Hoskinson (8He)Nik Schofer (7Ta)Nash Waters-Delaney (7Hi)

Round 4 Leading Goalkicker Ladder – All Ages

We now have a tie at the top of the ladder. With only six rounds left in the season, all players will be looking for opportunities to kick a bag and pull away from the chasing pack.

4Brodie Fortescue
4Lachlan Ellis
3Brooklyn Virgo
3James Moore
3Mikias Williams
2Lachlan Wolfe
2William Constanti
2Nicholas Magoulos
2Sam Darling

1ST XVIII Match Report – Round 4, 2021

After a spirit-lifting warm-up session, run by the one and only coach, Mr. Jackson, the chances of winning were seemingly at an all-time high against a tough Barker team. However, it would turn out that Barker was not the only opposition we would be facing on Saturday, as a strong wind saw both teams struggle to play the opposite side of the ground. The opening minutes were the most crucial of the game, with the Trinity team showing key lapses in concentration to allow Barker to kick the opening three goals of the game.

Quarter time provided much needed relief and a chance to regroup and find our bearings, with Trinity able to slowly work their way back into the match by chipping away at the scoreboard and stem the flow of Barker scoring opportunities. The goal of the game occurred in this quarter as the ball entered the forward line against the wind, as Nicholas Magoulas (12Sc) had pushed away from his opposite defender to take mark of the year. This mark would make a circus juggler jealous, as he showed deft touch and soft hands to juggle the ball five times, against heavy winds, all while beating a determined Barker defender in the marking contest. Yet despite these difficult circumstances, he managed to hold onto the ball, placing him directly in front of goal. He capped off this excellent marking effort by calmly going back and nailing the kick between the centre posts, seeing Trinity’s first points and laying the foundations to what was looking like a promising comeback. He was also unlucky to be denied a second goal for the quarter, with an uncertain touched ball decision going against his as he soccered it off the ground. Unfortunately, Barker’s strong offensive plays had them reply with another goal soon after, with Trinity narrowly winning the quarter but not making as much progress as was hoped on the overall deficit.

The third quarter saw us again up against the wind, as swirling conditions made it near impossible to score, yet the wind proved ineffective in stopping Samuel Darling (11Hi) from scoring from 40 metres out on a difficult angle, to keep the comeback hopes alive.

The last quarter saw repeated Trinity raids on the Barker defence go unrewarded, as the opposition flooded numbers behind to make the Trinity forward line congested. This, combined with the wind, made it difficult to switch the Trinity angle of attack, and the repeated boundary stoppages slowly chipped away at the remaining time to complete the comeback.

Despite all our efforts in keeping the Barker side scoreless for the second half, with several desperate diving scrambles from Liam Wingrave (10Ar) in defence, Barker’s initial flurry of first-quarter goals proved too big a deficit to overcome, leading to Trinity’s eventual loss, despite winning three of the four quarters for the day. Trinity take some encouragement in the knowledge that with our combined effort level we are capable of matching it with any CAS school, and the challenge for next week will be to sustain this effort for a full four quarters.

A special mention must go out to Brodie Fortescue (12Ta), who provided the team with physical dominance both in the air and on the ground throughout the game, in a difficult day for marking forwards, as well as providing strong encouragement of his teammates throughout the day.

The best on-field goes to Lachlan Wolfe (11St), whose fast, explosive bursts out of packs, combined with his excellent footskills and pinpoint passing, provided the spark needed for numerous attacking plays and ultimately led to both Trinity goals for the day.

Score: Barker 4.16.40 def Trinity 2.5.17

Goals: N. Magoulas, S. Darling

Bests: L. Wolfe, L. Wingrave, S. Darling, N. Enno, E. Grogan, G. Willis

Nicholas Enno (12Hi) | 1st XVIII Vice-Captain

Trinity celebrate a successful shot at goal

9/10 As

Trinity started well, and if not for a few lapses in concentration, could have kept the opposition scoreless in the opening quarter. Unfortunately, injury and fatigue impacted the squad in the second half, as the opposition capitalised on their early work in front of goal to run out winners. Special mention to the backline pair of Andrew Stone (9Ho) and Max Anderson (9Hi), who repelled numerous opposition attacking raids with hardball wins and clearing kicks. They were well supported by Indiana Murphy (9Ta) at centre-half back, who was a welcome addition back from the Field Studies Centre. The squad will be better for the run, having been washed out last week, and are looking forward to the challenge of Newington this weekend.

7/8 As

The 7/8 As had a slow start and let Waverley kick three goals in the opening quarter, which could have been more if not for the efforts of Adam Tennant (8Ta) in defence, which required them to work their way back into the contest. They showed renewed energy in the second quarter, as they started to chip away at the deficit. Andrew Hoskinson (8He) was placed into the ruck and used his size and speed to great effect, giving his midfielders first opportunity and providing numerous handballs to running teammates. The hard running of Josh O’Connell (8Ar) was well rewarded as he ran the length of the ground to link up with numerous players and ultimately soccer through a great goal from point-blank range against a diving Waverley defender to give Trinity a chance. Unfortunately, the first quarter lapse proved too great, and despite winning the remaining quarters of football, the As were unable to overcome the deficit. Trinity will look to bounce back next week against Shore in what should be an exciting Round 5 contest.

7/8 Bs

The 7/8 Bs remain the only undefeated team in Trinity AFL, winning in a well fought contest against Waverley on the weekend. Excellent efforts from Tom Huber (8We) and Toby Chan (8Fo) in the midfield helped Trinity win the inside contests, which then allowed Nik Schofer (7Ta) and Nash Waters-Delaney (7Hi) to send us forward and give us multiple opportunities to score. An excellent goal assist from (Seamus Horrigan 7Mu) put the result beyond doubt, as he handballed to a running player who kicked truly. Excellent work from all players ensured a hard-fought victory, who will look to extend the winning-streak next week against Shore.

Sam Jackson | MIC AFL

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